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United Adaikes

1st World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Please do not post in this thread if you are not a participant. Also, no OOC posts, please.

Welcome to the 1st World Cup of Football! If you are a participant, you can start posting about your nation's football (soccer) team (logo, players, kits, and any other related information). You can also post about your team's preparations for this inaugural event!

Another important thing to include in your roster post is the "role play permissions". If you want to role play while making sure that the other RPer(s) won't do inevitable things you don't want to happen to your team, you can post these below outlining what the other RPers can or cannot do, for example:

Injure my players: yes/no
Assign my players yellow cards: yes/no
Assign my players red cards: yes/no
Godmod injuries: yes/no
Godmod scoring: yes/no
Godmod other events: yes/no

The last three permissions, godmodding, is the role playing unrealistic or unbelievable things happening. So if you want a more realistic experience for your team (and what we hopefully want in the games for the duration of the tournament), you can ask other RPers not to godmod in your matches. You can also add, leave, or remove any role permissions you want. It's your team, so we will let you dictate the way your team plays (as long as it is realistic).

Also, you can include what we call a "style modifier". This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates if you are a defensive (leaning to negative numbers) or an offensive (leaning to positive numbers) team. However, this won't affect your chance of victory. If you also don't put one, you'll automatically get a neutral modifier (0.00), and that is just fine.

There are also some teams that are not citizens and are not in the map. This announcement will tell you that it might be hard raking up the wins. The teams who are citizens and are in the map can (emphasize on can, not are) be ensured of a win if they face a team who is not a citizen and is not in the map. Certain handicaps are also in place for those waiting for their applications to be accepted in citizenship and/or a place in the map. However, it has been evident that the scorinator can still give surprises in the results it gives for every match (trust me when I say, a newcomer in an international rugby competition managed to eliminate the defending champions and snagged 3rd place).

If you have any questions, you can always ask me in Discord or in the OOC thread. If you forgot where that is, it is here:


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And the host for the 1st World Cup of Football is..


The Federal Republic of United Adaikes

The Federal Republic of United Adaikes is a nation found in the eastern-northeastern part of Polaris, bordering Marisalia in the north and northwest, and Tara and Cambray in the west. The sixth most-populous country in the continent with about 14 million Adaikesians, the federal government convenes in its capital, Adaikes Central in the Adaikes region.

Figure 1. The nations in Polaris with the inclusion of Dilber from Aura


The nation is divided administratively in 8 regions, Adaikes (the national capital), Ludsport, Mille-mer (East Mille-mer and West Mille-mer), Ngadabrigg, Saymacrell, Thraproy, and Thurhope. The islands-regions do not have cities and are managed by the regional government. After an investment by the federal and regional government a few years ago, they have designated Thraproy as the Sports Capital of the United Adaikes.

Figure 2. The regions in United Adaikes


Thraproy has five (5) cities, Fort Bloom, Neojunc, Perthdoches, Steskia (the regional capital), and Wrarnerbadshot. Sportstown is found in the greater and central Steskia, and to uphold the name of the Sports Capital in the country, stadiums, courts and other playing venues of every known sport can be seen around the whole region. 

Figure 3. The administrative divisions in Thraproy

Stadiums* to be used in the World Cup

A. New Thraproy Sports Complex Main Stadium (Steskia) - 70, 000 seat capacity; to be used for Group A and knockout games


B. United Adaikes Sports Arena (Steskia) - 60, 000 seat capacity; to be used for Group B and knockout games


C. Pirates Arena in Wrarnerbadshot - 55, 000 seat capacity; to be used for Group C and knockout games


D. Hyenas Field (Perthdoches) - 55, 000 seat capacity; to be used for Group D and knockout games


*all stadiums are inspired from real-life stadiums

Locations of Stadiums in Thraproy


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With 24 participating nations, they will be divided into four (4) groups with six (6) nations each. Nations will play with all nations found in their group. A win is given three (3) points, a draw is given one (1) point, and a loss is given zero (0) points. Four (4) nations with the most number of points in their group will progress in the knockout rounds. When points are tied, goal difference, goals scored, and matchup results between the tied teams are checked to break the tie.

Results are given at 9PM ET, with a cut-off for role play at 8PM ET the next day.


Schedule of Games
(Teams in left are the home teams)



Bracketing for Knock-out Rounds

The letters are the groups, while the numbers are the position of teams in their group after Match Day 5.

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The Panthers


Manager: Dylan Burke


Team Kits




Primary Formation



Role play permissions:


Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes

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February 18, 1421; 10:30 AM Polaris Eastern Time

After a grueling 60-game-per-team inaugural league that ran for 10 months and ended in the last week of January 1421, United Adaikes National Football Team Manager Dylan Burke, also the manager of the recently-crowned champions of the Adaikes Premier Football League, the Gasple Dynamic, has finished selecting his 23-man roster from the 35 players of the different teams in the League he invited in the New Thraproy Sports Complex Main Stadium. The other 12 who did not make the cut will still be with the team and will surely be replacements for any injuries that might happen from any of the players in the 23-man roster. The 23-man roster list was rumored to be distributed to the local media later in the evening.

Billy Jordan, the team captain and top scorer of Gasple Dynamic, the winner of the APFL Player of the Year Award, was getting frustrated that he can't get back to practicing in the pitch, with a number of media personalities asking for an interview about the preparations of the team. "We are making sure we are at the top of our games, much higher than our performances in the leagues," Jordan has shared. "Coach Dylan has selected the best 35 players from the league which he thinks will not let the nation down. And we are also grateful for the opportunity, trust, and investment given by the federal government to the growing sport of football in United Adaikes."

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The above squad will represent Larxia in the Football World Cup. This team was handpicked by coach Ronald Guardiola, one of the best coaches in Larxia and in the world. These players were selected from the Larxian Pro League and Larxians playing in foreign leagues who have proved their mettle with and against the best players in the world.

The chief of FFL issued a statement that the FFL had full faith in the coach and the team, led by Leo Messy.

The Larxian National team will be donning a blue and black stripe jersey with the FFL logo on the left and the Larxian flag on the right.




RP Permissions:

Injure my players: yes(only minor)(max 1 match missed)

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: no

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: yes(but ask we can probably do it together)

Godmod other events: yes(but ask we can probably do it together)


Style Modifier: +3

The team will employ a 4-3-3 formation. 

This is the playing 11:



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Zoranian Times Live!

"H-hello people of Zoran, or those who are watching I really don't know with the state of the country right now, I am your eternally suffering host, Quiyakaso Gohalitsve, here in the ruins of what was the Zoranian Times building in what used to be Zoradia,"
Camera zooms out to show Quiyakaso sitting in a chair with a cardbord box upside down in front of him that is made to look like a desk with a makeshift greenscreen behind him without a roof above him, the remains of a wall behind him, and the ruins of the city all around him

"And I am pleased to announce that I am not fired! In fact I am one of the few people in the news agency that has not been sacked by the bosses! However, in other news I am pleased to announce the upcoming World Cup and that Zoran is attending! I will be there too to report it," Quiyakaso looks up at the sky before saying, "Spirit please let this trip not be as painful as my other trips. Despite the turmoil in our country our football team will be there to try and bolster the spirits of the people of the nation. Here is the roster for the World Cup and their jersey!"


CF Ayeli Igvyiditlvanigisdi
CF Adalagisgv Dagvwalodi
CM Tahlonteeskee Tlogesi
CM Awiinageehi Dinanelohvsgi
CM Unalii Alisoqualvdi
WB Goyadv Gasohi
CB Gasohi Dinanelohvsgi
CB Ahneewakee Uyatsvsv
CB Ama-Edohi Tsonusv
WB Gaduanuwosdi Quamone
K Ohisdi Ugasesdi
WB Nvgotlvhisodiyi Digatilvsdi
CB Amo-Adawehi Quilasoga
CF Adayvtesdi Gasadoyasdi


"Wait a second, what are those logos? We can't show that! Get that off the air! I don't want to get fired, I need my job!"
Suddenly, two muscular men in suits appear on either side of Quiyakaso on screen and one cracks their knuckles.
"Guys please this is an honest mistake! You need me to report the World Cup! Please don-"
Quiyakaso is then punched in the face before the words "Technical Difficulties" appear on the screen and the NACZ Logo quickly replaces it with the following information on it for some strange reason.

Injure my players: Yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: no
Godmod injuries: Yes
Godmod scoring: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Style modifier: +2


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Giovannilandian National Football Team
(Giovannilandian: Giovannilandiana Equipa Nacionalia di Calcio) 

Team Information:

Style mod: +5

Home Stadium: Harvonian Arena, Giovannistadt


Managers: Alfred Garbehiray, Theresa Alves-Uryth

Coaches: Rodrigo von Violetshire, Tania Abrantar

Main Players:

Name Gender  Age  Position Home City
Clovis Espindola Male 25 Goalkeeper Urythburg
Leticia Kandray Female 23 Center Back Cybraluw
Thomás Arruda Myint Male 21 Center Back Violetople
Catia Schaefer-Taspein Female 22 Left Outside Back Giovannistadt
Farlina Boaventura Female 27 Right Outside Back Violet Harbor
Lourenço Sancho Smith (C) Male 28 Defending Midfield Anneville
Gabriela Orpheus Female 25 Center Midfield Amorant
Jurandir Liangzhou Male 23 Attacking Midfield Vrosa
Gustavo Goethe Zapata Male 19 Striker Giovannistadt
Pedro Takeda Male 20 Striker Giovannistadt
Clementine de Abreu-Floryn Female 21 Striker Quoriv

Backup Players:

Name Gender  Age  Position Home City
Carina Higashi Female 27 Goalkeeper Vocloqua City
Gilmar Allamand-Bwaryk Male 25 Goalkeeper Giovanoria
Oscar Lavandula Male 24 Goalkeeper Quoriv
Valkyria Merent-Blacksmith Female 25 Goalkeeper Giovannistadt
Jessica Aurandolia Female 21 Center Back Lothampe
Tadeu Yorbal-Allamand Male 27 Center Back Urythburg
Manuella Jacques Female 25 Center Back Violet Harbor
Theodoro Sonsyrenne Male 19 Center Back Talyanares
Querino Queiroz Qiao Male 22 Left Outside Back Cybraluw
Conrado Trieste Male 25 Left Outside Back Anneville
Tamara Altada-Linhares Female 30 Right Outside Back Violet Harbor
Valdomiro Amdo-Gyamtso Male 28 Right Outside Back Urythburg
Xerxes Ximenes Male 24 Defending Midfield Arlavontei
Arabella Vieira Nyima Female 26 Defending Midfield New Bwaryk
Paloma Ebrentell Female 23 Center Midfield Anneville
Laura Wilsim-Ellain Female 21 Center Midfield Sonseran
Augusto Uprines-Antenor Male 19 Attacking Midfield Lavanday
Lorena Suleyman Female 23 Attacking Midfield Serobergi
Christina Upandhya Female 22 Striker Rimekalyn
Joaquim Khuilash-Viryä Male 20 Striker Anneville
Dario Fernandes Male 25 Striker Urythburg
Ivone Rossi-Belchior  Female 26 Striker Arlavontei
Cyro Koymcarrill Male 23 Striker Amorant
Thais Teixeira-Zarya Female 27 Striker Giovannistadt



RP Permissions:
Injure my players: yes (including season- or career-ending)
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

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Arifyyah FA (Orangutan Rangers)



All Player are Male


Head Coach:Ong Kim Liau

Arifiyyah FA Official Logo
Arifyyah FA Official Kits





RP Permissions:
Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

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Fujai (fu:'jaɪ, foo-yEYE) is a small coastal nation of just over 7 million residents, located in the north of the Polarii continent. While winter sports are the most popular in the country, Fujai has a long footballing tradition, beginning near the end of the 14th century, when the game was brought north by the Cambrians.

The Landslag

The Landslag is made up of the finest players in Fujai, though few would be considered of truly international quality. It is sponsored by Fujais Fotbollforbund (FjFF), a member of Fujais Idrottsforbund (FIF - Fujansk Sports Federation). Most Landslag players come from Fujai's top league, Fyrstserien, though a few come from the second division, Annarserien, and one comes from a university team. While Fujansk clubs are more equal in skill than the average league, the four most dominant teams, the Fyre Store, are Solbakken IL and Bruland IF from the capital of Keiserholde, Trondsnes FF from Strafsund, and Almoren IL from Almoren in the north.

Recently, the Landslag came in fourth in the first Summer Olympics in Saint-Josalyn, losing to Zoran in the bronze medal match. Now in Adaikes, they're hungry for some rematches.

Fujais Idrottsforbund

Fujais Idrottsforbund (FIF) is the federation of labor unions representing all sports players and workers in sports-associated industries. It is separate from the Fujansk government, but receives accreditation and financial and infrastructural support from it. Its structure includes clubs at the local level (e.g. a local sports club), which are constituents of fylke organizations, which are a part of the larger federation representing specific sports (e.g. Fujais Fotbollforbund for football), which are then members of FIF.

Fujais Fotbollforbund

Fujais Fotbollforbund (FjFF) is the labor union that governs football in Fujai and represents all players, related workers, and clubs in the country. It governs Fujai's league system, consisting of Fyrstserien, Annarserien, Tredjeserien, and the landsdel leagues. Fylke leagues and lower are organized by the the fylke organizations.


UN26JB7.png                 f0dePDG.png


Important Notes (!)

Editor's note on gender: Fujansk culture does not have individual gender categories. The five common genders were historically recognized, though categories and classifications of gender expression have broken down in the last few centuries, resulting in today's non-categorical perception of gender. Since the Fujansk language does not have gendered pronouns, most Fujar choose choose to use gender-neutral pronouns when interacting in the common tongue, such as they/them. All players on the Landslag use they/them pronouns in the common language.

Translator's note: Landslaget translates to "The National Team," while Landslag translates to "National Team." In the common tongue, one would say "the Landslag did well" or "Landslaget did well," not "the Landslaget did well" (the translated equivalent of "the The Landslag did well"). This is because the Fujansk language uses suffixes to create definite nouns instead of articles. See Den Fujanske Ordboken (The Fujansk Dictionary) for more information.

Quick Info

  • Trigram: FJA
  • Adjective: Fujansk
  • Demonym: Fujar
  • Plural: Fujar
  • Language: Fujansk
  • Population: 7,294,825 (~RL Paraguay/Washington state)
  • Area: 521,912 km2 (Øyen: 131,016 km2, Hasmark: 390,896 km2) (~RL Nicaragua+Zimbabwe/Alabama+Montana)
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 1,760,000 kronar, 71,535 international monetary units
  • Capital: Keiserholde, Keiserholde fylke



Team Info

Basic Info:

  • Preferred formation: 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3
  • Style mod: +2.2
  • Home stadium: Nykanalstadion, Keiserholde - cap. 48,300 (34,680 standing; 13,620 seated)
    • Known commonly as Nykanalen, the stadium is located in Nykanalparken, a park built on the former fortifications that surround Keiserholde's city center. Nykanalen is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the Landslag. Like most stadiums in Fujai, it includes large standing areas to increase capacity, lower costs, and help people stay warm by standing instead of sitting in the country's famously cold weather.
  • Managers: Systa Hendsal, Iren Sattar
  • Coaches: Eirdis Overby, Lasse Lillegård

Players to Watch:

  • Arin Salberg - Captain and star striker of Solbakken IL, one of the winningest teams in recent Fujansk history—has led the team in scores at every competition.
  • Solfrid Hellem - Shadow striker, them and Salberg have made a daring duo the past two years of being together on the national team
  • Erna Höss - A star from Annarserien's Hal Stor IK, until this year they were only starter from the second division, but two high profile relegations meant they were joined by many others.
  • Anton Felland - A master of footwork, they can take the ball even from the most experienced players if given the chance


Starting 11

Name Pos. Club City Age League
Arin Salberg Striker (ST) Solbakken IL Keiserholde 24 Fyrstserien
Solfrid Hellem Shadow Striker (SS) Hafstrand 07 FF Hafstrand 28 Annarserien
Xavier Michaud Attacking Midfielder (AM) AS Savigny-Bilten Bertranslaug 31 Fyrstserien
Maa'ingan Hoven Central Midfielder (CM) Lindskrona IF Lindskrona 27 Fyrstserien
Erna Höss Left Midfielder (LM) Hal Stor IK Halfjord 25 Annarserien
Jørgen Solstein Right Midfielder (RM) Karlsøra IF Karlsøra 32 Fyrstserien
Chibuzo Jorg Left Back (LB) Jarnfoss IL Jarnfoss 28 Annarserien
Rakel Veberg Right Back (RB) Austvik IL Austvik 30 Annarserien
Agnes Hammeren Center Back (CB) Bruland IF Keiserholde 29 Fyrstserien
Anton Felland Center Back (CB) Trondsnes FF Strafsund 24 Fyrstserien
Nahel Parekh Goalkeeper (GK) Almoren IL Almoren 34 Fyrstserien


Name Pos. Club City Age League
Min Qian Striker (ST) Trondsnes FF Strafsund 31 Fyrstserien
Tosin Dawar Striker (ST) Uni. i Strafsund Strafsund 21 Storuniserien
Marte Setter Attacking Midfielder (AM) Ossen BK Kordalant 35 Fyrstserien
Peder Kamie Attacking Midfielder (AM) AS Savigny-Bilten Bertranslaug 26 Fyrstserien
Stefan Juel Central Midfielder (CM) Almoren IL Almoren 30 Fyrstserien
Pernille Slette Central Midfielder (CM) Solbakken IL Keiserholde 28 Fyrstserien
Torunn Landet (AC) Left Midfielder (LM) Havnarbetars IL Braskvik 26 Fyrstserien
Agnar Boken Right Midfielder (RM) Rønnhavn IL Rønnhavn 27 Fyrstserien
Mtuzi Kesane Left Back (LB) FF Skan Fosborg 27 Annarserien
Arni Limensgård Left Back (LB) Bruland IF Keiserholde 25 Fyrstserien
Hildur Buras Center Back (CB) Bruland IF Keiserholde 24 Fyrstserien
Torild Vaness Center Back (CB) Hafstrand 07 FF Hafstrand 30 Annarserien
Finn Åbel Goalkeeper (GK) Karlsøra IF Karlsøra 29 Fyrstserien

Formation Graphic






RP Permissions


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, including season/career-ending
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason—ask me if you want to do something wild and we can do it together

Gender note: Pronouns are important, use the right ones.
Language note: If I provide a word in Fujansk, please use it as is instead of a translation. If you'd like any additional translations or have a question, feel free to message me

OOC Disclaimer:


I don't know too much about football, so I may get something or many somethings wrong.
If you'd like to know something about Fujai that I didn't cover or whatever else, feel free to send me a message or look at my fully and totally complete factbook.
All graphics created by myself.


Edited by Fujai

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Team Information

Home Stadium: The Cloud, City of Louisann, Canton of Lemandie, Santos-Dominius

Manager: Pierre Berthold

Coaches: Paul von Kluger, Arthur Hinterland

Formation: 4-4-2 diamond


Style Modifier: -1

Main Team

Name Age Gender Position Home Canton
Valerie Theron 23 Female Goalkeeper(GK) Roivivion(RO)
Robert Smithson 26 Male Centre Back(CB) Lotharburg(LT)
Hector Escoffier 21 Male Centre Back(CB) St. Arlaine(SN)
Hermann Krause-Meier 25 Male Left Outside Back(LOB) Nordrhuin-Theronigen(NR)
Otto Rutger 26 Male Right Outside Back(ROB) Nordrhuin-Theronigen(NR)
Karl Jung 19 Male Defending Midfield(DMF) Sasslen(SA)
Jean Serres 22 Male Centre Midfield(CMF) Lemandie(LM)
Rene Le Beau 20 Male Attacking Midfield(AMF), Captain Framboise(FR)
Wilhelm Vogel 24 Male Striker Waldburg-Landschaft(WL)
Frances Thibaut 23 Female Striker Roivivion(RO)
Michele Valade 25 Female Striker Yatasailie-Comte(YC)

Reserve Players

Name Age Gender Position Home Canton
Markus Strandberg 27 Male Goalkeeper(GK) Niedersasslen(NL)
James Pierce 22 Male Goalkeeper(GK) Sasslen-Vorpalain(SV)
Jennifer Lawton 20 Female Centre Back(CB) Neuenstadt(NE)
Sophia Lawton 19 Female Centre Back(CB) Neuenstadt(NE)
Zoe Lehmann 21 Female Left Outside Back(LOB) Ostpalain-Westrhuin(PW)
Paul von Elsling 28 Male Left Outside Back(LOB) Waldburg-Stadt(WS)
Jeanine Sutherford 28 Female Right Outside Back(ROB) Oberandolien(OA)
Marco Sapienzano 27 Male Right Outside Back(ROB) Schwabenburg(SH)
Milly Brown Jr. 18 Male Defending Midfield(DMF) Friberne(FE)
Hans Kluger 26 Male Defending Midfield(DMF) Friberne(FE)
Daphne Matteson 25 Male Attacking Midfield(AMF) Friberne(FE)
Frank Lansberger 18 Male Attacking Midfield(AMF) Sasslen(SA)
Bernard Aliniere 23 Male Striker Framboise(FR)
Viola Gaultier 24 Female Striker Lemandie(LM)
Danielle Nivelle 18 Female Striker Lemandie(LM)

Team Clothing

The National Football Team will be wearing a simple maroon jersey with a gunmetal grey vertical stripe in the centre on the front and the back. The Santo-Dominian flag is on the top right corner of the chest on the front while the logo of the Football Association of Santos-Dominius(FASD) is on the bottom of both the left and right sleeve.




RP Permissions

Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes


The National Football Team of Santos-Dominius is presented to you by



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Preferred Formation :

4-4-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-3



Head Coach : Raden Jaka Batoebara


Captain : Heroe Soebandono (DF)



Nagaraningrad National Football Official Team Kits





RP Permissions:
Injure my players: YES (with any means necessary, confirm to me when it's done :ph34r:)
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no, let the nature consume them
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: possibly, maybe not



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Ghomhoeria Tahdaoni ae Fuetpalh

Republic Football Association



Fhaengshian First XI - The Reds


Number Position Name Territory
1 Goalkeeper Safdli Biehrke FH
2 Defender Julhei Nesrui LG
3 Defender Isolndu Idlanah SH
4 Defender Peits Tienfae BH
5 Midfielder Ejaihl Leliers (c) FH
6 Midfielder Maosielle Fernuit AH
7 Forward Utroeh Riemlaic FH
8 Midfielder Geiffial Dallehn SH
9 Forward Tidkeilo Cimmer AH
10 Midfielder Jafnoettuo Murei LG
11 Forward Mirla Alsied FH
12 Goalkeeper Fhaloune Rhogi AH
13 Defender Lartoih Arielnk SH
14 Defender Elarnt Jolpartia UG
15 Defender Kalgiena Caghaeri AH
16 Midfielder Ambaelo Faltia FH
17 Midfielder Caenh Ondlas CS
18 Forward Niecli Shaellen FH
19 Midfielder Tidkeilo Bhoemo AH
20 Forward Laenhe Ucsotre UG
21 Midfielder Iotehps Nesrui LG
22 Forward Forlaen Ianjid FH
23 Goalkeeper Poilsae Laratiel TR

Coach: Jafhaena Kotterl

Manager: Marnsiel Reifn

Home Stadium: Ghomhoeria Dome, Fhaendhaw (45,000 spectators)


Style mod: -2.72

Injure my players: yes

Assign my players yellow cards: yes

Assign my players red cards: yes

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: no

Godmod other events: dm me first


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The official roster for the Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Federation, for entry into the World Cup of Football/Đe ȩfisl raste av đi Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtbočil Fedȩreisn, ćentri ìntú đi Wḙldkapavűtbočil/Нa Афитсиaлeн Списук зa нa Kaтфeдcиe aи Kaнфитьeлук Футбeул Фeдeрeитcиьa, зa влизeин ву нa Cвeтa Kaпe Футбeул

OOC Note: All personnel apart from the Prime Minister are based heavily on fictional characters or real-life people. Age was not a required fill-in part of the form for entry to qualification for the team and thus many people have their age as '???'.


Primary 11 - The First Team

Name Gender Age Number Main Position Birthplace Club League
Hart Vecunmieks Male 52 30 Goalkeeper Zhyda Lyakrudak City Premiȩ Līg
Yuuma Novak Male 14 39 Left Defender Havlívý Litvice United Premie Līg
Konngara Adamov Unknown ??? 11 Centre  Oropalota Százhamáz City Tsampiensip
Damian Hristov Male 12 12 Right Defender Cornezina East Hîncebaesca United Premiȩ Līg
Jeremy Clarkson Male 60 13 Defensive Midfielder Częswiec Ramyśl Tsampiensip
Roger Runcis Male 35 36 Left Midfielder Orășov Bârlați Premiȩ Līg
Bello Jēkabsons Male 10 2 Centre Midfielder Svätín Vranšov Premiȩ Līg
Afuro Tytarenko Male 14 21 Right Midfielder Derazhnia Derta Zeus Tsampiensip
Ike Gribusts Male 20 9 Attacking Midfielder Pyesty Sluwka Greilspur Premiȩ Līg
Eiki Sproģe Female ??? 24 Forward Brské Krtovy Yamaxanadu Tsampiensip
Rago Nesterenko Male ??? 18 Forward Veregrád Hatház Wanderers Tsampiensip



Secondary 12 - The Substitutes

Name Gender Age Number Main Position Birthplace Club League
Dharkon Tumsa Don't Try Asking ??? 4 Goalkeeper Dubăsabaesca Bucovăț United Premiȩ Līg
Raiko Hristova Female ??? 32 Left Defender Tryzów Ludź Premiȩ Līg
James May Female Male 58 23 Central Defender Tăldiu Nădveni Shed Premiȩ Līg
W. D. Gavrilov Male ??? 34 Right Defender ☼︎◆︎·︎□︎◻︎︎■︎⍓︎ Breznov Premiȩ Līg
Satori Kornijchuk Female ??? 60 Defensive Midfielder Kotoson Bormyshl & Hluson Albion Tsampiensip
Miles Endziņš Male 24 18 Left Midfielder Asinka Vasilahorsk United Tsampiensip
Ivo Rudyk Male ??? 27 Central Midfielder Strakoviná Chrujovice Tsampiensip
Sanae Kotenko Female ??? 90 Central Midfielder Tiszaros Sajószka Albion Tsampiensip
Mukuro Ilieva Female ??? 22 Right Midfielder Canteceni Cimicănești United Tsampiensip
Galeem Gaisma Don't Try Asking ??? 7 Attacking Midfielder Głokie Tarnolona City Tsampiensip
Mettaton EXH Male ??? MTT Forward Bistrimeni Topolodele Premiȩ Līg
Shadi Eglītis Male 40 57 Forward Michatin Troupe Handrica Premiȩ Līg



Tertiary 12 - The Reserves

Name Gender Age Number Main Position Birthplace Club League
Keiki Hadjiivanova Female ??? 19 Goalkeeper Krulatsk Zhystavy City Premiȩ Līg
The Stig Attack Helicopter Mincemeat STIG Left Defender Náchochův Tádubice Premiȩ Līg
Chihiro Fesenko Male ??? 36 Central Defender Csorjosmizse Mavas Premiȩ Līg
Kirumi Tsvetkova Female ??? 31 Right Defender Nisspolul Maianoe City Premiȩ Līg
Satoshi Melderis Male 17 64 Defensive Midfielder Zgienowo Toruków Tsampiensip
Robert Chornyj Male 27 62 Left Midfielder Pătârciu Gherșița City Premiȩ Līg
Chikage Alexova Female 14 8 Central Midfielder Žianovce Gelly Tsampiensip
Asriel Dreimanis Male ??? 5 Central Midfielder Zonvuta Kobeltanka Premiȩ Līg
Richard Hammond Male 51 26 Right Midfielder Byekaye Birmingham Vilawye Rovers Tsampiensip
Phoenix Rait Male 35 57 Attacking Midfielder Kroměsek Přestějov Courtroom Rangers Premiȩ Līg
Takumi Furman Male 19 52 Forward Nyírdre Project Hatbóvár D Premiȩ Līg
Whis Aigars Male ??? 46 Forward Maialul Ialoveri City Tsampiensip



Commanding 17 - The Staff

Name Gender Age Initials Position Birthplace Residence
Frisk Dachev Genderless ??? FR Manager Kędzielowa Gliwisko
Flandre Sotirova Female 495 FS Assistant Manager Novadud Skarlet Devil Mansion
Dio Burluka Male 122 DIO General Manager of Operations Levica Detchov
Athena Cālīte Female 19 AC Director Zastavytsia Ravazhynets
Junpei Tsymbalyuk Male 12 JT Head of Athletic Performance Dzyarban Byarosna
Mina Maneva Female 12 MI Head of Sports Science Jiplice Kutjov
Karen Kovalenko Female ??? KK First Team Coach Mezősháza Mezőhád
Dhurke Symomenko Male 45 DS Head of Performance Analysis Otașinău Glona
Heckyl Sprūde Male Old HS Goalkeeping Coach Świętochmża Chorda
Chara Dreimanis Genderless ??? CD Substitutes Manager Slamos Kobeltanka
Lisa Lazarenko Female 4 LL Head Physio Ružotín Royal Vrálanta
Vekar Griķis Male ??? VE Sports Therapist Allynsk Zelenoson
Clarkov Jammbonevych Furutani Male 17 CJF Kitman/Prime Minister Harlow Hoddesdon
Seishirou Jukums Male 43 SJ Assistant Head Physio Zhabirki Faninava
Quote HT Male ??? QT Head of Reserves Medicine Strakodřichův Uherchův
Undyne Bezsmertnyy Female ??? UN Head of Player Development Szengárd Gyömna
Asgore Dreimanis Male ??? AD Reserves Manager Zonvuta Kobeltanka



The Know-How - Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Federation

The Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Federation is the governing body of football in the Confederal Kingdom of Hertfordshire and Jammbo, a nation made of 3,000,000-4,000,000 people, with its headquarters located in the legislative capital Hoddesdon's Lunar Prime Stadium. While the HAJFF bases itself in Hoddesdon, Hoddesdonshire, the team itself is based just over the county border in Harlow, Norsex at the Pendulum Trinity Stadium. It organizes professional, semi-professional and amateur football in Hertfordia. The HAJFF also manages the National Football Club of Hertfordshire and Jammbo. Founded in 1419 as the Confederation of Hertfordian Football, it is one of the youngest football federations known, even so with the sport having burst onto the scene like it did over here in our own little corner of the world, it is already one of the largest organisations in the country. The HAJFF is 51% owned by fans and 49% owned by the Ministry of Sport, which in itself takes orders from HM Cabinet and the Prime Minister.

The Uniform - Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Kits

Home Kit (Player + Goalkeeper)





'Away' Kit (Player + Goalkeeper)





'Third' Kit (Player + Goalkeeper)






The Home Venue - Pendulum Trinity, Harlow, Norsex (Capacity: 73,620)

Nissan International Stadium Yokohama.jpg

(DISCLAIMER: Ignore the inside, this is a photo of a real life stadium that Pendulum Trinity is based on)


The Badges - Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Federation Logos

44439244_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.68d71292e1cb368ec0d94468f7338ce5.png                 2029063735_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.d5eb258fb1e0f871eeda79be44bec0fc.png


The Tactics - 3W-1-3W-1-2

This formation's main strength is variability. The HFF can switch between many formations, including 3-1-3-1-2, 4-3-1-2, 3-4-1-2, 3-1-4-2, 3-1-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 depending on the situation. The style of the HAJFF is a mixture of Gegenpressing with hints of Possession in normal play and Park-the-Bus when protecting a large lead, and the team has massive reserves of energy as long as it is not boiling hot. This team is definitely more suited to cold temperatures than most other nations, so we hope it is a chilly feel when we train and play matches. Each team member can play in at least 2 positions. The main strengths of the team are variability and the midfield. The main weakness is that the team does not play as well in hot weather as in cold weather, thanks to the climate back home. Luckily, United Adaikes is based at a very similar latitude to Hertfordshire and Jammbo so that works for us, even if it is rather a long trip. Insert long sleep on train to host country here.




Style Modifier: +3.7 (Offensive - Hard Offensive)

Tactics: Gegenpressing, Possession, Park-the-Bus


The Realism - Hertfordshire and Jammbo R.P. Permissions

Injure my players: Yes
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Assign my players red cards: Yes
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No

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February 20, 1421; 7 AM Polaris Eastern Time

Billy Jordan has not imagined in his wildest dreams that he will be shaking the hand of the President of the nation it represents in the 1st World Cup of Football and being hosted in their very own nation, standing in the Millennium Hall of the most secured building in the United Adaikes. "Mr. President, " Jordan started, "it is an honor to meet you and represent all those who love the sport of football in our country." "Do not fail your country, Billy," Salazar replied, with the United Adaikes Football Association Head Myron Lillakis standing beside Jordan, and United Adaikes Sports Commission Chief Pouria Barr beside Salazar, while the Presidential Press Corps photographers are taking every angle they can from the meeting. "Shall we, Mr. President?" Barr ushered, extending his hand pointing to the direction to the door.

As they all exit out of the Millenium Hall going out to the grounds of the Red Palace, they find a gray plinth with a ball on top covered with a red and green fabric beside the Executive Podium of the President of the United Adaikes. "Have you seen it?" Salazar whispered to Jordan. "No, I haven't, Mr. President", Jordan replied.

"A good morning to everyone," Salazar stated, now in the Podium, "and a good weekend so far here in our country. We have seen the delegates of the participating nations arriving in this historic and inaugural World Cup of Football. Today, we will be unveiling the official match ball to be used in all the games in this World Cup, which will start tomorrow morning. I also hope to see everyone in its Opening Ceremony tomorrow before the kick-off between our very own national team against Teralyon, of which, I have also been briefed, are also a good team." Looking at the only cue card in the podium, he continued. "The official match ball, which we call Ging, means Fire in the runic alphabet. As you will see later, it has red and green panels, which describes the color of flames depending on the temperature. This means that with this ball, we hope that it would give out the best in each players in every kick, pass, dribble, and throw, playing with passion and dedication to the sport. Without further ado, I present to you, the official match ball of the 1st World Cup of Football, Ging."





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Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: yes
Godmod other events: yes

Style modifier: +0.5



OOC Note:
I do not have much time this week to roleplay so do feel free to put things in to my teams mouth.


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"Hello, everyone! From Steskia, United Adaikes, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 bring you live coverage of the 1st World Cup of Football! Our coverage of WCF1 is brought to you by our generous sponsor, Dominion Philanthropies, a subsidiary of Dominion Bank of Santos-Dominius. I, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your host for the entire duration of WCF1. And we've just received news that the National Football Team has departed Bill Mulberry International Airport in Friberne, Santos-Dominius, and will arrive here in a matter of hours."

A group of passersby, covered in face paint and waving mini Santo-Dominian flags, hounds the SDCSN crew and Blubberman.

"As all of you at home can see, it appears that some fans of the NFTSD have already arrived. This is very good news for our players as they have been assigned to Group D of the competition, and will possibly be facing off against a few strong and skilled competitors, including the likes of Nieubasria, Tara & Cambray and Badgeria from Polaris, as well as our Auran friend, Dilber! The nation of Alchera will also be a competitor in Group D, so watch out! Our players, including Captain Rene Le Beau, will have to use all the strength they've got in order to prevail against such excellent opponents and advance to the quarterfinals, and then the semifinals, and then the finals!"

"One thing to note is that this is the first time that Santos-Dominius has participated in an international sports event, especially of such importance! No matter the result, this will surely give our National Football Team some precious field experience and help them improve and get better at this wonderful sport! I for one can't wait to see our players show off their strength and sportsmanship to the entire world and to their fellow competitors!"

A giddy producer hurriedly rushes to Blubberman, whispering something in his ear. Blubberman is delighted and turns to the camera with a mix of joy and surprise.

"We've just got word that the National Football Team is watching this right now on their plane here! Hello! Hello! Woo! Go Santos-Dominius! Go NFT! Go Santos-Dominius! Go NFT! Woo! Take that trophy for us, yeah! Let's sweep the field! Woo! Yeah! Hah! Hoo! Woo! Yeah! We can do it! Can we do it? Yes! Of course we can! Because we can do it, so we can do it! Yeah! Go us! Go them! Go Santos-Dominius! Yeah! Yeah? Yeah! Go! Woo! Woo! Boo! Actually I meant woo! Woo!"

Blubberman swiftly descends from professional host to overexcited fan, wooing and screaming on live television to the horror of the accompanying crew, staff members and Adaikesian passersby. Seemingly out of control, Blubberman unbuttons his shirt to reveal "GO NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM! GO SANTOS-DOMINIUS!" painted on his chest while his producers scramble to surround him and prevent Blubberman from embarrassing himself further on television, as the footage is replaced by a "Technical Difficulties" screen before switching back to the SDCSN Broadcasting Centre in Friberne, Santos-Dominius.


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Fuentana Crab Rangers


Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes

The Fuentana Crab Rangers, a team of misfits appointed by the monarch, are debuting an experimental formation 1-2-2-2-2-1 (the Crab). Predicated on the mad science of head coach Slava Zizek, the Crab formation evokes the battle lines of yesteryear. It is sure to generate a substantial amount of yellow and red cards and probably very little offense. But maybe the high IQ footballers can surprise their foes with precision and structure. 

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Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes
Style Modifer: -4.1
Name Position Age #
Pavretz Yedmida LW/LM 25 11
Dani Kammps LW 22 10
Aranslav Inkase ST 32 9
Jord Reiler ST/SS 24 20
Ole Stoley Floa RW 21 13
Van Mearn Estrorst RW/RM 33 21
Christian Adniella CAM/CM 22 7
Sebastian Drasler CAM/CM/CDM 28 14
Elven Ueller CM/CDM 36 6
Estan Astanvic CM/CDM 29 16
Niklas Dersson CDM 27 8
Siersa Yevovic [c] CM/CDM 31 18
Jon Matsjen LB/LWB 27 3
Terje Eyvellson LB 20 19
Josep Inic  CB 32 4
Phillipp Senderes CB 29 15
Andrey Osel CB 25 17
Solada Estierro CB 30 5
Daver Oskoc RB/RWB 29 23
Yostaf Mijonte RB 19 2
Mathias Karlsson GK 28 1
Hans Bjolker GK 21 22
Athane Miralles GK 31 12

Manager: Arlis Oric
Coaches: Fim Yorsson, Laïeus Hallbrecke and Raian Fernandes
*starters are bold 

The Tactic: The Iradorian National Football Team utilises the counter attack after their defence. The 2 defensive midfielders arrive down to play as centre backs and the center midfielder arrives at the position of the defensive midfielder. After they cut the opponent's offence they arrive at their usual positions and utilises fast paced passing from the 3 midfielders/overlaps from the full-backs. The wingers arrive near the striker to make space for the attacking full-backs. 


Edited by Irador

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Nieubasria is a nation of 15 million residents, located in the northwest heart of Polaris. Though not the most popular professional sport in Nieubasria, football (called soccer in Nieubasria) is enjoying a steadily increasing popularity in common people due to recent celebrity interest. 

Basric Soccer Association

The Basric Soccer Association is a national sport organization whose mission is the organization and promotion of soccer in Nieubasria. To develop talented Nieubasric soccer players to achieve Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship medal performances, BSA convenes amateur and semi-professional soccer leagues from which it chooses members of the National Team. BSA became a Convenorate in 1387 when the two remaining members under the previous federative structure merged under then Convenor Baron-Esquire Conrad Ellise.

A Convenorate is unitary organization structure under a single Convenor, usually the Patron, that serves as the figurehead. Convenorates will most often have a form of Board or Trusteeship which publishes bylaws and manages the hiring for the official posts of the organization, such as Manager of the National Teams.


Quick Info

  • Trigram: NIU
  • Adjective: Basric
  • Demonym: Basrian
  • Plural: Basrians
  • Language: Astorian, Common
  • Population: 15,470,723 
  • Area: 423,563 km2 
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 195,566฿ , $45,800 international monetary units
  • Capital: Clarendon



Team Info

Basic Info:

  • Preferred formation: 4-1-2-3 or 4-3-3
  • Style mod: +3.4
  • Home stadium:  Nephele National Pitch, Saint Aiaden (cap. 52,800 (36,960 seated, 15,840 standing))
    • Known commonly as Nephele Pitch, the stadium is located in a recreational hub built atop reclaimed land on the bay, also home to the Basric Ballet Company's headquarters and the Saint Aiaden Symphony Orchestra. Nephele Pitch is the largest stadium in the nation, and serves as the home stadium for the National Team and the Saint Aiaden FC. The pitch features a retractable roof installed in 1409 following the 1408 cancellation of the Basric Cup finals due to unseasonably strong snows.
  • Managers: Quinten de Klerk, Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellisel (ex-officio)
    As patron to the National Team, Convenor Baron-Esquire Máirín Ellisel is considered an ex-officio manager. Máirín deliberates with the Basric Soccer Association Board of Trustees to hire the full-time manager. The current Manager Quinten de Klerk was hired in 1412 after the retirement of the long serving Vita Anker.
  • Coaches: Eadan Zandbergen (Head), Lisanne Jewele, Bas Rodden


Name / Position / Number / Age / (Starting/Reserve)

Dalton Fairburne / Keeper / 1 / 29 / (Starting)
Eadwig Stone / Keeper / 12 / 26 / (Reserve)

Earc Velding / Defender / 2 / 32 / (Starting)
Holden Sudworthe / Defender / 3 / 27 / (Starting)
Gustaaf Kampmans / Defender / 4 / 30 / (Starting)
Bran Mccracken / Defender / 5 / 25 / (Starting)
Camdyn Akermane / Defender / 14 / 33 / (Reserve)
Tatum Boatwrighte / Defender / 15 / 24 / (Reserve)
Greysen Beverlye / Defender / 16 / 28 / (Reserve)
Adriaan Yzaaks / Defender / 17 / 29 / (Reserve)

Lowie Schovers / Midfielder / 6 / 31 / (Starting)
Huxley Townsende / Midfielder / 7 / 27 / (Starting)
Landan Aylmere / Midfielder / 8 / 26 / (Starting)
Ard Taai / Midfielder / 18 / 25 / (Reserve)
Algar Rhodese / Midfielder / 19 / 25 / (Reserve)
Gerrit Slager / Midfielder / 20 / 28 / (Reserve)

Camdyn Cartwrighte / Forward/ 9 / 32 / (Starting)
Knox Hunte / Forward / 10 / 27 / (Starting)
Edric Graemes / Forward / 11 / 29 / (Starting)
Rikkert Kortier / Forward / 21 / 25/ (Reserve)
Machiel Zieleman / Forward / 22 / 26 / (Reserve)
Truman Hamptone / Forward / 23 / 28 / (Reserve)
Zedh Coreia / Forward / 14 / 21 (Reserve)

Home Kit


Away Kit


RP Permissions

Injure my players: Yes (minor only) 
Assign my players yellow cards: Yes
Assign my players red cards: Yes (with good reason)
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No

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Team Information

  • Style mod: 4.8
  • Formation: 2-3-5
  • Home stadium: Union Arena, cap. 75,000
  • Head Coach: Giovanni Dos Santos
  • Assistant Coaches: Marco Savarese, Bob Schmetzer
  • Goalkeeping Coach: Cory Highsmith


  • Goalkeepers (4): Stefan Keller, Andrew Meredith, Aljaz Sulte, Kasey Attinella
  • Defenders (5): Tony Arreaga, Jalil Ebobisse, Jaroslaw Zuparic, Jorge Alfaro, Waylon McGraw
  • Midfielders (7): Adam King, Dario Cascante, Bill Nyassi, Victor Rosales, Cristian Moffat, Andreas Atencio, Chad Mears
  • Forwards (12): Miguel Montero, Jordan Noonan, Cordell Barrett, Yimmi Nkufo, Diego Ruidiaz, Renzo Valeri, Nate Johnson, Fredy Ochoa, Sammy Ocampo, Nelson Ibarra, Cam White, O'Brian Jones

Starters are underlined.






Home (L), Away (C), Alternate (R)


Style modifier 4.8
Home stadium  Union Arena 
(RP) Players may be injured Yes
(RP) Players may receive yellow cards Yes
(RP) Players may receive red cards Yes
No godmodding

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