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United Adaikes

1st World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Badgeria Football 

Kit: Home and Away 


Formation: 4-3-3



Goalie: Russo

Defense: Dreiwitz, Was, Mathis, Lane

Midfielders: D Godchaux, Kimock, Kadlecik

Forwards: Metzger, Hamilton, Seals

Style Modifier: -2

RP Permissions: Yes to everything except godmodding events


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"Good morning viewers from Giovanniland and the West Pacific! I am Vanessa Desniowynsk and will be your Giovannilandian Football Report host during the 1st World Cup of Football." She briefly stops for a moment in order to show the landing airplane in which the Giovannilandiana Equipa is coming. "Watch out! Our football team has just arrived here in Steskia, United Adaikes, after a hours-long flight starting back home at the International Violet Airport in Urythburg. Soon they will be preparing for their first game against The Reds from Fhaengshia, which will take place at Sports Arena, Steskia."

*landing airplane noises*

"Oh, look! Our team's airplane has just landed and the players can be seen disembarking. First our main goalkeeper Clovis Espindola, then the backup goalkeepers... now the defenders, then the midfielders, and finally the strikers!" A fair number of fans cheer from afar when the three main strikers appear — Gustavo Goethe Zapata, Pedro Takeda, and Clementine de Abreu-Floryn — which are among the youngest members of the Giovannilandiana Equipa and also rising celebrities on social media. "At last," continues Vanessa, "the entire team has disembarked and is now entering the inner airport, where they will then travel to a training site near Steskia to prepare for their game."

*Vanessa disappears from the screen and the renowned sports TV presenter Carlos Nakamura-Edristyn appears*

"Alright, so we've just had live coverage of our national team arriving in United Adaikes," says Carlos while more information about the Giovannilandian team appears on the screen. "Now back in Giovanniland, you will now see interesting information about the Giovannilandiana Equipa! Our team is part of Group B together with the nations of Giovanniland, Pallandole, Larxia, Dalimbar, Libterraria, Fhaengshia. As my colleague Vanessa said earlier, we'll be playing all the group stage games at the Sports Arena in the city of Steskia, and our first game will be against the Andolian nation of Fhaengshia." The screen then switches to display other interesting data. "There will be 5 matchdays during the group stage, and Giovanniland needs to stay in the top four of the group in order to advance to the knockout stage. Then there will be a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finally the coveted Final and the 3rd Place Match."

Carlos then pauses a second time, now to show the revealed Giovannilandian lineup for the first game against Fhaengshia. "Here it is: the Giovannilandian lineup for the 1st Matchday tomorrow! It seems our coaches Rodrigo von Violetshire and Tania Abrantar have chosen a 3-3-4 lineup for this game, which can be seen below:"


"As you can see, with the Giovannilandiana Equipa's style mod of +5 and a 3-3-4 lineup, it seems the match will have many goals. The coaches could even move Gabriela Orpheus from the midfield to the attack to form a 3-2-5 if needed, though I assume this will only be needed if Fhaengshia scores but Giovanniland doesn't." The lineup then disappears from the screen, and Carlos finishes: "Alright viewers, that is all for today! Tomorrow we will prepare a special report on the Giovannilandian match against The Reds from Fhaengshia. See you then!" The screen then briefly shows the logo of the Giovannilandian Football Report before moving on to sports-unrelated news.

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Arifyyah FA Arrived At United Adaikes

Good day all local football fans. It looks like the Arifiyyah FA team has arrived in the tournament host country, United Adaikes. Surely everyone is excited to see our national team perform on the international stage. "Winning or losing is the second thing. What I want to see at the moment is the performance of the players." said head coach Ong Kim Liau. The superiors are very grateful to the Host for providing the best facilities to the Arifiyyah FA team.

Not to be missed is the Ultras Orangutan, the largest fans team has also arrived there with their drums. "We will help the team by cheering from the stadium seats," said the Ultras Orangutan Leader. Formation 2-2-4 / 3-3-4 / 3-4-3/2-1-2-1-4 will be used in the tournament later.


The coaching staff is sure to bring down quality players in the starting line-up. "We had to sacrifice the national league match for the sake of my National Squad as the team captain promised to play wholeheartedly," said Safiq Ahmad as the national team captain.

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As a surprise to all, the Dilberian Doping Dogs showed up.  We misunderstood the term "world cup" and showed up with the same roster from the rugby tournament .  Their Garish kit, and love of "performance enhancing substances" makes up for the inability to not carry the ball around.  Paisely is probably the goalie though.  Knowing only offense, the Dopin Dogs quickly checked the internet for what was the most aggressive formation and is running a 3-4-3


Player coach is Ivan Mihovilovic


Robert Weaver Hooker 24
Dave Williams Hooker 24
Brad Hanafourde Hooker 95
John Clements Prop 23
Brad Hanafourde Prop 23
Douglas Neary Number 8 31
Mark Tompkins Prop 29
Ivan Mihovilovic The guy in the back 84
Frank Henry Prop 8
Franklyn Williams Wing 7
Ruben Dario Garcia Wing 6
Sergio Chade Wing womb?
Eduardo Hussey Lock 17
Dr. Christian Schlaerth Lock 43
Ken Simmons Lock 46
Matt Rowe Flanker 24
Paul Mallon Flanker 24
Mike “Littleman” Resta Flanker 36
Scott “Huey” Garrity Flanker 42
Bill Johnstone Number 8 33
Mike Hayden Number 8 22
Sharon Resta Hooker Aged-less
Paisley Penn
Scrum-half 35
Rahl Fox
Fly-half 23
Kajetan Wardle
Fly-half 43
Yisroel Fuentes
Fly-half 25
Brent Tang
Center 25
Montgomery Cresswell
Center 13
Malcolm Garcia
Center 46
Maverick Gallagher
Center 15
Jess Whitworth
Wing 39
Kiran Busboy
Wing 23





Injure my players: yes
Assign my players yellow cards: yes
Assign my players red cards: yes
Godmod injuries: yes
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes


+5 modifier

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FEBRUARY 21, 1421

Hopeful and Prepared, one of the baggage carried every players and official crew to World Cup of Football that held in one of the eastern nation in Polaris, United Adaikes. Huge effort is prepared for this event with extensive exercise, practice, and endurance building for every players. As they arrived at United Adaikes, they will automatically dubbed as an Ambassador and will represent Nagaraningrad in United Adaikes and to rest of the world.

The player flew from Nagaraningrad's Kartarajasa Airport at five o'clock AMT (IAT +0)and arrived to United Adaikes at ten o'clock PET (IAT -2). After landing, the player are forming two lines with their bags while the crews is taking care the other equipment to the trucks.

As per this day head coach of Nagaraningrad National Football (NNF), Raden Jaka Batoebara hasn't announced his starting eleven player yet and his responded "After this landing, we will go straight to practice and possible another endurance building and possibly will announce the starting player from twenty three players flown here today. They are the player with greatest ability to carry and discipline. we have prepared and with the will of our Maharaden, me and the rest of the teams and crew are optimistic we gonna win this".

For a plan on the first match, Head Coach already chooses the unorthodox formation 3-4-3. with this formation, Head Coach is confidence with enough defense to counter attack and possibly to overwhelmed the opponent.

When we try to ask a question to one of the player, one of the NNF crew forbid us to interfere the players for not to distract their focus on the match. After a some time passes, the Buses specified for teams and crews arrive and taking them to practice location.

Well, with hope, pray, and wishes from home. Good luck to the teams and make all Nagaranites proud.

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Zoranian Times Live!

You see Quiyakaso trying to hide his black eye behind some makeup as the camera shows the Adaikes Central airport. When he realizes he is recording, he throws the makeup to the side and looks into the camera.

"Hello people of Zoran, or at least those that are able to watch currently, I am Quiyakaso Gohalitsve and I am here in the city of Steskia in United Adaikes to watch the arrival of our football team to participate in the World Cup! Based on our team's coach they are using the 4-2-3-1 formation during the tournament. They have not discussed anything more on the strategy for the tournament as they have said that their plan is 'winning.' Now the team says that they do not plan on doing any celebration or hyping before or after the World Cup out of respect for their countrymen who are enduring hardship back in Zoran. In fact, after interviewing some players before now, many of them said that they didn't even want to come and compete with the way the country is right now. What made some of them change their mind was not revealed to me and I am afraid to make any speculation lest I will get punched in the face again! Now, tonight we will see our players face off against Irador! Let's wish them the best of luck!"

The sound of a plane landing can be heard in the background as a plane comes into view on the screen as the plane carrying the Zoranian players lands on the runway.

"That must be them now! Let's go se-"

He stops as twice the number of refugees from the Rugby World Cup pour out of the cargo hold. Quiyakaso's jaw dropped as he saw this and only shook his head.

"Of course something like this would happen," he muttered to himself, "it appears more Zoranian refugees have stowed away on the private flight of the Zoranian football team. I am still baffled as to how they all managed to survive the flight here or how they even crammed themselves in there again but at this point in my career this isn't the craziest thing I have seen."

In the background a refugee is holding a football player's cleat and is inspecting it in a curious faction when suddenly a blade pops up from the tip of the shoe, causing refugee to drop the cleat out of surprise.

"Ok, now that surprises me, I only fear what those blades are going to be used for. Anyways, that's all for me today and I hope to see you all tomorrow!"

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February 21, 1421; 8 AM Polaris Eastern Time

All the captains of the 24 participating nations are present in the opening ceremony of the 1st World Cup of Football in the Main Stadium of the New Thraproy Sports Complex, with around 69, 000 fans in attendance to watch the 1st game of United Adaikes and Teralyon which will happen in the next hour. "Before the declaration of the President of the United Adaikes to formally open the 1st World Cup of Footbal," coming from the stadium speakers, "may we call the captain of the United Adaikes National Football Team, Billy Jordan, to give the Oath of Sportsmanship, which will also be repeated by the team captains of the participating nations of the 1st World Cup!" A thunderous roar and applause was heard in the mention of Jordan's name as he walked to the designated podium and read the Oath.

"To the team captains of the participating nations," Jordan started, "please repeat after me. 'I', state your name," with the other captains following Jordan in declaring the Oath of Sportsmanship, "'representing my team and my country, a participant of the 1st World Cup of Football, do hereby solemnly swear and agree to abide, adhere and uphold all conditions, agreements, rules and regulations of football. As a competitor of this game, I hereby swear and agree to play the game in the highest forms and standards of discipline and sportsmanship, no matter if I win or lose. What counts most is how I conduct myself and play my game in the spirit of belongingness, peace and enjoyment with my competitors. I now therefore declare to preserve the tenets and precepts of a true sportsman in thought, in word and in deed in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of the sport and for the honor of my country.'"

Another thunderous roar and applause when Jordan finished reading the Oath and returned to his place with the other team captains, but a louder one when they saw the President of the United Adaikes Luke Salazar went to his Podium. "I do not want any diplomatic incidents," Salazar started, turning to the Zoranian team captain, while the others gave a nervous laugh, "but I just want you, your team, your fans present here, in your nation and everywhere, every one, to enjoy and relish the experience of international football. With that, I declare the 1st World Cup of Football here in our good country, the United Adaikes, open!" Another thunderous roar and applause from the 69, 000 fans in the arena. The stadium is now being entertained by performers in the pitch, while the President shakes the hands of the captains of the participating nations, with the Presidential Security Service near him.

After shaking hands with them, the President was escorted to the VIP box of the Main Stadium by the United Adaikes Football Association head Myron Lillakis. The team captains of Alchera, Fhaengshia, Giovanniland, Irador, Santos-Dominius and Zoran were escorted to the helipads and onto separate choppers each to ensure that they can return to their respective stadiums for their first game on time. The other captains were escorted to the VIP car park and onto separate vehicles for them to be escorted to where their teams are waiting for their next game.

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The coach and the captain will be asking themselves what went wrong after Larxia lost to Dalimbar 3-4.

We can still agree on the fact that the loss against Dalimbar was not the ideal result, but it wasn't also the worst result. With only one goal between the two teams, the goal difference will not hurt Larxia too much.

Ronald Guardiola wasn't very happy with his defenders, and will be increasing the training regimen of the defenders. He said," We didn't lose the match because we didn't score enough goals, we lost the match because we conceded a lot of them," he added," We will work a little on our defensive prowess. We will be looking at the recordings of past matches of Giovanniland and study their style of play and their defensive patterns, so that we can turn our fortune around in this tournament."

We fully believe that the Larxian National team will pull through their defeat and come back even stronger to take Group B by storm.


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"Hello, everyone! From Steskia, United Adaikes, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 bring you live coverage of the 1st World Cup of Football! Our coverage of WCF1 is brought to you by our generous sponsor, +238flowers, because flowers are appropriate for every occasion, even the WCF! I, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your host for the entire duration of WCF1. And we've just received news that the first match day has concluded and the results are in!"

"Starting with the results in Group A. Let's look at this graphic here."


"And we've got some pretty similar matches here! In the first match, our generous host United Adaikes beat fellow Polaris nation Teralyon by 2-1. The same happened in the second match, where the northern nation of Fujai beat our Auran friend Fuentana, also scoring a 2-1 victory. In the third match, however, we saw quite some action from both Nagaraningrad and K66...so much action that the match ended with a 1-1 tie! For more details and specifics, I will direct you to these countries' respective media outlets. Moving on to Group B!"


"Speaking of ties, we've got two ties in Group B! In the first match, the teams from Giovanniland and Fhaengshia were both unable to best the other, resulting in a 1-1 tie. In the second match, Pallandole and Libterraria both failed to score even a point, resulting in a 0-0 tie. In the third match, however, the strong team from Dalimbar pulled ahead of their competent opponents from Larxia and managed to win a 4-3 victory! Now, let's get to Group C!"


"Some great matches in Group C! The team from Zoran, despite hailing from internal strife in their homeland, managed to persevere and win a 2-0 victory against the players of Irador! The football team coming from Italia posed a strong challenge, but failed to win against Hertfordshire and Jammbo, losing in a 2-3 match. Finally, we have another tie, this time with Arifiyyah and Reçueçn both unable to score points throughout their entire match, resulting in a 0-0 tie. Now, it's time to move on to the results for Group D!"


"In this first match day, Group D was where the drama and the action was at! In the first match, the great team from our homeland, Santos-Dominius, handily defeated Alchera and won a 4-0 victory, the second-biggest margin of victory so far. Woo! In the second match, the players from the Polaris country of Badgeria pummelled the team from Nieubasria, winning a 6-1 victory in the most lopsided match in the entire World Cup of Football so far! Good job to Badgeria! In the third match, our Auran friends from Dilber faced off against the giant Polaris nation of Tara and Cambray. Notably, both teams were able to hold their own against each other, and managed to prevent the opposing team from scoring any points at all, resulting in a 0-0 tie."

"And that concludes Match Day 1! As we eagerly wait for Match Day 2, let's review the general situation of the teams. In Group A, Fujai and United Adaikes have emerged as the stronger teams, while K66 and Nagaraningrad hold their own. Both Fuentana and Teralyon, however, are in a bit of danger due to their losses. In Group B, Dalimbar has become the clear leading force, though Fhaengshia, Giovanniland, Libterraria and Pallandole are all respectable opponents. Larxia, however, will have to do some catching-up if it desires to stay in the WCF and advance to the next rounds and the finals."

"In Group C, Zoran and Hertfordshire & Jammbo are the frontrunners! Arifiyyah and Reçueçn are also doing a good job. Italia and Irador, unfortunately, are in danger of getting eliminated from the WCF, and must utilise their strengths if they are to make comebacks and win the competition. In Group D, Badgeria and our home country, Santos-Dominius, are the leading teams! Woo! Both Dilber and Tara & Cambray are also doing quite well. Sadly, Alchera and Nieubasria are at danger of being eliminated due to their heavy defeats, and will have to put in all of their effort if they are to survive and thrive."

"And that's it for Match Day 1! Congratulations to the winners and the leading teams, and 'good job' to the teams that are holding their own and doing well, though they may not be leading right now. As for the defeated teams, don't fret! It's only day 1, and you can still make comebacks and fight back, so don't worry, and keep fighting till the end! I'm Approctoflecticus Blubberman, and this was Match Day 1 of the 1st World Cup of Football. Stay tuned to SDCSN Channel 3 for coverage of the WCF, and see you tomorrow!"


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First Day of the TWL World Cup


good day all Arifiyyah FA football supporters. It seems that our team gave a warm rivalry when facing Recuecn yesterday. "I am proud of the performance of our players yesterday. Recuecn also gave a very strong competition. I am sure the next match will be a challenge for us as well. But we are ready to face it!" said the 57-year-old head coach.


Results of the first match of Group Cimage-png-10ae2e81e71c82a965336f7c8a75bf


"We can not feel comfortable yet because there are still many matches to be faced."said the Captain. as usual the players are undergoing good training to face the next team. Arifiyyah FA will face Hertfordshire & Jammbo national squads. We hope that both teams will give their best performance.

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The hosts take win in opener!

After at least an hour after the opening ceremony, the United Adaikes National Football Team swayed with the cheers they received from the fans in the 70,000-seat Main Stadium in New Thraproy Sports Complex. Teralyon opened the first half but it was the Panthers who scored first in the 18th minute with a Collin Maddox volley from a Billy Jordan assist. Teralyon evened the scores before half time with a well-placed goal in the 44th minute that nearly silenced the crowd for a few seconds.

With the restart of play in the second half, the Panthers controlled the possession of the ball most of the half. Whenever Teralyon intercepted, United Adaikes just displays wondrous defense and regains possession. Jordan finished the scoring for the Panthers in the 78th minute coming from a Kolton Dale miss hitting the lower left goal post.

The next opponents for United Adaikes will be the Fujai Landslag who also won in their opening game against Fuentana. Teralyon will be facing K66, who drew with Nagaraningrad with a goal apiece in their game.


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FEBRUARY 22, 1421

Nagaraningrad VS https://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/k66__23474.png



Astounding performance by Nagaraningrad National Football (NNF) teams. For a tiring ninety minutes straight match with no substitution, NNF players are stand strong still while the opponent are manage to keep it steady and exhausted. NNF with unorthodox 3-4-3 formation are successful  to quick counterattack when freekicks happens in NNF field area.


The Lineup of NNF during first match against PRK

Even the starting eleven aren't the player that are considered a key aspect on the field. Like the Adhyakarta's Twin Midfielder, Bimo and Zaki, Famously tall Back Tegoeh "Tonjang" Tanjoeng, The Oldnatives Citizen Forward Ali Noerdin M. Top, and The one who soon become a Ningrad, Aditya Bach Dim with The House of Sinaga.

Lots of action in the literally middle of the field as NNF players overwhelmed PRK players also lots of missed opportunity and near goal shots from both sides. The NNF captain it's seems in fog of war, as he struggle to manage an attack and that distraction seems lead to slip out by offensive player of opponent's side. Thankfully, the counter-attack is quickly equalize the score to 1-1 by Jaka Wiranagara with assist from Soerjono.

NNF Head coach, Raden Jaka Batoebara responded "A great shows of strength by our player today. For full ninety minutes, we manage to hold and overwhelmed their middle-field as hoped. However, we can't manage to break the tie due to the eye and communication of the field are way in the back as we suspected it will impact the game. We had discuss it with Heroe Soebandono and as for today the captain role will be held by an experienced Midfielder, Bambang Karajan."


Bambang Karajan (MF), The Captain of NNF after the 1st match

Head coach added for the preparation "we will do a 4-4-2 diamond formation which is more fluid changes to defense 5-3-2 formation or offense 4-3-3 formation and bringing back the Twin on the midfield, Bach Dim as starting Goalkeeper, and few round up on the back".


estimated NNF Lineup for the next match against Fuentana

For their preparation on the next match against Fuentana's "odd  crab formation", the Head coach simply say "Tomorrow, we will dine with melted butter and they will questioning their existential in the field. The match will be a flying circus". With a laugh, it shows confidence that NNF will win tomorrow's match.

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Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtbočil Fedȩreisn - Pre-Tournament Report


Hello and welcome to the first report related to our very own HAJFF! If you are wondering where on earth the news organisation is, you're reading a piece by them. We are the news for our own team, the HAJFF is officially bringing all you loyal fans at home and here abroad the low down on the Paradigm Compass and their hopefully plentiful exploits during this World Cup of Football. That's right, these news updates are coming straight from the horses mouth. Deal with it.

We apologize for not writing this yesterday as we were meant to. Admittedly, we were a bit late for everything. We are still filling in the form for the 17 main staff members that work behind the scenes and whose efforts are vital to keeping the team together and preparing them for the challenges to come. Why were we so late? Well, May decided that before we departed on the trains and boats to here in United Adaikes that he had to do pre-flight checks. Even though we had no plane, and it took many hours. So long in fact that the old editor got tired of waiting and we had to appoint a new one. Yep, the editor doing this is new on the job. Wish him luck! Either way, no matter how unfortunate our reporters and editors are, they will always be better off than that Quiyakaso bloke.


James May continuing his pre-flight festival of analness. Even though we never used a plane.

The Hertfordshire and Jammbo National Team enter the team hotel, with no paparazzi at all because we threatened to cut out their tongues with scissors if they tried anything funny

Ah, it would appear that our representatives have arrived. The 52 main members depart the coach, adorned in dark green, gold and black. Er, hang on. Why is the Prime Minister there and why does he look like a leading member of the mafia?!


Prime Minister Clarkov Jammbonevych Furutani, dressed for no apparently ready reason like a mafia boss. No wonder fans have taken to call him Caporegime Jammbo.

A-Anyway, back to the report. It is very late in night, so we presume they will want to get some dinner and go to bed, before training for tomorrow's game against Italia... is what we would be saying if we made this piece in time. In reality, our game against Italia has already finished and with unsatisfactory time limits for training. Even so, led by our sublime commanding 17, the Paradigm Compass donned their rather garish dark purple and blue kits (grey and pink for the goalie) and managed to put Italia down 2-3 in a great struggle of a match. The report for that will come later, as well as our report preceding the match against Arifiyyah, in which the team will suit up in the black, dark green and gold uniforms and do battle with this ambitious outfit. The goalkeeper will be wearing a white kits with gold cross and black borders on said cross. Actually, when the home kits were revealed in our initial post, many Adaikesian's and foreigners alike mistook us for the team represented by Saint Mark. That's despite the saints not even being in this tournament. No wonder they thought that though, the goalie home kit looks fittingly angelic.


The home shirt for the HAJFF goalkeepers: Hart, Dharkon & Keiki. No, this is not worn by Saint Mark's players.

To clear up all doubt, no, we will not be bringing live updates from training and anything other than the matches themselves and pre-match reports. Quite frankly, we do not understand why the other teams are doing that because we don't see the point in wasting our teams valuable time in speaking to some reporter. We simply do not care about it. Also, to be honest, the HAJFF might just be the weirdest team in this tournament. Have you seen the makeup of this lot? Only the Dilberian Doping Dogs can really surpass us in oddity. Don't tell us we aren't strange! Better yet, don't tell us that it is bad to be strange! As some of our reporters might say, 'Pride in Uniqueness'.

Right, that about ends our first proper report on the Football World Cup. Worry not Hertfordians and Jammbians, we will not let you down with a pathetically late report again. You know exactly what is next because you are intuitive and we do not need to tell you something that is almost certainly known already. We will say this to all those paying attention, as we speak Clarkson and Hammond are sabotaging the car that May brought along all the way to United Adaikes. Serves him right. On that bombshell it is time to end, thank you very much for reading, goodnight!


Exclusive camera footage from our RM Richard Hammond, of Clarkson about to wedge a chainsaw into May's Suzuki SJ.


1189340835_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.8c05cdbf8acf700589bc9997af88a5c3.png                   1716822776_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.3899cc9ba2eae0cab2f3fa080771c4f2.png

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Larxia opened the first half and opened the scoring with a well-placed curler in the 5th minute by Leo Messy. Dalimbar evened the scores with a well-placed goal in the 24th minute that shocked the Larxian fans in the stands. Dalimbar went on to score their second of the match with a powerful shot, deflected off of a defender's foot in the 42nd minute. The goalkeeper couldn't reach it in the last moment.

In the second half,  Larxia controlled the possession of the ball most of the half but Dalimbar intercepted a pass and found the Larxian defence in shambles. Needless to say, the Dalimbari took advantage and made it 3-1 in the 54th minute. A well placed pass sees Leo Messy directly in front of the goal, only the goalkeeper to beat. Leo Messy beats the keeper easily scoring for the Larxia in the 76th minute making it 3-2.Is there a comeback on the cards? A beautiful cross from the right wing finds Garcia's head and the ball is in the back of the net. 3-3 in the 89th minute. Surely a comeback for the books. The 4th official seems to have given 5 minutes of stoppage time. A penalty for Dalimbar at 90+4th minute. The whole team is pleading with the referee. This is a very controversial call. You can see the frustration in Guardiola's eyes as he argues with a linesman. The decision is not being overturned. Ferrara dives the right way but fails to reach the ball. It's in. Larxia 3-4 Dalimbar. Disbelief on the pitch. Guardiola kicks a bottle in frustration. Larxian fans have gone quiet. King Maddy IV looks shocked in the VIP box. Everything is silent, except the Dalimbari fans' loud cheering. But the Larxians seem to not notice the Dalimbari. This decision could directly hurt Larxia's chances. Leo Messy rallies his troops. That's the final whistle. Messy and Guardiola will be looking to train harder to make sure this kind of situation never comes up again.



The next opponents for Larxia will be Libterraria. They drew their first match against Pallandole. The players have been training for the next fixture, hoping to show all their might against Libterraria

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The Dilberian team is pleased with the result, as after numerous flags it was apparent you "weren't allowed to pick up the ball and throw it downfield".  The Rugby team is learning how to kick the ball only, and not just dive close to the net, declare points, and get nothing out of it.

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Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtbočil Fedȩreisn: Matchday 1 - Review


Italia 2-3 Hertfordshire & Jammbo (HT: ITA 1-3 HAJ)

Goals: Retinz_defeated.png.614d459d3f1704f5e6e75cde15576a50.pngRoger Runcis (9'), 5njnz4z5jo.jpg.b930f40c7e24992560c402a7b965c12b.jpgYuuma Novak (23'), tvNVTpUP_400x400.jpeg.b0131c836cf9994fd29642e1d373adcc.jpegAfuro Tytarenko (38')

Injuries: 72a5eb1a7243ea0176f23a6bd52ed35072-23-jeremy-clarkson_2x.rhorizontal_w710.thumb.jpg.28f26af3b5d8115075078dcf92d6bd2a.jpgJeremy Clarkson (69'), Damian_Hart_Trans.thumb.png.fb1d599f90e6acf8bd537cc823fa143b.pngDamian Hristov (76')

Pre-Match Review

Hello and welcome to the first of matchday reports by the HAJFF. These will serve to recap on the entirety of events that transpire before, during and after matches played by the Paradigm Compass. This first piece is of our narrow 2-3 victory over Italia. Really though, that score is rather kind to the Italians. Fact of the matter is that we utterly dominated the first half and it could easily have turned into a 4-1 or 5-1 kick up the backside for them if it weren't for poorly timed injuries and well timed counter-attacks. No point in dwelling on negatives, let's instead focus on the many positives that came with our debut match and despite being close on face value show that we could hardly have made a better start to the Football World Cup. It was even done wearing the instantly recognisable dark purple and blue vertical fading striped kit that has come in for ridicule by Adaikesian's and other foreign fans alike. Funny thing is that the goalkeepers grey and pink vertical faded stripe kit is even worse. So bad in fact that Hart was kindly condescendingly told by Head Physio Lisa Lazarenko and Goalkeeping Coach Heckyl Sprūde to ignore the fits of laughter emanating from outside the team coaches, lest he have an anger filled breakdown, as the Paradigm Compass rushed to the Pirates Arena for our first match of the tournament.


A sane persons reaction to the outlandishly horrible goalkeepers away kit. Good thing Lisa & Heckyl prevented this outcome with Hart. We wouldn't have blamed him if he had reacted like this.


First Half Review

With crisis averted, Italia got the match underway. Perhaps they had planned on holding onto the ball and attacking immediately given our high line. This was not an advisable option. They must not have realised that the main strength of this team is its variability. We can switch from defensive to offensive patterns like the flick of a switch, and that is what we did. Alternating to a 4-4-2 we overwhelmed their offensive between two neat lines of players and snatched the ball from their possession. With control now in their camp the HAJFF switched back to the 3-1-3-1-2 and took charge in offense. It was therefore little time before disgraced magician Roger Runcis showed his former employers at Troupe Handrica just why they were wrong to dismiss him all those years ago, launching a sublime volley into the right hand side of the net that definitely did not include him slightly setting the ball on fire. Honest. With that totally legit goal the HAJFF had taken the lead. That really set the precedent for the first half as Italia were unable to even get close to them, let alone have any chances in the shooting department. No wonder then that Yuuma Novak struck the second of the match home, not unlike a king throwing his lance at the enemy. Of course this only served to strengthen our control and at this point in the match there really wasn't any feasible way to compare the two teams. We were just on another level to them, the performance was astounding even the staff members who can be rather hard to surprise. 38 minutes gone and Afuro Tytarenko added more joy for us and misery for the opponents. How this scoreline was even there with such ill-fated preparations is anyone's guess. God alone knows. The Hertfordian fans in the stands were cheering their heads off and they would have been forgiven for thinking that this was going to turn into a bloodbath. Certainly those of the team on the benches and in the stands thought the same. Here's a hint for ourselves to take in for future matches. Never celebrate too early, because Italia managed to pull a consolation goal jolting the substitutes, reserves and staff into a forced upright position and gave them a timely reminder that this was the highest level of football. Falling asleep or slacking off is simply not an option. Clearly Italia were not going to just drop dead, so while we had run the show in the first half, it was setting up to be an interesting second half. Time would only tell if this would be the case.


Second Half Review

The HAJFF kicked off the second half with gusto having learnt their lesson from when Italia scored in the 44th minute. Of course, an excavation of the match was in order as the HAJFF returned to ruling the match, however this time we were unable to break down Italia's defences, despite the clearly motivational half time talk that managing duo Frisk & Flandre dished out. It all proceeded as a constant rinse-and-repeat of the HAJFF trying and failing to break down the newly rejuvenated Italia back line. It was meant to get better, but instead it got not-better, as Jeremy Clarkson found himself having to hobble off the pitch with an injury. Who here suspects that May deliberately planned this as revenge for having the chainsaw wedged in his car? It would not surprise us, especially with the rather suspicious time the injury took place. With Clarkson off the pitch and replaced by Satori Kornijchuk, Italia took advantage of the slight gap in the teams mental focus and managed to make it 2-3, thereby pulling themselves back in with a chance despite how unlikely that seemed. Damian Hristov decided it was time to mentally drain the opposition in submission through his own cruel tactics. Please note however that when someone makes it known with pride that they got their current talent from a freaky science experiment that forcibly draws out the user's hidden potential, people are going to want to target that person. Just so happened that Damian was that person. Resultant factor of him being forced into the medical room and the knowledgeable hands of Lisa Lazarenko & Vekar Griķis. On came W. D. Gavrilov, the former royal scientist to King Mečislavs I who is actually watching from the stands himself with a familiar smile spread across his face. W. D. Gavrilov is one of the few Hertfordians or Jammbians completely fluent in Wingdings and all of its spin-offs. Does not help when no one else can understand them. Maybe that is why the remaining 14 minutes + 3 minutes of added time seemed like nothing more than a confused mess for both teams. Full time came, and the confusion ended with relief that Hertfordia hadn't fallen victim to an unfortunate set of circumstances. The first match ends in a deserved 2-3 victory for the Paradigm Compass.

72a5eb1a7243ea0176f23a6bd52ed35072-23-jeremy-clarkson_2x.rhorizontal_w710.thumb.jpg.28f26af3b5d8115075078dcf92d6bd2a.jpg OFF ON Satori.png.0ed554af3584d4dd558aac4142b83889.png

Damian_Hart_Trans.thumb.png.fb1d599f90e6acf8bd537cc823fa143b.png OFF ON 240818136-352-k966375.jpg.c3e89518779e684e0965f56fe17dd23c.jpg


Post Match Review

Well that ended with more drama than we had hoped for. Even so, a win is a win and we must continue with training for the next match. Clarkson's injury is unknown but the ape that May would call an 'infantile pillock' should be out for 2 matches. As for Damian, it was discovered by Lisa & Seishirou Jukums that he had suffered a fractured rib that will keep him out for 6 matches. That kick to the chest by the Italia midfielder was definitely on purpose. We hold unpleasant thoughts of that person in our minds. The Stig is imagining what the culprit would look like if pushed through a desk fan. All we know is that Jeremy & Damian will be side-lined for the time being and replaced on the first team by Satori and W. D., who will no doubt easily fill in the hole left by the currently injured. The win took us to 2nd place in the group, with Zoran on top after they defeated Irador 2-0.


Next Time...

We, in our second match, will kit up in the black, dark green and gold outlined cross shirt with dark green and black with gold vertical border shorts and green socks (excessively long kit description is excessively long) to do battle with the Orangutan Rangers, representatives of Arifiyyah. Their last match was a 0-0 draw with Reçueçn leaving them tied 3rd in the group after Matchday 1.

1403172339_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.3c9f72e64b8265bddb3b8e2b6af0fae8.png VS.1613531904245.png.5855e09589321354921dc69343b63836.png

With all that said and the next match now firmly lodged into your minds, it is time to end with a note on Dilberian drugs: You can dope your players through the roof for all we care, just keep them away from us or we shall insert sharp things into your heads and torsos. Well, if the Hertfordian mafia doesn't get there first. We hear Dilberian drugs could make for a lucrative market in the criminal underworld. On that bombshell it is now time to end, cheers for reading and goodnight!

1403172339_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.3c9f72e64b8265bddb3b8e2b6af0fae8.png                 184068625_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.cb5074cd51eea9a1df6fe26fa3e96cfb.png

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Editorial: These Damn Dopey Dogs

It's again.

No, it's not insurrection in Zoran, or political campaigns in Overthinkers.

It's another Dilberian doping scandal.

Coming hot on the heals of a horrendous Rugby World Cup in the country, Dilber asked the world to hold its PED for the 1421 World Cup of Football.

It's hard to determine if any Dilberian athletes are not implicated in the incessant doping scandals as it was the 1420 national rugby squad showed up on the pitch. Such an odd showing leaves many wondering if the nation has any other athletes or even the ability to properly engage in the wider world.

The United Kingdom's Office of Sport issued a press release announcing an indefinite ban on Dilberian representation in future Cambrian-hosted international events. The Dilber flag, name and anthem likewise won't be permitted.

"They've doubled down on their desire to be the world's doping pariah. May the Lady bless them; they can have it." said Vernon Bolber when asked for comment.

Subscribe to read the full article.

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Announcement of Investigations and Visa Restrictions
Regarding International Doping-Laundering Schemes

The Sovereign Estates remain alarmed by the development of international networks facilitating the sale and transfer of performance enhancing drugs for use in international sporting events. The Estates-Ministry has flagged a number of accounts in unregulated cryptofinance sectors for suspected involvement in these doping networks and the related international money laundering. The Estates-Ministry will continue to monitor the activity of these and all related accounts. 

Today, the Estates-Ministry for the Overthere took action to impose visa restrictions on 33 Dilberian individuals linked or suspected to be linked to the accounts, making them generally ineligible for entry into the Sovereign Estates.  These individuals include: high-ranking sports officials; popular sports bloggers; various housewives and homemakers; and various IT administrators who have the capacity to facilitate such a network. 

The Sovereign Estates continues to support international efforts to independently investigate pharmacological irregularities in international sporting events.




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Breaking News: UA Sports Commission Press Conference in light of the recent allegations in the WCF 1

Pouria Barr, the Chief of the United Adaikes Sports Commission held an abrupt press conference to give light on the stance of the host country in the allegations of other nations against the controversial Auran nation, Dilber.

The highlights were on the allegations of doping and cryptocurrency in and by the Auran nation. Barr revealed, "We have accepted the calls from concerned nations about these allegations, and we assure them and everyone that we will do everything in our capacity to ensure a fair tournament with outcomes everyone can be proud of. To be specific, for the first allegations, we have collected urine and blood samples from all players and staff of the Dilber team hours after their second game. Their head of state actually called President Salazar about it and initiated that the team be tested. The collected samples are currently being tested in our laboratories and we shall apprise everyone of the results tomorrow."

"On the second allegations of cryptocurrency, our Department of Finance will be conducting an independent investigation and has created an ad-hoc Task Force for the investigation. I was also told that they have also tapped native assets, both local and in abroad, as well as gathering information and resources from their international counterparts, to speed up any hindrances that this investigation might bring."

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"Hello, everyone and we're here in the United Adaikes to see our first match against Zoran" said Ausrelian Ifanov
"Yas, we're back after the summer olympics in Saint-Josalyn" said Dzetre Lown
First Half (1-0)
"Not many dangerous attacks currently in the 23rd minute" said Ausrelian 
"Now, Daver is runnin' on the field after they got the ball from the Zoranian forwards" said Dzetre
"Its a lovely cross, a Header from Inkase but saved by the goalkeeper" said Ausrelian
"Its a finale cross before half time now, the players gotta watch out fo' that" said Dzetre
"Headed away from Estierro, and its a shot again and in the top corner" said Ausrelian
"A goal conceded right befo' half time, very unlucky" said Dzetre

Second Half (2-0)
"That's a dangerous foul from Estierro, and that's a yellow card from him" said Ausrelian
"They should watch out for the tackles, it's a dange'ous foul" said Dzetre
"A Shot, wide across by Yedmida" said Ausrelian
"We cu'ently need to score a goal" said Dzetre
"That's a tackle, and Estierro is sent off!" said Ausrelian
"Well the playe's are furious about the referee's decision" said Dzetre
"A goal from a penalty, he sends Karlsson the wrong way and makes it 2-0" said Ausrelian
"Well that was one bad match from Irador" said Ausrelian
"We must be bette' in the next match against Recuecn" said Dzetre
"I think that Osel will replace Estierro in the next match" said Ausrelian
"Yeah, and that is't for today" said Dzetre

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"Hello, everyone! From Steskia, United Adaikes, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 bring you live coverage of the 1st World Cup of Football! Our coverage of WCF1 is brought to you by our generous sponsor, the Santo-Dominian Embassy here in United Adaikes! I, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your host for the entire duration of WCF1. And we're here with the coaches of the National Football Team of our very own Santos-Dominius, Mr Paul von Kluger and Mr Arthur Hinterland! Hello, coaches!"

"Hello, Blubberman. Paul and I are glad to be here."

"Now, coaches, I believe you've heard of the recent allegations concerning the Dilberian team's doping scandal. These are bombshell accusations, and foreign media and governments, including the likes of Nieubasria as well as Tara & Cambray have paid close attention to this story. What is your opinion on this scandal, Mr von Kluger, and what is your general opinion on the Dilberian team, whom our Santo-Dominian players will eventually have to face off against?"

"Well, Blubberman, I am appalled by these recent allegations. WCF1 is a world-class international sports event, and in participating, I believe all players agree to abide to the rules and make this competition a fair and balanced one, with the result decided purely by talent. I sincerely hope that the WCF will not be mired by doping and cheating regardless of the outcome or truth of this scandal, and I hope that the Dilberians themselves will give us, as well as the organisers, the truth so we can all leave this behind."

"Indeed. Let's not dwell on negative things. In much better news, our National Football Team has won a 4-0 match against the nation of Alchera! Yay! Mr Hinterland, as one of the coaches of the team, what do you think helped our players win such a decisive victory?"

"Well, it's gotta be the unity in our team. Us Santo-Dominians have always had a unique bond with each other, and that bond is also very strong between our players. Although our players come from different places and speak three very different languages - Common, Santosian, Dominish - we still are united by our love for our country and for football. I believe that this bond and this unbreakable friendship showed in the match and was the deciding factor in our victory."

"That's inspiring. As Match Day 2 nears, I think all of the players regardless of teams are training very hard in preparation for the upcoming matches against opponents. As one of the coaches, Mr von Kluger, will you tell us what the Santo-Dominian team is doing right now in preparation for the next matches?"

"Well, we just finished an hour-long training session. Of course, our players were given some time to rest after the match with Alchera, but we cannot become complacent if we are to win the WCF and take gold. Arthur and I have been developing new strategies and tactics and learning from some of our future opponents, including the Dilberian team's innovative 'crab formation', which we find very interesting. We also did some friendship exercises with the team to strengthen the team bond Arthur just mentioned."

"Wonderful! Now, I know that both of you are very busy, so I shan't occupy your time any further. Thank you, Mr von Kluger and Mr Hinterland, for agreeing to this interview. I am the host, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, and this has been an exclusive interview with the two coaches of the National Football Team, Paul von Kluger and Arthur Hinterland! Stay tuned to SDCSN Channel 3 for live and full coverage of the entire WCF1 and see you on Match Day 2! Goodbye!"


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(OOC note: this was written before the Matchday 2 results were released)


"Hello Giovanniland! Here's Vanessa Desniowynsk, your host for the 1st World Cup of Football. This morning I bring you news from the first matchday, in which Giovanniland met Fhaengshia and managed a draw with one goal for each side," said Vanessa while the screen behind her then started to show the highlights of the match.

"In the first 45 minutes, Giovannilandian players fiercely attacked the opponents' defense in the hopes to score a goal. After all, this was the intent of Giovanniland's 3-3-4 formation and +5 style mod. However, Fhaengshia's strong defense with a negative style mod stopped most attempts, while two attempts by Gabriela Orpheus and Pedro Takeda even hit the goalpost!" Vanessa then showed videos of some interesting scoring attempts by Giovanniland, as well as a few by Fhaengshia, before continuing. "Finally, with 5 minutes to go on the first half, Jurandir Liangzhou finally scored for the Giovannilandiana Equipa."

"During the second half, Giovanniland continued its attacking style in order to increase the lead. However, the opposite happened, and after a failed attempt by Clementina de Abreu-Floryn, the Reds from Fhaengshia counterattacked past the Giovannilandian defense and scored a goal. Many attempts by both teams were made in order to score more goals, but they did not succeed and the draw prevailed in the end." Vanessa then stopped talking for a while while she contacted the Giovannilandian captain, Lourenço Sancho Smith, through a video meeting in order to interview him. "Now, we'll interview the Giovannilandian team captain and ask him a few questions. Lourenço, what is your opinion about this game?", she asked.

Lourenço then replied: "It was a tough game, and Fhaengshia were a respectable opponent. Our attacking style worked in the first half, however they scored a goal while our team tried to widen the lead, and that is something we'll be discussing with the team coaches and other players. Nevertheless, a draw is a draw, and we must be happy it wasn't a loss. Hopefully our next game against Pallandole will be better for us." Vanessa then thanked him for the quick interview as he finished talking. She then disappeared from the screen at the same time the Giovannistadt Sports Studio appeared together with Carlos Nakamura-Edristyn.

"Alright viewers, you've just saw a quick retrospective of our first game in the Football World Cup. Now, what should we expect next and what are other games to look for?", Carlos asked before sipping a cup of water and then proceeded to answer his own question. "Our next game will be against Pallandole, which arrives from a goalless draw against Libterraria, and next comes Larxia, which has been defeated by the authoritarian Dalimbari in the first round. It is expected that the lineup will be the same 3-3-4 from the last match, except for the fact Thomás Arruda Myint has been injured and will be replaced by another center back, my opinion would be Theodoro Sonsyrenne. Let's hope Giovanniland can earn 3 points by winning against the Pallandole opponents!"

"Within other groups, two matches have been particularly notable, namely Santos-Dominius' 4-0 win against Alchera and Badgeria's 6-1 score against Nieubasria. Both matches had an incredible amount of goals, and in my opinion Giovanniland should score like that in their next matches. Another incident was the use of PEDs by the Dilberian football team, which is actually the Dilberian rugby team!? It seems that Giovanniland could potentially join the group of nations which have made statements against this violation of sports rules, such as Tara & Cambray and Nieubasria. Finally, it was noticed that a large number of Zoranian refugees arrived from their home country to United Adaikes together with the Zoranian team, which is something to watch out as they made quite an impact on the previous Rugby Cup. Anyways, that is all for today, and I hope to return tomorrow for more news about the 1st World Cup of Football!", finishes Carlos before the screen replaces the Football Report with other sports-unrelated news.

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