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Life as a new retiree


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The other day my wife asked me "how's the world domination game?" I told her I had retired and she was shocked, not dismayed, and had a bit of a smile on her face. She couldn't believe I 'retired' and said, "yeah, how long will that last?" I told her that it's going to last a fairly long while and that I have no intention of return to active participation.


The few weeks since retirement have seen the CTE of my largest nation "Big D Baby" (I revived) and me trying to figure out which nations do I want to keep alive. I've settled on 3 - Punk Reloaded, Punk Daddy, and Big D Baby. Everything else should be dead in a matter of weeks. 


I have questioned what could draw me back and only an international world war could do it. If that happens, make sure to reach out. Until then I'm going to enjoy the margaritas on the beach, but I'll stop by from time to time to say hello.


On these forums it is weird to see 'protected forum' and other areas I used to be able to see but can no longer. 



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We will knit you a shawl made from the soft under fur of marsupial skins and put some WD-40 on the creaky spots of your rocking chair.  Enjoy your retirement, PD.  Hope to see you back in action some time sooner rather than later. 

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I know what it is like to look at an organization that I was a pivotal part of but now on the periphery. I am a member of the Royal Air Force Ornithological Society and have lead many expeditions over the years to out of the way places in the UK. Now I am residing in the US, I am denied even the simple pleasure of being able to go 'birding' with my companions of 25 years or more :( Anyway, enough of me - more of you please. Stick with us.


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