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World Cup of Football III [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Good day to all football fans! Orangutan Rangers got their first win through a single goal by Muhammad Nazhim in the 70th minute.






Reporter: Congratulations sir on your first win. Can we hear your opinion about this match?

Mikel: Yes, thank you. The match was quite intense, everyone played well, including the opposing team. I would like to commend the fair play by the opposing team and we apologize for the tackle made by our defenders. The injuries do not appear to be serious but it is hoped that everything will be fine.

Reporter: Question for HRH Nazim, how do you rate the performance of you and your teammates?

Nazhim: Everyone is ok, but I believe we could give more. About myself, I can't rate myself but you guys can. And I hope for the next match everyone will give our all in every game.

Reporter: So coach, what comments can you share for the match against Dalimbar?

Mikel: Positive. The squad is always ready, we want to chase the first position in the group stage. We also expect a good game from the opponent, however we will overcome their greatness and win this game.




The Orangutan Rangers will facing Dalimbar FA on Monday,20 November 1423 10 am Arifiyyah Standard Time


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"Her Majesty will not be attending the games, sir. The protests in Zoran surrounding the bill require her attention. She would be pleased to make herself available for a video conference, however. Your schedule could be adjusted to accommodate that while you travel to Ryxtylopia, sir."

"Very good, Clarkson. Please set that up. With regard to the journey, has Lady Kornica accepted our invitation to travel with us or will she seek her own way?

"Yes, sir. Sir Karl's mother was pleased to accept your invitation. She will board the train in Halomarch."

"Splendid. Thank you, Clarkson."

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WCF III Matchday 1 Synopsis: Nuran's Peourouin at Istadio Gral. Tavara Diparti represented by United Peourouin Sports Authority against Polari's Cambria

Brandon Trella, Junior Correspondent


United Peourouin Sports Authority Logo (логотип Союзні Перуен Спорт Авторитет)

The United Peourouin Sports Authority proudly represents Team Peourouin at the World Cup of Football.


Style: 0.00


If my opponent RPs first, they may...

Injure, assign yellow card, assign red card: YES

Godmod injuries, scoring, other: NO

The United Peourouin Sports Authority represented Nuran's Peourouin at the Istadio Gral. Tavara Diparti against Polaris' Cambria (KCM-APR).

The team is spearheaded with Head Coach Nikolas Saprots, the leading coach of the University of Fradif's Division Football team. His experience on the field made his candidacy for the role second to none.

The team is comprised of all new drafts from FC from reknown FC throughout the country, some of whom are fresh collegiate athletes from their respective academic institutions (* indicates collegiate athlete, ! indicates reserve). The field was a 4-2-4 formation, a standard with Coach Saprots' teams.

# Player Age Position Home FC/Academic Institution (AI)
1* Sayu Aktar 17 Forward Jairprozhia University (MY)
2 Voldymyd Gorun 23 Defense Tammat FC (LP-N)
3 Semmisk Dvojan 27 Forward Criim City (ZH)
4* Jakub Ostatna 22 Goal Petronavil College (AX)
5 Daoyu Han 24 Midfield Kyoursankta FC (ARNK)
6 Katarus Nortssk 23 Defense Normaay Frekstaud FC (NF-I)
7 Aigor Shasstorich 26 Defense Drir United (AD)
8 Ivaniu Zelehvy 22 Midfield Kiyiv Nord United (SR)
9 Odeyh Ussrsaii 28 Forward Haank-Ordosa FC (TQ)
10 Remst Saprotskyy 26 Defense Helmaamoi FC (PaCT)
11* Juleas Hass 19 Forward Saint-Polut Institute of Technology (ET)
12! Etemas Toldan 23 Forward Vestaa-Tao FC (LP)
13! William Ryan 24 Defense Feziklyr United (CT)
14!* Tranya Rybuscko 18 Forward University of Aksitreros (DY)
15! Aleyy Tamil 25 Goal Logdyshch FC (HY)
16! Fed Hrevenor 25 Midfield Magyuar City (MR)
17! Aigor Propsyyn 25 Defense Zhlanon FC (SB-NN)
18!* Larims Riubot 21 Defense Quaramstat Viatic College (BK)
19! Jake Stortable 29 Midfield Yedaiyivni FC (SL)
20! Viktor Udemien 33 Forward Fradifskaas United (FF)
21! Sasha Vedmyyds 29 Defense Air Force (HY)
22! Luiee Xiong 23 Forward Amasilong FC (ARNK)

Playing yesterday, the Peouroun colors were worn stridently with the swoosh of a new athleisurewear company, Grinde, which sustainably sources its manufacturing procedure from ancient indigenous fabric weaving with the same feel and performance as brand-name gear. Below is the kit the team sported earlier.

WCFIII_KITFR.png.df3f4b205e30206f9e08a0bca18b91bd.png WCFIII_KITFL.png.bff573d2506fb22914210e873802683a.png WCFIII_KITBACK.png.3860723888fc1bb3749817769a2e1001.png

Starting the match, the Cambrian team scored 2 points five minutes apart at 10' and 15', laying out the opponent's grip on the Peouroun team. Both teams kept tossing the ball between themselves and the goalkeepers, Cambria evidently going on attack more often causing Peourouin to rely on its considerably stacked defense. Peourouin then at 30' threaded the needle with Nortssk's quick and precise kick to Hass through the tight Cambrian defense. The ball went too far for the goalkeeper to deflect it, making the score KCM 2-1 APR by half-time.

Resuming for the second half, the break did wonders for the Peourouns. They were light on their feet and worked the Cambrians down for everything they had. Hopping away at 52' with a wide-open pass from Zelehvy to Ussrsaii. Cambria gained back its lead at 74' with a clean shot. Peourouin fought hard minute by minute, and their efforts yielded another goal at 89', closing the gap between them. The match ended KCM 4-3 APR, the most goals in a match.

Peourouin ends with -1 in Group B after MD1, but a fighting -1. For MD2, Peourouin will be up against Teralyon. Teralyon, who was absent for the previous World Cup, has returned this year. The team is taking an ice bath, preparing for the match tomorrow, November 19. 1423 has been a year of interest, tomorrow is something you should not miss.

(STATEMENT: Peourouin Today is not affiliated with the Peouroun government, Budynok Narodu, or the Supreme Court of Peourouin. We are an independent journal whose goal is to provide the nation and Esferos with the independent, with facts news and coverage through the lens of Peourouin.)

Prime Minister Olaysiy Udemmiena travels to Ryxtylopia along with the United Peourouin Sports Authority for the inaugural presense of Peourouin at the World Cup of Football III

Joukin Aksprata, Auran Correspondent

Despite the protests in Ryxtylopia, PM Olaysiy Udemmiena has proceeded to travel to Vynitiná to observe Peourouin's first appearance at a World Cup of Football (WCF).

PM Udemmiena trip has apparently been approved for international travel by President Humatiy, however, many have heeded the lady PM to be vigilant in areas of conflict.

One subscriber to PT stated, "The PM should be protected, and she should be wary about her whereabouts. I know that our security detail will inform her of any suspected target on her, but it shakes me to my core to have such an important figure in Peouroun politics fall victim in foreign hands."

The consensus of the nation is troubling, but the PM stands firm in the undermining eyes of many. President Humatiy has sent regards to her and the Peouroun team. He stated in a quick soundbite, he would be watching the performance. "We must show the world that we are not an easy opponent, but we will work towards the top on the field or through pen on paper.

(STATEMENT: Peourouin Today is not affiliated with the Peouroun government, Budynok Narodu, or the Supreme Court of Peourouin. We are an independent journal whose goal is to provide the nation and Esferos with the independent, with facts news and coverage through the lens of Peourouin.)


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Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical Releases Statement on Potential Legal Action Regarding Espionage of GlucovanceX

Saint Aiaden, November 18 1423 - Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical, a leading biotech company specializing in medical innovation, issues this statement in response to recent allegations of industrial espionage and the misuse of advanced AI decryption tools affecting our groundbreaking diabetes medication, GlucovanceX.

Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical is actively considering legal action against the government for its alleged interference in encrypted communications and unauthorized access to critical trade secrets. The situation raises concerns about the potential compromise of our intellectual property, constituting a breach of trust and infringement upon our rights.

Our internal team is diligently assessing the extent of the potential damage to GlucovanceX's proprietary information. The use of AI decryption tools in this alleged espionage adds complexity to the matter, requiring thorough examination by national and possibly international arbitrators.

Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical is committed to transparency, ethical practices, and safeguarding our intellectual property rights. Before formalizing any legal action, we will conduct an extensive internal investigation to evaluate the situation comprehensively.

Partners in the pharmaceutical industry is closely monitoring these developments, anticipating potential implications for the intersection of technology, government, business, and private entities' rights.

Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical has engaged legal representation and is prepared to address the alleged misuse of AI decryption tools in what may become an unprecedented legal proceeding.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Melanie Gorges
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical

About Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical
Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical is a pioneering biotech company dedicated to breakthroughs in medical science. With a commitment to innovation and improving global health, Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical strives to deliver cutting-edge solutions to address unmet medical needs.

This press statement contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations and beliefs. These statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements.




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Teralyon Suffers Narrow Defeat to Giovanniland in Thrilling World Cup Clash

By Anja Suremic, Teralyon Sports Analyst

ISTADIO RAQUIVAS, RYXTYLOPIA — In a heart-stopping showdown at Istadio Raquivas, Teralyon's national football team faced a bitter 1-0 defeat against Giovanniland during the 3rd World Cup hosted in Ryxtylopia. The tension in the air was palpable as both teams fought valiantly on the pitch, but ultimately, it was Giovanniland who emerged victorious, leaving Teralyon supporters disheartened but proud of their team's efforts.

The lone goal of the match was netted by Giovanniland's star striker in the 67th minute, breaking the deadlock and sealing Teralyon's fate. The resilient defense on both sides and the exceptional goalkeeping made it a nail-biting contest until the final whistle echoed through Istadio Raquivas.

Teralyon's coach, Isabella Mirovic, expressed her disappointment but commended the team's performance. "It was a tough match, and we gave it our all. Giovanniland played exceptionally well, and we'll learn from this experience and come back stronger," she stated during the post-match press conference.

As Teralyon licks its wounds from the defeat, speculation is rife among sports analysts and passionate fans in Tarajevo regarding the team's upcoming crucial match against Peourouin at Istadio Gral. Tavara Diparti. The anticipation is heightened as Teralyon aims to bounce back and secure a spot in the knockout stages of the World Cup.

Renowned sports analyst, Pero Javic, believes that Teralyon has the talent to overcome the setback against Giovanniland. "The team exhibited great skill and coordination despite the loss. With a few adjustments, they can certainly turn the tables in the upcoming match against Peourouin," Rodriguez commented on a popular sports talk show.

Regular sports enthusiasts from Tarajevo echoed Javic's sentiments, expressing confidence in the team's ability to regroup and deliver a stellar performance against Peourouin. Social media platforms were abuzz with discussions, with fans sharing their predictions and rallying behind the national team.

"Go Teralyon!! Our teams shown resilience before, and I'm confident they'll make us proud against Peourouin," said Sofia Karadzic, a fervent supporter from Tarajevo.

The clash against Peourouin at Istadio Gral. Tavara Diparti is now a do-or-die situation for Teralyon. The nation holds its breath as the team prepares to face another formidable opponent in the quest for World Cup glory. Only time will tell if Teralyon can rise above adversity and secure a triumphant comeback on the global stage.




Teralyon's 7th Naval Fleet Reinforces Security Commitment in the Mille-Mer Sea

By Davor Dalmatia, Teralyon Defense Correspondent

STARI DOMA NAVAL BASE, TERALYON — In a strategic move aimed at reinforcing regional security and fortifying alliances, Teralyon has deployed its formidable 7th Naval Fleet from the Stari Doma Naval Base to the Mille-Mer Sea. The deployment, conducted in collaboration with allied nations Cambria and United Adaikes, underscores Teralyon's unwavering commitment to maintaining stability in the vital maritime region.

The Mille-Mer Sea, a key nexus of international trade routes, has witnessed increased geopolitical tensions in recent months. In response to emerging challenges, Teralyon's 7th Naval Fleet, equipped with state-of-the-art naval assets and personnel trained for diverse maritime operations, is poised to contribute significantly to the region's security architecture.

Rear Admiral Elena Petrovic, the commander of the 7th Naval Fleet, emphasized the importance of the deployment during a press briefing at Stari Doma Naval Base. "Our mission is clear: to safeguard the maritime interests of Teralyon and our allies, promote stability in the Mille-Mer Sea, and ensure the free flow of commerce through these vital waters," she stated.

The Teralyon 7th Naval Fleet's deployment has garnered positive responses from regional leaders and defense analysts. Analyst Sofia Milosevic noted, "The strategic positioning of Teralyon's naval assets, combined with collaborative efforts with allies, enhances the overall maritime security architecture in the Mille-Mer Sea. This proactive approach sends a powerful message of deterrence to potential disruptors in the region."

As the 7th Naval Fleet sets sail to patrol the Mille-Mer Sea, the international community will be closely watching the collaborative efforts of Teralyon, Cambria, and United Adaikes to maintain peace and stability in this critical maritime expanse. The joint commitment to security reflects the shared values and determination of these allied nations to safeguard the prosperity and well-being of the region.

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In the darkened entrance tunnel, moments before the match...

"Nelson, mate, turkey for Thanksgiving? It's like watching paint dry. Bland, dry, and utterly forgettable," Nelson quipped, his words sharp and to the point. His dark eyes gleamed with a hint of mischief as he leaned against the tunnel wall.

Christian shot back with a grin, his quick-witted retort hanging in the air like a challenge. "Nelson, you've got it all wrong, sunshine. Thanksgiving is about tradition, and turkey is the undisputed heavyweight champ of the holiday table. Versatility, my friend! You can roast it, fry it, smoke it – it's the triple threat of festive fowl."

The banter continued, a rapid-fire exchange echoing the patter and rhythms of a Ray Gitchie film.
"Versatility? It's a damn bird, Christian, not a Recuecian Army knife. I'd rather have a tradition of enjoying my meal. How 'bout we spice it up with some chili or throw in some jerk chicken for a real celebration?" Nelson countered.

But Christian, leaning in with a conspiratorial air, explained the beauty of a well-cooked turkey like a seasoned football coach detailing a winning strategy. "Nelson, you're missing the point, my man. Thanksgiving is about coming together, sharing a meal that screams 'Braya. Turkey embodies that spirit, and it's like a culinary handshake with history."

Nelson chuckled, his grin widening. "'Braya, huh? I'd rather be shaking hands with a plate full of flavor. Our Adaikian brothers got it right with their hearty stews and savory pies. Now, that's a celebration on a plate."

"Fair play, Nelson, but when you're savoring your exotic feast, just remember the warm embrace of a perfectly roasted turkey. It's a classic, like a vintage scotch or a well-placed penalty kick," Christian remarked with a knowing grin.

Nelson, smirking in response, shot back, "Classic, huh? I'll stick to being a maverick in the culinary arena. Let's just hope our performance on the pitch today is more exciting than this banter."

With a nod of mutual respect, the players exchanged a competitive glance before heading towards the pitch, leaving their Thanksgiving meal debate hanging in the air like the prelude to a high-stakes match.

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The Response


10:08 hrs, Ryxtylopian Time (Auran Standard Time IAT-1)

Guilchabó, chief of the department of security awaited silently the report in his office, luckily for him the situation with the protests was dying down, and only a few press outlets had even reported on the situation, however the damage to the people had already been done, with hundreds being hospitalized, and that was in Ryxenia alone, many other cities had the unrest spread to them, however the quick actions of security forces had dispersed most crowds that were able to assemble, besides it was a match day; Ryxtylopia would face Larxia, a tough opponent today, that meant many people would be distracted gathering in the stadiums, and public places to watch the match.

But that wasn't to say the unrest had stopped, also whilst domestically the press was under control, there was still uncertanty about the international response to the situation, the goverment had to at least SAY something, since silence would probably only turn it worse, as people would seek their own responses.

Gilchabó had already ordered the police to not let foreign press into the areas with unrest or the poorer part of towns, telling the men on the ground to: "If necessary drag them back into the stadiums where they should be." that could be bad but would prevent more coverage on the protests, the biggest concern of the government being the protesters gaining sympathy abroad, that could end in a more globe-wide movement against the state something Gilchabó didn't want to risk considering his job, and more importantly; his salary could be on the line.


However as he thought, an assistant knocked on the door of his office, to hand over a printed report of injuries:




CITY Reported Incidents Civilian Casualties Police Casalties
Ryxenia 34

476 Confirmed Injuries

>200(?) Unconfirmed Cases

2(?) Fatalities

47 Injuries

Vynitiná 14

190 Confirmed Injuries

~200-300(?) Unconfirmed Injuries

33 Injuries
Pinilaca 10

78 Confirmed Injuries

~150 Unconfirmed Injuries

17 Confirmed Injuries

~10 Unconfirmed Injuries

Tilipaca 7

56 Confirmed Injuries

~76-110(?) Unconfirmed Injuries

22 Injuries
Tsalapaní 3

17 Confirmed Injuries

~40 Unconfirmed Injuries

4 Confirmed Injuries

~4 Unconfirmed Injuries


After giving the report a good read, Gilchabó heads to his computer an old one on his desk, and sends an email to his assistant to get ready to publish a statement on the matter, not on behalf of the Department of Security, but on behalf of the goverment, marking the email as urgent, and hoping for the bureocratic process to not be too long.


Roughly 4 hours later...

14:18 hrs, Ryxtylopian Time (Auran Standard Time IAT-1)




Gobyrno di la Fidiraxión di Ryxtylopia

Government of the Ryxtylopian Federation


Present - Sunday, November 19th of the year 1423.

This is an OFFICIAL STATEMENT, conducted by the Ryxtylopian government, directed to all foreign governments and international press.


This document is designed to recognize the events that have ocurred throught the last week (12th to 19th of November of the year 1423), said events being civil unrest throught the nation focusing on the capital; Ryxenia, and other major cities including:





Said unrest has been caused due to the realization of the III World Cup of Football, an event that in the year 1423 is being held in Ryxtylopia, this event had stirred unrest from the populace due to Political Reasons, and agitators have spread the unrest throught the country, putting at risk not only the integrity of the Ryxtylopian state but the integrity of the tournament and foreign lives in Ryxtylopia.

Therefore we ask foreigners to be careful and read information about the situation via statements like this or by visiting the government website: [Insert Generic Government Website.gov].

The government of the Ryxtylopian Federation, as well as internal state organisms mainly, the Department of Internal Security, are doing efforts to controll the unrest and prevent casualties due to the incitation of violence by opposition figures and other "troublemakers".

To prevent the spreading of violence to other areas we STRONGLY RECOMMEND foreign media outlets, as well as state-owned outlets to NOT REPORT ON THE SITUATION as this may only incite further violence, and could result in further casualties.


As per casualties - There have been a reported 70 civilian injuries and 25 police injuries. To our knowledge, no foreigners, including tourists press, etc, have been injured, and the police response has been ADEQUATE, when it comes to the CONTAINMENT of the unrest. Protesters and Rioters have STARTED the crisis by using extreme violence against the police and security forces present at the start of the unrest forcing further measures to be taken to ensure the safetey of other civilians.


We assure everybody, this situation is under controll, and the Department of Internal Security is doing everything in its power to contain the unrest which at the present day is on the decline, we've already made recommendations to foreigners and media within this document but for more info please visit: [Insert Generic Government Website.gov].



The response was perhaps not what many would have liked... it massivley understated the ammount of casualties, and didn't address the cases of missing people, but to Gilchabó it was good enough, as the missing cases could be written off as "normal" by the government, and if they stated the real ammount of casualties it would have only multiplied the unrest.

Gilchabó had already a pretty busy day after the president parted for the airport to catch a short flight on his private Jet to Pinilaca were once at the airport he had been received by an angry crowd.

For now the response would do, after all with the second day of matches about to start, public attention would be elsewhere...

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Live News Transcript dated 17/11/1423

Sekiya vs United Adaikes match review

[Translated from Sekiyan to Common for simplicity]

[Transcript begins at the end of the weather segment]

Chen Jie: “Now, shifting to weather in the south, we have some concerning reports from the south. Today marks the third consecutive day of heavy rain in the Anzhou region, leading to flooding in some areas. Local authorities have issued evacuations in affected regions, and there are reports of delays on public transport due to the inclement weather. We urge everyone to stay safe and follow official guidelines during these challenging conditions.”

Li Wei: "Thank you for that update on the weather, Chen. Now, for tonights most anticipated news, lets head over to Ryxtylopia for the latest news on the football match between Sekiya and United Adaikes!”

[Screen changes to 3 Sekiyan reporters in Ryxtylopia]

Li Mei Ling (in Ryxtylopia): "Greetings from Ryxtylopia! I'm Li Mei Ling, and what a thrilling match it was between Sekiya and United Adaikes. The energy here is palpable. Despite a hard-fought game, Sekiya sadly came up short, losing 0-1 to United Adaikes."

Tang Lei (in Ryxtylopia): "That's right, Mei Ling. It was a nail-biter until the end. I have to give credits to Zhang Wei, who displayed remarkable resilience and made some incredible saves. Truly an impressive performance."

Chen Xin Yang (in Ryxtylopia): "Absolutely, Wei Hong. The Sekiyan defense held strong for most of the match. But, in the first half, Raelyn Weston of United Adaikes managed to break through with a goal, securing the victory for her team."

Li Mei Ling (in Ryxtylopia): "And what a goal it was! Adaikes’ skill on the field was undeniable. It's moments like these that make the World Cup so unforgettable. The Sekiyan fans, both here and at home, though disappointed, are still showing immense support for their team."


Sekiyans watching the game live in Xingyuan.

Tang Lei (in Ryxtylopia): "No doubt, Mei Ling. Raelyn Weston's goal showcased the level of talent we've come to expect at this stage of the tournament. But let's not overlook Zhang Wei contribution, keeping the scoreline tight and the fans on the edge of their seats."

Chen Xin Yang (in Ryxtylopia): "Absolutely, Wei Hong. The goalkeeper's performance was commendable, making some crucial saves that could have easily tilted the game in Sekiya's favor. Despite the loss, Sekiya can hold their heads high after such a spirited effort."

Li Mei Ling (in Ryxtylopia): "The Sekiyan players are receiving a warm reception from their fans here in Ryxtylopia. It's a testament to the sportsmanship and dedication they've shown on the field. Reporting live from the World Cup, back to you in the studio!"

[Cut back to the studio.]

Li Wei: "Thank you for that exciting football update from Ryxtylopia. Now, let's talk about something closer to home. Chen, have you used public transport recently?"

Chen Jie: "It’s how I got here this morning! Public transport is such a vital part of our daily lives, connecting people across the city. How about you?"

Li Wei: "Well, it's been a while for me, but it's great to hear about your firsthand experience. Now, speaking of public transport, there's some exciting news for commuters here in the Capital. A few new buses and trains have been introduced, and what's interesting is that they come with unique paint jobs showing support for the Sekiyan team."

Chen Jie: "That sounds like a fun way to engage the community! How do these paint jobs show support for the team?"


The designs for trains and busses.

Li Wei: "Exactly! The buses and trains are adorned with the team's colours, creating a vibrant display of team spirit as they travel through the city. It's a creative initiative to connect the local sports scene with everyday life. The transportation authorities hope it not only fosters a sense of community pride but also encourages more people to use public transport."

Chen Jie: "That's a clever idea. It's always refreshing to see new innovative ways to bring people together. I can imagine the excitement of fans spotting these specially designed vehicles around Changjing."

Li Wei: "Absolutely! It adds a splash of colour to the daily commute and builds a sense of camaraderie among residents. It's a win-win – supporting the local team and enhancing the public transport experience. Now, let's see how this initiative unfolds and whether it becomes a trend in other cities as well."

Chen Jie: "Before we move on to our next segment, let's take a quick break. But don't go away because we've got something special for you. Stay tuned!"

[Commercial Break]

Person One: "Man, it's scorching out here!"

Person Two: "Tell me about it. I wish there was something to cool us down."

[As they continue walking, they spot a vending machine in the distance.]

Person One: "Hey, look over there! Let's see what they have."

[They approach the vending machine, and Alex spots a new orange juice drink.]

Person One: "This looks refreshing. Wanna give it a try?"

Person Two: "Why not? If it's good enough for our team, it's perfect for us!"

[Person One inserts coins into the machine, and two bottles of the orange juice drink drop down.]

Person One: "Here you go!"

[They open the bottles, take a sip, and both their faces light up.]

Person Two: "Wow, this is exactly what we needed!"

Person One: "So crisp and refreshing. Perfect for a hot day like this."


End of Transcript

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The trio were meant to be flying across the Darkesian Sea in their military plane towards Saint Mark to circumvent it. Problem was, May was flying...

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: While we could be thundering past Giovanniland, James is making our lives a misery... again.

[Clarkson looks down to what's below them.]

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Er... we can't be at Ryxtylopia already, right?

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: James, why can I see a nation?

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Er, because I went in the wrong direction mate. I didn't tell you this, I made a route towards the Andolian Territories of Giovanniland and have had to go along through there a bit and we'll head up toward-

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: H- I'm sorry? We, on a route towards Saint Mark, have flown into Andoliavilla?

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Yeah mate. Sorry.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: So you've made us get lost in this farm prop as well as slower.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: That is the face of a Hammond who knows that all the pre-flight checks in the world can't compensate for being stuck in an airborne tumble dryer with Esferos' slowest man at the controls. Also it's Andoliaville.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: No, Andoliavilla.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Officially it's called the Andolian Territories of Giovanniland, but they call it Giovandolia so that's what its name is.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: James, we're not from Giovanniland, we're from Hertfordshire-Jammbo. We call it Endeuliyevil or Entestiprazye and that translates to Andoliaville.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: I maintain your wrongness on this.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: I was being correct.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Pfft, whatever.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: No you weren't.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: And anyway, it's a colony. They ought to leave this continent.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Has James been swapped for a Varanian?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: He's not a Varanian, but he is an old lady.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: I'm a what? No sorry, I missed that.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: I mean... I knew he was from the 10th century, but really?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: He's always been an old lady, he was born an old lady. Congratulations Mrs. May, it's an old lady!

[Hammond laughs into the air, May is confused.]

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Anyway, back to the main topic, we're lost.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: No we're not. I think.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Whichever way you cut it, this is the wrong way.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Hang on a second. We're flying in a plane from the Armed Forces.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Yeah.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: I hope the Giovannilandians don't send a welcome party.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: How are you doing?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Yeah, I'm fine. How about you?

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: We're going the wrong way, we've veered off west into Andoliavilla and are flying over it right now. So that's a no.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: A route imposed by James' inability to use a map.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: We have to fly over every town. There's a place called Giovenoria that could be a bit tricky for us. Ugh...

[Hammond puts his head in his hands in despair. Clarkson adjusts the camera through which Hertfordians and Jammbonians (and Hertmerians) back home are watching them.]

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: So if you've just started watching us, an update on our trip for you. We're behind schedule... by miles.

[The plane continues to fly through Giovanniland and out onto the Darkesian Sea where it has to divert heavily to avoid encroaching onto any more countries. It's passing along the coast of Dilber when Hammond pipes up again when he tries to eat his lunch.]

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: James. I've got no fork.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Yeah, it's not allowed on the flight.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Well it's just as well 'cause if I had any cutlery right now it'd be sticking out your neck!

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Richard.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Yeah?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: I found these sheets. Do you think I should show this to the audience?

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: I don't see why not.


Style: +1.7
RP permissions
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: no
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

A sheet with what was seemingly useful drivel on there. But the trio had figured out that this must have been important otherwise it wouldn't be in the plane with them. It looked like some kind of permission slip.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Certainly, the roster of The Genesis is more of an engineering triumph than James' plane...

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: We've got no bloody forks.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Stop whinging about the ruddy in-flight food, man.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Fuck's sake...

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: And don't jig about, 'cause we're climbing. We're struggling a bit here.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: I am not jiggling!

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Yeah, but Jeremy is.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond:  How rubbish is this thing if I can't even lift a chocolate bar to my face without us crashing into a mountain of drugs or Quiyakaso?!

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: I know what will cheer you up, Richard. Let's talk about a car made back home, the Buralati Chirkov. More specifically, the special "Legends of the Snow" version that was made in honour of the Hertfordshire & Jammbo cricket team that won the T20 World Cup. You know, even though there are these huge cooling guts and the engine has no cover at all, that thing has 11 radiators. 4 to cool the engine itself, 3 for the intercoolers, 1 to do the axle oil, 1 to do the engine oil and 2 to cool the hydraulic fluid used to raise it's rear spoiler. ...It's got more radiators than my house!

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: ...That was made in Hertfordshire & Jammbo?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: I know it seems absurd but I promise you, it's not as far fetched as it seems. Most of our land is untouched countryside with mountain ranges, lakes, a lot of snow and miles of quiet straight roads. It's the sort of country a hypercar could unleash everything it has in, providing the roads aren't too covered in ice or frost.


The Buralati Chirkov that Clarkson was talking about. It has a quad-turbo W16 engine that produces 1,578bhp and goes to a top speed of 305m/h. It's the fastest car that Hertfordshire & Jammbo has managed thus far. It's named after legendary Hertmerian racing driver Lui Chirkov. He is believed to be living at Hestmere in Overthinkers, but this has yet to be proven.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: That is just... wow. Incredible.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: You know what else is incredible?

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: What?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: James looks like he's preparing another lump of disappointment.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Hammond? Clarkson? We have to stop for fuel.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Well, why didn't you put more in?

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Well I filled it up. That's as much as it takes.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: So we've got to pull over for petrol?

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Are you, er, are you familiar with the basic principles of flight?

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: No.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: One of the problems we have is because the plane is heavily loaded is that we need, essentially, more lift so we have to fly with the wings at a slightly higher angle...

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: Oh god...

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: I'm nodding off.

[May continues his lecture, which takes so long that by the time he had finished, they were flying over their destination. Not that May was aware of this.]

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Guys?

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Yeah?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: We're here. Look.

[Hammond and May look out of the windscreen and window respectively to see Ryxenia coming into view.]

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Guess we don't need to stop for fuel after all. Just need to re-fill when we land.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Or whatever it is that flying fridge-freezers run on.

Richard.jpg.df0ea1f5d68bff86a0e0f4ddce26fadc.jpgR. Hammond: I'm starting to think James' plane plan wasn't as lightning fast as I'd first imagined.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Remind me to tell the person who refuels our planes to stop being such a Fujansk trade unionist and get on with it.

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Oh! Before we go, viewers, I want to show you this. It's the roster of The Mafia, otherwise known as The Genesis. I'd have shown this to you earlier but, well, you know...

[Clarkson uses his head to gesture to May.]

image.thumb.png.b1ed745d7a987fcaf372083ee2701776.png image.thumb.png.c87286e31ea4e247a688e5b0a63e0a35.png

image.thumb.png.bf9e66cbe9868c801baa1fbc06128353.png image.thumb.png.0fb3b6e55d6366993bf6ed42a7e8eeb1.png

image.thumb.png.3cc0769845b1a3559a5a9e3d359e49c5.png image.thumb.png.855c6c587d926807f6c31eef9f214db2.png

image.thumb.png.10c63b5d6c4315ab3162f7261a9336e7.png image.thumb.png.f6ac0f701e3642421c2ec93fa679d696.png

J. May: "Wait a minute. Why did Petersburg edit her profile to have horns?" | Esmeralda P.: "I don't have to disclose that." | R. Hammond: "The thing about having a deaf-mute captain is that no one besides us lot know what we're planning. Unless you happen to have complete knowledge of sign language."

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Can I just point out that the first match of Hertfordshire & Jammbo has finished already? We drew 0-0 with Saint Mark.

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Has it? How's that happened?

Jeremy.jpg.77f3fe05570b017fece5292099070e76.jpgJ. Clarkson: Maybe it has to do with the fact that your pre-flight checks and sense of direction have caused us to be catastrophically late?

James.thumb.jpg.37be8fbbd993d283aeb58a3c22a8f9eb.jpgJ. May: Oh cock...

The trio and their plane finally landed in a field nearby Ryxenia, from which Clarkson and Hammond got into a Buralati Chirkov that the HAJFF had shipped to Ryxtylopia for them. May meanwhile chose to get on the team coach - named "The Ragnarök" - where he received a verbal hammering from assistant manager Tess on the way to Saltavacha.

HNDFFLogo.thumb.png.dc189f07d2e49725e39883b75171d125.png                 HJFootballTeamLogoFinal.png.7406e18747f15cc84e090aa827d4cb68.png                 HNDFFLogo2.thumb.png.6e863b8178e8a26416ac8085f2d22113.png

| 𐑣𐑸'𐑘𐑱 𐑛𐑰 𐑤𐑨𐑛𐑟! (Ha'wei Di Ladz!) |

| Ha'way The Lads! |

| Придъ'няпредванеи На Младеч! (Pride'napredvanei Na Mladezh!) |


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Zona, almost a century prior...

Sometimes – times like this perfect dawn, for instance – it amused Frei rem Gofain to play a private game. The game was called "pretend there isn’t a war on."

It was relatively easy in some respects. It was quiet, and the night chill was giving way to a still cool as sunrise came up over the city. From where he sat, he could see the wide bay, hazy in the morning mist, and the sea beyond it, blue-grey, glittering. The city of Zona itself – a mix of modern construction, low-rise homes, and ancient steeples – was peaceful and quiet, huddled on the wide headland in a quaint, antiquated manner, as it had done for twenty-nine centuries. Sea birds wheeled overhead, which spoiled it slightly, because he envied them their wings and their freedom, but still, at these times, it was easy to play the game.

Zona was not Gofain's birth-town (he’d been delivered, a silent, uncomplaining infant, forty two years earlier in Zhuna Ra on the far side of the Gulf of Golden Fronds), but he had, unilaterally, adopted it. It was smaller than Zhuna Ra, prettier, a littoral town that understood the mechanisms of the sea and, with its universities and its many schools, was famous as a seat of learning. It was older than most others too. The old town quarter had been standing for two hundred years when the first plucky Azten began sinking their sharp teeth into the banks of the sacred river to raise Ior Aria. Zona, dear old Zona, was one of the oldest cities in the infinite empire.

Gofain had adopted Zona partly because of its distinguished past, mostly because he’d been stationed there for six years. He’d come to know it well: its eating houses, its coastal pavilions and piers, its libraries and museums. It was the place he’d always longed to return to every time he snapped the canopy shut and waved the fitters away. And it was the place he always had come back to.

Even the last time.

"You there! Driver!"

The voice broke through his thoughts. He sat up in the worn leather seat of the cargo transport and looked out. Lord Silan, the Order of Ordinance dispatcher, was coming over towards him, three aides wobbling along in his wake like novice wingmen. Silan’s long robes fluttered out behind him and his boots were raising dust from the dry earth. His voice was pitched high, like the seabirds’ calls. Gofain didn’t like SIlan much. His game was ruined now. The dispatcher's call had made him drop his eyeline to take in the ground and the airfield. And no one could pretend there wasn’t a war when they saw that.

Gofain opened his cab door and climbed down to meet the dispatcher. He’d been up waiting since five, sipping coffee from a flask and munching on a coil of local bread.

"Lord," he said, saluting. He didn’t have to. The unctuous man had no military rank, but old habits, like Gofain himself, died hard. Dispatcher Silan had a clipboard in his hands. He looked up and down Gofain, and the grubby transport behind him.

"Driver Gofain, F. R.? Vehicle 143?"

"As you well know, Lord," said Gofain.

Silan made a check in one of the boxes on his sheet. "Fuelled and roadworthy?"

Gofain nodded. "As of 05.00. I was issued coupons for forty litres of II-grade, and I filled up at the depot before I came on duty."

Silan checked another box. "Do you have the receipt?"

Gofain produced the paper slip from his coat pocket, smoothed it flat, and handed it to the dispatcher.

Silan studied it. "Forty point zero-three litres, driver?"

Gofain shrugged. "The nozzle guns aren’t really accurate, Lord. I stopped it when it wound over forty, but the last few drops–"

"You should take care to be more accurate," Silan said flatly. One of his aides nodded.

"Have you ever fuelled a vehicle from the depot tanks, Lord?" Gofain said lightly.

"Of course not!"

"Well, if you had, you might know how tricky it is to get the wind exact."

"Don’t you blame me for your inaccuracies, driver!" Silan sputtered. "Essential resources such as fuel must be managed and rationed to the millilitre! That is the task of the Holy Order of Ordinance! There’s a war on, don’t you realise?"

"I had heard…"

Silan ignored him and looked at the nodding aide. "What’s zero-three of a litre II-grade at base cost?"

The aide made a quick calculation in his head. "Rounding down, ten and a half claria, Lord."

"Round up. And deduct it from the next paycheck of driver Gofain, F. R."

"So recorded, Lord."

Silan turned back to Gofain. "Transportation run. Personnel. Pick up within thirty minutes from the Hotel Royale in–"

"I know where it is."

"Good. Convey them to the dispersal point at MAB South. Do you understand? Fine. Then sign here."

As he signed his name, his stiffened fingers struggling with the pencil, Gofain asked: "Are they fliers? Fliers from the East at last?"

Silan huffed. "Not for me to say. There’s a war on."

"You think I don’t know that, Lord?" Gofain asked.

As he took back the clipboard and the pen, Silan looked up at Gofain's face and made eye contact for the first time. What he saw made him shudder.

"Carry on, driver," he said, and hurried away.

Gofain climbed up into his battered transport and turned the engine over. Blue-black smoke coughed and spurted from the exhaust. Lifting the brake, he rolled the truck down the gentle slope of the hardpan and drove off along the field circuit trackway, following the chain link fence.

The game was certainly ruined now. No pretending any more. Here were fuel tankers, smeared with black waste, armoured hangars, repair sheds reverberating with the noise of tools, lines of coils on their trolleys, munitions trains parked and empty on verges of swishing grass. And airstrips. Cracked concrete looking like psoriatic skin in the early light, with four-engine bombers sulking on their hardstands, props like sabre-blades raised in threat, hook-winged dive-bombers under tarps, fitters and armourers working around them. Beyond the strips, facing the sea, lay the long runway and the Firebirds, stretched out and vaguely glinting in the rising sun. Five Firebirds sat idle at the head of the roads. Dark blue with grey undersides, they were tiny, one-man planes with stubby wings and tails, their engine cowling stripped, their nose guns muzzled. They looked squat, leaden.

But Gofain knew how they felt to fly. He knew how they ran down those runways, throttles right back, engines farting and popping as they fired to velocity. The bellydropping jink as they cleared the ground and lifted up into the blue, raw and throbbing. The cold smell of the cockpit. The reek of rubber and steel, fuel, nitrous. The feel of being aloft, alive…

Gold above, how he missed it.

At the gate, beside the staked revets and the heavy fences, he pulled over to let a munitions convoy roll in. He glanced up into the driving mirror and, for a moment, saw himself.

More than anything, more than even the airfield full of prepping warplanes, the sight of himself reminded Frei rem Gofain that his cherished game was only pretend.

There was, inescapably, a war on.

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Ardala Khanate
An article from the Lavender Encyclopedia | Choose a different language


The Ardala Khanate in 650 AF under its maximum territorial extent. Full quality image link

Status: Khanate
Capital: Altan-qota (Golden City)
Common Languages: Ardalan, Ulergen, Emunian, Beremean and others
Demonym: Ardalan

Area: circa 195,000 km² (650 AF)
Population: est. 3 million (650 AF)

The Ardala Khanate (Ardalan: ᠠᠷᠠᠳᠠᠯᠠᠢ ᠬᠠᠨᠲᠠ ᠤᠯᠤᠰ, aradalai khaant ulus; Giovannese: Kanato de Ardala) was a medieval state in northern Andolia that existed from 283 to 712 AF. Founded after a civil war that brought down its predecessor, the Ulerge Khanate, this polity achieved a never seen before size for a country in the region, bringing many different peoples under its control during its several hundred years history. Starting from the Ardalan homeland in modern-day northeastern Giovandolia, the khanate conquered its southern Ulerge neighbors during the civil war with the help of the ancient Bereme people to the west, after crafting an alliance with the latter.

The khanate achieved its peak in the 5th to 7th centuries AF, after expanding to the other side of the large Andolian mountain chain and establishing contact with the Emüne people who became a tributary, as well as performing a significant territorial expansion to the east of the Nia River, annexing lands in modern western Fhaengshia. In the 8th century AF the khanate divided itself into various smaller states over territorial disputes within the ruling family, encouraged by the rising Giovannian Empire, that eventually went on to annex the various successor states.

Background & Rise

The Ardala and Ulerge people share an origin, both being descendants of the Northern Boreandolian people that were formerly united but eventually separated under foreign domination. After their independence, both peoples started building their own cities and polities, separated by the large Boriorto Mountains, and eventually reestablishing contact following some centuries.

The Ulerge people eventually united under a single Khanate in the 1st century BF and soon expanded northwards to annex the Ardalan Confederation, a league of city-states. This polity would also incorporate the Bereme people to the west soon after, but owing to its khans' authoritarianism and mismanagement of the military, turmoil soon started in the 3rd century AF. Both the Ardala and Bereme people rose up to start a civil war, and soon after forged an alliance to help each other, in which the Ardala would form a khanate of their own and the Bereme would enjoy more autonomy.

The alliance won the civil war in 283 AF, the date the Ardala Khanate was founded, and the alliance's leader Erdeni (ruled 283-312 AF) became its first khan. By 301 AF, it also unified the Bereme remnants that were opposed to the alliance and wanted to stay independent, and for the remainder of his rule Erdeni Khan focused on stabilizing the newly-founded state. Subsequent rulers, such as Jargal Khan (ruled 312-330 AF) and Mandakh Khan (ruled 355-363 AF), also enacted important policies to improve the inhabitants' quality of life and strengthen the military.

Expansion & Peak

Starting from the reign of Tsinua Khan (ruled 397-429 AF), the Ardala Khanate started to expand beyond its initial lands. To the west, expansion reached the border now known as the modern northwestern border of Giovandolia, and to the south, the vast mountains were crossed during the rule of Tsinua's son Ilalta Khan (ruled 429-444 AF). In 456 AF during the reign of Aldar Khan (ruled 449-470 AF), the Emüne people were made a tributary of the Ardala Khanate, and many of their upper classes were enlisted as advisors to the khans due to their reputation as skilled people.

During the 6th century the khanate reached its maximum territorial extent. The longest reigning ruler Ulaghan Khan (ruled 521-565 AF), followed by his younger brother Naran Khan (ruled 565-581 AF), conducted the great expansion to the east, beyond the Nia River that marks parts of the modern Giovanniland-Fhaengshia border. These lands were then added to the khanate, which by then had achieved regional fame among other peoples. Trade with neighboring peoples was extensive, and in the 7th century the newly-unified Giovannese also started conducting trade. Rulers of this century decided to maintain the current territory and focus on increasing the khanate's wealth and strength, such as the notable Bayasul Khan (ruled 623-645 AF) and Otsir Khan (ruled 653-679 AF).


After Otsir Khan's death, his son Uyan Khan ascended to the throne, however as time passed he became unpopular and unable to manage the khanate very well. This sparked tensions among the ruling family, with various branches starting plans to revolt and establish their own khanates in various parts of the country. Furthermore, the Giovannian Empire played a part in increasing tensions by further pitting these different sides against each other. After Uyan's assassination in 687 AF, other khans tried to improve the situation but were unsuccessful, and the last khan Delger was assassinated in 712 AF, dividing the empire into smaller states named after their initial rulers. These realms lived on for a few more decades before being annexed into the Giovannian Empire.


The Ardala Khanate's successor states, and the Giovannian Empire, in 760 AF. Full quality image link

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A familiar foe


For the second time in a world cup, Ryxtylopia would face off against Larxia in the group stage, a pretty good country in the football world, as they had made the final on the first edition of the tournament, and in the second edition had made the quarter finals, in both instances loosing to the champion of both tournaments: Nieubasria.


Last time the Ryxtylopians played against the Larxians it didn't go well, with the Vultures conceding 4 goals, and nearly getting knocked out of the group being saved by a goal from, now former player Fylas Mataña, who was able to bring the goal difference to a point were Ryxtylopia narrowly edged over Saint Mark and secured a spot in the round of 16, where the Vultures would get knocked out of the tournament in H&J by the Cambrians.


However a lot of the old team was gone now, and despite drawing with Kalmach last match the Vultures had reason to be confident, they were playing at home after all and they would have the support of the crowd, Ryxtylopia's supporter base also known simply as: "The Band", which has been pretty loud in the Kalmach game.


The team talk started, with coach, Marco Garraves speaking:


[Marco]: Alright boys, we're going to go a bit more defensive now, i want you to give it your best, cause we're at home, the Vulture's in its nest, we'll be using the 4-1-4-1.

Marco does some drawing on the whiteboard.




[Marco]: Fydó i want you up front for a counter-attack, while everybody else will form up in lines, Dipartí, you go to the backline, and Larista i want you as a CDM, you'll be the one responsible for handling the ball in our counter attacks.

[Marco]: Everybody else in the midfield i want you to both attack and defend, but focus on keeping possesion, Larxia has really good players so we need time to plan out our attacks, Fydó can score goals but he needs support and the backline will count on you to aid with defending.

[Marco]: Messy worries me a lot, he's not too old yet, and not too young meaning he has experience and physical skill, i want you all to focus on keeping the ball away from him as much as you can... Aviero also worries me and they do have a strong defense, i think our greatest defensive and offensive tool will be the midfield...

Marco exhales.

[Marco]: Alright, same lineup as yesterday tho i might bring some of you off and on...

[Marco]: Farris and Arvaléz, i want you to go forward with Fydó in case of an attack, Milatacha and Vilaní, you two stay behind Farris and Arvaléz, in case we loose posetion, i want you two to buy us time as well as Larista.

[Marco]: Also for the 4 of you in the back, dont overextend, Larista will take care of passing to our midfields and Fydó, are we all in agreement with this?

The players nod, and prepare themselves for the match.




Outside of the stadium, the ryxtylopian fans began singing a chant directed to the Larxians arriving at the stadium, presiceley called: "Larxia's Band".


Llaigo la bandá di Larxia, miré que poicos son!

Probable qui si vinieron e un microbus!

Ryxtylopia ni se rinde y vai aguaintar.

Ryxtylopia vai a absorbir sus atiques y contistxar.


In Herfortdía perdíme duro.

Y los jugadories si hixieron burro.

Así mi guste, quirida bandá.

Fimando Hyrba i Bisxfando Coca - Anda!


Larxia’s band arrived, look how few there are!

They probably arrived on a microbus!

Ryxtylopia doesn’t give up and they’re going to hold.

Ryxtylopia will absorb their attacks and they will respond.


In Hertfordia we lost hard.

And the players turned to donkeys.

But i like it that way, beloved band.

Smoking weed and snorting coke - Lets go!


More than 100 people chanted the song as the Larxian fans and eventually their players arrived at the stadium, after the 4-1 loss to Hertfordia something was awfully clear, "The Band" was seeking the Vulture's revenge and the atmosphere would be rather heated for this match.

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JteUHVE.png AEIjp7q.png rhGbE9y.png


OOC Footnotes:
- Skrubbe og Skure translates to "Scrub and Scour", and En Upartisk Utfrågning translates to "An Unbiased Interrogation"
- Kalsborg is the fourth largest city in Fujai, and a rote is the first subdivision below a kommune. Most kommunes have 2 to 5, but larger cities may have dozens.

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Results of the 2nd Match Day of the Group Stage

Group A
Kalmach 1–1 Alchera (NPC)
Rivalfiume 0–2 Overthinkers
Ryxtylopia 2–1 Larxia

  Group A                     Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Overthinkers                  2   2  0  0    3   0  +3    6
2 Ryxtylopia                    2   1  1  0    3   2  +1    4
3 Kalmach                       2   0  2  0    2   2   0    2
4 Larxia                        2   0  1  1    2   3  −1    1
5 Alchera (NPC)                 2   0  1  1    1   2  −1    1
6 Rivalfiume                    2   0  1  1    1   3  −2    1

Group B
Peourouin 0–2 Teralyon
Sekiya 2–0 Giovanniland
Cambria 2–0 United Adaikes

  Group B                     Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Cambria                       2   2  0  0    6   3  +3    6
2 Sekiya                        2   1  0  1    2   1  +1    3
  Teralyon                      2   1  0  1    2   1  +1    3
4 Giovanniland                  2   1  0  1    1   2  −1    3
  United Adaikes                2   1  0  1    1   2  −1    3
6 Peourouin                     2   0  0  2    3   6  −3    0

Group C
Ionia 0–4 Saint Mark
Candelu 2–1 Hertfordshire and Jammbo
Nieubasria 1–0 Fujai

  Group C                     Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Nieubasria                    2   2  0  0    5   0  +5    6
2 Saint Mark                    2   1  1  0    4   0  +4    4
3 Candelu                       2   1  0  1    2   2   0    3
4 Fujai                         2   1  0  1    1   1   0    3
5 Hertfordshire and Jammbo      2   0  1  1    1   2  −1    1
6 Ionia                         2   0  0  2    0   8  −8    0

Group D
Aukera 3–2 Libterraria (NPC)
Pedandria 1–3 Zoran
Arifiyyah 2–1 Dalimbar

  Group D                     Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Zoran                         2   2  0  0    5   2  +3    6
2 Arifiyyah                     2   2  0  0    3   1  +2    6
3 Aukera                        2   1  0  1    3   3   0    3
4 Dalimbar                      2   1  0  1    2   2   0    3
5 Libterraria (NPC)             2   0  0  2    3   5  −2    0
6 Pedandria                     2   0  0  2    1   4  −3    0
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Hello Giovanniland—I am Numerio Dellio-Oliverde, the new host of the Giovannilandian Sports Report and of its special football edition! This programs aims to keep the people of Giovanniland informed of the latest happenings of the 3rd World Cup of Football, and we'll be covering the results of the first two matches played by our football team and how they went.

Matchday 1 - Giovanniland 1-0 Teralyon (Halftime: 0-0)
Goals: Gustavo Zapata (67')

For our first game of the 3rd World Cup, our side played against the Teralyian team, and it was a fierce match with good performance from both teams! For the entirety of the match it was an open game with chances for both Giovanniland and Teralyon, though during the first half no goal happened. Giovannilandian players such as the striker trio of Gustavo Zapata, Klementine de Abreo-Florine, and Matteo Divendomare assisted each other in several attempts—including one by Matteo that hit one of the goalposts and made thousands of viewers nearly scream 'goal!' until realizing they would have to save it for later. 

During the second half, coach Èttore Ottavio-Linnare decided to switch to a different formation, and it worked perfectly! The midfield players Gabriella Orfeo and Augusto Uprino-Antenore rose to the spotlight during this half, and it was the team work started by them that allowed the team captain and star striker Gustavo Zapata to finally send the ball to the net past the Teralyian goalkeeper. The Giovannilandian crowd in Istadio Raquivas cheered, and the game continued just as lively as the atmosphere in the stadium was at the time. In fact, there was a little confusion between players of the two teams in the middle of the 2nd half, slightly after the goal, but all went well until the end and the Squadra Nationala held their advantage to earn its first 3 points.

Matchday 2 - Sekiya 2-0 Giovanniland (Halftime: 0-0)

In a rematch of the previous World Cup, the teams of Giovanniland and Sekiya once more were drawn into Group B (the same can be said for Cambria as well, which will be Giovanniland's Matchday 3 opponent). Last time, Giovanniland won 4-1 against the Nuran team, but unfortunately this time it was a different story. An improved and very defensive Sekiyan team was enough to stop any attempts from Giovanniland of scoring throughout the first half, although there were good attempts to score by striker Matteo Divendomare and also midfielder Giovanni-Pietro Lummontana, who replaced Augusto Uprino-Antenore because of an injury.

In the start of the second half, both defenses continued very solid and the scoring attempts from both sides also continued. Unfortunately, the lack of Augusto hampered coordination in the midfield, so that the Giovannilandians attacks were not as effective as in the previous match. In one of these attempts, a failure in the defensive area meant that a deadly counterattack from Sekiya came through, led by their center forward Sūn Tíng who scored their first goal at the 75th minute.

Although Giovanniland tried some last-minute ways of turning the tables, all that came in the dying minutes of the match was another Sekiyan goal from their attacking midfielder Chén Huá, at minute 84. Captain Gustavo Zapata commented that the opponents' performance was very impressive and respected the Sekiyan team. He also hopes that Augusto can recover from his injury and come back after this match for the duel with Cambria.

In Group B, Cambria has been leading the group with six points, first defeating Peourouin in an electric 4-3 match and now winning against fellow Polari team United Adaikes 2-0. Then, there are four teams with three points! The Sekiyans and Teralyians are tied in second place with one win and one loss each, both having recovered from losses in the first matchday, while us and the Adaikesians have gone in the opposite direction and share the fourth place. Last but not least, the Peouroun team sits at last in the group without any points, although there's still time for them to reverse the course and shine in upcoming matches! 

All in all, two very interesting matchdays—and soon, we'll have a special interview with our young striker Matteo Divendomare and his experiences in international football so far! Stay tuned for that and for further matchday reports coming soon.

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"Mr. President," National Security Adviser Marian Proudfoot broke the silence when Red Palace Chief of Staff Jed Gill asked if there were no more topics to be discussed after finishing the last item presented in Other Matters as discussed at the start of the meeting.

It was the time of the month when Luke Salazar, the President of the Federal Republic, had his Cabinet Cluster Meeting.

"Not now, Marian," Gill interjected.

Salazar only had to look at the far left of the table where Proudfoot was seated and to Gill at the right of Vice President Mel Gaspar (the VP is sitting next to the President's right side) and back to Proudfoot, which urged the former to speak.

She cleared her throat before continuing.

"Mr. President, it is the National Security Council's Secretariat's opinion that we should be eagerly monitoring the 'civil unrest' in Ryxtylopia with the Football World Cup happening."

Salazar looked to his left, where the Military Affairs Secretary Carlo Charlton was sitting, and started, "Foreign Affairs is under your cluster, right?"

"Yes, Mr. President," Charlton replied. Salazar nodded upwards, urging him to talk.

"Ah, yes, Mr. President," Charlton continued, "it was discussed in our previous meeting in the Security, Justice, and Peace Cluster early this month, but the members decided not to apprise you yet unless we have an actual action plan that we can present to you. Right now, we're just implementing need-to-act protocols only."

"I want the facts on my table in an hour, Carl," Salazar instructed Charlton before facing Proudfoot again, "you should also give me a briefer from your perspective, Marian. Though what do you recommend?"

"Our assets in Ryxtylopia will continue monitoring the riots. If something worsens, I call Carlo and initiate the plan depending on where our players are by the time our plan commences. I have already submitted my recommendations on what to do when they are not playing any matches with contingencies when they are in the hotel or if one or two players or staff are not with the team, when they are transiting to or from the game, or when they are currently playing," Proudfoot replied.

"Are the recommendations plausible?" Salazar asked Charlton.

"We can work around the plans, Sir," Charlton replied.

"Very good. Current logistics?" Salazar asked again.

"A platoon of inactive graduates of the Executive Protection Course not detailed in the Presidential Security Service is currently in Ryxtylopia providing cover, Mr. President," Charlton replied. "They are equipped with only our military-issue handgun with four extra clips in their presence at all times. Their operational command and control are under the Headquarters and Headquarters Services Battalion, under Major John Read, of the Adaikesian brigade we sent to the Matixarrati Base. Once we receive confirmation from Marian, two platoons will push towards urban Ryxtylopia and implement the necessary action plan."

"Mr. President," Gill interrupted, "is the plan more of an overkill? The presence of a foreign military alone, not only in any urban area, but what if they are playing in Ryxenia?"

"Well, we hope that the riots do not escalate," Proudfoot raised her voice a little.

"I'll talk to Edyuardó [Etsañó, the Ryxtylopian President]," Salazar raised his index finger and massaged his temples, "but the Union needs to know about this."

"I'll talk to Anne [Duncan, the Adaikesian Foreign Affairs Secretary], Luke," Gaspar inserted, "We'll let her talk to her counterparts in Teralyon and Cambria."

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A candeluian Win in Ryxtylopia, and football fans from all over Candelù are still celebrating.

And for today's sport's section, we have the results of yesterday's match against Hertfordshire and Jammbo!

We'll let our correspondent give you the results and the requested informations for the next match, line is all yours Gabri! Don't waste the second chance we're giving you.

"Hello! I'm Gabri and i'm speaking directly from the slums of Ry-"

You were told to avoid 1 thing, the slums. Why're you there Gabri!? We have a public, they want the news and we have to give them the results!

"Not my fault Nico! I heared some Zoranian reporter talking about some good taco stands here!"

You risked your life (and the honour to report very good news) to try some taco from the slums of Ryxtylopia!? 

"Yeah, they're a solid 8 out of ten!"

We were instructed to never send reporters there... just go back to the news.

"Going back to my Report! Candeluian players managed to score 2 goals against H&J! The stadium where candeluians sat started to RRRRRRUMBLE when the final whistle was heared! It was officialy, 2-1 for Candelù, meaning our first national win!"

That's amazing Gabri, a real milestone not only for the team, but for all the fans around the nation!
Now, why don't you tell us about the next match?

"Yeah, We'll be going against the Team of Saint Mark, you know, the nation from Aura?"

Yes, i know. How were they ranked last year? And how are they doing so far?

"Well! Last year they were ranked 21st, so not too high! Though so far they're playing very well, having won 1 game, and ended the other game with a draw."

Alright, so what's the feeling there? You and the fans think that Candelù can win?

"I mean, Probably! We obviously hope that, and it might be a possibility!"

Good Gabri, that's enough for today, now, focus on getting out of the slums.

"Oooooh! there're more taco shops here! and they're so cheap!"

No, No. Out.

"-No Answer-"

...And that's all for sports today! Don't worry about Gabri, we'll send someone to search him...
We From Tiveronia 'i Zuja wish you a goodnight! And remember, keep fanning, football fans!

Lunga Vià al 'emperator!

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A Good Day.


Whilst the Istadio Zapriaca wasn't even a third of the size as the Rivalda, people still packed into it, and its speculated that the stadium was filled over-capacity for the match between Ryxtylopia and Larxia, the atmosphere in the relativley small stadium was comparable with the one in the much larger Rivalda, with the Ryxtylopian fans singing and shouting during the match including when the Larxians arrived.

Maybe it was this atmosphere that intimidated the Larxian players, or maybe it encouraged the players enough, or maybe Garravez plan worked out as the two layers of defense was able to absorb most of the Larxian attacks before swiftly hurrying to counter.

After the national anthems played in the Zapriaca, the match started at kick off, with the Vultures almost inmediatley loosing the ball but regaining it in the midfield, despite this the first few attacks were subpar, the first shot towards goal of the match was made by Ryxtylopia in the 9th minute however it was a long shot that straved off the larxian goalpost.




Soon the larxians got their chance not long after in the 16th minute, however pressure from the backline forced the shot straight into the arms of GK Franco Arvaldí, not causing much harm.

The chanting intensified and after an intense battle mostly in the midfield the first time ended, people went for their refreshments, the players from both sides went to rest, the Larxian presence in the stadium was small, all concentrated in one area separated from the rest, however it was still there both sides cheered and wait.

Soon the second time started, Larxia kicked off, and their players were able to get the ball into the box by the first minute, but the defense was able to repel their attack, quickly passing the ball forward for a counter-attack; the ball reached Fydó, but the flag went up, offside.

The larxians attempted another shot at the 60th minute, and shot at goal, but Franco was able to deflect the shot over the post, resulting in a corner-kick for Larxia, which they failed, as Rivas passed to Larista; Larista to Farris who took it near the larxian box, evading the defense and then crossed it to Fydó who achieved the goal in the 60th minute, opening the scoreboard 1-0 in favor of the hosts.

However the larxians didn't give up despite mockery from the ryxtylopian fans, and in the 68th minute they crossed the ball into the box, where they made a shot to goal, it was blocked by Franco but in the bounce the defense failed to clear it resulting in a larxian goal in the 68th minute.

The stadium fell silent for a bit, and the game carried on, Larxia had another attempt at the 72nd minute but the shot was blocked by Franco, while Ryxtylopia failed a cross in the 79th minute, the game being a constant back and forth.

This ended in the 85th minute however when Fydó managed getting through Larxia's defense and made a shot that went straight into the post, bouncing off to one of Larxia's defenders who failed to clear the ball loosing it to Farris who made a second shot that bounced off Larxia's GK, unfortunatley for the larxians the subsecuent bounce made it to the head of Arvaléz who headed it in for the 2-1, as the stadium once again errupted in celebration.

The last attempt at goal of the game was made by Larxia after a free kick in the 90th+1 minute, but the shot bounced off the arch and into the back, after this the game ended as the crowd went crazy 2-1 in favor of the Vultures, and the band went crazy after Ryxtylopia's first win in its world cup and revenge against a nation that had humiliated them before.



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Video shows Noya Priscan and a Quiyakaso Gohalitsve walking down the streets of the Ryxtylopian slums

Producer: Guys, I am not sure it is safe for us to be here. We should turn back and-

Quiyakaso: Don't worry about it, it will be fiiiiiiiiine. We are almost to the taco place.

Noya: Quiyakaso, are you sure you know where you are going?

Quiyakaso: Oh yeah, we just have to turn the corner up ahead and we will be there.

Producer: Seriously, I do believe that a police officer started following us a while back. We really should not be here.

Quiyakaso: We will be fine, don't worry. If the po-po comes around, I have a plan.

Noya: ...If your plan is to run I will kill you.

Quiyakaso: Nah, running wouldn't work. I have a plan, that is all you need to know.

Noya: turns to camera "Are you at least recording all of this?”

camera moves up and down in a nod

Quiyakaso: Here it is! The taco place!

Camera pans to a small but very busy taqueria 

Noya: ...Are you sure it is safe to eat here? 

Quiyakaso: Oh absolutely, do you see all the people gathered here? If the locals eat it then it must be safe.

Noya: I suppose. Well, let's go ma-

Policeman walks into frame

Policeman: Press, e nono film stret aehere-

Noya: Oh sugar. Well, Quiyakaso, time for this 'genius' plan of yours.

Quiyakaso: I've got this!!

Quiyakaso walks up to officer and rips open his button up shirt to reveal the disco clothes he wore in Dalimbar

Noya: Turns to camera crew and producer, Yeah no, let's get out of here before he gets arrested.

Quiyakaso: I challenge you!...To a Disco Duel!

Locals: awkwardly staring

Policeman says something into their radio mic, assumingely calling for backup

Policeman: e, go way! Nono film stret!

Quiyakaso: Dance battle me, you coward!

As more officers appear on the scene, the crew and Noya begin to run away, leaving Quiyakaso behind but as they round the corner the camera looks back to see Quiyakaso get put into a police car all the while yelling about “Demanding satisfaction,” in the form of a Disco Duel.

Later when the crew is out of the slums:

Noya: Of course that fool had to get arrested. Sorry folks, but we won't be exploring the local cuisine in the slums today. But, in terms of sports, the Zoranian Thunderbirds won their match against Pedandria, 3-1. They are going up against Arifiyyah next and that is the match to see! Keep on cheering our team from home!

Producer: Yeah, just got off the phone with the Zoranian embassy. They say it is on us or the network to pay for Quiyakaso's release.

Noya: I will pay for it, despite how stupid he acts this would be quite dull without him. 

Producer: Aww, you two are bo-

Noya: Another word and I will forward that embarrasing love confession email you had me proofread to Meli.

Producer: ...

Noya: That's what I thought.

OOC Note: Thank you to @Federation of Inner Ryxtylopia for his help with this post


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Teralyon Triumphs Over Peourouin in Spectacular 2-0 Victory at 3rd World Cup

By Anja Suremic, Teralyon Sports Analyst

RYXTYLOPIA — Teralyon's national football team secured a decisive 2-0 victory against Peourouin in a thrilling match at the 3rd World Cup hosted in Ryxtylopia. The Teralyon supporters erupted into cheers as their team showcased a stellar performance, demonstrating resilience and tactical prowess on the field.

The first goal came in the 28th minute, courtesy of a precise strike from midfielder Orlin Tadic, setting the tone for Teralyon's dominance. The second goal materialized in the 56th minute, with forward Iryna Slowacki capitalizing on a defensive lapse to secure the team's victory. The defensive line and goalkeeper Bogdan Sosniok played a pivotal role in maintaining a clean sheet, frustrating Peourouin's attempts to make a comeback.

In a post-match interview, Coach Isabella Mirovic expressed her satisfaction with the team's performance. "I'm incredibly proud of our players. They executed the game plan flawlessly and showed great teamwork. This win is a testament to their dedication and hard work on the training ground," she remarked.

Mirovic highlighted the importance of building on this victory and maintaining momentum in the upcoming matches. "We need to stay focused and take each game as it comes. The World Cup is a tough competition, and our next match against Sekiya will present a new set of challenges," she added.

Looking ahead, Teralyon faces Sekiya at the formidable Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí stadium in what promises to be a highly anticipated clash. Sekiya, a formidable opponent with 1 win and 1 loss in the current World Cup, poses a significant challenge to Teralyon's aspirations.

Sports analysts are buzzing with speculation about the upcoming encounter, with many emphasizing the need for Teralyon to maintain its offensive momentum while shoring up the defense to counter Sekiya's skilled attackers. The midfield battle is expected to be intense, with both teams vying for control and possession.

Jedro Milovic , a renowned sports analyst, offered his insights into the upcoming match. "Sekiya is known for its disciplined play and quick counterattacks. Teralyon should be prepared for a strategic game. It's crucial for them to capitalize on scoring opportunities while staying vigilant in defense," Milovic advised during a televised sports talk show.

As the excitement builds for the Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí showdown, Teralyon's football enthusiasts are optimistic about their team's chances. The nation eagerly awaits another electrifying match as Teralyon continues its quest for glory in the 3rd World Cup of football.




Ishundar and Volos Forge Decade-Long Partnership to Propel Teralyon's Mining Sector

In a groundbreaking development for the Teralyon economy and the global mining industry, the international mining giant Ishundar, headquartered in Teralyon, has inked a lucrative deal with mining equipment supplier Volos. The partnership, spanning the next decade, is set to significantly enhance Ishundar's mining operations and contribute to the economic growth of the Teralyon region.

Ishundar, a key player in the extraction and processing of energy and minerals, has long been at the forefront of innovation in the mining sector. The new deal with Volos, a renowned mining equipment supplier known for its cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, is poised to take Ishundar's operations to new heights.

Under the terms of the agreement, Volos will supply Ishundar with a diverse range of state-of-the-art mining equipment, including advanced drilling machinery, autonomous vehicles, and precision sensors. This collaboration is not only expected to streamline Ishundar's mining processes but also to bolster the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of its operations.

The economic implications of this partnership are substantial for Teralyon. The infusion of modern mining equipment is anticipated to create numerous job opportunities in the region, from skilled technicians to support staff. Moreover, the increased productivity and output from 's mining Ishundar's activities are projected to contribute significantly to the local economy, fostering growth and development.

"This partnership marks a significant milestone for Ishundar and the Teralyon community," remarked Goran Sekojic, highlighting the commitment to advancing sustainable and responsible mining practices. "We believe that the collaboration with Volos will not only elevate our operational capabilities but also position Teralyon as a hub for innovation and excellence in the global mining industry."

Volos, known for its emphasis on environmental responsibility, will also play a pivotal role in enhancing the sustainability of Ishundar's mining operations. The integration of eco-friendly technologies and practices is expected to minimize the environmental impact of mining activities, aligning with both companies' commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Industry experts anticipate that this collaboration will not only benefit Teralyon but also set a precedent for responsible mining practices globally. The partnership is emblematic of the mining industry's commitment to advancing technology, sustainability, and community development.

As the Teralyon region eagerly awaits the implementation of this transformative partnership, all eyes are on Ishundar and Volos as they work together to shape the future of mining, leaving a positive impact on the economy, the environment, and the communities they serve.


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In the secluded recesses of Officer's Yard Tavern, Jacen Goode sought solace from the tempest of uncertainty that had engulfed him. A haven for discreet legal discussions, the Tavern provided a backdrop of muted conversations and the soft clinking of glasses as Jacen approached Silas Merrow's corner booth, bathed in the warm glow of amber light. Silas was a mentor of Jacen's dating back nearly ten years, helping to shape his career at the top firms in his 'orbit'.

The Top 15 Hidden Bars In Sydney - Australian TravellerSilas acknowledged Jacen with a nod, and as Jacen took a seat, the gravity of his predicament was evident in his expression. "Silas," Jacen began, urgency tinged with apprehension in his voice, "I'm in a situation that is tricker than the usual legal intricacies. I need your counsel, my friend."

Silas regarded Jacen with a discerning gaze, recognizing the weight on his shoulders. "Speak freely, Jacen. You've always been a bastion of reason in this chaotic world of ours." Silas slipped his phone into his briefcase and Jacen followed out of habit, as a newly common act by professionals in his line of work. 

Leaning in to ensure their conversation remained shielded, Jacen delved into the email from SilverShadow, detailing the subtle threats and the looming legal battle involving Woolrey-Arnold Pharmaceutical. Silas listened, his expression shifting from curiosity to a deepening concern.

"So, I'm being dragged into a conflict that extends far beyond the courtroom, Silas," Jacen confessed, frustration evident in his voice. "I'm being played, but the stakes are too high to ignore. If there's even a chance that our clients are implicated, I have to consider it."

Silas nodded thoughtfully, his fingers tracing the rim of his glass in contemplation. "You're navigating treacherous waters, Jacen. This is more than a legal dispute; it's a clash of powers."

"I'm reluctant about the implications of this, Silas, but the result for me may be the same either way," Jacen admitted, a hint of conflict and resignation in his eyes. 

Silas leaned back, his gaze fixed on Jacen. "Your reservations are justified. Now, consider this," Silas began, choosing his words carefully. "The government's reach extends further than we often realize. This... hacker, cyberterrorist, or whatever they are, suggest that the Innovation Basria projects, those initiatives you've aligned yourself with through your clients are intricately connected to Lovranvirus emergency legislation. It goes beyond the surface, Jacen."

Jacen's eyes narrowed, his calculating mind processing the implications. "Are you suggesting this might be more than just protecting a drug patent?"

Silas nodded knowingly. "Precisely, Jacen. The drug patent may just be the sharpest spear this Silver could find. Any lawyer with half your skill can make this case on intellectual property, so the question is why you? It's a precarious position, my friend, one that demands careful consideration."

As the two lawyers delved into the intricacies of the situation, Jacen grappled with the clash between self-interest and the broader implications unfolding before him. The dimly lit corner of the Tavern became a crucible for strategic deliberation, setting the stage for Jacen's internal struggle as he weighed his potential failure against the shadows of a deeper, more complex reality.




Join Innovative Solutions Basria (ISB) in Leading Technological Innovation for Public Health and Safety

News Release | Clarenton | November 20, 1423 | Innovation, Science and Economic Development Basria, Agency of the Estates-Ministry of Industry

Innovative Solutions Basria (ISB) proudly touts its collaboration with cutting-edge technology companies in Round 1 of the AI Decryption Challenge to bolster the CITISEC Protocol, a groundbreaking initiative focused on public health and safety. In the face of potential health crisis, the program pivoted from the original law enforcement focus. Through strategic partnerships, ISB has harnessed the expertise of renowned tech innovators to create a seamless and comprehensive program aimed at safeguarding citizens' well-being.

Contributions by Leading Tech Partners:

Dynex Solutions:
Harnessing the power of real-time data analytics, TechDynex Solutions empowers CITISEC with swift information processing capabilities, enabling proactive responses to health emergencies.

Securitech's state-of-the-art encrypted communication tools ensure the secure transmission and storage of sensitive health data, upholding the privacy and confidentiality of citizens.

BioTrace Systems:
Leveraging advanced biometric data analysis, BioTrace Systems enhances the accuracy of health assessments, contributing to a more precise understanding of citizens' health conditions.

Quantum Networks Inc.:
With a focus on creating a robust network infrastructure, Quantum Networks Inc. facilitates seamless data transfer among government agencies, fostering efficient collaboration in health surveillance.

Innoguard Cybersecurity:
InnoGuard's cybersecurity solutions fortify the CITISEC infrastructure, providing a shield against potential threats and ensuring the integrity of the collected health data.

SynthAI Technologies:
SynthAI's cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms drive predictive analytics, enabling CITISEC to forecast and respond to emerging health threats, thereby safeguarding public health.

ISB remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation for the greater good. New entrants to the AI Challenge will have the opportunity to collaborate with these esteemed technology partners. Extension of the Challenge exemplifies ISB's dedication to creating a safer and healthier future for citizens. As we continue to evolve and adapt, ISB remains at the forefront, enabling technological solutions that positively impact society.


Key Information:

New and returning businesses are invited to apply to the challenge until December 30, 1423.
Winning businesses may receive up to 25,000,000฿ for research and development, with the potential for an additional 500฿ million in phase 3 for operationalization and government exclusivity. 

For additional information, please reach out to Dana Thraeb, Senior Press Secretary for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Basria, at

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A joint post of Saint Mark and Zoran


Luxury sleeper car | Train travel, Luxury train, Train journey


A panel of the mahogany wall slid down, revealing a screen. Averton, the young footman attending Prince Marcarius on the Red & Gold, the private train of the Royal Household, checked the settings and then handed the remote to Clarkson, who handed it to the prince.

“Her Majesty will join momentarily, Your Highness. Shall I pour some more tea?”

“Yes, thank you, Clarkson.”

Queen Adsila appeared on the screen sitting behind her desk, her face cold and stoic.

“I take it that this isn’t one of your social calls, what is it that you wish to discuss, Marcarius?”

The prince admired the sheen of her long, wavy black hair, and how it emphasized her perfect cheekbones. “Ugh. there I go again. My mind stops working whenever I’m around her. This is business. I must focus.”

“Sadly, no, Adsila. I wish this were a social call. I would like to discuss your position on this land-grabbing bill that has just been passed in your legislature. As you know, many of our most prominent Houses have maintained estates in Zoran for centuries. Surely your lawmakers know that we pay significant taxes on these properties that do much to help support the local economies?”

The queen lets out a low chuckle,

“‘Land-grabbing,’ what an ironic phrase to use. I understand the concerns of your Houses but if you crack open a history book, you will find that many of those estates were gained through either forced resettlement, coercive treaties, and or aggression from Markan forces during the colonial era,” she says in a mirthless tone, “We have…tolerated the presence of the Houses within Zoran for a period of time but that has still left a foul taste in the mouths of the many Zoranians. The bill has passed the Council with near absolute majority on both sides of the political spectrum and frankly, it is a bill that could put my position at risk should I veto it.”

“In most cases, those properties were acquired over a millennium ago, and in all cases many centuries ago. What is this really about, Adsila? Why now? I thought our nations cooperated very nicely at the Maritime Conference last month, with each of us very happy with the Sea of the Wild Cry Protocols.”

“I do not decide the bills that are introduced into the Council. I can propose bills but this bill came from the Council itself,” she says as she shuffles a few papers on her desk, “the ancestral memory of the Zoranian people runs deep, Marcarius. Zoranian has generational trauma from it and holds deep grudges against the Markans for the colonial period. I understand your confusion but it is a cultural difference that I cannot do much about besides try to promote cooperation between our two people, which is what I am trying to do when it comes to drafting my reasoning for rejecting the Blood Alone Act. But, when it comes to the bill that seizes the property of the Houses, I have some troubling documents that I believe you may want to see from our recent delve into Corporate documents.”

“Of course, I’ll look at them. Another concern of mine is that this will through cold water on anyone from Saint Mark wanting to invest in Zoran. Why sink money into projects that could potentially be torn away from you? It sets a bad precedent.”

“Well, all I can say to that is be shrewd in your business dealings. Nationalization and seizure of property is nothing new in the world. Zoran is not the first to do it and it will certainly not be the last country to do it. But, like many things, actions come with consequences…even if those consequences do not come immediately.”

“While I understand you’re referring to the actions of my ancestors and the current-day consequences, what is more relevant is the consequences of this bill, should it become law, to the Zoran economy. I would hope that there are some in your government who might see that upon more cool reflection.”

“We have considered it, and when I say ‘we’ I mean my ministers and I, and while we do see the potential risks from Markan investors, Markans are not the only groups investing in Zoran. You are competing with Giovannilandians, the Astorrians, Overthinkers, various Nuran nations, etc. We might take a hit, yes, but nothing devastating.”

“Adsila, we are not talking in front of audiences right now. This is a private conversation between the two of us. You know that I know this already, and you know that this is not a sound move, either politically or economically. It’s pure theater for the masses. Again, just between us, why and why now?”

“There are actions that go beyond politics and economics, sometimes it is about doing the right thing. When it comes to the people who still mourn what we refer to as ‘The Age of Death,’ this is one of the best ways to get people to move on from those times. If you topple the figure that people look at to think of those times with hatred, soon they will look forward instead of back.”

Prince Marcarius sighed, realizing he would never understand a people who hold such a long grudge.

“Very well, Adsila. I see how your people are looking at this. In the best interests of both of our nations, perhaps Saint Mark can do something to help soothe the feelings of your people? I guess they have already forgotten the aid we provided in the recent civil disturbance.”

“We have had much patience and leniency with the Markans, we have not forgotten the kindness shown to us but there comes a time when patience runs out. At best I can see if I can get the Council to offer financial compensation to the Houses affected by this act but to veto it would be out of the question.”

“I see. Well, that is something to consider. I appreciate your taking the time to discuss this with me. I think I understand the position of your lawmakers better now, although I very much disagree with it. May we form a joint commission to try to come up with a solution that is palatable to both nations and that seeks to preserve our good relationship?”

“I shall see what I can do, but knowing the lawmakers it would be hard to get them to cooperate. In case this does not work with them, prepare to try and herd the Houses of your nation like cats.”

The prince blinked. Herd the Houses like cats? It must be something Zoranian that doesn’t quite translate.

“I appreciate your efforts. Our counterparts will keep the other informed throughout the process. My best wishes to you for your team’s success in the games!”

“Best of luck to your team as well. But do take a look at the documents that my intelligence director will send you, the evidence is damning enough to warrant an investigation. I have stayed my hand in terms of sending my intelligence officers over to investigate due to our trust in your ability to deal with it yourselves.”

“Absolutely. I will look into it even before we arrive in Ryxtylopia. Again, my best.”

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Premier League of Football - Giovanniland
Prima Liga de Pedesfera - Giovanniterra

Giovanniland's Premier League of Football is the most famous and prestigious football competition in the country. The tournament takes place yearly from the months of February to November and features the 20 best teams from all across the nation. It is conducted through a double round-robin system, in which each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 38 games. The tournament has existed for over a century, and is one of the best known Giovannilandian sport tournaments.

Scoring works just like in the Football World Cup, with three points awarded for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss. Throughout the season, teams are ranked by total points, followed by tie-breaking conditions such as better goal difference, most victories, goals scored, and head to head results. After all games have been played, the team with the most points is crowned the champion of that season, with the use of tie-breaking conditions if needed. The Porto Violeto Bellatores are the most successful team, while Las Idras de Islamagna are the defending champions, having won the 1423 season.  

In addition to the champion team, the second to fourth-placed teams in each season get the chance to play in other prestigious tournaments, including international ones. Meanwhile, the four worst teams are relegated to the Sekunda Liga, replaced by the latter's four best teams that get promoted. Furthermore, a similar system connects the Sekunda Liga with the Tertia Liga, and the Tertia with lower levels of national competitions, as well as regional ones. The results of this 1423 season, which has ended earlier this month, are displayed below.

# Team Home Region Home Stadium  W   D   L   GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Las Idras de Islamagna Altana Stadio Insularo 21 10 7 69 40 +29 73
2 Quiras de Quorivo Lavanda Prima Arena Lidoborana 20 11 7 71 49 +22 71
3 Porto Violeto Bellatores Primolido Stadio La Violeta 19 11 8 59 42 +17 68
4 Araras de Andoliavilla Lido Ferenno Andoliarena 20 6 12 55 44 +11 66
5 Gavias de Giovannia Giovannia Magna Arena Giovanni IV 18 11 9 49 43 +6 65
6 Unitia Villaflorana Terra Violeta Kampo Floritto 17 11 10 58 45 +13 62
7 Magna d'Abrentopole Abrenaustro Arena Repùblika 16 11 11 55 53 +2 59
8 Apias de Annavilla Primolido Stadio dell'Avento 14 14 10 60 50 +10 56
9 Vipras Vinikianas Giovannia Magna Stadio Vallèttore 14 14 10 47 40 +7 56
10 Uryde Pedesfera Lavanda Prima Stadio Abreo-Florine 14 10 14 48 53 -5 52
11 Pavones de Portovino Abrenaustro Arena Pietro I 12 12 14 51 50 +1 48
12 Lavandas Giovanniterranas Lavanda Sekunda Kampo Lavando 12 9 17 46 55 -9 45
13 La Montemoresa Akallia Arena de Fèrdira Magna 10 15 13 60 60 0 45
14 Ferennopole Pedesfera Lido Ferenno Stadio Rege-Ferenno 10 13 15 51 48 +3 43
15 Kanes de Karlopole Rivolinte Arena Karlo II 10 12 16 39 49 -10 41
16 Squadra de le Valle Vallivante Stadio Markelliano 9 12 17 41 50 -9 39
17 Ballenas de Bayabela Altana Kampo Marino 10 9 19 49 62 -13 39
18 Felinos de Favonia Giovannia Magna Arena Fabio Linnare 10 6 22 56 74 -18 36
19 Oliverda Pedesfera Valmirabbe Stadio de lo Rivo 8 11 19 45 69 -24 35
 20  Squadra Serena Verdiante Stadio Sègite 8 8  22  35 68 -33 32

Legend: Wins | Draws | Losses | Goals For | Goals Against | Goal Difference | Points Total

Furthermore, the four teams that ranked highest in the 1423 season of the Sekunda Liga and will therefore participate in the next edition of the Prima Liga are now also known. They are the first place Leones de Lavàndula, from Lavanda Prima; second place Falkones de Filippia, from Novabrento; third place Anguillas de Amorante, from Primolido; and fourth place La Vivaquana, from Lido Ferenno. 


Maps of the Regions of Giovanniland, for reference. Higher quality images: AuraAndolia


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