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1st T20 World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Please do not post in this thread if you are not a participant. Also, no OOC posts, please.

Welcome to the 1st T20 World Cup! This is an international Cricket tournament with Twenty20 International rules. If you are a participant, you can start posting about your nation's cricket team (logo, players, kits, and any other related information). You can also post about your team's preparations for this event!

Another important thing to include in your roster post is the "role play permissions". If you want to role play while making sure that the other RPer(s) won't do inevitable things you don't want to happen to your team, you can post these below outlining what the other RPers can or cannot do, for example:

Injure my players: yes/no
Dismiss batmen: yes/no
Deliberate unfair play: yes/no
Godmod injuries: yes/no
Godmod scoring: yes/no
Godmod other events: yes/no

The last three permissions, godmodding, is the role playing unrealistic or unbelievable things happening. So if you want a more realistic experience for your team (and what we hopefully want in the games for the duration of the tournament), you can ask other RPers not to godmod in your matches. You can also add, leave, or remove any role permissions you want. It's your team, so we will let you dictate the way your team plays (as long as it is realistic).

Also, you can include what we call a "style modifier". This is a number between -5 and +5, which indicates if you are a defensive (leaning to negative numbers) or an offensive (leaning to positive numbers) team. If you don't put one, you'll automatically get a neutral modifier (0.00), and that is just fine.

If you have any questions, you can always ask me in Discord. You can DM me or drop your question in #twenty20_one of the RP server. You can also ask me in the OOC thread.


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The host of the 1st T20 World Cup is:


The Great Empire of Larxia

The Great Empire of Larxia is a nation in the western part of Andolia, bordering Irador in the west, and Daskel in the South. It is the most-populous country in the continent with about 25.5 million Larxians. The Central Government convenes in the capital city of New Larxia. The climate is usually temperate with distinct seasons and bearable heat. The climate is a little oceanic in the west but gets a little extreme(continental) towards the Eastern border of the country.



Cities hosting the World Cup:

New Larxia- It is the capital city of the Great Empire of Larxia. With a population of 3.4 million, it is the most populated city in Larxia. It is located in close proximity to the sea, which makes it very important for marine trade.

Nexilia- It is the technological capital of Larxia. It is also known as the Silicon Valley of Larxia. Most of the tech firms in Larxia call this city their home. 

San Dojas- It is one of the most important cities for the sports in nation. It is a little sparsely populated compared to the other cities because it houses expansive, state of the art sports complexes.

La Marina- As the name suggests, it is close to marine life. It is famous for the marine life that cannot be experienced anywhere else. The main selling point of the tourism of La Marina is the lake we Larxians like to call the Lake Falcon.

Zancoudo- It is located in the  mountainous region in the North of Larxia. It is a small range but the the mountains are pretty high.This city houses the highest and the most beautiful stadium in the world and the views from the stadium are breathtaking.



Stadiums to be used for the World Cup:

1.King's Circle Stadium
Capacity: 132,000
Location: New Larxia
Used only for the Finals



2.NCG Stadium
Capacity: 92,000
Location: Nexilia
Used for Group A fixtures and SF 1



3. Faltech Arena
Capacity: 61,000
Location: San Dojas
Used for Group B fixtures and SF 2 



4.King Julius International Stadium
Capacity: 49,000
Location: La Marina
Used for Group C and Super 8 Group A fixtures



5. ZCA Stadium
Capacity: 46,500
Location: Zancoudo
Used for Group D and Super 8 Group B fixtures


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With 15 registered nations, the Loremasters and the Lorekeepers decided to include 1 Non-Playing Character (with no bonuses to be given and with neutral style modifier), also hailing from Doll Guldur, to have all continents represented. With that, we have 16 playing nations. They will be divided into four (4) groups with four (4) teams each. Nations will play with all nations found in their group once. A win is given two (2) points, a draw is given one (1) point, and a loss is given zero (0) points. The two (2) nations with the most number of points in their respective groups will progress to the Super Eight. The progressing eight (8) teams will be divided into two (2) groups with four (4) teams each, playing with all nations found in their group once, with the same point tally for every outcome of their games, and same qualification for the knock-out rounds (top 2 nations in the 2 groups of Super Eight will proceed to the knock-out rounds). The knock-out rounds will start with a cross-over semi-final game to determine who will be playing in the championships. When points are tied, number of wins, result of head-to-head meetings, and the NRR (Net Run Rate) of tied teams are checked to break the tie.

(Excuse the OOC, but) Starting with this tournament, we will also be giving a whole-day RP day. While the results will be posted on 9 PM EDT, the posting of the results of the next match day will be 48 hours after the posting of the results of the previous match day. For example, for the 1st Match Day of the First Round, the results will be posted on May 10 9 PM EDT. May 11 will be an RP Day. We hope that it would increase and improve role play interaction between nations. The cut-off for role play on that match day will still be an hour before posting the results of the next match day. In the previous example, the cut-off for role play will be on May 12 8 PM EDT, and posting of the results of the 2nd Match Day of the First Round will be on May 12 9 PM EDT.

The scheduling of round robin games are as follows:

R1 Match Day 1               Super 8 Day 1
3 vs 2                           C vs B
1 vs 4                           A vs D 

R1 Match Day 2               Super 8 Day 2
2 vs 1                           B vs A
4 vs 3                           D vs C 

R1 Match Day 3               Super 8 Day 3
2 vs 4                          B vs D
1 vs 3                          A vs C


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C - Captain
WK - Wicketkeeper

Coach: Noel Laud

Official Uniform

Style modifier: 3.7

Role play permissions:


Injure my players: yes
Dismiss batmen: yes
Deliberate unfair play: yes
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes


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Posted (edited)

The official entry form of Hertfordshire and Jammbo Cricket, submitted for the T20 World Cup/Đe ȩfisl èntri fočim av Häřtferdsierndeambeu Ķrikit, seḃmited će Ț20 Wḙld Kap/Нa Афитсиaлeн фоpme нa Kaтфeдcиe aи Kaнфитьeлук Kpикeт, Пeудaдeни зa нa T20 Cвeтa Kaпe





Twenty20 Names*

Hertfordia Heathens | Hertfordia Snowstorm | Hertfordia Shrine Maidens


The Roster - Section 1: Players

Name Age Gender Birthplace Number Batting Hand Bowling Style Role County Cricket Club League
Lisa Lazarenko 4 Female Kosapki 12 Right Knuckleball All-Rounder Wesfolk Dívien 3
Yuuya Kovalchuk 17 Male Turabryn 11 Left Yorker All-Rounder Dishforthshire Dívien 1
Diego Adamov 30 Male Jajov 1 Left Leg Break All-Rounder Stourtonshire Dívien 3
Reimu Hadjieva 20 Female Brvý 8 Right Slider All-Rounder Greater Parndon Dívien 2
Derek Sokolov 29 Male Mocali 19 Right Top Spin (Leg Spinner) All-Rounder Eardingshire Dívien 3
Rago Niedra ??? Male Tiszason 18 Left The Doosra All-Rounder Isle of Bhlak Dívien 3
Kyosuke Miķelsons ??? Male Căuneț 13 Left Top Spin (Off Spinner) All-Rounder Worsbroughshire Dívien 1
Richard Hammond 51 Male Căureni 15 Left Flipper All-Rounder Orstenshire Dívien 1
Yomiel Stasyuk ??? Male Ellona 25 Right Bouncer All-Rounder Eversdenshire Dívien 3
Naho Sotirova 17 Female Racikie 5 Right Leg Cutter All-Rounder Draytonshire Dívien 2
Patchouli Knalide 100 Female Curdoara 14 Left Off Break All-Rounder Stevingtonshire Dívien 3
Dynamis Dudka ??? Male Lučebín 4 Left In Swinger All-Rounder Wortonshire Dívien 3
Ryosuke Tīrelis 24 Male Dudinňová FC3S Right Arm Ball All-Rounder Pailtonshire Dívien 1
Faust Ḩarełeudeiem ??? Male Krasnorovsk 6 Right Carrom Ball All-Rounder Wildenshire Dívien 2
Robert Cherganski 27 Male Krasnoahorod 3 Left Slower Ball All-Rounder South Maritsex Dívien 2
Isaac Myroshnychenko 5 Male Zhabitrykaw 666 Right Beamer All-Rounder Norsex Dívien 1
Đe Kaiser 41 Male Skibrowna 22 Right Out Swing All-Rounder Autumset Dívien 1
Patrick Manev 52 Male Krhumín 20 Left Reverse Swing All-Rounder Buritonshire Dívien 1



The Roster - Section 2: Coach & Assistant Coach

Name Age Gender Birthplace Initials Club League
Maxie Mazurenko 40 Male Baralyna MM Dnieper-Stour Dívien 3
Eirin Yaneva Extremely Old Female Rekoml EY Eientei Darlham Dívien 2



The Founding Year

Established in 1419 (as Hertfordia Cricket)


The Stadium


Tsar's Cricket Ground - Capacity: 30,000


The HNDK Kit




Roleplay Permissions

Injure my players: Yes
Dismiss batmen: Yes
Deliberate unfair play: No
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No


Style Modifier



Hertfordshire and Jammbo - Stuffing logic into the boot since the dawn of time.


*There was a vote by the Hertfordshire and Jammbo Ministry of Sport on which names the cricket team should have. The combined results of the national votes were tallied for the top 3. Hertfordians & their close ethnic relatives voted for 'Hertfordia Heathens', Jammbians & their own close ethnic relatives voted for 'Hertfordia Snowstorm' and 'Hertfordia Shrine Maidens' was the option that came 2nd in both sides.

20200303_210432.png.c103e24b48058f513f3a5d6768def260.thumb.png.ed7753172eb8a79d0eee7398121b08df.png                 Untitled.png.655c7e5024b4adf2c65e5351b7a47c71.png                 1665347903_HJCoatofArmsDraft.thumb.png.b18d46f45c9cc7b49b8e1602bdb3476d.png

Edited by Clarkov
Finally completed (no really) at 20:23 GMT on 10/05/2021

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The above squad will represent Larxia in the Cricket World Cup taking place in Larxia. The team was selected by the coach of the national team Rahul Menaria, one of the best retired cricketers in the world and to ever grace Larxian cricket. These players were observed, studied, scouted and analysed by the best scouts in the country. These players came from the Larxian Premier League, one of the professionally and commercially top leagues in the world. 

The chief of Cricket Larxia, Nuno Esprito in a statement, said that he had full faith in the Larxian National Team, led by Virat Kohli, adding that the home-advantage will definitely come into play here.

The Larxian National Team will be seen donning a Blue jersey with Red and Gold details.

Jersey of the Larxian National Team






Style Modifier: +4.2


Role-play Permissions:


Injure my players: yes(but only minor)
Dismiss batmen: yes
Deliberate unfair play: preferably not
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: yes

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Royal Cricket Team


Saint Mark

Number Age Batting Player
1 34 R Conrad Egleston (C)
2 24 R Milton Granger (WK)
33 19 L Hunter Markson (WK)
22 26 R Philip Entbourne
7 32 R Hal Oberman
17 28 R George Morely
19 28 L Katherine Shelby
20 27 R Gregor Simkovich
24 21 R Evard Emberfel
13 23 R Lucy Evaristo
5 30 R Warren Pierce
21 29 L Hugh Spencer
11 32 R Walter Czarneki
77 19 R Tristan Heuvels
18 25 R Gomez Trullior


Coach: Rudolph Waterman


Injure my players: yes
Dismiss batmen: yes
Deliberate unfair play: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

Style Mod +3.0





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Nieubasria is a nation of 15 million residents, located in the northwest heart of Polaris. Cricket is enjoyed by a relatively small number of people in Nieubasria, though they tend to be wealthier people which finance their local clubs through systems similar to Patronage. For instance, a high-ranking member of the royal family has always been patron of the (Royal) Clarendon Cricket Club.

Cricket Basria

Cricket Basria is a national sport organization whose mission is the organization of the national cricket team for Nieubasria. Individual cricket clubs retain much decision making power within the nation, and Cricket Basria is a fairly new National Sports Federation (NSF) which represents each local club or association solely for external relations. Cricket Basria was incepted in 1401 when the four prominent private clubs came to an agreement about international representation. 

A Federation is a plural organization between multiple Leagues or Clubs around the nation, most often of city or county-level organizations which coordinate for rules and national ranking and championships. Federations will most often employ a representative democratic structure in their highest levels. An example of such a structure is the Basric Astorian Football Confederence which grants each member association a vote in the Confederence Rules Council. A Federation is more common in popular, highly subscribed sports with developed amateur and varsity leagues.


Quick Info

  • Trigram: NIU
  • Adjective: Basric
  • Demonym: Basrian
  • Plural: Basrians
  • Language: Astorian, Common
  • Population: 15,470,723 
  • Area: 423,563 km2 
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 195,566฿ , $45,800 international monetary units
  • Capital: Clarendon



Team Info

Basic Info:

  • Style mod: +2.8
  • Home stadium:  Clarendon Cricket Club Pitch, Clarendon (cap. 2,900 (2,100 seated, 800 standing))
    • Sometimes referred to as the 'Royal Pitch' or the 'Prince's Pitch', the stadium at the Clarendon Cricket Club is an exclusive and private venue. This is the unofficial home of the Cricket Basria team, though they are known to rotate through various stadiums through the season. 
  • Managers: Harri Pembroke
  • Coaches: Anwen Belli (Head), Rickard Sured


Name / Batting / Number / Age / (Role)

Lloyd Mcguire / R / 2 / 31 / (Captain)
Nigel Hilton / R / 11 / 25 / Batsman (Wicket Keeper)
Darcey Moore / R / 12 / 32 / Batsman
Hafsa Thomson / L / 15 / 26 / All Round
Igor Ruvim / R / 24 / 32 / Bowler
Husayn Gerfrid / L / 27 / 25 / Batsman (Wicket Keeper)
Duke Ieremahel / L / 36 / 28 / Batsman
Rufus Fadl / R / 39 / 28 / Batsman (Wicket Keeper)
Manoj Nurul / R / 41 / 32 / Bowler

Maurice Siemen / R / 52 / 30 / Bowler
Stefanus Edsel / R / 58 / 26 / All Round

Tasunka Jørg / R / 80 / 25 / Batsman (Reserve)
Regan Elias / R / 61 / 22 / Bowler (Reserve)
Marin Asgeir / R / 59 / 32 / All Round (Reserve)
Dorotheus Deepak / L / 44 / 31 / All Round (Reserve)
Timothy Robert / R / 89 / 30 / Batsman (Reserve)




RP Permissions

Injure my players: No
Dismiss batmen: Yes
Deliberate unfair play: No
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No

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Quick Info

  • Trigram: TCM
  • Adjective: Cambric
  • Demonym: Cambrian
  • Plural: Cambrian
  • Language: Astorian, Common
  • Population: 108,251,000 
  • Area: 4,665,000 km2 
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: 73,500 , $50,300 international monetary units
  • Capital: Saint-Josalyn

Team Info

Basic Info:

  • Style mod: +3.2
  • Home stadium:  Lady's Cricket Ground (or Millennium Oval)
  • Stadium capacity: 18,000
  • Coach: Sunny Mendis


# Player Role Batting Bowling Style
4 Thom Carey (vc, wk) Wicket-keeper-batsman Left -
48 Alex Latham Wicket-keeper-batsman Left Right-arm medium
30 Colin Maxwell All-rounder Right Right-arm fast
3 James Grandhomme All-rounder Right Right-arm fast-medium
50 Marcus Neesham All-rounder Left Right-arm off spin
27 Kane Finch (c) Batsman Right Left-arm orthodox
32 Shaun Smith Batsman Left Right-arm off spin
86 Colin Nicholls Batsman Left Right-arm off spin
49 Ross Munro Batsman Right Right-arm leg spin
34 Aaron Taylor Batsman Left Right-arm off break
65 Jason Southee Bowler Right Left-arm fast-medium
6 Nathan Boult Bowler Right Right-arm fast
67 Mitchell Ferguson Bowler Right Left-arm fast
18 Matt Starc Bowler Right Right-arm leg spin
21 Lockie Behrendorff Bowler Right Right-arm fast
61 Adam Sodhi Bowler Right Left-arm fast-medium



RP Permissions

Injure my players: No
Dismiss batmen: Yes
Deliberate unfair play: No
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No

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The Blue Runners of the Blue Bubble Cricket Association

The Team
Player Number Role Batting Hand

Jakano Malthe

6 Batsman R

Delkee Kenzo (WK)

84 Batsman R

Evander Sibel

35 Bowler L

Pakand Dekebal

91 Bowler R

Bernard Koler (C)

75 Bowler R

Kasp Aitry

52 Batsman L

Aner Odel (Reserve)

40 All-Rounder L

Onder Alkiades

3 Batsman R

Grant Yonlon

18 Batsman R

Trenin Jot'yandal (WK)

29 Bowler R

Steven Jones

37 All-Rounder R
Kander Tekona 21 Batsman L


Demonym: Bubblean

Plural: Bluemen

Language: Glendulan, Common




Style Modifier: -2.67

Injure my players: yes

Dismiss batmen: yes

Deliberate unfair play: no

Godmod injuries: no

Godmod scoring: no

Godmod other events: yes


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May 8, 2021; 12:30 PM Auran Standard Time; New Larxia; Watchtower of Larxia's international airport

(radio message) "Larxia Tower, this is Uniform Alfa Delta One. Requesting permission to land. Over."

The controller nudged his colleague in his left, covering the mouthpiece of his headphones, "Why is the Adaikesian Presidential Aircraft coming to Larxia? I thought only their cricket players are coming?" His colleague just shrugged his shoulders.

"Uniform Alfa Delta One," the controller replied, returning to his headphones, "this is Larxia Tower. You are cleared to land on runway one-seven. Over."

"Roger that, see you in a few, over," came out from UAD1.


Upon landing on runway 17, and parking on a designated apron for special aircrafts, boarding ramps are connected to the cabin doors of the UAD One. While the two cabin doors opened at the same time, the rear cabin door saw people coming out first with the Steelbats cricket players of United Adaikes including the team staff heading off from the aircraft, along with some government staff. The first to come out of the front cabin door was the Chairman of the United Adaikes Cricket Board Xenocrates Mun, followed by United Adaikes Sports Commission Chief Pouria Barr.

After at least 20 minutes, members of the Cabinet went out. Foreign Affairs Secretary Anne Duncan was the first to head out, followed by Secretary of Trade Felice Colbert, Agriculture Secretary Kristen Bryan, Communications Secretary Sami Wirth, and Energy Secretary Hallam Chase. Retired General Carlo Charlton, now the Secretary of Military Affairs, came out with President Luke Salazar. Many would think United Adaikes officials came for an international summit.

A staff from the Department of Communications has told the press that they will not give any statements now, take the opportunity to rest after the 20-hour flight straight from Adaikes Central to New Larxia. The said staff has also said that the President will be attending the Opening Ceremony tomorrow evening.

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Giovannilandian National Cricket Team
(Giovannilandian: Giovannilandiana Equipa Nacionalia di Criquete) 

Team Information:

Style mod: -3

Home Stadium: Emperor Fernando Stadium, Giovannistadt


Managers: Evandro Alchemaro, Alexandra Hamamura

Coaches: Theobaldo Schmidt-Taspein, Lavanda Kharventhin

Main Players:

Name Gender  Age  Batting Role Home City
Rosangela Yangchen Female 29 L Wicket Keeper & Batsman Quoriv
Otavio Quintana-Urbolina Male 25 R Wicket Keeper & Batsman Giovannistadt
Carolina Allamand Female 26 R All-Rounder Violet Harbor
Ivone Shang-Quardyn Female 22 L All-Rounder Amorante
Erasmo Montemor Neves Male 27 L Batsman Anneville
Humberto Nazareth-Zarya (C) Male 28 R Batsman Urythburg
Henrique Nyima Amaral Male 24 L Batsman Sonserina
Zulmira Frambersa Female 23 R Bowler Bwaryk
Guillermo Farias Sanchez Male 19 R Bowler Violet Harbor
Marta Desniowynsk Female 21 L Bowler Elysthin
Raymundo de Abreu-Floryn Male 20 R Bowler Candaluvro

Backup Players:

Name Gender  Age  Batting Role Home City
Mariane Uryth-Afraberg Female 25 L Wicket Keeper & Batsman Vrosa
Vanda Opheryk Marques Female 21 R All-Rounder Markopolis
Antonio Armelyana Male 24 R Batsman Giovannistadt
Frederico Vidal-Arveredo Male 28 R Bowler Manariaus



RP Permissions:

Injure my players: yes
Dismiss batmen: yes
Deliberate unfair play: no
Godmod injuries: no
Godmod scoring: no
Godmod other events: no

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The Cricket Team of the Federal Republic of Santos-Dominius

(Santosian: Équipe de Santosie-Dominigne de cricket)

(Dominian: Cricket-Team von Santoreich-Dominien)


Team Information


Style Modifier: -3.5

Home Stadium: Mulberry Field, Friberne

Stadium Capacity: 20,000

Coach: Roger Bennington

Manager: Enoch Theroux


RP Permissions

Injure my players: yes

Dismiss batmen: yes

Deliberate unfair play: yes

Godmod injuries: yes

Godmod scoring: yes

Godmod other events: yes



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May 8th, 1421; 8 PM International Atomic Time


The players and the staff of the Larxian National Cricket Team are in the Windlar Castle. King Maddy IV hosted a state dinner for the team before the beginning of the tournament. The infamous Oval Banquet was prepared for the state dinner. 

The team sits along either side of a long rectangular table, with the King and future Queen at both ends of the table. The King's siblings, Prince Dominic, Prince Sergio, Prince Gerard and Princess Georgina are present along side the King to welcome the team and wish them luck.

"I would just like to express my gratitude to Your Royal Highness for inviting the National Team to your home and host a state dinner for us. I promise, on behalf of the team, that we will do our best in the upcoming World Cup, and hopefully keep the trophy in Larxia. We promise to uphold the spirit of the game and to make sure to give performances that the fans can cheer for. Thank you again," said the Captain of the team, Virat Kohli in a respectful manner.

"Of course, I expect you to do your best, just keep in mind winning is good, but it is not the end of the world, if you lose. Just keep doing your best, and I promise to all of you, that the Larxians will keep supporting you, I definitely will. So go out there and play your natural game, and I do not say this lightly, but I have seen your natural game, and you're a force to be reckoned with. So keep doing what you do best and the results will come in your favour. All the best brothers," the King added encouragingly.

The rest of the evening progressed pretty formally, with a wide spread of drinks and foods, especially Andolian cheeses, that were in abundance. The Royal Family wished the team well in their World Cup Campaign. King Maddy IV promised the team that he will be in attendance for every Larxian match in the World Cup. He also ensured that team are accommodated in the best hotel in Nexilia for their Group Stage Matches.

The team took their leave and left for Nexilia to get settled over there while Kohli stayed back in New Larxia to attend the opening ceremony of the World Cup which will happen in the King's Circle Stadium. 


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May 9th, 1421; 7 PM International Atomic Time

The captains of the 15 teams are present in the King's Circle Stadium in New Larxia for the opening ceremony of the 1st T20 World Cup. Unfortunately the Hertfordian Captain was delayed and he is not present here. Around 127,000 fans have come to attend the opening ceremony of this coveted tournament. The tournament will start tomorrow with the same fervour as the opening ceremony. There is a stage made in the centre of the ground, with 16 flag holders at the back and the national flags rolled up at the top of the stadium. There is a small podium covered by a cloth with the trophy underneath. "All the captains will be introduced and they will come to the stage and they will put their respective flags in their assigned places. Please give a huge cheer for all the captains and give them a warm welcome," the announcer said on the stadium speakers. The crowd roared in excitement.

Each captain gets on the stage and plants their flag to thunderous applause and loud cheers. As each captain gets up on the stage, the flags rolled up at the top of the stadium are unfurled and they hang from the top of the stadium sideways, fluttering freely in the breeze. Each captain is personally interviewed by the announcer to deafening cheers from the crowd. "Where is the Hertfordian captain? Where is he? Please tell me he wasn't kidnapped or anything," the announcer shrieked frantically. "Hold on, mhmm, we are getting news that their coach broke down, mhmm mhmm, Ohhh, and, wait WHAT? And apparently they are driving across the continent on tractors. Well, nothing we can do about it, so let us continue on with the ceremony." 

"Now the world-renowned top Larxian artist, Selena Cabello, will perform for the crowd. She will also be debuting the Official Song of the T20 World Cup. Make some noise and welcome SELENA CABELLOoOoO". Cabello performs for the crowd and ensures that they are very excited and lifts the energy of the crowd to another level. Some other artists like the famous Larxian DJ, DJ MaXXus, also perform a few sets for the crowd. As the performance ends, DJ MaXXus exclaims at the top of his lungs, "Now please welcome His Highness, KING MADDY IV!!!!! Make some noise in welcoming him to the stage."

King Maddy IV gets up on the stage and motions the people to be quiet for some time. He says enthusiastically, "Citizens of Larxia, it brings me great pleasure that Larxia is hosting the tournament. To the captains I say, this game is a very beautiful game, so my sole advice will be to enjoy the games you play here, have some fun in Larxia, but most importantly uphold the honour of the game. To the fans, I say, enjoy watching these amazing athletes compete for the trophy and go to the stadiums to support your team. It might not seem like much, but it definitely makes a difference, ask the captains. With that, I declare the First T20 World Cup here in the Democratic Republic of Larxia, open! And with that, I present to you, the trophy that the winning team will take home with them." King Maddy IV uncovers the trophy to be given to the Champions of the T20 World Cup.


Champions' Trophy for the T20 World Cup





The fans get extremely energised, and you can hear it in the loud chants and cheers as the fireworks go off in the stadium. King Maddy IV stays up on the stage to meet the captains individually and wish them luck in their World Cup Campaign. The King takes a little more time with the Larxian captain and gives him his blessing for the campaign. The King is escorted to the King's reserved box in the stadium to view the rest of the ceremony. Selena Cabello and DJ MaXXus continue the ceremony for awhile. The ceremony ends around 11 PM and the captains take their leave to rejoin their respective teams in their team hotels. The King also leaves by around 11.15 PM after meeting the dignitaries present for the opening ceremony.


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Zoranian National Cricket Team






Degataga Tsanowa




Wicket Keeper & Batsman

Guwisti Wuquido




Wicket Keeper

  Amo-adawehi Hnamiye





Cuhtahlatah Kagetli





  Gulkalaski Dulinosa 






Incalatanga Tlonega





Kunokeski Dlahi





Tanamara Nosawi 





Outacite Lusowigo





Tagwadihi   Dehase





Nazshoni Genaso







Style Mod: +2

RP Permissions:

Injure my players: yes

Dismiss batmen: no

Deliberate unfair play: yes

Godmod injuries: yes

Godmod scoring: yes

Godmod other events: yes


Royal News Network

May 9th, 1421, 7 AM IAT

The sun rises over the horizon as Quiyakaso adjusts his tie in a public bathroom of the New Larxia Airport. First sports broadcast of the new public news network of Zoran and his first day on the job. He hopes his luck has turned around and that nothing bad happens during his recording. He lets out a deep breath before making his way out of the bathroom and towards the terminal where the Zoranian team had arrived.

"Going live in 3...2...1..." The producer said as he motion for my broadcast to begin,

"Good morning people of Zoran! I am Quiyakaso Gohalitsve and welcome to the first live broadcast for the RNN's new sports news segment! We are live at the New Larxia Airport to witness the arrival of our cricket team! Many other teams have arrived the day before but our team's flight was delayed because of a storm over the airport last night that prevent them from taking off. Our team has high hopes for this world cup and despite the damage and disruption that the past year has caused, our team has been practicing in whatever way they could. They hope to bring home some glory to Zoran and its people to show that despite its recent troubles the country could still compete with the best in the international community! The Queen herself has wished the team the best of luck during this competition and that regardless of the outcome of this competition that the country will know they played the best they could." Behind him, the cricket team came walking out of the gate with smiles on their faces,
"And here they are now folks! The Zoranian Cricket team! They are excited to compete with other nations on the international stage to test their abilities with the best of the best. They have practiced in warzones, ruined fields, and the rainforests of Zoran and anywhere they could this past year in order to be in the best condition possible for this event. Instead of holding a parade, the team will be raising funds that they will donate to the various communities of Zoran that were the most affected by the war and for those that lost everything in the Desolation of Zoradia. We wish them luck in this task and look forward to seeing them play. Now let's go back to the news room to the current events section!" The broadcast ended and Quiyakaso let out a sigh of relief that something didn't go wrong for once. One of the interns came running to him with the coffee he requested earlier, he took it and thanked the intern before taking a drink and quickly spit it out onto the floor.

"This isn't what I ordered!" said Quiyakaso in a mildly annoyed tone,

"I know sir," said the intern, "the café said they discontinued your order a year ago." Quiyakaso fell to his knees and looked up at the ceiling as he yelled,

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"Hello, everyone! From New Larxia, Larxia, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 bring you live coverage of the 1st T20 World Cup! Our coverage of the 1st T20 World Cup is brought to you by our generous sponsor, the video game "Assault: Shade Mythicals"!. We know you've heard about them in every sponsored video you've ever watched on the Internet, but we here at SDCSN Channel 3 are constantly in desperate need of funding and we don't care for your ears! I, the magnificent man with a name that's a mouthful that is Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your mildly irritating host for the entire duration for the 1st T20 World Cup."

"And we're here at New Larxia Airport, where our Santo-Dominian cricket team arrived about a few hours ago. Unfortunately, our flySD flight was delayed and we couldn't arrive here in New Larxia earlier to tape their arrival. Oh, and I've just been told that quite a few groups of Santo-Dominian cricket fans flew here to cheer for the team, but apparently mistook our Santo-Dominian players as Nieubasrian players and didn't cheer at all when our country's cricket players emerged from customs. It has been said that those fans were confused due to both the Santo-Dominian and Nieubasrian team uniforms using yellow as the primary colour, but we're still trying to get some additional information about that unfortunate incident."

"In the meantime, we've also managed to completely miss the opening ceremony! The bosses back in Friberne only sent one camera crew with us, and all of us were on the same delayed flight. Anyways, we've been told that our yellow-loving competitors from Nieubasria, as well as all the other teams, have attended the opening ceremony. I'm sure both Santo-Dominian and Nieubasrian fans won't be puzzled if the two teams face off against each other. That was sarcasm. Did I pull off sarcasm? I'm being scolded by my assistant who has mouthed that I shouldn't have clarified that I was being sarcastic. Alright, let's move on from that failure!"

"Wait a minute, that's the end of this broadcast? Okay! Haha! I'm totally not embarrassed at all. Santo-Dominian cricket fans, as well as the Santo-Dominian Cricket Association, are to sure to pay very close attention to this Cup, given that this is the first time Santos-Dominius has contested an international cricket competition! So, here's a reminder: this is the channel for live and direct coverage of the T20 World Cup! I'm Approctoflecticus Blubberman, and this was the Opening Day of the 1st T20 World Cup. Stay tuned to SCDSN Channel 3 for coverage of the Cup, and see you whenever stuff happens, even if that means that I have wake up at night and report from my hotel room!"


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Official Communique from the office of the King

10th May, 1421; 8 AM IAT

The King has issued a statement, saying that the stadium in New Larxia will undergo some renovations which will be ready in time for the finals of the T20 World Cup taking place here in Larxia. The King once again expresses his joy and enthusiasm that Larxia is hosting the 1st World Cup. He also expressed his gratitude to the International Council for accepting Larxia's bid to host the tournament.

Coming to the point of the renovations, the King's Circle Stadium in New Larxia will see a new VIP box being added to it for the finals of the World Cup. This luxurious, state-of-the-art viewing box will be called, One World VIP Box. This box will be exclusively designed for the World leaders. The VIP Box will include every luxury you could think of and it is being made with the safety of the World Leaders in mind.

The King would also like to officially invite the Heads of the State of the 16 participating nations to join him in the One World Box to watch the finals in New Larxia. The King hopes that the World Leaders will accept his invitation and usher in a new era of friendliness and co-operation.

On a side note, the King has seen some of the misfortunes of the Zoranian news reporter, Quiyakaso, and would like to ask him whether he needed any kind of extra security to maybe reduce the chances of something like this happening in Larxia.






King Maddy IV

Ruler of the Democratic Republic of Larxia

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Howard Gresham, Private Secretary to Prince Marcarius, flipped through the papers inside the burgundy leather portfolio.
"The RAF Gryphon has been prepared and will take Your Serene Highness to New Larxia two days before the end of the tournament. His Majesty, King Maddy IV, has invited the leaders of the participating nations to join him in his box for the finals and we have accepted."

"Very good, Howard," replied the prince. "Please extend an invitation to King Maddy to join me for tea in my suite there the day before the finals."

"Yes, sir."

"Our team looked quite sharp in their whites and blue blazers at the Opening Ceremony. I do hope we put on a good show. As you know, cricket has been played in Saint Mark since its invention. There are scions of three Electors on the team, including my nephew Hunter. Let's toast for luck, Howard!" Prince Marcarius raised his tea cup and smiled, as Gresham bowed his head.

"Yes, sir."



Meanwhile in New Larxia, the team was quiet but relaxed on the luxury bus that was taking them from the Kings Circle Stadium to the airport where they would board their plane to La Marina. The Opening Ceremony had just ended.

Conrad Egleston, the team Captain, and Rudolph Waterman, the coach, were in conversation about strategy.

Walter Czarneki, the second oldest on the team and one of the best batsmen in the league, wondered if this first international tournament might be his last. 

The rest of the team contemplated the upcoming games and the strange country in which they would take place.

Tristan contemplated Lucy.



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Hertfordshire and Jammbo Cricket - T20 World Cup Preview


Hello and welcome to the first ever report by HAJC on the T20 World Cup here in Larxia. Well, when we say here in Larxia, we have only just arrived in this country. Despite being one of the closest nations to Larxia itself - the western-most part of Hertfordshire & Jammbo is even in the same time zone as Larxia - we were the absolute last team to arrive and for once it wasn't due to getting lost on the way here. What happened was that our team coach actually broke just before we left. There was no other proper mode of transport we could use, so take a good guess what we arrived in Larxia with...


We aren't making this up. Hertfordshire and Jammbo is widely known as the countryside bumpkin nation, full of farms and wonderful scenery. At no point did we think it would have to go this far though. Those vehicles attached to the third one was on all three tractors in different forms.


Once we had finally arrived, we had a 'chat' with the coachbuilders behind our transport. Let's just say it was full of colourful language and a whole lot of furious shouting. Still, it could be worse, and then it was. We found out much to our dismay that the opening ceremony for the T20 World Cup had already finished some time ago. The misery was piled on by reports we found in the local news that United Adaikes made it earlier than us despite being a 20 hour flight away. Now that's just humiliating, our image as the 'dismal isolated farmers country' really is being confirmed to the rest of the world.

Mind you, just because we missed the ceremony, that by no means results in us not being there at all. We are not letting our presence go unreported. Instead of going down to the training ground, we headed straight for where the opening ceremony had taken place. Armed with the national flag of our nation St. Harlow's Cross, Faust Ḩarełeudeiem who is the captain of the Hertfordia Heathens burst through the stadium taking the janitors completely by surprise and just planted the Hertfordian flag where it is meant to be. This is somewhat normal to us lot.


This is Faust Ḩarełeudeiem, the captain of Hertfordshire and Jammbo Cricket's team (Hertfordia Heathens/Snowstorm/Shrine Maidens) as well as the former manager of the Hertfordshire and Jammbo Rugby Union's team. Don't question it. His first action in Larxia was to plant a flag far later than everyone else. The manager was going to do it but he was too busy shouting on the phone to the coachbuilders some more. This guy can be subtlely threatening without even trying.

Well, now that we have that out of the way we can introduce ourselves. We are those whose names shall never be uttered on this news service. Yeah, we aren't giving our names, mainly because we actually stole the job from the original presenters by sending them through a rather detailed and sinister gate. Even if it was a gate to Hell it wouldn't be surprising. If you really must know we are: Editor - Damian Hadjiev, Reporter - Frank Wezapad, Deputy Reporter - Yoshikage Ķile. It's not exactly much but we are more than capable of doing reporting. Apart from the fact we know next to nothing about cricket. But let's just gloss that to one side, we shall end the preview of the tournament with the news that we are in Group B with Glenpavia/Blue Bubble, Cambria & Teralyon as the third seed. Therefore we shall be playing Cambria in our first match. Goodbye for now, see you lot back home some other day.


An accurate representation of the training facilities that Hertfordshire and Jammbo have to use while here in Larxia. Honest.


20200303_210432.png.c103e24b48058f513f3a5d6768def260.thumb.png.bd38ea36b448a038b6ad86c56358d432.png                 Untitled.png.f41923af047c058999afdd8ef9892f65.png                 1183970345_HJCoatofArmsDraft.thumb.png.1a4d451c8ed9852f446a43758845eec3.png

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Posted (edited)


It was 10 hours before the opening ceremony and the team had just landed.

Bernard grinned as he walked through the air bridge, looking refreshed. His phone was on the end of a selfie stick so he could capture the whole team. "Good morning Guys!" He spoke loud and clear. He was a good-looking guy - the perfect poster child for the team - their PR manager thought as she followed ahead. She already knew the news network was set up for the pre-opening ceremony interview with the team, just ready to start after the team gets settled in.

Behind her, the captain was chatting to a climbing audience, having already introduced the team. Evander Sibel had been the quietest during the flight, She wasn't used to flying just yet, but she managed it. Barely. But when she was in front of the camera, she had lit up, and for PR Expert Landel Akom, that was perfect. "We are so ready to just show what Glenpavia has to offer. Bluemen never give up without a good fight." Evander winks at the camera. She was a rural southern island girl, and her accent was catching the attention of a lot of adversing agencies.
 When they got to immigration, the team was finished filming, having answered some viewer's questions, and reported their excitement. By the time they got to the hotel, the team's page and accounts had excitingly increased in numbers, and they were ready to show off whatever rooms they got.

The rest of the day went swimmingly for the team and their managers. After the opening ceremony, the team all went into one room to celebrate their arrival. Their Coach, Walen Pother, had made sure no alcohol was consumed. That was going to be saved for later, saved for when they win.



"And now, over to our Sports Correspondent, Tennie, Over in New Larxia with our all-star cricket team"

The light went red, and Tennie softly smiled at the screen. "Hello from New Larxia, where I am here with the greatest of the greats!"

"Now now Tennie, we haven't won just yet" Bernard winks at her, joking. She laughs, joining in with the rest of the team, "Of course, but you are all come recommended by your own clubs back in Glenpavia, how does that feel?"

Kasp Aitry speaks up "It is an honour to be seen so highly by our own clubs. I know we had to go through a tough screening process to get on this team, and I am just thankful for not only our clubs, but all of our nation for believing in us. I know we are up against some tough competition, but to echo what Evander said earlier" she motions to the girl on the right of her "We will not give up until our last breath in this tournament"
The rest of the team nod in agreement, the captain ending the answer with a "We have quickly bonded as a team, and we can't wait to get out on the pitch"

From behind the camera, Landel Akom give them a thumbs up as Tennie continues "And we back at home are all rooting for you. My next question was about how excited you are, but you have already seemed to have answered that! Who do you think your toughest team will be?"
Grant Yonlon chooses to answer "Well, we have watched some teams play before, but others we don't have a clue about, so we cannot answer in terms of the whole tournament. There are a lot of highly skilled and confident players out there, and we are going to have to be on our A game to win the cup. But I think with confidence and teamwork, we will be able to fight through"

"I am sure we will be on the edge of our seats watching your matches guys! Now I noticed you did a video stream a few hours ago, Bernard, Do you have anything to say to your fans back home here on TV?" Tennie looks at him.

He nods "I just want to say, when we win this, we will do it for you guys, and the rest of Glenpavia-" Tennie speaks up over him "I am sorry Bernard, but I have just received news that Our current leader, Kassakira Petrovikan, will be joining you from the sidelines this tournament. I know a lot of bluemen have travelled to watch, but how exciting to have someone of such influence watching in person. How do you feel?"

Delkee was the first to speak, from surprise mostly. The leader of Blue Bubble was known for how eccentric she is, but also well she looks after the nation. For a nation who lives though the media, she rarely gives interviews or personally posts online. For Bluemen at home, playing "spot the leader" was a fun bet to play while watching if there was any wind of the woman being in the crowd. "We love that Kassakira has decided to support us in person" She looks at the camera "We hope to see you soon Miss 1st Leader, and we hope to make you proud!"
"And that's all we got time for today, Thank Blue Runners for joining us, and I hope you have a successful run this tournament. This is Tannie, back to the studio."

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Style Mod: +3


07 Zarko Hrushevksy Wicket-keeper-batsman Left
11 Bozhil Orlov Wicket-keeper-batsman Right
23 Spas Mehic All-rounder Right
33 Vojtisek Jastram All-rounder Left
18 Zan Grabower Batsman Left
14 Leslaw Zhivkov Batsman Right
44 Pribik Slivka Batsman Right
21 Igor Hlinka Batsman Left
17 Tihomil Nowy Bowler Right
47 Sobieslaw Seitz Bowler Right
62 Nayden Polonsky Bowler Left
77 Vlado Pollak All-rounder Left
30 Lachezar Voronov Batsman Right
35 Veleslav Malinowski Batsman Right
54 Bratislav Hrush Bowler Left
88 Dragotin Jastram Bowler Right

Team Kit



RP Permissions

Injure my players: No
Dismiss batmen: Yes
Deliberate unfair play: Yes
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod scoring: No
Godmod other events: No



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Due to pre-existing licensing agreements, television and online streaming access to the T20 World Cup in
New Larxia will be available exclusively through the Cambrian News Corporation either on the CNC network
as provided in your television package or through cnc.cm/watcht20.

Cricket Basria asks all community members and cricket fans to be on the lookout for pirated streams.
These can be a serious risk to your information security, and NEVER give your credit card information to 
any website purporting to allow you to stream the T20 World Cup as it is only available through CNC. 

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