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  1. Leaky toilet bowl replaced with drainer. More at 11.

  2. Pestarzt

    Exit Poll

    It's because he's a member of the NPO.
  3. Bump, because Nephmir just "declared war" on TWP.
  4. What's good for Milo (Minderbinder), is good for the country.

  5. Pestarzt


    Thank you, and again, good luck to you to. I really do think you'll do excellently. Also, I'll probably visit here whenever I get a hint of NStalgia, so I don't think this is the last we'll speak. * RE Llamas: Sometimes unpleasantry is a necessary vehicle for moving conversation forward, or starting one entirely. I didn't plan on that, but I thought it might happen. All I knew is that something would happen, which was my goal. His politics are the complete antithesis of mine: I like honest top-down control, whereas he likes Santa Claus and the democracy fairy. He's very naive about NS GP and I basically exploited him for labor for the duration of our NS relationship. Great guy OOCly, atrocious player ICly. I wonder if someone would read it past the first paragraph.
  6. Pestarzt


    [OOC] Not sure if I'm a boogeyman here now, but ... it's not like I've ever entertained that before. I've lurked occassionally since my DoS in April, and I wanted to pop in for a moment and applaud what I see as a very impressive accomplishment by this community. When I came in December, there wasn't anything resemblant of the now-buzzing atmosphere here. It's genuinely refreshing. I've seen some comments that suggested my goal in TWP was to make an NPO 2.0 or a Milotopia. I actually liked it a lot here, however. The idea that I was an NPO satellite is wholly farcical -- Milotopia perhaps not. I think everyone strives to make their region fit to them; the net effort of an entire community to do that for themselves ultimately yields something that generally works for the all. Every time I voted, I voted for my ideals, and every time I spoke, I spoke for what I liked. That's the whole idea of government. I always invited people to "do something about it" if they didn't like what I was pushing, and, in private, I was very pleased by the vocal resistance I faced.. I don't have a hat in the ring anymore, so I can freely admit that. * The ongoing "transition" as a whole represents a positive evolution of TWP, and the thinking that made it possible offers itself as a promising example for the rest of NS to follow. The old Guardians guided the history of TWP for a long stretch, and the willingness to let the next chapter of TWP history - for better or worse - be written by a pen other than theirs is healthy for the region and the game. Hats off to the Guardians, and may TWP not forget that example. When I checked the WP's page and say URAP as the incoming delegate, I honestly felt surprised at first -- if it were my choice, I would hesitate to pick him, not knowing how ready he is. But I thought about it and it occurred to me that nothing truly prepares you to be a GCR delegate or an anything in NS except actually doing it - you become a great X while you are an X. URAP is a great choice and already possesses many of the skills he'll need in the seat. Good luck and congrats to him. I've found that communities thrive when you take a chance putting fresh faces in them, even if they aren't vets or elite players (yet) -- when you are entrusted with a position of responsibility, you don't even realize the many ways you learn in the moment. It naturally happens that people step up and learn when they are presented with stakes in this game. And often, those who are given a chance learn the most it, and leave whatever role they had as qualified as anyone to execute its duties. Even better, they often pay it forward afterwards. Whereas Travellers like Pestarzt the Traveller travel like salesmen - finding suitable places to pitch their camps, play a while, and then move on from - these players stay and build a village. As they should. I think back to my time in the SP; when it comes to staying and playing, Kringalia and Hileville are perfect examples. So yeah, kudos to everyone, and have fun. * FTR: I DOS'd myself to prevent myself from possibly playing more than I should ... and, so far, I'm very happy with the choice. I've made good friends in this game and like keeping in touch, I just don't plan on playing. DOS prevents me from doing so -- but I can still visit off-site when I like. NS isn't addicting, it's just easy to come back to and stay longer than you wanted.
  7. Pestarzt

    Exit Poll

    I think everyone has their mind made up, the openness of their consideration exited.
  8. Welcome! I'm Pest, nice to meet you. In what ways do you think you want to get involved?
  9. It's great to see you here TGG and we're very happy to help you learn the mechanics of NS. You should check out the starter guide listed at the top of the introductions area. The West Pacific is very proud that it lets its nations govern themselves as they please.
  10. Okay. I'll be publishing this tomorrow.
  11. Okay, screw it. I'm busy but I'll be distributing this shortly unless anyone else wants to add something. I don't particularly.
  12. Pestarzt

    Where Next

    The development of our civil service departments is the real goal.
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