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  1. Mediobogdum

    Forgot to introduce myself

    Better late than never! Your presence on the rmb and the forum is most welcome and I hope your stay in the region will be a long and prosperous one
  2. Mediobogdum

    [DEFEATED] Condemn Democratic Empire of Romania

    “SC Proposal Overboard!”
  3. Mediobogdum

    [DEFEATED] Repeal: “Liberate KAISERREICH”

    *gets ready to STOMP*
  4. Mediobogdum

    [DEFEATED] The Cloning Conventions

    LoL... talk about talking about something that is hardly comprehensible. Strong vote of "Against" from me.
  5. Mediobogdum

    [DRAFT] Condemn Queen Yuno

    I like Arontania's suggestion of puffing out the verbiage with the tongue-in-cheek addition of "further plans in the background... " Not sure whether any delay to await further raiding activity by Yuno would help or hinder the SC Proposal. Strike while the iron is hot!
  6. Mediobogdum

    [PASSED] Repeal: "Liberate Dank Memes"

    Agree 100%.
  7. Mediobogdum

    Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    Altae, you have to do what you have to do... as others have said, most of us probably spend too much time on NS because it can become addictive. You have done a tremendous job for TWP in many areas and we wish you a speedy return, but only WHEN you feel comfortable to do so. Great to see that you will retain your map place.
  8. Mediobogdum

    [DEFEATED] Commend Northern Redlands

    Talk about blowing your own trumpet! *gets out Size 15 stomping boots*
  9. Mediobogdum

    [PASSED] Ban on Ritual Sacrifice

    What about the ritual sacrifice of millions of turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas! I know... and I'll vote for the Resolution.
  10. Mediobogdum

    [WITHDRAWN] Repeal: "Condemn The Black Hawks"

    I agree wholeheartedly. The original Condemnation was justly 'awarded' and was significant enough to remain in place, especially as this Repeal is poorly argued.
  11. Mediobogdum

    [PASSED] Commend Ransium

    Agree wholeheartedly Thumbs UP!
  12. Mediobogdum

    [PASSED] Commend Candlewhisper Archive

    Do I make myself clear enough?
  13. Mediobogdum

    [DEFEATED] Marriage Blocker

    Complete garbage and deserves the trebuchet treatment. There it goes...
  14. Mediobogdum

    [PASSED] Repeal: "Marriage Equality"

    I'd rather repeal some RL regulations, but in the meantime, this one looks fully earned
  15. Mediobogdum

    [DEFEATED] Freedom of Language Act

    Hands Willania a boot to stomp with. Does clog dance on Proposal