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Rugby World Cup V [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Please do not post in this thread if you are not a participant. Also, no OOC posts, please.

Welcome to Rugby World Cup V! This is an international rugby union tournament. If you are a participant, you can start posting about your nation's rugby team (logo, players, kits, and any other related information). You can also post about your team's preparations for this event!

Another important thing to include in your roster post is the "role play permissions". If you want to role play while making sure that the other RPer(s) won't do inevitable things you don't want to happen to your team, you can post these below outlining what the other RPers can or cannot do, for example:

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y/N
Choose my kicker: Y/N
RP injuries: Y/N
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
Godmod injuries: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N

The last three permissions, godmodding, is the role playing unrealistic or unbelievable things happening. So if you want a more realistic experience for your team (and what we hopefully want in the games for the duration of the tournament), you can ask other RPers not to godmod in your matches. You can also add, leave, or remove any role permissions you want. It's your team, so we will let you dictate the way your team plays (as long as it is realistic).

Also, you can include what we call a "style modifier". This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates if you are a defensive (leaning to negative numbers) or an offensive (leaning to positive numbers) team. If you don't put one, you'll automatically get a neutral modifier (0.00), and that is just fine.

There will be 3 attributes that will determine the skill of a team for the scorinator (xkoranate): base skill, RP post bonuses, roster bonus. 30% of the base skill and 70% of the total of the RP post bonuses and roster bonus will be the basis for the skill attribute of a team in the scorinator.

The base skill will be from the latest Rugby Rankings being managed by the Free State of Dalimbar. NPCs will have their base skill halved in the scorinator during the whole duration of the tournament.

As this is a sports RP event, all RPs made by a participant will be given a bonus. However, we believe in "Quality over quantity". It does not mean that a participant with the most number of RP posts in the tournament will have the highest RP bonus. It should be known that multiple posts of a participant before a specific matchday will only be credited to that incoming matchday alone except for posts about the team roster, as it is also a different RP bonus attribute.

For RP posts, the highest score that a participant can receive in a specific matchday is 1 point, with the lowest score being 0.1, based on the quality of the current best RP for that matchday, as determined by the OOC host. On succeeding matchdays, the RP bonus received from the previous matchdays will be accumulated to the total RP post bonus.

The roster bonus is about your team (as mentioned above, the logo, players, kits, and any other related information). Participants posting only the starting XV of their team will only receive 0.5 points. Posting 31 or more players will receive 1 point. Anything between 15-30 will have 0.70 points. Roster bonus will be doubled if a participant submits a comprehensive team information (with team logo and kit(s) at the minimum receiving at least a 1.2x multiplier for the roster bonus).

With this, may I request that the post regarding your roster shall be posted first and your RP for the first matchday shall be separate.

If you have any questions, you can always ask me in Discord. You can DM me or drop your question in #rwc5 of the RP server. You can also ask me in the OOC thread.


Note: Reserving posts are only for the IC host (Overthinkers) and OOC host (United Adaikes).

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We are honored to welcome the world to the Republic of Overthinkers for the Rugby World Cup V. Our doors are open for all to partake in our rich culture and visual marvels, both natural and man-made. It is our goal that all of you not only enjoy the event, but enjoy the journey itself.

What is Overthinkers, anyway?
Overthinkers is situated on the eastern coast of Andolia, the historic gateway of commerce between Auran powers and the central and south regions of the continent. In between its advanced, modern cities are wide swaths of mighty forests and charming homesteads. It is the largest economy in Andolia. Its two most significant cities are Aurum, the center of government and culture, and Cangham, the center of commerce and industry.


The lands of Overthinkers are the ancestral home to five people groups: the Antali, the Brunnes, the Ethaertin, the Kargan, and the Koard. After centuries of struggling for power and subjugation, the modern Republic was formed out of a vision for a unified, egalitarian system. The symbol on our flag comes from native tradition and signifies a multitude acting as one.

How will I get there?
Travelers for the World Cup are advised to book flights to Cangham International Airport. Not only does KNG have the widest selection of regular commercial flights, but you will be right in the center of the action. You will also have easy access to the other match sites and attractions by catching a train across the street at Nuron Central Station. The RugbyPass™ is available at all National Transit Authority stations, providing unlimited fare on our public transit system for the duration of the event at a deeply discounted price.

Automotive travelers are particularly advised to use caution on the Barrett-Maxwell International Highway due to the anticipated increase in tractor traffic from Hertfordshire and Jammbo.

Where will the games be played?
RWC5 matches will be played at eight different locations across the country.

Premier Site (A) - Cangham
Cangham is the largest city in Overthinkers. Its skyscrapers and industrial parks are balanced with a very reasonable amount of greenspace and public facilities. Cangham will host Group A matches as well as knockout matches all the way through to the finals.

Grand Merchen Stadium, Cangham
Grand Merchen Stadium is the best of the best in outdoor sporting arenas. Named in honor of the late Geoff Merchen, the most prolific patron of sport in Overthinkers history, the stadium opened for business in 1421. Since then, it has been the site of the Tryhards Rugby League (TRY RL) Championship, as well as other turf sports. It has a seating capacity of 89,000, the largest in the country. Merchen will be the site of the semifinal and final matches.

Len Condor Stadium, Cangham
Len Condor Stadium is the home field of the Cangham Condors TRY RL team. It has a seating capacity of 47,000, and is second only to Merchen in terms of luxury options for spectators. This stadium will host Round of 16 and quarterfinal matches.

Site B - Hestmere
Hestmere sits on the edge between the bright and postmodern Cangham area and the simpler, quieter Kargan lands. It’s also the undisputed capital of rugby in Overthinkers. Group C matches will be held here and in the Cargan Valley, as well as knockout matches.

Roller Field, Hestmere 
Roller Field is the home of the highly popular Hestmere Thunder professional team and renowned as Overthinkers’ loudest stadium. It is the largest and highest-value stadium in Overthinkers to be fully community-funded (i.e., without major corporate sponsorship). A fully outdoor stadium, it has a capacity of 63,000. Roller will host knockout matches all the way through the semifinal and the third place match.

Valley Dome Arena, Cargan
Nestled in agrarian Cargan Valley, the Dome has hosted some of the most intense, brutal battles in the history of Overthinking sport. And there were some pretty good matches on the pitch, too. Expect full contact from all 48,000 spectators.

Site C - Aurum
Aurum is the political capital of Overthinkers and boasts some of its most iconic architecture. The historic Port District is now a sprawling hub of retail activity, and the Administrative District also exists. Occida, located just to the west, features some of the most upscale neighborhoods in the country. This region will host Group B matches.

Glace Field, Occida
A short ride from Aurum, Glace Field is another high-end stadium, reflective of the sustained prosperity of Occida. It serves as a key cultural and entertainment venue as much as for sport. It has a capacity of 46,500.

Garner Swoop Stadium, “The Eyrie”, Aurum
Garner Swoop Stadium is part of the National University at Aurum campus and adjacent to the historic Administration District. One of the smaller facilities in this packet at 38,000 capacity, its proximity to the heart of modern Overthinking culture nonetheless makes it a must-see venue

Site D - Anders
Anders is the “last stop on the right” for travelers by land or sea. Originally a hub for regional farmers, the expansion of commercial rail developed it into a significant commercial crossroads where inland and southern trade meet en route to the port of Exvia. Group D matches will be played in this region, as well as some knockout matches.

Liegen Star Stadium, Anders
This stadium with 53,000 capacity is located a stone’s throw from the Barrett-Maxwell International Highway (“the Barry”), the gateway between Overthinkers and southern Andolia. Liegen is the home field of the Anders Comets TRY RL club. Liegen will host Round of 16 and quarterfinal matches.

Welker Stadium, Anders
Local legend has it that cheese magnate Joseph Welker had this stadium built on his land so that he didn’t have to travel to see a rugby match. Regardless, the Welker estate has kept the facility in top shape, and it’s a popular site for regional tournaments. Welker has a capacity of 41,000.

I have a free day. What else should I see?
If your team has a rest day, or you’re a Doll Guldur team eliminated in group play, there are a number of attractions that make for great day trips during your stay.

  • If you’re interested in architecture and modern geopolitics, check out Aurum’s Administrative District. Many fine historical government buildings that line Gore Avenue date back to the 1200s and the rise of the Mercantile Era. Most have been turned into museums and are no longer in government use because it’s easier to get funding for a brand new building than a new air conditioner.
  • If you have a revolutionary streak and enjoy three-hour train rides, leave your wallet at home and visit the iconic walled commune of Brunnes, the Unbreakable City. From when a small faction split from the Ethaertin nation to the height of the Koard hegemony, Brunnes has always been resolutely different. 
  • If you’re more leisurely minded, consider the high class culture of Main Street Occida, or hop a boat and sail along the Inner Sirenas off the coast.
  • Experience the cutting edge of technology firsthand by visiting some of Cangham’s industrial innovators. Endoras Industries, GarreTech, and Large Box Inc. are just a few businesses offering group facility tours for inquiring minds.
  • The RWC happens to coincide with the annual Wine and Cheese Festival in Ligon. The most prestigious vineyards and dairy operations in eastern Andolia fill the Arbor Forum for four days to peddle their wares and compete for culinary recognition.

Suggested itineraries for all these trips and more can be found free online at visit.ot/RWC5.

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Cut-off Time: Every 48 hours at 9 PM ET.

Schedule (teams on the left wear home/white kits)

Group Stage
Matchday 1 - June 23 (2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5, Rest Day for 1)
Matchday 2 - June 25 (6 v 4, 7 v 3, 1 v 2, Rest Day for 5)
Matchday 3 - June 27 (3 v 1, 4 v 7, 5 v 6, Rest Day for 2)
Matchday 4 - July 1 (7 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3, Rest Day for 6)
Matchday 5 - July 3 (4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 7, Rest Day for 3)
Matchday 6 - July 5 (1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4, Rest Day for 7)
Matchday 7 - July 7 (5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, Rest Day for 4)

Listed first and second games are afternoon and evening matches in the non-premier stadiums (listed second stadium per site), the third match is in the premier stadium (listed first stadium per site)

4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and no points for a loss
Bonus points system:
+ 1 point for scoring at least 20 points, regardless of outcome
+ 1 point for losing a match by fewer than 8 points

If, at the end of the Group Stage, teams are tied in Points, these are the tie-breaking procedure:
a. Head-to-head record between tied teams
b. highest Point Difference

c. highest Points For (scored)
d. Head-to-head Point Difference between tied teams
e. Head-to-head Points For (scored) between tied teams


Round of 16 - July 9 (A1 v D4, B2 v C3, C1 v B4, D2 v A3, B1 v C4, A2 v D3, D1 v A4, C2 v B3)
Quarterfinals - July 11
Semi-finals - July 13
Finals - July 15


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The Zoranian Sun Hawks
Style Mod: +2.5


Name Age Position
Amo-Adawehi Tsasima 29 Loosehead Prop
Attakullakulla Quegadu 25 Hooker
Salonitah Gelusva 25 Tighthead Prop
Twah'kohi Agasgani 24 Second Row (L)
Ahuludegi Tsiguka 21 Second Row (R)
Degataga Dvagahi 20 Blindside Flanker
Dlasimahe Asduidv 29 Openside Flanker
Sesdi Tsunela 25 Number 8
Ganiyegi Atsidanelv 22 Scrum-half
Gulkalaski Lemomequa 23 Fly-half
Wohali Goyadv 27 Left Wing
Mohe Yvokala 24 Inside Centre
Oconostota Dlanegvotli 21 Outside Centre
Ama-edohi Masiguti 21 Right Wing
Kali Gasohi 22 Full Back

Coach: Amadahy Lvaguta
Captain: Dlasimahe Asduidv






If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N


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Sekiyan National Rugby Association
Yōngguó gǎnlǎnqiú xiéhuì (Sekiyan)
Nickname: Sekiyan Rocks
Style mod: +5
Home Stadium: Yáogǔn tǐyùchǎng, Sports District, Changjing
Lǚ Nà
Main Sponsors: Logisekiya, SekAir

Main Team:

Name Number Position
Wáng Wěi 1 Loosehead Prop (C)
Lǐ Nà 2 Hooker
Zhāng Huá 3 Tighthead Prop
Liú Yáng 4 Lock 1
Chén Fāng 5 Lock 2
Yáng Jié 6 Backside Flanker
Zhào Lì 7 Openside Flanker  
Huáng Lě 8 Number 8 
Zhōu Qiáng 9 Scrumhalf
Wú Mǐn 10 Fly-half
Xú Fēng 11 Left Wing
Sūn Yàn 12 Inside Centre
Mǎ Jùn 13 Outside Centre
Guō Líng 14 Right Wing
Lín Fēng 15 Full-back

Reserve Players:

Name Number Position
Hé Jié 16 Loosehead Prop
Gāo Xiáng 17 Hooker
Luó Lín 18 Tighthead Prop
Zhèng Tāo 19 Lock
Liáng Tíng 20 Lock
Xiè Qiáng 21 Flanker
Sòng Mǐn 22   Flanker  
Dèng Fēi 23 Number 8 
Hán Fāng 24 Scrum-half
Cáo Jié 25 Fly-half
Cuī Lín 26 Left Wing
Péng Tāo 27 Centre
Pān Tíng 28 Centre
Yuán Lěi 29 Right Wing
Wèi Lì 30 Full-back
Jiǎng Wěi 31 Full-back



If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y

I have some work experience during most of this so I will probably be unable to do much RP during the tournament, but I'll try get some stuff out prior!


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Team Introduction

The host team of Rugby World Cup 5 returns most players from its debut team a year prior. Coach Anton Edwards, aka “Coach Ed”, remains at the helm, looking to outperform the Kites’ historic run. New this year, Theresa Argent has been named team captain.

Notably, lead kicker Jason Stella has withdrawn from the team. Micheal Anul is expected to be the primary kicker this tournament.









Cory Villa



Quinn Calum



David Nauta



Leona Knight



Hank Moor



Robert Caseus



Jena Cantor



Andrew Hall



Bonnie Marculus



Ty Rex



Carson West



Vic Cannon



Alan Cord



A.J. Jackson



Theresa Argent       C   



Joseph Knight



Bryan Harding



Gertrude Leagues



Don Virga



Greg Warner



Lee Julius



Tara Aciell



Micheal Anul




The Overthinkers team will field a new jersey design as they play to defend their home turf this year.


Style Mod: +2.9

RP Permissions
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP Injuries: Y
Godmod scoring events: Ask first
Godmod injuries: Ask first
Godmod other events: Ask first


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The National Rugby Team of the Commonwealth of Nouveauterra

under supervision of La Commission Nouveauterre de Rugby Professionionale


Home Stadium: Stade Rugby Travily

Manager: Edoaurd Chantilly

Coach: Hanno Verres

Captain: Silvain Flandin

Kit (Jacket)

RugbyJacket.png.ca0149fab21a874296177590980347f9.png RugbyJacket2.thumb.png.21f1fa1b7aad06651e447961c5b97266.png


Main Squad
Role Name Age Hometown Full or Part Number
Prop Theo Buezeville 22 Vouissezville Full Time 1
Hooker Emeric Voutezac 26 Gué Part Time 2
Prop Sebastian De Wacht 24 Porta Fabianus Full Time 3
Lock Jules Tonguey 19 Crête de Gérôme Full Time 4
Lock Joep Bloem 29 Porta Fabianus Part Time 5
Flanker Remko Slotmans 20 Carrefour Part Time 6
Flanker Niccus Bellus 22 Agentum Part Time 7
Mr 8 (C) Silvain Flandin 21 Pointe-d'Espoir Part Time 8
Halfback Pius Horatius 22 Agentum Part Time 9
Halfback Tedus Pisca 29 Agentum Part Time 10
Flyhalf Quintin Koenderink 28 Porta Marius Part Time 11
Center Raulf Zouteland 24 Porta Marius Part Time 12
Center Guillaume Amonines 22 Ruisseau Rouge Full Time 13
Flyhalf Lodewijk Berkenbos 24 Pointe-d'Espoir Full Time 14
Fullback Eugen Larchemont 24 Gué Part Time 15
Role Name Age Hometown Full or Part Number
Prop Nout Groenewoud 25 Monetarius Full Time 16
Prop Yves Bru 27 Gué Part Time 17
Hooker Ronald Freux 28 Azury Part Time 18
Hooker Citro Vuteuax 24 Gué Part Time 19
Hooker Lulo Thierry 27 Ruisseau Rouge Part Time 20
Lock Moïse Sant-Gius 25 Crête de Gérôme Part Time 21
Mr 8 Val Merovigne 26 Floriville Part Time 22
Mr 8 Tels Bato 28 Crâne Brisé Full Time 23
Halfback André Barrault 25 Carrefour Full Time 24
Center Bruno Gribmont 26 Puma Full Time 25
Center Jacques Mouilly 23 Puma Full Time 26
Center Claude Poissy 32 Pointe-d'Espoir Part Time 27


Technical Info

Style Modifier: -2.4

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Saint Markan Royal Rugby Team (Lions)


Style   -1.00





Baxtor Goldwash

Loose-head Prop


Welhelo Saylor



Bruno Goldwash

Tight-head Prop


Donovan Elkhart

Lock/2nd Row


John Evermore

Lock/2nd Row


Marcarius Hightower

Blind-side Flanker


Gregor Napoli

Open-side Flanker


Paul Reston

Number 8


Michael Hawk

Scrum Half


Nelson Saint Mark

Fly Half


Celerio Blitzen

Left Wing


Rudolph Centerman

Inside Center


Colin Rahl

Outside Center


Christopher Dancer

Right Wing


Blaze Emberfell



Lionel Backstory

Reserve Hooker


Grayson Tanker

Reserve Loose-head Prop


Mitchell Oxbow

Reserve Tight-head Prop


Howard August

Reserve Lock


Mark Rushmore

Reserve Outside Center


Simon Speaker

Reserve Scrum Half


Arthur Brideman

Reserve Inside Center


Thomas Harbough

Reserve Outside Center

Coach - Sir Evan Rahl


RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y






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The Ryxtylopian Rugby Association 

Asoxicion di Rugby di Ryxtylopia


The Ryxtylopian Rugby Association, commonly reffered to as the A-R-R is the sporting body which manages the ryxtylopian national team as well as partly-responsable for overseeing games within the ryxtylopian rugby league.


The (Short) History of the ARR

Under coach Andreís Tivarra the ARR made history for Ryxtylopia during its debut in RWC4, when the team travelled to Dalimbar to debut for the Rugby World Cup. Despite arriving with an inexperienced squad made from players which competed in the uncompetitive ryxtylopian rugby league, the team performed decently during the group stages, acheiving 3 wins and 3 losses, tying with Kalmach on points, but having a better PD, passing as third in the group to match Ostronia in the round of 16.

In the round of 16, the ARR achieved the victory over Ostronia 29-10 to then be matched against the Zoranians; the champions of RWC2 and RWC3 for the quarterfinals. Despite being outmatched in tactics, the young players of the ARR achieved the victory in an incredibly intense game; winning 31-25, knocking out the defending champions and opening the way to the Semi-Finals where they faced United Adaikes, a team they had faced in the group stages.

This time, there would be no magic from the ARR in the semi-finals, as they lost 3-5 in a very intense game that saw a lot of back and forth, but despite this, they were able to move on to the bronze medal match, their rival for said match would be the cambrians, another team with a lot of experience from previous editions of the tournament. But despite this fact, the players of the ARR won the match 27-24 taking home the bronze, and concluding a succesful debut in RWC4.


The ARR in the 5th Rugby World Cup

For this edition of the tournament, now having much more experience the ARR will be playing mostly with the same squad as they did in the previous RWC, as well as this Tivarra makes a return as coach of the team, and team spirits are high, as despite being young, and still lacking experience in some areas, the team players have shown they're good at rugby and can hold their own against tougher opponents.

The goal for this edition of the tournament is to try to outperform the debut, which means reaching the final and potentially winning the tournament, this wont be an easy task, but it will be easier to accomplish compared to when the team was just making their debut in the tournament, considering Ryxtylopia currently sits 3rd in the rugby rankings, only behind United Adaikes and defending champions: Dalimbar.



Team Roster and Information:



Il Piraita - "The Pirate"

This nickname originates from the initialism of the Ryxtlopian Rugby Association, since the A-R-R when said togheter sounds like an "Arr!" and the fans noticing the similarity between the initials of the ARR and the stereotypical pirate expression "Yarr!" adopted this as one of the nicknames of the team. (Yes, its a play on words)


Los di Amairillio í Verdí - "The Yellow and Greens"

A nickname making reference to the two main colors used by the ARR, Yellow and Green.


Home Stadium: Istadio Cairrina, Pinilaca, Capacity: 22,150

Coach: Andreís Tivarra

Captain: Riberto Huichilca

Style Mod. +1.5




Pailo Darrias 1 26 M Loosehead Prop Tilipaca
Andreís Guilbirto 2 24 M Hooker Parta'ana
Mirta Palmiras 3 31 F Tighthead Prop Mynas
Riberto Huichilca [C] 4 28 M Number 4 Lock Tipañas
Guivina Divarra 5 23 F Number 5 Lock Progresso
Armando Mataña 6 30 M Backside Flanker Ryxenia
Marco Xilta 7 26 M Openside Flanker Tilipaca
Quista Farris 8 27 F Number 8 Tripartí
Ferrán Lisquerva 9 25 M Scrum Half Trinchanacó
Rinaco Zicha 10 23 M Fly Half Parta'ana
Marco Va'atí 11 29 M Left Wing Parta'ana
Guilbirto Tivaña 12 24 M Inside Centre Kixacata
Rinaco Patochá 13 22 M Outside Centre Mytapixas
Avilita Mataña 14 21 F Right Wing Ryxenia
Ernysto Rivas 15 33 M Fullback Ranchas



Adila Quistra 16 32 F Lock Tsiltañí
Zincho Ampardia 17 29 M Half Vardis
Ernysto Fydó 18 23 M Hooker Va'anatí
Santigo Guivaldi 19 21 M Centre Saltavachá
Crystivas Ticahca 20 22 F Lock Tumbas
Angilina Nivas 21 25 F Wing Carraizal
Riberto Ca'aña 22 27 M Flanker Ryxenia
Rinaco Dipartí 23 24 M Prop Tsalapaní



Andreís Disvilaxía 24 22 M Centre Ryxenia
Davina Fliores 25 35 F Centre Vynitiná
Guilbirto Farris 26 28 M Lock Vynitiná
Jilvian Ampardí 27 25 M Flanker Myvas
Ani Palmiras 28 25 F Fullback Mytapixas
Pailo Mataña 29 26 M Wing Vachás
Xavio Hui'itá 30 30 M Loosehead Prop Bai'ia Canvratí
Cheviz Quistra 31 31 M Scrum-Half Il Puntí
Julio Disquerravía 32 22 F Scrum-Half Tipañas
Quistra Pivala 33 24 F Flanker Maiiztá
Xacho Hirvati 34 25 M Half Tacarachá













Other information:

Rugby in Ryxtylopia is an interesting topic to talk about, its a fast growing sport which gained a lot of attention after Ryxtylopia's participation in RWC4, and the poor living conditions in ryxtylopia have created an enviroment rich in creativity, as people who want to get into sports may need to think of ways of playing it when their conditions dont allow them to play conventionally, this unconventional way of playing has generated a lot of talent in ryxtylopian sports, mainly physical talent.

It is easy to become a young prospect in Ryxtylopia, however unlocking someone's true potential is where Ryxtylopia struggles in comparison to other nations, as the ryxtylopian rugby league is dominated by two teams: Chacas and Trichanacó, which have consitantly been winning titles since the 1390's. This means that players playing outside of theese two clubs are limited in their opportunities, and usually dont break out into the international scene, whilst the two big teams try to give finantial incentives to their players to keep playing for them leading to few players leaving the ryxtylopian league.

The national team has a lot of players with good physical abilities and skills, sometimes even better than those in developed countries, however something the national team has lacked at times (apart from experience, which was mostly solved in RWC4) is tactical understanding of the sport, and coherent teamwork. This hasn't stopped the team from acheiving success and is currently being worked on, but is still worth giving a look.

Something else worth taking a look at are ryxtylopian fans themselves, which in sports like football (soccer), rugby and baseball have earned some pretty notorious reputations for being loud, provocative, and bad loosers, if we go to extremes even ocationally violent. This is due to the culture around sports in Ryxtylopia, it isn't seen as entretainment, the competitiveness between fans from different teams is usually high, a phenomenon which originated in football and baseball but that spread to rugby; its not uncommon to see fans from different teams swear, insult and fight eachother on a regular basis, the culture of loud chants, banners, smoke and pyro, loud musical instruments playing, and the fans jumping in unison has been engrained in most sports in Ryxtylopia.

This carries over to when Ryxtylopia has played at the international level, and Ryxtylopian fans have stood out both in the good moments, during key victories, they have stood out in the neutral moments, all chanting when the team isn't performing well, and in the bad moments, during losses keeping toogheter. But they have also stood out in other ways, like oftenly picking fights before the games, insulting rival teams with chants during the games, and in a recently notorious case: setting fire to their own stadium after being knocked out of the 3rd Football World Cup. They also most of the time remain as collective, and like (or more so need) to be separated from rival fans to avoid any trouble.


All that being said, the ARR feels that its ready to take on RWC5 as they prepare to head down to Overthinkers to dispute the tournament, and the fans will follow them wherever they go.



The Istadio Cairrina in Pinilaca, home of the Ryxtylopian National Team.



If my opponent RPs first, they may...

Choose my try scorers: Yes

Choose my kicker: Yes

RP injuries: Yes (Inform if possible, DM)

Godmod scoring events: Ask First (DM)

Godmod injuries: Ask First (DM)

Godmod other events: No


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The Minsu imperial rugby union team, also known as the Mizuno Samurais, the Samurais, or simply Mizuno, is the Minsunese representation in the international rugby union. It is made up of the finest players in Minsu managed by the Minsu Sports Commission through the Minsu Rugby Football Union.
RUGBY WORLD CUP | ラグビーワールドカップ
The country's rugby team first appeared in the 2nd series of the Rugby World Cup in Dilber in the year 1420. Minsu similarly participated in the 1422 3rd series held in Zoran. Due to unforeseen changes within the Sports Commission, Minsu did not participate in the 1423 4th series which was held in Dalimbar. Following the new roster of officials in the commission, Minsu participated in the 1424 5th series of the Rugby World Cup held in Overthinkers.
TEAM INFO | チーム情報
Mizuno Samurais
Style Mod -1.0
Home Stadium Kongo Stadium
Manager Hiroshi Tanaka
Coach Kenji Yamamoto
Owashima Sato 1 Loosehead Prop
Yusuke Suzuki 2 Hooker
Kazuki Watanabe 3 Tighthead Prop
Ryohei Nakamura 4 Number 4 Lock
Shota Kobayashi 5 Number 5 Lock
Daiki Ito 6 Backside Flanker
Kohei Sasaki 7 Openside Flanker
Masato Kato 8 Number 8
Tatsuya Inoue 9 Scrum-half
Yuji Hashimoto 10 Fly-half
Kazuya Yamazaki 11 Left Wing
Hiroaki Shimizu 12 Inside Center
Nobuaki Matsumoto 13 Outside Center
Takumi Fujita 14 Right Wing
Kenta Aoki 15 Full Back
KIT | キット
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: NO
Choose my kicker: YES
RP injuries: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES
Godmod injuries: NO
Godmod other events: YES
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Rugby Larxia (The Falcons)

Style: +3.2


Number Name Age Position
1 Jaxon Underwood 28 Loose-head Prop
2 Milo Granger 26 Hooker
3 Leo Whitfield 29 Tight-head Prop
4 Ethan Stonefield 30 Lock/2nd Row
5 Oliver Ashford 31 Lock/2nd Row
6 Felix Winterbourne 27 Blind-side Flanker
7 Jasper Hawke 25 Open-side Flanker
8 Lucas Thatcher 28 Number 8
9 Miguel Oliveira 24 Scrum Half
10 Henrique Castro 27 Fly Half
11 Eli Thorne 25 Left Wing
12 Aarón Sánchez 26 Inside Center
13 Nathanial Bishop 28 Outside Center
14 Gabriel Lockhart 29 Right Wing
15 Aiden Redwood 30 Fullback
16 Joaquín Vargas 26 Reserve Hooker
17 Rowan Fleetwood 27 Reserve Loose-head Prop
18 Dylan Fairchild 28 Reserve Tight-head Prop
19 Isaac Wainwright 29 Reserve Lock
20 Liam Ravenscroft 26 Reserve Outside Center
21 Mason Fletcher 25 Reserve Scrum Half
22 Caleb Moreland 27 Reserve Inside Center
23 Thiago Pereira 28 Reserve Outside Center



Rugby Larxia shall reveal the kits to be worn by the Larxian national team in the coming 24 hours


If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Yes
Choose my kicker: Yes
RP injuries: Yes, but pls discuss first
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Fluvian Rugby Federation | Federasjone Fluvjana de Rugby

Team Info

The Fluvian Rugby Federation (FRF) is the governing body that represents Rivalfiume for the sport of Rugby. Rugby is not a very developed reality in Rivalfiume, as there are only two tiers of club competition consisting of 10 teams each, most of which are semi-professional or part-time teams. The team, mostly unchanged, has made its international debut in the previous Rugby World Cup held in Dalimbar and got knocked out in the group stage. The team's home stadium is the Arena Kapitolina (capacity: 38 686 seats), the biggest multi-purpose stadium located in Grankastello. The national team's coach is Deodiro Pitti, ex fluvian Rugby legend, who agreed to extend his contract. The team are nicknamed li Činni (the Swans) as it is the national animal of Rivalfiume.

 Players representing Rivalfiume

Starting XV
Number Player Name Age Position Other Info
1 Pau Moskardino 29 Loosehead Prop  
2 Mauro Svitto 26 Hooker  
3 Leno Skjumarola 32 Tighthead Prop  
4 Feder Patrisi Martušovo 23 Lock  
5 Bakko Mardadi 23 Lock  
6 Juli Nurka 26 Blindside Flanker  
7 Niko Deja 22 Openside Flanker  
8 Mak Petroforte 29 Number 8  
9 Jan Krišese 33 Scrum-half  
10 Iljo Torričelli image.png.3ac124c235606c305aed7a92d165015c.png 25 Fly-half Can play as Inside Centre
11 Medèo Lemmini 26 Left Wing  
12 Ǧanǧakko Issà 30 Inside Centre  
13 Pertino Čelsionet 25 Outside Centre  
14 Sal Neguarda 28 Right Wing  
15 Jan-Malo Luni 20 Full-back  
Number Player Name Age Position Other Info
16 Kristoff Nola 28 Hooker  
17 J̌o Tokki 26 Prop Can play as Hooker
18 Atelèo Inti 22 Prop  
19 Kajo Čimìn 27 Lock  
20 Marko Cano 25 Lock  
21 Niklo Beratìn 20 Inside Centre Can play as Fly-half
22 Kàrtako Mari 21 Scrum-half  
23 Čečiljo Dulfi 24 Outside Centre  

First colours

image.png.04f6ac6a8d00e0d7764c38afd23e2c67.png          image.png.7b4f6051857261770887b4909a02b5ae.png

Second colours

image.png.832b2ed09e9406070477b9d4ed05a6ba.png          image.png.9e26f6dc143bfee4f0459395c7f5ddcf.png

 Other info

Style mod: -1.0
Kit manufacturer: KL sports
Main Sponsor(s): Velis manufacturing (sleeves), RF Tourism (branch of the fluvian government that promotes and developes tourism in Rivalfiume (back of the shirt)

If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N
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Giovannilandian National Rugby Team
Esquadra Nationale Giovanniterrana de Ovalsfera

Style mod: +2
Stadium: Stadio Purpuro, Giovannia
Manager: Vittor Massimiliani
Coach: Gyalsena Vatinio-Messalla

Previous Appearances:

Rugby Union
3rd Place - 1st Rugby World Cup
Round of 16 - 4th Rugby World Cup
Group Stage - 2nd and 3rd Rugby World Cups

Rugby Sevens
3rd Place - 1st and 2nd Summer Esferiads

Main Players:

Name Gender Age Number Position Home City
Kornelio Lodagi Male 26 1 Loosehead Prop Andoliavilla
Samanta Alba-Nyima Female 23 2 Hooker Abrentopole
Tenzina Lyogalla Female 24 3 Tighthead Prop Nova Annavilla
Demetro Gianluka Male 27 4 Lock 1 Vinikiano
Stella Emilio-Dolkari Female 29 5 Lock 2 Uryde
Hettor Martiano Gaio Male 24 6 Backside Flanker Porto Violeto
Gyalba Angelo-Visellio Female 23 7   Openside Flanker   Quorivo
Giovanna Antonia Female 30 8 Number 8 Salvoregno
Pietro Numeriani Male 23 9 Scrum-half Annavilla
Tarquino Albavetta Male 20 10 Fly-half Karlopole
Marko Telliano Ulpio (C) Male 25 11 Left Wing Porto Violeto
Nyima Tiberio-Pessino Female 27 12 Inside Centre Bayabella
Valeria Albone-Gallio Female 23 13 Outside Centre Urbevittori
Severo Pompilio-Ortano Male 21 14 Right Wing Giovannia
Lukio Tenzino Vittori Male 26 15 Full-back Porto Violeto

Backup Players:

Name Gender Age Number Position Home City
Livio Kommodo Male 25 16 Loosehead Prop Islamagna
Kelzano Kastellavandi Male 21 17 Hooker Uryde
Terentia Antone-Gilvo Female 28 18 Tighthead Prop Nenofre
Deodora Montana Female 24 19 Lock 1 Kampobello
Tommaso Kandido Silva Male 22 20 Lock 2 Flaviopole
Andago Emilio-Amore Male 20 21 Backside Flanker Giovannia
Tiberio Gyuseri Male 19 22   Openside Flanker   Giovannia
Desnia Novello-Luntogio Female 28 23 Number 8  Gioseppole
Kassia de Luna Female 26 24 Scrum-half Abrentopole
Paldeno Ottaviani Male 25 25 Scrum-half Dazano
Valentina Anario-Karpo Female 26 26 Fly-half Giovannia
Mariana Empano Female 22 27 Left Wing Portovini
Zerina Altanese Female 29 28 Inside Centre Islamagna
Zodeno Lorentio-Hiberni Male 27 29 Outside Centre Andoliavilla
Aulo Pelkarmio Male 21 30 Right Wing Quorivo
Benditta Kastrigio Female 24 31 Full-back Kyene
Gioseppa Sabino-Takori Female 22 32 Full-back Andoliavilla



If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Yes
Choose my kicker: Yes
RP injuries: No
Godmod scoring events: No
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: No

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The Imperial Rugby Team of Nalibia

The Lightbringers

Style mod: -2.5
Home Stadium: The Glass Dome; Tucmesa, Zalet Province
Manager: Madou Iyeawele

Main Sponsors: Bistic Co., Marula Oil and Senay Automotive



Primary Secondary
preview-2024-06-20T23_04_49_176Z.thumb.png.37dba910008ea7c5c449b6a4cac1f6f1.png preview-2024-06-21T01_09_00_172Z.thumb.png.04f905728f6cd62ef9be9060de4e908c.png


Team Coach: Henoke Simi Afolabi 
Team Captain: Sunbola Ngozi Ezera


Team Starters:

Name Number Position
Amazu Etagegnehu Azubuike 1 Loosehead Prop
Tiwalade Folami Oby 2 Hooker
Chibuzo Apphia Ekene 3 Tighthead Prop
Chineze Tewfeeq Abal 4 Lock 1
Wolbu Nagao Yohana 5 Lock 2
Fikru Ebuka Tsega 6 Backside Flanker
Assefa Fehintola Gbohunmi 7 Openside Flanker  
Emeka Libena Chydi 8 Number 8 
Faaris Persinna Haider 9 Scrumhalf
Mitiku Elsie Adewunmi 10 Fly-half
Olufunke Tsion Gorfu 11 Left Wing
Wagaye Ula Girma 12 Inside Centre
 Dayo Adaoma Fikru 13 Outside Centre
Meseret Akanni Ghidewon 14 Right Wing
Similoluwa Sheba Shaphan 15 Full-back


Reserve Players:

Name Number Position
Dimnah Hiyab Chidy 16 Loosehead Prop
Tesheme Titilayo Eli 17 Hooker
Tiwalade Uzoamaka Amazu 18 Tighthead Prop
Aba Onochie Koofrey 19 Lock
Ifeatu Euodia Obasee  20 Lock
Babayide Ifunanya Eniola 21 Flanker
Chydee Sophia Oryi 22   Flanker  
Sitotaw Naamah Zebadiah 23 Number 8 
Zeki Ayotola Yamuike 24 Scrum-half
Nathanel Louam Kolapo 25 Fly-half
Adbi Adaobi Yaya 26 Left Wing
Yideofor Lelo Chikere 27 Centre
Hagos Candace Temitope 28 Centre
Pagiel Yobit Boaz 29 Right Wing
Awet Moyisola Zewedu 30 Full-back
Yetunde Nnenna Uchie 31 Full-back


If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Yes
Choose my kicker: Yes
RP injuries: No
Godmod scoring events: Yes
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: No (DM me your idea)



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Peourouin National Rugby Team (Peourouin Sports Authority)

北陆兰国家橄榄球队 běilùlán guójiā gǎnlǎnqiúduì (北陆兰联合体育局 běilùlán liánhé tǐyùjú)

Team Statistics

Style mod: +3.5
Stadium: Mingguang, Taoyun District, Tower Athletics Stadium
Manager: Jiǎng (蒋) Kaimang
Sponsors: Air Wang, Lao Kun Express, Laimin Automotive Group

laokun_express.png.11fd414b4008f8a1af90cd9912d2ffa9.png          laimin_autogroup.png.d089c6a6ebf054546bbf95e94f0b0148.png

Team Roster


(Any field player subs out to reserves.)

Position No. # Name Gender Age
Loosehead Prop (C) 1 Hàn (汉) Tsegol  M 18
Hooker 2 Lóng (龙) Blake  M 19
Tighthead Prop 3 Xí (习) Hesong M 25
Lock 1 4  Tán (谭) Prescilla F 24
Lock 2 5 Shū (殳) Tiemung F 22
Backside Flanker 6 Chén (陈) Vivian F 18
Openside Flanker 7 Lǐ (李) Deng M 18
Number 8 8 Wǔ (武) Mubian F 19
Scrumhalf 9 Sūn (孙) Tie M 27
Fly-half 10 Liú (刘) Yao M 21
Left Wing 11 Zhào (赵) Wu'er F 21
Inside Centre 12 Wú (吴) Jun F 30
Outside Centre 13 Sū (苏) Lin F 27
Right Wing 14 Bai (白) Fashi F 23
Full-back 15 Zhang (张) Bao F 18

Tag-On (Bench)

(Any bench player fills field vacancies.)

Position No. # Name Gender Age
  16 Huáng (黄) Feng M 17
  17 Xiè (谢) Bingde F 23
  18 Lín (林) Ru M 18
  19 Sòng (宋) Shangri M 19
  20 Hán (韩) Sanggu M 27
  21 Jí (吉) Suna F 29
  22   (马) Erguna F 20


(Any reserve player fills bench vacancies.)

Position No. # Name Gender Age
  23 Wǔ (伍) Shang F 30
  24 Dǒng (董) Yun F 29
  25 Qiáng (强) Zhilan M 18
  26 Shàng (尚) Wu F 17
  27 Táng (唐) Gu M 17
  28 Zhōu (周) Qiang F 17
  29 Yuán (元) Borun M 19
  30 Bāo (包) Jiahu F 21
  31 Zhào (赵) Nanxing M 24
  32 Qǔ (曲) Cong M 21
  33 Suí (隋) Kang M 25


Team Kit





Read More

A Trip Over the Viatic

The Peourouin Sports Authority is proud to announce that Peourouin will be attending the Rugby World Cup V. For the second year in a row, Peourouin has joined the realm of international competition and has been showing off its feats of work. The team and the rest of the Authority is elated to be traveling to Overthinkers and thank Overthinkers for hosting the 5th Rugby World Cup.

Legacy or Rookie?

Only having premiered in the Rugby World Cup IV, the Peourouin rugby team has shown that they are not afraid to show off their skills in practice, or on the field. Despite the team only making it to the Round of 16 last Cup, their world premiere brought quite the fanfare from home, especially from the rural communities where rugby is more popular.

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y (it's the wild west, within reason)
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N



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Players & Lineup


Manager: Razin Jidin 






Team Jersey




Arifiyyah Rugby Federation (ARyF) established on 28 February 1400 under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. The establishment of this federation as the starting point of rugby in Arifiyyah. ARyF is responsible for the management of the national team, domestic tournaments, and grassroots development. The Arifiyyah national team with the nickname "Mighty Orangutan" is a team formed by a combinationi of professional players who play in local leagues and abroad. The first Rugby World Cup tournament participated in was in the year 1423. Now, the national team is back with a new look and new spirit, aiming for the semi-finals.

Arif Muhammad and Arif Ahmad are the main stars. This identical twins is just 21 years old,but both performed really well on the National Rugby Cup. Plays for Kampong United,they already won three titles since their first debut four years ago. "Of course,we have many decent and good players in our squad,but it undeniable that these two talents will be our main men,they should play in the foreign league in the future",said coach.

 two Malay men twin rugby playes standing next to each other,posing for picture. one on the right holding a rugby ball,look very professional

The Arif's Bros in traning



RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: Y (it's the wild west, within reason)
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N



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Mygrdiyan National Rugby Team
Style Modifier: -1.4
Team Manager: Tetsuya Kisugi | Coach: Naofumi Taue

The Mygrd Association of United Rugby Leagues is proud to present...

Starting Squad:

Sex # Player Name Age Position
Male 19 Matsuda, Ippei 21 Full-back (15)
Female 2 Imai, Ai 20 Number Eight (8)
Male 20 Dahl, Kensuke 30 Fly-Half (10)
Female 4 Urano, Kaho 26 Inside Center (12)
Male 7 Unatangai, Kazamiro 24 Second Row / Lock (5)
Male 9 Aoyagi, Shuji 23 Second Row / Lock (4)
Female 12 Yuuki, Akiko 18 Loosehead Prop (1)
Male 8 Ichihara, Ryosuke 19 Scrum-Half (9)
Male 11 Yagyu, Haruo (C) 27 Blindside Flanker (6)
Female 16 Sano, Kotori 22 Right Wing (14)
Male 3 Aune, Go 23 Hooker (2)
Female 18 Okomoto, Lena 24 Tighthead Prop (3)
Male 27 Pedersen, Eiji 25 Left Wing (11)
Female 14 Kojima, Minami 27 Openside Flanker (7)
Female 8 Tanaka, Tona 28 Outside Center (13)

Reserve Players / Substitutes:

Sex # Player Name Age Position
Male 28 Kuse, Jun 24 Inside Center (12)
Female 17 Nakagawa, Chouko 22 Hooker (2)
Male 1 Hori, Shiryu 26 Tighthead Prop (3)
Male 35 Iizuka, Yujiro 27 Outside Center (13)
Male 44 Okuda, Ryohei 29 Full-back (15)
Female 6 Kondo, Ayane 23 Scrum-Half (9)
Female 22 Teigen, Kayori 19 Blindside Flanker (6)
Male 32 Skau, Nobuhiko 25 Right Wing (14)

Roleplay Permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, they may...


Choose my try scorers: Yes
Choose my kicker: Yes
RP injuries: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod other events: No

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Council for the Promotion of Public Physical Health and Sporting 

Zhiznovsk Rugby Federation

Федераци Ругби Жизновской

Style Modifier: +0.75

Coach: Rasul Ismaelev


No. # Name Gender Age Position Notes
1 Anna "Anya" Chernoslava Efraemevna f 22 Loosehead prop  
2 Mikhail "Misha" Artyom Petraev m 26 Hooker  
3 Avgust "Avi" Georgy Denisov m 25 Tighthead prop  
4 Gerasim Evgeniy Isayev m 24 Number-4 lock  
5 Yuri Luka Ivanoŭ m 26 Number-5 lock  
6 Aleksandrina Syuzanna Zhukova f 25 Blindside-flanker  
7 Zoya Yaraslava Zhukova f 21 Openside-flanker  
8 Lyosha Petya Ivankov m 32 Number-8  
9 Darya Stefaniya Kovalchuk f 23 Scrum-half  
10 Nata Melek Antonova f 29 Fly-half  
11 Azaliya Vüsale Bedrosian f 22 Left-wing  
12 Gala Nadejda Zakharova f 25 Inside-Centre  
13 Katia Verochka Trifonova f 24 Outside-Centre  
14 Kazimir Klim Fyodorov m 25 Right-wing  
15 Raisa Yevdokiya Ivankova f 25 Fullback  
16 Nelli Taisa Makarova f 26 Reserve  
17 Nikolay Vitya Andreyev m 21 Reserve  
18 Feliks Yury Nikitin m 28 Reserve  
19 Sanya Sviatoslav Viktorov m 21 Reserve  
20 Vova Fima Matveev m 26 Reserve  
21 Grigorii Genya Vasiliev m 28 Reserve  
22 Ieva Austra Urbonienė f 26 Reserve  
23 Grigory Sashok Antonov m 24 Reserve  

RP permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, they may...

Choose my try scorers: Yes

Choose my kicker: Yes

RP injuries: Yes

Godmod scoring events: Ask first(ROC)*

Godmod injuries: Ask first(ROC)*

Godmod other events: Ask first(ROC)*

ROC: Rule Of Cool: If something incredibly unlikely/godmod-ey/ rails-ey makes sense within the context of the storyline/
would provide a very cool or entertaining moment for all of us, I'm probably gonna let it slide. Things may well happen
simply because of how cool it would be if they did.


The Golden Eagles are a relatively new team, making their debut on the world stage. They seem to have fared well in practice and leagues back home, but will that translate is the question....

The team has also had some controversies prior to the cup, which I will expand on later

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Quiyakaso: Hellooooooooooo Zoran! I am Quiyakaso Gohalitsve!

Noya: And I am Noya Priscian!

Quiyakaso: And we are reporting to you live from Overthinkers inside Merchen Stadium where the Zoranian Sun Hawks are set to play.

Noya: This World Cup will be one you don't want to miss as our Sun Hawks are back with a vengeance according to recent statements made by Coach Amadahy Lvaguta on her social media these past few days.

Quiyakaso: And they better do well because the amount of paperwork we had to go through in order to record here was a massive headache. It was worse than trying to film in Dalimbar!

Noya: I would argue that Dalimbar was worse but I guess it is a matter of perspective. But back to rugby news, Coach Lvaguta has said that the newer members of the team have made some amazing improvements since the last World Cup and have learned a lot from the more experienced and senior players. 

Quiyakaso: Did they bulk up since then too?

Noya: What?

Quiyakaso: You know, have they built up more muscle so they can plow through the competition?

Noya: I...I am sure they have. But what matters is that they improve their coordination as a team, which is something that Lvaguta said has occurred since Dalimbar.

Quiyakaso: What if the team gets a giant and puts them in the center of the field.

Noya: A giant?

Quiyakaso: Yeah! Like Utana Ganetsi! A giant who will just stomp upon the opposing team!

Noya: ...Quiyakaso, Utana Ganetsi is just a story...she isn't real...plus of all the giants you could have chosen, you chose the one who's defining feature is the size of her breasts!?

Quiyakaso: Yes because she is the first one that came to mind. And I know she is just a story but...just imagine it! A giant on the Sun Hawks would be awesome!

Noya: ...I don't know how your mind gets to these ideas sometimes.

Quiyakaso: My creative genius is why I got hired in the first place. It simply cannot be restrained by conventional thought!

Noya: ...Okaaaaaaaay...whatever you say, friend.

Quiyakaso: We just need to recruit taller people to the team, get them jacked, and then unleash them upon our opponents! What is the average height in Zoran again? Like 172.72 cm (5'8") to 190.50 cm (6'3")?

Noya: ...I don't know but that doesn't matter right now, Quiyakaso. We should all be looking forward to how our Sun Hawks will perform during this World Cup and cheer them on during their matches!

Quiyakaso: And we should advocate for a team of giants to be made!

Noya: ...No...just no.

Quiyakaso: Come on, Noya! This is something that needs to happen!

Noya: No, no it does not. *sigh* Anyways, that is all from us and we will see you all tomorrow! 


Noya: Gohalitsve! Don't make me call your mother and tell her about your antics again!

The smile on Quiyakaso's face is quickly replaced with one of terror.

Quiyakaso: ...Please don't tell Agitsi.

Noya: Then stop encouraging the viewers to harass the team about your crazy scheme.

Quiyakaso: ...Ok.

Noya: Well then, with that settled. Thank you all for watching and we will see you next time


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The Arrival

Cangham International Airport, Cangham, Overthinkers - 1:35 A.M. Overtime (IAT+1)


After arriving at the airport, the players of the Ryxtylopian Rugby Association start to board off the plane, greeted by many fans who had already made the trip in advance, the atmosphere wasn't one of partying, as it was pretty late, the flight from Tiarves Dispirva International Airport in Ryxenia had been long, after suffering a delay in takeoff due to poor weather, but after many... many miles the team had made it to Overthinkers, where most after getting out from the plane into the terminal would have probably been caught off guard by the chilly morning weather.


Free Photos | night flight


The team's bus was already waiting outside, but the players waited inside the terminal while the bags were offloaded from the plane and on to the bus, while that went on, several members of the press made their way in, this didn't yet include members from Ryxtylopia's state-owned television program TVNC, which had covered the sporting event in RWC4, but it did include a lot of reporters notably from CN-4, 7Notixias, Il Faro and AuraTelevixyon, as well as independent journalists.

Many of the team players refused interviews for the time being, as they were tired and wanted to get to the hotel, others preferred to take selfies with the fans that had showed up at that hour, while a few did take interviews with the reporters, mainly the team's coach: Andreís Tivarra; who had remained with the national team throught RWC4 and would stay for RWC5.

Several reporters approached Tivarra, who was approaching the exit.

[7Notixias Reporter]: Coach, Tivarra! What are your goals in this RWC?

[Aura Televixyon Reporter]: Will the team be able to hold its own like in the last tournament?

[CN-4 Reporter]: What about the matchups?

[Tivarra]: Please, one at a time... But starting off with my goals for this Rugby World Cup, well... not my goals but the team's goals, we hope to once again be in a semi-final and win it this time, after that its off to the final, we have the necessary abilities to compete with anyone, just have a few key areas where id like to work on.

[CN-4 Reporter]: Like what aspects?

[Tivarra]: I feel like coordination betrayed us in that game against UA last year, so that's my main priority for now, depending on our performance in the first match ill assess any other areas of improvement for the team.

[Il Faro Reporter]: And how tough do you think the group stage will be?

[Tivarra]: Well, currently we're one of the favorite auran teams to win the tournament, i think we'll get through as either 1st or 2nd. As for our rivals we once again cross paths with Zoran, the winners of RWC3, while we did beat them in what i say was one of my most nervous moments they are still a formidable team that should not be underestimated. Our other rival that i somewhat concerns me is Saint Mark, since they also beat their group last RWC.

[Tivarra]: Peourouin is another team that passed their group in Dalimbar, but they lost in stunning fashion to the Zoranians, a decent team, but unless we let our guard down they wont pose any threats to knocking us out in the groups. We shared group Arifiyyah in Dalimbar, and they came dead last in the group, but that dissapointing performance may cause them to start restructuring, so ill have to keep an eye on them to see how they progress.

[Tivarra]: When it comes to Einherfell, i have no idea what to expect, in Dalimbar they bottomed out their group, but im unsure if they'll go through a restructuring process like i expect to happen with Arifiyyah, so for now they pose no big threat to us. Finally Nouveauterra, one of the debuting teams for this tournament, i dont know what to expect from their players or coach, but their lack of experience in tournaments like this is something i hope to exploit.

[Aura Televixyon Reporter]: And what about the players you called up?

[Tivarra]: Most of them are the same from the last tournament, only a few changes, since we performed so well and there are few things to smooth out, i didn't see a need to make any major changes.

[CN-4 Reporter]: Well, what about the weather conditions here?

[Tivarra]: After Dalimbar i thought cold wouldn't be an issue, maybe i was slightly wrong, but we'll get used to it after the first few days, im sure of it.

[7Notixias Reporter]: What about teams outside our group that have a shot at winning?

[Tivarra]: Well, where to start? Going to start with the hosts: Overthinkers, they also had an amaizing time in RWC4, passing 2nd in their group and making it to the quarters, where they only lost to UA by a point; if they had won that match we would have met them in the semis, but since that wasn't the case ill need to see how well they do and how they measure up to us. Then of course, UA... , so far we're two down against them, but the match against them in the semis last RWC was really close, if we cross them i do have a better idea of how to face them but i would be unsure if we could clench a victory; ill still have them as title contenders.

[Tivarra]: I also cannot ignore reigning champions: Dalimbar, i can see them winning another title, their team did amaizingly in their edition of the tournament, but i do not know how not being at home will affect them, nonetheless they shouldn't have a hard time in their group. And since i talked about Dalimbar i might aswell talk about Cambria, since while we did win the race for bronze in RWC4, they did reach the semi final as well as that they can boast about having solid performances in previous RWC's.


At this point, the rest of the team was already boarding the bus, when Tivarra noticed he started to wrap up the interviews.

[Tivarra]: Well, i thank all of you for your attention, i need to go now, we have a lot of stuff to plan out tomorrow, to hopefully be one of the major contenders to win this edition of the Rugby World Cup.


The reporters thank Tivarra before leaving, as he leaves for the bus which would head to the The Elevate Hotel & Resort, where the team would stay for the night. Tivarra probably had a lot in his mind, with his team being more experienced he thought he could relax but now he had extra pressure to perform better than last year, he continued thinking about tactics as he got in the bus with the team headed for the hotel and probably some well earned rest.

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Avadonial National Rugby Team


Number Player Gender Age Position


Michaela Ropino Female 27 Left-Wing


Alexiel Green Male 19 Reserve-Flanker


Marlon Karlson Male 25 Right-Wing
4 John Davies Male 54 Inside-Centre
5 Jill Levicantia Female 27 Reserve
6 Xavier Johnny Male 23

Number-5 Lock

7 Simon Saino Male 21 Number-4 Lock
8 Amber May Female 18 Outside-Centre
9 April Nichols Female 24 Reserve-Fullback
10 Mike Vixen Male 37 Fly-Half
11 David Hart Male 25 Reserve
12 John Waterly Male 55 Reserve-Hooker
13 Sophie Blankenhiem Female 21 Reserve
14 Mike Vienna Male 22 Hooker
15 Lifik Trent Male 26 Reserve

Olivia Greenton

Female 32 Openside-Flanker
17 Anton Mills Male 32 Reserve
18 Binal Jules Male 21 Reserve
19 Turin Forgie Male 42 Loosehead Prop
21 Yanik Croydon Male 17 Fullback
24 Janet Wales Female 65 Centre-Reserve
27 Gill Newman Female 28 Tighthead Prop

Tim Gravash

Male 18 Scrum-Half
32 Sam Grantley  Male 42 Number 8

Taki Umenush

Female 16


42 Phil Feil Male 17 Reserve


If my opponent RPs first, they may...

Choose my try scorers: Yes
Choose my kicker: Yes
RP injuries: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Godmod injuries: As long as a character doesnt die this way. 
Godmod other events: No

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Designer_sportsfansrugby.thumb.jpeg.b9c5abb74311da45f166a12870420d2b.jpeg   Designer_sportsfansrugby1.thumb.jpeg.1f2f44345a697e2bf02f70ca1a96c363.jpeg

Leaving for the Rugby World Cup 5, Mingguang Reports


Fans line against the Mingguang Liyue International Airport 明广李樾国际机场 “李樾机场” (LYI) Terminal B departures as the team departs its transviatic flight over to Overthinkers as the 5th World Rugby Cup approaches.

    In a briefing earlier last week, Coach Jiang Kaimang expressed gratitude for the opportunity given by both the Sports Authority and Overthinkers to accommodate Peourouin as a participant in the tournament. 

        Jiang spoke during an interview with MGNA.

“We are so proud of our players, both new and seasoned, that will participate in the 5th RWC. There’s just something so exciting about the anticipation leading up to the first matchday that I can say is flowing through everybody on the team.

Players also expressed their enthusiasm playing in the tournament, many of them secondary students also chosen to the national team.

        Post from Xi Hesong on HahHA.
"Get ready for Peourouin’s thunderous applause!👏#teamapr #北陆兰第一 "

The nation stands just days away from stepping onto the field in Overthinkers and playing Arifiyyah. Arifiyyah is quite a weaker team than Peourouin, however, their team is unknown to the players, having not played each other in the previous tournament.

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Can Weekend Warriors Win A World Cup?

GeorgesCluney.png.fc4047e49d1f06f6c80727e41969baae.pngBy Georges Cluney

The National Rugby team is making its debut in Overthinkers this month for the Fifth Rugby World Cup. The nation’s league of only 6 teams put up their best players to face some of the most well funded national teams in the world. What is Nouveauterra’s rugby league like? Is there substance behind the national team being sent overseas? And can a band of weekend warriors really put up a fight against some of the toughest men in rugby?

The Nouveauterran Rugby League is relatively new, only having had its commissioning in 1401. 6 teams take part in the league: Pointe-d’Espoir, Porta Marius and Fabianus, Gué Metropolitan, Ruisseau Rouge, and Agentum. They’re powered by local sponsors, who often own or subsidize the playing fields, the gear, and even the wages.

“Other sports have been more popular, such as futbol, claquer, even only locally played pelta, and they’ve drawn the most crowds,” said Phd. Erol Goededag. He studies the economics of sports at Université Gué. “In sporting communities like this, most players in the league take up supplemental work to get by. As a very dark example, the old boxing league of Nouveauterra had most boxers involved in organized crime before it was reorganized and regulated.”

17 of the 27 national team members are part-time players, with many working odd jobs. To give you a few examples, Tedus Pisca, a halfback, runs his own carpentry business. The team captain and Mr 8, Silvain Flandin, works in the financial sector. Jules Tonguey, the 19-year-old lock on the team, is a full-time player, but he is also studying for a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. This is just a sampling of the many players on the team.

What does this mean for the team? According to some, not much. Most players make it to practice days, even with the split schedules, according to insiders in the national team. The team however can only sport a few veterans because of the low funding, as well as some support staff. The players in the league are roughly as good as the average rugby player in the world, in terms of statistics available online, but as this is their first outing they’re untested.


Coach Hanno Verres

The greatest wild card might not even be the players, or the team, but coach Hanno Verres. He served as coach for an amateur futbol club based in Pointe-d’Espoir, and a short stint as coach for the professionalized Pointe-d’Espoir rugby club before he was tapped for this role. His quick ascension has a few commentators questioning the rationale of the Rugby Commission.

“We have many other professionals,” said sports commentator Peter Van Broek. “Aspis, Hougetteville, Ostesluis… Why Verres is beyond me. I mean we had to hunt down for information about this man up to today. I’m not saying it’s corruption. What I am saying is, it is odd.”

For how odd parts of the Nouveauterran Rugby Team may seem, they’re the team we do have. And as General Van Tuteau said long ago, “You fight with the rifle in your hand, not the one in the shed.”

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Dalimbar Union da Rugby / Далимбар Юнион да Регби


Name Age Number Position City Squad
Benedikt Jevrem 25 1 Loosehead Prop Saikuz Donuzlav RC
Terenti Sukhrab 24 2 Hooker Saint Andreisburg Akkem RC
Matviy Mariya 21 3 Tighthead Prop Kaisah Markof RC
Mark Hynek 24 4 Second Row (L) Shirokiy Geness RC
Antonin Klavdiya 26 5 Second Row (R) Markof Saikuz RC
Roman Aristarkh 23 6 Blindside Flanker Saint Andreisburg Geness RC
Nikolai Blago 20 7 Openside Flanker Saint Andreisburg Port Kaisah RC
Ignacij Aysultan 25 8 Number 8 Trizon Donuzlav RC
Mikita Ajdin 25 9 Scrum-Half Khangar Cherskogo RC
Albert Vasilka 22 10 Fly-Half Nadu Nadu Naval RC
Peter Srecko 25 11 Left Wing Saint Andreisburg Nadu Naval RC
Dimitri Marijan 27 12 Inside Centre Selia Posadka RC
Damir Siamion 23 13 Outside Centre Khangar Marinsky RC
Luka Ivica 30 14 (C) Right Wing Saint Andrisburg Geness RC
Anton Kirill 26 15 Full Back Geness Port Kaisah RC


Name Age Number Positions City Squad
Grigor Tihana 23 16 1, 2 Khangar Marinsky RC
Artur Jarmil 27 17 1, 2, 3 Milna Labaz RC
Dusan Momchil 23 18 2, 3 Shirokiy Port Kaisah RC
Miroslav Stanislav 28 19 4, 5 Shishel Danu RC
Denis Rajko 24 20 4, 5 Malyy Belosel RC
Petr Denys 23 21 4, 6, 8 Markof Donuzlav RC
Konstantin Arkadi 27 22 5, 7, 8 Neito Marinsky RC
Nikon Dragoljub 26 23 8, 9 Fontanka Fort Kaisah RC
Milan Mykhailo 25 24 8, 9, 10 Port Ain Ketoi RC
Ludvik Tolya 25 25 9, 10, 12 Ozernoy Posadka RC
Vasili Volkov 23 26 11, 15 Nadu Ioni RC
Andrey Hamza 26 27 10, 12, 13 Saikuz Fort Kaisah RC
Alen Rajmund 28 28 12, 13, 14 Donlas Trizon RC
Timotei Bojan 28 29 13, 14, 15 Saint Andreisburg Vavliov RC
Gavrail Zarko 27 30 11, 14, 15 Ketoi Yelagin RC
Iouri Utkin 22 31 12, 13 Moika Central Donlas RC
Style: +1.23
Choose my Try Scorers: Yes
Choose my Kicker: Yes
RP Injuries: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod scoring: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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