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  1. Lacks clear definitions of the condition of being disabled and in my view is just a sympathy-seeking trap to acquire an easy badge. Have given it the thumbs down.
  2. There is a genuine problem of using Discord for some of our daily regional control. What Discord has done is to effectively is to split the region into two factions with some discusssions being carried out in both discord and our off-site forum. Whilst it is agreed that we have encouraged a new way for business to be discussed and carried out, and as a result we have new players becoming involved. The downside is that we now have no clear direction for procedures for the region. I would suggest be that we need to have just a SINGLE place to discuss the various topics i.e., either in the forum OR on Discord NOT both.
  3. That is the problem, Dark. There was no discussion or opinions sought on how things were to develop in the region regarding guardianship, as far as I can tell. Certainly not with me but I had a foot in both camps being brought online as an adjunct to the Old Guard and moving along with changes being introduced by the New Guard.
  4. I'm sure that Davelands will be with you shortly to discuss this issue. Thank you for being so diplomatic about it
  5. Doesn't the Union Pacific exist for that?
  6. Yes, I read the Condemnation and had the same feelings and have already given it the 'thumbs down'.
  7. Welcome, Basaltica to The Best Pacific also known as the West Pacific where there is lots to do and to read up on so you can get the best out of this political game As a good start to learning about the game, may I suggest that you read our NS Survival Guide which forms part of out WFE at: I love the city of Barcelona and have visited there two times when I was based in Germany with the British military in the 1970s
  8. A throwback from the 90s... does that recent time-frame count as a throw back? 

  9. Do you come in peace?
  10. Great work on the latest missions :)

    I have a minor comment on the WFE shown in the Mission Reports ...  the use of the words "Huzzah! Huzzah!" reminds me of TBR usage of a similar/identical phrase :(  Not sure if I am being a bit touchy but maybe it's worth thinking about?

    1. Altino


      That's a good point! I'm a younger nation, you'll have to forgive some of these things that are before my time. With that in mind, I probably won't put that up on any raids that we do with TWPAF. But actually, I modified KoGB's normal tag template for our purposes and added some TWPAF stuff to it. That's just KoGB's normal tag. Huzzah, something about cookies, and bending a knee to the King. I wonder if he used to be in TBR? :o Idk. Lol. 


      Thanks for letting me know, Medio! I'll be more careful in the future. :) 

    2. Lamb


      I am a master WFE writer, so feel free to outsource that task to me at any time.

      And yeah, just don't say "Huzzah!" in general, not because of TBR necessarily, but because it's dumb. :P

  11. What, you did military masking, or gave me two gold stars Oh, I just noticed you are now Admin ... Way to go, Badger!! Taking the load off Winnie now that Westie is away? Getting ready for retirement from Delegate duties already? LoL
  12. Anyone who has so consistently provided excellent input to the NS daily issues scene has my support Definitely going to vote "For" when/if it makes quorum.
  13. Lol ... Naughty but nice!
  14. BBB, you just can't retire can you? LoL Yes, I too like this repeal ... it is appropriate, well-written, and humorous, all qualities I like to see. Definitely a "For" for me
  15. Had already voted "AGAINST".