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  1. The Festavo


    *takes soapbox and places it on top of stump then stands on it* I think the NS moderators should be replaced! Their tyrannical reign of terror is enough! We must replace these evil people with fresh blood! *soapbox breaks* Oh damn sorry
  2. I wonder why there isn't more activity here...

    1. Darkesia


      Because TWP citizens are mostly friendly and don't have a lot to argue about. Maybe we need a little excitement.

    2. The Festavo

      The Festavo

      Oh I can give you excitement

  3. They just revoked my posting privileges for one month and deleted my main nation. Other than that I just have a few forum bans from months ago
  4. Thank you all! I had a tendency to use what some would call improper language and I would avoid word filters in doing so
  5. I am sorry but my RMB privileges have been temporarily revoked
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