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2nd World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplay, results]

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Please do not post in this thread if you are not a participant. Also, no OOC posts, please.


Welcome to the 2nd World Cup of Football! If you are a participant, you can start posting about your nation's football (soccer) team (logo, players, kits, and any other related information). You can also post about your team's preparations for this inaugural event!

Another important thing to include in your roster post is the "role play permissions". If you want to role play while making sure that the other RPer(s) won't do inevitable things you don't want to happen to your team, you can post these below outlining what the other RPers can or cannot do, for example:

Injure my players: yes/no
Assign my players yellow cards: yes/no
Assign my players red cards: yes/no
Godmod injuries: yes/no
Godmod scoring: yes/no
Godmod other events: yes/no

The last three permissions, godmodding, is the role playing unrealistic or unbelievable things happening. So if you want a more realistic experience for your team (and what we hopefully want in the games for the duration of the tournament), you can ask other RPers not to godmod in your matches. You can also add, leave, or remove any role permissions you want. It's your team, so we will let you dictate the way your team plays (as long as it is realistic).

Also, you can include what we call a "style modifier". This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates if you are a defensive (leaning to negative numbers) or an offensive (leaning to positive numbers) team. However, this won't affect your chance of victory. If you also don't put one, you'll automatically get a neutral modifier (0.00), and that is just fine.

If you have any questions, you can always ask me in Discord (in #world_cup_2022 in the TWP RP server or you can DM me there) or in the OOC thread. If you forgot where that is, it is here:


Note: Reserving posts are only for the IC host (Clarkov/Hertfordshire and Jammbo) and OOC host (United Adaikes).

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The host nation of the 1422 Football World Cup

20200607_201331.png.e45e20c35baa4c26e7342e0939fe8c2c.png.6808310e7897555ebda5e2c34f02a877.png       656125647_HJCoatofArmsDraft.thumb.png.8a6eda9808ab82ac1cc42efe3ed67a7b.png

Confederal Kingdom of Hertfordshire and Jammbo

National Information - Under The Light Microscope

Hertfordshire and Jammbo is a mostly ice-covered somewhat elevated nation that lies within the south-eastern corner of Andolia. It borders the Great Pacific Ocean to the south and east, and Zastad to the west. There is no nation that borders it to the north, the closest due in that magnetic direction being Overthinkers. With 3,203,688 citizens living in an area of 129,181mi2 Hertfordshire and Jammbo, or Hertfordia as it is informally known, is the third least populated country on the continent ahead of Irador and Cyrylic and the 10th least populated in Esferos outright. It also has a population density of 9.6 people/km2 as a result.


A map of the southern continent Andolia. Hertfordshire & Jammbo exists within the time-zones of +0 (Andolian Meridian Time) & +1 (Hertfordian Standard Time).

National Information - Under The Electron Microscope

Hertfordshire and Jammbo has a total of 3 capitals all focused in the northern regions of the country. The executive capital and only city Great Parndon in Greater Parndon, the legislative capital Hoddesdon in Hoddesdonshire and the judicial capital Maidenhall are the three headquarters from where the clockwork of the land carries on. There are ~47 different counties, each with their own local government and county capital, the latter with the exception of Tadmartonshire, on the western coast of Lake Waveney, which is home to a solitary village of 300 people and nothing else.


A map of the counties of Hertfordshire and Jammbo. The triad of capitals are highlighted in red.

National Information - Away From The Microscope

As may have been guessed, Hertfordshire and Jammbo is a confederal kingdom. Founded as such after a peace deal between the Hertfordians and the Jammbonians ended the Hertmeria Wars, it established the system of 'confederal parliamentary elective monarchy'. The Tsar/Tsaress is elected once every 10 years, while the Prime Minister is elected once every 5 years. The current Tsar is Mečislavs Deben, due to contest re-election in 1431 and the current Prime Minister is Clarkov Sahaidachny who is set to attempt a push for a second term in the 1424 general elections. The monarch has powers greater than that of a constitutional monarch, but lesser than that of an absolute monarch.

1304387032_MeislavsDeben.png.6ed8b0f06c9ac8e434b89c7a46652db7.png                 DereTypesProfile.png.fc4be747560bc274ba948bac7cbb795f.png

Tsar Mečislavs Deben I and Prime Minister Clarkov J. Sahaidachny (he usually wears rectangular glasses). Rather infamously, these two both won medals in the Esferiad.

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The Saint Mark Angels

Football Club

The Saint Mark Angels are excited to debut in this year's World Cup!





Coach: Sir Karl Rodenberg

Name / Position / Number / Age / (Starting/Reserve)

Matthew Westly / Keeper / 3 / 24 / (Starting)
Ronald Harper / Keeper / 10 / 23 / (Reserve)

Gerhard Wolfensbach  / Defender / 2 / 32 / (Starting)
Merlin Dragonhart / Defender / 7 / 28 / (Starting)
Corwyn Armsforth / Defender / 9 / 25 / (Starting)
Scott Granger / Defender / 11 / 25 / (Starting)
Rudolph Quagmire / Defender / 13 / 24 / (Reserve)
Renfrew Trecoup / Defender / 15 / 23 / (Reserve)

Evard Wolfensbach / Midfielder / 6 / 26 / (Starting)
Harold Brickhouse / Midfielder / 8 / 28 / (Starting)
Lincoln Praiseworthy / Midfielder / 12 / 24 / (Starting)
Donald Masters / Midfielder / 17 / 22 / (Reserve)

Andrew Lionguard / Forward/ 1 / 29 / (Starting)
Hunter Wilcox / Forward / 4 / 26 / (Starting)
Cedric Seabroom / Forward / 18 / 27 / (Starting)
Roland Croft / Forward / 20 / 26 / (Reserve)
Mark Blaze / Forward / 22 / 24 / (Reserve)


Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

Style Modifier: -2

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Nieubasria is a nation of nearly 28 million residents, located in the northwest heart of Polaris. Though not the most popular professional sport in Nieubasria, football (called soccer in Nieubasria) is enjoying a steadily increasing popularity in common people due to recent celebrity interest. 

Basric Soccer Association

The Basric Soccer Association is a national sport organization whose mission is the organization and promotion of soccer in Nieubasria. To develop talented Nieubasric soccer players to achieve Esferiad and World Championship medal performances, BSA convenes amateur and semi-professional soccer leagues from which it chooses members of the National Team. BSA became a Convenorate in 1387 when the two remaining members under the previous federative structure merged under then Convenor Baron-Esquire Conrad Ellise.

A Convenorate is unitary organization structure under a single Convenor, usually the Patron, that serves as the figurehead. Convenorates will most often have a form of Board or Trusteeship which publishes bylaws and manages the hiring for the official posts of the organization, such as Manager of the National Teams.


Quick Info

  • Trigram: NIU
  • Adjective: Basric
  • Demonym: Basrian
  • Plural: Basrians
  • Language: Astorian, Common
  • Population: 27,972,687
  • Area: 609,327 km2 
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 195,566฿ , $45,800 international monetary units
  • Capital: Clarenton



Team Info

Basic Info:

  • Preferred formation: 4-1-2-3 or 4-3-3
  • Style mod: +3.5
  • Home stadium:  Nephele National Pitch, Saint Aiaden (cap. 52,800 (36,960 seated, 15,840 standing))
    • Known commonly as Nephele Pitch, the stadium is located in a recreational hub built atop reclaimed land on the bay, also home to the Basric Ballet Company's headquarters and the Saint Aiaden Symphony Orchestra. Nephele Pitch is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the National Team and the Saint Aiaden FC. The pitch features a retractable roof installed in 1409 following the 1408 cancellation of the Basric Cup finals due to unseasonably strong snows.
  • Managers: Quinten de Klerk, Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellisel (ex-officio)
    As patron to the National Team, Convenor Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellisel is considered an ex-officio manager. Máirín deliberates with the Basric Soccer Association Board of Trustees to hire the full-time manager. The current Manager Quinten de Klerk was hired in 1412 after the retirement of the long serving Vita Anker.
  • Coaches: Eadan Zandbergen (Head), Lisanne Jewele, Bas Rodden


Name / Position / Number / Age / (Starting/Reserve)

Dalton Fairburne / Keeper / 1 / 30 / (Starting)
Maksymilian Grover / Keeper / 12 / 32 / (Reserve)

Gustaaf Kampmans  / Defender / 2 / 31 / (Starting)
Holden Sudworthe / Defender / 3 / 28 / (Starting)
Seth Cory / Defender / 4 / 29 / (Starting)
Bran Mccracken / Defender / 5 / 26 / (Starting)
Camdyn Akermane / Defender / 14 / 34 / (Reserve)
Tatum Boatwrighte / Defender / 15 / 25 / (Reserve)
Greysen Beverlye / Defender / 16 / 29 / (Reserve)
Adriaan Yzaaks / Defender / 17 / 30 / (Reserve)

Lowie Schovers / Midfielder / 6 / 32 / (Starting)
Huxley Townsende / Midfielder / 7 / 29 / (Starting)
Landan Aylmere / Midfielder / 8 / 27 / (Starting)
Ard Taai / Midfielder / 18 / 26 / (Reserve)
Maxim Ioan / Midfielder / 19 / 26 / (Reserve)
Gerrit Slager / Midfielder / 20 / 29 / (Reserve)

Camdyn Cartwrighte / Forward/ 9 / 33 / (Starting)
Knox Hunte / Forward / 10 / 28 / (Starting)
Edric Graemes / Forward / 11 / 30 / (Starting)
Rikkert Kortier / Forward / 21 / 26 / (Reserve)
Machiel Zieleman / Forward / 22 / 27 / (Reserve)
Truman Hamptone / Forward / 23 / 29 / (Reserve)
Zedh Coreia / Forward / 14 / 22 (Reserve)

Home Kit


Away Kit


RP Permissions

Injure my players: Yes (minor only, DM me) 
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Assign my players red cards: Yes (with good reason)
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No

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The stadiums of the 1422 Football World Cup

Note: Each stadium will be used 5 times in the group stage. In each 6 team group, 3 members will play 3 "home matches", 1 at each stadium once, and 2 "away matches". The other 3 will do the reverse.

Group A:

See the source image

1 -> Pendulum Trinity, Harlow, Norsex (Capacity: 26,953) - Home of the Hertfordshire and Jammbo National Team - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group A and the Final.

See the source image

5 -> Black Parade Hall, Great Parndon, Greater Parndon (Capacity: 12,117) - Home of Parndon United (5th, Anglian Premier League 1421/22)- This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group A and the 2nd Semi-Final.


12 -> Jammer Drive, Crawley, Slobodăshire (Capacity: 2,716) - Home of Crawley & Jammbo (23rd [Relegated], Anglian Championship 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group A and the 8th Round of 16 match.



Group B:

See the source image

6 -> Chelmsford Stadium, Várpaberény, Greater Varpaber (Capacity: 2,910) - Home of Várpaberény City (6th, Anglian Premier League 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group B and the 1st Round of 16 match.


10 -> Heavenly Host, Lipobani-upon-Yanview, Sarvaton & Yanview (Capacity: 3,395) - Home of Yanderobani Athletic (9th, Anglian Championship 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group B and the 6th Round of 16 match.

See the source image

11 -> The Gensokyo Arena, Gensokyo, South Mihashire (Capacity: 3,395) - Home of Gensokyo Realm (1st [Champions], Anglian League 1 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group B, the 4th Round of 16 match and the 1st Quarter-Final.



Group C

See the source image

3 -> Glacier Shrine Academy Road, Poltragei, Midland (Capacity: 28,783) - Home of Poltragei Town (2nd, Anglian Premier League 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group C and the 3rd-Place Play-off.


7 -> Lunar Prime Park, Moigidia, Moigidiashire (Capacity: 4,857) - Home of Moigidia Lunar Prime (9th, Anglian Premier League 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group C, the 7th Round of 16 match and the 2nd Quarter-Final.


8 -> The Blizzardfall Stadium, Vatriopol, Constellatoshire (Capacity: 1,951) - Home of Vatriopol Town (12th, Anglian Premier League 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group C and the 5th Round of 16 match.



Group D

Station Park - geograph-1745780.jpg

2 -> Regnar Crown, Pulsargard, Prememrïto (Capacity: 6,790) - Former home of the Hertfordshire and Jammbo National Team - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group D, the 2nd Round of 16 match and the 4th Quarter-Final.

See the source image

4 -> Davenport Jammbo Stadium, Davenport, County Davenport (Capacity: 9,802) - Home of Davenport United (4th, Anglian Premier League 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group D and the 1st Semi-Final.


9 -> Fortune City Park, Timeston, Kalmshire (Capacity: 4,389) - Home of Timeston Stortford (14th, Anglian Premier League 1421/22) - This stadium will be used for 5 matches in Group C, the 3rd Round of 16 match and the 3rd Quarter-Final.


Stadium Locations:


Each stadium location is marked by a black-outlined lavender purple star and a corresponding number. Each region, made up of 4 counties (or 3 in Waveney-Stour Valley), has had 1 location chosen for the tournament.


OOC Note: Pay no attention to the words on some of the pictures, the pictures were screenshot from Google Maps.

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These are the players called up to the national team of The Kingdom of Larxia for the 2nd World Cup of Football. The tournament will see Ronald Guardiola return in his position as the Head Coach of the National Team, in the hopes of another successful campaign in the tournament, with the hopes of winning it this time around.

The Chief of FFL issued a statement in support of the national team and the confidence of the nation in the captaincy of Leo Messy.


There is a new design of Jersey for this World Cup, with lead the t-shirt sponsors making sure to create a beautiful piece for this tournamentdownload.thumb.png.dd359912d8f1487eebc2d5c9b2539b21.png








RP Permissions:

Injure my players: yes (only minor) (max 1 match missed)

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: no

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: yes (but ask we can probably do it together)

Godmod other events: yes (dm me for it)


Style Modifier: +3.5

The team will employ a 4-3-3 formation. 

This is the playing 11:



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THE ORANGUTAN RANGERS1613531904245-removebg-preview.png.df6b2e26aa350bc67dfeb0b0068909e7.png




Injure my players: yes

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: no

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: no

Godmod other events: no

Style mod: +3.5

Formation: 14231/1433




Introducing 20 players of Arifiyyah FA


















Have been in the team since hes was 19. The best goalkeeper in Arifiyyah. Keeping 26 clean sheets out of 36 matches last season.




One of the national football legend. Has played in Larxia and Nieubasrian League.  All young players inspired him as thei role model because his attitude on and off the pitch. This gentleman got 85% tackle success and the best defender in the APL. 




The best youngster in the league.The best playmaker and have 32 assists for Medina Arif FC last season. Surprisingly,the coach has put trust on him to be the national team captain at 24. In fact, he's the brother of Sultan Arif Nazhim Shah.




This young man made his 2nd World Cup. Currently the top scorer in APL with 27 goals. Even thought he play as winger,he got 9/10 finishing. Means he can score even during critical defense situation!!!




Manager and Head Coach for Arifiyyah FA. He's the one brought the Olympics team to the 3rd place finals. With his 4231 passing play "Artery ball",his players can score lots of beautiful goal with beautiful moves.




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image.png.4b31eb806a49a7d2e204d616cd6ae255.png |   image.png.7c952b6266fdf95aba7f4674570db795.png
Fluvian Football Federation | Fluvian National Team

Players representing Rivalfiume:

Player name Age Position Other info
Astirio de Monti 31 GK (SK)  
Tiul Masci 28 GK (SK) Reserve player
Lighiero Salviati 21 FB (IWB)  
Disiato Lusiperto 30 FB (IWB)  
Everetto Mencini 25 FB (IWB) Reserve player
Tosco Ellandi 28 FB (IWB) Reserve player
Sereno Vessi 28 CD (BPD)  
Posi Casarte 34 CD (BPD) Team Captain
Mendino Bossi 27 CD (BPD) Reserve player
Luperto Lenna 22 CD (BPD) Reserve player
Leonforte Maridi 25 HB  
Didi Manfredi 29 HB Reserve player
Petro Tajudi 19 CM (BBM)  
Tieseo Primetto 20 CM   
Adoele Calet 27 CM Reserve player
Can also play
as BBM
Mimmo Tartaglia 29 CM Reserve player
Sartio Puledda 23 CF (SS)  
Marco Baggi 22 CF (SS) Reserve player
Lume del Poggio 26 AF (P)  
Podiano Lucis 29 AF (P) Reserve player
Gioseff Mecubano 25 AF  
Aleseo Partis 20 AF Reserve player
Can also play
as P
Pietro Maltolo 21 AF Reserve player




Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 narrow / 4-4-2 diamond / 5-2-1-2
Starting eleven:

image.png.8596274a50bebf60fe944bcba5ac5650.png    image.png.38968f608635c78abd654684355848f9.png
Fluvian 1422 home and away kits.

Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes (with reason)
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no
Style mod: +2.5

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Injure my players: Yes

Assign my players yellow cards: Yes

Assign my players red cards: Yes (but if possible do it very infrequentley 2 or less)

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: no

Godmod other events: no






        PLAYER             |                     NUMBER

A. FYDÓ [C]                                4

H. TICACHO                                7

A. NE'ETO                                        10

A. PIFA'ATÁ                                    11

N. FARRIS                                     18

Z. FANIL                                            15

A. FARRIS                                            14  

E. VILAÑA                                          6

H. MATAÑA                                        9

X. PATOCHÁ                                        8

A. RINACO                                      1



E. PALBILLÓ                                      2

F. GABAJAÑA                                   19

A. YACUCHO                                     13

F. MATAÑA                                         20

A. CHATÓ                                           12


COACHES: E. RALAÓ (First 4 Matches, replaced after the loss against Saint Mark)

A. NA'LATÍ (Current)                                                                 










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Giovannilandian National Football Team
Esquadra Nationale Giovanniterrana Pedesfere 

Team Information:

Style mod: +5
Home Stadium: Arena Abrentana, Giovannia
Manager: Lauro Veltano-Suetonio
Coach: Rodrigo Violetone

Main Players:

Name Gender  Age  Position Home City
Sergio Pradobeno-Turri Male 25 Goalkeeper Andoliavilla
Agatta Obultrone Female 29 Center Back Abrentopole
Manuella Giakobo Female 26 Center Back Porto Violeto
Herbina Gavio Horati Female 23 Left Outside Back Giovannia
Giovanni Oliverde-Lastrilla Male 24 Right Outside Back Porto Violeto
Lorentio Santo-Ferrari (C) Male 28 Defending Midfield Annavilla
Gabriella Orfeo Female 26 Center Midfield Amorante
Hortensia Purparbone Female 24 Attacking Midfield Uryde
Gustavo Zapata Male 21 Striker Giovannia
Pietro Takeda Male 21 Striker Giovannia
Matteo Ventomar Male 19 Striker Andoliavilla

Backup Players:

Name Gender  Age  Position Home City
Klaudio Spindola Male 26 Goalkeeper Uryde
Renato Prudentio Male 26 Goalkeeper Giuvenoria
Augustino Opiterno-Lumini Male 25 Goalkeeper Islamagna
Melia Dolabella Female 20 Goalkeeper Flaviopole
Sandra Persona-Fonti Female 19 Center Back Karlopole
Galbina Fulviani Female 24 Center Back Kampobello
Afranio Rusellio Purpuro Male 25 Center Back Daurone
Teodoro Sonserina Male 20 Center Back Kastellavando
Neurina Navano-Rosa Female 24 Left Outside Back Einotta
Aulo Aprone-Pelio Male 26 Left Outside Back Annavilla
Sergio Feragi Faustiano Male 28 Right Outside Back Porto Violeto
Valerio Amdo-Gyasso Male 29 Right Outside Back Dazano
Ammiana Dasumio Female 25 Defending Midfield Markellia
Arabella Viator-Nyima Female 27 Defending Midfield Lampo
Herminio Labeno Venti Male 19 Center Midfield Andoliavilla
Filippa Pleminio Female 30 Center Midfield Gioseppole
Giustiniano Nottua-Glabrio Male 20 Attacking Midfield Abrentopole
Kassio Fidustio-Severi Male 24 Attacking Midfield Quorivo
Mariana Lavandula-Savora Female 27 Striker Porto Violeto
Zodena Granvino Female 21 Striker Bayabrenti
Aurelio Duvina Male 21 Striker Karlopole
Otavio Borba-Markano Male 23 Striker Delliaro
Klementina de Abreo-Florino Female 22 Striker Quorivo
Domitilla Sekinio-Lavanda Female 28 Striker Giovannia

RP Permissions:
Injure my players: no
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

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Team Information

  • Style mod: 3.6
  • Formation: 2-3-5
  • Home stadium: Union Arena, cap. 75,000
  • Head Coach: Giovanni Dos Santos
  • Assistant Coaches: Marco Savarese, Greenne Velach
  • Goalkeeping Coach: Cory Highsmith


  • Goalkeepers (4): Stefan Keller, Andrew Meredith, Aljaz Sulte, Thomas Irons
  • Defenders (5): Tony Arreaga, Jalil Ebobisse, Jaroslaw Zuparic, Jorge Alfaro, Laurens Mallory
  • Midfielders (7): Adam King, Vincent Taney, Bill Nyassi, Victor Rosales, Cristian Moffat, Andreas Atencio, Chad Mears
  • Forwards (12): Miguel Montero, Jordan Noonan, Richard Pomeroy, Yimmi Nkufo, Diego Ruidiaz, Renzo Valeri, Emery Veere, Fredy Ochoa, Sammy Ocampo, Nelson Ibarra, Cam White, Jacob Carter

Starters are underlined.






Home (L), Away (C), Alternate (R)


Style modifier 3.6
Home stadium  Union Arena 
(RP) Players may be injured Yes
(RP) Players may receive yellow cards Yes
(RP) Players may receive red cards Yes
No godmodding; Consult prior to carding.


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  • Fujai featured and pinned this topic


Organization of Nagaraningrad National Football(NNF) had taken over a successful Football Organization that established among PE Teacher and lead Nagaraningrad for 2nd World Cup of Football where the player are consist of few

under the name of Nagaraningrad Football Team(NFT), NNF had acquired the Organization with Hundreds of Million of Roetii and promise that it can established a good investment for the future.













Style Modifier: +1
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: if it's interesting, yes


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Cyrylic National Football Team logo is under construction

Cyrylican National Football Team
(Cyrylican:Cirilica Nazionale Fudbalski tim)

Team information:

Style modifier: +2

Formation: 4-3-2-1

Home Stadium: Santa Dela Peco

Mannager: Ivan Savić

Coach: Romeo De Fazio

Main Players:

Home City
Player number
Taziano Merante Male 25 Goalkeeper Tparse 1
Bassilla Musacchia Female 26 Center Back Commercio 27
Malina Golubović Female 26 Center Back North Blobtown 94
Ivanka Golubović Female 21 Left Outside Back North Blobtown 15
Branka Tadić Female 24 Right Outside Back Casastoia 35
Loris Corti Male 23 Defending Midfield Eserci 7
Ljubomir Stevanović Male 21 Center Midfield Zlabrod 18
Lamberto Maietta Male 24 Attacking Midfield Opatije 5
Gavrilo Novaković (C) Male 20 Striker Dolphino 13
Benigno Pioli Male 21 Striker Zlabrod 29
Colombo Gazzo Male 19 Striker North Blobtown 21

Reserve players:


Name Gender Age Position Home City Player number
Zaccheo Pompa Male 20 GoalKeeper Commercio 2
Pavle Novaković Male 19 GoalKeeper Eserci 3
Dafne Prestia Female 25 Outside Back Tparse 8
Pribislav Nešić Male 23 Midfield North Blobtown 32
Bartolomeo Di Girolamo Male 28 Center Back Casastoia 46
Sonya Krstić Female 19 Striker Commercio 19
Callisto Ginnetti Male 21 Striker North Blobtown 36


                  Home Kits


                   Away Kits


RP Permissions:
Injure my players: yes (minor only)
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes (good reason)
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

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Fujai (fu:'jaɪ, foo-yEYE) is a small coastal nation of just over 7 million residents, located in the north of the Polarii continent. While winter sports are the most popular in the country, Fujai has a long footballing tradition, beginning near the end of the 14th century, when the game was brought north by the Cambrians.

The Landslag

The Landslag is made up of the finest players in Fujai, though few would be considered of truly international quality. It is sponsored by Fujais Fotbollforbund (FjFF), a member of Fujais Idrottsforbund (FIF - Sports Federation of Fujai). Most Landslag players come from Fujai's top league, Fyrstserien, though a few come from the second division, Annarserien, and one comes from a university team. While Fujansk clubs are more equal in skill than the average league, the four most dominant teams, the Feme Store, are Solbakken IL and Bruland IF from the capital of Keiserholde, Allmein IL from Rønnøn, GIF Tåkstad from Tåkstad, and Trondsnes FF from Strafsund.

Recently, the Landslag has, against the odds, managed to stay near the upper tier of international footballing in recent years, including fourth place at the Saint-Josalyn Esferiad, fifth place at the 1st WCF, and fifth at the Quoriv-Kharventhin Esferiad. Will they be able to break their streak and finally make a podium appearance? Only time will tell.

Fujais Idrottsforbund

Fujais Idrottsforbund (FIF) is the federation of labor unions representing all sports players and workers in sports-associated industries. It is separate from the Fujansk government, but receives accreditation and financial and infrastructural support from it. Its structure includes clubs at the local level (e.g. a local sports club), which are constituents of fylke organizations, which are a part of the larger federation representing specific sports (e.g. Fujais Fotbollforbund for football), which are then members of FIF.

Fujais Fotbollforbund

Fujais Fotbollforbund (FjFF) is the labor union that governs football in Fujai and represents all players, related workers, and clubs in the country. It governs Fujai's league system, consisting of Fyrstserien, Annarserien, Tredjeserien, and the landsdel leagues. Fylke leagues and lower are organized by the the fylke organizations.


UN26JB7.png                 f0dePDG.png


Important Notes (!)

Editor's note on gender: Fujansk culture does not have individual gender categories. The five common genders were historically recognized, though categories and classifications of gender expression have broken down in the last few centuries, resulting in today's non-categorical perception of gender. Since the Fujansk language does not have gendered pronouns, most Fujar choose choose to use gender-neutral pronouns when interacting in the common tongue, such as they/them. All players on the Landslag use they/them pronouns in the common language.

Translator's note: Landslaget translates to "The National Team," while Landslag translates to "National Team." In the common tongue, one would say "the Landslag did well" or "Landslaget did well," not "the Landslaget did well" (the translated equivalent of "the The Landslag did well"). This is because the Fujansk language uses suffixes to create definite nouns instead of articles. See Den Fujanske Ordboken (The Fujansk Dictionary) for more information.

Quick Info

  • Trigram: FJA
  • Adjective: Fujansk
  • Demonym: Fujar
  • Plural: Fujar
  • Language: Fujansk
  • Population: 7,294,825 (~RL Paraguay/Washington state)
  • Area: 521,912 km2 (Saisland: 132,718 km2, Hasmark+Lannreid: 389,194 km2) (~RL Nicaragua+Zimbabwe/Alabama+Montana)
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 1,760,000 kronar, 71,535 international monetary units
  • Capital: Keiserholde, Keiserholde fylke



Team Info

Basic Info:

  • Preferred formation: 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3
  • Style mod: +1.2
  • Home stadium: Nykanalstadion, Keiserholde - cap. 48,300 (34,680 standing; 13,620 seated)
    • Known commonly as Nykanalen, the stadium is located in Nykanalparken, a park built on the former fortifications that surround Keiserholde's city center. Nykanalen is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the Landslag. Like most stadiums in Fujai, it includes large standing areas to increase capacity, lower costs, and help people stay warm by standing instead of sitting in the country's famously cold weather.
  • Managers: Systa Hendsal, Iren Sattar
  • Coaches: Eirdis Overby, Lasse Lillegård

Players to Watch:

  • Arin Salberg - Captain and star striker of Solbakken IL, one of the winningest teams in recent Fujansk history—has led the team in scores at every competition.
  • Solfrid Hellem - Shadow striker, them and Salberg have made a daring duo the past two years of being together on the national team
  • Erna Höss - A star from Annarserien's Hal Stor IK, until this year they were only starter from the second division, but two high profile relegations meant they were joined by many others.
  • Anton Felland - A master of footwork, they can take the ball even from the most experienced players if given the chance


Starting 11

Name Pos. Club City Age League
Arin Salberg Striker (ST) Solbakken IL Keiserholde 24 Fyrstserien
Solfrid Hellem Shadow Striker (SS) Hafstrand 07 FF Hafstrand 28 Annarserien
Xavier Michaud Attacking Midfielder (AM) AS Savigny-Bilten Bertranslaug 31 Fyrstserien
Maa'ingan Hoven Central Midfielder (CM) Lindskrona IF Lindskrona 27 Fyrstserien
Erna Höss Left Midfielder (LM) Hal Stor IK Halfjord 25 Annarserien
Jørgen Solstein Right Midfielder (RM) Karlsøra IF Karlsøra 32 Fyrstserien
Chibuzo Jorg Left Back (LB) Jarnfoss IL Jarnfoss 28 Annarserien
Rakel Veberg Right Back (RB) Austvik IL Austvik 30 Annarserien
Agnes Hammeren Center Back (CB) Bruland IF Keiserholde 29 Fyrstserien
Anton Felland Center Back (CB) Trondsnes FF Strafsund 24 Fyrstserien
Nahel Parekh Goalkeeper (GK) Almoren IL Almoren 34 Fyrstserien


Name Pos. Club City Age League
Min Qian Striker (ST) Trondsnes FF Strafsund 31 Fyrstserien
Tosin Dawar Striker (ST) Uni. i Strafsund Strafsund 21 Storuniserien
Marte Setter Attacking Midfielder (AM) Ossen BK Kordalant 35 Fyrstserien
Peder Kamie Attacking Midfielder (AM) AS Savigny-Bilten Bertranslaug 26 Fyrstserien
Stefan Juel Central Midfielder (CM) Almoren IL Almoren 30 Fyrstserien
Pernille Slette Central Midfielder (CM) Solbakken IL Keiserholde 28 Fyrstserien
Torunn Landet (AC) Left Midfielder (LM) Havnarbetars IL Braskvik 26 Fyrstserien
Agnar Boken Right Midfielder (RM) Rønnhavn IL Rønnhavn 27 Fyrstserien
Mtuzi Kesane Left Back (LB) FF Skan Fosborg 27 Annarserien
Arni Limensgård Left Back (LB) Bruland IF Keiserholde 25 Fyrstserien
Hildur Buras Center Back (CB) Bruland IF Keiserholde 24 Fyrstserien
Torild Vaness Center Back (CB) Hafstrand 07 FF Hafstrand 30 Annarserien
Finn Åbel Goalkeeper (GK) Karlsøra IF Karlsøra 29 Fyrstserien

Formation Graphic






RP Permissions


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, including season/career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason—ask me if you want to do something wild and we can do it together

Gender note: Pronouns are important, use the right ones.
Language note: If I provide a word in Fujansk, please use it as is instead of a translation. If you'd like any additional translations or have a question, feel free to message me

OOC Disclaimer:


I don't know too much about football, so I may get something or many somethings wrong.
If you'd like to know something about Fujai that I didn't cover or whatever else, feel free to send me a message or look at my fully and totally complete factbook.
All graphics created by myself.


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Group Stage Draw



Group Stage Mechanics

With 24 participating nations, they will be divided into four (4) groups with six (6) nations each. Nations will play with all nations found in their group. A win is given three (3) points, a draw is given one (1) point, and a loss is given zero (0) points. Four (4) nations with the most number of points in their group will progress in the knockout rounds. When points are tied, goal difference, goals scored, and matchup results between the tied teams are checked to break the tie.

Results are given at 8AM ET, with a cut-off for role play at 7AM ET two days after.

Match Day 1: November 11
Match Day 2: November 13
Match Day 3: November 15
Match Day 4: November 17
Match Day 5: November 19
Round of 16: November 21
Quarterfinals: November 23
Semi-Finals November 25
Ranking Matches and Final: November 27

Schedule of Games
(Teams in left are the home teams)


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10 NOVEMBER 1422- Two days ago,the Arifiyyah National Football Team has arrived to the host for 2nd TWP World Cup,The Hertfordshire and Jammbo. All 30 people including coaches and staffs arrived safely by Arifiyyah Air flight,ARF-135. "We're very excited for this edition with some of new players getting called for the international duty. We've starts our training a week ago and we will try our best for the fans and country,"said the youngest player Amar Khalid during the quick interview at the airport.


The coach said that all the players looking sharp during training and already build a good chemistry in team. "So for this edition our main target is to win the World Cup of course,and we want to go further than quarterfinal. The boys looking really excited for this World Cup because of motivation from their achievements on the last year Esferiad. They're all confident and I'm always advice them don't overconfident because it can kill them. However,we will start working from today and doing the best for Arifiyyah,"said the coach Mikail Artery during the interview.



The Orangutan Rangers at the international airport



First day preparation at Herefordshire and Jammbo



This sports news Brought to you by:LNgl3qp_70.jpg.183137dbd32b48b35791636e88098860.jpg

Arifiyyah's Times

Our country,our story

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Overthinkers National Football Team

Team Information

Style Mod: -2.9
Manager: Wendell A. Luigi
Head Coach: Gary Gerry (Former HC, Brunnes FC) 

Home Stadium: Gladius World Stadium, Cangham (capacity 60,000)


# Player Position Club Hometown
2 Barker, Emmy Goalkeeper Brunnes FC Exvia
5 Chang, Ray Defender Cangham West Aurum
7 Reid, Ian Defender Bellman FC Anders
9 Cole, Elle Defender Brunnes FC Brunnes
11 Peck, Ryan Defender Brunnes FC Cangham
21 Cobb, Amie Midfielder Cangham North Occida
24 Archer, Max Midfielder Aurum Union Hestmere
29 Poole, Cain Midfielder Cangham West Cangham
30 Rollins, Karli Midfielder FC Worth Bellman
44 Fletcher, Damian Forward Hestmere Cangham
49 Reeves, Lukas Forward/Mid Cargan Valley Cargan
1 Peterson, Chris Goalkeeper Aurum Legion Aurum
4 Donovan, Jen Goalkeeper FC Worth Occida
6 Hamilton, Max Defender Aurum Union Hestmere
11 Dickson, Adrian Defender Brunnes FC Worth
15 Miranda, Anika Defender Imperialist Cangham West Anders
17  Wilkins, Peter Midfielder Bellman FC Brunnes
23 Lyons, Lucille Midfielder Bellman FC Brunnes
41 Gerano, Kyle Forward Cangham West Aurum
46 Callum, Lee Forward Cangham North Worth

RP Permissions

Injure my players: Yes
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Assign my players red cards: Yes
Godmodding: Consult first

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Results of the 1st Match Day of the Group Stage

Group A
Hertfordshire & Jammbo 3–0 Tupmonia
Nagaraningrad 1–0 Overthinkers
Dalimbar 2–0 Driex Skad

  Group A                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Hertfordshire & Jammbo      1   1  0  0    3   0  +3    3
2 Dalimbar                    1   1  0  0    2   0  +2    3
3 Nagaraningrad               1   1  0  0    1   0  +1    3
4 Overthinkers                1   0  0  1    0   1  −1    0
5 Driex Skad                  1   0  0  1    0   2  −2    0
6 Tupmonia                    1   0  0  1    0   3  −3    0

Group B
Cambria 3–0 Sekiya
Fujai 6–0 Kurabis
Giovanniland 1–0 Alchera (NPC)

  Group B                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Fujai                       1   1  0  0    6   0  +6    3
2 Cambria                     1   1  0  0    3   0  +3    3
3 Giovanniland                1   1  0  0    1   0  +1    3
4 Alchera (NPC)               1   0  0  1    0   1  −1    0
5 Sekiya                      1   0  0  1    0   3  −3    0
6 Kurabis                     1   0  0  1    0   6  −6    0

Group C
Larxia 4–0 Saint Mark
Arifiyyah 5–2 Ryxtylopia
United Adaikes 3–0 Cyrylic

  Group C                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Larxia                      1   1  0  0    4   0  +4    3
2 Arifiyyah                   1   1  0  0    5   2  +3    3
3 United Adaikes              1   1  0  0    3   0  +3    3
4 Ryxtylopia                  1   0  0  1    2   5  −3    0
5 Cyrylic                     1   0  0  1    0   3  −3    0
6 Saint Mark                  1   0  0  1    0   4  −4    0

Group D
Nieubasria 3–0 Sospestan
Zoran 3–2 Rivalfiume
Santos-Dominius 4–3 Haetonia

  Group D                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Nieubasria                  1   1  0  0    3   0  +3    3
2 Santos-Dominius             1   1  0  0    4   3  +1    3
3 Zoran                       1   1  0  0    3   2  +1    3
4 Haetonia                    1   0  0  1    3   4  −1    0
5 Rivalfiume                  1   0  0  1    2   3  −1    0
6 Sospestan                   1   0  0  1    0   3  −3    0


For this tournament, we will also have RP Prompts. If you do not have an idea what to RP for the next matchday, let me help you (though this is not mandatory for all participants).

For the 2nd matchday, if you want to, talk about the process how a player becomes a part of your national team. Be creative (but with the bounds of realism)! :D

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Good day,all football fans. It's really a great day to start for the Orangutan Rangers after they beat Ryxtylopia 5-2. The boys really happy with the result.


Today's lineup:Hudson(GK) | Ahmad Dahlan(CB),Saliba(CB),Ali(RB),Jian Xing(LB) | Partey(CDM),Syameer(CDM), Muhammad Nazhim (CAM) | Hariyanto(LW),Kane(ST),Khalid(RW)


Goalscorers:Harris Kane 3,Nazhim 1,Khalid 1

MOTM:Harris Kane | 82 minutes played | 3 Goals | 1 assist


Post-match interview with Harris Kane

Reporter: what a performance for the 1st match,Harris! What do you think on today's game?

Harris: All the boys are doing great. Nazhim assist me with 2 goals. Everyone is great today. We move for tomorrow and hoping for a win and a clean sheets.

Reporter: So how do tou expect for tomorrow match?

Harris: Tomorrow is a big match. We play against the last edition finalist. We will try hard to break their defensive line and win the game like we just did today. Keep up your support to us,Arifians!



Harris Kane celebrated his hattrick


Media Conference with the Head Coach

Reporter: What do you think on today's game?

Artery: Everyone was doing so well. Not only Kane, everyone were carrying the team today. They follow my instructions,work hard and win the game. Big congrats to them!

Reporter: So what do you think about tomorrow's match against Larxia.

Artery: They're strong, they're tough. We need to work more than them before and during the match. I believe all the players is ready to meet them tomorrow. We've done a lot of video analysis about some team like Larxia,United Adaikes,Nieubasria and many more. We have some secret ingredients to be add for tomorrow match. Just wait and see what's going to happen tomorrow. 



Here are the latest standing of Group 😄IMG_20221111_221200.thumb.jpg.f57c75120d4bca273bbe5586fd3bd813.jpg



We also got the latest info that an Arifiyyah Air plane carrying over 200 the Orangutan Boys safely arrived at 6.30 am. That's all the report for today, let's keep up our support to the Arifiyyah National Football Team.


This sports news brought to you by:LNgl3qp_70.jpg.183137dbd32b48b35791636e88098860.jpg



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Change of Command Ceremony in the Basglinn Region

Statement | Basglinn | November 11, 1422 | Correctional Service Basria, Agency of the Estates-Ministry of The Prince's Peace

News release
On November 8, 2022, the Correctional Service Basria (CSB) held a Change of Command Ceremony in the Basglinn Region. This occasion marked the change in command from the outgoing Regional Deputy Commissioner Gwen Gratton, to the incoming Regional Deputy Commissioner Jason Drope.

The ceremony reinforces the responsibility of leadership in the role of Regional Deputy Commissioner. It represents the symbolic passing of responsibility, authority, and accountability from one correctional leader to another.

This ceremony is an important tradition for CSB. It reaffirms the incoming leader’s pledge to support CSB’s mission and contribute to the safety and security of the public, employees and offenders.

CSB is proud of the dedicated staff members in the Basglinn Region who work tirelessly every day to make a difference in the lives of offenders. Their professionalism and commitment contributes to public safety for Basrians.

Quick Facts

The Correctional Service Basria Basglinn Regional Headquarters is in Tarentinn, a neighbouring city to the regional seat of Basglinn. 
The Basglinn Region contains 11 institutions (including three embedded charity units of local Tamaric Stakes) and two parole districts.

For more information, media may contact: Braund Brand, Media Relations and Outreach Advisor of Basglinn Region of Correctional Service Basria at regional.bg@csb.nb


Estates-Minister of Sport and Tourism announces financial support for Basketball Basria

Statement | Saint Aiaden | November 10, 1422 |  Estates-Ministry of Sport and Tourism

News release

The Government of Prince Owain V is committed to supporting Basrians from the playground to the podium, helping subjects get active, inspiring young people and bringing people together in the spirit of healthy competition.

Today, the Estates-Minister of Sport and Tourism and the Hierminister responsible for Social Mobility Programs, announced 20,181,230฿ in funding for Basketball Basria  and Wheelchair Basketball Basria for 1422–23, including 85,000฿ for safety in sport.

The investment will provide funding for the organizations daily operations, promote basketball and wheelchair basketball among all Basrians, and support high-performance athletes competing at the national and international levels. The Basketball Basria funding also includes 150,000฿ to prepare bids to host international completions or invitationals. 

The safety in sport investment is part of the government’s work with sport organizations to ensure a safe sport environment for athletes across Nieubasria. The annual funding will help national sport organizations meet important governance, accountability and safe sport standards, such as:

- using the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner as their independent third-party mechanism to address allegations of maltreatment;
- offering mandatory training for athletes, coaches and support staff to prevent and address maltreatment; and
- integrating the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport into their organizational policies and procedures.

As the single largest investor in Basria's sport system, the Estates-Ministry is proud of its investments in support of athletes, national and multisport organizations, and in initiatives to host international sport events.



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A beautiful display of footballing spirit saw Larxia take the much-needed win against a rather friendly nation of Saint Mark. The 4-0 win was exactly the start the team would've wanted and was expected from the Runners-Up of the 1st Football World Cup. 

In a post-match interview with Larxia's own Philippe Langburn, captain Leo Messy, scoring a hat-trick in the first game, emphasized on how starting this campaign off with a decisive victory was absolutely necessary for the morale of the team. The morale around the team has steadily risen since the pre–World Cup friendlies that were played to prepare for the tournament.

The match saw goals coming from Messy and Garcia.






In an interview with the head coach, Ronald Guardiola, we learnt how they prepared for the first match, be it physically, tactically or mentally, and how close-knit this group of players is. 

The King also seemed delighted with the victory in his pretty straight-forward worded tweet







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DU-UKH,  UUK   – Keiserholde, Fujai  — Heja folks, this is Berit here coming to you from DU-UKH, Den Blå Duken, UiKeiserholde's officially unofficial student radio. For today's Idrottsminutt, we're discussing the lead-in and first match of the Deuxième World Cup of Football! This year taking place far to the south in Hertfordshire & Jammbo, a small nation, even by Norrstansk standards, with only 3.2 million residents across its cold forests, fields, and highlands.

24 of the strongest teams in the world have gathered in the south to duke it out and see who comes out on top (very hot), and while we're truly just happy to be involved, there are some around Den Blå Duken who think the Landslag actually has a shot at the podium this time around. They're coming off some solid finishes in fourth and fifth place at recent events, and have performed stellarly at their recent friendlies. I'd say it's definitely possible!

And that brings us to the first match, against the Kurabisians across the continent. I won't spoil the end just yet, but this one was wild, let me tell you. The team started out attacking strong, and secured their first goal by Arin Salberg at the 21 minute mark. Then it kept going with Arin sending in another beautiful goal at the 36 minute mark. Then yet another by Solfrid Hellem at the 41 minute mark. At half-time, the Landslag was up 3-0 in what was already one of their winningest games, and going into the second half the decision seemed to be to ease up on the attacking mentality and give the forwards a break, as Solfrid had sustained a minor injury just after their goal and was forced to leave the game.

Starting the second half, Tosin Dawar came in for Hellem and almost immediately took a goal at 51 minutes. Even with a more laid back mentality, Dawar and Salberg seemingly cut through the Kurabisian defenders for their 4-0 lead, truly incredible stuff. But then Salberg scored again at 72 minutes, taking their very first hat trick in international play!! And people began to think "okay this is a little bit much, perhaps....." Oh if that were the case, though. as Xavier Michaud, Reçueçian expat extraordinaire swooped in at 84 minutes for the sixth and final goal of the game. Absolutely fucking nutters, one might say this game was. Certainly by the end of it we noticed a few players on the Landslag looking just a little bit ashamed at this shutout. Throughout the entire match, the Kurabisians successfully made only six shots on goal, with only one on target. Truly it must have been an off day for them and an on day for the Landslag. Maybe next time the offense can uhh, go a little easier on them perhaps.

My dear "assistant", Bo seems to have misplaced the World Cup schedule so I suppose that's all I can give you right now, but we should be back later to talk about the next match preview! Until then, keep it cool!

[exit music plays]


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