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    COPS Treaty banning

    In keeping with both the COPS Treaty and Administrative policy, account 94 Block has been banned as a known forum destroyer. Attempts to violate this ban may result in the filing of charges to the full extent of the law. (That's RL law, in case it's not clear enough.)
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    A public apology

    See my comment in the other thread. This is silly. The Delegate has the authority to ignore an offsite government, but not to dissolve it.
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    I am not bowel incontinent, thankyouverymuch I was however surprised by some basic mistakes made by a group that should have known better. Also, for the record: I have always hated the dumbass ranking questions. It's like highschool prom queen or something. Stupid and irrelevant. What do I deem important? Simple: It's a game. Are you having fun?
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    Obviously it commemorates their victory in the war against good taste.
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    A public apology

    And this my friends is the crux of the issue. The delegate has no authority as far as I can tell to dissolve the offsite government. But Minister of Legislative RP did, technically, and he may have some backing to do so. I have no desire to participate in any form of government that can be so unilaterally dissolved without so much as a notice. The reason is, why invest in something if someone - per whatever - just wants to pull the rug out. Not cool in my book.
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    Winni restored him from a backup, unfortunately it was from a few months ago. I reached out to PD directly and apologized once I noticed I had done this. Also told him it wasn't malicious in anyway which of course it wasn't. I'm not sure how he only had one mask assigned to him, I always have multiple masks assigned to a player, but regardless I won't do that mistake again. I'll make new and improved mistakes...
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    The trouble with leaving TWP for a while and then returning for the occasional pop-in, is that you've not the slightest idea what's going-on; most of the old regulars have left, you don't know many of the active new regulars, and they haven't the slightest idea who you are! Severely limits the understanding of any gossip that's gone-on, or anything else for that matter!
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    On Lazarus: The discomfort factor

    Since the general populace of the region and the community have broken their silence, I feel I can add my voice without causing undue influence. So... In answer to the question of the day on the RMB: TWP and the NPO have agreed on many things over the years and as a result we have grown close to them and become allies. We agree that the seated Delegate in any region is the legal ruling authority in that region. No matter how that delegate gained the seat and chooses to keep it, once in the seat, TWP, like the NPO, recognizes the in-game authority of the seated Delegate. We do not agree that the Delegate should also rule over the forum communty, however. TWP sees the forum community as it's own viable entity and the home of it's culture over which the Delegate has no direct authority unless specifically granted by the forum community. The Pacific and the PRP/NPO were the first to realize that the culture of a region is as important, if not more important than it's military might. They actively pursued a forum based culture that, at the direction of the Delegate, became the political and cultural juggernaut that can still be seen today. TWP agrees that the culture of a region is it's strength. While TWP has more of a cooperative relationship between it's forum community and the in-game community, we still hold that our culture is what makes us unique and a desirable place to live, work and visit. The NPO has a very high opinion of it's culture, as it should. All regions should have an identity they hold dear and a culture that makes it's members feel welcomed and excited to log in every day. The problem is that the NPO has begun to believe it's culture is best for every region. This makes me increasingly more uncomfortable as time goes by. Years ago, the NPO exported it's culture and it's reach to another game universe. I admit I was part of that expansion and I gleefully took part in building that part of the NPO Empire. Right up until I noticed that the divided attention of it's single head of state was sucking the life out of the region I called home at the time, The Pacific. I left the region under less than happy circumstances (Ask me about that another time). And here we have something happening in Lazarus that makes me dread the future for the region. Their culture has been crushed and they are being homogenized into the NPO's forums. There is no longer a forum community for Lazarus. Nothing to balance the in-game power of the Delegate. There is the silence of a delegate who does not partake in their culture and the shouting of a few in-game players who can barely be heard above the NPO cultural propaganda. This makes me more than uncomfortable. It makes me sad. I don't care who sits in the Delegate's chair in Lazarus, that is an in-game function. I do care immensely that the culture that made Lazarus home to many has vanished and been subverted into something wholly un-Lazarean(?). The in-game construct is there, but there is no soul. It's culturally dead. This "NScultural Imperialism" is where I must step clearly away from the NPO. I can no longer feel assured that any region which comes under it's influence will survive. I cannot in good conscience stay silent and risk having people belive I am ok with it. TWP's culture is what makes us strong and that culture will not be destroyed. Our forum Community is where TWP "lives" and we can't let that Community be crushed out of existence so that the NPO may satisfy it's need to push it's own culture down everyone elses throat. Every region has a right to it's own culture. The NPO took that away from Lazarus. That is what makes me uncomfortable with the NPO's move in Lazarus.
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    Hi, Hello!

    Hello gang. I have returned. My main nation of QuietDad has returned to TWP, bringing a truckload of Chocolate to keep Darkesia distracted. It's good to be home
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    General on NS Forum

    the US residents that inhabit general on the NS forums are for the most part extremists at either end of the political polarity that should all have been breast fed and not shoved off on cereal at 4 days of age.
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    It is kind of odd to look down and see you have 30 Billion citizens in that nation you founded over a decade ago, but there it is. So happy 30th Billion Citizens Day everyone, may it be a day of reading a book, cooking on a fire, or binging entertainment content. And here's a drink raised to friends past and present
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    Small Huts


    Equilism loves you right back, Yuno.
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    Flags by Fujai

    As some of you may know, I like flags. Quite a bit, actually. Because of this, I am officially opening a flag shop here on the forums. Anyone who would like a flag made need only ask politely. I can do just about anything given enough time. Some of my work can be seen on the NS forums in the flag request thread, on nations spread here and there, and also in The East Pacific, where I designed the flag flown by the Ancien Loli RĂ©gime currently in power there. So that's about it. Ask away and give me something else to do with my free time.
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    NS World Fair 4

    A very limited edition.
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    Banning URAP

    Thank you, TAO. I feel suitably chuffed! I might even un-retire... If only we had that reasoning in RL!
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    A public apology

    Kolmias ... those systems used in other regions that you name were the children of the TWP Guardian system. We were the first to realize the value of Guardians soon after the Game introduced Influence. In this forum, the Guardian system was imagined and implemented. As a Minnow Delegate, I was the first to rely on this new concept. The other regions emulated TWP after they saw how effective a Guardian system could be. But there is something MORE about our system that may not be true about those others ... we develop a true sense of Community with our Guardians and they are players who can be trusted with the very region, if need be. Originally, the Delegate chose the Guardians but those chosen proved to be loyal and true and therefore remained. Over time, others were added. It is only in the last year that TWP has allowed the Old Guardians to retire and new ones to move up. URAP's failure coincided with this slippage. It is a growing pang as old moves to new. I doubt TWP will ever chose to let Guardians be selected by popularity rather than on trust and loyalty.
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    TWP Street Talk

    Good day ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this episode of TWP Street Talk, the show where we take our questions to the streets of The West Pacific, and let you hear for yourself, the thoughts of your fellow citizens. And now let's join our field reporter Jennifer Swift. Thank you Brian. Today I began by asking the people on the street what they think of the dissolution of The Voice of The West Pacific Union. The answers may surprise you! What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? The What ? What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? Why, it's about time they got rid of that darn program ! What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? No ! Don't ask me that question. Ask me any other question, but don't ask me that question. I'm serious, I can't answer that. You won't like me when I'm angry. What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? The assembly, the reichstag, the senate, the voice, the whatever. What's the difference ? We got a Delegate and Guardians, what else do we need ? What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? I think it means we live in The West Pacific. What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? I want my MTV! What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? The consequences will be devastating, with long-term effects that may shake the very pillars of West Pacifican society. Ripping the social fabric asunder, and who knows what the fallout from that may be. What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? What should I think ? Why should I care ? What did it do for me ? What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? My Lords and Lady's, I beg to take this opportunity to address a serious issue that concerns us all, and that being the threat of greenhouse gas emissions from marsupials. The West Pacific has long been known for it's dedication to the eradication of these pests, but it seems that no government of TWP has come to it's senses on this issue. I truly beg the Delegate and government to take quick action on this matter. What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? Puff puff pass, man. Just chill. What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? Well. I don't know. It probably needed to be done. But it wasn't done right. I think. Maybe. But then maybe not. How else would you do it ? Unless you undid it, then you could do it all another way. But I still don't know. What do you think about the dissolution of The Voice ? When are we gonna go raid stuff?!?! Yes, there's lots of differing thoughts on the events in TWP, and the Street Talk is all over the place as you might expect. Thank you for joining us for this episode of TWP Street Talk. Till next time, goodbye.
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    A public apology

    This right here is why I would have love URAP to give me a heads up. I would have never, repeat never, gotten TWP's NS embassy restarted had I known this was coming. Utter waste of time and makes me look pretty foolish. I don't like to waste my time. Piling on Vlagh is the misdirection. As I said before, I don't really care enough to try to discern if he has ulterior motives. It takes a lot of brainpower and i don't think he's the source of the problem. The problem that we have is our offsite forum's activity levels are light years below what they are on the in-game site. As the offsite oligarchs - and yes we're the oligarchs - we have constantly sought ways to make the offsite forum more active because we think that the game should have an offsite forum and that it should be active. As I stated months ago, why don't we try to change the whole paradigm and do away with the offsite government dichotomy and do something different. Let's have the government be in-game and have the delegate establish whatever he/she/it wants it to be as delegates change. If we want to use this forum great, and if we only want to use this forum for limited things that's great too. I think our constant reboot of forum governments is akin to a leopard trying to change it's spots and become something it isn't. We are a Karaoke Friday, Chocolate Loving, Marsupial hating, region and we don't need to be like TP, TNP, TEP, or anyone else. We just need to be comfortable enough in our own skin to realize the offsite may never be what the onsite is. But our onsite activity and TWP-ness is pretty da-- good. So I say let's just let go of trying to fit a square peg in a circular hole and build our government at the delegate's direction on the onsite forum. Let's be the leopard and accept, no embrace, our spots.
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    What do you want from your Delegate ?

    Stop. If there was NPO influence, it was not made by Vlagh. Our leaders let themselves be influenced by the functioning government of The Pacific. It just so happened that Vlagh was Minister of Legislative RP when the dissolution happened. He was only following direct orders from the Delegate, and he wouldn't do anything without the Delegate's orders. That being said, the Voice should not have been dissolved. That violated the belief of separation between the forum and in-game governments, and it also violated our trust.
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    HA! How long do you think we could hold that act together? Five minutes of stuffy and that's about all I can take.
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    Why must everything have a point? It amused me, at least!
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    Don't worry about Cormac, he has the attention span of a goldfish. You watch another bandwagon will roll by in a minute with him on it.
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    As the default officer of F All in-game, I would like to request the text of the treaty-in-progress. When someone gets the keys to the Foreign Affairs area, we actually have a thread with restricted access where we can be rude to one another and argue about stuff like the text of treaties. It's secret, so everyone thinks we are all best buds.
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    Little Sealand


    "Two teens arrested for domestic abuse, threw chocolate says police"
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    Suggestion: "Nation" Profile Field

    Look, I pay for these forums, I pay for this server, and I work a real job where I have to deal with this stuff all day. I'm not exactly coming home from work, full of zim to do more web development. I will get to it WHEN I GET TO IT.