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  1. Recognizing The Holy Principality of Saint Mark as a leader in many aspects of NationStates. Realizing Saint Mark has influenced many Nations by serving as a leader in the feeder region, [region]the West Pacific[/region]: -Serving as Delegate of the West Pacific -Serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. -Serving as a Guardian of the West. -Green-lighting the the The West Pacific Armed Forces, helping bring peace to game created regions and their allies Also remembering Saint Mark’s Service as a Regional Officer in [region]Osiris[/region], [region]Albion[/region], and [region]The Sasquatch Republic[/region]. Observing Saint Mark’s recognition by NSToday as one of the 20 most influential nations. Appreciating the establishment of the Protect our Players Accord by the Holy Principality of Saint Mark, which created a fun and safe environment for all. Seeking to commemorate the Influence and goodwill of the Holy Principality of Saint Mark. Hereby commends the Holy Principality of Saint Mark. authored and researched by @Teralyon, @TUMS, @Kurabis
  2. Hey TWP, I’ve been looking to redesign my flag, anyone have any programs, websites or general design ideas for a flag. Looking for some program simple but with large amount of possibilities. thanks
  3. Nation name: The Unified Missourtama States Discord username: TUMS6920 Interested in: Instigator Typically available: weekdays morning time, lunch, and later evening
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