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  1. NationStates Nation Name: Orauras /Vamperiall Discord User Name: @Vamperiall#2044 Your Local Timezone: AEST Regions You Have Active Nations In: TWP, Balder, Osiris, Voltarium, Empire of Great Britain, KOGB Any Diplomatic Experience: I’ve been in NS for two years. I’ve been in the FA department of KOGB for awhile. I was also a member of the diplomat corps in Pacifica, and I’m kind of an ambassador for Balder. I’ve been an ambassador for Voltarium and The Empire of Exus (two of my regions that I’ve founded). I’m also Foreign Affairs Minister in the Empire of Great Britain.
  2. Nation name: Orauras / Vamperiall Discord username: Vamperiall#2044 Interested in: Integrators, Innovators Typically available: Weekdays, most weekends, am available quite a lot.
  3. Greetings, West Pacific! I would like to introduce myself as Vamperiall. I like pasta and tacos and playing NationStates. My old nation was inactive and boring, so I decided to join you guys! You like raiding, I like raiding, as I was once a junior Black Hawk myself. West Pacific seems like fun, and your site is awesome.
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