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  1. What is up? Up is the direction opposite the enemy's gate.
  2. I currently have negative time (Taking summer classes at community college) and doubt I'll post a lot. Still, though, I will post on my favorite fandoms and random awesomeness here from time to time. Plus, this is my first time taking courses during the summer and this doesn't sound like a very rigorous class, so I might end up actually having some time to kill around here. First: XKCD. Did anybody else see this and then immediately proceed to whip out a pencil and paper to plug various guesses for your own locality in? I estimated that r is roughly 1 km for me.
  3. Mmkay. Two welcomes and that's it. Something is very, very wrong here.
  4. Glad to meet you. I'm Llamas! How do you do?
  5. Hello! I'm Llamas, head of the regional army. I'd be glad to teach you how to participate in military gameplay, if you're interested!
  6. =.= The Llama song is the greatest thing known to man
  7. Progressive You scored 79 Equality, 57 Liberty, and 36 Stability! Your commitment to both liberty and equality makes you a blend of the Liberal and the Socialist. For you liberty and equality are two parts of the same condition. Everyone has to be free to pursue their own way-of-life but in order for that to happen everyone must start with a similar basic standard of living. You value liberty particularly in cultural and personal life. You also value government intervention to promote equity in economic life while still supporting private enterprise. If this is too bland for you then try the Radical on for size. Me likey
  8. Llamas: Bringing the fluffy into politics since 1999

    1. A fish in the sea

      A fish in the sea

      *watches what is left of HGA eat the cotton candy off Llamas*

    2. Llamas


      I will freely admit that I am a delicious llama.

  9. Indeed, but I believe that they did this was totally worth it: This is ridiculous. It sounds like satire.
  10. Probably a good idea. Anyways, my draft is about 75% done ATM.
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