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  1. You may get a quicker response if you PM either Westwind or Winnipeg, the Admins. IH
  2. Are you looking to open an embassy in TWP?
  3. Welcome to TWP, Milo. That poor apprentice doesn't know what he's let himself in for.
  4. Welcome to the madhouse, Comrade. *Points to the hidden bottle of Chateau BBD, 1990.*
  5. Bribe Elegarth on IRC, you'll get moved to the top of the pile.
  6. "Take your protein pills and put your helmet on." Welcome to TWP! I certainly hope you'll stay in TWP long enough to join in with the Role Plays that we'll be getting up and running soon, it looks like they're the sort of thing you'll enjoy. IH
  7. /me throws a bookcase at GE. Hey there Moot, welcome to TWP!
  8. I cannot seriously believe we are having complaints about threadjacking in TWP. If I were to own a crab as a pet, it would be a crab as jazzily coloured as that crab.
  9. Hello! Welcome to TWP! Feel free to just jump in and get posting. NS is a confusing game so don't worry about asking questions, I'm only at the end of a PM. IH
  10. "Some people have never seen an atom" I envy your eyesight if you can see atoms.
  11. ^ That's going to be the FA update section about the election of PM. Also, in my new guise as PM, could I please request a small sub forum in "The West Pacific Government" to post little announcements and such like? If this request is granted, I would also like to request mod powers for that sub forum. Thanks in advance.
  12. The chapter? @BBD: It's a British show, there's always quick fire banter.
  13. Welcome to TWP! As Dark said, reading both the dispatches on the WFE and the articles on the NS forum is a great way to learn about some of the overall NS features. The best method of learning about NS is just getting involved though, so don't be afraid to just jump in!
  14. Thanks to Tesco, I've probably eaten a load of horse meat without even knowing I was eating it.
  15. That would be a lovely scenario to be in but I fear it is unachievable. As with anything, it is good to keep an ideal in mind (the way we think something should be) but, ultimately, we must be realists when it comes to making decisions about what we are doing and how we are going to solve problems that affect the real world. Real problems need real solutions. To play Devil's Advocate, why should animals be treated with respect? Animals are not sentient, they lack higher brain function and, most importantly, the philosophy of mind, meaning they cannot distinguish their own self from that of any other. What makes them [pets] more deserving of respect than a plant, the fish we eat or the cattle we raise for slaughter? I ask whether you would also offer the same rights for farm animals, all of which routinely undergo the same experiences of abandoned pets (if not worse experiences)?
  16. #shotsfired <-- Zao As to euthanising animals, I would imagine the charity takes everything into account before making such a decision, how much space they have at the inn; what it would cost to keep the animal; the chances that the animal will be adopted in a reasonable time etc. If after all of these thought processes have been gone through it is decided that the space taken up by one animal with little chance of being adopted in the near future would be better served by another animal with more chance of being adopted, I see no problem with the animal being euthanised.
  17. Elegarth's welcome thread has turned into a general Elegarth Q&A/conversation thread, the threadjack lives on.
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