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Rugby World Cup 5 Sign-ups & OOC

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Sign-ups and OOC


Welcome to the fifth edition of the most prestigious sporting event of Esferos, Rugby World Cup V! For those who have participated in previous sports roleplay, you know there will be something like this. For those that have not, don't worry!

To enter Rugby World Cup V, add a reply to this topic by saying, "I want to sign up for Rugby World Cup V," or anything along the lines there. However, the same rules apply just like our RMB, and double posting is not allowed (except for me posting my intentions in signing up). You can edit your reply many times. Also, this thread is for sign-ups and OOC (out-of-character) posts, like questions about the tournament. If you don't like asking questions here, you can ask them in #rwc5 on our RP Discord server or message me directly there. The IC (in-character) thread where we will be posting our nations' team information (players, kits, logo, anything related to such), roleplay (preparations, match day events), and the posting of results will be separate. The link will be announced in Discord or can be viewed here in our forums starting 6/15/2024.

As mentioned earlier, as this is the most prestigious sporting event in Esferos, this is an Official Sporting Event. The World Cup, as with the previous tournaments, is done in two stages: the Group Stage (signed-up teams are put into groups and play with the teams in their group in a round-robin format) and the Knock-outs (top teams in groups will play in a single-elimination bracket to determine the winner of the World Cup).

There will also be RP and skill bonuses in this tournament. For RP bonuses, this will come from RP posts and roster bonuses. Roster bonuses include other team information (kits, logos, and anything related to the players and the team). As this is already the 5th edition, all teams signing up will have a base skill bonus based on the Rugby Rankings provided by the Department of Sports of the Free State of Dalimbar. I will provide additional information on RP and skill bonuses in the IC thread.

Also, I will be scorinating this tournament, but if you want your country to host the 5th Rugby World Cup IC, signify the same in your reply for signing up (only if you are a Veteran Storyteller, a role provided to you in our Discord server). A little bit of something new from the previous versions of role play: We will be assigning responsibilities to the nation that will host this World Cup. Prepare a short blurb about the bidding nation/city, information about relevant sports venues, and any additional information that makes the bid the most attractive. Additional responsibilities will be given and discussed upon your selection.

Bids for hosting should be placed in Google Docs and accepted until 6/13/2024 at midnight ET, while sign-ups will close on 6/15/2024 at midnight ET. Upon the closing of host bids (the last day of sign-ups), the Lorekeepers and Loremasters will choose and select where Rugby World Cup V will take place, with the host nation being informed to the public upon the sign-up closing.

That's all for now. Confused about how we will be doing this? New with scorinating? Taking a page from Resu's book, read below.


Sports rp is a special kind of roleplay where rather than the roleplayers deciding what happens, the results are generated first and then the stories are created by the players after the fact to fit the results. This means that the cardinal rule while rp'ing is don't contradict the provided scoreline.

Ah, but how is that scoreline created, you ask? With a special piece of software called a 'scorinator.' A scorinator uses random numbers to generate a realistic score for a sporting even, taking into account several factors. These factors usually are rank and roleplay. If the competitors have competed in the past and established before which teams are stronger, that can be reflected by assigning those teams a rank. The scorinator will then provide realistic results where the stronger team is more likely to win. On the other hand, teams can be given an rp bonus as well. RP bonus is a tool used to encourage people to roleplay in the competition. The user scorinating the competition will read rps and give a bonus to each team according to the roleplay it wrote, slightly boosting its performance in the scorinator. However, this doesn't mean that if you roleplay you will win, and you should always roleplay because it's fun, not because you want the bonus. 

Results will be scorinated one matchday at a time to allow people to roleplay about each game. If you have any other questions about the whole thing works that I didn't address here, feel free to message me or ask in the thread.

We also have the RP Guidance on Sport that you might want to read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z0Ysn1QyDpqA5_4hFB-SxPmSbfxCoCAFKIUqb1swiY8

Nations signed up: (19/__)


Hertfordshire and Jammbo
Saint Mark
United Adaikes

*submitted host bids

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This is the Larxian bid to host the World Cup, this was just an attempt or like a practice run to create a bid, and I also don't know much about the sport, so my bid has figures based on one website I found to help me with this stuff. I might do a better job during the Football World Cup, but here is an attempt:


Edit: Due to some rl commitments, unfortunately, I have to retract my bid to host, but I do still intend to be a participating nation

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