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  1. *Opens up some Debtor's Prisons* Seriously, though, although not a perfect resolution in a number of areas, the main thrust of the argument for approval is sound.
  2. Bran, you are undoubtedly a great choice for our next delegate. I have watched with much pleasure your enthusiasm and dedication shining through all that you do for the region and the wider NSverse over the past many months. Halo, what can I say? Your wonderfully, energetic, enterprising, and hard-working run as TWP delegate is coming to a close. It has been a sincere pleasure to have served under your tutelage. Many, many thanks for your service to the region
  3. There are many cases that I would support forced sterilization of individuals involved in sex crimes and so have voted against this proposal.
  4. I just love this one! A definite "Thumbs UP"!
  5. Neither do I. In addition, I hate trying to read a quoted dispatch containing all its coding!
  6. I like it... and will always support a Condemnation of a nation that dispenses nefarious actions that are vital to keeing the NSverse on its toes and watching its back!
  7. This one also gets the treatment:
  8. With you al the way on this one... already voted it with a thumbs down!
  9. Had already voted against There has been a big swing from "For" to "Against" over the last 24 hours!
  10. Indeed, who is going to check that the checkers are checking for valid checks in the checkboxes?
  11. Well, I am most sincerely humbled at the honour... My record as an ardent supporter of all things about The West Pacific is not nearly as long as many other stalwarts of the region, but I have always tried my best to become involved in as many aspects of the region's affairs as possible. I will wear the Order with great pride. Westwind, I thank you for your sage advice and guidance during what was for me at times a rather difficult birth into the West Pacific
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