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  1. What is up? Up is the direction opposite the enemy's gate.
  2. I currently have negative time (Taking summer classes at community college) and doubt I'll post a lot. Still, though, I will post on my favorite fandoms and random awesomeness here from time to time. Plus, this is my first time taking courses during the summer and this doesn't sound like a very rigorous class, so I might end up actually having some time to kill around here. First: XKCD. Did anybody else see this and then immediately proceed to whip out a pencil and paper to plug various guesses for your own locality in? I estimated that r is roughly 1 km for me.
  3. Sure, thanks Resu! I'll remember that in the future, should I ever need to switch my main.
  4. I did, in fact, maintain a nation; I noted on the RMB that I was switching my nation here temporarily. I've brought the Republic of Llamas back, but I always made sure to keep at least one nation here.
  5. Mmkay. Two welcomes and that's it. Something is very, very wrong here.
  6. Yes, you guys are quite weird. It's why I like you two so much.
  7. A question: why the heck is everybody posting there as if it's IC?
  8. I believe that moving forward with Cormac's legislation would be fine, as it is possible to revise it later to improve the voting method used.
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