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4th Rugby World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Ryxtylopia is in!

Ryxtylopia had passed the groups! Even with one final defeat against UA, making the win to loss ratio 1, Ryxtylopia came 3rd in its group, and advanced to the next round; the Round of 16, its next match would be a particularly tough oponent: Ostronia, who had come 2nd in their group, just behind Dalimbar, and probably out of the debutants had the best debut, with 4 wins, 1 draw and only 1 loss.

But spirts were still high as the team had just achieved the goal of making the groups, and now were on the next round, as TVNC instead of doing their regular post match review, would do a live broadcast and interview some of the players before the Ostronia match.




[Railo]: 3... 2... 1... and we are live! Good afternoon Ryxtylopia, and the world!

[Eiva]: Hello!

[Tixica]: Afternoon!

[Railo]: We are currently live from the TVNC station in Ivitaita, Ryxenia! Im Tivan Railo and ill be joined by Nixta Eiva and Marco Tixica! Its a good day, since well we're going to talk about rugby, and how Ryxtylopia made it to the round of 16!

[Tixica]: Indeed Railo, 16 teams left... right? Anywho, our team sure had the time of their lives qualifying, and now we're just a few hours away from the Ostronia match to determine who'll pass on to quarter finals.

[Railo]: Well yeah, we also saw some pretty memorable matches in our group, my two favorites actually were the ones against Aftokratoria and Fujai!

[Eiva]: Really? I thought we lost those.

[Railo]: We did, but the one against Fujai saw our inexperienced team successfully defend and only concede three, while the Aftokratoria match at least for the second half was the definition of intense as both teams came paralizingly close to victory, Aftokratoria getting the win in the end.

[Tixica]: Not to mention the matches in the other groups.

[Eiva]: Well, you all remember the reason we're here right? Im going to start the call right now... and... there!

[Gaíves]: Hello everybody!

[Tixica]: Gaives, what a miracle! We haven't seen you in ages!

[Railo]: Yeah, where have you been?

[Gaíves]: Well im currently with our team, as they're getting ready for the match with Ostronia, they have some time left to say hello to the country, and for us to wish them the best!

[Railo]: Amaizing, well how about you get to it?

[Gaíves]: On it, let me just... hold on... excuse me...

Gaíves and his cameraman reach the team waiting outside in a parking lot, as the bus arrived, they head up to Andreís Tivarra, the coach.


[Gaíves]: Hello good sir!

[Tivarra]: Hey there, so what would you like to ask?

[Gaíves]: Andreís Tivarra, right?

[Tivarra]: Yeah, yea- HEY! DIPARTÍ! Stop tha- oh sorry! I think the team's a little to excited for their own good.

[Gaíves]: How would you describe the current atmosphere?

[Tivarra]: A mix of both excitement and nervousness, Ostronia is a tough opponent, but i think Aftokratoria has humbled us enough.

[Gaíves]: I see that... Anyways, how does the team feel about making the group?

[Tivarra]: I can't answer that. But the team can.

Tivarra whistles to everybody


[Gaíves]: Alright alright, i see what you're doing... OKAY RYXTYLOPIA! HOW DO WE FEEL ABOUT MAKING THE GROUPS!

Everybody responds, responses ranging from "Great!" to "I think i peed myself" as the sort of unintelligable response of the team gets through to the microphone before everybody chuckles and laughs.

[Gaíves]: hah... ha... ahhh... THAT'S GREAT I GUESS! I couldn't really hear *chuckle* .

[Gaíves]: Anyways, so do we have any comment on the opposite team?

[Tivarra]: Ostronia did really well in their group, id say pretty similar to us, especially in the PD department. Do we have the ability to beat them? Yes! Do they have the ability to beat us? Also yes! *chuckle* Ive been nervous pretty all morning even if i don't need to be since we made the groups! But me and the team would like to make it a little further than the groups.

[Gaíves]: Interesting.

[Tivarra]: Yes, well how about you talk with the team? We'll have to go soon.

[Gaíves]: Alright, thank you for your time sir!

[Tivarra]: No problem!

Gaíves walks to some of the players

[Gaíves]: Excuse me, can i get a comment on either the upcomming match or on your opinion of this world cup as a whole?

[Pailo Mataña]: Oh sure, i...

[Marco Xilta]: Its cold.

[Gaíves]: That's all...?

[Marco Xilta]: Yes its cold! And i hate the cold, whenever its cold i feel like bad luck strikes me!

[Gaíves]: How so?

[Marco Xilta]: Okay, so last time it was cold back home i got into a motorbike accident, like i was with this rando' friend in the uhhh Dixivarrias Street, drinking and he told me: "I know a place to get top notch drink!" and i freezing, said: "Y-You d-do?" I was really cold but he said: "Yes" and so we went down a hill, he was stepping on the gas and then uh... we struck a rock and the motorbike went flying.

[Gaíves]: Oh...

[Marco Xilta]: And i went flying with it! I dropped the drink and landed on a bush, and uhhh my friend also flew and he went through a window, before earning himself a trip to the hospital. And the motorbike went to **** too, but you know, whenever its cold bad luck just seems to follow me, as Tivarra has me benched for this game.

[Gaíves]: Uhh okay...?

[Marco Xilta]: Yeah, that happens when its cold...

*In the distance* Suck it Xilta!!! Im better than you! Says Riberto Ca'aña as a crowd of 6 including himself start laughing uncontrollably once the camera pitches to the left.

[Marco Xilta]: SHUT UP! You! uhh... uhhhhh... You did nothing in the UA game!

*In the distance* None of us did! *The laughter continues*

[Marco Xilta]: *chuckling* Ah- oh well that's my side of the story, thanks for your time!

[Gaíves]: No, thank you for your time sir, good luck!

Gaíves finds someone else

[Gaíves]: Morni- I mean, evening!

[Avilita Mataña]: Hey!! Oh wait, Hi mom!

[Gaíves]: *Chuckles* Well uh sorry to interrupt but may i get a comment on the upcomming match or on this tournament as a whole please?

[Avilita Mataña]: Oh sure thing, Ostronia, they look so far challenging, but im not worried.

[Gaíves]: How so?

[Avilita Mataña]: Beacause our team also did pretty well considering the rivals we faced, i think both teams performed roughly the same for their respective groups! So we can beat them, also Tivarra has insisted for the past two days we train for this match *chuckle* and i did!

[Gaíves]: Great for you, any other comment?

[Avilita Mataña]: Id say that's it, its been a wonderful world cup and id say the warm people of Dalimbar did a pretty decent job at hosting it, maybe im being a little bit bias but its my first rugby cup.

[Gaíves]: Yeah you're being Bias, but in a good way id say, thanks for your time!

Gaíves looks for one more person to interview

[Gaíves]: Evening!

[Quista Farris]: Evening.

[Gaíves]: Excuse me, may i get a comment on the upcomming match or this world cup as a whole?

[Quista Farris]: Sure, its been an amaizing ride, and i feel like ive learnt a lot, i mean compared to our league this is a whole different level, and its both exciting and nerve wracking!

[Gaíves]: That's actually a pretty good way to put it... oh sorry... anything else?

[Quista Farris]: Well im glad i made this tournament, and id like to thank on behalf of the team, everybody that's watching us for your support, or your attention if you don't support us.

Gaíves walks away as he adjusts his earpiece


[Gaíves]: Alright, thanks for your time! Whoooo-wee, that sure was a ride.

[Eiva]: We saw *chuckle* anywho, thanks for your time Gaíves

[Gaíves]: Anytime, see you!


The call with Gaíves ends as the video goes back to Railo, Eiva and Tixaca in the studio.

[Railo]: That team sure looks ready for the match!

[Tixaca]: Yeahhhhh... right... didn't you see they were laughing like crazy?

[Eiva]: Like you do everytime Gaíves said he was going to run face first into a brick wall only to run face first into the floor?

*The three laugh*

[Tixaca]: Hahaha- Well, thats a fair point i guess.

[Eiva]: They're just excited for their match, Tivarra looked stressed, but the rest do look ready.

[Railo]: Well... something im ready for apart from the results is our mid transmission ad break!

[Tixaca]: Ah no way, i was about to re tell about the time me and Gaíves also got ourselves thrown from the street into a bush.

[Railo]: Save that one for later Tixaca, but anyways, thanks for watching ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back to you shortly!

The camera zooms out as the transmission cuts to ads


Meanwhile in the bus:

The players were in an overcrowded bus, most cheering, the atmosphere was pretty relaxed, as Tivarra, like usual prepared to be overly emotional just before the match. He stood up from his seat behind the driver and started to talk.

"Listen everybody, Ostronia's next, and they'll be tough, i want everybody to do their best, this could very well be our last match, so if its going to be we want to put on a good show, can we all agree on that?"

"Well good, its been a good tournament, im glad i got to be coach of this wonderful team"

"Don't worry Tivarra, you'll get a good show beacause we'll aim for the win!"

Then the signing starts...

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

Within seconds the entire bus starts singing:

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Di Nyrte a Sur, e diporte triunfirá, por a Ryxtylopia a musica reysonará!"

"Di Xarrvaís a Montís! Di Ñavis a Aziul, Ryxtylopia si prepara, parai diporte a vyncerá!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion... quista... di... Pieeeeeeeeeeee!"

Everybody cheers and laughs as the bus continues on its way to the stadium, getting ready for what could be the team's final match for this tournament.

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With training complete and nothing else to do, Nagisa gathered some O.S.T. made back home and had everyone choose a personal theme...

Shizune.png.0e07d4ab98ff3012254b0f9a6a8623dc.pngShizune H.: ... [Sign language -> Translation: The rest of you presumably already know of my inability to take part.]

Rococo.png.1c459e59d191119971a752dc82882995.pngRococo U.: ... [Sign language -> Translation: Oh right. I'd forgotten that you're deaf and mute.]

Rago.png.3756654d6eacb6909238aadaa0994aeb.pngRago N.: That just means the rest of us will listen to our chosen OST without her.

Gwyn.png.e1385f68fc5b45f7558f9a0dc11c00c7.pngGwyn R.: It's none of my business, but we should find a way to allow Shizune and The Stig to experience this. I mean, Lisa and I have already figured out a way to bypass the deafness.

Nagisa.png.9f866297cd31fd0843368cdb878f1f0f.pngNagisa I.: Really? But how?

Seiya.png.5c8b78069fd3c8a597dc419a75c48977.pngSeiya N.: I know you two are intellectual prodigies in the conventional sense, but is that even possible?

Lisa.jpg.8d6e845959f4940556e06b255dd0c068.jpgLisa L.: Yesh. With the help of my latest invention, we will be able to transhlate the shound of the O.Sh.T. into electronical information that will be transhmitted to the brain through theshe wiresh. It will be ash if you were lishtening to it in your head. Gwyn'sh mathematical calculationsh formed the bashish of thish technology. I am sure it will sholve the problems that come with the shircumshtancesh behind Shizune's mutenessh.

[Lisa makes it abundantly clear that she has a lisp, hence the 's' sounds being (OOC: written as) 'sh' instead. Gwyn signs Lisa's words to Shizune.]

Nagisa.png.9f866297cd31fd0843368cdb878f1f0f.pngNagisa I.: Wow...

Julian.png.ef178a52b77d3f3943a56b9d0dae4fe9.pngJulian K.: I'm meant to be the most talented person in the country, and I could never create that.

Tess.jpg.fd5dcb36df6f03837cebd2522207b013.jpgTess D.: Looks like some of us have more free time than others.

Seiya.png.5c8b78069fd3c8a597dc419a75c48977.pngSeiya N.: They've probably been working on this for a while now.

[Seiya glances over at The Stig, who acts as translator for Shizune when the others aren't directly conversing with her.]

Seiya.png.5c8b78069fd3c8a597dc419a75c48977.pngSeiya N.: Still, I never would have imagined something like that was even possible.

Shizune.png.0e07d4ab98ff3012254b0f9a6a8623dc.pngShizune H.: ... [Sign language -> Translation: If this works, then it would prove useful. Come on Origami, we need to get this sorted, follow my lead.]

[Shizune took command of the situation to Lisa's surprise and showed the rest of the team just how much of a fearsome taskmaster she can be. Gwyn was unimpressed.]

Origami.png.4793b216da982c66dbea5a0e0779db28.pngOrigami T.: This attaches to your head?

Rago.png.3756654d6eacb6909238aadaa0994aeb.pngRago N.: That's what it appears to be for.

Krux.png.83f290a036aa7fa89435e617f51ac033.pngKrux H.: Can you get on with it? We don't have all day.

Shu.png.c296acab443d0068996e417890cf7d77.pngShu K.: Don't rush them Krux. They know what they're doing.

Delta.jpg.01de26f67a0faeeae3b077ac8edfe657.jpgDelta Z.: No scientist is immune from making mistakes. The same goes for Lisa.

[Gwyn has the urge to chime up and mention how math played a part, but decides not to. Delta notices Gwyn in his peripheral vision.]

Delta.jpg.01de26f67a0faeeae3b077ac8edfe657.jpgDelta Z.: Hm?

Gwyn.png.e1385f68fc5b45f7558f9a0dc11c00c7.pngGwyn R.: However, there is no guarantee that it will work. This is its first use.

Eirin.jpg.47685651073ed93286b9af9b8cfc5be2.jpgEirin Y.: It's too bad, if it does disappoint.

[The rest of the team ponder which one of the geniuses out of Lisa, Gwyn and Eirin to believe.]

Arthur.jpg.2b2b4f5dd4a102a6acf00ae6d01c341d.jpgArthur P.: I hope it fails. James, you agree, don't you? ...James, I command you to stop ignoring me!

James.thumb.jpg.96d19b7e601c604d39a7130400238a39.jpgJames M.: I'm not convinced by that though because I think electricity is a mystery. It is. Yep. I don't actually believe in it. Nobody really understands it.

Delta.jpg.01de26f67a0faeeae3b077ac8edfe657.jpgDelta Z.: You don't believe in electricity?

Richard.jpg.606bc83780e243de45296567d1d3eac2.jpgRichard H.: What you're witnessing here is Asperger's made real.

Futo.png.8ed83d6b745932f5076f104e7231e501.pngFuto M.: Is that the item that makes thy urine smell most hilarious?

Hyouka.jpg.7b1a051148dfae546ac1a3f4ff18b946.jpgHyouka F.: No!

Naho.jpg.90a97e2d182298bced2490b24bb14389.jpgNaho S.: No, that's asparagus.

Mizore.jpg.e316db7ae6ba96d48bd27c9dc78bb092.jpgMizore S.: I think Shizune is ready, shall I turn on the device?

Clarkov.png.da930e93d56ca8e218e27d675a097752.pngClarkov S.: I'd wait, seems to me like Lisa is in the middle of something.

Stig.jpg.3ba827ae72a66ae7a2ad65de74c46a52.jpgThe Stig: ... [Sign langauge -> Translation: Where did you appear from?]

Seiya.png.5c8b78069fd3c8a597dc419a75c48977.pngSeiya N.: That reminds me, I have some news you'll need to hear. Zoranian queen Atsil has been sent off by her ministers to seek therapy. It seems like something you normally don't care about, but keep listening.

Delta.jpg.01de26f67a0faeeae3b077ac8edfe657.jpgDelta Z.: When we saw that, we quickly realised that for all the 10-11 years of emotional and mental torment you've had to put up with over your childhood, coupled with the time you had to spend as Prime Minister because of a previous imbecilic lack of age limits (which are not in place for this team), you still haven't done the same.

Rococo.png.1c459e59d191119971a752dc82882995.pngRococo U.: It's a lucky thing you never had to attend full time besides events such as the Esferiad. The country effectively ran like an absolute monarchy before that lack of limit was remedied. Anyway, what we're saying is you need to book counselling after this tournament. It'll do a great job for your wellbeing.

Shizune.png.0e07d4ab98ff3012254b0f9a6a8623dc.pngShizune H.: ... [Sign language -> Translation: I concur. You've already been able to be your true self, but you can't shoulder recovery alone. You'll end up pushing away those who care about you. Take it from someone with experience of doing just that. You'll mentally cripple yourself if you don't seek help.]

Eirin.jpg.47685651073ed93286b9af9b8cfc5be2.jpgEirin Y.: There'll be no need for waiting. Free has already requested me to be the therapist.

Rago.png.3756654d6eacb6909238aadaa0994aeb.pngRago N.: You were the one that planned this?

Free.jpg.61e1548cd4509100e1c2174e2d629849.jpgFree d. l. H.: That's right. I'm not about to let Clarkov destroy themselves.

[Clarkov is in mild shock over hearing this and takes some time to process what they just heard. They simply turn to Free and nod and flash a small smile in appreciation as thanks.]

Rago.png.3756654d6eacb6909238aadaa0994aeb.pngRago N.: Sometimes your goodness annoys me.

Rococo.png.1c459e59d191119971a752dc82882995.pngRococo U.: So that's settled. Don't worry, Snow Sage, you'll benefit from this. Lisa, we're all set, right? Let's kick off!

[Lisa attaches the device to Shizune's head and the OST list begins. Along the way, everyone wonders what the words in some of the themes are. They chalk them off as the H&J equivalent of "Ominous Marcarian Chanting". Even when it clearly wasn't. Some also get creeped out by a few of the choices. Most notably was the often ridiculous names each of them had chosen for the OST.]


Julian's Theme - Emperor Konstantinov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWKbi13wE54

Shizune's Theme - The Student Council: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2eWjPEA8Sc

James' Theme - Big Ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt1PVYiHr6o

Free's Theme - Golden God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBxsZSckvO0

Mizore's Theme - Prisoner of Passion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rJ79MYctZ4

Stig's Theme - Top Gear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwX-KS1816c

Lits' Theme - Another Beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kAM42Z9gd4

Seiya's Theme - A Heated Battle With Lunar Prime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjZgR4FPfzg

Promestein's Theme - Promestein 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHrftVDITso

Gankyou's Theme - Violence Competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15X7QsyJMAs

Hyouka's Theme - Another Face: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BERBNmUesOM

Damian's Theme - Gates of Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6syedhzF_U

Naho's Theme - Solitude of Frenzy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m2i5vKVvRk

Faust's Theme - Twisted Tempo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5ybfMqA7uk

Futo's Theme - Legend of the Great Gods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POUxrKNkbA4

Eirin's Theme - History of the Moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-xhqldl_mw

Jeremy's Theme - Classical Gas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKCvYyVTJ6Q

Rococo's Theme - Birth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB2j6qBUWsM

Arthur's Theme - The New King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pynw4Exsvr0

Tess' Theme - Bloodstained Rose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X9LvC9WkkQ

Clarkov's Theme - The Snow Sage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8Ev-wurPT0

Kanako's Theme - Venerable Ancient Battlefield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITYCfbE76ZM

Krux's Theme - Hands of Time Reunited: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-QRIaGhjn8

Lain's Theme - Pitch-Black Flame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7loJRR9hOgg + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npm_UDb487w

Shu's Theme - Spirit of Fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HAKWe9mWZQ

Richard's Theme - Blast Lab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBUh1XzTMSg

Delta's Theme - The Shining Star: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4duurmpu8Q

Gwyn's Theme - Beginning Equation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kvqd9UPulqI

Origami's Theme - AHIH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKZbwuwXTNY

Rago's Theme - Diablo Nemesis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9JVtBrFVgI

Sage's Theme - To Whom?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMaNTdn7Y90

Lisa's Theme - Periodic Table Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxSe_Zrig_g

Fuusuke's Theme - Superhuman Team Diamond Dust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DOZ4hcwpog

Nagisa's Theme - Midnight Music Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2yPtY0uvmM




It would appear that one of the team members is now finally set to receive a therapy session of their own. Multiple of them.


HNDRJNewLogo.thumb.png.8146bd69e6bb544259ddaa9c3927dc4b.png                 HertfordshireAndJammboCoatOfArms.thumb.png.9b0f578b691e30036684fed62bab7f6b.png                 20200219_080700.png.dbf05cce9df7f91a5202d4c539bc15e3(1).thumb.png.79922811bff0930311bc4f2e60e6015c.png

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Results of the Round of 16

Dalimbar 37–11 Kalmach
Giovanniland 6–13 Nieubasria
Cambria 20–6 Saranzio
Fujai 3–7 Teralyon
Zoran 30–5 Peourouin
Ostronia 10–29 Ryxtylopia
United Adaikes 12–8 Hertfordshire and Jammbo
Overthinkers 24–3 Saint Mark


Afternoon matches:

Cambria v. Teralyon
Donuzlav Stadium

United Adaikes v. Overthinkers
Marinsky Stadium

Evening matches:

Dalimbar v. Nieubasria
Nadu Naval Stadium

Zoran v. Ryxtylopia
Fort Kaisah Stadium

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Priscian: How do you keep surviving these animal attacks?

Quiyakaso: I ask myself that every morning when I wake up.

Priscian: Is it just terrible luck? Is it planned?

Quiyakaso: In my early career when the corporates were behind everything, it was a bit of both. Now it is purely bad luck.

Priscian: Are you sure you aren’t doing something to antagonize the animals?

Quiyakaso: No, of course not!

Priscian: Ok, if you say so.

Producer: Going live in five, four, three, two…

Quiyakaso: Gooooooood morning, Zoran! I am Quiyakaso!

Priscian: And I am Noya Priscian

Quiyakaso: And we are once again in front of Fort Kaisah Stadium as the Zoranian rugby team beat Perouin in round 16 and we are back in the Quarter-Finals.

Priscian: That’s right, coming up the Zoranian team is up against the fiery Ryxtylopian team.

Quiyakaso: That’s right and Coach Amadahy Lvaguta said that the team is actually excited about this one, believing that it could be the start of the challenging matches they have been hoping for.

Priscian: Indeed, I think it is going to be an interesting match but maybe not as interesting as the Teralyon and Cambria match.

Quiyakaso: I don’t know, I might just watch the recent anime that came out a few weeks ago

Priscian: What?

Quiyakaso: Yeah, the one about the Saint Markian religious guy but they are in space and a samurai?

Priscian: I-I have no idea what you are talking about.

Quiyakaso: I don’t even remember the name, but if any of you viewers out there know the name just @ me on my social me-

[Intense buzzing becomes audible in the background]

Quiyakaso: It seems like it has already begun. We will get back to that next time.

Priscian: We are not talking about whatever this anime is next time! We have sports to cover!

Quiyakaso: But it is a funny and cool anime! It pokes fun at the Markians during their occupation of the country!

Priscian: Not relevant!

Quiyakaso: Come on! Please!

Priscian: No.


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An Uphill Battle





[Railo]: Alright, and we areeeee... BACK!

[Tixica]: Wow, i guess the players did have reason to be confident.

[Railo]: Well, we saw them before the match, and now shortly we'll see them after the match.

[Eiva]: And you'll get to see Gaíves again, Tixica *chuckle*

[Tixica]: Guess that invitation to have a drink when he comes back home will be a little later than expected.

[Railo]: Don't be sad, be happy about the match we just watched, Ostronia 10, Ryxtylopia 29, we made it further than most, and currently are one out of two Auran teams that remain, but we'll soon go against Zoran.

[Eiva]: Oh boy...

[Tixica]: The winners of last RWC?

[Railo]: Yes, there will be two outcomes, either Ryxtylopia holds the auran torch past the quarter finals, or we exit the tournament at the quarter finals.

[Eiva]: Probably the latter.

[Tixica]: Id say we still got a chance, Zoran dropped to 4th.

[Railo]: But currently we're 15th *the three laugh*

[Tixica]: Hahaha- ha- well, but we'll go up in the rankings.

[Railo]: But by how much? You know what, nevermind, lets just been hopeful and cheer for our team in seemingly difficult games, like we did with Dilber still at the start of the tournament.

[Eiva]: Agreed, anywho, Tixica i hope you're ready to see Gaíves.

[Tixica]: Hurry up already, let me see my man.

[Eiva]: Alright! Just let me... and... there!

[Gaíves]: Hello again!

[Tixica]: Gaíves, my man! How is it there in Dalimbar?

[Gaívas]: Not that cold actually.

[Tixica]: I meant the ambience dummy.

[Gaívas]: The ambience is one of partying! The fans are celebrating, the players are getting ready to go back to the bus, and all of Ryxtylopia is in a very good mood this night.

[Railo]: Fantastic, good to see our compatriots are having a good time.

[Eiva]: Well Gaívas, will you give us the player's side of the story?

[Gaívas]: I will, give us a moment.

Gaívas and the camera crew head to the side of the stadium where the players of the A.R.R were exiting.


When Gaívas arrived, everybody was jumping around and celebrating.

[Gaívas]: Uh, excuse me- ah-! Hello again Tivarra, its us again.

[Tivarra]: Oh hello again!

[Gaívas]: Do you have any comments on the match you just played?

[Tivarra]: Fantastic! The result couldn't have gone any better, and the squad deserves a good old rest beacause tomorrow im not giving them any of that, they will train.

[Gaívas]: I wonder why?

[Tivarra]: Zoran, Zoran and Zoran, they will be our toughest opponent yet probably, did you see what they did to peourouin?

[Gaívas]: We did, 30-5, i guess your attitude isn't that off considering the next match.

[Tivarra]: I won't be surprised if tomorrow i have a mental breakdown, the stress is already getting to me, but hey at least everybody else is having a good time.

[Gaívas]: Do you have any other comments you would like to make?

[Tivarra]: No, im good, ill also go to sleep early, since tomorrow im going to go Drill Sergant mode on the squad, Ryxtylopia wants entretainment and im going to provide it.

[Gaívas]: Alright, thanks for your time!

Gaívas heads to some of the players ahead of him

[Gaívas]: Hey, hey, may we get some comments on the game you just played?

[Rinaco Zicha]: Great!

[Mirta Palmiras]: Fantastic!

[Angilina Nivas]: Let's go Ryxtylopia!!

[Ernysto Fydó]: Its the best day ever!

[Gaívas]: Great from all of you, any of you wants to give me a comment?

[Ernysto Fydó]: Ostronia played really well, especially at the start, but we pulled through at the end, and got a victory, this may aswell be our last.

[Mirta Palmiras]: Be positive, Zoran will be our toughest opponent for sure, but we have and will continue practicing, we'll give them a challange, just like they'll give us one.

[Gaívas]: Alright, thanks for your time!

Gaívas walks to some other players

[Gaívas]: Excuse me, may i get a commentary on the match you just played?

[Quista Farris]: Oh its you again! Sure, i think we had a great match, and im looking forward to the next one, Zoran might knock us out but we'll make sure to give our best and fight to become the team to represent Aura in this tournament!

[Gaívas]: Alright, thanks!

Gaívas goes to another corridor as the team starts going for the bus.


[Gaívas]: You heard 'em, you saw 'em, there you go Eiva, you can thank me later.

[Eiva]: Ill do it right now, what an amaizing game.

[Railo]: Indeed, Ryxtylopia has done really good, and hopefully we can impress the world by beating Zoran!

[Tixica]: Don't get too excited yet, if someone should be excited its me, Gaívas i would like to invite you on a date.

[Gaívas]: Oh uhhh, what a... wonderful surprise...

[Tixica]: Yeah you and me, at the bar, watching the tv in the corner as we drink ourselves into the floor.

[Gaívas]: Oh haha, well once i return ill be up for that.

[Railo]: And so will i!

[Eiva]: I might be unable to join you on that one, but i will join you on our next appearance here at TVNC!

[Railo]: Yeah, well time to say bye to Gaívas, Tixica...

[Tixica]: NO! Come on! Ugh, Gaívas you better answer my calls.

[Gaívas]: Don't worry Tixica, i will. Anyways, see ya everybody!

[Tixica]: ANSWER THE CALLS...!

[Railo]: Bye!

[Eiva]: Cya!

[Railo]: And its our time to say goodbye now, to the viewers, it was a wonderful night, but its time for us to end the broadcast, BUT we'll be back to you in two days!

[Tixicala]: Night everybody.

[Eiva]: See you next time on TVNC!

The camera zooms out as the TVNC theme plays, and the screen slowly fades away to the next channel.



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Ставка Фреистат Далимбар


О полевом командовании Дальневосточной контрольной зоны

Ставка Фреистат Далимбар:

1. Принимает отставку генерала Валериан Викторов от командования Дальневосточной контрольной зоной и членство в Ставка;
...A. Награждение Героем Фреистат (первой степени) за образцовые героические заслуги перед Фреистат.
...Б. Начисление выходного пособия и пенсионного обеспечения в соответствии с УКАЗ-091026-02
...В. Далее присуждает госдачу в Районе 8 для его исключительного и частного использования

2. Назначает генерал-лейтенанта армии ФС Иосипа Франка полевым командующим Дальневосточной контрольной зоны;
...A. Повышается до полного генеральского ранга
…Б. Вводится в
Ставка на время своего срока

От имени Ставка,

Маршал Маркус Брианд
Председатель Ставка
Фреистат Далимбар

On the Field Command of the Far-Eastern Control Zone 

Stavka of the Free State of Dalimbar:

1. Accepts the resignation of Gen. Valerian Viktorov from command of the Far-Eastern Control Zone and membership in Stavka;
...A. Awards the "Hero of the Free State (First Class)" for exemplary heroic services to the Free State 
...B. Awards severance and retirement package in accordance with UKAZ-091026-02
...C. Further awards a gosdacha in District 8 for his exclusive and private use

2. Appoints Lt. Gen. Iosip Franc of FS Army as Field Commander of the Far-Eastern Control Zone;
...A. Promotes to full General rank
...B. Inducts into Stavka for the duration of his term

On behalf of Stavka,

Mar. Markus Briand,
Chairman of Stavka
Marshal of the Free State of Dalimbar

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15 April 1423
Outside Fort Kaisah Stadium

11:30 AM IAT-4

As the camera crew began packing everything up for the day, Quiyakaso looked across the canal at Kaisah Stadium…until they took a step back after seeing the otters swimming around.

“Have you always had bad luck with animals or has that been a relatively recent development?” asked Noya Priscian as she approached where Quiyakaso was standing,

“I thought I already answered that question?”

“You told me that it is mostly bad luck but you never told me if you’ve always had it.”

“Hmm, good question.” Noya waited for him to continue the thought he never does,

“Well I would be interested in learning more about that.”


“Because I don’t believe it is truly bad luck, I think you are doing something that is intimidating the animals.”

“Pfffft, as if. I would never do anything to intimidate an animal.”

“The otters in the canal beg to differ.”

Quiyakaso looks over at the otters to find them starting to whistle aggressively at him.

“I am not even doing anything! I am literally just standing here!” Quiyakaso says to the otters.

Noya laughs at his attempt at reasoning with them when they clearly do not understand what he is saying.

“I bet they see you as a threat to their young or their food for some reason.”

“And there you go making sense again. Little creatures like them don’t know any better.”

“Did you go swimming in the canal or something for them to believe that you, out of everyone here, are a threat of some kind.”

“Why would I swim in a canal in Dalimbar? I don’t want to be arrested for what they may deem to be ‘public indecency’.”

“...But you are okay with getting nearly arrested for wearing disco clothes?”

“Hey, disco will make a comeback!”

“I thought you said it was coming back the day you pulled that stunt that nearly got us arrested?”

“Disco is making a comeback!...Iit is just very slow and will come in full swing in a few years! You will see!”

Noya rolls her eyes in response to this,

“If you say so. But back to the original topic, you may not have done anything you know of that enraged the otters but what about the seagull? It didn’t harm you initially, it just stood on your head.”

“...Yes that is true but my history with seagulls is complicated.”

“It happened in Dilber, I know, but not all seagulls are like the Dilberian seagulls.”

“I think a lot of things are unlike their Dilberian equivalent.”

“You’re not wrong about that. But you still haven’t answered my original question, have you always had this bad luck with animals?”

Quiyakaso let out a sigh as he leans on the rails of the promenade,

“It is a tough question to answer because my bad luck isn’t restricted to animals per say but I would say my luck has always been like this yet I wouldn’t say it is a bad thing. I have been relatively successful so I would say my bad luck helps me fall upwards. Do you get what I am saying?” Noya tilted her head as she thought about it. It is true that the series of unfortunate events that tend to plague Quiyakaso have brought him quite a bite of success, especially with the internet.

“I do, but still, it is simply to say that everything bad or unfortunate that has happened to you is purely bad luck. There must be something more realistic than that to explain it.”

“Probably,” Quiyakaso began, “but I don’t care enough to find out. I am fine with just going with the flow of life without figuring out the mysterious reasons as to why something happens to me.”

“That was…deeper than the response I thought you were going to give me.” Quiyakaso shrugs,

“I have my moments.” he says with a smile.

But then one of the otters jumps onto the promenade and attacks Quiyakaso, much to the amusement of the militsiya watching the two Zoranian news anchors. As Quiyakaso panics and attempts to separate himself from the otter, Noya laughs at the nature of the abrupt interruption to their conversation before going to assist Quiyakaso.

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The day before the storm

It was a chilly morning, and the team had gotten up early, Tivarra wanted them to get to training as soon as possible, to prepare for the match against Zoran, since this could be Ryxtylopia's last match in the tournament, for one of the debutant teams Ryxtylopia had done pretty well, and had reached the quarter finals, were they would the fellow Auran nation of Zoran, the previous champions of the tournament, victory wasn't out of the picture yet, but it did seem particularly challanging.

The zoranian team was on a 7 game winning streak, they had been the top team in their group, they had destroyed the peourouin team 30-5 and now they would go for their 8th victory against the players of the A.R.R.

But that was still a day away, and Tivarra had been pretty clear in yesterday's interview that the team wouldn't get a single bit of rest today since they had to train if they wanted to have the chance to beat Zoran, some saw this as reasonable, others didn't as they headed to the team's bus waiting outside the hotel lobby.


Everybody had gathered in a line to board the bus, Tivarra had a list as he waited next to the entrance, opinions about getting up at 6:10 AM (IAT-4) were mixed to say the least.

"Ugh, i think Tivarra is overreacting again, i could've used some more sleep after the party we had on the lobby yesterday." Said Andreís Guilbirto

To this his friend, Pailo Darrias responded: "Well, i do also think he is overreacting, but then again, its Zoran who we're talking about, you and me are at the front we must be prepared"

"I guess, but i feel like he could have let us eat breakfast in peace like 2 hours later, then go to train."

"Well that's a good point..."

Meanwhile at the back of the line, Tivarra had gotten into an argument with another player

"Im telling you, why bother, you were pretty stressed with the Ostronia match and looked what happened, now you want to make us train all day?" Said Rinaco Zicha

To this Tivarra responded; "I would like to remind you we also trained pretty heavily for the Ostronia match, and it went very well."

"Yes, but it was exhausting, maybe you would know if you were running in a field with us, you just stand there shouting instructions and making us stand up and sit every now and then!"

"Hold on, i think both of you have some reason." Interviened Crystivas Ticacha. "Tivarra we understand that you want to put on a show, but you have to remember that we also need rest and recreation, theese matches are pretty intense sometimes, and this may be our last, so perhaps, tone it down a bit?"

"Ugh fine, ill let us go back earlier than expected" Responded Tivarra as he walked away frustrated.

"Phew, thanks Crystivas, i was worried we would stay there until dark."

"Its okay, he also seems pretty stressed out, but let's be honest its not out of the usual."

Tivarra walked back to the entrance of the bus, ready to call out to the 23 players that he would take to training.

"Hope the ride isn't long, im looking forward to this." Said Jilvian Ampardí

"Me too!" Said Rinaco Patochá

"Me three!" Responded Zincho Ampardia

"I mean, you three are always up for a challange aren't you?" Responded Adila Quistra

"I guess" Said Jilvian

"Alright everybody, get on the bus, the sooner we arrive the sooner you get to come back!" Shouted Tivarra, as he waited for everybody to board.

Then he boarded, as he told the driver; "Alright let's get going, so they dont complain to me all day about why we woke up early, i got a busy day ahead of me."

Then he sat down, as the bus began heading on its way, he was thinking a lot about the Zoran match, trying to come up with something to win the game, but he really couldn't think as the stress that had been present since the first matchday when the team played Fujai was still there.


Tivarra continued thinking during the trip, he was having a hard time dealing with not only the stress of preparing for the upcomming games but also taking care of his player's needs, if Ryxtylopia won against Zoran it could not only massivley advance his career but his players careers too as many other rugby teams from other leagues would seek them, with their potential now being shown, and they could bring competitivity to the uncompetitive Ryxtylopian Rugby League.

But for now he reclined on the seat, and closed his eyes, maybe after all they had made it far enough and he could take a rest since taking on Zoran might be too hard of a challange, he really didn't know, but he would try his best even as his brain begged him to stop.

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The Common Trust for Generic Medicines (CTGM) was established by the Hier in 1372. At the time, there was a growing concern among the public about the high cost of prescription drugs and the lack of access to essential medicines for many people. The trade associations and non-juridical trade unions seized this as a critical issue affecting the health and well-being of their members and the wider population.

CTGM was created as a public corporation with the mandate to manufacture, distribute, and export affordable generic pharmaceuticals. The trust's founding principles were to ensure that essential medicines are accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status, and to use its profits to fund research and development of new drugs that were not profitable for private companies.

CTGM's founding was not without controversy, as it faced fierce opposition from private pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists, who argued that the trust would harm innovation and free-market competition. However, CTGM persevered and quickly gained support from the public, health professionals, and policymakers who recognized the urgent need for affordable medications.

Over the years, CTGM has grown and diversified its product line, including the development of generic versions of drugs used to treat common chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. CTGM has also invested in research and development of new drugs that target neglected diseases, such as tuberculosis and malaria, that disproportionately affect developing countries.

Since its founding, the CTGM has become a major player in the pharmaceutical industry in Nieubasria. It has established partnerships with healthcare providers, pharmacies, and distributors across the country to ensure that its products are widely available. The CTGM has also begun exporting its products to other countries, helping to make affordable medication more widely available throughout the world. Today, CTGM is a leading producer of affordable generic drugs in Nieubasria and a respected member of the international pharmaceutical industry. Its mission remains steadfast in ensuring that essential medicines are accessible to everyone and to use its profits to advance medical research and development.

The CTGM is governed by a board of directors appointed by the related trade associations that founded the corporation. The board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the CTGM, ensuring that the corporation is financially sustainable, and overseeing its operations.

CTGM leads the Astorian Strategy on Generic Medicines and Biosimilars. This strategy coordinates the development of product lines to prevent duplication of efforts, advises on tariffs for the import and export of medicines from the Astorian Union, and promotes international cooperation on medicine manufacture. 




Alcheran Parliament Proceedings
April 15, 1423

Current Business - 11:00 Member Statements



Speaker: "Member Silvestre is recognized for statement."

Islom Silvestre: "Not only as a representative of the Social Growth Compact, but as an Alcheran citizen, I am appalled by the President's extension of the license of the Basric Common Trust for Generic Medicines. It is utterly unacceptable for this corporation, set up by the legislature of another country, to be allowed to come in and undercut our local pharmaceutical companies. This move not only hurts our economy, but it puts the livelihoods of many Alcherans at risk.image.jpeg.16e906d9e48da99a3918b857cf7fb27f.jpeg

"The CTGM claims to be providing affordable generic medicines to those who need it, but at what cost? There are several pharmaceutical companies that have been providing essential medicines domestically for many years. These companies have invested heavily in research and development, however, since the CTGM entered the market, they have been undercutting these companies by selling generic versions of the same drugs at a fraction of the price.

"By driving local companies out of business, they are essentially monopolizing the market and have the potential to drive up prices in the future. This move not only harms our economy, but it undermines the principles of fair competition and equitable trade.

"It is understandable that the CTGM wants to provide affordable medication to those who need it, but it is important to do so in a way that does not harm local industries. Instead of simply undercutting their competitors, the CTGM should be working with local companies to find ways to reduce the cost of medication without putting them out of business. By doing so, they can help to build sustainable healthcare systems that benefit everyone.

"Furthermore, it is insulting for our President's staff to suggest that our local pharmaceuticals are not of the same quality as those produced by CTGM. Our companies follow the same safety and quality standards as any other reputable pharmaceutical company, and we have a long history of producing effective medicines for our people.

"I call on the President to rethink his approach and to work with our local companies rather than against them. It is time for us to prioritize the well-being of our own people and our own economy, rather than simply prioritizing profits for a foreign corporation."


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State Dinner

Between: The Free State of Dalimbar, the Kingdom of Giovanniland, and the Holy Principality of Saint Mark


Markus Briand, the Marshal of Dalimbar, walks into his office at the Oborin Palace accompanied by his trusted assistant, Colonel Natalia Kuznetsova. They have just returned from a tour of the palace, checking the final preparations for the State Dinner, which will be attended by Prince Marcarius of Saint Mark and King Giovanni I of Giovanniland, along with their entourages.

While no longer the residence of the Marshal, he maintains an office in one of the many ornate rooms of Oborin Palace. The walls are adorned with intricate gold leaf designs and priceless paintings, while the ceiling features a breathtaking fresco of a hunting scene. The room is illuminated by dozens of crystal chandeliers, which cast a warm glow over the elegant furnishings.

The Marshal takes a moment to gaze around the room, admiring the opulence of the palace. "Oborin Palace truly is a sight to behold" he remarks to Kuznetsova. "We are lucky that my predecessors built and maintained this. Col. Kuznetsova, how are the preparations for the State Dinner coming along?" Briand asks, taking a seat behind his desk.

Kuznetsova nods in agreement. "Sir, everything is going according to plan and we have spared no expense in preparing for this event. The kitchen staff is putting the finishing touches on the menu, which includes dishes from several districts of the Free State, and the floral arrangements have arrived and are being set up as we speak."

The Marshal smiles, knowing that Col. Kuznetsova's attention to detail is second to none. "Excellent work, Colonel. We have an opportunity here to showcase our hospitality to the world", the Marshal begins. "As a state often away from the rest, we must make the most of this occasion to strengthen our ties with these foreign powers, Saint Mark and Giovanniland."

Colonel Kuznetsova nods in agreement. "It is an exciting time for Dalimbar, sir," she says. "Hosting the Rugby World Cup, now a state dinner with two foreign powers. It has been a lot of work but our guests will be impressed and comfortable here in Oborin Palace."

Briand smiles. "Good work, Colonel. I know I can count on your attention to detail."

"Thank you, sir," Kuznetsova replies with a smile.

Markus walks over to the window, overlooking the grand gardens of the palace. "This event is crucial to our foreign relations. It is an opportunity for us to strengthen the ties between our countries and build new partnerships. Perhaps with things less tense with the Astorian Union bloc, we need to explore the rest of the world for opportunity and trade."

Colonel Kuznetsova chimes in, "Absolutely, sir. And we must ensure that our guests from Saint Mark and Giovanniland leave with nothing but positive impressions of our country."

Markus nods in agreement. "Precisely. We must show them the best of our traditions, culture, and cuisine."

As Colonel Kuznetsova leaves the room, Markus takes one last look out the window, taking a deep breath before turning back to his desk. With the preparations in the capable hands of his trusted assistant, he can rest easy knowing that the State Dinner will be a success and that the guests from Saint Mark and Giovanniland will be impressed with the hospitality of Dalimbar. Markus Briand remembers another crucial detail. "Oh, one more thing, Colonel. Don't forget to have the highlights of the Rugby World Cup playing on the televisions throughout the palace. We are hosting the tournament, after all."

"Of course, sir," Kuznetsova replies with a nod. "And congratulations on Dalimbar's victory yesterday. We have advanced to the Quarter Finals."

Markus grins with pride. "Yes, it was a great victory against Kalmach. But let's not forget that Saint Mark and Giovanniland lost their matches in the Round of 16. We must be gracious hosts and ensure that they enjoy their time here despite the results on the rugby field."

"Absolutely, sir," Kuznetsova agrees, and with a final nod, she exits the room.

Markus takes a deep breath, feeling the weight of responsibility on his shoulders as he prepares to host this important State Dinner. But with the preparations well underway and the hospitality of Dalimbar in full display, he is confident that the evening will be a success.

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The day of the Storm

Tivarra was watching his players train, unlike yesterday he had given them more time to rest, as it would be the day of the game against Zoran, and they would leave for the stadium a bit early, he intended for his players to put on a show.

Ryxtylopia so far had done really well in the tournament, and had risen to be in the Top 10 in Rugby rankings, sitting in 9th, and in the world cup had done better than some nations with higher rankings, but Zoran had also done really well, and they would probably expect a challange from the Ryxtylopian team, since they had made it so far, if Ryxtylopia wasn't a challange it wouldn't have made it that far.

He continued watching his players run through the field, surpassing obstacles and ocasionally tripping on the grass, suddenly he got a call from the president of the A.R.R; Lixati Gavija, as he reached for his pocket and grabbed his phone answering the call.


[Tivarra]: Hello?

[Gavija]: I was told you were under considerable stress, so i thought i check in and perhaps see your goals for the upcomming match.

[Tivarra]: Who told you that? Well i am under considerable stress, the zoranians have gone unbeaten this tournament, and while ending their streak at the hands of the A.R.R would be nice, i need to be optimistic, victory will be hard to achieve against such a team.

[Gavija]: I see, well maybe the news im bringing will take some off that stress off, you're getting a bonus and a raise next week, for your amaizing performance as coach of the team.

[Tivarra]: Oh that does help, thanks boss.

[Gavija]: Well you still haven't told me your goals for next game.

[Tivarra]: Oh right, well victory won't be my main goal, but i want to aim to not loose by an excessive margin if that makes sense, i don't want a 15-0... a 30-7... or a 24-3... i want something closer to let's say...  25-21... or 11-7... if you get the point.

[Gavija]: I sure do, but do you think the team has the capacity to do it, or should we just accept that this match will be doomed from the start?

[Tivarra]: Of course, i think my team has the capacity, we have talent and potential, both things the zoranians have, so in that regard it should be equal. However, something the zoranians have that we don't, or at least not in the quantity that they do... is experience, unlike them we're debuting, we've had 3 defeats and 4 wins in our 7 games, and 7 games isn't a lot, they probably still have experience not only from their home league but from previous Rugby World Cups.

[Gavija]: That's a good point.

[Tivarra]: So i think a secondary goal is to make the players learn from them if they show any tactical superiority in the field, even if we end up loosing the match.

[Gavija]: Alright.

[Tivarra]: And those id say are my two goals for the upcomming match.

[Gavija]: Alright, if you have any further news to communicate call me, ill be watching the match later so good luck!

[Tivarra]: Thanks boss, ill see you back in Ryxtylopia soon.

[Gavija]: Aye, goodbye.

Tivarra hangs up, as he goes back to watching the players


Viewing the players run, jump, and run again Tivarra again thought of the match, before standing up and getting ready to tell his players the goals for the match later on the day.

"Alright everybody, gather around for a bit, i should tell you all the goals ive set for you for this match"

Everybody gathers around Tivarra

"As everybody knows our next match is Zoran, a previous champion of this tournament, so i need you all to give your best, i don't want a 20-0 loss, i want it to if not end in a victory at least be close. Zoran has gone too far without any challanger and we'll be the challanger they need."

"My aim is to loose by a margin equal or lower than 7, but preferably id like it to be equal or lower than 5, dragging the game to extra time with a draw would also be a good sign."

"You can all learn so much from this match and the opposing team helping our talent and making rugby in Ryxtylopia more than that sport that attracts people who want to gain attention but never get it."

"I hope i can count on you to fufill theese goals, and if you can keep your spirits high, perhaps even win the match and move on to semi-finals, you can go back to training."

As everybody goes back to the pitch or the bench Tivarra sits down again, now a bit releived that no matter the result his efforts hadn't gone unoticed, and nor had the team's effort.

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Rolls Royce Phantom VI Mulliner Limousine - Rolls Royce

The three limousines and two SUV security vehicles made a small parade on the way to the Oborin Palace. Prince Marcarius was in the middle limousine, its gleaming green finish reflecting the Saint Mark flags flying in front. With him, seated on the rich brown leather, were his valet, Clarkson, who would remain with the vehicle along with the driver, and Lord Brock. The other limousines, black with soft, gray leather interiors, held Lady Arlene and Archbishop Lumendei in one, and Colonel Dawson and Ms. Ardmore in the other. 

The Prince mused quietly as they glided through the city toward the impressive palace.

This state dinner could potentially be an important meeting. Trade was one topic that would be discussed, but although always important, of course, Saint Mark had no shortage of trading partners. What was even more important was beginning a closer relationship with this mysterious country. Who knows where this could lead? In the medium-term, he hoped it would lead to an opening for the missionaries from The Faith. In the long-term, perhaps the relationship with Saint Mark could be a help to these people ... perhaps opening it up a little. 

He wondered what the Marshall was like. He had governed his nation for quite some time now. How much longer would he continue in power? Who was waiting to take over? Would the transition, whenever that happened lead to more opportunities, or squash this little start?

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Treasury Targets Corporatist Financial Facilitator and Sanctions Evaders Around the World

April 14, 1423

The fight against the Remnant Corporatist regime continues as the Cambrian Ministry of the Treasury’s Commission for the Control of Foreign Assets (CCFA) takes further action to limit their access to the global financial system. This latest move targets the facilitation network of an individual who is already subject to sanctions in multiple jurisdictions, Koowisguwi Dvslago, CFO of the Zoranian Banking Clan, and reinforces existing measures to disrupt the regime's importation of critical technologies.

In total, CCFA has designated five individuals and six entities with touchpoints in two jurisdictions, in an effort to disrupt evasion schemes that support the regime's rebuilding efforts. Concurrently, the Cambrian Ministry of State is designating several entities operating in Orandia's defense sector and additional entities associated with Alchera's State Energy Corporation (Alsec).

Associate Minister of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Fiona Lindholm, emphasized the Cambrian government's dedication to implementing the AU commitment to imposing severe costs on third-country actors who support the Remnant Corporatist's war efforts. "As these bad actors seek ways around the expansive multilateral sanctions and export controls, Cambria and our allies and partners will continue to disrupt evasion schemes," Lindholm said.

This latest action by the CCFA highlights the ongoing efforts of Cambria and its partners to combat the Remnant Corporatist regime and disrupt its attempts to rebuild and facilitate future conflicts in Zoran. The Fact Sheet accompanying the State's announcement provides further details on the entities and individuals targeted by the sanctions.

Special thanks to Zoran for his input.

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Two Outcomes

The players had just finished their last training session before the match against Zoran, they would head back to the hotel to go get something to eat and rest before the big game, a good chunk of Ryxtylopia was going to be glued to their television watching them to see if they would be able to beat Zoran in the RWC.

Tivarra was getting very nervous as time passed and the match got nearer and nearer, he wondered if his team had trained enough, and he certainly didn't want to see the Ryxtylopians builled and humiliated on the pitch by the Zoranians, for a reason he had set the score margin as one of the goals, to try motivate his players to not let a humiliation of their team happen.

Most players tried to be optimistic, while others like Tivarra were pretty nervous for the match, it would very probably from their point of view be their last and they didn't want to waste it giving out points, so as everybody was on the bus heading back to the hotel a conversation quickly started.


"Well, today's the day, i hadn't really thought that in a few hours we'll be up against Zoran" Said Pailo Darrias

"It is, our final judgment i suppose" Responded Andreís Guilberto

"Don't be silly, its not a judgment! Its just a match like any other, only this time our opponent happens to be a really good one."

"Well i guess you're right, im excited, hope we can put on a good show"

"I also hope you 2 will, you've been doing pretty good so far in the tournament" Interrupted Tivarra.

"We will boss" Answered Darrias

"And i hope everybody in this bus will put on a good show, i am determined to either win this or loose trying..." Said Tivarra to the whole crowd.

"Don't worry coach."


"We'll do well enough"

More responses came through as Tivarra got up

"While it may be hard, we'll have support from our fans and im pretty sure many Dalimbari's aswell, this team has come a long way since our defeat to Fujai, and we have the capacity to put up a good fight, i want you all to eat well and rest well as we'll have the time of our lives later against Zoran"

"Also i would like to thank you for having taken not only me but eachother this far, its been an honor."

Soon the bus arrives at the hotel and everybody starts getting off as they head to eat, and rest before the big match.

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16 April 1423
Fort Kaisah Stadium

Loosehead prop Amo-Adawehi Tsasima, Hooker Attakullakulla Quegadu, and Tighthead Prop Salonitah Gelusva sat in three back seats on the higher levels of Kaisah Stadium, watching as the Ryxtylopian team finish up their practice session. Wearing some jackets and sunglasses while drinking bottles of water, the three players have been watching their next opponents practice for the past hour or so.

"Poor guys," began Amo-Adawehi, "their nerves were getting the best of them during practice."

"Its understandable considering their situation, they made their grand debut this year and already they are put up against the champions of the past two world cups in the quarterfinals." added Attakullakulla,

"I just wish they lightened up a bit, after all rugby is a game. Regardless of if it is a competition or not, it is a game that is supposed to be enjoyed by both players and spectators. All this forced optimism and pessimism will only negatively impact their performance in the match." said Salonitah,

"I hope it doesn't negatively impact them, I'm excited for the match and I want them playing at their best." Amo said with a frown,

"We all do, but it is too late to try and help make them feel any better. Poor guys are putting so much pressure on themselves like we did two years ago when we first made it to the quarterfinals." stated Attakullakulla,

"Now don't go on holding too much sympathy for them, we need to bring our A-game so that we give them a proper match whether or not they win or lose. If we half-ass this then that would be an insult to them." said Salonitah

"Agreed," responded Attakullakulla, "should we stick with game plan A like we have been doing or should we surprise everyone by using game plan B?"

"No clue yet, but we will figure it out." answered Amo,

"How about we send the Ryxtylopians a gift basket or something with a message wishing them luck and that we are looking forward to playing them?" suggested Attakullakulla,

"I think that is a good idea, maybe point out some things we noticed during their practice to help them improve?" asked Amo,

"Anyone know of any good basket we can buy? Not exactly sure what is considered a good quality basket in Dalimbar." said Salonitah,

"I don't think quality of basket matters much to the Dalimbari as much as it does to Zoranians, people in our country are still looking for quality baskets after the dissolution Quasena Basket Weaving Ent. because of how much the quality of a basket matters when giving a gift." commented Amo. All three of them cringed as the name "Quasena" was uttered as it brought back memories of the war.

"Anyways, you made a fair point," said Attakullakulla, "so we are decided on the basket and note idea?" 

"It sounds like it," said Salonitah, "let's get the team together to buy the basket and the gifts and we will write the note and have someone deliver it to the Ryxtylopians."

The three of them got up and left the stadium to inform the rest of the team of the plan.

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Minister for the Defense Commends Actions Taken by the Defense Intelligence Agency and Cambrian Forces Military Police


April 16, 1423
As Minister for the Defense of the Kingdom of Cambria, I want to express my gratitude to the Defense Intelligence Agency and Cambrian Forces Military Police for their successful efforts in thwarting an individual who planned to carry out an attack against Seda's power grid. The recent press release from the Ministry of Justice highlights the seriousness of this situation, and the swift action taken by our intelligence and law enforcement agencies has prevented a potential disaster.

The Ministry for the Defense is fully committed to working with the Ministry of Justice to ensure that the individual responsible for the attempted attack receives the Queen's Justice. We pledge our full support and cooperation in this effort.

We must continue to prioritize the protection of the Queen's Peace and the safety and security of our citizens. Any attempt to disrupt this peace through violent means will not be tolerated, and we will take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

As Minister for the Defense, I want to remind all Cambrian service members, Defense civilians, and law enforcement officers that by working together, we can ensure our great kingdom remains safe and secure for all of our citizens.

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MD Strengthens Supply Chain for Lithium-Ion Batteries


April 17, 1623
The Ministry for the Defense's (MD) Directorate of Logistic Capability and Prioritization (DLCP) has entered into a ₢72.5 million agreement with Aerodyne Galactic (AG) to expand and modernize AG's facilities in Corentin and Semarapol, where the company manufactures complex lithium-ion batteries. These systems power the Navy's latest submarines, along with several additional civil and commercial applications. The funds will modernize manufacturing processes at the company's facilities, consolidate production lines, purchase equipment, build systems to process data, and increase production and delivery speed.

"The Directorate of Logistic Capability and Prioritization is moving forward with appropriate urgency to support strategic industrial sectors crucial to protecting national security. This critical investment will modernize battery production in Cambria, in addition to creating technical and skilled labor jobs at multiple domestic facilities," said Dr. Jakob Must, Associate Minister for the Defense.

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Yemiduga City, Zoran
5:00 PM Overtime

"Have you arrived in Zoran?" asked Tanamara Tsinohewu over the line,

"I have, just got to my hotel room too. Thank you for the accommodations by the way." answered the man on the other side of the line,

"Costed us an arm and a leg with our limited resources. You know your assignment and your time frame. From here on out you will be on your own."

"Relax, I won't need any further support. I have all I need in my case and luggage, this should be a piece of cake."

"Good, but do not get too cocky. Should you fail this will put an end to any hopes we may have of recovering from Kuna's failure."

"Didn't you leave him to his fate?" he asked as he settled his black case onto his bed,

"Yes, because it was either me or him and I had a good chunk of our remaining funds, some of which I have been using to pay you. Now get the job done and be careful."

"I always am, I will see you when the job is done."

With that he hung up and opened his case to reveal his trusty rifle, the very one he struck fear into the hearts of his opponents in the jungle three years ago. His assignment will be his hardest and might very well be his last, but he has a good feeling about this one. The plan has gone smoothly so far, but the arrival was the easy part. Actually finding the target will be the first of his many complications. It will take days before he will actually complete his assignment but the reward for doing so will set him up for life.

Atsil Ani'-Wah', Queen of the Zoranians, Hero of the Revolution, Defender of the Nation...despite all these titles she is still just a child compared to those she surrounds herself with. The Corporatocracy might have been weakened but now defeated, we still survive in the shadows like cockroaches forced to retreat from the light from the "Warrior Queen." But once my rifle finds its mark...she will be but a memory in the minds of her people and we will rise to prominence once more, completing that which Kuna failed to do. While my success is not guaranteed, I know that someone's blood will be spilt by the end of this and I fully intend for that blood to be that of the Ani'-Wah' brat.

He thought to himself as he cleaned his rifle only to quickly put back in the case and hide it away as a knock came to his door. He carefully approached the door, ready for a surprise appearance by the SIC but when he looked through the peephole, he was delighted to see the champaign he had requested at the lobby. He opened the door, took the champaign, tipped the mindless drone, and went to enjoy the drink on the balcony.

But until then, he thought to himself as he poured the drink into the glass, I might as well enjoy myself. Its not every day you get tasked to kill a queen.

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From the pages of the Hestmere Herald, Sports section:

What to watch for: Overthinkers vs. United Adaikes

Overthinkers’ national rugby team has their work cut out for them tonight against United Adaikes. The Sharks are looking to make it three straight semifinals in the World Cup, and have not lost a match yet this year. But oddsmakers had Saint Mark taking us out in the Round of 16, a game we won handily, so we’re already defying expectations.RWCqf.png.b898a693a50ce268d052f225b1ca0afa.png
    Of course, U-A is no Saint Mark, seeing as one of those teams takes the pitch with helmets on. Our team has done its best work when it establishes control early and can choose how they play. U-A is a fluid team that doesn’t rattle easy and knows how to put a stop to a run. In this writer’s opinion, here’s the three keys to an OT victory.
      Star power. Outside centre Jason Stella has been the man we trust to kick, and he’s only gotten better as the World Cup has progressed. However, he’s prone to getting in his own head after a miss and letting that throw him off for the rest of the game. Every conversion will count against this strong U-A defense, who allowed only 4 points more than Overthinkers in group play.
     Immovable object. So far, OT’s defense has clicked at key moments, but been sloppy in others—if seldom punsihed. David Nauta and the rest of our front eight need to maintain a constant pressure to contain U-A, giving our flashy offense the opportunity to shine. In the loss to Cambria, once they were up 11-0 the game was over.

     Spread the love. Hype is big around left wing Lee Julius, but there are plenty of other weapons in Coach Ed’s arsenal. Jules can only do so much if teams are ready and waiting for them to make a break for it. Knight, Knight, Bryan with a Y—any of them can make plays happen if the attention is focused on that left edge.
      This match will come down to whose will is stronger and who can impose that will on the pitch. For OT, this will be redemption for falling short against Cambria. I fully expect those players to leave it all out on the field. They will have nothing to be ashamed of either way. Still, a semifinal berth would be pretty damn nice.

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The day of the match



[Railo]: Alright just make sure the camera is pointing... take a seat, okay... 3... 2... 1... Good Afternoon Ryxtylopia and the rest of the world, you're currently watching Televiza Natsinal di Cuiltura, or TVNC for short!  Im Tivan Railo and as usual ill be joined by my co-workers; Nixta Eiva and Marco Tixica!

[Tixica]: Today will be quite the day for our rugby squad, they got their toughest opponent yet; Zoran!

[Railo]: Mhm, we talked a bit about Zoran last broadcast day, but since today's the match we'll talk more today, so what can we say about Zoran?

[Eiva]: Well their team was champions of this tournament last edition, Dalimbar comming in second.

[Tixica]: And they're on a 7-match unbeaten streak, came first in their group, and they demolished the Peourouin team 30-5, also i belive in the rugby rankings they currently sit about 3rd while we're in 9th.

[Railo]: From that alone, the chances of our team being able to win this match look slim.

[Tixica]: I mean, considering Zoran won against Dalimbar in the last edition of the tournament i think for all intensive porpuses we might aswell be playing on our home turf.

[Railo]: Haha, good one, but true, maybe the Dalimbaris who don't go to the match between their country and Nieubasria will cheer our team on.

[Tixica]: I mean our jersey is mostly blue so i guess it isn't out of the picture.

[Eiva]: Well but eventually it will come down to the players on the pitch, and the Zoranians have more experience than our team, i don't know how competitive their home league is, but its probably better than our league since in our league you have Chacas RC and Trichanancó RC just trading the title every year.

[Tixica]: Considering how some of our players have done in our home league im surprised at their performace, finally being able to exploit their potential must be huge.

[Railo]: Indeed, i mean for them and the coach its an opportunity to advance their careers, if not in Ryxtylopia, then the wider world as a whole.

[Tixica]: Nothing wrong with advancing your career 

Tixica reaches down for a bottle of soda he had under his chair, taking a sip.

[Tixica]: Ah- So about Zoran again, how do you think their team will do?

[Eiva]: Lets be honest the chances of them playing ultra-agressive are low.

[Railo]: Agreed, its not like they will suddenly be overconfident against a team that has proven themselves by reaching this far into the tournament, while individual players may get overconfident, the team as a whole wont, they're playing in the quarter finals not the group stage.

[Tixica]: But i think most of our players on avarage are younger, do you think that will have an impact?

[Railo]: While our players may have unexploited potential for this game, like we've said previously their players are more experienced, they could be able to counter our team's strategy, whatever that may be.

[Eiva]: Well, we won't be able to know for certain until the match starts, and both sides move out on the field, so Tixica, how about i start the call with Gaíves now?

[Tixica]: Oh yes please!

[Eiva]: Alright, working on it... just and... there! Hello Gaíves!

[Gaíves]: G'day everybody.

[Railo]: Hello.

[Tixica]: Gaíves, what a miracle i finally get to see you again after 3 days.

[Gaíves]: Miracle i can hope for our team, the stadium's starting to fill up and the team has arrived, as per usual that means its time for the interviews are you all ready?

[Railo]: Give us the story!

[Gaíves]: Alright!

Gaíves and the camera crew walk towards the players exiting the team's bus.


Gaíves reaches the players exiting the bus.

[Gaíves]: Excuse me, TVNC news may i get a comment on the match you're going to have shortly?

[Marco Xilta]: Oh sure, well i think it will be challenging, that's all, the zoranians are a really good team, they have gone unbeaten this entire tournament, but we hope to present a challange so they dont get too confident with future opponents.

[Gaíves]: Alright, how about... you?

[Avilita Mataña]: I really want our team to win! It will help everybody in Ryxtylopia, but the zoranians! they're a tough opponent, but i do think we have the capacity to beat them and if not put on a good game.

[Gaíves]: Understandable, well don't worry you'll have the entirety of Dalimbar cheering for you.

[Avilita Mataña]: Hahaha! That's good to hear!

[Gaíves]: Well thank you for your time!

[Avilita Mataña]: Anytime, pal.

Gaíves heads to another group of players

[Gaíves]: Afternoon! TVNC, may i get a comment on the game you are all about to play?

[Andreís Guilbirto]: We're going to play well, and to any zoranians watching i want them to know that, Ryxtylopia won't be a cakewalk since we have all trained, practiced and are ready for this moment! Adilienti Ryxtylopia!

[Pailo Darrias]: I agree, the zoranians wont overlook us, beacause we've made it clear, some of us want and will go for the win!

[Gaíves]: Your enthusiasm is good for the cameras, good luck!

[Pailo Darrias]: Thanks!

[Gaíves]: Hey you how abou-

[Rinaco Zicha]: The Zoran game?

[Gaíves]: Yes, may i get a comment?

[Rinaco Zicha]: Im worried, but i belive in my and my teamates capacity to be able to if not win do well, we'll give them our best, and hope they don't give us their best!

[Santigo Guivaldi]: Hey Rinaco, give me, my turn!

[Gaíves]: Do you have to say something?

[Santigo Guivaldi]: I would like to thank not only the ryxtylopians, but any fans of any nations who cheer for our team, its been a real one this tournament, and our team has learnt a lot, we've gotten a chance to play at the top of world rugby, and hopefully our lives and our careers will improve after this tournament, if we loose i just wanted to say its been real, and thanks for the support.

[Gaíves]: Thanks for being incredibly emotional that's good for viewer retention!

[Ernysto Rivas]: We'll give them our best, no matter the temperature, the wind, if its sunny or raining, if we have a lot of fans, or the zoranians somehow flood the stadium, we'll play Rugby to the best of our capacities and give a good show.

[Gaíves]: Interesting, thanks!

Gaíves finally walks out to the players about to enter the stadium.

[Gaíves]: Excuse me, TVNC, may i get a comment on well, the match that's now literally less than an hour away?

[Tivarra]: We'll give them all we have, im having a headache, ive been preparing for all of this for the last 3 days, ive gotten almost no rest but the team will do well against Zoran!!

[Gaíves]: Really?

[Tivarra]: I can show you.

Tivarra whistles to his players to gather round.


Everybody looked confused until Tivarra started with the classic:


"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

It didn't take long for the entire team to catch up

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Die Nyrte a Sur, e diporte triunfirá, por a Ryxtylopia a musica reysonará!"

"Di Xarrvaís a Montís! Di Ñavis a Aziul, Ryxtylopia si prepara, parai diporte a vyncerá!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista... di... PIEEEEEEEEEE!"


The team cheers and aplauses as they end the short but emotional song.

[Gaíves]: Well, television audience there you go, and that's where ill end this since the team has to go to the stadium now, the game starts shortly, and we'll be all watching it, thanks for having me again Railo and ill see you next time!

The transmission cuts back to the studio.



[Railo]: Well, good luck to them, they look excited and nervous for this match, just like the one against Ostronia, but that one ended well for them so who knows, maybe luck is on their side.

[Eiva]: I hope.

[Tixica]: They have a big challange ahead of them, so like you two have said best of luck to them...

[Railo]: Imagine if we won the world cup...

The three laugh

[Railo]: Hahahah- well the match is soo close, we should get some popcorn and soda, i mean Tixica you already have one.

[Tixica]: Yeah, i came prepared.

[Railo]: And also let our sponsors roll in, so we can have our break for the match, do you three agree?

[Eiva]: I do!

[Tixica]: Me too!

[Railo]: Alright then, to our viewers, go cheer for our team, Adilienti Ryxtylopia! And we will see you shortly!

The camera zooms out as the TVNC music plays, soon after it goes to ads, with a countdown to the time of the match in the corner.

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Results of the Quarterfinals

Dalimbar 31–10 Nieubasria
Cambria 15–7 Teralyon
Zoran 25–31 Ryxtylopia
United Adaikes 22–21 Overthinkers


Semi-Finals Matchups
Evening Matches

Dalimbar v. Cambria
Posadka Stadium

Ryxtylopia v. United Adaikes
Central Donlas Stadium

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Giovanniland Eliminated in the Round of 16 of the 4th Rugby World Cup

Kaisah, Dalimbar — In an upset match, Giovanniland lost to Nieubasria 6 to 13 in Port Kaisah Stadium. The game started with number 8 Giovanna Antonia scoring a drop goal and left wing Marko Teles adding to the score after a penalty, with the Giovannilandians maintaining the advantage at half time. However, the Basrians surprised everyone in the second half, their players Fabian Carver and Isaak Quintero each achieving a try, and Teo Nelson completing the final score of 6-13 with a drop goal. Nieubasria advanced to the quarterfinals, but eventually lost to hosts Dalimbar.

Several major prediction sites picked Giovanniland as the winner, especially considering the team's upwards improvement in the last few group stage matches, but they were left disappointed. In the last group stage match, the Giovannilandians had defeated the Fluvians in another clean sheet, 15 to 0. Demetrio Trieste de Souza was the star of the match, earning ten points alone with his two tries scored, and Lavinia Moraes completed the game with a late try with five minutes remaining on the game.


King and Prime Minister visit Oborin Palace

Saint Andreisburg, Dalimbar — King Giovanni I and PM Elyse Anairyde Silva have arrived at the Oborin Palace in the capital of Dalimbar, Saint Andreisburg. The head of state and government are visiting Marshal Markus Briand for a state dinner alongside His Serene Highness Prince Marcarius of Saint Mark. The leaders of the three major Esferian economies are meeting at a famous palace that once served as the residence for the Marshals of Dalimbar built by Marshal Petrov Oborin and now hosts state and cultural events.

Accompanying the Giovannilandian King and Prime Minister are Tarquino Albayana, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Flavio d’Arlavonte, Minister of Trade, while the Dalimbari and Saint Markan delegations will similarly feature other high officials of each nation. The three countries are hoping to strengthen ties between each other and propose ideas for new partnerships, at this cordial moment during the 4th Rugby World Cup that Dalimbar is hosting. We at the Nuntikarta Giovanniterrana will continue to watch the developments of this important occasion and deliver live news to all our readers.

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