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A Grateful New Delegate

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Ladies and Gentlemen and Creatures of TWP,


I am so very grateful to the in-game community for allowing me the opportunity to lead this great region.  I'm grateful to the off-site community for thier continued spirit of cooperation and good will.  TWP is unique in this aspect of it's culture.  We acknowledge, accept and encourage both sides of Gameplay and through this we have grown an unprecedented interdependence and cooperation that is based on the free will of each individual.  Now that we have mastered this part of our nature, I propose we expand on this.


As a Game Created Region designed to host the birthing of nations, we have an obligation to those nations to help them learn the many aspects of the NSverse.  I propose that we become represented in more than military and political Gameplay.  We need to reach some understanding of the in-game forum community, of the many faceted RP forums and regions, of the WA and SC forums,The Generalites and the many many sub genres of each area of the NSverse.  This may sound difficult and complex, but it is in fact simple.  We may not be able to become experts ourselves, but what we can do is invite others to come and teach us about themselves through simple interaction.


I have made the first steps toward this goal by inviting our own prolific Generalite, Fearless to become a regional Guardian.  It is my hope that he will be able to teach us a bit about his favorite activities in the NSverse and perhaps a few brave souls will join him occasionally. 


In addition I have asked Huangshi to become our regional Scribe in order to document our traditions as well as help us communicate to the wider NSverse.  I expect Huangshi to work closely with the Foreign Affairs department on regional updates.  I'm certain both new appointments will prove to be both useful and fun.


I am also going to ask for a closer relationship between the off-site community and the in-game community.  In order to foster new nations we will need a mechanism to draw them from the game into the off site.  This is simply a matter of practicallity.  Max and [violet] are toiling to give the game more features, but the sheer volume of information and people will necessitate a means of storing and organizing all of that.  In the days to come, I will be spending much time with the HGA on the task of system building.  We aren't much for legislating in TWP, but we can build the system without a bunch of fancy leagaleze. 


Lastly, I wish to affirm that, while I am here making these plans, it is not in my power to do any of this alone.  The cooperation and support of the off site community is essential.  I am asking that you put your heads together and come up with a person to represent you as a Prime Minister or <insert title> to head your government.  It is not my place as delegate to impose my will on this community.  Please give me some feed back about how you would like to choose that person and whom you might have in mind for such a task.


The important stuff:

TWP will remain anti-marsupial but tolerant of other strange ideologies.

TWP will continue to honor all treaties and agreements entered into under my predecessors.

TWP will continue to observe Karaoke Fridays.

TWP has better chocolate than any other region in the NSverse and our coffee aint bad either.

TWP will continue to staunchly support every nation's right to play the game the way they wish and every region's duty to protect those rights by any means.

TWP has two rules: #1 All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia.  #2 Don't be a dick.


Again, please accept my deep gratitude.  Thank you, TWP.


Now, let's party!

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I would like to apply to be a Guardian again. :)


Do you have any chocolate?  If so, please allow us a couple days to post a thread in the seekrit chambers where we say bad things about you.  You can practice being bent out of shape and offended while you wait.


(Welcome back.  I will add the announcement and the masking to the list of requests and announcements that I am already falling behind on.)

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and thank you for the honors.

if there are any generalite type questions please feel fee to ask, either in forum, on the rmb, or in telegram. i will happy to supply my fellow west pacificians with either my knowledge or imagination.

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Here ends the second Delegacy of Darkesia. 


It's been completely fun and I wouldn't trade the time for anything.



Ladies, Gentlemen and Creatures of TWP,

It has been my great honor to have served this region as Delegate and Guardian over the years.  TWP means a lot to me.  It was this region's citizens that took me in and made me feel useful and welcome, at a time in my NS life when most shunned me.  I can never repay that debt.  I feel confident that the region is in excellent hands with the new generation bringing a fresh outlook and their own unique talents to the region.  The future is bright here in TWP.  

At major tonight, I will drop WA and move from the region so my influence is not a drag on the incoming group.

Thank you all for everything.  To the Guardians and Delegates with whom I have served; Thank you for your forthright counsel, for never letting me get complacent and for becoming true friends over the years.  To the incoming Guardians and future Delegates of the region; Thank you for taking on this task and doing it with a fun attitude.  I look forward to taking part in the fun I know you will be providing us in the future.  To the active residents and citizens of this wonderful region; You are what makes this place the fun, secure and hilarious place that it is.  Keep it up!



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