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Bran Astor

The Legendary Map Thread - Submit your claim!

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While I've been a long-term resident of TWP when active and have a large nation, given that I've only just recently become active again, I'm not sure how much territory is reasonable to ask for. That said, this piece of territory on Aura was too nice to pass up, so, I would like to request it.

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22 hours ago, Giovanniland said:

I haven't seen my addition yet. -snip- Please reply soon!

Updates to the map aren't instant. Remember, real people, who can be busy, are volunteering their time to work on this, so changes won't be immediate. If you're patient, it will come in time.

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Okay! Christmas is coming early because the long-awaited map update is here! [Insert advent joke.]

You can now find the updated map in the OP of this thread, or in dispatches here and here. There have been a lot of changes, including borders being redrawn, nations being added or removed, and some resizing.

The following nations have been added to the map:

@GustavovWhately, @CringeyDolphin, @Sensorland, @Clarkov, @genocidalAnthropologist, @Varanius, @Giovanniland, @de la Fuentana, @Kurabis, @TUMS, and @Libterraria. Welcome!

The following nations have been removed (or your claim was not accepted) because they have cte'd, left the region, or lost Hall of Nations membership. Being added back on is as easy as rejoining the Hall of Nations and dropping a line here saying you'd like your spot back!

@Vamperiall @Matthew_Collins @Allen @Halvard @Daguiso FFR [Pombo] @Craiolia @HankTheTank87 @Dewilands @Federation @GreGreGre @Shaustria @Liberillia @Lady Madeline @Neenee @Nobovian [ALRJ] @North Roledol @Pandaland II @Rizorien @Sibariland @LazyVillain @Telta @guillernasa @KhanterWinters @Seven Deaths @K9 Sonny @Gliah Eransha, Drahaiqistan, and Premoria


The idea is that map updates will resume as a regular thing (once a month). Those on the map are expected to maintain HoN status and post an rp post once a month.

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