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1st World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Close Win Against Hertfordshire and Jammbo

Good Day to all Arifiyyah FA football fans. Arifiyyah National Team collected 3 points on the day of the second match against Hertfordshire and Jammbo. "The team did a proud performance tonight. Even though it was just a closed win, I am still satisfied with the performance of our team," said the team's head coach. The coach also informed us that the injury that happened to the team captain, Safiq Ahmad was a sad thing but it was not an obstacle to give a strong rivalry in the tournament. The 19-year-old who made his first appearance, Muhammad Nazhim, also put in a stellar performance last night after scoring 2 goals in the second half. The head coach is also likely to appoint the young player in the starting line-up in the next match to replace the injured Safiq.



The following are the results of the second day of the match in Group C.

Arifiyyah FA will facing Zoran tomorrow. "The match against Zoran later we did not expect to win, but we still hope to get points from this game to stay in second place of the table"

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As the camera pans to the courtyard in front of the WCF stadium, Blubberman is seen silently weeping. As the camera pans closer and closer to him, he takes out a handkerchief, wipes his tears and puts on a fake smile before facing the camera and beginning his monologue.

"Hello, everyone! From Steskia, United Adaikes, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 bring you live coverage of the 1st World Cup of Football! Our coverage of WCF1 is brought to you by our generous sponsor, Überschuss Automobiles! I, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your host for the entire duration of WCF1. And we've just received news that the results for Match Day 2 are in! Let's get to looking at and analysing them. Starting with Group A! Let's look at these graphics."


"It seems that Match Day 2 is mostly indecisive for Group A! Teralyon prevails over the footballers from K66, resulting in a comeback win of 3-2! Other than that match, however, every other Group A match ends in a tie! Both Fuentana v. Nagaraningrad as well as United Adaikes v. Fujai end in a 1-1 tie, with all four teams being unable to score more than their respective opponents. It seems that they are all quite skilled at preventing each other from scoring. Haha!"


"And as we move on to Group B, we see that the craziness continues! All Group B matches on Match Day 2 end in ties! In the first match, Fhaengshia and Dalimbar are both unable to score more points than the other. The same can be said for the second match between Libterraria and Larxia. These two matches both end in a 1-1 tie. In the third match, both Giovanniland and Pallandole are unable to score any points at all! Therefore, that match ends in a 0-0 draw. Nobody wins in Group B!"


"The situation is slightly better in Group C. In the first match, both Irador and Reçueçn are unable to win any points, resulting in a 0-0 tie. In the second match, Hertfordshire and Jammbo loses a 2-3 match to Arifiyyah, with their losing margin being exactly same as the winning margin that they had for their victory against Italia yesterday. In the third match, the war-torn nation of Zoran extends its one-day victory streak and wins against Italia in a 1-0 win!"


As the graphic for Group D shows up, Blubberman starts tearing up, but takes out his handkerchief again, wipes the teardrops again, and resumes his monologue with the fake smile on.

"And in Group D, we have the exact opposite of Group B! All Group B matches on Match Day 2 end in victories and defeats depending on which side you're on, with no matches ending in a draw. In the first match, Alchera continues its unfortunate losing streak, with Tara and Cambray scoring a 2-0 victory against them. In the second match, Badgeria continues its strong performance and dominates the match against Dilber, winning a 2-0 victory. In the third match, Santos-Domini...Santo..."

Blubberman struggles to deliver the bad news. A producer comes into view, rushing to pat Blubberman on the back. Blubberman then resumes his monologue.

"In the third match, our country, Santos-Dominius, loses against Nieubasria in a 0-1 match. Truly a sad defeat. Now, let's go over the general situation of the teams as the dust settles after Match Day 2."

"In Group A, Fujai and host country United Adaikes, both from Polaris, take the lead! Teralyon and Nagaraningrad are also doing fine. K66 and Fuentana, however, will need to put in more effort and make comebacks if they are to stay in the competition and win. In Group B, Dalimbar is the clear leader in terms of overall points, while Fhaengshia, Giovanniland, Libterraria and Pallandole all hold their own. Larxia, however, must fight back if it wants to survive and thrive in WCF1."

"In Group C, Zoran and Arifiyyah are leading the pack, while Reçueçn and Hertfordshire & Jammbo are also doing pretty well. Irador and Italia, however, are under the threat of elimination and must win the upcoming matches to increase their chances of staying in the competition. In Group D, Badgeria continues to dominate with its strong performance, while Tara & Cambray is close behind. Our home country of Santos-Dominius and our opponent today, Nieubasria, are on equal footing. Dilber, rocked by the doping scandal, is doing poorly, and the same can be said for the team from Alchera. Both must claw back if they want to take gold."

"And that's it for Match Day 2! Congratulations to the winners and the leading teams! I also want to applaud the teams that are holding their own and doing well, though they might not be ahead of everyone else at the moment. As for the defeated teams, it's still not too late to make a grand comeback! I'm Approctoflecticus Blubberman, and this was Match Day 2 of the 1st World Cup of Football. Stay tuned to SDCSN Channel 3 for coverage of the WCF, and see you tomorrow!"

As the camera pans away from Blubberman, he is seen weeping and bursting into tears as he whips out his handkerchief. The screen then goes back to the SDCSN Broadcasting Centre and the sponsor screen shows.2050476475_UberschussWCF1banner.thumb.png.22c2e35a16f2ec139241e050c5a0a639.png

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Hosts take last minute goal to draw!

Bringing the confidence they had from their win in their last game, the Fujai Landslag made the hosts sloppy with their snappy ball possession as well as timely tackles to intercept the ball from the Panthers. The about 40, 000 United Adaikes fans in the Main Stadium of the New Thraproy Sports Complex were stunned as Fujai scored first in the 29th minute with a well-placed goal after a feint that deceived United Adaikes goalie Dexter Marsh. The home fans were silent during the rest of the first half while the Panthers were trying to regroup.

Fresh legs and pep talk from UA Manager Dylan Burke in half time were the key when the United Adaikes National Football Team played with renewed vibrancy and alertness, with other pundits saying they saw a different team in the second half compared from the previous half. While the fans were getting restless and impatient when the home team will score with only 7 minutes remaining, a perfectly-timed tackle by Peter Knight to a Fujai player with the ball was picked up by Benson Schroeder. A pass to Billy Jordan initiated the counter attack as a header by Kolton Dale in the 84th minute coming from a high cross from Jordan tied the game. The goal reignited the spirits of the United Adaikes fans and were just elated and relieved that they managed to get a goal and a draw in this match and still in contention for a place in the knockout rounds.


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Zoranian Times Live!

The screen shows Quiyakaso shivering in the cold as he did not bring clothes for colder weather.

"H-h-hello people of Z-Z-Zoran, m-my name is Qui-Quiyakaso and I am here in the c-c-c-cold to report the results from the last two m-m-matched because w-we had some t-t-trouble with our pro-producer. S-s-so far our t-t-t-team has won both of its games. In the f-f-first game against I-Irador, we won 2-0 after s-s-some unfortun-n-nate plays made b-b-by the Iradorian team. In last n-night's match we b-b-beat Italia 1-0 a-after some m-masterful control ov-over the midfield by o-our team. N-now o-our team d-did not s-stand f-f-for the n-national anthem in b-both m-matches. I asked the c-c-coach about this and h-he said that the t-t-team 'did not f-f-feel comfortable p-pledging their a-allegiance to the f-flag of the g-g-government that b-b-bombed its own people.' T-they claim to n-n-not recognize the GDC as their g-g-gov-government and o-openly d-denounce the C-corporate Union, s-s-saying they f-f-favor those t-troublesome m-monarchists. T-they f-f-f-faced backlash f-from the NACZ w-who did not a-a-agree with the player's p-p-political m-m-message. B-b-but at the s-s-second m-match, they c-c-came onto the f-f-field burning the zoranian f-f-flag, which caused the UA fire department to put i-i-it out w-with a fire e-ex-extinguisher. This r-r-resulted in f-further ba-ba-backlash from the NACZ who w-w-warned them that th-this would not be t-t-tolerated."

A random United Adaikian in shorts and short sleeves walks by and looks at Quiyakaso in an odd manner before shaking their head and continuing on their way.

"T-the coach did n-n-not comment on the p-p-player's actions and i-i-instead t-t-talked about the b-b-blades in the cleats of the players t-t-that they pl-plan on u-u-using i-i-if thing g-g-go badly and h-h-having the r-r-refugees f-f-fill the goal to p-p-prevent the other team from s-s-scoring a goal. W-w-we will see h-how they play tonight i-i-if my ass doesn't fr-freeze off in this h-h-horribly cold weather."

From off screen someone said,

"Uh Quiyakaso, it's only 24oC it really isn't that cold."

"Sh-sh-shut up! D-don't laugh at me!"

Suddenly the sound of squawking seagulls is heard and a flock of Dilberian seagulls descend upon Quiyakaso.

"NOOOO! THEY FOLLOWED MY SCENT!" Quiyakaso exclaimed before running off camera being chased by Dilberian seagulls.

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Diary of Ejaihl Leliers


Today I met the Director of the Cultural Commission, she wanted to wish the team well in the upcoming World Cup. The old granite buildings filled with government employees were a part of Fhaendhaw I didn’t go to often, the twisting streets were an invitation to get lost. Luckily my driver new the place well. Tomorrow I’ll be landing in the United Adaikes’ new sports precinct, I’ve seen pictures and it’s a far cry from the labyrinth I was in today. I hope my Common is up to scratch for the northerners, but I’ll be spending most of my time with Jafhaena planning out the group stage strategies.


It’s been a rush, the atmosphere’s been amazing but each night I arrive in my hotel exhausted. The match against Giovanniland went alright, could’ve been better, but could’ve been worse too. We held them off in the first half nicely right up to to last couple minutes when their AM scored. We were able to get even in the second half and stall till the end. Then we faced down Dalimbar, we all hear stories about what goes on in that wasteland, and it scares the kids at home, but facing real Dalimbari is another thing. It felt good. We held the line against them just as we planned and did better than hoped honestly, especially after that hell of a match between them and Larxia. A draw against the group favourite is good, there’s a couple teams I think we can get points from so that should see us to the knockouts. But one match at a time. Need to sleep for tomorrow against Pallandole, they haven’t scored yet and we won’t give them any chances.

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"Good morning Giovanniland! I am your host for the 1st World Cup of Football, Vanessa Desniowynsk, and I bring you more news directly from Steskia, United Adaikes. The Matchday 2 games for all four groups have taken place, and unfortunately for Giovanniland, our team only managed a goalless draw against Pallandole. Luckily, all other teams in Group B also drew their matches, which means Giovanniland still has nearly the same chances of qualifying for the knockout stage."

"During the entire match, the Giovannilandiana Equipa continued its attacking style from the match against Fhaengshia. However, unlike the previous match, not even one goal attempt succeeded for either side. The coaches even tried to switch from 3-3-4 to 3-2-5, but the Pallandolean defense did not allow any goals from the Giovannilandian strikers. In the end, Pallandole was a formidable opponent, and they have shown their good defense by drawing both Libterraria and now our team." Vanessa then showed some images of the match highlights, which were all goal attempts or interesting defenses as no actual goal was scored. She was then replaced by Carlos Nakamura-Edristyn as he finished preparing to present the second part of the daily Football Report. 

"As you can see, this was our quick retrospective of Matchday 2 for Giovanniland in the 1st World Cup of Football. It's a fact Giovanniland must step up their attack in the next games if we want to qualify for the next round. Tomorrow we play Larxia, which arrives from a draw and a loss in previous games, and we must capitalize on this opportunity to counterattack their players if they desperately want to score. It seems the Giovannilandiana Equipa will start the next game with a different lineup focused even more on offense, and our Football Report's predictions are displayed in the image below. The main changes are Gabriela Orpheus moving from the midfield to the attack in order to achieve the 3-2-5 lineup, Theodoro Sonsyrenne replacing the injured Thomás Arruda Myint, and also Valdomiro Amdo-Gyamtso and Augusto Uprines-Antenor replacing Farlina Boaventura and Jurandir Liangzhou respectively. The arrows mean possible position changes between the previous matches and the next ones, though this is of course not confirmed yet."  


Carlos then moved on from talking specifically about Giovanniland, and proceeded to present overall rankings for all World Cup groups and talk about some interesting matches. "In Group B, it was a pretty interesting matchday for the other teams as Vanessa said before, because all Group B matches ended as draws. Despite that, Giovanniland fell one ranking as the other draws did indeed have goals, and therefore Fhaengshia took the second place. Overall, Dalimbar leads the group with four points, while Fhaengshia, Giovanniland, Libterraria and Pallandole all follow with 2 points. Closing the group, Larxia has stayed in last place mainly as a result of their defeat against Dalimbar. Other groups, however, have seen more action: Fujai and United Adaikes both top Group A with 4 points each, despite a draw between both of them in Matchday 2. Zoran and Badgeria are the leaders of Group C and D respectively, both have managed to win all of their matches so far and thus have 6 points. Only two teams are yet to earn a point, namely Alchera and Italia, because they lost both in Matchdays 1 and 2; however there is still time for them to score. All other teams have at least earned a draw, scoring at least one point." Carlos then finished talking and the Giovannilandian Football Report officially ended for the day.

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Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtbočil Fedȩreisn - Matchday 2 Review


Hertfordshire and Jammbo 2-3 Orangutan Rangers (HT: HAJ 1-0 ARI)

Goals: 2018368675_download(11).jpg.131b78a4d2bc0b8354e88d98399f5e00.jpgSatoshi Melderis (29'), Th09ShikieikiYamaxanadu.png.6280b2fb0e35a7241cd3e6c8dcaff7a9.pngEiki Sproģe (53')

Red Cards: FEH_Ike.png.5eba729f288f1c155a6a95dbbaee947d.pngIke Gribusts (71')

Injuries: Satori.png.e532be888f343105cf701b506bc46945.pngSatori Kornijchuk (21')


Pre-Match Review

Hello there, you are reading this news leaflet sent out by the HAJFF for the second matchday of the World Cup of Football here in United Adaikes. This report will cover our 3-2 defeat against Arifiyyah, who proved to be able to match their ambition off the pitch with talent on it. Initially we had a tight grip on the game taking the lead into half time and doubling said lead early in the second half. Shortly after that though Arifiyyah picked up traction by bringing the score to 2-1, and when Ike Gribusts was sent off for injuring their captain, a debutant 19 year old brought culmination onto a long and sweet first match, scoring twice to give his Orangutan Rangers the win over us lot. Shortly before the match we found out from various staff members that defensive midfielder Satori Kornijchuk could actually read minds as long as they were in her vicinity. We are not sure if this should be called a blessing or a curse although we believe in neither. That would really help in Satori's part time hobby as a detective, no scratch that, it definitely helps. She also helped to figure out Clarkson's injury mystery and how May was in fact not involved with this talent. So, with accidental Wingdings written on one of the doors in the Pirates Arena and yet more displays by the two resident prodigies Mina & Lisa, it was time to commence the match.


When she isn't being disliked by pretty much everyone, Satori makes a fine detective. A cheating detective, mind you.


First Half Review

Lengthy display done with, we started the match and quickly done what we did against Italia, assume near complete control. This time however our opponents were ready and barricaded themselves to hold off the HAJFF offense, which was quite frankly necessary as we were starting to establish ourselves as having one of the best attacks in the tournament. We were also starting to establish ourselves as having one of the worst defences as well though, so there was no room to be slouching at the back either. There was no room to be slouching full stop. It was not long into the match that disaster struck in the defensive midfield position, with Satori Kornijchuk being subject to a clearly purposeful injury that somehow went unpunished. Naturally our fans were screaming bloody murder and while that may be harsh we can see where they come from. Seriously, the Arifiyyah player who committed that foul should have been sent off. Satori's injury means that we have now got 3 injured players with 2 of them being DMs. Jeremy Clarkson should be back for matchday 4 against Irador just to let you all know. With the literal mind reader coming off, Satoshi Melderis was brought on. He immediately made an impact, pushing forward as if he were a wing back allowing the midfielders to overlap with him and brick up the defensive lines, adding an extra sense of security to the Paradigm Compass. 8 minutes after coming on, Satoshi found the back of the net as his adventurous methods paid off and we had taken the lead. He knew he had to be careful from then on though, as an injury to him would result in having to play one of the staff members, something which would probably baffle everyone in attendance of this World Cup. The rest of the first half returned to how the game started, with the HAJFF in near total control. But Arifiyyah were slowly edging themselves into it, they could sense that eventually the sturdy and creative 3-1-3-1-2 was going to falter at some point. We planned to make sure that didn't happen. Half time soon arrived after a few minutes of added time, with the Paradigm Compass holding a 1-0 lead over the ambitious yet so far fruitless opposition.

Satori.png.e532be888f343105cf701b506bc46945.png OFF ON 2018368675_download(11).jpg.131b78a4d2bc0b8354e88d98399f5e00.jpg


Second Half Review

Now it was time for Arifiyyah to begin the second half, and begin it they did. Strongly too as they were now breathing down the neck of our goalkeeper Hart Vecunmieks who managed to keep their shots out with moderate effort. It could not go on like this or they would equalise sooner rather than later. With that in mind, central defender Konngara Adamov quickly gave the fans of both sides a peek into their Astral Knight title and fittingly reclaimed possession for the HAJFF. This sparked off a near flawless attack of our own which culminated in a wonderful goal by Eiki Sproģe, Yamaxanadu. Yeah you heard that right, one of our strikers is something known as a Yama, a Judge. She is one of the highest authorities in the infamous Ministry of Right & Wrong that serves underneath the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Right & Wrong is well known for pretty much never putting a foot wrong when it comes to handing out verdicts to the guilty or innocent. Now with a 2 goal advantage, the team could maybe focus a bit more on parking the bus. Big mistake, as Arifiyyah quickly found traction and scored what would hopefully be a consolation point. The middle of the second half turned into a topsy-turvy mess with the Paradigm Compass aiming to restore their two goal advantage and the Orangutan Rangers persevering to bring the scoreline level. It was entering the latter stages of the match when Ike Gribusts got himself foolishly sent off for causing injury to the Arifiyyah captain Safiq Ahmad. It wasn't the best idea to have a mercenary in an attacking position in hindsight.  His power and bulk is better suited for defence, maybe he and Konngara could do a switcheroo. What Ike hoped to gain from that is foreign to us but if it were the demoralisation of Arifiyyah then it was safe to say that he failed in his objective. Add on the truth that we were now down to 10 players and Arifiyyah clocked on to the situation. The situation that meant they could realistically turn things around. And so it was in the 88th minute of the match a 19 year old debutant called Muhammad Nazhim booted the ball into the goal and made the score an even 2-2. Then it got even worse, as the same person then scored his second at the 3rd minute of injury time in what was virtually the last shot of the match. Talk about last minute collapse. After we resumed the match, the referee blew his whistle for the signature 3 times to notify us all in the Pirates Arena that the match was over, with the HAJFF falling victim to a superb second half effort from Arifiyyah. They put on a fine display, as did our own team. They both made the tournament and fans proud with such an exciting match.


Post-Match Review

Well, that was a fine doozy of a game. We have now been involved in 2 captivating matches that ended with a 3-2 scoreline, with 1 win and 1 loss. Surely we can be considered as the most exciting team to watch on the pitch after those, if not us then the utter lunacy that goes on at the collection of giants plus hopeful results providers Santos-Dominius in Group D with the Cambrian's overly yellow news web pages and that one rugby team with its addiction to drugs. Beware the mafia, they might be coming for the drugs, keep them away from it at all cost. Of course we can't provide a picture of the mafia planning this as that would likely end in our reporters being tied up and thrown into big black cars in the middle of the night. On the injury sustained by Satori, she has been inflicted with an AC joint sprain that will keep her out for 4 matches. Satoshi will replace her in the meantime. Meanwhile Ike Gribusts is suspended for 1 match due to receiving a red card, and therefore he shall lose his place on the pitch to Galeem Gaisma. The loss means that Hertfordshire and Jammbo drop to 3rd place in Group C having been leapfrogged by Arifiyyah who climb to 2nd and will take on undefeated group leaders Zoran up next.


Next Time...

As for us, we will attempt to get back to winning ways as we suit up in a shocking blend of dark purple, blue, pink & grey to link up with Reçueçn at what we can only presume is 2:00am Andolian Meridian Time. They are well known for being the world centre of sports organising and events alike, but is their bark worse than their bite? Tune in to the match later to find out!


We are now concluding this matchday 2 review and going back to the hotel where inevitably a lecture by a 12-13y/o scientific genius is waiting. Unfortunately much like prog rock it will last 4.8 hours and make no sense to anyone. So on that inconvenience it is time to end, thanks very much for watching, goodnight!


We all knew this would happen. Oh well, can't stop it now. If anyone in the HAJFF manages to grasp the concept of what Mina Maneva is going on about in her lecture, write to the editor at 'I'm Really Fun At Parties, Honest'.


1696209695_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.22b80cba255dc653a0a1be856a7ed8cc.png                 1092419685_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.c599aeda6b97377eae46b4305d281c23.png


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Nfpctgn.png V https://i.imgur.com/E7p8ejwt.png




FEBRUARY 22, 1421

Confusing match and mostly a weird slow pace at the beginning. Nagaraningrad National Football (NNF) are distracted by lots of confused and humming from Funteana Crab Ranger (FCR). The longer the game it get, the faster the pace are become. FCR manage to score a goal in near ends of the first half... and shouting "Eureka!" along the way. at the second half NNF manage to stay focus and become ignorant to the distracting question from FCR. After all "IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH". Within the first ten minutes, NNF manage to equalize the score to one all. As the game getting more interesting, both sides manage to breaking each other offenses until the end of the match.

NNF Head coach, Raden Jaka Batoebara are expressing surprise and confusion on how the match went. "at least we manage to melt some butter in the ends" added Head coach, nervously.

For the next match against the host, United Adaikes, Head coach say "The formation would be 4-3-3 with sub Soedarmono in midfielder and put Ali Noerdin on Left Forward and Hendrodo in Right and hoping for more opportunity for a goal with possible counter offense and adequate back".  For the first time, an Oldnative will play among NNF Player.  Ali Noerdin M Top are not just representing Nagaraningrad but will also represent Oldnatives back in the country. All in all, everyone in Nagaraningrad  hope will win the next  match and possibly World Cup of Football Champion.

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The Dilberian nation is confused by their inability to score at all, and should this continue, measures will be taken.  It is unknown if those measures are legal but rumors of "taking the other team hostage on the pitch by force" are floating around.

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News Brief

The Fuentana Crab Rangers have reported that they are in an existential crisis. Infighting has broken out, not only over football strategy, but over the very ontic categories and language that can be used to convey anything at all. Right midfielder Marx is said to be despondent, and center back Nietzsche was heard berating goalkeeper Aquinas over both a category mistake and his poor positioning. 

It may soon be every man for himself on the Crab Ranger squad...

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"Right Where We Need To Be"

The Badger's gaffer calmly said after this morning's walk through. "The squad is well rested. Our rotations are working well. Everyone is focused and ready." Badgeria has largely stayed out of the drama of the World Cup. No big fanfare, not many fans. Although viewership is through the roof back home, there's more of a subdued vibe here and that is just what the team wants. "We don't need to harsh our mellow, it's early in this tournament. When we get to the knockout stage, our fans will be here en masse."

Will the Badgers continue this workman like tournament play? Right now the are looking confident and calm!


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Larxia opened the first half but Libterraria opened the scoring with a low-banger in the 22nd minute. The rest of the first half has been devoid of action, only Larxia almost scoring a goal in the 39th minute, but it sails just wide of the post.

In the second half, Larxia controlled the possession of the ball for most of the half. The second half has been very dormant with only 2 chances for Larxia and one for Libterraria and no goals. Garcia is taken down just outside the penalty box. It will be a free kick for Larxia. Messy lines up to take it. It's in! Top-bin curler, the keeper cannot reach it at full stretch. It is 1-1 in the 89th minute. The 4th official adds only one minute for the stoppage time. It's the final whistle. A draw for Larxia. Not the ideal result.

Messy in the post-match conference said," We are always looking to improve our team. We're training hard and we hope for an even better result against Giovanniland. We are positive and will go into the match with a positive, can-do attitude, and I'm sure we can do it."


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iStock_000007428613_Medium-1-1427732378-600x360.jpgYou know that feeling when, for just a couple moments after waking up, you have no idea where you are or how you got there? 

Unusually bright morning sun glinting off bleach-white linens, your glasses just a little further away than you're used to. 

Your eyes slowly adjusting to the light and the view out the window becoming more familiar. 

It is weird how fast a hotel room can feel like a fey version of home. Everything is just slightly different, but strangely comforting - like a hug from a childhood friend you haven't seen in years. Years collapse into days as the estrangement breaks down; seconds become minutes as the illusion of the person you remember dissolves as you embrace the person you no longer know.


A yawn, stretch, and a grunt. The floor coalesces under the feet of Cadi Conor as she stares out of the window to the oddly mesmerizing morning flow of the traffic on one of Perthdoches' arterials. She blinks as though she can will the sleep from her eyes and pads her way silently past the man sleeping on the couch. A light handkerchief resting over his face, fully dressed in a now-wrinkled suit save for the jacket laid carefully on the table next to an array of photos and documents worthy of a conspiracy documentary. 

Cadi flicks the small coffee pot on her way to the bathroom and quietly closes the door. Not one to be left with her thoughts, Cadi pops in her waterproof ear buds and turns up the music. 

That flashing blue light. That office. That ALARM. 
They take up any empty space Cadi leaves in her head. Any space not taken up by that note, that is. 

Images of cut out letters flash whenever she closes her eyes. They were burned into her brain, having stared at it so long. 
Don't move. Don't breath too deeply. Wait. 

Wait for the "professionals". We were supposed to BE the professionals. 

Cadi abruptly turns the shower to cold. Shock takes up enough space, at least for a little while. She reaches for the lotion and dollops some of the white face cream into her hand - and just stares for a moment. She wipes it off on a towel and exits the bathroom. The man isn't on the couch, and she freezes in place.

"Good morning Naz" she calls out into the room, tentatively. Her eyes instinctively dart to her side table to confirm her gun was still there. Listening, the sound of coffee pouring eases her slightly. 

Naz clears his throat, and from around the corner he says "Morning Ms. Conor". Too formal for the amount of time they've been working so closely, Cadi thought. Clad in a towel, Cadi retrieved her coffee.  "I think I may have found something last night in your father's accounts. I am waiting to hear back from my contacts in the Air Force to see if this goes anywhere." 

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One of the big questions of the tournament so far has been.... Who is even part of the Dalimbari squad? Why, after their success in rugby, are they so tight lipped?

The answer to that is [REDACTED]. Football is considered to be an inferior sport in Dalimbar compared to rugby, and played more in the recently acquired territories in the east compared to the heartland. The Dalimbari Football League was instructed to put a team together, yet there is concern over the... loyalties of some members of the squad. As a result, the Dalimbari Stavka quietly decreed that the names of the squad would be withheld until each member's loyalties were proven. With victory.

Victory was arranged on day 1 and a draw on day 2 saw the Dalimbari squad keep their pole position in their group. The team is under constant monitoring to ensure loyalty.

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Giovanniland opened the first half and opened scoring in the 15th minute. Aviero cuts through the defense like a hot knife through butter. He bangs one in. The goalkeeper can't reach it. Larxia levels almost instantly in the 18th minute. The rest of the half goes by without any serious goal scoring chances.


In the second half, Larxia controlled the possession of the ball for most of the half. Fernandes puts a through ball to Garcia, who's ready to convert. The goalkeeper keeps it out of the goal but cannot keep the ball. The ball falls to Aviero who drives it in with no chance for the keeper. It's 2-1 in the 57th minute. Leo Messy goes solo in the 78th minute. He weaves through the defenders and puts it in around the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper lies on the ground, utterly beaten, as Messy celebrates with his teammates. The 4th official indicates only 2 minutes of stoppage time. That's the final whistle. Larxia wins 3 goals to one. The first win for Larxia comes at a great time as it sees Larxia jump to 3rd position in the group.



Guardiola in the post-match conference said," We were very happy with the result, but we cannot stop working because of one good result. We do deserve to celebrate, but we'll not celebrate at the cost of training for the matches. I caught a glimpse of the King in his box, and needless to say, you could see the pride in his eyes as he saw the Larxian team win the game," on being asked about their next opponents Pallandole and their run in the WC, he said," We do like to believe that every nation still has some fight left in them, because underestimating a nation will only increase our complacency. That said, we do hope that we win the game, and the team will be preparing for every game as though they are preparing to play the final."

Now how can that not instill confidence in the 25 million people of Larxia.

Larxia will be facing Pallandole next, who seem to be having the World Cup of their nightmares after drawing their first two games and losing the last one against Fhaengshia, though not by much.

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Good day all Arifiyyah FA football supporters. We have good news for you, Arifiyyah FA has a closed victory against Zoran in this third day of the match. "I did not expect that my kick was right on goal," said the young team captain. Muhammad Nazhim scored a beautiful goal from a free kick in the 72nd minute yesterday. No less also the defensive line from the Zoran team that hit hard so that our attackers could not get past it.



The Orangutan Rangers are currently ranked first in Group C after collecting 7 points

These three unbeaten matches make our players more excited to face the opposing team. "We will face Italia in the next match. The match against Italia is a must-win match to stay at the top. This will definitely be a challenge for us even if Italia is at the bottom of the Group C schedule. We will continue to give exciting action in the match and try to maintain the top position until qualifying for the knockout round." said head coach Arifiyyah FA

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United Adaikes survives Nagaraningrad scare, falls to 2nd place in the group despite the win.

The NNF surprised the Panthers and their fans when Jaka Wiranagara scored from a free kick in the 11th minute. The United Adaikes National Football Team had not scored in the first half but ensured strengthened defensive plays and better ball possession before the first half ended. Just five minutes after the start of the second half, Panthers captain Billy Jordan scored from an interception in the transition field during a counter-attack when he passed it forward to Kolton Dale only to return it to Jordan for a powerful kick to goal inside the penalty area. The woes from the visiting Nagaranites continued when Collin Maddox scored a header from a Van Burgess cross in the 67th minute and never let them possess the ball again in the remainder of the game. With that loss, the Nagaraningrad National Football fell to 5th place and hope to bounce back in their remaining games to ensure a seat in the knock-out rounds.


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Diary of Ejaihl Leliers


We had to work for it today. Pallandole were better than expected and we got sloppy. We got the win but we should’ve won by a larger margin. Safdli and Lartoih are leading defence practice tonight while Jafhaena and I watch the matches of other high profile teams for strategy. We’re mainly watching the Polaris nations as expected. I’m feeling different about the Dalimbari after that match yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised if any call for asylum. From what little I’ve been able to see so far, United Adaikes is a nice place, Jafnoettuo and Iotehps say it’s a bit like if Lower Gheffian had the money Fhaendhaw does. We got pushed to the top of the table and tomorrow seems like it should decide the ranks for the most part. I think Libterraria is the only team out of Doll Guldur. Jafhaena wants us to build momentum with a big win over them. Mirla says they’ll be ok for the match, but ankles don’t un-sprain overnight. Laenhe has been in good form and will be starting. Better rest up and if we win I’ll let myself have some of that nice pasta I’ve heard about.

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https://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/nagaraningrad__108657.png V united_adaikes__827913.png


FEBRUARY 24, 1421

Our glorious Nagaraningrad National Football valiantly play against the host of World Cup of Football (WCF), United Adaikes National Football Team known as The Panthers. Our player starting the game very good, with much quick and faster pace. After promising opportunity to score for Oldnatives player, Ali Noerdin M Top failed to take the ball and got minor offense from miscalculated Panthers player which led to Freekick. With Jaka Wiranagara, a Ningrad Forward player from the House of Wiranagara, successfully  to got the first Goal in the eleventh minute. Every Adaikesians stun and surprised by the goal. For the next half of first Half, The Panthers got a lot of control of the ball and never passed it to offensive stance.

For the second half, The Panthers manage to play it offense and score some goal. For some reason, The Panthers really taking over the ball and barely give it back to NNF player. One of the official crew of NNF commented "The cats really love their yarns". Every time NNF player got the ball, The Panthers manage to steal it and keep it for themselves for the rest of the game.

The NNF Head coach, Raden Jaka Batoebara are nervously furious on how the play goes and still manage to keep his cool at the end of the game. "That was a glorious display of our Nagaranites player, we manage to do it quick and stun the audience." said the Head coach. Preparation for the next match against Fujai, The NNF confirm will put 4-4-2 formation.

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The few Dalimbari who actually watch football were disappointed. First at not being able to tell who they were even rooting for. Second for the loss to Libterraria. Third, the signal kept cutting in and out, with roughly 1/3 of the match being broadcast in static. Every other channel was operating fine, except DalimbariSports 6 which carried the match. 

It's tough to be a football player or a fan in Dalimbar.

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Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtbočil Fedȩreisn - Matchday 3 Review


Reçueçn 0-2 Hertfordshire and Jammbo (HT: REÇ 0-1 HAJ)

Goals: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f-33735373835342e31353734666531306630336332636161343731373838.jpg.5646bd73bf755e72e4e9636193a27695.jpgGaleem Gaisma (7'), 200px-Th15Sanae.png.6e646e2c62a21d75207f3f2d2e9f8f1b.pngSanae Kotenko (58')

Yellow Cards: Retinz_defeated.png.79afaacef06df836c67f1567e7bcd85a.pngRoger Runcis (35'), Konngara_full_131820.thumb.jpg.d755036503f39343238a673e39299c22.jpgKonngara Adamov (74', 86')

Injuries: Bello.png.fdcb2f3507a41ec81889bc2be93da844.pngBello Jēkabsons (54'), 536705701_download(11).jpg.788d2c55f2ec5eb307b1318a678426d4.jpgSatoshi Melderis (61')


Pre-Match Review

Greetings, this is matchday review 3 on the victory over Reçueçn. Now we start this report off with an important question.  What is it about us that attracts these semi-odd occurrences during matches? During the previous match both goal scorers came on as replacements for players unable to attend or carry on, and for around 29 minutes all 3 of our defensive midfielders were down to injury. We actually had to bring on the First Team Coach, her name is Karen Kovalenko, to play in Satoshi's place. These weird things just seem to be drawn to the HAJFF like a magnet. Replacing Ike Gribusts was Galeem Gaisma, a person so associated with light that they have the entire visible colour spectrum as the inside colour of their hair. The outside is completely white with streaks of light coloured gold all along it. No wonder fans call them the 'Lord of Light'. We still need to mention what happened before the match, so we shall, with the staff members taking precautions in case the DM Satoshi had to be taken off. It was a loose suggestion from Reserves Manager Asgore Dreimanis, to which the Head of Athletic Performance Junpei Tsymbalyuk quickly agreed. Of course, you know who was chosen to volunteer as the new player if player availability in defensive midfield reached crisis point. Glad that they had sorted that kerfuffle out, the staff members re-joined with Kitman and Prime Minister Clarkov Furutani, who had somehow managed to waltz on into the crew out of seemingly nowhere. He also found a photo of someone's mother tied and gagged in a hard wooden chair with various bloody instruments littering the floor around her. Goodness knows how it ended up in his hands. He thought it would be a wise idea to show it to everyone and see if they knew anything. This, as it turned out, did not end very well. Now the Prime Minister has a stab wound in the chest thanks to the sword of Konngara, being transported to the local hospitals A&E Department for surgery. He will likely be gone for the rest of the tournament. Good job Clarkov you dingus. Quick, someone break the fight up before it turns into a corpse party!


Karen seems to be extremely protective of the lady in the photo, so much so that she grabbed Konngara's sword and tried to wedge it into Clarkov's face while madly accusing him of being the culprit of the aforementioned kidnapped lady phot. Turns out it's her own mother. Even so the levels of desperation and protectiveness here were far beyond average. Needless to say Assistant Manager Flandre Sotirova quickly blamed the Dalimbari, although no evidence at all pointed at them. What is wrong with these people?!


First Half Review

Thankfully we didn't have to bear witness to the untimely deaths of all the staff members. Let's return to canon now and start the first half review. Anyway, Reçueçn kicked off the game and we are sure we don't need to explain what happened next. Of course just like the other two games the HAJFF assumed control and after 7 minutes Galeem managed to blind the fans and players with an absolutely superb 37 yard curling effort into the top right corner. No, they literally blinded them. It's the one fans call the Lord of Light we're talking about here, come on! It's not often you see such a brilliant effort like that. The rest of the first half was not much to shout about, we done well in holding on to our lead. The yellow card received by Roger Runcis was but a small road bump in this. Remind him that that sort of reckless activity is what got him booted out of Troupe Handrica 13 years ago. Anyway, with a surprisingly uneventful first half complete, we returned to the team room silently thankful that the first half acted as a contrast to the utter chaos that ensued before the match began. To be perfectly honest, we at the HAJFF news room are thankful too. Still, we hoped the second half would provide more entertainment, as if that first half was what one of the tournament's  most thrilling sides saw as adequate, then the fans are being disappointed. We are too, we were hoping to write more.


Second Half Review

Spoiler alert! The second half turned out in the end to be much better to watch than the first, for many reasons. First among which was bizarrely a minor injury to Bello Jēkabsons, which saw resident miracle worker Sanae Kotenko being substituted on for him. Sadly that injury was the least of the worries. Satoshi Melderis became injured, and it looked serious too. Great. Just what we needed, bring on the Karen is what raced through the mind of Manager Frisk Dachev. She was still in a complete mess, but she had to do it anyway. Otherwise no one would, for whatever convoluted reason. So at this point we now had a member of staff playing and needless to say this particular staff member was not in the right frame of mind. The opposition were slowly edging their way in. Not before a free kick was awarded for the foul on Satoshi though. Sanae skied it over the wall of opposing defenders and into the net, now what did we say about her being a miracle worker? Don't answer that, it was rhetorical for those dense people in the readers catalogue. From there it became an interesting match of the Paradigm Compass being generally better even with overall mentality damaged taking on a Reçueçn side that simply refused to stop trying until the bitter end. Getting on a bit into the latter stages and Konngara Adamov was handed a yellow card for a foul which was light but did make contact, so in the end we can admit that was justified. The second yellow card for the Astral Knight was certainly nothing but complete ridiculousness though. There was not even a hint of a foul there! Those team members on the bench and in the stands quickly spread thought that it was the bloody colouring of the sword Konngara owns that caused them to be given their marching orders. They didn't even do anything. Whatever, down to 10 players with the clock ticking to full time which eventually did arrive after a whopping 6 minutes of injury time, during which Reçueçn came close to a consolation goal but were ultimately thwarted by a last second defensive clearance from left defender Yuuma Novak. The end to an incredibly odd match had come, with a result that pleased us greatly in the end.


Post-Match Review 

If you thought matchday 2 was packed, this one made it look like a chilly day at some ice cap somewhere back home. Bello was inflicted with nothing more than a simple minor calf muscle strain and he just needs to rest it for a match before returning. Satoshi however was diagnosed by Lisa Lazarenko as having suffered a moderate cartilage tear. That doesn't sound good. A 5 match minimum break is expected and effectively required for it to heal properly. Thank the goddess of victory then that Jeremy Clarkson has returned from his own stout of injury and is raring to break out the hammer again. Breathe a collective sigh at that with us, readers. Konngara being sent off for 2 yellows was not amusing, now we have to put someone in their place. Figure out who it is, you know the positions that everyone of us at the HAJFF is in. As for the status of Prime Minister Clarkov, he is awake and feeling unpleasant. Not like he isn't used to being attacked, but to actually be hit shocked him to a good degree. The stab wound wasn't fatal. We now sit in 2nd place in Group C overtaking Zoran on goals scored after they lost to Arifiyyah who went top. Careful, they could be the dark horse of this tournament.


Next Time...

Matchday 4 will have us against Irador, who after defeating Italia 1-0 sit 4th in the group with 4 points rather fittingly. They clearly still have the feeling that they can go through. Mind you, so do we and most other teams in this World Cup of Football.


We really have nothing more to say so we thank you for reading and bid thee goodnight! Wow that was a shorter piece than expected.

903078020_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.5a81b8372f23a289afe660a6ff886295.png                 1960323840_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.c18967eec9ac1b53cdad6c51668ecca5.png

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Over and over again, investigators examining international criminal networks point to a common thread -- the ease with which many in the network travel the world using fake passports or illegally obtained immigration documents.

Jens Meklinbourg, the focus of this report, was somewhat of an expert in fake passports. As an operative for GETEFRAN, he used a counterfeit Deneirian passport to enter Nieubasria and apply for political asylum. While living there, he supplied forged passports to other contacts in his network - news2.png.4d9b977e615149dd4c694b6a45deb787.pngsome of the known forgeries include Kurabian, Fujansk, and Alcheran. And he used a fake Basric passport under the alias of Aldwin Ealdwin in his failed attempt to enter the United Kingdom of Tara and Cambray to orchestrate a chemical attack at an industrial facility. 

At the 1420 trial, Meklinbourg testified that he was trained in these and other security-avoidance techniques at a training camp in Central Andolia. He also testified that a GETEFRAN representative had recruited him to supply the group with falsified passports.

The picture of GETEFRAN that is emerging through Meklinbourg's case and ongoing investigations is of a sophisticated terrorist network, able to send "sleeper" agents like Meklinbourg anywhere in the world. GETEFRAN depends on the ability to travel internationally in order to raise funds, recruit operatives, train the operatives in Central Andolia and send them out to plan and conduct terrorist attacks or further build a network within a target country. Key to their international mobility is being able to circumvent immigration laws and law enforcement watch lists. 


Investigators believe that there may be specialized GETEFRAN and other international criminal cells operating in Polaris and Aura whose goalb is to supply passports and other documents that can be used by its operatives. There are various ways they obtain and use passports:

  • The terrorist can physically alter a valid passport -- stolen or purchased from an accomplice -- by changing the picture or biographical data. 
  • In some countries, terrorists may be able to purchase an official passport in their own name, or an alias, by bribing a corrupt official or obtaining one in the black market. Stolen passports may be readily available for sale in most countries.
  • The terrorist can make a counterfeit passport, hoping that the border agent wouldn't be able to identify the forgery. 

There's another angle on the trafficking in fake passports. Investigations by Basric and Cambric officials revealed relationships between terrorists and organized criminal syndicates who smuggle humans across borders. It is a huge international business, with brokers in poor countries demanding up to 250,000฿ per person in order to smuggle people into Nieubasria and other developed nations. To avoid detection, the smugglers are constantly changing their routes and methods. Some also rely on huge numbers of fake passports, routing people through as many as two other countries to hide the country of origin. "The terrorists have made common cause with 'people smugglers' who are very good at supplying false documentation," says Leo Laine, a director of the Centre for the Prevention of Human Trafficking. "It gives the terrorists a ready source of altered counterfeit passports and, if needed, the smugglers may assist them in being smuggled into the target country."


The Meklinbourg case illustrated how easily terrorists can enter Nieubasria and other developed nations. Meklinbourg got into Nieubasria on a clearly doctored Deneirian passport and avoided detention simply by applying for asylum. Since Meklinbourg's arrest, at least two other suspected terrorists have been detained in Nieubasria; both had entered as asylum seekers. Many other suspected or prospective terrorists have entered countries by manipulating immigration laws. 

Since the "Papers, Please" incident, Nieubasria has decided to spend hundreds of millions of basmarks to beef up internal security and add agents to the border and ports of entry. They are also changing the asylum process so that applicants must undergo background checks before they can stay in the country. The Basrians are also attempting to centralize the terrorist "watch lists" between Intelligence Agencies in order to keep better track of suspects.

The Basric Government also inaugurated the Multinational Working Group Regarding Passport Security and Travel Document Standards as an attempt to combat the sources of foreign fraud and increase the overall strength of the international travel document security system. 

National security expert Graham Todor says the Hier is discussing a number of proposals that were originally introduced by the Basric Astorian Peoples’ Party in 1402 but were tabled at the end of session. These proposals include:

  • Denial of entry to anyone who has supported or joined or is suspected of having supported or joined a terrorist organization,
  • A mandate for information sharing between Intelligence Services and Immigration Services, 
  • Creating or joining international watch lists for terror and organized crime, 
  • Computerized systems to track visa holders, 
  • Additional support for officials to conduct background checks on all visa applicants. 

These proposals were opposed by free-trade organizations, immigrant support groups, universities and privacy advocates in the past because they would add time and paperwork to those attempting to enter Nieubasria legitimately and could affect foreign trade. Since Meklinbourg, however, most of the opposition has been removed and new laws governing immigration could pass The Esquiry by the end of the year.

"I know we cannot possibly catch every terrorist or criminal entering our borders," Todor states, "but if perhaps we apprehend one or two, we might be able to unravel the whole network." 

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