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2nd World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplay, results]

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WCF2 Coverage: Match Day 1 | Santos-Dominius 4-3 Haetonia

Santos-Dominius has celebrated its first victory in the 2nd World Cup of Football today after the National Football Team clinched a narrow 4-3 victory against opponents from Haetonia, in what was described by Santo-Dominian viewers at home as a nail-biting match that was stressful to watch on television.

This victory puts the team in a strong position in Group D alongside the teams from Nieubasria and Zoran, with all three teams each having three points. The losers of Match Day 1, namely Haetonia, Sospestan and Rivalfiume, all have zero points and presently sit at the bottom of the group. However, all teams still have ample opportunities to move up or down the Group D leaderboard, with today's matches being only the beginning of what is expected to be a long competition between the very best footballers and teams of Esferos.

Besides the Santo-Dominian victory against Haetonia, several other countries won exceptional victories against their opponents. In Group A, Hertfordshire and Jammbo won with the biggest margin in their group, triumphing against Tupmonia in a 3-0 match. In Group B, Fujar footballers collectively orchestrated what was later found to be the new biggest win of all-time, managing a 6-0 wipeout of a match against Kurabis, which later led to reports from Fujansk student radio Den Blå Duken that some of the Fujar players apparently appeared "ashamed at [the] shutout" that they had dealt to the Kurabisians.

In Group C, the team from Larxia pulled off a 4-0 victory against the Saint Markians, in what was considered a disappointing start to WCF2 for Saint Mark. However, commentators have pointed out that it was not unexpected, given the fact that the Larxians performed incredibly well in WCF1, having won 2nd place overall after narrowly losing 0-1 to Nieubasria. Commentators expect Larxia to maintain a strong showing this time around, while many have also cautioned against counting Saint Mark out after only one day into the competition.

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Zoran 3 - 2 Rivalfiume


HERTFORDSHIRE AND JAMMBO - Greetings, Fluviani! I’m here live from inside the Regnar Crown Stadium in Hertfordshire and Jammbo to interview Marselio Tesmett, as some interesting questions have started to pop up.

Valensio Resìn, the interviewer, approaches Marselio Tesmett.

Resìn: “That was a close game! Tell us all about it.”
Tesmett:  “It sure was! The Swans tried their best. Even though we lost, I’m confident that we’re doing the right thing. The tactic is still fresh, and we will take the time to improve it further. Football is all about teamwork, and this formation in particular needs a lot of it, otherwise it won’t do its magic.”

Resìn: “Indeed, this formation is weird for Fluvian standards. It may have its strengths, but it also has its weaknesses. I would say that defense was lacking today. What are your thoughts?”
Tesmett: I have faith in this new formation. These first matches are also useful to get players “cozy” with the new tactics. I know this is a big change for most recurring players of the team, but they must adapt to the new roles and instructions. Although, I have to agree with you on this one. We should’ve focused more on defense. We were leveled, until several mistakes from the defense led to a crushing attack from the Zoranians. We must be more careful!”


Resìn: “Are you planning to make some rotations in preparation of the next match against Santos-Dominius?”
Tesmett: “Yes, I think I will be making some changes to the starting eleven. The tactic requires a lot of speed and pace, especially for the inverted wing backs: they mainly have defensive tasks and supportive tasks, but when the chance is right, they can also start the attack. And as you may have guessed, this is very demanding. So, to keep players fresh, I will rotate the starting eleven quite often, yes.”


Resìn: “Let’s talk about the highlights of the match. What a screamer from Puledda, in the 61st minute!”
Tesmett: “Ah, such a wonderful goal! That’s why the shadow striker is such a strong weapon on the pitch: breaks enemy defenses and delivers fantastic goals! Also a nice demonstration of the teamwork I was talking about previously. Let’s also not undermine del Poggio’s fantastic goal, a stunning header in the 30th minute that got us back to a tie before the end of the First Half.”

Resìn: “Well, this was very insightful, Coach Tesmett! Thank you for your time.”
Tesmett: “It was a pleasure!”

Valensio steps back, and looks back at camera

Well! That concludes the interview. Fluviani back home: don’t forget to tune in for the next game, when Rivalfiume will face Santos-Dominius! 

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The Saint Mark Angels

Football Club


Sir Karl Rodenberg, Coach of the Saint Mark Angels, was sitting at the small desk in his room at the The Vertex, a five-star hotel within walking distance of the Blizzardfall Stadium. Despite the near-freezing temperature outside, the window was open to allow the icy breeze to cool off the over-heated space. Apparently, their host country thought that those from the warmer climes would feel more at home in a sauna. The hotel was obviously of a high quality, but furnished in the spare, modern style that Sir Karl disliked. The accomodations weren't what were making him uncomfortable, however. He was on the phone with his sovereign, Prince Marcarius.

"Yes, sir. Westly definitely did not play up to his potential. Our first-rate Keeper seemed sluggish. I'm sure it was a combination of jet lag and acclimating to the cold weather."

"Well, we originally did want to arrive earlier, but with Lionguard having to attend his sister's Presentation, and Dragonhart being unable to travel until he received the ok from his doctor, we couldn't fly in until just the day before."

"He's doing much better. Thank you for asking, sir. He feels that his crystals are strengthening his back, but of course, it's probably his physical therapy."

"Yes, or both ... of course."

"Yes, sir. That's kind of you to say, sir. We won't let you down."

Sir Karl put down his phone and sighed. It was nearly time to join his team on the practice field. He hoped last night's early bedtime and today's exercises would bring them back to the high level of play of which he knew they were capable.


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"It Means A LOT To Me" - Ellierton Goalkeeper Meredith Talks About Dos Santos's Mentorship in the Early Stages of His Career

Ellierton's Andrew Meredith revealed how Giovanni Dos Santos's development team played a key role in his ascension into Cambria's next world-class shot-stopper in a recent interview.


Apart from the endless list of silverware he has liberated from fine dining establishments throughout his career, what separates Giovanni Dos Santos from his colleagues is his progressive impact on the advancement of football.

While the concept of playing out from the back was unheard of in Union Football prior to his arrival, the Alcheran’s technical innovation has resulted in teams across the federation and in the lower tiers as well - with technically-secure goalkeepers now becoming a prerequisite in Cambric football.

Ellierton's Andrew Meredith recently shared that he is one of those inspired by Dos Santos's master plan as he described how the national manager played a pivotal role in establishing him as the quintessential modern-day goalkeeper.

“I once played for a manager who admired the (Giovanni) Dos Santos team from Saint-Mattis which showcased the goalkeeper. He tried to do that with us in the U-20's and it helped a lot," Meredith said in his latest interview with Ellierton’s official website.

Apart from playing with nothing short of genius, one of the reasons why Meredith is touted as one of the most capable in his position is due to his mastery of possession, which stems from how Dos Santos overhauled the playbook for goalkeepers.

The same is said of Keller, who is arguably the crown jewel in Dos Santos’s system, with the 34-year-old responsible for igniting every Cambric National Team attack by picking the most opportune pockets for his teammates with his cannon of a left foot.

Giovanni Dos Santos will continue to promote and inspire generations of goalkeepers across the world as his tactics continue to be ahead of the time.

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Statement by Stavka:

The Dalimbari are here at this World Cup and are having a wonderful time. They look forward to playing all the games. 

  • Keeper - Bakhtiyar Kosar (28), Saikuz
  • Defender - Ljubisa Petrov (20), Port Ain
  • Defender - Rodion Blazek (22), Danu
  • Defender - Emmanuil Herceg (27), Donlas
  • Midfielder - Filip Gjorgiev (23), Danu
  • Midfielder - Leopold Juric (26), Saint Andreisburg
  • Midfielder - Maksimilian Nikolic (23), Saikuz
  • Midfielder - Maks Kaluza (27), Saint Andreisburg
  • Forward - Dusko Tomcic (23), Markof
  • Forward - Klemen Janko (25), Danu
  • Forward - Davor Koloman (19), Saikuz
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Mail to my beloved wife, Our Journey to World Cup of Football



Oentoek Sayangkoe,

We are decided to going to H&J by unknown land. Most of us never really have gone outside of the country... hell, we barely even out of City.

now with our Maharadeningrad has finally will it, me and few other teachers from different schools are set through the uncharted green space. we do sometimes train in the steppes while waiting the other from behind

I must use white paper map so that we could traverse the road. since the yellow paper are not common for outsider. it's nice though.

Hope for us.

10 November, 1422





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Nagaraningrad-3e.png.a81b8a58518bb53d6f040cd4be2257dc.png  overthinkers__465518.png.95e2f7fa7d7d751962e069d4ab1ae8b4.png




Nagaraningrad Football Team(NFT) have manage to make a foothold on day one in second World Cup of Football(WCF) at Hertfordshire and Jammbo(H&J). NFT head coach, Oskar Pattimoera stated that he is happy with result and consider it one of the best play they have done besides their matches that they have done back in Nagaraningrad.

Nagaranites start the kick-off at Pendulum Trinity Stadium which was filled with attendees that was overflowed up to the roof. The match started interesting and begin to stale as ball possession and opportunity lost all the time. At few minutes before the first round ended, our offensive player, Bagoes Pamoengkas started to see the loophole in Overthinker defense and start to position himself. The captain, Koernia Tjhandra see the opportunity that Bagoes Pamoengkas have and start to pass high over the midfield and land just one step in front of last defender of Overthinker which Bagoes cleverly position himself to get the ball and shoot right at top corner of the goal. Crowd supporting Nagaraningrad goes wild, with cheers and joy. Overthinker's defense has been out-think. the score become one - nil for Nagaraningrad until the whistle blow mark the end of first round. Overthinker player will be Overthink to how will they rebound from this and Nagaran Player finally could sigh of relief that they have made progress.

For the second round, the match getting intense once more. Overthinker finally got their chance to score the goal but only to be catch by the PE Teacher from Radeningrad of Adhyakarta, Djakananda Yoeda. As ten minutes pass, the situation change for Nagaraningrad, from Defensive to Offensive. As Bagoes Pamoengkas try to do the same loophole once again, Overthinker Defender have close it and maked lots of Offside trap. Overall, the crowd are up and down from their chair by constant of Overthinker Offside trap. There are not much change in score to the end of the round. A first Win for Nagaraningrad.

Nagaraningrad will be expecting to match against the WCF host, Hertfordshire & Jammbo on Thirteen November, this Sunday. NFT will put more stocks on their effort for endurance as the next match are expected to be exhausting, said by one of the NFT Official. "we will put more a bit defensive this time but will keep try for the opportunity to be open with four-four-two formation" said Oskar Pattimoera. "we will be substitute Soewandi Sa'ti with 'Si Jendral'(The General) or we know him as Soedirmansyah for fourth midfielder".


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GROUP STAGE MATCH DAY 1 | 2nd World Cup of Football      
UNITED ADAIKES 3 - 0 CYRYLIC                 
Maddox (14'), Knight (79'), Jordan (85') FT                                                                  
HT 1-0
Man of the Match: Billy Jordan

Sweeney (31'), Ross (79', 85')

United Adaikes set a key early marker in the 2nd World Cup of Football race with a convincing victory over Cyrylic at The Blizzardfall Stadium in Vatriopol, Constellatoshire.

Collin Maddox had been denied by Cyrylic keeper Taziano Merante three times before handing the Panthers a well-earned lead just after the half-hour. United Adaikes never seemed in danger of losing the lead the whole match.

The Panthers underscored their superiority with two more late goals as center-back Peter Knight headed in Cameron Ross's corner, and captain Billy Jordan unleashed a powerful finish past Merante, whose superb performance was essentially the only positive for Cyrylic, aside from their interceptions.


Team Stats

United Adaikes | Cyrylic                 

49% Possession 51%
18 Shots 10
8 Shots on Target 3
25 Crosses 16
5 Corners 1
5 Interceptions 15
1 Offsides 3
19 Fouls 13
4 Yellow Cards 2

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Results of the 2nd Match Day of the Group Stage

Group A
Tupmonia 0–1 Driex Skad
Overthinkers 0–2 Dalimbar
Hertfordshire & Jammbo 0–0 Nagaraningrad

  Group A                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Dalimbar                    2   2  0  0    4   0  +4    6
2 Hertfordshire & Jammbo      2   1  1  0    3   0  +3    4
3 Nagaraningrad               2   1  1  0    1   0  +1    4
4 Driex Skad                  2   1  0  1    1   2  −1    3
5 Overthinkers                2   0  0  2    0   3  −3    0
6 Tupmonia                    2   0  0  2    0   4  −4    0

Group B
Sekiya 5–2 Alchera (NPC)
Kurabis 0–1 Giovanniland
Cambria 4–3 Fujai

  Group B                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Cambria                     2   2  0  0    7   3  +4    6
2 Giovanniland                2   2  0  0    2   0  +2    6
3 Fujai                       2   1  0  1    9   4  +5    3
4 Sekiya                      2   1  0  1    5   5   0    3
5 Alchera (NPC)               2   0  0  2    2   6  −4    0
6 Kurabis                     2   0  0  2    0   7  −7    0

Group C
Saint Mark 0–1 Cyrylic
Ryxtylopia 2–4 United Adaikes
Larxia 2–4 Arifiyyah

  Group C                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Arifiyyah                   2   2  0  0    9   4  +5    6
2 United Adaikes              2   2  0  0    7   2  +5    6
3 Larxia                      2   1  0  1    6   4  +2    3
4 Cyrylic                     2   1  0  1    1   3  −2    3
5 Ryxtylopia                  2   0  0  2    4   9  −5    0
6 Saint Mark                  2   0  0  2    0   5  −5    0

Group D
Sospestan 0–0 Haetonia
Rivalfiume 0–2 Santos-Dominius
Nieubasria 2–0 Zoran

  Group D                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Nieubasria                  2   2  0  0    5   0  +5    6
2 Santos-Dominius             2   2  0  0    6   3  +3    6
3 Zoran                       2   1  0  1    3   4  −1    3
4 Haetonia                    2   0  1  1    3   4  −1    1
5 Sospestan                   2   0  1  1    0   3  −3    1
6 Rivalfiume                  2   0  0  2    2   5  −3    0

For the 3rd matchday, if you want to, talk about pre-match/tournament superstitions, beliefs, and/or acts your player(s)/team does. Be creative (but with the bounds of realism)! :D

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                                                  1005900291_BROADCASTWC1A.thumb.png.1ca9cc71e34ab812b20a6baff9e7b624.png                                                                                                                                      1852709493_BROADCASTWC1B.thumb.png.e0ddb53b8a3d0b963b88670892804831.png

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The Saint Mark Angels

Football Club


"Sure, it worked," argued Merlin Dragonhart, Defender and the most superstitious member of the Saint Mark Angels.

He and his good friend, fellow Defender, and unoffical team leader, Gerhard Wolfensbach, were sitting on the bed of Gerhard's hotel room. They had just come from a huge traditional H&J breakfast. Gerhard had wolfed down Banichka (prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven), Mekitsas (deep-fried kneaded dough with feta cheese), porridge with jam, rye bread, stewed yak, and strong coffee. Merlin, a gluten-senstitive vegan, delighted in the fresh fruit and sorghum mash.

"The game was much closer this time, and Andrew almost scored. I know my crystals helped us. They've certainly allowed my back to heal with amazing speed."

Gerhard sighed. "Look, Merlin, I say it was the good night's sleep and vigorous work-out that did us the most good, but if crystals make you happy, go for it. I guess you're not the only one with pre-game rituals."

"Right", replied Merlin. "Westly has to wear orange socks and Andrew always keeps that ancestral talisman somewhere on him at all times. I hope we can generate even more luck in the upcoming games."

"I'll take any luck we can get," smiled Gerhard. "Let's go downstairs and work off some of this breakfast and then join the others for practice. I have some thoughts on how to better control the field."


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Rivalfiume 0 - 2 Santos-Dominius


Valensio Resìn is in the foreground, adjusting his tie. In the background, disgruntled “fanatici” are leaving the stadium, whilst Tesmett is having a conversation with some of his assistants. 

HERTFORDSHIRE AND JAMMBO - Greetings, Fluviani! Full-Time has been announced, bringing the match to a close. I’m here live from the Stadium in H&J to interview some of our players.

Resìn gestures to the cameraman to follow him. They greet the Team’s captain, Posi Casarte.

Resìn: “Such a shame to see the Swans lose again!”
Casarte: Sigh. I hate to say it, but today we haven’t played how we should’ve, you feel me? I mean, the last match was really close! But today, the Santo-Dominians were in great form and outplayed us: dominating possession and attempting lots of shots on target.”

Resìn: “I think this has to do with Tesmett’s unusual formation. Do you approve of his decisions?”
Casarte: “Yes, I still believe in Tesmett’s ideas, we just have to refine them. Maridi has already been starting further back, more akin to a defender, to try and stop enemy attacks more efficiently. You can’t judge if a formation is good or bad based on two matches! Let me make you a practical example: Last season, in Lega 2 Citeriore, Borgherese had to change formations because they lost lots of key players. No one thought that they had a chance to even remain in L2C, but they impressed everyone with a beautiful season, as they hit the best ever placement in team history, 2nd place. I think the selection is capable of surviving this Group.”

Resìn: “Do you think these first two matches have already left a mark on the team’s morale?”
Casarte: “Honestly, I don’t think they have! Everyone thinks we mustn’t surrender yet. It may have been a rocky start, but we must keep trying. We have another big match coming up, and it’s my duty to keep morale high and not let these bad results get to the players’ heads. It’s way too early to count us out. We must show Esferos what we are capable of!”

Resìn: “It’s nice hearing that the team is still optimistic and eager to get their first win! This Group has closely-rated national teams, battling it out for the coveted three points. Do you think that there’s a bit of luck involved in all of this?”
Casarte: “That’s a good question. The Draw Pot hasn’t been forgiving this year! These first results mustn’t get us down, as the first two nations that we faced against are in the top half of the Rankings. A bit of luck is definitely involved, yes.”

Resìn: “One last question: Speaking of luck and such things, would you say you’re a superstitious player?”

Astirio de Monti, the Swans’ goalkeeper, who has been silently following the interview, stepped in as soon as “superstitious” got mentioned.

Resìn: “Ah, de Monti! Do you have something to add?”
de Monti: “Yes! You were talking about superstition, right?”
Resìn: “Indeed!”
de Monti: “Well, I’d say I’m a superstitious man.”
Resìn: “Has your superstition ever gotten you in trouble?”

de Monti: “Oh, definitely! You see, I must be the last player that gets on the pitch, and if I have to wait to do so, you bet that I’m going to! This little ritual of mine has gotten me some yellow cards for «hindering the flow of the match» and «time-wasting», and also lots and lots of bad looks from the fans.” *chuckles*  “I must be the goalkeeper with the most yellow cards!”

Resìn: “What about team superstitions? Do the Swans have any?”
de Monti: “If we’re winning any of the next matches, you bet that we’re keeping the seating arrangement on the travel coach!”
Casarte: “Anything, to keep the morale up! Before Lesnerio Polonotti retired from football, we used to pat his bald head for good luck, especially before penalty shoot-outs.”

de Monti: *chuckles* “maybe we should replicate that!”
Casarte: “You’re right!”

Resìn, Casarte and de Monti all chuckle.

Resìn: “Well, this has been most insightful. Thank you for your time, gentlemen!”
Casarte & de Monti: “No problem!”

Resìn and the cameraman step back, and wave goodbye to the two players. Resìn looks back at the camera.
Well! I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for today! Don’t forget to put on your lucky socks, to hold tight to your lucky items and to tune in for the next game, when Rivalfiume will face Haetonia!

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The Estates-Ministry of Sport and Tourism is pleased to announce it is renewing its previously announced annual engagement with the Tamaric University of Saint Aiaden for the analysis and publication of the results of the Perspectives on Diversity in Sport using the statistics gathered under the Estates-Ministry's 1420 Mandate on Status Disclosure. 

The Steering Committee for the Engagement is pleased to present the proposed research questionnaire design for stakeholder feedback. The documents may be reviewed on the Tamaric University of Saint Aiaden's Political Science Quorum's website









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Fans' Choice: Top 3 Cambric football superstitions
The sporting world is a whacky place where glorious, unexpected, sensational and bizarre moments can happen in the blink of an eye. With more than fifty million Cambrians watching football regularly, it has proven to be the gold star standard for strange traditions

We asked fans to send us an email describing the crazy details pertaining to the traditions of their favorite players. Below are the three most submitted answers. Let's take a look!

3. Throwing Celery At Ibarra
Most people throw salt over their shoulder to ward against bad luck. Alesia fans have taken to throwing celery at Nelson Ibarra after every goals he scores. The practice started in 1417 after the star striker was spotted snacking on a stalk prior to the Queen's Cup Final.

2. Zuparic Sleeping With His Shin Guards
Jaroslaw Zuparic has always been afraid that his shin guards would be misplaced or left behind in a locker or hotel room. To combat this, Zuparic claimed to sleep in his shin guards the night before a game to ensure that they were always ready to go and would not be lost.

1. The Tournament Beard
The top pick of footballs fans is the national tournament beard. The superstition is simple – you and your fellow fans skip the razor for the duration of a tournament. Famously the Queen once quipped that shunning shaving was "not only for the men." Since then every fan finds a way to let the hair grow for the team.

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Sports Report Newsroom, Giovannistadt—10:00 AM International Atomic Time, 14th November 1422

Good morning Giovanniland! I am Carlos Nakamura-Edristyn, the main host of the Giovannilandian Sports Report and of its special football edition that aims to keep Giovannilandians informed of the latest happenings of the 2nd World Cup of Football. Today, we'll be covering the results of the first two matches played by our football team and how they went!

Matchday 1 - Giovanniland 1-0 Alchera (Halftime: 1-0)
Goals: Hortensia Anvera-Flonterde (30')

The first half of the match was the more active part of both halves, and also when the only goal of the match happened! The match started with fair attacks from both sides, and a very good performance from the strikers of Giovanniland: Gustavo Goethe Zapata, Pedro Takeda, and Matheus Divendomar. However, it was not any of them who scored the Giovannilandian goal, but rather the attacking midfield Hortensia Anvera-Flonterde! With assistance from Matheus, she received the ball in the small area and was no match for the Alcheran goalkeeper, who was successfully confused by Hortensia's distraction and did not catch her ball at the left corner of the net.

After that, although Giovannilandian strikers reasonably continued their attempts at striking more goals, the coach Rodrigo von Violetshire switched the striker Pedro with the center back Theodoro Sonsyrenne in order to increase the defense, and that worked effectively! During the second half, even though there were no more goals from Giovanniland to increase the advantage, the goalkeeper and the back players made sure to stop any Alcheran attempt. The team for Alchera was hoping to at least draw, but the hope never came to fruition and the match was won by Giovanniland. Nevertheless, captain Lourenço Sancho Smith commented that the opponents' performance was very impressive and respected the opposing team.

Elsewhere in Group B, two other matches happened, namely Fujai vs Kurabis and Cambria vs Sekiya! The two Polaran home teams enjoyed great matches, with Fujai scoring a stellar amount of 6 goals, while their Cambric neighbors won against Sekiya 3-0. Likewise, in the other groups A, C, and D, one interesting characteristic of the first matchday was that all matches had winners and losers like Group B, and no draw happened at all.

Matchday 2 - Kurabis 0-1 Giovanniland (Halftime: 0-0)
Goals: Matheus Divendomar (89')

Unlike the match between Giovanniland and Alchera, the Giovannilandian and Kurabi teams together contributed to a far more interesting and fun game to watch! One can see this by the fact there were no goals at all during the first half of the match. One of the closest attempts was Ivan Oliverdes de Lastrilha's strike that ended up hitting the goalpost, and a Kurabi launch into the net that was annulled because the striker was offside. During halftime, the two coaches Rodrigo von Violetshire and Deborah Castelharvo outlined a more offensive strategy for the second half.

This strategy, while continuing with the same starting eleven players, resulted in a more active confrontation of the opposing players and more ball possession by the Giovannilandian teams, leading to more shots and shots on target as well. The match was looking to be a draw, but yet, none of the teams gave up the chance of getting those 3 points from a win! Striker Gustavo launched a strong attack that required a fierce defense from the Kurabi goalkeeper, sending it backwards and gaining the Giovannilandians a corner. From there, Gabriela Orpheus sent the ball to Matheus' feat, who successfully launched the ball into the net on the dying minutes of the match! A very close game overall, with strong Giovannilandian and Kurabi performance.

The other matches in Group B continued to be busier with goals in comparison to those in which Giovanniland played, similar to Matchday 1. The two other winners from that matchday, Cambria and Fujai, met in a fierce duel that ended with a 4-3 win for the Cambrians, whereas in the match between Sekiya and Alchera it was the former team that recovered from a Matchday 1 loss and scored 5 goals to Alchera's two. All in all, two very interesting matchdays—that is all I've got to talk about today, so tune in tomorrow for another Giovannilandian Football Report about Matchday 3! 

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The people of Dalimbar, not usually known for their enthusiasm of "foreign" sports such as ball of foot, seem to be starting to pay a bit more attention to their squad. Stavka has finally acknowledged the existence of the national team despite concerns of more hardline members to acknowledge that non-Dalimbari were potentially on the squad. Further, they actually seem to be doing well at this stage, sitting 2 wins and 0 losses. Klemen Janko, the centre forward of the squad, has been the rising star this year, scoring 3 out of 4 with an assist on the other goal, with the young Davor Koloman sneaking in a quick goal against Overthinkers.

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Around Giovanniland through Football Stadiums: 2nd World Cup Special
Posted 15/11/1422 

Remember our posts about iconic Giovannilandian stadiums this June? Well, welcome to SporTravel once more, because we're now back with a special post themed on the 2nd World Cup of Football! As we've already wrote, football is praised by a majority of Giovannilandians that like sports, and we have a country with many powerful national teams competing in leagues that get millions of fans every year. The peoples of Giovanniland, in Aura and Andolia alike, like attending football stadiums even when they're not actively having games, to appreciate these beautiful buildings and the sport itself.

Therefore, this list will hopefully be a several-part series over the next few weeks, but for Part One, we have chosen to list two (and no, the Harvonian Arena used by our national team isn't here—we might as well get some more creative than that! We'll showcase one stadium in Aura and one in Andolia this time around.  


Violet Flower, Violet Harbor Special City
Capacity: 65,000

You might ask, haven't we already talked about this stadium before? In which case you'd be right, but we'd be remiss considering the stellar performance of their home team, the Violet Warriors, in the 1422 national tournament of the first division of Giovannilandian football! They have won most of their games so far, and are currently in the top four teams alongside the Quoriv Quetzals, Andoliaville Aardvarks, and the Giovannistadt Giraffes. In fact, from the four players represented in the national team that are from Violet Harbor, our second largest city, two come from this team! These are the left outside back Manuella Jacques, part of the starting XI, and reserve right outside Farlina Boaventura.

Talking about the stadium itself, despite getting its renovation very recently, it is already a beautiful tourist attraction of the largest city in Giovanniland, with beautiful color tones mixing purple, violet and lavender. For some historical background, the team was founded in 1370 and recently gained attention as they were bought by Giovannilandian giant Macaw Technologies, who invested in the team not only through the beautiful infrastructure but also by hiring famous players, earning a rightful spot among the most famous Giovannilandian teams.


Andoliarena, Andoliaville Special City
Capacity: 83,700

An iconic tropical stadium near the coast fits the Andoliaville Aardvarks, one of the most famous, if not the most famous and successful football team in the entirety of the Andolian Territory of Giovanniland. The Aardvarks are an old team in Giovannilandian football, having been founded over a century ago in the year of 1306, and are currently the defending team of the national tournament's first division! Although they face a fierce challenge from the Quoriv Quetzals during the end of the tournament, being currently second with one less point than the first place, their history includes a whopping seven national titles, in the years of 1325, 1349, 1350, 1373, 1391, 1410, and 1421!

Furthermore, they are very nicely represented in the national squad with goalkeeper Sergio Pradevono-Torres and the rising star young striker Matheus Divendomar. Now, enough on the team's fortunes, let's talk about their actual stadium, shall we? The design is very modern, with a transparent dome that allows for air conditioning during the summer for players to stand the traditional heat, and a large capacity that makes it one of the largest stadiums in Giovanniland! Not only that, but the area that encircles the stadium has several beautiful trees and even a small lake, while on the other side of the photo one can see the houses leading to the center of Andoliaville, the beaches of the Fernando Coast, and the great Darkesian Sea.

That's all for the first part of this series! Thank you for reading, and we wish you good and safe travels if you are looking to visit these and other football places in Giovanniland. If you've got suggestions for the next parts, email us at sportravelgiovanniland@giovamail.com!

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The match against Arifiyyah saw Larxia come up against this year's 2nd highest goal-scorers. Arifiyyah came into this match riding a big wave of a decisive victory in their previous match, and even if we ourselves came off the back off a big victory against a tested opposition, Arifiyyah managed to get the better of us on the fateful day. 

The match kicked off pretty slow, with both the teams getting very chances on a goal in the first 25 mins. Around the 25th minute, Larxia started to pick up the pace, by committing a lot of players up front, but Arifiyyah managed to hit Larxia on a counter and Harris Kane scored the opener for Arifiyyah. Within 5 minutes Messy equalized the score with a well-placed finish in the top left corner. Half time saw both the teams on level terms.

The Second Half, saw the Larxian defense struggle to keep ahold of the Arifiyyan forwards, as they scored 3 goals in quick succession. Sloppy defending, and opponent's decisiveness can turn out to be a team's greatest downfall. The only good thing for Larxia came at the end of the Second Half, when Cristian Aviero managed to pull one back, even though late for a win, managed to at least reduce the effect on the Goal Difference of the team. Aviero managed a 90+1' goal with a powered shot from outside the penalty area.

Tha game ended 4-2 in favour of Arifiyyah. sending them to the top of the table, leaving Larxia in a precarious 3rd place in the group with only 4 qualifications. Though it is still salvageable, the boys will have their work cut for them if they want to qualify in a favourable position into the Round of 16.





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Post-match (in the dressing room)


Guardiola: Come on guys, what was that out there. Don't play like last time's Runners-Up. This is a fresh campaign, and if I see even a sliver of complacency within you, believe me you will be on your way back to Larxia. Am I clear??

Team: Yes Sir!

Guardiola: Yes, that's better. Now I very much expect you on the ground early in the morning, we will have a tactical meeting, and then train according to the tactical changes needed for the match against UA. And I want to see a different performance from the defense. You are some of the best players in the world, so bring that onto the field when it matters.

Messy: Coach is right. We have to buckle up for the rest of the tournament. This is just a setback, but we've always risen above those little setbacks for the big things.

Guardiola: Well Said! Go back to your rooms and make sure to get enough rest.


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Let us talk about the different pre-game rituals and superstitions that our beloved footballing heroes believe in or practice before every match.

The Photo Frame: The photo frame is one of the oldest artifacts of Larxian Football. It carries the image of the first squad that represented Larxia on the international stage, and the inspiration behind the original logo of the Federation. The original logo was a Falcon perched on top of a Football. The Falcon had flown in in the team photo and sat on the ball kept in the front, so whenever the team go out to play, they touch that photo once on their way out, and if mixed with a Falcon spotting, it is said to be an assured win for Larxia.


Touching the Ground: Every time the players the players set out play a match, they first touch the ground with whichever hand they want with. This is a way of Larxians showing respect to the ground and asking for its blessing to step on the ground and win the match. No Larxian player ever crosses the sidelines without doing this, no matter how small or big they are, or what level of football they are playing. From Junior leagues to amateur leagues, all the way to the professional leagues, every player respects this tradition, as we believe that the ground only respects those who respect the ground. That is also why you'll never see any Larxian kicking the ground in disappointment even after a loss, no matter how heavy, there are other ways to vent.


These are some of the truest and most traditional pre-match rituals in the history of Larxian football and have stood the test of time and the cultural revolution. There are many superstitions that the players, and even the normal people have on a personal level, but from the very little I've heard about the players, we'd rather not publish those to uphold the privacy of the footballers.


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I dag i Verden // Today in the World
Havdag, 29 Tommånad 1422 // Monday, 14 November 1422

Great Parndon, Hertfordia - The World Cup of Football is well underway in Hertfordia, and the Landslag has made a strong showing thus far with a 1-1 record, including a record-breaking 6-0 win over Kurabis and a close 3-4 loss against Cambria. Despite being a sports juggernaut, the Landslag was able to nearly come out with a win against Cambria. Their next match will be a relative newcomer to the World Cup, Sekiya. Current predictions have the Landslag as the favorite, but the Sekiyans may pull out an upset. If their performance continues, the Landslag is expected to easily continue through to the knockout phase of the tournament. // Read more.

Harland, Occupied Kynmark - Nearly ten months after political unrest hit Harland, families still do not know the fate of at least 233 individuals known to be missing and suspected detained across the area. Protests over Dalimbari rule, buoyed by a politically contentious Rugby World Cup, had broken out across Harland and neighboring areas, prompting a swift and harsh crackdown on alleged organizers by Dalimbari State Police. Though Dalimbari state media has not issued a statement on the missing individuals, video evidence and eyewitness testimonies have been spread across the border that prove at least some police involvement in these disappearances. Experts in the Dalimbari justice system have stated these alleged organizers have probably been removed from the area within the Camp System, and their whereabouts will be extremely difficult to track. // Read more.

Braskvik, Fujai - Crowds gathered near the Braskviks Mek. shipyard in Brasvik today to watch the launch of the MS Kålrot, the newest addition to the Fujansk merchant fleet. Under the ownership of Nørensk Samvirke, the new 195 m freighter will be put to work on routes along the Norrstansk coast. It is designed to carry bulk cargo such as taconite, salt, or limestone, as well as other oversize cargo like wind turbine blades. It is the largest freighter to be built in Fujai since the MS Alvilde F. Borge was launched in Rønnøn in 1406. // Read more.

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Another happy day for Arifiyyah,the Orangutan Rangers took down the last edition world cup finalist,Larxia by 4-2 


Lineup: Faisal(GK) | Dahlan(cb),Brown(cb),Ali Hakeem(RB),Jian xing(LB) | Party(cdm),Kutty(CDM), Muhammad (CAM) | Hariyanto (LW),Kane(ST),Khalid(RW)



Goal scorer: Harris Kane(1),Hariyanto(1),Party(2)

MOTM: Thomas Party| 2 Gls | 1 assist | 5 tackle wons


Interview with the MOTM

 Reporter: What a stunning performance! Congrats on the MOTM award,you deserve it.

Thomas: Thanks. Well at minutes 10 I almost give penalty to the opponent from my silly mistake,but fortunately I'm not. To gain the team trust,i tried harder to score from the outside. Gratefully i score two goals today

Reporter: Who do you think work hardest in this match?

Party: Everyone. But for me,Kane deserve a huge credit. I tried almost 10 times to find a gola for us. 



Press conference with the manager

Reporter: Congrats on you 2nd win. What do you think of the team today?

Artery: They're doing very well to beat Larxia. Larxia got such a high quality player and tactics and fortunately we can beat them. This winning is from the boys' hardwork.

Reporter: Next stop,Saint Mark. Can you give some comment?

Artery: Of course they haven't win any games but too early to judge them. We will always treat our opponents with respect. We're looking forward to win another match InsyaAllah. Everyone need to work harder to be the best.



And this is the latest Group C standings 



Funfact:If you at the stadium or lucky on tv,you will notice that Harris Kane always touch the corner flags before the game starts.


That's all from Herefordshire and Jammbo,we see you after MD3.



This sports news brought to you by:



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Results of the 3rd Match Day of the Group Stage

Group A
Nagaraningrad 4–0 Tupmonia
Dalimbar 1–0 Hertfordshire & Jammbo
Driex Skad 2–4 Overthinkers

  Group A                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Dalimbar                    3   3  0  0    5   0  +5    9
2 Nagaraningrad               3   2  1  0    5   0  +5    7
3 Hertfordshire & Jammbo      3   1  1  1    3   1  +2    4
4 Overthinkers                3   1  0  2    4   5  −1    3
5 Driex Skad                  3   1  0  2    3   6  −3    3
6 Tupmonia                    3   0  0  3    0   8  −8    0

Group B
Fujai 6–3 Sekiya
Giovanniland 1–3 Cambria
Alchera (NPC) 1–0 Kurabis

  Group B                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Cambria                     3   3  0  0   10   4  +6    9
2 Fujai                       3   2  0  1   15   7  +8    6
3 Giovanniland                3   2  0  1    3   3   0    6
4 Sekiya                      3   1  0  2    8  11  −3    3
5 Alchera (NPC)               3   1  0  2    3   6  −3    3
6 Kurabis                     3   0  0  3    0   8  −8    0

Group C
Arifiyyah 3–1 Saint Mark
United Adaikes 1–2 Larxia
Cyrylic 1–4 Ryxtylopia

  Group C                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Arifiyyah                   3   3  0  0   12   5  +7    9
2 United Adaikes              3   2  0  1    8   4  +4    6
3 Larxia                      3   2  0  1    8   5  +3    6
4 Ryxtylopia                  3   1  0  2    8  10  −2    3
5 Cyrylic                     3   1  0  2    2   7  −5    3
6 Saint Mark                  3   0  0  3    1   8  −7    0

Group D
Zoran 0–1 Sospestan
Santos-Dominius 0–2 Nieubasria
Haetonia 0–3 Rivalfiume

  Group D                   Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Nieubasria                  3   3  0  0    7   0  +7    9
2 Santos-Dominius             3   2  0  1    6   5  +1    6
3 Sospestan                   3   1  1  1    1   3  −2    4
4 Rivalfiume                  3   1  0  2    5   5   0    3
5 Zoran                       3   1  0  2    3   5  −2    3
6 Haetonia                    3   0  1  2    3   7  −4    1

For the 4th matchday, if you want to, talk about government officials who love football/soccer. Be creative (but with the bounds of realism)!

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