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World Cup of Football III [rosters, roleplays, results]

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World Cup of Football III

Please do not post in this thread if you are not a participant. Also, no OOC posts, please.


Welcome to the World Cup of Football III! This is an international association football/soccer tournament. If you are a participant, you can post about your nation's football/soccer team (logo, players, kits, and other related information). You can also post about your team's preparations for this event!

Another essential thing to include in your roster post is the "role play permissions." If you want to role-play while making sure that the other RPer(s) won't do inevitable things you don't want to happen to your team, you can post these below outlining what the other RPers can or cannot do, for example:

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Injure my players: yes/no
Assign my players yellow cards: yes/no
Assign my players red cards: yes/no
Godmod injuries: yes/no
Godmod scoring: yes/no
Godmod other events: yes/no


The last three permissions, godmodding, is the role-playing of unrealistic or unbelievable things happening. So, if you want a more realistic experience for your team (and what we hopefully want in the games for the tournament), you can ask other RPers not to godmod in your matches. You can also add, leave, or remove any role permissions you want. It's your team, so we will let you dictate how your team plays (as long as it is realistic).

Also, you can include what we call a "style modifier." This is a number between -5 and +5, indicating whether you are a defensive (leaning to negative numbers) or an offensive (leaning to positive numbers) team. If you don't put one, you'll automatically get a neutral modifier (0.00), which is fine.

There will be three (3) attributes that will determine the skill of a team for the scorinator (xkoranate): base skill, RP post bonuses, and roster bonus. 30% of the base skill and 70% of the total of the RP post bonuses and roster bonus will be the basis for the skill attribute of a team in the scorinator.

The base skill will be from the latest Football Rankings managed by the Federal Republic of the United Adaikes. NPCs will have their base skill halved in the scorinator during the whole duration of the tournament.

As this is a sports RP event, all RPs made by a participant will be given a bonus. However, we believe in "Quality over quantity". It does not mean that a participant with the most number of RP posts in the tournament will have the highest RP bonus. It should be known that multiple posts of a participant before a specific matchday will only be credited to that incoming matchday alone, except for posts about the team roster, as it is also a different RP bonus attribute.

For RP posts, the highest score that a participant can receive in a specific matchday is 1 point, with the lowest score being 0.1, based on the quality of the current best RP for that matchday, as determined by the OOC host. On succeeding matchdays, the RP bonus received from the previous matchdays will be accumulated to the total RP post bonus.

The roster bonus is about your team (as mentioned above, the logo, players, kits, and any other related information). Participants posting only the starting XI of their team will only receive 0.5 points. Posting 27 or more players will receive 1 point. Anything between 12-26 will have 0.70 points. The roster bonus will be doubled if a participant submits comprehensive team information (with team logo and kit(s) at the minimum, receiving at least a 1.2x multiplier for the bonus).

With this, may I request that the post regarding your roster is posted first and that your RP for the first matchday be separate.

If you have any questions, you can always ask me in Discord. You can DM me or drop your question in #wcf3 of the RP server. You can also ask me in the OOC thread.


Note: Reserving posts are only for the IC host (Ryxtylopia) and OOC host (United Adaikes).

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The Football World Cup in Ryxtylopia

For the first time in the history of this tournament the Football World Cup will happen in a country in Aura: The Ryxtylopian Federation! or just Ryxtylopia for short.


Ryxtylopia's Location

Ryxtylopia lies in the northern hemisphere of the world, home to around 22 million people, and its a country with both temperate and semi-arid climates, holding the northernmost point of mainland Aura, Ryxtylopia also being a very diverse country, in terms of culture, cuisine, ethnicities and of course sports!

Ryxtylopia also has a professional football league which while not renowned at the global stage is a pretty competitive league able to produce lots of talent, and there is a culture around football in Ryxtylopia.

Which is why the Rytylopian Football Federation (RFF) as well as the government, and several sponsors is proud to present the third edition of the FWC in this country, aiming to be the best edition so far.


General advice and tourist information:
When visiting Ryxtylopia there are bits and chunks of information that will be useful for tourists to know, regarding locations, stadiums, and culture around football or just culture in general.

First off, when arriving in Ryxtylopia you can expect the weather to be slightly warm, but not hot, parts of the country are Semi-Arid as Ryxtylopia is located right at the end of the Auran desert, but the country in general doesn’t have too extreme temperatures.

When it comes to football culture in Ryxtylopia, things that can be expected from fans is extreme dedication, and partying, an atmosphere not shared by a lot of countries, while violence between fans has been observed, considering this is an INTERNATIONAL tournament, you can expect Ryxtylopia fans to unite for once and cheer and sing together, not to mention the flavors fans from different countries might bring to the tournament.
Outside of football culture can be vibrant, many neighborhoods in the cities that have venues that could host the tournament will be vibrantly decorated, artwork painted on the sides of buildings and roads, when it comes to food visitors can expect Parviallaidas, large gatherings of people cooking foods in the open, oftenly in the streets using grills, and sharing the food; when it comes to food people may expect: Meat, mainly chicken and beef, many types of grains, greens spread throughout, and of course: beans.

In the drinks department there are many options, for those wondering, the legal drinking age in Ryxtylopia is 18, and its not uncommon beer to be served at games, most stadiums allowing it, as well as beer there is an abundance of sodas, water is also an option however its important to know TAP WATER IS NOT SAFE to drink in Ryxtylopia, and might result in diarrhea, therefore its advised to buy bottled water instead, as well as this a popular and traditional local drink present in many parts of the country is the Aquixata, a mix of grans, water and occasionally milk, boiled and then served, these drinks have been part of ryxtylopian meals for centuries and continue to be wildly popular and served.
In case of an emergency, whilst throughout the duration of the tournament an in or near the venues there will be supervision, for any emergency outside of these please call the number +2 58 179, this will place the caller in a line were they can report the emergency and call for help.
When it comes to interactions with locals, Ryxtylopian for some may be a bit hard to understand as its unrelated with basically all the languages around Ryxtylopia, however for the world cup manuals on local customs and communication techniques will be published and its almost guaranteed that locals will welcome tourists for the event. (Note: please avoid any talk about football teams, specifically Bixas and Priava, unless you want to cause a brawl.)


Stuff to know about Ryxtylopia:

Ryxtylopian culture is diverse, and to some degree there isn’t much of a concept about it, its more of a definition to describe several different aspects from different cultures both modern and extinct that define modern day Ryxtylopians.

When it comes to sports Ryxtylopia (usually) doesn’t disappoint, one of its key advantages being its low median age and high birth rates being a rapidly developing nation, this also leads to a lot of young talent being produced, as well as this considering the poverty level in Ryxtylopia is a bit high, this leads to creativity amongst people that don’t have the necessary resources to prosper, when these people break into the national and international stage they can shine as really good athletes.

In Ryxtylopia Football (/Soccer) is THE most popular sport, followed closely by Baseball and in third place Rugby which has seen an increase in popularity in the last 30 years, but focusing on football and more specifically the culture around football Ryxtylopian fans can be some of the most passionate about the sport (ocationally perhaps a bit too much for their own good), Club rivalries go deep, but this creates a unique atmosphere in the sport which will be further enriched by fans from all over the world attending to the World Cup.

Ryxtylopian Fans can be some of the most loud, outspoken, vibrant and in some cases out-right crazy fans, the stadiums that will be used for the tournament have a wide history, some being legendary and others starting to make a name for themselves.



Istadio Franco Rivalda (81,500)


The largest stadium in Ryxtylopia and home to the National team, as well as the largest Football Club in Ryxtylopia by Titles; Club Atletico Rio Priava, Its located in Ryxenia and has the largest capacity of any stadium in Ryxylopia, its also known as “Il colozo” (The Colossus)  it was originally built in 1334, but throught its history it has seen several expansions and reworks, the latest being in 1419.

This Stadium will host the Final Match, the inaugural match, round of 16 matches, quarter final matches and semi-final matches.

1334. The stadium is built, Rio Priava moves into the stadium. (original capacity of 76,500)
1340. Rio Priava wins their first title at home.
1357. The Stadium is remodeled adding a running track.
1365. A brawl happens in the stadium during a match between Bixas and Rio Priava, tragically killing 4.
1371. The old external structure of the stadium is demolished, and its rebuilt, increasing the capacity to 80,000 spectators.
1381. The running track is removed, increasing the capacity to its modern-ish capacity of 81,500.
1386. The biggest incident in the stadium happens when fans of Priava attack fans of Atletico Libre during a game, this would result in a stampede that lead to 8 deaths and over 20 injuries.
1387. New emergency exits are placed in the stadium.
1401. New screens are installed in the stadium, and the floodlights replaced.
1404. Rio Priava’s relegation causes fans to set fire to the stadium, causing intermediate damage.
1419. The stadium goes through its latest remodeling.

Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí (67,745)


Located in Vynitiná, this is the second largest stadium in Ryxtylopia, and another possible place to host the Final (tho most likely the final would be hosted in the Franco Rivalda), it is located near the city’s metro tracks, making it accessible by public transit, the stadium is also starting to show its age, with it being built in 1351, but certain parts being neglected, and the last renovation happening in 1401, its home to several clubs mainly; Diportivo Unido di Vynitiná.

This Stadium will host some group stage matches, round of 16 matches, quarter final matches and semi-final matches.

1351. The stadium is built, Club Quixes as its original tennants.
1367. The stadium becomes partially flooded during a severe storm.
1373. Diportivo Unido di Vynitiná move into the stadium.
1388. the original floodlights are replaced after rusting, the structure is also given extensive maintenance.
1397. A tragic incident happens when during a match between Vynitiná and Ystiandes part of the stadium’s seating area collapses injuring several people and killing 5, the stadium is closed for 2 years while extensive renovations are taken out.
1301. The stadium's latest renovation is taken out.
1302. Vynitiná suffer their largest defeat in this stadium with a marker of 8-1 to Atletico Libre.

Istadio Arvaldi N. Guivarra (55,645)


Located in Ryxenia and home of Diportiva Bixas, the second largest club in Ryxtylopia and fierce rival of Rio Priava, the fan of Bixas call it: “La Sopira” (The soup bowl) mainly cause at the time of its original construction it looked like a soup bowl and the name stuck, its latest renovation was in 1311 and the stadium is in a good state despite not being the most modern or largest.

This Stadium will host round of 16 matches, quarter final matches and the 3rd place match.

1347. The stadium is built, Bixas moves into the structure the same year. (Original Capacity: 47,000)
1356. In a memorable night, Bixas defeat Rio Priava 5-0 scoring 3 goals within 9 minutes of eachother in the 55th 57th and 64th minute, marking their largest victory against their rival to date.
1367. The stadium is expanded with its new capacity being 50,000 spectators.
1389. The stadium is taken by protesters during the lead-up to the end of the Ryxtylopian dictatorship.
1394. During an intense match, Bixas fans start a riot, in a match that the team barely won against Diportiva Pinilaca, saving Bixas from Relegation.
1300. The stadium’s capacity is increased to its modern day capacity.
1304. Fans take over the pitch and hold a massive party in the stadium after Rio Priava’s Relegation.
1311. The latest renovation to the stadium is done.

Istadio Lybirtad (48,895)


Home to the third largest football club in Ryxtylopia: Club Atletico Libre, the Istadio Lybirtad, also known as “Il Rojo” (The Red One) is a stadium that was recently totally rebuilt, originally built in 1367, most of the old stadium was torn down in 1412, and a new structure was built making it one of the most modern stadiums in Ryxtylopia.

This Stadium will host group stage matches, round of 16 matches and quarter final matches.

1367. The stadium’s original structure is built, Atletico Libre move in. (Original Capacity of 30,000)
1376. Libre have their largest victory at home, 7-0 against Diportiva Tsalapaní.
1382. The stadium goes through major renovations, and its name is officially changed to Istadio Lybirtad.
1394. Libre loses a game at home and is relegated, fans would invade the pitch and attack players, causing a riot and forcing police to use pepper spray, during the riot the stadium received damage, with the original goal posts being torn off, and the scoreboard being destroyed.
1399. A brawl happens in the stadium, injuring over 50 people becoming the worst incident to happen in the stadium since the relegation riot.
1407. In a viral article the stadium is ranked as one of the most uncomfortable in Ryxtylopia.
1409. Libre suffers their worst defeat at home a 4-0 against Bixas, causing another brawl that injured 26.
1412. The old stadium is torn down, with only the pitch left, in its place the new structure is erected.

Istadio Ciudad Tsalapaní (46,150)


This stadium is located in the city of the same name and its home to: Diportiva Tsalapaní, it was originally built in 1370, its most recent renovation happening in 1410, its known as “Il Rondó” (The Round One), some of the seating is located in odd places, but the stadium while not being the most modern is still a really decent stadium overall.

This Stadium will host group stage matches and round of 16 matches.

1370. The stadium is built and Tsalapaní move in.
1381. Tsalpaní briefly moves stadiums, but after public backlash they move back to Ciudad Tsalapaní.
1394. The stadium is briefly used for a boxing event in Ryxtylopia, where it broke its record attendance.
1397. During a flood that severely hit the city, the stadium is used as temporary refuge and storage for people affected.
1398. Stadium is renovated, with new screens, better lighting and other facilities.
1404. During a high intensity game between Tsalapaní and Mytapixas, Tsalapaní fans invade the pitch and attack Mytapixas fans, forcing police to interviene and cancel the game as a brawl starts between fans of both teams.
1410. Most recent stadium renovation.

Parque Vittoria (37,350)


Its located in Mytapixas, and home of the Club located in the same city, being one of the most recent stadiums as the old stadium of FC Mytapixas was demolished in 1415 after part of the stadium collapsed, instead FC Mytapixas moved to this stadium built in 1405, it has been criticized for not having the capacity to hold all of Mytapixa’s fans, which is why the club is planning on constructing a new stadium, however the stadium is still modern-ish.

This Stadium will host group stage matches and round of 16 matches.

1405. Stadium is built as a multi-porpuse stadium with Chacas Rugby Club being its first occupants.
1407. The stadium is temporarily used as a set in a movie.
1409. The stadium is rated as one of the most comfortable in Ryxtylopia in a viral review.
1415. Myxtapixas FC moves into the stadium.
1417. Mytapixas win their first title in 24 years at the stadium.
1421. Latest renovation of the stadium.

Istadio Rio Bianco (34,150)


Rio Bianco is a stadium built in 1356, and recently renovated in 1414, its home to: Diportiva Pinilaca, located in the city of Pinilaca, who has occupied the stadium since its construction, despite many fans wishing for a larger complex to be built, its commonly referred to as: “Caja Bianca” (The white box), for looking Box-y-ish and Pinilaca’s colors being mostly white.

This Stadium will host group stage matches and round of 16 matches.

1356. The stadium is built.
1360. The land around the stadium is purchased for the parking lot.
1367. The roof of the stadium is built.
1375. Pinilaca have their greatest victory at the stadium a 4-1 win against Bixas.
1381. Tragically a false alarm happens when a presumed gunshot is heard in the stadium causing a stampede that killed 2, and injured around 36 people.
1395. A brawl injures 30 people during a high intensity game.
1404. Pinilaca win the Ryxtylopian supercup (an event only held every 5 years.
1414. The latest renovation to the stadium.

Istadio Carrasoco (32,750)


Its located next to the Carrasoco river in the city of Saltavachá, it was built in 1361, and its home the: Univirsidad di Saxatí, a team from the University of Saxatí, the oldest club in the state, while it has seen better days the stadium isn’t horribly outdated, with its last renovation happening in 1407.

This Stadium will host group stage matches and round of 16 matches.

1361. The stadium is built. The U. of Saxatí moves in.
1366. The stadium reaches its record attendance with over 37,000 people as the U. of Saxatí wins their first ever title in Liga A
1374. The stadium is used for the final of the University games, with Saxatí winning the title at home that year, against the U. of Vynitiná.
1384. The stadium is once again used for the final of the University games, this time Saxatí didn’t reach the final.
1391. The stadium hosts the Saxatí cultural tournament, during a wave of cultural revival in Saxatí,
1400. The Saxatí new year festival is held partly in the stadium.
1407. The stadium has its latest renovations.

Istadio Raquivas (31,500)


Home of Club Raquivas and located in the city of Tsala’aipa it was built in 1381, the stadium has been renovated in 1410 and its a relatively “basic” per say stadium, but it still gets its job done, with a decent capacity and a large parking space where shops are usually set up.

This stadium will only host group stage matches.

1381. The stadium is built. Club Raquivas moves into the complex. (With an original capacity of 25,100)
1386. Construction of the two seating areas at the end of the stadium begins. (would finish February 1387)
1395. Fans invade and damage the stadium after Raquivas is relegated.
1400. The Tsala’aipa games (a regional competiton) are inagurated at the stadium.
1403. The stadium is renovated, the lighting is replaced.
1410. The stadium has its latest renovation.

Istadio Zapriaca (25,500)


A modern-ish stadium built (originally) in 1374 and rebuilt in 1404 home of the Ystiandes di Ryxtylopia, its located in the city of Tsiltañí and since its construction its only had minor renovations with nothing major taking place, it was rated as one of the best stadiums in Ryxtylopia, in 1410 and while its no longer a top stadium its still a really decent sporting complex.

This stadium will only host group stage matches.

1374. The original structure is built. Ystiandes move into the complex. (Original capacity of 20,000)
1388. Ystiandes and the U. of Ryxenia have a memorable game in the stadium, where it breaks it record attendance until then with over 27,000 people in total cramming into the stadium. Eventually Ystiandes would win the game 3-4 in extra time, causing a brawl betweens fans of both sides and forcing police to forcefully empty the stadium injuring around 75 people.
1397. In another memorable night, Ystiandes beat Bixas in the Final of Liga A 3-1, this would result in damage to the stadium as fans started to dismantle seats and the net from the goalposts to take as souvenirs from the night.
1401. Ystiandes is relegated, causing a near riot, when fans invaded the pitch, took apart the goalposts, the seats and damaged other parts of the stadium, after this incident the stadium is closed, and soon enough the city of Tsiltañí approves a plan to completely rebuild the complex.
1404. The stadium is rebuilt and re-opened. (With its present day capacity.)
1410. Ystiandes win their first title in Liga A since relegation at the stadium.

Istadio Trivixas-Lipadí (24,000)


A stadium divided between the cities of Trivixas and Lipadí, the municipal border running right through the middle of the stadium located near Ryxenia, this stadium is home to two teams that hate eachother, but have to share a home, it was ranked as one of the most dangerous stadiums in Ryxtylopia due to the frequent brawls and fights.

This stadium will only host group stage matches.

1355. The stadium is built, Trivixas FC move into the complex.
1367. Trivixas after a victory at home, get promoted to Liga A for the first and so far only time in their history, they would stay in Liga A for 36 years.
1377. Lipadí FC (at the time a promising Liga A - Regianal, club, (basically the third division in Ryxtylopia football Below B-Natxianal and A-Natxianal)) moves into the stadium to share it with Trivixas.
1387. The stadium would have a fire, suffering minor damage.
1403. Trivixas is Relegated to Liga B, causing a brawl that injured 31.
1405. A brawl during a game between Trivixas and Lipadí (at this time Lipadí got promoted to Liga B ) results in 16 injuries, forcing the suspention of the game.
1410. Another big brawl occurs in the stadium between Trivixas and Lipadí fans, injuring 28.
1415. The stadium is rated as one of the most dangerous in Ryxtylopia in a viral Review.

Diportyvo di Ryxenia (22,500)


An old stadium from 1350 it hasn’t seen any major renovations since its construction, just maintenance jobs, and its home of the University of Ryxenia since 1408, after their old stadium in their campus suffered a partial collapse, and the reconstruction was halted in 1414.

This stadium will only host group stage matches.

1350. The stadium is built, its original tenants being Socidad Diportiva Miullez.
1371. After relegation to Liga B-Reginal, Miullez would enter into severe financial troubles forcing them to part ways with the stadium.
1379. After being used by several minor clubs the stadium would be used as open air storage by a construction company until 1404.
1408. After maintenance the stadium is reopened with the U. of Ryxenia moving in, as their old stadium, the Istadio Univrystario suffered a partial collapse and had to close.
1411. The U. win a high intensity game, after which fans invaded the pitch and cheered for the players who saved the club from relegation, a memorable moment for the U. of Ryxenia.





The Games
Each group will have 3 stadiums and the stadiums used for each match will be the following:

Group A
Istadio Franco Rivalda
Istadio Ciudad Tsalapaní
Istadio Zapriaca

Group B
Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí
Istadio Rio Bianco
Istadio Raquivas

Group C
Istadio Arvaldí N. Guivarra
Istadio Carrasoco
Istadio Trivixas-Lipadi

Group D
Istadio Lybirtad
Parque Vittoria
Diportyvo di Ryxenia


Round of 16:
1º Match - Istadio Franco Rivalda
2º Match - Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí
3º Match - Istadio Rio Bianco
4º Match - Parque Vittoria
5º Match - Istadio Ciudad Tsalapaní
6º Match - Istadio Lybirtad
7º Match - Istadio Arvaldí N. Guivarra
8º Match - Istadio Carrasco

Quarter Finals:
1º Match - Istadio Franco Rivalda
2º Match - Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí
3º Match - Istadio Arvaldí N. Guivarra
4º Match - Istadio Lybirtad


Semi Finals:
1º Match - Istadio Franco Rivalda
2º Match - Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí


Third Place Match:
Istadio Gral. Tavara Dipartí


The Final:
Istadio Franco Rivalda

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Group Stage Draw Pots




Group Stage Draw


Group Stage Mechanics

Twenty-four (24) participating nations will be divided into four (4) groups with six (6) nations each. Nations will play with all nations found in their group. A win is given three (3) points, a draw is given one (1) point, and a loss is given zero (0) points. Four (4) nations with the most points in their group will progress in the knockout rounds. When points are tied, goal difference, goals scored, and matchup results between the tied teams are checked to break the tie.

Results are given at 9 PM ET, with a cut-off for role play at 8 PM ET two days after.

Match Day 1: November 17*
Match Day 2: November 19
Match Day 3: November 21
Match Day 4: November 25 (extended cut-off due to Thanksgiving)*
Match Day 5: November 28 (delayed)
Round of 16: December 1* (moved further)
Quarterfinals: December 3
Semi-Finals: December 5
Ranking Matches and Final: December 7*
(dates with asterisks, including the Group Draw, shall have a Match Recap show and will be done live in TWP RP Discord Stage)

Schedule of Games
(Teams on the left are the home teams)



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ARIFIYYAH FA founded in 1321 represent the football of Arifiyyah. Also known as the Orangutan Rangers. Joined the Esferos World Cup since the 1st edition. Best performance in World Cup was in the 2nd edition,achieving the runner-up place as underrated team.



























A very young successful manager so far,brought the team to the the final in Last Edition and also lead the U23 team in the last year Esferiad. He said that the team have a new "recipe" to win this World Cup.




A very important person for the country and the team. As a full time royal man and a footballer,he manage to put both people and football on the right path. His influence in the team berings the positive environment in the team.





Getting a national call-up at a young age is a dream for every young footballer,including him. Although it just 1st season for him in APL,he already record 8 goals and 15 assists in 6 match. He said,"I will give everything for the team".



RP permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, they may...

Injure my players: no

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: no

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: yes

Godmod other events: no



FORMATION(S): 1-4-2-3-1 / 1-4-3-3 ATTACKING





#auranpride #arifianpride #esferoswc23 #fighttillwin 

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Team Name: 永国足球 (Sekiya Football)

Home Stadium: 昌京国家足球 (Changjing National Football Arena)

Manager: 韩明 (Hán Míng)

Nickname: 蓝天鹅 (Blue Swans)

Style Modifier: -5.0

Theme (unofficial): Score for You 
(Replace "I'm just a fool for you" with "I will score for you")

In general, football across all leagues within Sekiya are very defensive. This style of defensive play has proved effective domestically and is how the national team likes to play. Sekiya comes into WCF III with their heads held high and with one goal in mind: the enemy goal.


Starting Team

Name (CM)

Name (SK)



Zhāng Wěi (M)




Lǐ Fēng (M)



Left Back

Fàn Qiáng (M)


Center Back

Wáng Lì (F)


Center Back

Lǐ Nà (F)



Right Back

Zhào Xuě (F)


Left Wing

Gāo Míng (M)



Defensive Midfielder

Huáng Míng (M)



Defensive Midfielder

Guō Měi (F)



Right Wing

Chén Huá (M)



Attacking Midfield

Sūn Tíng (F)



Center Forward


Jiāng Cháo (M)




Lóng Fēi (M)




Gāo Yǎ (NB)



Left Back

Lǐ Yǎ (F)



Center Back

Sūn Jiàn (M)



Center Back

Wáng Lì (F)


Center Back

Chén Mèng (F)



Right Back

Guō Tāo (M)



Right Back

Zhū Lín (F)



Left Wing

Wáng Yǒng (M)



Defensive Midfielder

Yáng Liǔ (F)



Defensive Midfielder

Sòng Tíng (F)


Defensive Midfielder

Zhào Yǔ (M)



Right Wing

Xǔ Bō (M)



Attacking Midfield

Mèng Lín (F)



Attacking Midfield

Liú Qiáng (M)


Center Forward



This year, the kit was designed by Dai Xiaoling. The design keeps to the traditional Blue and white kit that has been commonly used for other Sekiyan sports in the last century.




Within the last 20 years with Sekiyas economic boom and the national interest in football rising, several large stadium projects have been constructed.

昌京国家足球 (Changjing National Football Arena)


Changjing National Football Arena finished construction in 1415. It is Sekiyas highest capacity stadium and is used by the Sekiyan National Team and Changjing Thunder. The stadium has a capacity of 90,000, with 80 VIP boxes.

安州云影足球 (Anzhou Cloud Shadow Football Stadium)


Anzhou Cloud Shadow Football Stadium is the second largest stadium in Sekiya. The stadium is home to the Anzhou Cloud Shadowd, Sekiyas most successful domestic team in recent years. The stadium seats 86,000 with 70 VIP boxes. Since its completion, the stadium has been used for several music concerts.

璀璨星辰球 (Dazzling Star Arena)


Dazzling Star stadium is home to Starlight Swift, based in Fuzhou. It seats 70,000, with 63 VIP boxes. The stadium was built for Xīngyuán Blitz, however, went bankrupt following their demotion from the Platinum League. The site was bought by Starlight Swift and finished in 1404.

Domestic League

Sekiyas highest level of football is the Platinum League, which has 12 competing teams. Sekiya has 3 teams that have won the majority of seasons in the last 20 years:

安州云影 (Anzhou Cloud Shadow)


Anzhou Cloud Shadow have won the Platinum league in 1423 and 1422, and 5 other times in the last 20 years, making it the most successful team in Sekiya.

星光雨燕 (Starlight Swift)


Starlight Swift are based in Xīngyuán, and have won the Platinum League 6 times within the last 20 years. Originally Xīngyuán Swift, the team was a relatively unheard-of team until 1380, when it was purchased by Starlight Corporation and renamed in 1390.

富州 (Fuzhou Dragon)


Fuzhou Dragon have won 4 times within the last 20 years. They are currently the oldest team within the Platinum league, with history going back to 1342.

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Injure my players: DM
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Assign my players red cards: DM
Godmod injuries: DM
Godmod scoring: Yes
Godmod other events: DM








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image.png.7209569388732bfc9aee9729b91ae60b.png          image.png.60eceeddb2be85b5eb81251b30b1a6dc.png         image.png.a03e5a268749f825874ae96d58c24b93.png

Fluvian Football Federation | Fluvian National Team         

Players representing Rivalfiume:
Highlighted players were also present in the previous WCF

Starting XI
No. Name Age Position
1 Astìrio de Monti 32 GK
3 Ligjero Salvjati 22 LB
4 Sereno Vessi 29 CD
5 Posi Kasarte image.png.3ac124c235606c305aed7a92d165015c.png 35 CD
2 Disjato Lusiperto 31 RB
6 Simonpjè Nedda 20 DM
8 Petro Tajudi 19 CM
10 Tjeseo Primetto 20 CM
9 Ǧoseff Mekubano 25 AF
11 Espiso Anečeti 23 LW
7 Mikaele Kambiganu 21 RW


No. Name Age Position
12 Gujo Civilàn 22 GK
50 Tarveo Fini 18 GK
99 Tjul Maši 29 GK
13 Everetto Menčini 26 LB
29 Lunardo Kapulitturi 20 LB
30 Luperto Lenna 23 CD
77 Ǧil Sagri 23 CD
33 Tosko Ellandi 28 RB
96 Alé Rei 24 RB
15 Didi Manfredi 29 DM
68 Leonforte Maridi 26 DM
16 Mimmo Tartàlea 30 CM
18 Kian Čečiljotti 26 CM
40 Adoele Kalè 28 CM
49 Ǧerri Dedos 18 CM
19 Aleseo Parti 21 AF
20 Lume de Pojo 26 AF
21 Petro Malotolo 22 AF
23 Alčeno Usei 19 LW
47 Bešan Čentini 25 LW
70 Toni Verte 20 RW
89 Urdo Lavera 25 RW
91 Dino Mussa 18 RW

Team Info
Nickname(s): Činni (The Swans), Pikkajoli (The Mountain Boys), Čeruli (The Blues)
Head Coach: Jan Košis
Captain: Posi Kasarte
Home Stadium: Arena Kapitolina, Grankastello (Capacity: 41.000 seats)
Preferred Formation: 4-3-3
The Fluvian National Team hopes to fare a little better this time, employing a more orthodox playing style.

Ones to Watch:
Posi Kasarte: 
Kasarte is the most experienced and oldest player of the team. His undenying charisma and vision makes him a formidable captain and defender. He is also captain of decorated fluvian club Fortegriso KdF.
Petro Tajudi:  Youngster Petro Tajudi earned his spot in the starting eleven in the WCF2 at just 18 years of age, surprising coach and fans alike with his skill, and he's back again to prove himself. He is the midfielder of mid-table fluvian club Borgerese, awaiting for a big move elsewhere.
Ǧoseff Mekubano: Ǧoseff is a lethal both-footed striker. Although he may not be the best dribbler, his precise and powerful long shots from outside the area are very dangerous. He is the striker of fluvian club Rione Le Fornači.

Starting XI


Home & Away Kits

image.png.ad5a569a5c98f4868aeb3dd0575d124d.png          image.png.b1a3364a4b6df1e3c37ca2bb083b427e.png

Roleplay Permissions:
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes (reasonably)
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no
Style modifier: +1



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Teralyon Nacialasnja Futbolska Federatica


Starting Eleven
Name Position Number
Bogdan Sosniok Goalkeeper 69
Vjenceslav Prochaska Right Fullback 07
Rados Bozovic Left Fullback 11
Wieslaw Jindrak Center back 12
Blagun Cihlar Center back 05
Orlin Tadic Center Midfield 04
Sreten Dubinsky Center Midfield 03
Desimir Polonsky Right Midfield/Wing 15
Neven Goncharov Forward 16
Iryna Slowacki Forward 18
Zorana Durnovo Left Midfield/Wing 22


Name Position Number
Zhivka Barthold Goalkeeper 99
Chessa Fontikova Right Fullback 02
Tesla Meyer Right Fullback 23
Stanicka Slavik Left Fullback 32
Stanek Husa Left Fullback 28
Bogdan Borodin Center back 27
Roscislaw Wach Center back 19
Duscha Hnilo Center Midfield 13
Razvigor Kulik Center Midfield 08
Iryna Slowacki Forward 09
Zorana Durnovo Forward 10
Jasna Zeman Forward 17
Stoyanka Vinograd Right Midfield/Wing 26
Zan Marusarz Right Midfield/Wing 24
Milka Wilenski Left Midfield/Wing 35
Snezana Novak Left Midfield/Wing 38


Home and Away Jerseys





Roleplay Permissions:
Injure my players: no
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: no
Style modifier: +2.5

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The Saint Mark Angels

Football Club



Coach: Sir Karl Rodenberg

Name / Position / Number / Age / (Starting/Reserve)

Matthew Westly / Keeper / 3 / 25 / (Starting)
Ronald Harper / Keeper / 10 / 24 / (Reserve)

Renfrew Trecoup / Defender / 15 / 24 / (Starting)
Merlin Dragonhart / Defender / 7 / 29 / (Starting)
Corwyn Armsforth / Defender / 9 / 26 / (Starting)
Scott Granger / Defender / 11 / 26 / (Starting)
Rudolph Quagmire / Defender / 13 / 25 / (Reserve)
Liam Newson/Defender / 2 / 19 / (Reserve)

Evard Wolfensbach / Midfielder / 6 / 26 / (Starting)
Harold Brickhouse / Midfielder / 8 / 29 / (Starting)
Lincoln Praiseworthy / Midfielder / 12 / 25 / (Starting)
Donald Masters / Midfielder / 17 / 23 / (Reserve)

Andrew Lionguard / Forward/ 1 / 30 / (Starting)
Hunter Wilcox / Forward / 4 / 27 / (Starting)
Cedric Seabroom / Forward / 18 / 28 / (Starting)
Roland Croft / Forward / 20 / 27 / (Reserve)
Mark Blaze / Forward / 22 / 25 / (Reserve)


Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

Style Modifier: -2

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Candeluian National Team 

"'I Zanneschi" ----- "The Fangs"

Players List

Members + Positions
                     No.                                             Name                                                                   Age                                                         Position              
1 Leonardo
27 GK
7 Giovanni
21 CB
10 Iodino
34 CB
15 Partilio
20 CB
3 Pippo
31 CM
59 Nicola
26 CM
8 Nico
28 CM
5 Piero
20 CF
6 Leonardo
19 CF
11 Lucchetto
29 LW
19 Fausto
32 RW

Nicola Facchin (Age: 25, No° 2)
Enrico Zanattia (Age 33, No°20)

Filippo Mutta (Age: 19, No° 55)
Simone Gobbi (Age 30, No° 79)
Nicolò Zanini (Age 22, No° 23)

Central Midfielder:
Gabriel Zanella (Age 21, No° 48)
Davide Peruzzetto (Age 29, No°37)
Forward players:
Davide Ferrara (Age 24, No°88)
Stefano Risti (age: 33, No°34)
Giuseppe Cavoro (age: 24, No°76)

image.png.f64d56efc47887fe9af0e9623114d64e.png                           image.png.f847d8dd861b3cb39a5fef2afbaeb800.png
(Home - Field)
image.png.5e74cebe78c29d504c4224f3df440ac9.png                                         image.png.dfcdeb14965100d22fd2c3e448c6577d.png
(Away- Field)
image.png.25fdc83b6428bf05bd51a40e372c032d.png                              image.png.1766ea956af381d6bd4bd0bdee362bcf.png
(Home - Goalie)
image.png.9d692e2ed19e5d206f2b20b747e1eb09.png                                image.png.d59f70de2a9d9ca6899c35863372a391.png
(Away - Goalie)

Prefeared Formation


Roleplay Permissions:
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes (obviously not randomly, danke)
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no
Style modifier: +1

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Fidiraxión Ryxtylopiana di Fiutbol


Ryxtylopia, as well as hosting the tournament seeks to conduct a better participation than last year, when the FRF was able to get past the group stage before being knocked out by Cambria in extra time in the round of 16. The lineup has been massivley changed since the first world cup, bringing new players whilst keeping talent from the last world cup within the squad, this lineup sees some familiar faces and many new ones.


"Los Biutries" - "The Vultures"

"La Bandá Amarailla" - "The Yellow Band"

(More commonly just reffered to as "La Banda", its worth noticing that many fans when referring to being a supporter of the national team will indicate that they're part of "the Band" - "Soy di la Bandá!")


Style Mod; +2.5

Preffered Style of Play: Counterattack.

Preffered Formations:





Home Stadium: The Istadio Franco Rivalda, Ryxenia, Ryxtylopia (Capacity: 81,500)






Franco Arvaldí 1 27 GK Tilipaca
Ernysto Guivéz 5 23 LCB Tilipaca
Enrico Vilaña 6 28 CB Ryxenia
Emainuel Rivas 10 25 RCB Myvas
Tarraiva Milatacha 14 30 CDM Progresso
Rauíl Dipartí 7 29 LM Ryxenia
Pablo Arvaléz 9 21 RM Tilipaca
Marco Larista 8 23 LCM Ryxenia
Nalpá Farris [C] 18 30 RCM Pinilaca
Andreís Fydó 4 25 LCF Tsalapaní
Marco Vilaní 11 26 RCF Progresso



Railo Caistella 33 24 GK Kil'nicá
Terado Armandí 17 21 ST Pavinas
Enrico Jilian 24 26 CM/LCM/RCM Ryxenia
Andreís Diavarra 10 23 CM/LCM Myxtapixas
Tarraiva Milatacha 15 24 CB/LB/RB Liipicá



Isidro Darrias 22 30 GK Carraizal
Ernysto Diviarra 24 23 CB Trichananco
Ravaido Hiltica 2 28 CB Vynitiná
Emainuel Griva 12 25 LCB/RCB Vynitiná
Franco Lividarra 19 30 LCB/RCB Maiiztá
Emailio Taracana 21 29 CM Golfo
Marco Limas 23 21 CM Ryxenia
Andreís Carrascas 25 23 RCM Hertalpás
Jiulio Farris 18 30 LCM/RCM Progresso
Andreís Lapartí 13 25 ST Saltavachá
Enrico Gulives 16 26 ST Parta'ana


Coach: Marco Garraves

RYXTYLOPIA3FWCUNIFORM.png.2a4641e2cc76ff68c3e353371791f2e0.png RYXTYLOPIA3FWCUNIFORMGK.png.f360ace7d700e1666ce40ef667e84c4c.png RYXTYLOPIA3FWCUNIFORMSECONDKIT.png.20b0888e5abc79081be55d78d3323c74.png RYXTYLOPIA3FWCUNIFORMSECONDKITGK.png.8cb0f4ce546924bdbdcc39e0261e0e7b.png
Home Kit Home GK Away Kit Away GK


Roleplay Permissions:
Injure my players: Yes (DM)
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Assign my players red cards: Yes (DM)
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: Yes (DM)
Godmod other events: Yes (DM)

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Preferred Formation: 3-5-2

Starting Eleven
Name Kit Number Position
Ohisdi Ugasesdi 8 Goalkeeper
Ayeli Igvyiditlvanigisdi 6 Center back
Adalagisgv Dagvwalodi 7 Center back
Tahlonteeskee Tlogesi 5 Center back
Awiinageehi Dinanelohvsgi 30 Defensive Midfielder
Unalii Alisoqualvdi 9 Center Midfielder
Goyadv Gasohi 19 Center Midfielder
Gasohi Dinanelohvsgi 99 Left Wing Back
Ahneewakee Uyatsvsv 11 Right Wing Back
Ama-Edohi Tsonusv 22 Attacking Midfield
Gaduanuwosdi Quamone 2 Centre Forward


Name Kit Number Position
Kunokeski Ahoka 28 Goalkeeper
Scolaguta Awiakta 13 Goalkeeper
Mohe Catawanee 16 Center back
Nazshoni Aselu 4 Center back
Sallali Dugani 15 Defensive Midfielder
Takatoka Gvnhalasidena 43 Defensive Midfielder
Tsoi Akanugahli 24 Center Midfielder
Wahya Agola 14 Center Midfielder
Ya'no Agataya 56 Left Wing Back
Wahalanutah Kaluge 31 Left Wing Back
Gola Cotegi 39 Right Wing Back
Junaluska Nawote 25 Right Wing Back
Deyani Tagolv 17 Attacking Midfield
Dikayuga Tlanesgi 28 Attacking Midfield
Washoe Waneti 21 Centre Forward
Yona Kudesgv 54 Centre Forward



Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: DM me
Godmod scoring: DM me
Godmod other events: DM me
Style Mod: Yes, all the style +2.5

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Coach: Josep Hernandez




RP Permissions:

Injure my players: yes (only minor) (max 1 match missed)

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: no

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring:  yes (but ask we can probably do it together)

Godmod other events: yes (but ask we can probably do it together)


Style Modifier: +3

The team will deploy a 4-3-3 formation for the 3rd Football World Cup.



Jerseys of the Larxian National Team

Home Kit:


(<<More kits to be release closer to the tournaent>>)


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D'forenede Kalmasiske Fodbold Klubber

Being established in 1378, the organization is a union of the various different football organizations across the Kalmachian country.


Vji vjinder, om motstanderne vjille det.


Starting eleven
Name Position Number State
Takner Brichlant CF 10 Hallessekratamia
Frimir Udót CF 11 Easthaven
Pròtra Schrirna LW 5 Hallessekratamia
Tòrben Tjischted RW 9 Norddistaten
Òlm Træmand CM 6 Easthaven
Tyrc Fezt CM 7 Arnssted
Horn Irglat CM 8 Easthaven
Farmann Yr CB 2 Henessa
Halli Khristus CB 3 Easthaven
Proschah Urmaker CB 4 Norddistaten
Meikal Schkridt GK 1 Easthaven



Name Position Number State
Græt Frjaskud CF 15 Greater Easthaven
Pjoskat Træ'sten LW 12 Greater Easthaven
Iont Clúder RW 17 Arnssted
Atypischkt Trane CM 19 Norddistaten
Jonathan Romme CM 16 Easthaven
Villiam Aleksan CM 20 Skaien
Frimir Itraped CB 13 Norddistaten
Ionno Vatorite CB 14 Campa Simpatica (NK)
Prordan Schkridt GK 18 Easthaven




Jerseys, Home and Away:



RP Permissions:

Injure my players: Yes

Assign my players yellow cards: Yes

Assign my players red cards: Yes (Rarely)

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring:  Yes (But ask)

Godmod other events: Yes (But ask)


Style Modifier: +3

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Te Ur-Ajlàh sho Aken Rà - Football Team of Aukera

Away Jersey:



Starting Eleven
Name Number Position Age
Tai ret Gofain 8 GK 19
Sei ret Jeik 11 RCB 26
Shifed em Idhi 22 LCB 29
Adhìr zen Gitò 19 LB 30
Kai em Fraikh 26 RB 33
Gothu Dhai 4 PM 24
Ipai ret Ikhfan 6 PM 27
Òlfikh Lauhìr 14 AM 26
Val ret Nàkh 13 AM 20
Dhòmmein Arjulkh 20 AM 31
Sòjìc em Etelsh 2 CF 35


Name Number Position Age
T. Veigvun 1 GK 23
O. Ojeik 10 GK 30
M. Vàkhmìng 7 B 29
F. Velàj 5 B 27
Z. Ainaumla 12 B 25
S. Mauzh 16 B 28
T. Vau 9 M 29
E. Midh 18 M 25
T. Biggi 3 M 23
A. Ingid 15 M 33
D. Ezhelai 21 M 31


Style Modifier: +3.5

Head Coach: Ren vet Òbdau

Captain: Sòjìc em Etelsh

Who to Watch: The Aukeran team has a reputation for oddball combinations and left-field plays, and this roster seems no different. Without the pressure of a well-established industry or a reputation to uphold, trusted picks and connections to the Coach and Captain had an easy in to the Cup for yet another year.

Tai Gofain is the youngest player to represent the archipelago in some years. Hailing from Afit, a mountain town in Aria canton famous for its production of local football legends, he rides the high of a recent victory in the Hierarch's Cup in team with Etelsh. Crediting a 'sixth sense' from communion with the sacred mount, his talents are now to be truly tested a thousand miles from home.

Team Captain Sòjìc Etelsh remains a consistent, aggressive power for several years running. Proximity to coach Òbdau has seen him present in every Aukeran go for the cup in the last decade and a half, as well as several stints in the Hierarch's and League of All Realms. His penchant for flair is a defining aspect of the entire team, and will remain so for so long as he keeps the head.

(I'll as more to this when I'm not sleepy and/or sick and/or both)

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Injure my players: Ye
Assign my players yellow cards: Ye
Assign my players red cards: Ye
Godmod injuries: Sure
Godmod scoring: Ye
Godmod other events: Ask me first but very probably


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Федерация футбола Далимбар

Dalimbar Football Federation

RP permissions:
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes

Style Mod: +2.7


Name Position Number
Ivan Pervyy (Иван Первый) Centre Forward 1
Ivan Vtoroy (Иван Второй) Left Forward 2
Ivan Tretiy (Иван Третий) Right Forward 3
Ivan Chetvertyy (Иван Четвертый) Centre Midfield 4
Ivan Pyatyy (Иван Пятый) Left Midfield 5
Ivan Shestoy (Иван Шестой) Right Midfield 6
Ivan Sed'moy (Иван Седьмой) Centre Back 7
Ivan Vos'moy (Иван Восьмой) Centre Back 8
Ivan Devyatyy (Иван Девятый) Left Back 9
Ivan Desyatyy (Иван Десятый) Right Back 10
Sasha (Саша) Goalkeeper 11

Note regarding spares: In the event that a player requires replacement, a new individual will take their name and position.
Note regarding the goalkeeper: Sasha may or may not be a bear. 

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Overthinkers National Football Team


The Overthinkers National Football Team returns to the international stage, intent to run it back a second time under veteran coach Wendell Luigi. 7 new faces grace the roster, but the team remains star-studded—bringing back dynamic defender duo Elle Colossus and Ryan Peck, not to mention Lukas Reeves, the kid from Cargan who captured Overthinkers' hearts.

Team Information

Style Mod: -2.4

Head Coach: Wendell A. Luigi (Brunnes FC) 

Home Stadium: Gladius World Stadium, Cangham (capacity 59,993)










Barker, Emmy


Brunnes FC



Chang, Ray


Cangham West



Hamilton, Max


Aurum Union



Colossus, Elle


Brunnes FC



Peck, Ryan


Brunnes FC



Wilkins, Peter





Cobb, Amie


Cangham West



Poole, Cain


Cangham North



Rollins, Karli


FC Worth



Anders, Jeri*


Highland FC



Reeves, Lukas


Cargan Valley




Allen, Alan*





Donovan, Jen


FC Worth



Tiers, Stephen*


Brunnes FC



Bryan, Hamilton*


Aurum Union



Miranda, Anika

Defender Francoist        

Aurum Legion



Nephropida, Petra*         


Cangham North                 



Cannon, George*


FC Worth



Gerano, Kyle


Cangham West



Bering, Joy*


Highland FC


    *denotes players making their first FWC appearance



The special kits for FWC3 have been produced in cooperation with Quentin Code, the official sportswear sponsor of OT Football.


RP Permissions

Injure my players: Yes
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Assign my players red cards: Yes
Godmodding: Consult first


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Recap – Festival of Light 2023

Yesterday marked the culmination of Sekiya's much-celebrated Festival of Light, a dazzling spectacle that exceeded all expectations, casting the city in a luminous glow and etching this year's festivities into the storied history of Sekiya! The Festival of Light traces its roots back to the year 709, a pivotal time in Sekiyan history following the Starist Restoration.

On the Second Sekiyan Restoration, Sekiyan Legend has it that a large comet streaked across the night sky, bathing the city of Xingyuan in a bright glow. Inspired by this divine display, the citizens across Sekiya spontaneously began lighting lanterns in honour to the honour the gods that had brought Sekiya out of the Great Dark Age, transforming the event into a tradition that has endured for centuries. Thus, the Festival of Light was born, a testament to the ingenuity and communal spirit that defines Sekiyan culture.

Nánwén News thanks all those who contributed to the resounding success of this year's celebration. From the dedicated volunteers orchestrating behind-the-scenes magic to the talented artists and performers gracing the stage, everyone played a crucial role in making the Festival of Light 2023 an unforgettable experience. As the lights dim on this year's festivities, we look forward to reconnecting with the vibrant community next year, continuing the tradition of illuminating Sekiya with the enchanting spirit of the Festival of Light. Until then, the laughter and memories from this year's celebration will linger, ensuring that the radiant glow of the festival remains in the hearts of Sekiya's residents.

World Cup of Football – Group Draw

Did you miss it? The group draw for the WCF3 has officially been announced in Ryxtylopia, and before we say anymore, let's look at Sekiya’s group!


Sekiya has been placed in group B, along with our northern neighbour, Peourouin. Additionally, we are joined by Cambria, United Adaikes and Teralyon from Polaris, and Giovanniland from Aura. Sekiya’s first match will be on November 17th against United Adaikes, a strong nation known for it’s prowess in sporting ability. Sekiya will really need to pull together to come out on top this match, and they will need your support to help get through!

There are two ways to watch the game from home on Friday. The best way to watch the games this year will be with friends, and many venues, stadiums and bars will be streaming the game. Click here to find places nearby to you where you can watch the game. If you can’t make it to one of the streaming events, then you will be able to watch the game online here or tune in at the time of the match on your television.

We look forward to bringing you the results of Fridays match, which you will be able to find on our website.




Terms of Use About Nánwén Privacy Policy Cookies Accessibility Careers Contact Editorial Complaints
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"They passed what!?" 

His Serene Highness, Marcarius, nearly knocked over the glass of 20-year-old Solurian Port as he threw his Lion's Voice crossword puzzle to his desk.

Clarkson, the prince's valet and personal assistant deftly prevented the spill as he responded.

"Yes, sir. Lady Fargone (Saint Markan Minister of FA) informed me moments ago and requested an audience to discuss the situation."

"Of course," replied the prince, regaining his composure. "Please set that up for as soon as possible. We must do what we can to stop this from becoming law. Do you realize how many of the Electors own estates in Zoran? The House of Halohin has enjoyed the views from Larus Hall since the mid-500s! Do we know if the Queen will be attending the football games? Perhaps she and I can meet informally."

"I will make inquiries, sir."

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The Big Day - Trouble Brews


It was finally the day when the third edition of the Football World Cup would start; after winning the bid, and preparing the stadiums, the top officials of the FRF, and the Ryxtylopian government felt ready to host the tournament, as fans and the national teams started arriving in the country.

However, whilst the preparations for the ceremony finished, and police and security elements prepared to open up the Franco Rivalda, in other parts of Ryxenia trouble was already brewing.

In the Itsía and Tivirxas neighborhoods some of the poorer in Ryxenia, protests had already started, with a few hundred people gathering in opposition to the tournament, their arguments being that Ryxtylopia has way bigger issues that need to be solved, and that funds directed towards a Football Tournament would just be wasted on something temporary.

However, considering the bid had already been accepted, the government wasn’t going to pull out, and with foreign media and reporters already present, the chief of the Department of Internal Security: Vachas Gilchabó, ordered police elements to start moving out into poorer areas of Ryxenia; protesters were suppressed within minutes of the first instances of unrest being reported.



In Tivirxas, on the main road, police in riot gear, and armed with rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannons began clearing protesters from the main street, and working on dispersing the groups, injuries soon began being reported, with the incident at 6:30 p.m. on Hilitpa-Vyriantia Street involving police elements dispersing a crowd resulting in over 30 people injured.



Media were told NOT to report on the situation, the reason given was that the protesters were at fault, for being “opponents of the government using the tournament to further their political agendas and instill violence”.

By sundown whilst the worst of the unrest had died out, police continued dispersing crowds up until around 10:30 p.m. with checkpoints being built near the poorer areas of Ryxenia to prevent tourists from heading into potential danger and prevent the press from reporting on the situation.

Whilst on the General Ibarraia Bridge; an overpass overlooking much of the southern, poorer part of Ryxenia, concrete barriers were put in place to prevent tourists and press from seeing the slums. This tactic was also employed in other parts of town, and extra police elements were placed near slums and poorer areas to deter people from wandering off into said areas.



Ryxtylopian social media erupted in flames by the end of the day, while in the media department, no major ryxtylopian news outlets reported on the unrest, somewhat preventing it from spreading at the national level, whilst government officials impatiently awaited the response from global media outlets.



By the end of the day, the list of reported incidents reached Gilchabó’s hands:


9:10 hrs: First reported protest in Itsía, around 50-100 people gathered, Indvía street was blocked by the protesters.

9:33 hrs: Second reported protest in Itsía, roughly 100 people took to the Daxivarra park, no disturbances were caused.

9:41 hrs: Police elements start responding to the Indvía street protest, preventing them from heading further down.

10:24 hrs: The First protests in Tivirxas are reported, more than 150 people, police are able to contain the protesters.

10:56: hrs: The first checkpoints are erected, the amount of active protests is around 10 or 11 spread mostly in Itsía and Tivirxas, with a few others in other parts of Ryxenia.

11:16 hrs: The first barriers go up on highways and bridges, to prevent tourists from seeing the slums.

11:29 hrs: The protests in Tivirxas grow in size, with a reported 400 people, estimates bringing the number up to 600 joining the wave of unrest.

11:34 hrs: Clashes between police and protesters start, fire piles are set up separating both groups in several parts of Ryxenia.

11:45 hrs: Gilchabó orders the dispersing of the protests as soon as possible.

11:47 hrs: After receiving equipment, including water cannons, pepper spray and rubber bullets, police start ordering, then forcefully dispersing the protesters in Itsía.

11:53 hrs: In the Rixavais neighboorhood (the closest one to the venues) Police disperse the few protesters present there by mid-day.

12:10 hrs: The government website with info on the tournament is updated, indicating people to avoid certain areas of Ryxenia.

12:24 hrs: In Tivirxas clashes between police and protesters begin with stones, rocks, and trash being thrown.

12:29 hrs: First reported *serious* injury from Tivirxas.

12:30-22:30 hrs: Police work on dispersing protesters in Tivirxas and Itsía.

14:56 hrs: The protest in Tivirxas is reclassified as a Riot by the Department of Internal Security.

19:44 hrs: Itsía is mostly cleared, most protesters either comply, are dispersed or move to the Tivirxas Riots.

22:12 hrs: The Protesters are forced to disperse into the smaller roads clearing the main road in Tivirxas.

22:36 hrs: The operation concludes, reported injuries are still to be accounted for, expected to be over 100 combining both the Tivirxas riot and the Itsía protests.

While some details are yet to be cleared, its clear to the goverment, it must try to manage the situation before and during the world cup to prevent the tournament from turning into a disaster.

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FSTV 1 - Saint Andreisburg Morning

Natasha, Anchor: "... and turning to the world of sports, while it isn't rugby, the Footblues have landed in Ryxtylopia to compete in the third World Cup of Football. Reporting from the games is our very own Dmitry. Dmitry, can you tell us how the flight was for the team?"

Dmitry, Sports Reporter: "Good afternoon, Natasha! It was a long journey for the Dalimbari squad to get here... wherever here is. Oh yes, Ryxenia. As airspace was not granted by the barbaric dwarves to the east of the Free State for a more direct flight to Ryxtylopia, we had to do the long "High Thulian to Tethys" route. No matter, our squad got here in the end.

All Ivans and Sasha are getting prepared for their first match against... um... Pedandria? Genuinely don't know where that is, but apparently it is a country! These barbarians are cute, making up new places for us to play against."

Natasha: "And how is Sasha in particular doing after such a long flight?"

Dmitry: "She may have tried to make a swing at local security shortly after we landed but in the end she calmed down after being presented a tray of salmon and berries. Along with the Ivans she is in good spirits and seems eager to maul the competition."

Natasha: "She's becoming a hero of mine. One might say she's becoming my... spirit animal, hah!"

Dmitry: "Oh, I think the feed cut out there for a sec, Natasha. What was that?"

Natasha: "Nevermind. How are the Ryxtylopians doing with preparing for the games?"

Dmitry: "There is certainly a buzz in the air, with stadiums undergoing final preparations and locals getting into arguments over who will win. At least, that is what I assume happened in some of the... what's more barbaric than barbarian living, a slum? Yes, slums. Though, compared to our comrades in the Militsiya, I found that the security forces here were lax when it came to breaking things up. Perhaps they can learn from our great nation once we win a second world cup this year?" 

Natasha: "Exciting stuff, Dmitry. Keep us up to date. And now, the weather..."

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Nieubasria is a nation of nearly 28 million residents, located in the northwest heart of Polaris. Though not the most popular professional sport in Nieubasria, football (called soccer in Nieubasria) is enjoying a steadily increasing popularity due to recent high profile victories and celebrity interest. 

Basric Soccer Association

The Basric Soccer Association is a national sport organization whose mission is the organization and promotion of soccer in Nieubasria. To develop talented Nieubasric soccer players to achieve Esferiad and World Championship medal performances, BSA convenes amateur and semi-professional soccer leagues from which it chooses members of the National Team. BSA became a Convenorate in 1387 when the two remaining members under the previous federative structure merged under then Convenor Baron-Esquire Conrad Ellise.

A Convenorate is unitary organization structure under a single Convenor, usually the Patron, that serves as the figurehead. Convenorates will most often have a form of Board or Trusteeship which publishes bylaws and manages the hiring for the official posts of the organization, such as Manager of the National Teams.


Quick Info

  • Trigram: NIU
  • Adjective: Basric
  • Demonym: Basrian
  • Plural: Basrians
  • Language: Astorian, Common
  • Population: 27,972,687
  • Area: 609,327 km2 
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 195,566฿ , $45,800 international monetary units
  • Capital: Clarenton



Team Info

Basic Info:

  • Preferred formation: 4-1-2-3 or 4-3-3
  • Style mod: +3.6
  • Home stadium:  Nephele National Pitch, Saint Aiaden (cap. 52,800 (36,960 seated, 15,840 standing))
    • Known commonly as Nephele Pitch, the stadium is located in a recreational hub built atop reclaimed land on the bay, also home to the Basric Ballet Company's headquarters and the Saint Aiaden Symphony Orchestra. Nephele Pitch is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the National Team and the Saint Aiaden FC. The pitch features a retractable roof installed in 1409 following the 1408 cancellation of the Basric Cup finals due to unseasonably strong snows.
  • Managers: Quinten de Klerk, Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellisel (ex-officio)
    As patron to the National Team, Convenor Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellisel is considered an ex-officio manager. Máirín deliberates with the Basric Soccer Association Board of Trustees to hire the full-time manager. The current Manager Quinten de Klerk was hired in 1412 after the retirement of the long serving Vita Anker.
  • Coaches: Eadan Zandbergen (Head), Lisanne Jewele, Bas Rodden


Name / Position / Number / Age / (Starting/Reserve)

Dalton Fairburne / Keeper / 1 / 31 / (Starting)
Maksymilian Grover / Keeper / 12 / 33 / (Reserve)

Gustaaf Kampmans  / Defender / 2 / 32 / (Starting)
Holden Sudworthe / Defender / 3 / 28 / (Starting)
Seth Cory / Defender / 4 / 30 / (Starting)
Bran Mccracken / Defender / 5 / 27 / (Starting)
Camdyn Akermane / Defender / 14 / 35 / (Reserve)
Tatum Boatwrighte / Defender / 15 / 26 / (Reserve)
Greysen Beverlye / Defender / 16 / 30 / (Reserve)
Adriaan Yzaaks / Defender / 17 / 31 / (Reserve)

Lowie Schovers / Midfielder / 6 / 33 / (Starting)
Huxley Townsende / Midfielder / 7 / 30 / (Starting)
Landan Aylmere / Midfielder / 8 / 28 / (Starting)
Ard Taai / Midfielder / 18 / 27 / (Reserve)
Maxim Ioan / Midfielder / 19 / 27 / (Reserve)
Gerrit Slager / Midfielder / 20 / 30 / (Reserve)

Camdyn Cartwrighte / Forward/ 9 / 34 / (Starting)
Knox Hunte / Forward / 10 / 29 / (Starting)
Zedh Coreia / Forward / 14 / 23 (Starting)
Morgan Robert / Forward / 27 / 30 / (Reserve)
Rikkert Kortier / Forward / 21 / 27 / (Reserve)
Machiel Zieleman / Forward / 22 / 28 / (Reserve)
Truman Hamptone / Forward / 23 / 30 / (Reserve)

Home Kit


Away Kit


RP Permissions

Injure my players: Yes (minor only, DM me) 
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Assign my players red cards: Yes (with good reason)
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No

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In this strange land, there were no prayer bells.

Tai Gofain rose with the morning sun, wrapped in oppressive silence. It was the strangest part of travel, he reasoned. Looking about the lai Irriavada suite, everything else seemed so close to normal: His crimson goalkeeper's kit was neatly folded nearby, as if in eager wait. Songbirds called in the breaking dawn. Far below, even the din of a city in waking was familiar. The sweeping windows across from his bed offered an unparalleled view of the skyline and the sea, and for the sweetest moment he could have believed he was home. The unending eye crested the horizon in all resplendence, calling the children of its sworn deity to exalt in the renewal of vows.

But the silence, as every day prior, did not give way.

Tai rose and approached the great window. He shivered, in part for the conditioned air of his suite, in main because the quiet never ceased to unnerve him. In Aukera — fair, distant Aukera — the bells would have been clamouring alongside this view. Even in little Afit, they rang from the temples, from the school, from the town hall and from several homes. They rang to exalt the rising sun and to signal the dawn prayer. They rang to call the people together, as one.

As he knelt to intone the renewal of oaths, though he knew it to be a symptom of an overactive imagination, he heard those bells and the chorus in his mind.

“O Lord of Sacred Gold, sworn to the rising sun, I kneel before your radiance…”

The crowd roared. Tai blinked. Blue sky above, green field around. The stadium rose up around him on either side, packed to the brim. He heard chants, jeers, prayers, in languages unrecognisable. He saw hundreds of flags, many his own. He lowered his gaze and saw the team arrayed before him, and the Arifians beyond. He tensed, and waited for the whistle.

“I renew my vows to you, as you rise in triumph to banish the night. I pledge my service unending, to mold my soul in worthy rembrance…”

Darkness given way to daylight. The call of native birds swelled, the toll of prayer bells ceased. Another power outage in Afit, and the children had been set loose onto the schoolyard in education's stead. They might regret it later, perhaps, but the prospect of play defeated any hesitance in a young goalkeeper's mind. He watched the other children struggle for the ball, patiently. Twelve years hence, a young adult stood in similar position with the presssure of a nation on his shoulders.

"I shall cast my name and deeds in amber, to be borne to the end of days, and attain perfection in the new paradise of Your making. I shall speak the Golden Word, and light shall flow from my lips. I shall strike impurity from my soul, and be remembered as an image of Your perfection…”

Twelve years… an instant, but almost a lifetime. Some of his seniors — brothers, now — had laughed at that notion. Captain Sòjìc had clapped him on the back.  ‘Son,’ he had said, ‘keep those thoughts close. One day you'll blink and it'll be twenty, thirty years gone. Then, if you remember, you can start to call it a lifetime.’

"I shall bear the names and deeds of my brothers and sisters into your arms, and see them born again. I shall uplift their weakness, embolden their weariness, and guide them should they be lost…” 

The Captain was at the front, as always. As his age advanced, it was less and less a fitting place to be, but becoming the greatest player in the Infinite Empire had left only a taste for more. Despite his reservations, especially facing Arifiyyah so early, Tai held a glimmer of hope. Perhaps he was right, and this might at last be their year. As tense silence descended over the arena, and the game against the world-third team loomed into being…

“Your light shines upon me, and I bathe in its brilliance. O Azten Lord, from whom life's waters flow, O God of Seas, which protect our bountiful shores, O Bearer of the Word, which will enlighten all things... O Infinite Emperor, master divine, I exalt in thy names, which shall endure for ever and ever. Aten.”

The whistle blew. The crowd's roar rose to a climax. There was a knock on the door.

Tai started, jolted from his reverie. He was still knelt before the window. The cold air. The silence. No crowd, no stadium, no locker room conversations, not even an Afit field. The sun had risen yet further, and the world was now truly alight.

“Tai!” Called Òbdau's voice. “We're heading out, get a move on!”


Tai rose, mouthed a prayer for luck, and moved to the door.

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Novità pe 'la Copp de'l mondo de Ballon!

"Candela g'he se 'ntra!"
(A chant sang in the streets of Tiveronia in the last days)


And it starts today! Our Country's debut in the world cup will be no easy task, as our beloved players will be put against some  of the strongest teams in the entirety of Esferos, we from Tiveronia 'I Zuja wish them the best of luck in these following match days.

 Who are Candelù's team first match? And when?

The first match for our players will happen Today, they'll be playing against Fujai's team, originating from the far north of Polaris, placed in 5th place in last year's competition.

And After that?

After this match, our players will find themselves against last year's 11th place team, directly from Heartfordshire and Jammbo, or H&J for short, Coming from the southern continent of Andolia. The match will be played November 19th.

Future matches include:
Saint Mark's Team, from Aura, Ranked 21st in the last Esferos World Cup. (Will be played: November 21st)

Ionia's Team, From Nur, Currently unranked like us. (Will be played: November 25th)

Nieubasria's Team, From Polaris, Last year's winner. (that's gonna be a tough match! It will be played November 27th)

All of the matches will be played on channel 24, "O' sport de a 'vita", and the results will be posted in Tiveronia 'l Zuja's official website, Linked here! tiveroniaizuja.cd

Lunga Vià al 'emperator!

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Government of Nieubasria Launches Second Phase of AI Decryption Challenge

News Release | Clarenton | November 17, 1423 | Innovation, Science and Economic Development Basria, Agency of the Estates-Ministry of Industry

In a continued effort to foster innovation and address evolving challenges, the Government of Nieubasria is thrilled to announce the launch of the second phase of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Decryption Challenge. Building on the success of the initial phase, this challenge is a collaborative initiative led by Innovative Solutions Basria in partnership with the Prince's Special Police (PSP).

Two years ago (see here), the government extended an invitation to small businesses to contribute to the development of an AI decryption service to aid law enforcement agencies, specifically the PSP, in overcoming encryption barriers in criminal investigations. Today, we are excited to share progress and extend this groundbreaking initiative.

The AI Decryption Challenge: Phase Two:
As criminal tactics evolve, so must our technological capabilities. The PSP, in collaboration with Innovative Solutions Basria, seeks the expertise of small businesses to enhance the AI decryption system. This phase aims to refine and elevate the existing technology to stay one step ahead of criminal activities involving advanced encryption techniques.

Elevating Law Enforcement: Successes from Phase One

The government commends the ingenuity displayed during the inaugural stage of the AI Decryption Challenge. Small businesses, driven by a commitment to innovation, delivered solutions that surpassed expectations. Collaborating with Innovative Solutions Basria, these businesses have already made significant contributions to advancing the capabilities of law enforcement.

In a recent application of one of the AI decryption systems developed in phase one, law enforcement successfully decrypted a series of encrypted communications used by an organized crime syndicate. This breakthrough led to the identification of some key players within the criminal network, demonstrating the value of fledgling decryption tools in the realm of public safety and strengthening  the government's resolve to realize these projects. 

Another notable triumph from a second tool involves the decryption of an encrypted communication made by a notorious cybercriminal, known by the alias "Silvershadow." The AI decryption system enabled authorities to uncover Silvershadow's plan for a large-scale data breach, leading to a swift mitigation and the prevention of a potential cybersecurity crisis.

Key Information:

New and returning businesses are invited to apply to the challenge until December 30, 1423.
Winning businesses may receive up to 25,000,000฿ for research and development, with the potential for an additional 500฿ million in phase 3 for operationalization and government exclusivity. 
The government, through its Innovation and Skills Plan, aims to position Nieubasria as a global innovation leader, fostering economic growth and job creation.

Innovation Basria remains a central hub, connecting businesses with the resources they need to thrive. As part of the government's commitment to innovation, this platform simplifies the process, helping businesses find the right programs and services.

For additional information, please reach out to Dana Thraeb, Senior Press Secretary for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Basria, at dana.thraeb@government.nb.


Common Trust for Generic Medicines (CTGM) Unveils Major Expansion: Introduces Tilorqua, an Affordable Generic Medication for Diabetes Treatment

News Release | Clarenton | November 16, 1423 | Health and Pharmaceuticals Division, Agency of the Estates-Ministry of Health

In a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare accessibility, the Common Trust for Generic Medicines (CTGM) proudly announces the expansion of its offerings to include an affordable generic version of medication for the treatment of diabetes.

Expanding Access to Diabetes Medication:

CTGM, in alignment with its core mission of making essential medications accessible to everyone, introduces a modern generic alternative for diabetes treatment. This expansion addresses a critical need in healthcare, ensuring that individuals managing diabetes have access to high-quality, affordable medication that uses the cutting edge of medical research. This represents the earliest genericization and approval of a diabetes treatment in CTGM history, following only two years from the branded durg release. 

Timeline for Nieubasria:

Product Availability in Nieubasria:

  • Basric customers will be able to access the new generic diabetes medication Tilorqua starting January 1, 1424. This timeline ensures a seamless transition for local healthcare providers and pharmacies to integrate the medication into their offerings.

Affordability Measures for Basric Subjects:

  • In line with CTGM's commitment to affordability, special pricing and support programs for Basric subjects will be implemented from the product launch date. These initiatives aim to ease financial burdens associated with modern diabetes management, fostering a healthier Basric population.

Timeline for International Partners:

Global Rollout for International Markets:

  • Astorian Union customers, including healthcare providers, group buyers, and distributors can access the generic diabetes medication Tilorqua from February 1, 1424.
  • International customers, including healthcare providers and distributors, can access the generic diabetes medication Tilorqua from May 1, 1424. This staggered rollout allows for effective distribution planning and ensures a smooth integration into international healthcare systems.

Global Access Initiatives:

  • CTGM will actively engage with international partners and organizations to facilitate the adoption of the new medication in various countries. Collaborative efforts will include pricing negotiations, regulatory approvals, and partnerships to ensure the widest possible global access to affordable diabetes treatment.


Hierminister responsible for Common Trust for Generic Medicines, Anvene Trucil,
"The expansion of CTGM's product line is a testament to the trust's unwavering commitment to improving healthcare accessibility. The introduction of such a modern and recent medication marks a significant step towards addressing the needs of individuals managing this chronic condition."

CTGM Director, Elena Vara,
"We believe in the power of innovation to drive positive change. The expansion of our product line for diabetes treatment reflects our dedication to providing high-quality, affordable healthcare solutions not only to our local community but to individuals around the world."

For more information, please contact Elena Vara, Director of Public Affairs at CTGM, at elena.vara@cgtm.nb.

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