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Hi, Hello!

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My name is Elegarth and I am The Pacific Senator for Cultural Affairs, sexy Latino Panda and another myrriad of self-made pointless titles that I may or may not share with you guys in the future :D


I am glad to meet you all and while I am not here on any formal FA position, by all means feel free to reach me for a chat, a beer or a sandwich together!


Is there a forum here where I can share weird news from the world away from NS???

Hello everyone!

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Welcome to the TWP forums Elegarth.


I am Powerboat Racer, Imperium Secret Service Director and member of the Council of the Imperium <A branch of TWP government>.


You can post your musings at the following link: http://twp.nosync.org/forums/index.php?/forum/13-the-clubhouse/


Hope you enjoy your stay here in our humblest of humble forums :D

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Welcome Elegarth, to The West Pacific.Where the weird is normal and the normal are weird(we keep the normal in the corner*points*). Bitings do indeed hurt, but it also depends on where one is being bitten and what one is doing while being bitten.

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