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2nd World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplay, results]

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The fifth match of the World Cup Group Stages saw Larxia come up against Ryxtylopia, who were in a qualification scrap with two other teams. Larxia came into this match after a thorough dismantling of Cyrylic in their previous match.

The first half started with Larxia on the front foot as we saw multiple attempts at goal. Leo Messy finally converted a chance into a solid goal in the 41st minute with a driven effort from just outside the box. That was all that happened in the first half from either side

The second half saw Larxia once again start on the front foot with Larxia continually attacking the Ryxtylopian defense with a barrage of attempts. At the 56th minute, Leo Messy found the net for Larxia, extending Larxia's lead in the match with a well-placed shot in the bottom left corner of the goal. At the 63rd minute, Marco Fati scored his first goal of the campaign, after Leo Messy and Cristian Aviero were subbed-off to rest them for the all-important knockout stages. Fati extended the Larxian lead to 3 goals over Ryxtylopia with a beautiful curling effort towards the the top right corner. The Ryxtylopians managed to pull one back for them after F. MATAÑA, managed to slip through the Larxian defense in the 71st minute to make it 3-1. The final goal of the game came from Jordan Moon, who was subbed on to rotate the squad, in the 87th minute of the match with a 30-yard half volley.

The match ended soon after, concluding in a decisive Larxian victory. Larxia managed a 2nd placed finish in Group C. Not what they would have wanted, but still a strong comeback after the shock result against Arifiyyah. This means that Larxia will face Giovanniland in the Round-of-16, with tempers sure to flare as two historic rivals go head-to-head on the biggest stage in World Football.




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Nagaraningrad-3e.png.a81b8a58518bb53d6f040cd4be2257dc.png  dalimbar__275968.png.40d59bcc07419e2016d225e53c7ecfca.png




Nagaraningrad-3e.png.a81b8a58518bb53d6f040cd4be2257dc.png  driex_skad__317470.jpg.008c3c653bc4ab9a150595a65a929276.jpg




Nagaraningrad Football Team(NFT) are advancing into knockout stage of round of sixteen. After manage to hodl Dalimbar with one each. Head Coach of NFT, Oskar Pattiomera have accused Dalimbari Teams to copying NFT the experimental tactics and play. "How you did not see that!? they are like robots copying our moves, dribbling, passing, everything since they got in the pitch!", he scream until he's been drag away by NFT official. NFT President, Boediono Martadinata have say his regrets on NFT Head coach remarks. "We are from NFT are stunned by the incoherent rant. Oskar have just under pressure to met an expectation and we will have conversation later".

After the incident, NFT Head Coach is replace temporarily by a new Raden of Padang Hidjaoe and a NFT Strategist, Raden Mardjadinagara of Mardjadiningrad for the last match in Group A against Driex Skad. The match turns out well with four goal for Nagaraningrad. "The teams have done a great job and keep continue to doing a great job. For the group winner are pretty much expected since we cannot gain a win from Dalimbar. Regardless, we are glad to be continue to compete and hopefully win the championship... by the Maharaden will". The line up are expected to be the same as the original with four-three-three formation. Raden Mardjadinagara are expecting to gain a base foundation for NFT offensive as opposing the last formation in the last two matches experimental formation.


Raden Mardjandinagara of Mardjadiningrad, Raden of Padang Hidjaoe

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Struck from the Record! Law school sends out mistaken admissions emails

Clarenton— law school says it’s guilty of accidentally sending acceptance emails to hundreds of former and current applicants.

The Tamaric University of Clarenton Veykeep College of Law in a statement Friday blamed a “technical error” for the glitch, saying the erroneous emails went to more than 200 people who applied for admission starting next fall, as well as to nearly 600 former applicants, some of whom are already enrolled.

“Veykeep College of Law quickly sent a clarifying email explaining the error. Individual outreach is also taking place to applicants with concerns,” the Clarenton school continues: “The College deeply regrets this unintended mistake and is taking steps to ensure that it will not happen in the future,”

Final admissions decisions will not be made until later in the academic year. Students at the Veykeep College begin in January as a matter of respecting traditional law articling practices in the itinerant courts. 

Alisha Dien, a young woman from Fort Fagmere, who received the acceptance email, told NNN 2 Clarenton that she has dreamed of going to law school since she was a child. She shared the good news with her loved ones before noticing the follow-up email.

“I was like, ‘Oh my! this is so amazing,’ and then it was like, ‘Oh no, sorry, psyche!’” she said.

This year's law school class has 148 members out of 5,692 applicants, according to the College.




          Velding Family Trust Award

                   1422 Recipients


The Duke of Saint Aiaden's International Endowment for Sport is honoured to announce the recipients for the 1422 Velding Family Trust Awards. Inaugurated in 1421, the recipients below are the first inductees to the Award which celebrates the life and legacy of promoting youth excellence in sport. 

Each awardee will receive a 25,000฿ scholarship and a 5000฿ grant towards a youths sports organization of the honouree's choosing. A brief introduction to each of the awardees and the chosen youths sports organization follows below. 

Scholarship Winners - Welcome to Shirley Boys' High School Secondary Student Awardee: Heinden Otagosh

Heinden is a student of the Basglinn High Select School, commonly known for this smile and openness to new students. He excels in advanced mathematics, has been captain of his junior and senior rugby teams, and served as Head Boy as well as coxswain to the freshman rowing teams. 

Heinden is recognized for his determination in pursuing sporting excellence as well as passion - a skill remarked unanimously by the Award Selection Committee. He has applied for entry at the Tamaric Universities of Saint Aiaden and Clarendon, Weren Technical University, and Irfon College. 

The youth sport organization chosen for the 5000฿ grant is the Basglinn Tamaric Youth Social Centre, which serves as a networking and safe space for youths aged 12-19 in the Basglinn community. 




UBC's Ajay Grewal named inaugural recipient of Doctors of BC Presidential  Scholars Award in Medicine - UBC Faculty of MedicinePost-Secondary Student Awardee: Malin Poer 

Malin is a graduate of the Bryn Dur Irfon School of Public Policy at Irfon College, and will be attending the Tamaric University of Clarenton's Veykeep College of Law in January. 

Malin is the outgoing president of the Undergraduate Sporting Society at Irfon College and notably served on the College's Administrative Plenum. 

The youth sport organization chosen for the 5000฿ grant is the 6KM Initiative, which advocates for non-sedentary lifestyles in youth and children around the world. 


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While Hammond and May await Clarkson's inevitable return (and have a beer), the Lustrous find themselves in Pache's library in Gensokyo where the quietness rule is being totally disregarded.

image.png.100ca7451ea4e5a5395b66c2aaec8d5a.pngPatchouli K.: I keep telling you Lisa that science is just another form of magic.

image.png.6343ad227a5d145a1f57de47950c4c8a.pngLisa L.: And I keep telling you that'sh nonshenshe.

image.png.6a70880cfba51fdc3edecadfa8742921.pngAyame K.: Has anyone else noticed Lisa's lisp?

image.png.1aa8be9cae99f7a6f3746e4fcfa26a35.pngHyde K.: You noticed it too, ha! Told you so Galeem.

image.png.896cf3dbfe9aa35f8b4b06b4dd8ba2b7.pngGaleem G.: I really wish I could make you go away right now.

image.png.6e946ae5853ae3f5fef01c18afe689d8.pngReichiru I.: Hyde does make me hate talking to him so I'll second that.

image.png.4174e274244cba4ba38c1f5fee254472.pngRaiko H.: Come on guys, he's really fun to be around.

image.png.5562677debf0375a18952a0caa55ee89.pngBusiness Stig: ... [Shakes head, returns to reading the newspaper]

image.png.1aa8be9cae99f7a6f3746e4fcfa26a35.pngHyde K.: Get a load of the businessman over there. Boring, am I right?

image.png.1a2817ffd570702582508f63c55e69e2.pngKlaus C.: His extreme dedication to his work is what I wish most of you had.

image.png.5b6e1d5b986a28307f03545ed15510f6.pngEnrico P.: Must I remind you all that we're in a place of silence?

image.png.83fff008ea52afdb0709e0ad14518c58.pngKaraina C.: Pache doesn't seem to mind.

image.png.73ca043f05a198b8c27fa49bf2f39ea3.pngChuck G.: That's not for you to decide Karaina. I don't exactly enjoy the eerie quietness of this place anyway. It brings back memories I'd rather not have.

image.png.4573334aee2fd0872ca93db4bd415a6d.pngMasamune K.: Hey lighten up Chuck, your daughters in safe hands with Ivo and Sage, why not allow yourself to relax a bit?

image.png.25a969cb92d87e81e5a1d0b43066d655.pngYoshikage K.: If this place would be filled with peace and quiet, I'd be a lot more content.

image.png.030fd76607df9137b11bb7e5ef4b4340.pngNatalya H.: Clarkov you selfish prick, can you let other people sit down please?

image.png.ea7af3df25466b71b504fcb6f0976385.pngClarkov S.: OoOoOo, alright Hall Monitor.


[Clarkov gets off the sofa, that he was basically laying down on like this. He was worrying about the exact specifics of his hair.]

image.png.4b546321b71b4ca8bda399351af954c6.pngLits F.: Clarkov, I found the first ever novel of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series in the aisles over there. Want to come read it with me?

[Clarkov looks up expression unchanging, interested in the idea. Ayame and Promestein both look interested. Most people hope they don't have to join Lits.]

image.png.030fd76607df9137b11bb7e5ef4b4340.pngNatalya H.: Do you really think he wants to read such a book?

image.png.6f9a10bb0492a2d18a2be235ae4b00a0.pngHikaru I.: Count me out on this.

image.png.ecb56a1e913ccd0c336c3f7c4898b01f.pngLyubomyr D.: Shut Natalya, I know Clarkov enjoys it deep down.

image.png.41c4d301e6e9a595dd4649b014d785e4.pngSuzuno F.: Make that book go away. So Shu, how's the sundae I made? ...Shu?

image.png.90a75a5904334ccad0361384dee47d8f.pngShu K.: Brain freeze. It's a thing.

image.png.1f3cac3d86ff3ff5e33f78e76bb1da4b.pngEsmeralda P.: I've scanned the perimeters and disposed of all potential threats.

[Clarkov nods in approval to his sole bodyguard, who kind of just appeared suddenly and decided that was the case, and wonders what Esmeralda means by potential threats.]

image.png.030fd76607df9137b11bb7e5ef4b4340.pngNatalya H.: Shu are you alright? You mentioned brain freeze just earlier.

image.png.1a2817ffd570702582508f63c55e69e2.pngKlaus C.: He'll be fine, what matters more is training for the Round of 16 match.

image.png.35100a55bba72290d5a36ccda5fb697f.pngBrian G.: Klaus is right, we won't be able to have a shot of winning the tournament unless we prepare ourselves for it. So I'll see you all back at The Gensokyo Arena.

image.png.be2b62743beb20c71a924bb51a765435.pngDharkon T.: As long as Galeem sits far far away from me on the coach back.

[Galeem pulls a disgusted look at Dharkon]

image.png.be2b62743beb20c71a924bb51a765435.pngDharkon T.: Ugh, order-obsessed philistine.

image.png.0e13d6948092125a11edddb40c02fb3a.pngHershel L.: Santos-Dominius is a puzzle just waiting to be solved.

image.png.5f811265aee94d937efc4115b06f97fd.pngThe Stig: ... [Nods in agreement.]

image.png.ef2155f6695a65c8e3449fbb1ce0fb2c.pngPhi K.: Has my brother been giving you any trouble?

image.png.d5ce736cd6f246476e8d58347238cdc7.pngGarmadon G.: None at all.

image.png.4174e274244cba4ba38c1f5fee254472.pngRaiko H.: On the contrary, he's a riot.

image.png.35100a55bba72290d5a36ccda5fb697f.pngBrian G.: Are any of you coming at a point within the next few minutes?

image.png.2bc81e9e444eeb5f2bbd4ee6648eb4b5.pngBrooklyn M.: Why do we need to train? Our natural talent is enough. We're gonna win.

image.png.26acf5c33a2793584a1008d7605477ad.pngSeiko S.: Thanks Naomi! I'm gonna go butter up my pooper with it real good.

image.png.52dc3d3d1e49ee5e717c935bdbe8d5a6.pngNagumo H.: What is it with you? Are you in love with that Niedra girl or something?

image.png.c708770e4ca9a2976a88625423ae91b8.pngStanislava A.: You mean you haven't noticed it? Hey, save some for me!

image.png.6f9a10bb0492a2d18a2be235ae4b00a0.pngHikaru I.: I wish I hadn't heard that sentence.

image.png.5b6e1d5b986a28307f03545ed15510f6.pngEnrico P.: The Lord will be merciful this time.

image.png.83fff008ea52afdb0709e0ad14518c58.pngKaraina C.: Pache, how's the magic book going?

[Patchouli without speaking informs the supposed witch that it's going well.]

image.png.5b6e1d5b986a28307f03545ed15510f6.pngEnrico P.: There is no magic, only he may have access to such supernatural powers.

image.png.030fd76607df9137b11bb7e5ef4b4340.pngNatalya H.: I don't know about that, Slavaria Cossack is quite magical in a way.

image.png.0e13d6948092125a11edddb40c02fb3a.pngHershel L.: A family born of love. That's what you called it right?

Natalya nods and holds up a group picture with Clarkov, herself, Yevhen, Stanislava, Valentyna, Myroslav, Reichiru, Lyubomyr, Esmeralda, Tess, Kirumi & Karaina in it. Hershel considers another puzzle solved and looks on to the next in store, Santos-Dominius vs. The Youkai.

image.thumb.png.b327812148245ba4fb6a136bcd07a5a1.png                 1621154457_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.aa10917940f2890925e14da05227a596.png

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Results of the Round of 16

Dalimbar 4–3 Sospestan

Fujai 2–1 United Adaikes

Arifiyyah 4–0 Sekiya

Santos-Dominius 2–0 Hertfordshire and Jammbo

Cambria 2–2 Ryxtylopia (3–2 AET)

Nagaraningrad 5–1 Zoran

Nieubasria 4–3 Overthinkers

Larxia 3–1 Giovanniland

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As the intense match against Cambria ended and the team went back to the hotel, fans met them all along the way cheering and clapping, though the match had been lost the RFF had put up a good fight, you could say a miracle happened with the two goals that equalized the match: one by A. Fydó in the 50th minute and the other one by F. Mataña in the 76th minute.

As everybody got back to the hotel, and prepared to go to their rooms to get some rest, the coach: Avynas Na'latí told them to gather in the lobby as he got out a list, a list him and the previous coach: Eraxtá Ralaó had been compiling since the start of the tournament, from the match against Arifiyyah to this minor loss against Cambria.

Na'latí struck a conversation with the players:

"Boys, we've reached the end of the road, but you did good, i have to say for this match you surpassed the expectations I, the press, and the nation had, you all did good, and yes there were many hiccups along the way, but at the end the team surpassed most expectations."

As Na'latí checked his list he said:

"Of course some of you did better than others and a few even underperformed, but as a team you did good, good coordination and a sturdy defense took us to the Round of 16."


And so Na'lati showed the list to the players, it was a list in order of who had performed better to worse:



A Center-Midfielder for the team originally expected to be "Just another brick in a wall" Nalpá Farris, exceded all expectations, proving to be a player with both the capacity to coordinate and act on his own, of coure he was better with the team, but he proved essential in the defense, being able to close the distance to opponents to snatch the ball and pass it to the strikers, he proved to be the model team player for this match being able to adapt to the situation surrounding him and his collegues.

Expectations Surpassed



The workhorse for the team, he provided the team with most of the goals in the early matches and proved consistant all throught, of course with a few hiccups along the way, the captain of the team also proved that when the stars allign he could perform well enough without help from his collegues and secure goals to if not win the match, at least make that negative difference a lil' less negative after all.

Expectations Surpassed



A Center Back defense, like N. Farris, Enrico Vilaña proved to be a well-rounded defense, and proved reliable when supported, he was able to keep the ball away from the Goal several times, and he is quickly to react to any changes that devolve around him.

Expectations Surpassed



Another striker, while he started on the bench missing the first few games Fylas Mataña was able to score goals in the next few games thanks to the help of his team, when he's alone he does struggle, but when he is properly supported he can take the fight to the other side of the pitch.

Expectations Met



Zacacho Fanil is a really good team player, probably has the best coordination in the team, but he has a nasty habit of sometimes overextending and that leads him to sometimes find himself surounded and unable to act, still when he's supported he can conduct himself in a good manner keeping the right flank safe n' secure from any attempts to go down by that flank.

Expectations Met



Avalicha Pifa'atá is a decent players by all means not bad but also not very good in terms of mobility, he is aware he lacks in those areas and will act in accordance with how the team plays out, but when surrounded he will concede the ball, he also proves to be a bit nervous at times and ocasionally passing prematurley or too late, but him being almost always aware of his situation makes him a decent player.

Expectations Met



Xavicha Patochá is another decent player, and similar to Pifa'ata but unlike him he is one of our most agile players, and this makes him a bit overconfident at times, and he's also a bit of selfish, not passing the ball at opportune times, instead of his brains making up for his mobility like Pifa'ata, his mobility makes up for his brains, decent player.

Expectations Met



Another player who started in the bench, Achacá Yachucho is a Center Mid-fielder, he often finds himself replacing either Pifa'ata or Farris whenever they get tired or underperform, he's probably the most avarage player in the team, he's timid but not indesicive, and will work with the team just fine, however he has to work on his passes since sometimes he passes the ball to the wrong player.

Expectations Met



The striker opposite of Fydó, Halviná Tichacho is an ok player, he scored a few goals but he lacks agility, a lot of the time running predictably in a straight or curved line at his opponents, what saves him is his willingness to be cooperative with Fydó and having good coordination with him.

Expectations Met



Hervaya Mataña has had a rough one recently, when he thought his carrer was on the rise in his own club he overconfidently slid over and tackled an opposing player severly injuring him and earning him a red card, that lost his team the essential match, this never left him and he is extremly cautious, when he doesn't know what to do he might find himself passing the ball to someone who doesn't expect it and he lacks coordination.




Andryas Rinaco is the goalkeep of the team, he is also one of the older members and his career is probably nearing its end, he conceded several goals during the WC, that made Ryxtylopia one of the nations in the WC with the most goals received, but we can't blame it all on him, he's decent but he relies heavily too much on the team to make opponents come in a predictable approach towards him, when they fail he fails.




Altachama Farris is another player who needs to smooth out his roughest edges, he's too careless at times, and lacks the coordination any teamate needs to be good, unfortunatley for the RFF both of the defenders on the left flank underperformed and most goals came through that direction, Farris needs to work out harder in his critical thinking skills if he wants to stay onboard the team.




Alvinás Ne'eto got the worse ranking in this list for being too cautious, he sticks to other players and that proves disastrous when the enemy is comming his way, despite being on the left he passes a lot of time in the center, and it doesn't help that when he retreats the wrong way, the man behind him in the last line of defense is A. Farris, both of them haven't done a good job at keeping the left secure, but him being way too overcautious earns him the worst spot in this list.

Severly Undeperformed


(Other players did not have enough time in the pitch to confirm if they did well or not)


And as Na'latí showed the list there were mixed emotions, most of the team was content maybe not for themselves but for everybody and their good coordinaton, some where dissapointed with themselves, and others selfishley backed away from the list in denial, but as the boys packed up for the last stay in this land far away from home one last cheer for the team could be heard in the lobby of the hotel, since they the public and the world was impressed at such a great debut for the RFF.



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WCF2 Coverage: Round of 16 | Santos-Dominius 2-0 Hertfordshire & Jammbo

Santos-Dominius advanced further in the 2nd World Cup of Football today after defeating the chilly footballers from Hertfordshire & Jammbo in a 2-0 match. The National Football Team dealt a blow to the HNDFF and further built on their short but meaningful winning streak following their victory against Sospestan on Match Day 5 of the group stage. This places Team S-D in a good position to go further in the tournament.

In other news, two established teams found themselves threatened by newcomers to the WCF tournament in close matches. Dalimbar narrowly prevailed over Sospestan in a 4-3 match while Cambria and newcomers from Ryxtylopia drew 2-2 before the Cambrians pulled ahead in extra time by scoring a goal and thus winning 3-2 against their surprisingly formidable opponent. While these are still victories for the more experienced and established Dalimbari and Cambrian teams, they will also have to reevaluate certain aspects of their strategy and formation to prevent close calls like these in the future, while the defeated teams can hold their heads high with pride knowing that they gave their best shot.

Following the victory over Hertfordia, the National Football Team will go up against opponents from Arifiyyah in the Quarterfinals, after the Arifians beat the Sekiyans in a brilliant 4-0 match that brought about the end of Sekiya's stint in WCF2. Meanwhile, Dalimbar will be going up against Fujai, its historic rival on Polaris, in the Quarterfinals; if Team S-D were to emerge victorious against Arifiyyah, it will then have to face the victor of that match. The Cambrians will face off against Nagaraningrad, and the winner of that duel will have to face the winner of Nieubasria v. Larxia.

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Reference Bulletin

- Danu -- STAVKA Working Group on Energy report released, recommendation being full exploitation of recently discovered natural gas reserves in the Blue Sea. Preliminary reserves estimated in Danu Gas Field - 10 to 20 trillion cubic metres. 

- Port Ain -- Blue Order and other bands commence March Season, with the commemoration of the Day of Discovery, ending in two weeks time with the Day of Warriors. Vostoch-majority and other non-integrated-majority sectors in Port Ain and rest of the Far-Eastern Districts will be placed on lockdown for the duration of the event.

- Saint Andreisburg -- State Development announced that a fast-rail connection would be established between capital and Donlas. Estimated completion time in 2.5 years. 

- Great Parndon, Hertfordshire and Jammbo -- Dalimbar victorious over Sospestan, 4-3. "Boys in Blue" next play against Fujai in Quarterfinal. It is expected to be a close match against the Vostochii. 

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Larxia faced historic rivals, Giovanniland in the Round of 16 of the World Cup of Football. A strong showing in the group stages saw Giovanniland qualify third out of Group B. Many expected this match to be a very closely fought tie, with the result expected to go in any direction.

The first half kicked-off, with chances made by either team, but no goals until the 25th minute, when Larxia's Cristian Aviero managed to run past the defense and convert an opportunity into a goal. In the 39th minute, Pedro Takeda of Giovanniland, pulled one back for them, equalizing the scores. The first half ended with both the teams on 1 goal each. The match was going as expected.

The Larxian coach gave a very passionate speech in the dressing room during the break, which is what probably inspired the Larxian team to pull it together and show what they are capable of. Leo Messy went one-on-one with the keeper in the 63rd minute, scoring with a deftly executed chip over the keeper's head, exploiting the poor positioning of the Giovannilandese goalkeeper. At around the 81st minute, Larxian striker Adrian Garcia scored a header that resulted from a corner, making the score 3-1.

Larxia managed to go through to the Quarterfinals, where they will face last edition's champions, and presumed arch-rivals, Nieubasria, who came off with a narrow win against fellow Andolian nation of Overthinkers.



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The Stadium Schedule - Beyond The Group Stage

Round of 16 Matches Stadiums Entrance Themes
Dalimbar vs. Sospestan Chelmsford Stadium On Your Wings
Fujai vs. United Adaikes Regnar Crown Killer Queen
Arifiyyah vs. Sekiya Fortune City Park Message In A Bottle
Santos-Dominius vs. Hertfordshire & Jammbo The Gensokyo Arena Tusk
Cambria vs. Ryxtylopia The Blizzardfall Stadium In The Court Of The Crimson King
Nagaraningrad vs. Zoran Heavenly Host Gold
Nieubasria vs. Overthinkers Lunar Prime Park Who Will Stop The Rain?
Larxia vs. Giovanniland Jammer Drive Love Gun


Quarter-Final Matches Stadiums Entrance Themes
Dalimbar vs. Fujai The Gensokyo Arena The Final Countdown
Arifiyyah vs. Santos-Dominius Lunar Prime Park Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Cambria vs. Nagaraningrad Fortune City Park Speedy Speed Boy
Nieubasria vs. Larxia Regnar Crown Lovers Of The World


Semi-Final Matches Stadiums Entrance Themes
Fujai vs. Arifiyyah Davenport Jammbo Stadium Scatman
Cambria vs. Nieubasria Black Parade Hall I'm Here


3rd-Place Match Stadiums Entrance Themes
Fujai vs. Cambria Glacier Shrine Academy Road You Spin Me Round


Final Match Stadiums Entrance Themes
Arifiyyah vs. Nieubasria Pendulum Trinity God of War Ragnarök


image.thumb.png.b327812148245ba4fb6a136bcd07a5a1.png                 1621154457_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.aa10917940f2890925e14da05227a596.png

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esferic goc news header.png

Prince's Government Closely Watching Developments, Astorian Union and Polari Health Notification Systems Actively Coordinating

News Release | November 25, 1422 | Estates-Minister of Public Safety

Estates-Minister Jur.Aislin Byrne has confirmed with the Estates-Ministers of Astorian Union and Health and Social Care that Cambria has activated public health notification systems within the Astorian Union and under the Polaris Health Protocols. 

An international advisory was triggered when public health officials in Cambria requested assistance from the Defence Health Commission due to 34 new cases of a locally transmissible viral hemorrhagic fever. 

Astorian Union Public Health Officials are engaged in the Cambric domestic response with a focus on contact tracing. 

The Estates-Ministry of Public Safety remains on alert for developments with the virus. The Prince's Government is committed to the safety of all Basric and Astorian subjects and is ready to provide assistance and personnel to control the spread of this novel virus. 

For more information, media may contact: Senga Glenns, Press Secretary to the Estates-Minister of Public Safety at press.publicsafety@gov.nb




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I dag i Verden // Today in the World
Ådag, 09 rimmånad 106 // Thursday, 24 November 1422

Keiserholde, Fujai - Following the recent Project Sitka leak, the Utanriksministerjon has released a statement condemning the project's testing practices and demanding their end. In a press conference at Solrunsborg this morning, recently elected Utanriksrådgafar Kjell Midtbø addressed the rising tensions between Dalimbar and the Astorian Union, saying "The Stavka has been stoking the flames of discontent for well over a century, this is merely the most recent example." // Read more.

Blæslev/Rabav, XIII District, Occupied Kynmark, Dalimbar - A Kynsk extremist organization known as Nye Kynmark Hæren (NKH) has claimed responsibility for an explosion on a military train transporting grain and other foodstuffs from Western Dalimbar to Port Ain. The supplies were reportedly intended for use at military installations across Occupied Kynmark. The NKH is a controversial totalist organization that advocates for an independent Kynmark via militant and occasionally deadly means. // Read more.

Gensokyo, Hertfordia - In a highly anticipated match, the Landslag topped the Dalimbari Boys in Blue 2-0. This ended the long Dalimbari run in the World Cup, and triggered celebrations across Fujai amid diplomatic tensions between the two countries. The Landslag next meets Arifiyyah in the semifinals, and if successful will meet either Cambria or Nieubasria in the Final. This would mark the first time Fujai has made a podium finish at a World Cup. // Read more.

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With the Orangutan Rangers reached the Semifinals yesterday, Sultan Arif Nazhim Shah with his spouse HM Queen Isabella follow by the Prime Minister of Arifiyyah,Tan Sri Rais Zuhdi and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato seri Isma went to the World Cup semifinal to give support. 


Interview with the Sultan

Reporter: Welcome to H&J,your highness. Could you tell us your hope on our Arifiyyah FA?

Sultan Arif: Thank you. I really appreciate the news reporters that work hard to give us daily report on the WC. My hope to the Orangutan Rangers and my brother that they will fight like soldiers with 101% hardwork. Reaching the semis is more that enough. Win or lose,we will see that tonight. If we lose, let's focus to get the third place. But i highly believe that they can raise the World Cup this year.

Reporter: any other plan here?

Sultan Arif: Besides football,i would like to meet the Ruler of H&J to discuss about two ways diplomatic relations 

Reporter: Thank you your majesty and enjoy your time in Herefordshire and Jammbo.


We wre also told that the Sultan also treat 3000 fans free trip to the game.


The arrival of Sultan Arifiyyah


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  • Fujai changed the title to 2nd World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplay, results]
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