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    A whiteboard for TWP!

    https://r8.whiteboardfox.com/810372-3549-9959 Use this whiteboard to write or draw anything you want! The sky's the limit, and in the end a wonderful collage of TWP's thoughts will come out! [May take a few tries to connect to it.]
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    Admin Advisory on Account Security

    Greetings! Yesterday, three member accounts were hit by a hacking attempt. The attempt failed, as the forum temporarily locked the accounts to prevent further attempts. The attacker tried one account, then a second, and then the third. The source of the attack is from the USA, and the source has now been blocked. Of course, the attacker could change IP's and repeat the attack. Two of the three accounts have been targeted previously, leading to the possibility of a repeat attacker. I want all of our members to know that additional account security is available to you. You can enable 2-factor authentication for your account if you would like, using Google Authenticator. Go to: https://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/settings/account-security/ Once you've selected 'Enable' you will get this screen: Once you have Google Authenticator installed on your phone, you can scan the QR code and enter the code it gives you in the 'Verify Code' box. Your security setting will then show that it's enabled, and you will need to enter your Authenticator code as well as your password each time you login: And you can select 'Disable this method' to discontinue use of Authenticator. - Westwind, TWP Administration
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    Bran Astor

    Thank you, TWP!

    Thank you, TWP!
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    Sasquatch Gallery

    He blends in with his surroundings
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    We, the Japonic Islands, have joined the forums and officially request citizenship with the West Pacific. After having been in TWP for months, we are excited to officially and permanently move our great nation here.
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    Life as a new retiree

    Heyo Dilber! You came back to be delegate? LOL! The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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    I feel like Bran and OT are flirting through status changes...
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    Testing to post a Crest here. wondering how it appeared. this also a display too, enjoy :-)
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    Random Poll #9

    I'm a morning person if you consider getting up at 330-4am daily and going to sleep at 8-830pm a morning person. I don't do overnight software upgrades anymore and my body is slowly adjusting to not getting up at 1130pm, before long I'll be up at 5am like some slacker....
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    Can I quote you

    "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth" --- Marcus Aurelius
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