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4th Rugby World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Celebrations Erupt in Saranzio After Departure of National Rugby Team

Cheering and fireworks can be heard all throughout Newport City and Enterprise after the Saranzio National Rugby Team departs to the distant nation of Dalimbar to participate in the Rugby World Cup. Central government sanctions celebrations.

Rugby is a moderately popular sport within the nation, but even more popular is representation on the world stage. Many neighborhoods have organized festivities in order to motivate and inspire the players during the competition, with even some local Ministry Churches gathering the choirs to pray for them.

As access to television continues to grow in Saranzio, it is the first time that many are witnessing an international sports event. "This is probably the most exciting thing we've had here", says Timothy Gale, a teenager from the small town of Blackwater Lake south of Sheridan "I rarely leave this town, and now I get to see countries I've never even heard before on the TV"

Saranzio squares off against Giovanniland on the 3/27/1423. We can only hope the spirits of Saranzio's people remain high through every match of this World Cup and bring victory to our brave players.



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National Rugby Team of Ostronia


Style Modifier: +2.5


RP Permissions


If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: Y

Player Roster

Number Position Player Name Player Ethnic Group*
1 Loosehead Prop Yahaya "Yaya" Gagare Ausa
2 Hooker Thorsten Chetanna Ebo
3 Tighthead Prop Vilfred Akande Orioba
4 Number 4 Lock Emil Oluwande Orioba
5 Number 5 Lock Theodor "Theo" Nkem Ebo
6 Blindside Flanker Sallan Hassana Ausa
7 Openside Flanker Silas Nilssen Kalmach
8 Number 8 Max Bidemi Ebo
9 Scrum Half (C) Erik Tafa Orioba
10 Fly Half Frederik Omerogo Ebo
11 Inside Center Tayo Layomi Ausa
12 Outside Center Alfred Aaroni Orioba
13 Right Wing Harald Haraldsen Kalmach
14 Left Wing Alex Uchechukwu Ebo
15 Fullback Oskar Azuka Ebo

* Official ethnic group of each player as appears on his national identification




A panicked fist pounded on the door.

Erik rolled over in his hotel bed, hand padding around in the dark for the lightswitch. He squeezed his eyes shut for the inevitable incandescence once he found it. They blearily blinked at the bedside alarm clock. "Housekeeping at two o'clock in the morning," he grumbled, throwing off the covers and stumbling to the door where urgent knuckles still knocked.

He didn't bother with the peephole. Pulling the door open, he found Alex Uchechukwu, left wing for the national rugby team of Ostronia and the team's youngest member. The eighteen year old's youthful exuberance had been twisted into youthful anxiety, his brow knitted like a quilt and his eyes too wide and wild for the middle of the night.

"Mr. Tafa-"

"I told you to call me Erik, Alex. I'm your captain, not your manager."

"Yes sir- I mean, yes Erik. Well, it's Yaya and Vil- they're fighting."


"Yessir. They put the three of us in the same room. Yaya and Vil started arguing, then it came to blows. I couldn't break up the fight, so I came to find you."

He may have been eighteen, but Alex was built like an ox. He stood shoulders over Erik, who wondered if it was just the kid's nerves that brought him here or violence serious enough to warrant waking him up the night before their first match in the world's largest rugby tournament.

Erik went back into his room to throw on some joggers, then marched out into the hallway with the kid in tow. They reached Room 314 and heard the thumping and crashing inside. Erik snapped his fingers and Alex handed over his room key. The team captain stepped inside just in time for a porcelain lamp to shatter at his feet.

Sometimes, the situation called for a disapproving look. Sometimes, it called for a verbal rebuke. Sometimes, it called for a swift kick to the ribs. Erik delivered the latter to Yahaya Gagare's side as he pinned Vilfred Akande to the ground. He rolled off, doubled over in pain, and Akande would have seized the opportunity for his own tackle, if Alex wasn't holding him back at Erik's silent instruction. Vil struggled until he glanced back and saw just who had kicked Yaya. Yaya wiped some blood off his split lip and got back on his feet. The two forwards glared daggers at each other while they prepared their sides of the story for their team captain.

Erik raised a hand to stop them. "I don't care who started the fight. I don't want to know what started it. I want you both to think on one thing: the number fifteen."

The tangent worked exactly as intended. The combatants unclenched their fists and raised bewildered eyebrows. Erik found his audience listened better if they were confused rather than angry. He continued.

"We don't come from Giovanniland. We don't come from Hertfordia. We come from Ostronia. And Ostronia is a poor country. The slogans about our 'development,' our 'economic growth,'- they're just slogans. The reality is we can only afford fifteen."

"Fifteen what?" Vil interrupted.

Erik rolled his eyes. Nobody said a rugby player had to be smart. "Fifteen players, Vilfred. The poorest country in Nur can only afford to send fifteen players to represent it before the entire world."

He picked up a shard of the broken lamp and held it up to the ceiling light. "So far, you've shown me, Alex and Dalimbari housekeeping that it sent the wrong ones."

The two forwards flicked their eyes to the floor, avoiding Erik's.

"Tomorrow we play our first opponents in the group stage, Larxia. I can tell you how they're preparing- they're getting a good night's sleep. You two are preparing by giving yourselves sprains and bruises before we've even seen our first scrum. If I had any sort of bench, you'd both be on it, icing your bruises and sitting out the first day of the most important tournament in your careers."

Erik sighed. "But I don't have a bench. I only have fifteen."

He stepped out from between them. He couldn't separate them any longer. They had to play together tomorrow afternoon, after all.

"So tomorrow, remember you're one of fifteen: fifteen in front of the whole world. And remember, while they play our national anthem and the cameras pan over our faces, how it looks to have a black eye from your own teammate."

With that, the Ostronian team captain left his three teammates to their sobering thoughts.

He had some more Z's to catch.


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Style mod

Home stadium
Tarajevo Sportca , cap. 22,500
Ratko Jenic
Maldoc Wenavic, Vush Brajna






Teralyon National Rugby Team
Name Position Age Hometown
Zivko Koci Hooker 25 Tarajeva
Lachezar Gajov Hooker 28 Nedja
Iskren Winograd Hooker 26 Suza
Vladmir Kowic Hooker 22 Klik
Borka Vlaev Hooker 24 Klik
Berisa Mirkovic Prop 22 Slan
Savo Jastrowitz Prop 27 Viknej
Jarousek Simsky Prop 30 Tarajeva
Ljupco Puvaca Prop 23 Creta
Danko Babic Prop 28 Klik
Nikita Kubitschek Prop 27 Tarajeva
Loslav Bogoraz Lock 25 Meric
Velko Cermak Lock 24 Ljon
Vukan Prochaska Lock 25 Tarajeva
Sambor Nokto Lock 22 Slan
Vukosav Doloruv Lock 23 Slan
Bogul Kansky Lock 23 Tarajeva
Bozhil Nikolic Flanker 30 Tarajeva
Tuga Bohacz Flanker 23 Suza
Savo Khomiakov Flanker 29 Ljon
Gorsl Dvorkin Flanker 25 Plavi Otok
Zitek Shuksin Flanker 25 Tarajeva
Radi Malenkov Number 8 30 Tarajeva
Zuzana Calic Number 8 26 Slan
Svetla Minkski Scrum-half 35 Suza
Ziva Hus Scrum-half 30 Jevo
Dragos Pantelic Fly-half 22 Ljon
Visnja Dvorkin Fly-half 23 Tarajeva
Mila Tomikj Fly-half 24 Jevo



Tarajevo Sara Maric Sportca Stadium

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: Y
Choose my kicker: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N

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Dalimbar Union da Rugby


Name Age Number Position City Squad
Benedikt Jevrem 24 1 Loosehead Prop Saikuz Donuzlav RC
Grigor Tihana 22 2 Hooker Khangar Marinsky RC
Matviy Mariya 20 3 Tighthead Prop Kaisah Markof RC
Mark Hynek 23 4 Second Row (L) Shirokiy Geness RC
Antonin Klavdiya 25 5 Second Row (R) Markof Saikuz RC
Roman Aristarkh 22 6 Blindside Flanker Saint Andreisburg Geness RC
Nikolai Blago 19 7 Openside Flanker Saint Andreisburg Port Kaisah RC
Ignacij Aysultan 24 8 Number 8 Trizon Donuzlav RC
Mikita Ajdin 24 9 Scrum-Half Khangar Cherskogo RC
Albert Vasilka 21 10 Fly-Half Nadu Nadu Naval RC
Peter Srecko 24 11 Left Wing Saint Andreisburg Nadu Naval RC
Dimitri Marijan 26 12 Inside Centre Selia Posadka RC
Damir Siamion 22 13 Outside Centre Khangar Marinsky RC
Luka Ivica 29 14 (C) Right Wing Saint Andreisburg Geness RC
Anton Kirill 25 15 Full Back Geness Port Kaisah RC


Name Age Number Positions City Squad
Terenti Sukhrab 23 16 1, 2 Saint Andreisburg Akkem RC
Artur Jarmil 26 17 1, 2, 3 Milna Labaz RC
Dusan Momchil 22 18 2, 3 Shirokiy Port Kaisah RC
Miroslav Stanislav 27 19 4, 5 Shishel Danu RC
Denis Rajko 23 20 4, 5 Malyy Belosel RC
Petr Denys 22 21 4, 6, 8 Markof Donuzlav RC
Konstantin Arkadi 26 22 5, 7, 8 Neito Marinsky RC
Nikon Dragoljub 25 23 8, 9 Fontanka Fort Kaisah RC
Milan Mykhailo 24 24 8, 9, 10 Port Ain Ketoi RC
Ludvik Tolya 24 25 9, 10, 12 Ozernoy Posadka RC
Matey Trofim 29 26 11, 15 Donlas Ioni RC
Andrey Hamza 25 27 10, 12, 13 Saikuz Fort Kaisah RC
Alen Rajmund 27 28 12, 13, 14 Donlas Trizon RC
Timotei Bojan 27 29 13, 14, 15 Saint Andreisburg Vavliov RC
Gavrail Zarko 26 30 11, 14, 15 Ketoi Yelagin RC
Style: +1.23
Choose my Try Scorers: Yes
Choose my Kicker: Yes
RP Injuries: Yes
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod scoring: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Programming for March 28, 1423 - District 1 Edition
(Please consult Listings for other District ФС ТВ schedules)

05:00 - 06:00:  Saint Andreisburg Morning

06:00 - 06:20: Central News Update - Early Morning

06:20 - 07:00: Saint Andreisburg Morning

07:00 - 07:20: Central News Update - Morning

07:20 - 07:30: Weather, Marine Forecast

07:30 - 08:00: Live Healthy!

08:00 - 09:00: "Live from Garrison: Preview of RWC4"

09:00 - 09:20: Central News Update - Mid-Morning

09:20 - 11:00: "Live from Garrison: Preview of RWC4"

11:00 - 12:45: "Opening Ceremonies of the Rugby World Cup IV from Garrison Stadium"

12:45 - 13:00: "Special Address from Marshal Briand"

13:00 - 16:00: RWC Match - Larxia vs Ostronia (Live from Nadu)

16:00 - 19:00: RWC Match - Hertfordshire and Jammbo vs Ionia (Live from Nadu)

19:00 - 22:00: RWC Match - Teralyon vs Sekiya (Live from Saint Andreisburg)

22:00 - 23:00: "Live from Garrison: RWC4 Recap Show"

23:00 - 23:20: Central News Update - Evening

23:20 - 05:00: "Live from Garrison: RWC4 Recap Show"


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Varanius' Amazing Rugby Assembly


Tim Perdere had been a mid-level bureaucrat for what had felt like ages now. In reality, it had only been a little under a decade. He had been in the Ministry of Cultural Enrichment since he was 29, and now he was a ripe old 38. Certainly one of the youngest senior government official in Varanius in ages, he had worked himself all the way up to Assistant Vice Co-Director of the Physical Activities Sub-Division of the Televised Media Department. Hardly the most glamorous job in the world, but he felt the future was bright. Well, it was certainly feeling cloudy right about now. And to think, he let some stupid refugee and a some suburban rugby dad talk him into this. Whatever. Best to look towards the future right? Now he could proudly serve as Varanius' first ever Minister of Winning. Minister of Winning? What a joke of a position. What even is that? Sure he advocated for a ministry dedicated to real international sporting events, but surely they could've named it something reasonable? Varanius had never had an international sporting team. Sports had always been internal for the nation. Something the citizens to celebrate, not the world to ogle at. He had gone out on a real limb for that Joe Schmoe fellow to get the Minister of Cultural Enrichment to even consider sending a Varanian team to any such World Cup, much less devote a whole Ministry to its' coordination? But now he was here. Ah well, he may as well do the one thing he always excelled at: mindless government drivel. Now with the added bonus of talking to the Dalimbari. Given the team's star player was a damned Dalimbari refugee, some calls had to be made to ensure he wouldn't be arrested on entry. He picked up the phone lying on his desk, and dialed the number the Ministry of Foreign Engagement had emailed to him hours before. After a solid few rings, the other end answered.


“Good day! Is this Lev Toksin?” he asked.

"Privet?" the phone responded, the raspy voice of a woman surely no younger than 60 behind the machine.

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak Dalimbari I’m afraid. I suppose you don’t understand Common?”

"Izvinite, chot?" 

“Ah,” he stops for a moment, considering his options. “Do you speak Kommom, rodniy?” he asked in a heavily offensive attempt at a Dalimbari accent, likely one which would get him hate crimed if he spoke it in Dalimbar itself.

"Keto eto? Chot vy govorite?" 

“Perhaps I have the wrong nu-“

“Chortovy deti, otlozhite telefon!" she declared as the call abruptly ended. 


The Minister sighed. He should be used to the failures of his fellow government members by this point, but who can blame a bureaucrat for having some hope? He took another look at the email Diplo had sent him, and squinted just hard enough to realize he had mistaken one of the numbers, a 5, for a 6. This was probably still their fault somehow. Despite being somewhat put-off from his last encounter, he picked up the phone, dialed the (correct) number, and waited for the phone to pick up.


“Greetings! Do I have Lev Toksin?”

“Indeed you do. How may I be of assistance?”

“Lovely. I am Tim Perdere, the newly appointed Varanian Minister of Winning, and I-“

“I’m sorry, you’re the what?”

The Minister sighed once again, his sole pleasure being that Toksin could not see the exasperated look on his face. “I am the Minister of Winning of Varanius, and I’ve come to inquire about the upcoming Rugby Cup to be hosted in Dalimbar.”

“Minister of Winning? What even is tha- I mean, interesting. What do you need to know?”

The minister could hear the faint sound of a snap, or perhaps a small clap, in the background, but ultimately ignored it. Trying to maintain some sense of dignity, he responded, “I’d like to request blue cards for the Varanian Rugby team members who will be in attendance. Their names and identities will be emailed to you shortly.”

“Ah. Well, I’ll run it by Stavka, who will have the final say, but I’ll be sure to update you as soon as possible. Was that all?”

“Close. I’d like it to be noted that one of the team members, by the name of Joe Schmoe, is a refugee to Varanius from whom Dalimbar is their original country of origin. Will there be any issue in sending them to Dalimbar with the rest of the team? We’d expect they be treated with the dignity and respect of any other participant, and be allowed to return home.”

“I see. I’ll be sure to make note of this.”

“Well, that’s all. Much appreciated.”

“Not a problem! Have a wonderful day Mr. Perdere.”

“You too,” Tim ended as he went to set the phone down, just barely catching the “Motherfu-“ right as the line went dead.


Later that month


With that issue out of the way, it was time to get started on some of the harder details for the group. Namely, their symbol and jersey. While all of the members of the team had been assembled months ago, the graphic aspects had been unfortunately skipped over in the early organization frenzy. Tim entered the room where these discussions were to take place: one of the smaller meeting rooms in the gargantuan Cultural Enrichment building at the heart of Zygotia. While technically a Minister in his own right, he hadn’t quite the earned the honor of his own office building…or much of a staff. The other members of this meeting included quite the cast of characters. Joe Schmoe of course, as the upcoming cultural icon this whole thing was built upon, was not the only team representative in attendance. Alongside him stood Manuel Man, the team coach elevated from relative obscurity to a coordinator of the Varanian sports efforts after ripping open his shirt at a pro-rugby protest outside the capital building. The little stunt took him from the only little weirdo in his neighborhood to pay attention to sports exclusively from other countries to a national sensation. Then was the Ministry of Cultural Enrichment’s Director of Visual Creativity, Arnold Barnold, who was sent in alone as opposed to along with the Cultural Enrichment minister herself as was requested. Though Tim was technically equal to her in rank, he could be Prime Minister and she’d still treat him as an employee. Though, the Director wasn’t bad. One of the most senior officials in the Ministry, he was certainly an experienced member of the team. Finally, the one and only Woman Creosote. WC, as she was also known as, was one of the highest rated and most famous artists in Varanius. How the government had gotten ahold of her he had no idea, but perhaps the other Minister really had pulled some strings for this. It almost made up for her beginning all of her internal cooperation meetings with “To those needing further encouragement than I have already delivered”. But it’s not wise to look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Immediately they set to work, brainstorming first and foremost the central logo.

“Hm. What do you think when you think Varanius?” Tim asked the crowd.

“Eyes?” suggested Arnold.

“Hm. Perhaps a little overdone, we don’t want to be too obvious,” responded Tim.

“Perhaps you’re right,” the Director conceded. “Can we turn democracy into a tidy little symbol?”

“What like a voting machine?” retorted Manuel sarcastically.

“Got any better ideas?” Arnold smiled back.

“I’VE GOT IT!” WC screamed. They all immediately turned to look at her, though by now she had already started pulled out her iconic bright green crayon. The group stated in silence, watching her draw her mystery icon with complete confusion on their faces.

“Is that-“ Manuel began before being immediately interrupted. 

“Ssssh. Don’t mess with the process,” Tim hushed him.

Finally, after quite some time, she picked up her paper and turned it around so the rest of the group could see.

“Is that…an octopus…with a ball for a head?” Tim asked hesitantly.

“You can’t be serious!” Manuel protested.

Finally, Joe stood up. Over the past hour, this was truly the first time he had spoken all day. In a thick Dalimbari accent, 3 words emerged from his lips: “I love it”. And with that, there was no going back.

“We’re gonna be laughed out of the stadium…” Arnold moaned.

“No,” said Manuel, “we’re going to be heroes.”


After a few hours, and the hammering out of a few key details, the icon was set. Now it was time for the jersey.

“Do we want to do a nice yellow? Like our flag?” began Arnold, Tim having long since lost his pizzazz for the day, sipping from a large iced coffee and staring intensely into the painting of the jellyfish in front of him. 

“No no no. I’ve got this one,” Manuel said, with all the undeserved confidence of a poodle. Immediately he started, telling the two actual artists in the room the colors he thought would be best. The end result was…interesting.

“Are we trying to just confuse the shit out of the enemy team?” Arnold remarked upon its completion.

“Haven’t you ever heard of Aposematism? Be bright, be bold, and we scare away any potential predators!” Manuel declared.

“Since when are you a biology expert? And what do you mean ‘scare away’? They’re rugby players, not lions,” 

“Guys, guys,” Tim said, having finally snapped back to reality. “Let’s just go with it, it can’t be worse than the 8 legged egghead.”


Manuel beamed. Woman Creosote was much less amused.


One month later


Sitting at his desk, Tim had finally received the long awaited email from the Dalimbari Department of Sport. The email was a notification the DoS has accepted their applications for blue cards. Relieved, Perdere smiled. Off to Dalimbar they would soon go.

Team Details

Style Mod: +2.9

Coach: Manuel Man



Player Number Position
Joe Schmoe 1 Loose-Head Prop
Patty Terrace 2 Hooker
Rowan Calcium 3 Tight-Head Prop
Bradford Octavius 4 Second Row
Atlas Briggs 5 Second Row
Sissy Fuss 6 Blind-Side Flanker
Dante Infer 7 Open-Side Flanker
Mercury Rings 8 Number 8
Tim Briggs 9 Scrum Half
John Doe 10 Fly-Half
Joe Saint 11 Left Wing
Nathan Peter-Callahan 12 Inside Center
Theodore Ammit 13 Outside Center
Asteria Occidens 14 Right Wing
Crius Seeus 15 Full-Back



Lexing Ton 1 Hooker
Parker Eugh 2 Tight-Head Prop
Jeffrey  3 Second Row
Astral Pro-Gection 4 Left Wing
Lithi Umion 5 Right Wing
Donald Guy 6 Loose-Head Prop
George King 7 Blind-Side Flanker
Cal Cuta 8 Open-Side Flanker




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From the journal of Alan Cord

Saint Andreisburg, District 1, Dalimbar

Night before Matchday 1

Saint Andreisburg is a beautiful city. 

Sure, I understand my baseline is Wells, but I think that’s just a fact regardless. East Overthinkers isn’t exactly a destination for architecture. I’ve been to Aurum a few times, and they have some neat stuff there, but Dalimbar is something else entirely. 

Hell, anything looks pretty after 20 hours of flight. But to be fair, since the NRUU(1) doesn’t have the budget for a private jet yet, they borrowed one from the TRY RL. Had to be the nicest plane I’ve ever flown on or ever will again.

The arrival in Saint Andreisburg itself was underwhelming. As soon as we got off the plane, we were ushered into a waiting room while Ambassador von Edelgard did our paperwork. It felt like hours before she came back with her staff, and they handed out “blue cards”. They’re apparently the only way the “Stafka” or whoever will let us in to the country.

“Your blue card must be on your person at all times,” Ambassador E said. “If at any point it is not, you’ll be issued a red card, and forced to leave the country.”

I laughed nervously at her joke. She shot me a look that could kill. It wasn’t a joke.

I retract what I wrote last week. Theresa Argent angry is no longer the scariest thing in the world. It’s Ambassador E now.

Once we hard our cards, though, we immediately got to actually see the city. Like I said, it was breathtaking. The streets were crowded with rugby players and fans alike. The buildings were simultaneously, like, elegant and imposing. It feels wrong to say, but it’s just so—so—foreign, I guess? Like being transported into a storybook. Also, for the record, that one movie in my childhood got it completely wrong.

Also it’s a hell of a lot colder here than Overthinkers. I think when they ordered team jackets, they weren’t expecting the World Cup to be in like, the northernmost country of the world.(2) They ain’t cutting it. Practices have been pretty brutal too.

I keep saying this, but Coach Ed has been great. The night we arrived, every bit as exhausted as we were, he got us all together and hyped us up. We were literally going where no Overthinker had gone before.(3) We may have been last pot in the draw, but that just meant we could shatter expectations. 

He was on it again today at practice, too. There’s a lot of things up in the air with our group, it could turn out just about any way. Cambria’s far and away the scariest team, and Libterraria’s ranked 5th in the world. But what’s important is just getting past the group stage, and Coach Ed wants us to take it one game at a time. Play to our strengths and force the opponent to adapt.

Libterraria’s high ranked, but they weren’t in the World Cup last year, so who knows how good they still are. We’ll sort that all out on the pitch tomorrow. Assuming Ambassador Edelgard doesn’t sort us out first.



(1) The National Rugby Union Union of Overthinkers, the organization that oversees the national team.

(2) It looks like Fujai is actually northernmost, but Alan is a simple man and doesn’t know that.

(3) Citation needed.


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The National Rugby Team prepares to compete in 4th Annual World Rugby Cup hosted by Dalimbar.

Terajevo 1423-03-27 - The national Teralyon rugby team is gearing up to compete in a world rugby tournament that is being hosted by Dalimbar with which diplomatic relations have tended to be strained.

Despite concerns about the political climate in the host country, the team is determined to focus on the sport and give their best performance on the field.

"We are aware of the political situation in Dalimbar, but we are here to play rugby and represent our country to the best of our ability," said Savo Jastrowitz. "We have been preparing diligently for this tournament and we are excited to compete against some of the best teams in the world."

The team has been training extensively in the lead-up to the tournament, working on their skills and strategies in order to give themselves the best chance of success. They have also been working with their coaching staff to develop a game plan that will allow them to adapt to the challenges of playing in unfamiliar conditions.

"We have a great team and a strong coaching staff, and we are confident that we can compete at the highest level," said Ratko Jenic. "We know that there will be challenges ahead, but we are ready to face them head-on and give it our all."

Despite the tensions between the two nations, the team hopes that their participation in the tournament can help to promote greater understanding and goodwill between their countries.

The world rugby tournament will take place from 1423-28-03 to 1423-17-04 in Dalimbar, with teams from around the world competing for the championship title.
For more information about the rugby team's participation in the tournament, continue to follow us.


The Teralyon Naval Commission has a released a statement regarding the upcoming training activities being planned between the Teralyon, Cambrian and United Adaikes Navies in the Mille-Mer


Teralyon, Cambria, United Adaikes Navies Collaborate to Run Joint Training Exercises.

1423-27-03 - The navies of Teralyon, Cambria, and United Adaikes 
Are gearing up to run a series of joint training exercises, in an effort to enhance their collective maritime capabilities.

These naval exercises will take place over a period of days, and will include a range of activities designed to test and refine 
the participating navies' skills in areas such as maritime security, search and rescue, search and destroy, and disaster response.

The exercises will also provide an opportunity for the three navies to build relationships and foster greater cooperation, 
and coordination as they work together to achieve common goals.

"We are excited to be collaborating with our partners in Cambria and United Adaikes on these important training exercises," 
said Josip Vilović, Rear Admiral of the Teralyon Navy. "By working together, we can better prepare ourselves to respond 
to a range of potential challenges at sea."

The joint training exercises come as part of a broader effort by the three navies to deepen their strategic partnerships 
and enhance regional security. Through exercises such as these, we hope to increase their ability to respond effectively 
to maritime threats, and promote greater stability and prosperity in the region.

For more information about the joint training exercises, please contact the Teralyon Naval Commission.


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A "Quiet" Interview


It was the night before the match, the players of the A.R.R had just arrived at the hotel they would stay at that night, a few members of the Ryxtylopian press were already waiting for them at the lobby, since the flight from Ryxenia had suffered a minor delay, they had to stay one night more in Ryxtylopia than they had anticipated, nontheless they had finally made it to Dalimbar.

The first impressions for the team basically were; "It sure is quite cold here." as most were too exhausted to look at their surroundings, with the main goal being to reach the hotel and get some sleep. Rather unfortunatley for the players, at the door were a few members of the press, the exhausted players mostly ignored them as they asked questions.

Ryxtylopia's first match on their Rugby World Cup debut would be against Fujai, a team with to say the least much more experience than the A.R.R, spirits of the team weren't too high as their first debut on the pitch would most likley result in a loss, nontheless a few players did step up and talk to the press.


"Sir! Sir! What's your goal for the match against Fujai?" Asked a reporter.

To this, Marco Xilta, one of the players responded: "Well, we don't want to get "bombed" out of the stadium and become a laughing stock, you know the current situation of our rugby league makes that slightly complicated... but im sure that my teamates will perform just fine."

"Do you think a win is possible?"

"While not impossible, its inprobable, it will be complicated to get a win against a team with wayyyyyyy more experience than us, so we'll focus on delivering a good show for our fans and the cameras."

"How do you plan to pass the group?"

"Im not very sure, we didn't have a lot of time to talk about that at the airport with Tivarra (the coach) so im guessing we'll formulate a strategy depending on how well we do on our first match."


Another player had different answers:

"Are you worried for the match against Fujai?" Asked the reporter.

To this he got a response: "Yes! I am! Well maybe i am also overreacting a bit, but they are a better team than us, aren't you aware the current state of our league just has two teams basically trading turns in taking the league title? Ive been here for a while, it has always been like this, our talent always getting capped at some point, i regret not even trying to move to another country at this point, i had so much optimism 10 years ago, only for it to fade away..."  Answered Ernysto Rivas.

"Would you tell something to the audience back home?"

"Alright, alright, look i know the stuff i said might not be the best for inspiring confidence... but your support means everything to us, it gives us a reason to play this, well apart from the paycheck we need to secure the daily loaf of bread, you motivate us to even in the... least ideal situations, not give up and keep trying, that's all, now im going to bed, good night Ryxtylopia, and hello Dalimbar!"


The reporters went back to the airport, some dissapointed and others at least satisfied, as supporters of the A.R.R got ready to watch what hopefully would be a successful debut in the Rugby World Cup.

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The night before the first match, I sat at the polished mahogany desk, my journal opened before me.  The long journey had been much more pleasant than I had anticipated. 

Private jet interior - Inside the Most Luxurious Private Jets in the World


For reasons of both practicality and security, I had invited the entire delegation to accompany me on my state aircraft. The excited team and guests boarded at the Volanteleo International Airport in Sanctus Leo, while I had already settled into my suite in the aft section, having boarded previously in the private airport of Angelus Regius on the royal complex grounds. After conversation and breakfast, most settled in to nap or read for the duration of the eight-hour flight. I walked the cabin for a bit, greeting the team and guests,  and later, Sir Evan, Lady Arlene, Lord Brock, and Archbishop Lumendei joined me in my suite for cocktails. Two hours before landing, hot, scented towels were brought around to allow everyone to freshen up before tea. Altogether, very nice.

The time difference in our favor, we arrived only shortly after we had left, landing in the private section of the Marshal Aleksiev International Airport in Saint Andreisburg. From the stories I had heard from previous travelers, I had expected long delays in processing our arrival and receiving our Blue Cards, but was pleasantly surprised. My assistant, Matthews, disembarked and was only gone about twenty minutes before he returned with an efficient, but courteous functionary, who handed out our Blue Cards. I and my valet, Clarkson, were to take a waiting limousine to the Dukhob Station. The team and most of the guests were to be escorted to the Metro to the station, while a few of our entourage had arranged for their own private transportation there. Once there, we were all to take the two-and-a-half-hour high-speed train ride to Kaisah, I in a private car.

For me and those that had taken the Metro, all went smoothly. The others that had taken their own transportation ran into a bit of a snafu (but that's their story to tell) and had to take the next train. The private car was lovely and well-stocked with refreshments. I even discovered a bottle of Tawny Redemption!


Warren R Henry Rail Car - USA | Luxury train, Rail car, Cars usa


Once in Kaisah, waiting limousines brought me and several guests to the hotel, while buses brought the rest.

The hotel was another nice surprise! Clarkson had done some research and assured me that the Morskoy Fort Hotel in Kaisah was top-notch. I was still skeptical, however ... after all, this was Dalimbar! Well, I need to learn to control my prejudices better ... or maybe travel more. This is a fine hotel, one that would be welcome in any city in Saint Mark. The three-bedroom penthouse Marshall's Suite was spacious and well-appointed. The study in which I now sat journaling was centered on a deep bay window that overlooked the well-planned gardens below.

Photo 5

I  think that I shall really enjoy this trip, and look forward to meeting Marshall Briand at the state dinner in a few days.


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1423/03/28, middle of the night

I woke up to the silent sobs of Aaron. Aaron had been stressed about playing in the World Cup and recently, his partner Lukash was falling severely ill. Though Aaron was not ill himself, the thought of seeing him suffer made him sick. I rose and walked over to where Aaron was. 

"Aaron?" I whispered.

Aaron did not respond. I stepped closer, placing his hand on his shoulder. "Did something happen?"

Aaron, voice raspy and choked up, spoke. "Lukash was admitted into the hospital... His sister told me."

"I'm sorry Aar, he's going to be okay." "You don't know that. He was sick when we left."

Aar broke down, clearly worried. I left him there and sent Kaaia a text saying I was coming over.

The corridor to her room was surprisingly open, glass all along the wall letting the city shine on me. I knock on her door. She was still awake, surprising given she always goes to bed at an unorthodoxly early time.

"Buchiav, something awry?"

"So- Lukash was admitted into the hospital and Aaron- is self-explanatory."

"Ah, well, Florence isn't able to leave customs since her Blue Card was unauthorized."

"Didn't we all receive our cards at once?"

"Yeah, but they held her at the airport and eventually took her to the police department."

"No f-in way." "The government was not joking. Speaking of, where's yours?" "Here." "Remember to keep it close. Alrighty, tell him his attendance is optional but recommended."


She despises me saying that. She says it's because of her ex-husband that brings a "bad aura" to her. Whatever that means.

I return to our room and see him huddled into a corner.

"Hey. I talked to Kaaia about Lukash. Since I knew you wouldn't be fully focused, she said you can skip warmups. But if you get better, you can join us."

"Thanks Yeddy. Means a lot, night."


Clear... Be so for real... We are okay... clearly, we are okay...

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Posted on qtube on 09/03/1423, at 14:24 pm by an unknown individual

The scene depicts a locker room, in which the recorder clearly intents to keep them recording a secret.

A middle aged man, recognized as Ingemann Beskytter, is seen with a stern face, talking to a group of people.

"Alright guys, let's face it. We don't have a flying f#!?s chance of winning this tournament, so i don't have much to say. We've been almost completely out of the game for years now, pulling off even a single win is gonna be difficult here. "

Groans is heard from the short audience, followed by a member speaking his mind.

"Can't we at least have a little bit of optimism. I know we're the underdog, but still I-"

"Just stop. You're right, optimism is good. Being overly confident is better than being overly cautious. But let's not try and sugarcoat it, we're not gonna win. But we can do something to maybe increase our odds."

Ingemann pulls out a stack of paper.

"This is our plan. I will hear no excuses. This is necessary to beat Dilber, you're all too light to compete as it is now"

As the coach hands out the papers to the team, the audience starts mumbling to themselves and eachother. The blindside flanker, Påsko Jukaf tries to speak his mind.

"Coach, this is absurd! The notice is too short, this will destroy our muscles before the matc-"

"I said. There will be no excuses. Dismissed. You are to start immediately."

The recording abruptly ends

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Four months ago...

"Thank you for coming on short notice," Red Palace Chief of Staff Jed Gill started the meeting with selected Cabinet members. Vice President Mel Gaspar was in the room, including National Security Adviser Marian Proudfoot, Finance Secretary Nabeel David, Social Services Secretary Mae Kaiser, Trade Secretary Felice Colbert, Environmental Resources and Protection Secretary Hallie Sanderson, Public Works Secretary Monet Walter, Military Affairs Secretary Carlo Charlton, Press Secretary Vikki Boatwright, and Presidential Adviser on Legislative Affairs Sydnie Wright.

"And with the President's current desire to roam the country and have a town hall meeting with every city in the country every week, he has asked me to set up a cluster system for the executive department to serve as a venue and mechanism for coordination, harmonization, complementization, and synergy among the executive departments and other Government instrumentalities. The plan is to have clusters that can meet within themselves, streamline their functions, and improve existing procedures to achieve a more efficient and effective integration of programs, activities, and priorities.

"There will now only be six Cabinet clusters remaining going forward, the Participatory Governance cluster, the Infrastructure cluster, the Human Development and Poverty Reduction cluster, of which the Social Services cluster is subsumed in this new cluster, the Security, Justice, and Peace cluster, the Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction cluster, and the Economic Development cluster.

"The Participatory Governance cluster will be led by the Office of the Vice President, with the Department of Finance as its Secretariat. It is created to exert all efforts to enhance citizen participation in governmental processes.

"The Infrastructure cluster will be led by the Department of Public Works, with the Federal Economic and Development Authority as its Secretariat. It is created to focus on infrastructure development for the realization of the 12-point Socio-Economic Agenda of the President.

"The Human Development and Poverty Reduction cluster will be led by the Department of Social Services, with the Department of Labor and Employment as its Secretariat. It is created to exert all efforts to improve the quality of life of the Adaikesians through a broad-based approach to the delivery of services.

"The Security, Justice, and Peace cluster will be led by the Department of Military Affairs, with the National Security Council as its Secretariat. They shall ensure the preservation of national sovereignty and the rule of law and focus on protecting and promoting human rights and pursuing a just, comprehensive, and lasting peace here and abroad.

"The Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction cluster will be led by the Department of Environmental Resources and Protection, with the Department of Disaster Management as its Secretariat. They shall focus on conserving and protecting the environment and natural resources. They shall serve as a venue for discussing inter-related concerns on climate change and disaster risk management.

"The Economic Development cluster will be led by the Department of Trade, with the Federal Economic and Development Authority as its Secretariat. They shall focus on promoting rapid, inclusive, and sustained economic growth.

"The President also informed me that the National Security Adviser, the Press Secretary, the Communications Secretary, and the Presidential Adviser on Legislative Affairs should attend all meetings of all clusters, as well as the meetings of Cluster heads with the President.

"Other information can be seen in the draft Executive Order in your briefers, and the President expects to sign it by the end of this week. So if you have suggestions or edits, I hope you can meet immediately with your legal advisers, assistants, and undersecretaries regarding this proposal. Do not hesi-

Executive Assistant to the Red Palace Chief of Staff Gina Marvin barged into the room and took the remote at the top of the table near the door she entered for the smart TV used for the presentation and said, "You need to see this, Jed."

Marvin chose a cable news network, with everyone surprised by what they saw on the screen.

"Breaking News: Corruption in the United Adaikes Sports Commission"

"Call Pouria," Gill was shaking his head, facing Marvin, but his voice was heard by everyone in the room, "make sure he's the one the President will be talking to after this meeting with the Chief Justice. Move all schedules accordingly."

Gill then faced the group at the table as soon as Marvin left, "I guess this meeting will be cut short unexpectedly."

Gill looked to his left, "Mr. Vice President, I hope you still have extra time to meet with the President about this recent conundrum of ours. I hope it's fine with you, too, Marian, Vikki," facing the Cabinet members.

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Fortress Siniyled, Saint Andreisburg, District 1

”… and with dignitaries and other spectators starting to arrive, the data being collected by the mass surveillance network is probably more than what our branch would have been able to collect in years. Blue Cards have been operating as planned and it appears that along with visual data from cameras and reports from frontline Militsiya members, we are able to essentially live track all foreigners. I’m glad we made that investment of the network when we did.” Lt. Gen. Danylo Valeriev from Joint Operations Branch finished his report to Stavka.

”Absolutely. I’m not going to lie, having all of these… guests… milling around disturbs me. Containing them in the… what did we call it again, “Rugby Zones”? Great name by the way, the group who came up with that should get a merit badge… but yes, containing them in these zones away from the more unruly masses is good. Your branch has done well keeping tabs on these foreigners, let’s hope it holds.” said Marshal Briand. 

”Just a friendly reminder…” started Rear Adm. Maksim Hornik of Public Affairs, before being cut off.

”Yes, we are a warm people, a friendly people…” multiple people mutter. 

“Ahem. Yes. And to moderate the tone when dealing with press, especially the foreign outlets. I’m sure the hill dwarfs and the kilties will have a field day if we belittle the dirty for… I mean, guests. See, I know it’s hard. Even for me…” Hornik sighed.


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And so it begins.

There was definitely going to be a long journey ahead of the Swans. One could define it as an Odyssey. Almost a day of flight before the Fluvian players could finally land in Dalimbar.

For most of the players, it was a big leap in the unknown. They were used to different countries and cultures, sure, but Dalimbar was so unbelievably far away from the usual trips for most of the Swans.

Deodiro Pitti was a simple man. He was born in a small village near Barsè. The Barsè Department was all that he knew for a significant part of his life. He had always had a talent for Rugby, and is one of the most decorated players and coaches in Fluvian history. Today, he dared to embark on an arduous journey. Before him, a couple more people were asked to be Rivalfiume’s rugby coach of choice, but they had all refused. 


Aeroporto de Grancastello-Portanort- 5:09 AM


Inside of the Grancastello-Portanort National Airport’s many terminals, a group of athletes was waiting for the clear-off. The chatter of the Swans was the only thing that animated the small, cozy room.

“...I’m so tired…”

“...Jet Lag is definitely going to mess with me…”

“...I still can’t wrap my head around how far away this place is…”

“...So, here we are, eh?...”

Pitti: “Gentlemen.” 

as coach Pitti spoke, silence filled the waiting room. The athletes all formed a sort of circle around the coach. Pitti nodded, before continuing.

“We are all here to embark on a journey.”

Pitti took a brief pause.

“We are all here to represent our country.”

A shimmer of hope seemed to appear in some of the players’ eyes.

“Once we will eventually arrive in Dalimbar’s Marshal Aleksiev International Airport, we will be inspected. After that, they will give us all a blue card. It’s imperative that you don’t lose this card, as it’s the key to the Rugby Zones. We are not allowed outside of the so-called Rugby Zones, so be careful. They are very strict and we must be mindful of the rules. So, in short, if we follow the rules, everything should be alright.”

Pitti took another brief pause. The players nodded silently.

“Now, I know that all odds may seem against us, but we’re going to try our best. Lady Luck hasn't done us any favors by putting us in a difficult group. But we must persevere and show everyone what we’re capable of. After all, you are here because you’ve been deemed the best of the best of Rivalfiume.”

As the players cheered, a flight assistant slowly walked up to the small group to announce that the plane checks were over and that it was all good and ready to go. 

The group quickly walked out of the airport gates. The air was dry and the temperature was mild. Autumn had arrived in Rivalfiume not too long ago.

Pitti exhaled and slowly climbed on the boarding stairs. 

“And so it begins.”

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"...Ladies and gentlemen, here we have them. The glory of rugby all over Kalmach, the Easthaven Crosses!"

Loud cheers are heard from the large croud, as the slightly pale players of the Easthaven Crosses walk down the red carpet laid down for them. Slowly stepping down, as to get as many shots from the news photographers as possible, they make their way towards the private terminal Y7 of the Interstate Easthaven Airport. A slightly flustered boarding attendant checks them in, and they head towards the shuttle that'll take them to their private jet up the runway.

The $8BN Plan to Save New York's Most Hated Airport - YouTube

With the silence being too much to bear, Tristen speaks up:

"You guys excited?" He tries waiting for a response, but to no avail. "I think we got a solid chance at this, don't you think. It's not like the Dilberi are known for their rugby skills."

"Neither are we" Fedmand utters quietly. "And that's why we gotta take that stupid stu-"

"Cut it out." Ingemann inturrupts. "We did what we had to. Now quiet. We're at the place."

The crew steps out, and into the plane that'll take them across the world. "Pretty large for a private jet, but that's what you get when you're the team sponsored by the state." Tristen mutters. The interior has a light tone, with a tv and couches of the highest grade. One can see how much comfort was prioritized when designing this plane.

Super-rich fuelling growing demand for private jets, report finds |  Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian5 most expensive private jets

As the plane takes off, Tristen gets a good look of Easthaven in all it's glory. As he grew up in rural Skaien, he had never seen such a large city of such magnificent proportion. Lucky encounters and connections got him this far, and he felt a tingle of pride for himself. Though, that tingle did eventually turn into this twisting feeling of anxiety in his stomach, when he realised the situation at hand. Both the anxiety of the match and if they were... going to get caught, was getting on his nerves. He brushed it off, and went to sleep, trying to get through the 17 hour flight.

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Häřtferdsierndeambeu Ragbi Jünjen/Катфадсие ае Дзаембеу Рагби Сцийас - The 101


HertJammpedia - The Rundown



Star Breaker - The Roster





The Style - Tactical Approach

-0.7(Balanced, veering towards slightly defensive)

The Checklist - Role Play Permissions

RP permissions:
If my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my try scorers: N
Choose my kicker: N
RP injuries: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N

Other Necessities - The Language Script And More

Due to the gradual process of switching to a new language script within what is now the Tsardom of Hertfordshire and Jammbo, the translation of all relevant information into the new alphabet shall be provided by the people at Conversation Street.


HNDRJNewLogo.thumb.png.6dc8a507f3c3480f220f748fcfcce9fe.png                 HertfordshireAndJammboCoatOfArms.thumb.png.4a293e8c84d1a11b2546ae1ea846ce92.png                 20200219_080700.png.dbf05cce9df7f91a5202d4c539bc15e3(1).thumb.png.a6cf45352911df23f24f9ef6af6dc373.png

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I dag i Verden // Today in the World
Reindag, 13 snaumånad 107 // Tuesday, 28 March 1422

Saint Andreisberg, Dalimbar - For the first time in well over a decade, a Fujansk sports team has stepped foot in Dalimbar. The ongoing Rugby World Cup IV invites 28 nations of the world to Dalimbar in a reported show of magnanimity. Spectators must acquire a limited number of Rugby Blue Cards for entry, and are only allowed to visit the central portions of the host cities inhabited by ethnic Dalimbari. The Landslag will be playing their matches in the city of Kaisah, approximately 500 km south of Saint Andreisberg. // Read more.

Riekia, Gloibria - Leaving the 56th Annual Conference of the Rønnøn Forum, Utanriksrådgafar Kjell Midtbø was asked by journalists about the diplomatic boycott of the Rugby World Cup, saying this: "With the still-recent revelations surrounding 'Project Sitka' the government could not in good conscience sponsor state attendees to this sporting event. We wish all attending good luck and good fortune. That's all." Earlier investigation had uncovered that the Rådgafar's ministry indeed pushed Fujais Idrottsforbund to boycott the Cup altogether after qualifying, a move consistent with their party's less moderate stance on Dalimbar. // Read more.

Ludde, Fujai - A new contract between Nørensk and Varanius-based company ZygPort marks the first time since the 1380s a monthly liner service will be offered between Hasmark and Andolia. The new service is driven by increased desire to diversify imports and exports at both ends of the route. The ships will be primarily focused on bulk goods, but will have the capacity to carry containers and other cargo. // Read more.

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"... and now for the weather forecast for the host cities of Rugby World Cup IV."

Saint Andreisburg:

Current temperature: 13c, sunny
Overnight: -1c, mostly cloudy
March 29 - High of 13c and mostly sunny, Low of -2c
March 30 - High of 10c and mostly sunny, Low of 2c
March 31 - High of 5c and light rain, Low of 0c
April 1 - High of 5c and mixed precipitation, Low of -3c
April 2 - High of 7c and chance of a shower, Low of -2c


Current temperature: 7c, a few clouds
Overnight: 5c, mainly clear
March 29 - High of 7c and mainly sunny, Low of 4c
March 30 - High of 6c and a mix of sun and clouds, Low of 4c
March 31 - High of 6c and chance of a shower, Low of 4c
April 1 - High of 6c and chance of a shower, Low of 4c
April 2 - High of 6c and a mix of sun and clouds, Low of 3c


Current temperature: 16c, clear
Overnight: 4c, mainly clear
March 29 - High of 13c and mainly sunny, Low of 3c
March 30 - High of 12c and mainly sunny, Low of 5c
March 31 - High of 9c and rain, Low of 5c
April 1 - High of 8c and light rain, Low of 3c
April 2 - High of 8c and light rain, Low of 1c


Current temperature: 14c, partly cloudy
Overnight: 6c, partly cloudy
March 29 - High of 14c and mainly sunny, Low of 6c
March 30 - High of 11c and a mix of sun and clouds, Low of 5c
March 31 - High of 8c and light rain, Low of 6c
April 1 - High of 9c and chance of a shower, Low of 4c
April 2 - High of 9c and cloudy with showers, Low of 2c

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Results of the 1st Match Day of the Group Stage

Group A
Larxia 22–22 Ostronia
Hertfordshire and Jammbo 21–23 Ionia
Teralyon 27–10 Sekiya

  Group A                     Pld   W  D  L   PF  PA  PD  Pts 
1 Teralyon                      1   1  0  0   27  10 +17    4
2 Ionia                         1   1  0  0   23  21  +2    4
3 Larxia                        1   0  1  0   22  22   0    2
  Ostronia                      1   0  1  0   22  22   0    2
5 Hertfordshire and Jammbo      1   0  0  1   21  23  −2    0
6 Sekiya                        1   0  0  1   10  27 −17    0

Group B
Saint Mark 15–0 Apexiala
Giovanniland 0–0 Saranzio
Varanius 26–14 Rivalfiume

  Group B                     Pld   W  D  L   PF  PA  PD  Pts 
1 Saint Mark                    1   1  0  0   15   0 +15    4
2 Varanius                      1   1  0  0   26  14 +12    4
3 Giovanniland                  1   0  1  0    0   0   0    2
  Saranzio                      1   0  1  0    0   0   0    2
5 Rivalfiume                    1   0  0  1   14  26 −12    0
6 Apexiala                      1   0  0  1    0  15 −15    0

Group C
Libterraria (NPC) 0–26 Overthinkers
Nieubasria 10–7 Peourouin
Einherfell (NPC) 15–16 Cyrylic

  Group C                     Pld   W  D  L   PF  PA  PD  Pts 
1 Overthinkers                  1   1  0  0   26   0 +26    4
2 Nieubasria                    1   1  0  0   10   7  +3    4
3 Cyrylic                       1   1  0  0   16  15  +1    4
4 Einherfell (NPC)              1   0  0  1   15  16  −1    0
5 Peourouin                     1   0  0  1    7  10  −3    0
6 Libterraria (NPC)             1   0  0  1    0  26 −26    0

Group D
Fujai 6–3 Ryxtylopia
Dilber 10–6 Kalmach
Arifiyyah 14–12 Aftokratoria

  Group D                     Pld   W  D  L   PF  PA  PD  Pts 
1 Dilber                        1   1  0  0   10   6  +4    4
2 Fujai                         1   1  0  0    6   3  +3    4
3 Arifiyyah                     1   1  0  0   14  12  +2    4
4 Aftokratoria                  1   0  0  1   12  14  −2    0
5 Ryxtylopia                    1   0  0  1    3   6  −3    0
6 Kalmach                       1   0  0  1    6  10  −4    0


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Quiyakaso: Hellooooooo Zoran! I am Quiyakaso!

Priscian: And I am Noya Priscian and you are watching RNN Live!

Quiyakaso: Not bad, Priscian but you should consider giving it some more spirit next time?

Priscian: Get bent, Quiyakaso. Today is the Day 2 of the Rugby World Cup and here we ha-

Quiyakaso: I thought we agreed to run this together?

Priscian [shoots Quiyakaso a glare] then go ahead and introduce our guest!

Quiyakaso: Gladly, here we have fly-half of the Zoranian Team, Gulkalaski Lemomequa!

Priscian: Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Lemomequa.

Lemomequa: Thank you two for having me.

Quiyakaso: Tell m-us, tell us, many players from various teams have expressed fears about coming to Dalimbar, do you and the Zoranian team feel the same?

Lemomequa: [chuckles] Let me tell you something, after you have fought in the front line of a revolution in the jungles of Zoran where mosquitos are eating you alive while you have no clue where the enemy is hiding, visiting a country that is made to be the ‘Boogie man’ of Esferos is nothing but a vacation. This is how the rest of the team and I feel about it.

Priscian: Quite a statement there, Lemomequa, you served in the civil w-

Lemomequa: Revolution, we fought for change and change is what we brought to our country. If the Grand Defense Council had won we would be calling it a civil war or rebellion. But I digress, yes I did serve, I was the youngest founding member of the Raspberry Berets in fact.

Priscian: Wow, well thank you for your service. You know, our team is going up against Saint Mark again in our first match of the World Cup again. Do you and the te-

A lodge of otters come out of the water and start making their way into view of the camera and proceed to threateningly approach Quiyakaso

Quiyakaso: Aw look, Dalimbari Ot-AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

An otter leaps at Quiyakaso and the lodge drags him to the ground, prompting Lemomequa and Priscian to back away while some of the crew try to get the attention of the local authorities

Priscian:...so the Quiyakaso curse is not just a myth…

Lemomequa: Not even the jaguars in the jungle were that vicious…

RugbyWorldCupDay1News.png.0fd9c0b5018f707b05340ce864f5464c.png.                Warclassificationdebate.png.c19d8397495ffdb0457babefe3f575eb.png

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The 4th Rugby World Cup opened in Dalimbar with stunning display of athleticism and skill, from all around the world!

Our own national rugby team took to the field today in the opening match to the cup and managed to defeat the Sekiyan national rugby team, also known as the Black and Reds, by a score of 27 to 10.

The game, which took place in the evening at 19:00 (20:00 Tarajeva Time) at the prestigious Garrison Stadium, Located in Saint Andreisburg, the capital of Dalimbar, drew a massive crowd of rugby fans from all over the world, all eager to witness the much-anticipated opening match to the 4th Rugby World Cup.

From the opening whistle, the game started off with the Black and Reds dominating the field, scoring the first try of the game within the first 10 minutes. However, Teralyon quickly responded with a try of their own, leveling the score at 7-7.

As the game progressed, Teralyon's defense proved to be too much for Sekiyan's offense, with the home team managing to prevent the Black and Reds from scoring any further tries. Teralyon, on the other hand, managed to score two more tries in the first half, bringing the score to 21-7 in their favor.

The second half of the game was a more evenly matched affair, with both teams putting in a strong effort. However, Teralyon managed to widen their lead with a penalty kick, bringing the score to 24-7.

Despite the Black and Reds scoring a penalty kick of their own, it was too little too late, as Teralyon's defense proved too strong to overcome. Teralyon managed to score one more try, bringing the final score to 27-10, much to the delight of the home crowd.

At the final whistle, the Teralyon players erupted in celebration, hugging and high-fiving each other as the crowd cheered wildly. It was a historic win for the team, and one that they will no doubt remember for years to come.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Maldoc Wenavic praised his team's performance, calling it a "total team effort" and highlighting the hard work and dedication that went into their victory.

"We came into this game with a clear strategy, and we executed it perfectly," he said. "I'm incredibly proud of each and every one of my players. We showed what we're capable of today, and we're ready to take on whatever challenges come our way."

Teralyon's Manager, Ratko Jenic, also praised his team's performance, saying, "I'm incredibly proud of them. They put in a tremendous effort today and showed that they have what it takes to compete at the highest level. We still have a lot of work to do, but this is a great start."

The win is a major boost for the national team, who have in the past not had the greatest record. 

Additional articles:

Naval training has commence in the Mille-Mer here's what we know

Rumors abound as Eriunius Automotive hints at upcoming release of new supercar

New coastal bullet run record has been set and it's hard to believe

New tidal current turbines technology set to replace old out of date power sources on many islands

Exploration mining in Vanaja may have found a new source of copper and it could be big



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"... and with us at Live from Garrison! is the fastest man in all of Dalimbari rugby, the captain of the Boys in Blue, the one! the only! Luka Ivica!"


Picture of Luka flashes on the screen before he walks into the studio. He waves to the audience and gives a wink to the host, Katya Radoslava.

"Well hello, Luka! Welcome to Live from Garrison! How are you, darling?" Katya beams back at Luka.

"Amazing! Just... amazing. It's a dream come true..." he starts.

"Being on my show? Oh how sweet of you!" she playfully interjects.

"Hah, that too! But of course of having the Rugby World Cup here! In Saint Andreisburg!" 

"It really is a dream come true, isn't it? Now, because we have a lot of guests here in the country and all eyes of the world are on us today, could you tell the world a little bit about yourself, Luka?" she smiles at him, nodding encouragingly.

"Oh! Hello outside world! I'm Luka, born and raised here in Saint Andreisburg and I play for Geness. I'm captain of our great squad, and I may dabble in dancing on and off the pitch." 

"That you do! Viewers, as you may know our own captain was a contestant on VIP Dance and won!"


Picture of Luka with his dance partner, Ivona Aljosa, at the finals of VIP Dance, where they danced tango, the national danceThe crowd erupts in applause.

"I wouldn't have won if it weren't for my partner Ivona. Without each other, we would be nowhere. We built each other up and each dance, we knew each other more. She is to dance as my Boys in Blue are to rugby. The Boys and I build each other up. Each game, we face the enemy together. We all need each other to win." he had a proud look in his eyes while the audience was enthralled.  

"We're just going to do a quick commercial break, but please stick with us when we bring out......... Ivona Aljosa! Stay right there!"

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A Sekiyan Story - Part 2


The Loss

The Kaiserstahl Stadium in Neuersekitz was packed with tens of thousands of enthusiastic Sekiyan rugby fans. The atmosphere was electric, with the excitement of the crowd palpable. Sekiya had done well in national friendlies recently, and expectations were high. In order to ensure that everyone had the best possible view of the game, large screens had been set up in the middle of the field, allowing spectators from the stands to watch the game live. In addition, over a million Sekiyans watched the match from the comfort of their own homes.

Unfortunately, the Sekiyan team suffered a crushing defeat, leaving many fans devastated. Despite the optimistic start to the match, things quickly took a turn for the worse, resulting in numerous tries being scored against Sekiya's primarily Karlan defense. The loss was a bitter pill to swallow for the Sekiyan rugby community.

After the match, the mood was somber, with no celebrations or post-match gatherings. The only activity was a long line of traffic as people left the stadium.

However, the disappointment of the loss was overshadowed by the rise of ethnic tensions in Flussland. A small group of Mittellandians from the Mittellandian-majority county of Héich-Sûre, who had watched the match at a local pub, set fire to a Karlan family's farm in nearby Karlan-majority county of Néier-Sûre shortly after the game. This was one of several racially motivated attacks and incidents of graffiti reported in different parts of Sekiya, targeting the Karlan players.


Map of Flussland. Red: The location of the pub. Orange: The location of the fire.

Within 24 hours of the game, the authorities arrested 62 people for discriminatory acts. The violence sparked a peaceful protest in Eisenhaustad, the provincial capital of Flussland, by the Karlans, demanding greater action to prevent racial hatred against them by Mittellandians. The Provincial Rep., Edouard Dieschbourg, appealed for peace during the tournament but also warned that the 3rd and 4th Infantry Batallions were ready to disrupt any violence in the city.


Meanwhile, online forums that support Mittellandian supremacy have called for a counter-protest in the city, raising concerns about the potential for further violence and unrest. The situation remains tense, and everyone is hoping for a peaceful resolution.

The nation tensely waits for Sekiya's next game. A win would guarantee a de-escalation of tensions across the nation, however another loss could only lead to further unrest between the Mittellandians and Karlans.

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