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  1. [PASSED] Repeal: "Condemn Kknight"

    Agree, the time has come...
  2. Sorry I was only available part time but still a great time We need to have a different strategy next time and NOT be the front runner for everyone to target in mid-game, Build up our shields first even though all the newer players want to blast the heck out of all and sundry! Gatling Gun Syndrome... Thanks Altino and all the team for getting us involved and to Badger for allowing me to listen in on the chat on the N-Day voice channel... it was an event to behold Next time I might even add a few sage words as it will be my 3rd N-Day by then. I now have another great banner to add to/replace one of my 204 banners! Siberian Badgers with Caek
  3. [DEFEATED] Commend Gay

    What's next? Bathroom issues? Every region probably accepts gays quite freely as long as they don't push their agenda too hard anyway, so they have chosen to be a separate 'entity' so why praise their stand? Most definitely "Against".
  4. [DEFEATED] Emergency Healthcare for International Travelers

    And exactly how does one prove either category without documented evidence?
  5. [DEFEATED] Emergency Healthcare for International Travelers

    This needs more work. What constitutes a medical emergency for example? What about 'unwanted' visitors like economic migrants and those who just 'visit' to have their babies etc, etc? This is a non-starter for me - no insurance, no treatment for visitors.
  6. [DEFEATED] Against Political Discrimination

    I think the proposing nation's name says it all.
  7. [PASSED] Repeal: "Condemn General Halcones"

    Could not agree more!
  8. [PASSED] Condemn Reventus Koth

    Funkadelia and BBB have already given their Approval and it's now "Quorum Reached: In Queue" I'll be queuing up to vote for it when it comes up
  9. [PASSED] Repeal: "Condemn Gest"

    Absolutely, the sooner the better.
  10. [PROPOSAL] Pride And Prejudice

    A rather Utopian proposal written by a respected player that reads very well but which, in practical terms, will change nothing in the game. Nations in regions generally get what and who they voted for and if they don't like the resulting debacle, if there is one, then they should rise up and revolt! However, I guess it is likely to reach quorum (requires 31 more votes with just over 3 days to go) and that it will eventually pass thanks to soft, liberally-minded folks. Guess what my vote will be?
  11. [DEFEATED] Repeal: "Reproductive Freedoms"

    Already have put on my 'stomping boots' on for this one
  12. [WITHDRAWN] Commend Sierra Lyricalia

    Absolutely agree with with you - stomp it is, if and when the opportunity arises!
  13. [PASSED] Enabling the Disabled in Academia

    Lacks clear definitions of the condition of being disabled and in my view is just a sympathy-seeking trap to acquire an easy badge. Have given it the thumbs down.
  14. The Silence is deafening

    There is a genuine problem of using Discord for some of our daily regional control. What Discord has done is to effectively is to split the region into two factions with some discusssions being carried out in both discord and our off-site forum. Whilst it is agreed that we have encouraged a new way for business to be discussed and carried out, and as a result we have new players becoming involved. The downside is that we now have no clear direction for procedures for the region. I would suggest be that we need to have just a SINGLE place to discuss the various topics i.e., either in the forum OR on Discord NOT both.
  15. The Silence is deafening

    That is the problem, Dark. There was no discussion or opinions sought on how things were to develop in the region regarding guardianship, as far as I can tell. Certainly not with me but I had a foot in both camps being brought online as an adjunct to the Old Guard and moving along with changes being introduced by the New Guard.