Admin Requests Part Quatre

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2 hours ago, Saint Mark said:

Dark, while we're awaiting a response from one of our esteemed elder admins on the banner question, would you please change the current forum banner to this one?


Thank you!

Do you have something a little....wider to work with? That one will most certainly be too small (a certain Zoolander quote involving ants and schools comes to mind).

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So this is the current background image:

It's 1310x77, so whatever you put together should be similar size to fit into the forum layout.  I can probably worth with that one, but would prefer something wider/less background repetitive.  We used to have a rotating banners on the forums back about 5-6 years ago, and I sourced most of those from city panoramic shots (like the one of Sydney that we're using right now).  That system would just load a random background on each page load (rather than the way it does it on NationStates and uses javascript to rotate through them while you're on the page....personally, I would find that a bit busy for a page header.

As for a rotating banner, I'm sure I can do it as I said a few replies back, but just need to set it up (and have the sources put together).  I will put this limitation on it, please don't make them really tall.  There is no real reason for massive headers on pages, I see it on some of the other offsite forums and I've always thought it was pretty fugly when the header takes up the first half (or more) of the page and you have to scroll down to the meat of the page.  Header should probably be no more than 120pixels tall.

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