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1st World Cup of Football [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Zoranian Times Live!

"Good morning Zoran! I am Quiyakaso Gohalitsve and welcome to Zoranian Times Live! Last night our team went up against Libterraria for a place in the quarterfinals! To say the least the game was a bit of a bore as both teams were constantly preventing each other from scoring for most of the game. Our team's offense kept being disrupted by the Libterrarian defense and our defense kept disrupting their offense. However, in the final few minutes of the game, our team was able to score a goal against Libterraria, breaking the deadlock between the teams. This goal was pulled off by Ayeli Igvyiditlvanigisdi who kicked the ball into the goal from the right of the goal! This has progressed us into the quarterfinals where our team will face off against the Nieubasrian team! The coach has said that the team is going to be watching the Nieubasrian football team's previous matches in order to learn their strategies in order to be able to counter it. Tonight's match will be one that should not be missed."

Quiyakaso then closed his eyes clenched his jaw, seemingly waiting for something to come and ruin his broadcast. But nothing came.

"Huh, this is a rare occurance. Well then, I hope you are able to watch the match Zoran. Stay safe and beware of the Dalimbari landmines! This was Quiyakaso Gohalitsve with the World Cup report!"

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FEBRUARY 25, 1421

Nfpctgn.png V gOtcsY8.png

1 - 0


FEBRUARY 26, 1421

https://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/nagaraningrad__108657.png V big_bad_badger__517104.png

2 - 0


FEBRUARY 27, 1421

Glorious Nagaraningrad National Football (NNF) Finally beat Fujais Fotbollforbund (FjFF) in qualification group and Badgeria Football in round of sixteen. The new specification of Individual Training has been implemented since the glorious match against United Adaikes.

The Badgeria are famous for it's six goals against Alchera however, NNF manage to beat Badgeria with first goal by the Captain Bambang Karajan, after fifteen minute from the start of second half and with Badgeria went stun, NNF manage to steal the ball and score another with only one minute fifty six second from the kick off start by Jaka Wiranagara. As Badgeria looks loss on morale, they are unable to make any opportunity with loose offensive stance. With score of two - nil, Nagaraningrad pass into quarter-final

At quarter-final, NNF will match against The Iradorian National Football Team. "Our Nagaraningrad National Football are playing graciously for the last three matches. We are very excited and as the teams also must retain a high focus and stay agile for the next match until Nagaraningrad is the Champions" said the NNF Head coach, Raden Jaka Batoebara.


NNF Head coach, Raden Jaka Batoebara


The Lineup of 4-3-3 formation

As for NNF preperation they will prepare an manageable tactic called "tiki-taka" with 4-3-3 formation. "Our teams will be train to be more agile and more discipline with counter". With that all preparation, the biggest hope from all Nagaranites will carry the NNF to Champion of World Cup of Football.

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Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtbočil Fedȩreisn - Round of 16 Review


Larxia 1-0 Hertfordshire and Jammbo (HT: LAR 0-0 HAJ)

Injuries: Cheifhartp.png.185e8c6c1ca36e2ab4f4710b015529a0.pngHart Vecunmieks (31'), Asriel_dreemurr_by_carolinelucia-d9u4xkn.thumb.jpg.285aa69236c692c84187c26a2b1e4f10.jpgAsriel Dreimanis (74')


Pre-Match Review

Welcome to this, the last of our reviews of the HAJFF this tournament. The reason is because after a ridiculously close battle, we fell to a last minute goal that sent Larxia through by the very skin of their teeth. Actually, both teams had times when they were superior but overall despite the score it proved to be a well fought match between them and us lot in the Paradigm Compass. Let's be honest though, we came close to scoring far more than they did across the span of the match. Even if the defence has been sub par, our attack was still one of the most dangerous and possibly even feared in the entire World Cup of Football. Those in Giovanniland weren't kidding when they called us 'one of the strongest teams'. Come on, we're taking all compliments we can get. Silver lining, people! Of course, nothing of note happened before the match and that's okay. We're still rather miffed about the end result though. Only 1-0? Seriously, it should have been something like a 5-4 result. Even if they had still won in this preferable scenario it would make for a better loss than this.


How we feel about the way we lost. The fact that we lost at all miffs us, but the way it happens is what sends our collective heads into envisioning this picture of RM Richard Hammond.


First Half Review

Larxia, being the so-called 'home' side, kicked the match off. Amazingly, despite the drabness that was our 0-0 stalemate with Zoran, the first half of this encounter had even less to report on. All we can discuss is that Hart Vecunmieks, our reliable if ageing goalkeeper bit the dust with a severe injury. Dharkon Tumsa took stage in the goal and proved to be brilliant enough to block a superb effort from one of the Larxian players, not with their hands because it was too far off to reach normally, but with their hair. Yes this makes little sense to us as well, but their hair is less of a hairdo and more a highly loose black and dark purple thorn bush of misery. We believe it was in minute 37 if not mistaken. It almost popped the ball right there, luckily it survived with the first half continuing to bring pretty much nothing to the fore. BOOOOORING!

Cheifhartp.png.185e8c6c1ca36e2ab4f4710b015529a0.pngOFF | ONdharkon_and_galeem_by_fantasygerard2000_dctu7hc-fullview.jpg.6593c7d203a06951a24049d25e69810e.jpg


Second Half Review

We began the second half and truth be told it was far better than the first. In fact, it was such a feat that we are not going to write a ton about it, not because there was nothing to write about, but because we were almost stunned into silence by what was unfolding. A furious back and forth with amazing performances in attack by both teams, especially ours, and miraculously excellent performances by the 2 respective goalkeepers to somehow keep the score level at none a piece. That was until the 89th minute when a shot by Larxia was well saved by Dharkon Tumsa to go out for a corner, which some random dude called Leo Messy lobbed in. Is he meant to be the centre of attention on their side? Either way, the corner was well defended, but the goalkeeper was not prepared for the sudden half-volley that came after, which bounced meekly underneath them and into the net, effectively handing Larxia a win which truth be told should not have happened. At least not that way. They had so many good chances, how did they just score at such a late point? Likewise how did we not score at all? That is all there is to say. Oh, apart from the fact that Asriel Dreimanis, who replaced Bello Jēkabsons in the starting line-up due to his friend Ongo Vidopliassova's birthday back home, fell to a bad injury in the 74th minute and was replaced by an girl from a ridiculously naturally cut off island that lives around 130-140 years behind everyone else with a bad understanding of modern clothing, Chikage Alexova. She's also pretty knowledgeable though not nearly to the extent that Mina Maneva and Lisa Lazarenko are. There, now we can end. Apart from one thing, we heard from the hosts United Adaikes after they were knocked out too that they were rooting for us lot to win Group C. It's real pleasant to know that even in the worldly equivalent of a small cold village in the corner of the room we still have other nations who cheer us on. The hosts no less too. Huh, guess people really do root for the underdogs.

Asriel_dreemurr_by_carolinelucia-d9u4xkn.thumb.jpg.285aa69236c692c84187c26a2b1e4f10.jpgOFF | ON71764.jpg.a08057bebb8cc9aac604cabb48f25e17.jpg


Post-Match Review

Of course, there is no need for a proper post-match review. All there is to know is that we leave miffed but ultimately comforted knowing the aforementioned information and the fact that we could at least put in a performance for our fans to be proud of, ensuring that we departed the Football World Cup in a blaze of glory. Larxia remain in the tournament and will do battle with Fujai who edged Santos-Dominius out in a narrow but equally thrilling 4-3 encounter. They are 1 of 3 Andolian nations left in the tournament, alongside Irador and Nagaraningrad. If we can't win it, then we go for you three. Whether it be the Nagaraningradians, Larxians or Iradorians, the HAJFF puts their support behind each one to take home the World Cup for not only themselves, but for Andolia as a whole. Show the world that ours is the premium continent! Also, we will not finish posting. We will do calculations on the attacks and defences of the teams, who scored or blocked out the most in total and per match to find out what truly were the most dangerous teams in the tournament.

With that now done, it is time to depart from our posts. Thanks all for reading and er, goodbye!

1295174293_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.a99fe1059e79bfcaeb10aaf18a31100e.png                 1448890889_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.6d9037b8d7d2d16e9379de04a62687da.png

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    .  .   

Police: 2 Injured, 1 Dead After Stolen Vehicle Crashes Into Median Outside Steskia
February 27, 1421, 3:54 am

The two inner lanes of the westbound Thraproy Regional Highway heading in to Steskia are currently closed after a stolen vehicle crashed into the median. Investigations are ongoing to determine the source of the car, according to police. 

Police declined to answer whether this accident has any connection to the homicide-car jacking in Perthdoches.

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions.
In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.




The Basric Soccer Association, through its Convenor Baron-Esquire Conrad Ellise, expresses its deepest sorrow at announcing the death of captain Earc Velding last night during a senseless and unprovoked attack. 

Earc will go down in history as someone who set soccer in Nieubasria alight and thrilled fans young and old with his brilliance. We mourn for the loss of Earc, you will always be in our hearts.






It is with heartfelt appreciation for the legacy of Earc Velding in the promotion of youths in
sport in Nieubasria that the Endowment is inaugurating the Velding Family Trust Award
which will annually select a secondary and a post-secondary student for excellence
in the promotion of sport in youths for a 25,000฿ scholarship and a 5000฿ grant
towards a youths sports organization of the honouree's choosing. 




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DU-UKH, UUK – Keiserholde, Fujai — Heja folks, this is Berit here coming to you from DU-UKH, Den Blå Duken, UiKeiserholde's officially unofficial student radio. For today's Idrottsminutt, there's one bit of news everyone's talking about and that's FUJAI'S WIN IN THE QUARTERFINALS!!!! *air horns blare* The Landslag had an extremely difficult match against the Santo-Dominians yesterday. Both teams had been on good form before the match, the Santo-Dominians coming off of their last win in the group stage against Badgeria, and the Landslag their blowout against the Provisional Auran team.

True to their form, the Santo-Dominian side began on the defense, but repeated pressure by the Landslag quickly forcing them to make up for lost time as they lost two goals to Hellem and Michaud at 14 and 32 minutes in. Coming into the second half thoroughly behind, the Santo-Dominians ramped it up with two goals to equalize from Valade and Aliniere at 49 and 61 minutes. From then on it was a race to see who could come up with the needed goals in what was already one of the highest scoring matches of the Cup so far. Feeling a fresh fight in them at this point, the Landslag pushed for another goal by Salberg at the 71 minute mark, and again by Salberg at 79 minutes. The Santo-Dominians then abandoned their defensive formation and went full offense for the remainder of the match, netting them another goal by Aliniere, and a very near miss by Lansberger that could've equalized the match for them. With such a fantastic match to watch, it's hard for anyone to be upset, and I know every Fujar hopes to go up against the Santo-Dominians again soon. You know, to give them a chance to try and beat us. You can't see me but I'm winking right now.

As for the future of the Landslag in the Cup, there are some tough matches coming up if we hope to see the final. Next up is us versus Larxia, who just won against their neighbors in Hertfordia. The Larxians did very well in their group, so it's yet to be seen who comes out on top. We at Den Blå Duken are crossing our fingers, you can be sure of that. Whoever wins that match will go against the winner of the Cambrian-Arifiyyan duel, the Arifyyan side just coming off a surprising, or not so surprising, depending on who you are, upset against Dalimbar. After that it's anyone's game in the final, though our money is on the Basrians or the Zoranians winning in that area, a result we'll see at the end of their next match against each other.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me today, next up is Åshild with De Allnasjonlig! See you tomorrow!

*Idrottsminutt outro jingle plays*

You're listening to DU-UKH, Den Blå Duken, UiKeiserholde's officially unofficial student radio. Stay tuned for De Allnasjonlig with Åshild Torsvik, discussing today's latest in the rest of the world, after our musical break—Hørt by Tellvi.

*atmospheric music plays, transitioning into four minutes of heavy drums, fiddle, and ethereal vocals*

*De Allnasjonlig intro plays*

Hello folks, and welcome to De Allnasjonlig on DU-UKH, Den Blå Duken, UiKeiserholde's officially unofficial student radio. Today I have two guests with me discussing the effects the Zoranian Civil War will have on Polarii politics, would you like to introduce yourselves?

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The Work Is Done

Good day to all Arifiyyah FA football fans. A sad news for us after the Arifiyyah FA team was eliminated in the quarterfinals. Yet that is one of the best achievements that has proven that the Arifiyyah national league has produced international-class players. "I really do not feel disappointed in the recent match, because they have done their best throughout the tournament. Whatever through this tournament we have observed the performance of our players to prepare if after this there will be another international tournament like this," said the head coach after the end of the match.



The Arifiyyah National Football Team has received praise from His Majesty Sultan Arif Nazhim for their achievements. The government has also sponsored the flight of all fans and players as appreciation for them. The Head of State and the Arifiyyah Football Association would like to thank the hosts United Adaikes for providing the best facilities to our team throughout the tournament and wish good luck to the teams that will play in the semi-finals tomorrow.

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Larxia opened the first half of the quarter-finals against Fujai. Aviero makes a run on the left wing with the ball at his feet. He makes short work of the defense. He sees Garcia running into position and crosses the ball into the penalty area. The ball is headed by Garcia and sees the back of the net. 1-0 in the 35th minute. This was the only goal in the first half. There were attempts at goal, but the keepers were doing a great job.

Fujai opened the second half. The possession of the ball went to and fro between the two teams, but mainly controlled by Larxia. Both teams created major chances in the second half, but both the defended withheld the opposition attack. Fujai finnally managed to breach the defense and a well-shot ball sees them level in the 75th minute. This play from Fujai inspired Larxia to work harder. Fernades saw Messy making a run down the right wing. He put a through ball to Messy, who dribbled past the defenders and crossed it to Aviero. Aviero hit a powerful shot at goal and managed to find the back of the net. 2-1 in the 84th minute. Fujai came very close to scoring their second in the 88th minute, but Ferrara worked really well in stopping that ball from going in. The referee indicated the end of the game with the whistle. Larxia won the game against Fujai and are through to the Semi-finals, where they will face off against Tara & Cambray.






We had a chance to talk with man of the match, Cristian Aviero. He said enthusiastically," It was a great win for Larxia. The Fujansk Landslag is a strong team, but we managed to better them today. I'm not saying we're not a strong team. We are one of the contenders of the World Cup, but it is all because of the amazing team work and respect that we have for each other and the coach. The coach is also doing an amazing job in preparing us for the oppositions. Somehow, he know how to train for different opponents. I guess that is his experience." On being asked how he felt about being benched against Hertfordshire and Jammbo, he replied," I'm not mad at all. As a player you want to play as many matches as you want, I agree, but sometimes you need to rest to be even better in the next match. I also said this before and I'll repeat it, coach is very experienced and he knows what he is doing."


Larxia will face Tara & Cambray in the semi-finals of the World Cup, while the other fixture will see Nieubasria go up against Nagaraningrad. Both the semi-finals will be Polaris v/s Andolia. Tara & Cambray comes off the back of a 1-0 victory against a well performing Arifiyyah. It will be an interesting fixture and we hope the best for Larxia.

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Nfpctgn.png V https://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/irador__542516.png

2 - 1


FEBRUARY 27, 1421

Nagaranigrad National Football (NNF) are close to their final destination, to become a World Cup of Football Champion, to make a mark on this world. The match went very interesting in the minutes twenty five. The corner kick in Iradorian side is intercepted by one of the Iradorian which make the ball flying high above Penalty box. Then a Salto Kick from Bagoes Pamoengkas and Goal into Iradorian. The Score is one nil to Nagaraningrad for the rest first half.

For the second half, Iradorian really try to play aggressive in which put NNF to Defensive. However, Iradorian manage to equalize the score by fast pass from left flank and goal with tackle shot which are a nightmare for every goalkeeper as their hands will have to hold against the ball and the ever impending injury from the fast moving tackle. As the NNF Goalkeeper, Aditya Bach Dim cannot hold the ball, he are in real painful shocks as the paramedic are being called to check his hands and to be put aside from the field. The Head Coach, Raden Jaka Batoebara are called for substitution for a first time to change a Goalkeeper with Jakananda Yoeda. After a kick-off start, NNF are having a full control of ball and make sure Iradorian never make an aggressive stance.

With time is almost running out, the captain Bambang Karajan manage to bring the ball to the back as Iradorian changing their stance into aggressive. soon the Iradorian Forward are near NNF Penalty box, Tegoeh "Tonjang" Tanjoeng put a fast mid-air pass to Zaki Adhyakarta and he's brought the ball fast into Iradorian Back and pass through their defense while Iradorian back are near middle of the field. Then, Zaki make a Long pass to Bimo Adhyakarta when Iradorian trying to overcrowd Zaki. With empty space around Bimo, he's moving to near the goal and pass it behind him to Raden Sinaga for a fake shoot the Iradorian Goalkeeper as it turn out, Raden Sinaga will shoot and goal. One two for Nagaraningrad and long whistle mark the end of the match.

With the winning against Iradorian National Football Team, NNF are now in Semi-Finals against Nieubasria. The NNF Head Coach, Raden Jaka Batoebara are asked on how the teams will prepared and with Goalkeeper, Aditya Bach Dim now are injured "Our Nagaraningrad National Football will prepared a more counter tactics against Nieubasria and with the same formation we will do today. With Our finest Goalkeeper is need to heal his hands injury, we gonna put Raden Irawan, another finest Goalkeeper for now". The greatest hope and will from all Nagaranites back home shall carry NNF to Champion of World Cup of Football and speedy recovery for Aditya Bach Dim which also soon to be a Ningrad when he is back to Nagaraningrad

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(Sports Show) Will something do the thing? A Conversation With Person Person
February 28, 1421

Trei- "Hello everyone, and welcome back to the semi-finals of the World Cup of Football! We are here in our World Cup HQ in Unites Adaikes while our boys in light blue are fighting their way to the top, and with us today is friend of the show Mona Madhwain. Welcome Mona, always happy to have you."

Mona- "Glad to be here Trei,"

Trei- "I would like to start off with an update to the Earc Velding homicide - police have confirmed the death of a second of the alleged carjacker-murderers, 23, while in hospital. The third was confirmed to be in a stable state and awaiting further investigation. This information came right on the heels of rumours of there being a video taken of the incident, put police decline to comment whether this is true."

Mona- "This entire incident is a tragedy. The youth wasted, the talent lost, all for some joyride? I- I just cannot fathom what the Velding family is going through. Or the team for that matter! Later the very same day their captain befell this crime, they still had to play against a strong team like the Zoranians."

Trei- "Right, and in that game Camdyn Cartwrighte, the temporary captain taking over for Earc must have been guided by someone because the way the team pulled together was just incredible-"

Mona- "and even the Cambrians had some connections to overcome. The long-speculated relationship between Earc Velding and Stefan Keller has been confirmed and must have been an even heavier blow for Stefan; but there he was, putting his game face on and proceeded to shut out his sixth game of this World Cup. Truly the makings of a sporting legend here."

Trei- "And there is a good chance that we will see the Astorian teams directly against one another in the finals either the Gold or Bronze match - something not seen even in the Summer Olympics in Saint-Josalyn, mind you - and it will have been after such a traumatic event."

Mona- "Everyone at home, please don't forget that the only team thus far that has been able to get in a goal against the Cambrians, or I should say Keller, have been the Basric Nationals under Earc Velding. We will see if this witch's charm will be upheld in the games to come - was it Velding or some greater Astorian juju dispelling the mystifying streak?"

Trei- "Well the Larxian team will have an opportunity to test that hypothesis in the high-stakes, high-skill environment of the semifinals. Anything can happen. And not to mention the symmetry of Polaris versus Andolia in these semifinals games is just so satisfying,"

Mona- "Absolutely right- and as an added layer, both teams head into tonight's Nieubasria-Nagaraningrad game with alternates to some of their star players."

Trei- "Yeah- while we all know about Camdyn Cartwrighte replacing Earc Velding, some may not know that the Nagaranian team has had to rotate out their goalkeeper Aditya Bach Dim due to a hands injury. Raden Irawan, a goalkeeper with a respectable record with the Nagaranian team is stepping in at least for the semifinals game."

Mona- "Tonight will be a night to remember, no matter the result - that is for sure."

Trei- "We will be watching with baited breath, Mona. Well thank you everyone for tuning in to Sportsball Newszone at 17:00. We will be back with more coverage of the Semifinals of the World Cup of Football, here in United Adaikes, at 18:00. 


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"Hello, everyone! From Steskia, United Adaikes, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 bring you live coverage of the 1st World Cup of Football! Our coverage of WCF1 is brought to you by our generous sponsor, AdBlocker, because you should be able to block every ad except theirs! I, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your host for the entire duration of WCF1. And we've just received news that the semifinals have concluded and the results have been released to everyone! Let's look at the results from MD4 to the semifinals and analyse the general situation of the competition."

"But before we get into the results, I would like to apologise to our viewers on behalf of SDCSN-3 for not covering WCF1 on Match Day 5, the Round of 16 and the Quarterfinals. Unfortunately, funding for the WCF1 coverage division was diverted suddenly to the division covering the Annual Santo-Dominian Crustacean Creatures Race. Now that that amazing - I mean boring - race has concluded, we now have the funding to cover WCF1 again. To fill the gap, this will be a special two-hour broadcast succinctly summing up the results from MD5 to the semifinals! Now, let's first sum up Match Day 5's results, starting with Group A!"


"In Group A's first match, Nagaraningrad won a 1-0 victory against Teralyon, with both of them advancing to the Round of 16. In the second match, the pummelled Provisional Auran Team was again beaten, this time by Fujai in a 0-4 loss. Fujai advanced to the Round of 16, and the PAT obviously did not. In the third match, the square-off between Fuentana and host country United Adaikes ended in a 2-2 draw, with the former being eliminated and the latter advancing to the Round of 16. Now, let's move to Group B's MD5 results!"


"In Group B's first match, Larxia handily defeated Fhaengshia in a 5-0 win, with the former advancing to the Round of 16 and the latter getting shut out. In the second match, Pallandole lost to Dalimbar in a 1-3 loss, thus getting eliminated from the WCF1 and helping the latter advance to the Round of 16. In the third match, Libterraria and Giovanniland were both unable to score more points than the other, resulting in a 1-1 tie. The former was unable to get further in the competition, while the latter was able to advance to the Round of 16. Moving on to Group C!"


"In Group C's first match, Arifiyyah lost to Irador in a 1-2 defeat, but both teams managed to advance to the Round of 16. In the second match, Reçueçn and Italia both couldn't score any points in the match between them, resulting in a 0-0 tie. Neither of them were able to advance to the Round of 16. In the third match, it's another 0-0 draw, this time between Hertfordshire & Jammbo and Zoran! Both the extremely southern nation and the country of civil strife and refugees were able to advance to the Round of 16. Finally, let's get to Group D!"


"In the first match of Group D, Dilber defeats the football players from Alchera and scores a 1-0 victory. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to go to the Round of 16. In the second match, it's a 1-1 tie, with Tara & Cambray and Nieubasria both unable to get more points than the opposing team. Both of them are able to advance to the Round of 16. In the third match match, our home country Santos-Dominius beat initially strong competitor Badgeria in a 2-0 victory, but both are able to advance to the Round of 16. To sum up, the teams able to go to the Round of 16 include: United Adaikes, Nieubasria, Libterraria, Zoran, Irador, Giovanniland, Badgeria, Nagaraningrad, Larxia, Hertfordshire & Jammbo, Fujai, Santos-Dominius, Tara & Cambray, Teralyon, Arifiyyah and Dalimbar."

"Now let's go over the results of the Round of 16, starting with the first four matches! Let's look at the graphic here."


"In the first match of the Round of 16, Nieubasria knocks out host country United Adaikes in a 3-0 match that shows off Nieubasrian prowess in football! In the second match, war-torn Zoran continues its overall strong performance by eliminating Libterraria from WCF1 in a 1-0 victory! In the third match, Irador ends Giovanniland's run in the competition by defeating them in a 3-1 win. In the fourth match, the initially strong Badgeria falls to Nagaraningrad in a 0-2 loss that shuts them out of the Quarterfinals. Now, let's look at the fifth to eighth matches."


"In the fifth match of the Round of 16, the strong footballers from Larxia kick Hertfordshire & Jammbo out in a 1-0 match. In the sixth match, Fujai barely beats our home country of Santos-Dominius in a heated and close 4-3 match, ending the Santo-Dominian dream of winning the WCF1. In the seventh match, Tara & Cambray's strength once again shows as they beat Teralyon in a 2-0 match that solidifies the former as a competitive team to go up against. In the eighth and final match, Arifiyyah gives Dalimbar a 5-2 smackdown, shutting the Dalimbari out of the Quarterfinals so they themselves can advance."

"To sum up, the teams that advance from the Round of 16 to the Quarterfinals are: Nieubasria, Zoran, Irador, Nagaraningrad, Larxia, Fujai, Tara & Cambray and Arifiyyah. Now, let's take a short commercial break with a word from our sponsor AdBlocker before we return to cover the results of the quarterfinals and semifinals in the second hour of today's two-hour WCF1 special broadcast. See you later, and stay tuned to SDCSN Channel 3!"


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Larxia opened the first half of the semi-final match against T&C. Messy dribbled past the Cambrian defense and managed to beat the Cambrian keeper, who has been the best goalkeeper of this World Cup. He makes it 1-0 in the 29th minute. The Cambrian attack manages to breach deep into the Larxian defense and they level 1-1 in the 42nd minute.

T&C opened the second half. The possession of the ball was initially controlled by T&C, but it was dominated by Larxia in the later part of the half. T&C quickly managed to pull ahead of Larxia with a deflection off Ferrara. T&C in the lead with 2-1 in the 52nd minute. Larxia took some time to regain composure, but managed to equalise the scores in the 82nd minute, with a well placed shot by Garcia, making it 2-2. The referee indicates full time. The game will be extended to extra time.

The first half of the extra time is underway.Both the team's manage to get some chances, but great work by both keepers as the scoreline remains unchanged at 105 minutes. That's the end of the first half of the extra time.

The second half is underway. Both teams yet again manage some good chances, but great work by the goalkeepers. Larxia manages to breach the Cambrian defense as Aviero runs through with the ball at his feet. He crosses the ball into the penalty area and finds Messy, who manages to head it in for a goal. It 3-2 in the 118th minute. Larxia manage to pull ahead in the dying moments of the game. That's the final whistle. Larxia have won the game and will face Nieubasria in the Finals of the World Cup.







In a post match interview with the coach, he said," I'm very positive about our chances of bringing the Cup home. The team, the staff, everyone is working really hard and their hard-work has paid off. We are now in the finals. We'll be approaching it as any other game. We need to focus on training and being on our best form in the finals. We'll also be studying the Nieubasrian Football Team and we'll try to understand the thought process of the Nieubasrian coach and the team. I have full confidence in my team that we'll pull through this last hurdle between us and the Cup."


Larxia will be facing Nieubasria in the Finals of the First World Cup. Nieubasria beat our fellow Andolian nation Nagaraningrad 2-1 in the Semi-Finals. The third place match will be played between Nagaraningrad and Tara & Cambray. Once again both the fixtures are Andolia v/s Polaris. We wish best of luck to our neighbours, Nagaraningrad and we hope for the best for ourselves as well.

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"Hello, everyone! From Steskia, United Adaikes, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 welcome you back to the second hour of our two-hour special broadcast today covering results from Match Day 5 to the semifinals! Our coverage of WCF1 is brought to you by our generous special sponsor today, PETC, because crustaceans will always be our lovely animal friends, not creatures to be eaten! I, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your host for the entire duration of WCF1."

"As we went over the results of Match Day 5 and the Round of 16 in the first hour of the broadcast, we shall go over the results of the quarterfinals and the semifinals in the second hour. Now, starting with the four matches in the quarterfinals. Let's look at the graphic here!"


"In the first match, the Nieubasrians managed to score a 3-1 victory against the nation of Zoran, ending the war-torn nation's strong bid to become champion of WCF1 and propelling their team to the semifinals. I would like to take this moment to express my sincerest condolences on behalf of myself and the entire production crew here at SDCSN Channel 3 for the unfortunate passing of Nieubasria's team captain Earc Velding before their match with Zoran. I'd also like to applaud the Nieubasrian team for bonding together and giving such a strong and exceptional performance in the face of such a terrible tragedy. Quite a show of resilience and perseverance, one that exemplifies the strength of sportsmanship."

"In the second match, we have Nagaraningrad winning a 2-1 match against their opponents from Irador, thus advancing to the semifinals. In the third match, Larxia beat Fujai, who beat our home country in the Round of 16, in a 2-1 match that secured their place in the semifinals. Finally, in the fourth match, Tara & Cambray won a 1-0 victory over formidable opponent Arifiyyah, earning the Cambrians their place in the semifinals. To sum up, the teams that advanced to the semifinals include Nieubasria, Nagaraningrad, Larxia and Tara & Cambray. Now let's go over the results of the semifinals!"


"Let's look at this graphic here. In the first match, Nieubasria's team continues to shine bright as it beats Nagaraningrad in a 2-1 match, securing their place in the grand finals. In the second match, Larxia manages to end the nearly impeccable streak of exceptionally strong opponent Tara & Cambray in a 3-2 victory that secures the former their own place in the grand finals. Now, because both Nieubasria and Larxia have advanced to the grand finals, they will either get first or second place. Nagaraningrad and Tara & Cambray, on the other hand, are both eliminated from contention for the championship, and will either get third or fourth place depending on the results of the match for third place."

"And that's our two-hour special broadcast covering the WCF1's results from Match Day 5 to the semifinals! Congratulations to Larxia and especially Nieubasria, and good job to Nagaraningrad as well as Tara & Cambray! I'm your host, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, and this was the two-hour special recap broadcast of the 1st World Cup of Football. Stay tuned to SDCSN Channel 3 for coverage of the WCF grand finals and match for third place, and see you tomorrow!"


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"Hello Giovanniland, welcome to our Giovannilandian Football Report presented by myself, Vanessa Desniowynsk! Unfortunately, the tropical storm that hit Giovanniland in the last two days knocked our broadcasting service for quite a lot of time until our technicians could fix it. We're back though, and in this report I will talk about the Round of 16 game in which Giovanniland was eliminated 3-1 by Irador, and also bring some news about the quarter and semifinals. Without further ado, let's go!" 

"The first half of our match against Irador was quite eventful, just like our previous group stage match against Libterraria. Our striker Gustavo Goethe Zapata scored the first and only Giovannilandian goal of the match in the 10th minute, however that would unfortunately be the only moment of joy for the fans watching here in United Adaikes and back home. Irador then tied the match at the 26th minute, and scored a second goal one minute after stoppage time was declared." Vanessa then showed images of all three goals and some other highlights during the first half. "During the second half," she continued, "Giovanniland increased its scoring attempts in order to try extending the match into extra time and win the game. However, none of these attempts succeeded and, in fact, the only one team to score was Irador, scoring a 3rd goal in the 86th minute. The match soon ended 3-1 for the Iradorians, and the Giovannilandiana Equipa was eliminated."

After finishing to talk about Giovanniland's game, Vanessa brought some news against other matches. "Besides Giovanniland and Irador, 14 other teams also played in the Round of 16. Three of them were from Aura, namely Santos-Dominius, Arifiyyah, and Zoran, which played against Fujai, Dalimbar, and Libterraria respectively. Unfortunately our Santo-Dominian neighbors were eliminated at the same time as us, but Arifiyyah and Zoran advanced to the quarterfinals—and Arifiyyah even scored 5-2 against the Dalimbari!" Vanessa then proceeded to quarter and semifinals: "Sadly, Aura ran out of luck in the quarterfinals and both remaining Auran countries were eliminated. Nieubasria eliminated Zoran 3-1, while Arifiyyah lost 0-1 to the Cambrians in a close match. Nieubasria and Tara & Cambray then met Nagaraningrad and Larxia in the semifinals respectively, in two Polarii-Andolian clashes. The results? Larxia and Nieubasria advance to the grand final, while T&C and Nagaraningrad will have to battle for the 3rd place."

She concluded the report by saying: "Anyways, this is all I've got for today. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow as I and my colleague Carlos Nakamura-Edristyn will be back in the Giovannistadt Sports Studio for special coverage of the final and 3rd place matches, as well as a retrospective of Giovanniland in the entire 1st World Cup of Football. See you then!"

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March 1, 1421

Trei- "Hello everyone, and welcome back to the World Cup of Football! We are here on Championship Gameday in our World Cup HQ in United Adaikes while our Basric Nationals are showing what they're really made of, and back with us today is friend of the show Mona Madhwain. Welcome back Mona, we have some follow up from yesterday!"

Mona- "Thank you Trei- we certainly do."

Trei- "We have made it to the gold-medal match and it is against the skilled Larxian team which just last night defeated Cambria without their star Goalkeeper. There was lots of talk this World Cup about the mystique of Keller and his incredible shutouts-"

Mona- "I think it is a massive credit to the Cambrian team that the only two teams who managed goals against them are in the championship game. Keller has really defined this Cup, and going forward I will be looking more closely to the early Group Stage games to see who manages a score against Cambria - because they will certainly be a team to watch."

Trei- "Absolutely. I am sure some of us wanted to see the brother nations of Basria and Cambria duke it out in the championship match, but against the Larxians it is no doubt going to be an intense game."

Mona- "Trei you know how much I love those funny little traditions and superstitions in sport, right? Well here is one I absolutely enjoy - one of the ushers at the Nephele Pitch for the Championship Game watch party snapped this picture and posted it to social media. For those listening at home, this is a photo of the grand lobby of the Nephele Pitch - those familiar with the Pitch will recognize this is the area which displays the team's international trophies and medals but there is a black velvet curtain draped over the display case!"

Trei- "Yeah, normally that area is all lit up for big events!"

Mona- "Normally, yes! But the caption for this image says 'For luck, I guess?! #NB4WCF #NB' and I don't know that I have come across this particular superstition before, but I think it is great - not intrusive like some other ones we've talked about on the show."

Trei- "Oh, thats our time! Thank you for sharing, Mona, and thank you everyone for tuning in to Sportsball Newszone at 17:00. We will be back with more coverage of the Championship Game of the World Cup of Football, here in United Adaikes, at 18:00. 


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"Hello, everyone! From Steskia, United Adaikes, we at Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network Channel 3 welcome you to the final day of the 1st World Cup of Football! Our coverage of WCF1 is brought to you by our generous special sponsor today, McBlah-Shill Educational Publishing! I, Approctoflecticus Blubberman, will be your host for the entire duration of WCF1. And we've just received the results for the grand final match as well as the match for 3rd place! That means...this is truly the last day of WCF1! I'm gonna miss this so much until the next one starts. Anyways, firstly, let's go over the results from the battle for third place! Let's look at this graphic here."


"And the winner of the match is the formidable and strong team from Tara & Cambray! Scoring a 4-1 victory, the biggest nation in Polaris managed to beat the team from Nagaraningrad in northern Andolia in a match that showed just how strong the Cambrians were despite being eliminated from contention for the championship this year. Congratulations to Tara & Cambray for getting 3rd and good job to Nagaraningrad, who still got a pretty respective 4th place in the entire WCF1! Now why don't we go to what everyone's been all waiting for: the results of the grand finals! Let's look at the graphic."


"And after a heated match full of action and competitiveness, the team from NIEUBASRIA has emerged jubilant as the CHAMPION OF THE 1ST WORLD CUP OF FOOTBALL! On behalf of the entire crew here at SDCSN Channel 3, I want to sincerely congratulate the Nieubasrians for pulling through WCF1 and demonstrating such strength and sportsmanship. Nieubasria has once again solidified its reputation as one of the nations with the best football players in the entire world! But let's not forget the footballers from Larxia, whose strong performance made this match captivating and one that wasn't lopsided right from the beginning. They deserve a round of applause for coming this far and winning a brilliant 2nd place in this tournament!"


"And here's the final results, with the final top four teams displayed in this graphic here! Once again, our heartfelt congratulations to these teams for their exceptional performances throughout WCF1! But also, let's have a round of applause for every team that participated this time! Not just the winners and runner-ups, but every team and every player that did their best for their country and strived for success! Let's hear it for all 24 participating teams: Fujai, Nagaraningrad, the Provisional Auran Team, Fuentana, Teralyon, Giovanniland, Pallandole, Larxia, Dalimbar, Libterraria, Fhaengshia, Zoran, Italia, Arifiyyah, Reçueçn, Hertfordshire and Jammbo, Irador, Nieubasria, Dilber, Tara and Cambray, Badgeria, Alchera, our home country of Santos-Dominius, and saving the best for last - our host country United Adaikes!"

"With teams from all four continents playing in WCF1, football has truly united Aura, Andolia, Polaris and Doll Guldur more than ever. It has been a wonderful honour for me to serve as the host. From our division of Channel 3 of the Santo-Dominian Cable-Satellite Network, thank you so, so, so much for watching our coverage of the 1st World Cup of Football coming live from Steskia, United Adaikes! I'm Approctoflecticus Blubberman, and see you next time! Goodbye!"


With Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

Dominion Philanthropies, +238flowers, the Santo-Dominian Embassy in United Adaikes, Überschuss Automobiles, AdBlocker, People for the Ethical Treatment of Crustaceans, and McBlah-Shill Educational Publishing.

And Thanks To

YOU, for watching SDCSN Channel 3. See you next time!

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March 1, 2021; 9 PM Polaris Eastern Time; New Thraproy Sports Complex Main Stadium

The Nieubasrian national team are running around the pitch, celebrating and hugging, as if not believing that they won the 1st World Cup of Football. The action-filled (and close) match ended in 1-0. The technical and utility units of the United Adaikes World Cup of Football Organizing Committee were busy preparing the podiums and the stage riser in the middle of the pitch for the awarding and closing ceremonies. United Adaikes President Luke Salazar, after congratulating the Nieubasria Ambassador in the VIP box, went down with him and the Larxian Ambassador to the field to congratulate the players.

When everything was in place, the United Adaikes Football Association Head Myron Lillakis started, "Before we continue in congratulating and awarding the champions of the 1st World Cup of Football that is hosted in our very own nation," he turns to Salazar, "Mr. President, I would like to congratulate and give awards to individuals who performed exemplarily during this tournament. First off, the Golden Glove award is given to the best goalkeeper we have seen in this tournament, and after allowing 5 goals only since their first match in the group stage until bagging 3rd Place in this tournament, congratulations to the Tara and Cambray Union Football goalkeeper Stefan Keller!" As Keller climbs the stage riser, he slaps his chest three times, points and looks to the sky before receiving the award from United Adaikes Sports Commission Chief Pouria Barr.

"This next award," Lillakis continued, "is given to the player who scored most in this tournament, and though they lost today, he drove his team on top of Group B and helped his team tie with the most goals scored in the group stage. They have the most scored goals in the tournament with 20, and he scored every goal that mattered in the knockout rounds. Help me in congratulating him, from Federacion de Futbol Larxia, winger Leo Messy!" Though grateful with the award presented to him by the Larxian ambassador and smiled for the cameras, the look on Messy's face can be seen that he thought he should have done more.

"Lastly," Lillakis read from his cue cards, "this next award is given to the best player of the tournament, voted by football fans here and abroad from the start of the knockout rounds up to the semi-finals, selected by the international sports media, and chosen by the United Adaikes Football Association from the pool of players that came from the votes of the fans and selection of the media, who nonetheless, shown great character, sportsmanship and the best of football during this World Cup, help me congratulate Nieubasria forward Camdyn Cartwrighte!" Upon receiving the award from the Nieubasria ambassador, he clenched his fist, kissed it, pointed and looked to the sky and mouthed, "For you, Earc." "Once again", Lillakis said before stepping off from the podium, "congratulations to the winners!"

United Adaikes Sports Commission Chief Pouria Barr then went to the podium and spoke. "Mr. President, esteemed guests, players, and to the fans here and around the world watching, out of the 24 teams that entered this tournament, they won a feat only dreamed by few, help me in congratulating our Runner-ups in this tournament, the Federacion de Futbol Larxia!" Everyone in the stadium clapped hard, with all fans in the stadium shouting in unison "Larxia!" repeatedly before the team went off the stage.

As Barr stepped off from the podium, United Adaikes President Luke Salazar went to the opposite side of the riser to his Executive Podium, "I will not make this long, I know, you want to celebrate with your team and everyone, but I would like to thank all participating nations for the trust in our country to host the 1st World Cup of Football. This won't happen without your earnest cooperation. To the Football Association, a job well done for heading in the organization of this event. To the Sports Commission, our work is not yet done. We need to continue to improve the state of our competitive sports in the country to be at par with our international counterparts. And expect the utmost cooperation and participation of the Federal Republic of the United Adaikes to other international sports tournaments that will happen in the future. I'm sorry if I made that long - so, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, your 1st World Cup of Football champions, the Sovereign Estates of Nieubasria!"


Final Ranking*
*This is based on the positions after the matches in group stage and the knockout rounds. The numerical rankings will be given in the coming days.

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"Good morning Giovanniland! I am Vanessa Desniowynsk and here is my colleague Carlos Nakamura-Edristyn, and now we'll present the last edition of our Giovannilandian Football Report covering the finals, 3rd place matches, and a Giovannilandian retrospective, before we go back to the normal Sports Report."

Vanessa continued: "The 3rd place match was fought between Tara & Cambray and Nagaraningrad. During the match, the Cambrian goalkeeper only conceded one goal, however the Nagaranite defense was unluckier and failed to defend four goals by T&C. Therefore, the match ended with a 4-1 win for the Cambrians. Now, onto the final between Nieubasria and Larxia! Unlike the 3rd place match, the final only had one goal scored throughout the match, with many other close attempts. In the end, the sole goal was scored by the Nieubasrians, and they were then crowned the Champions of the 1st World Cup of Football, while the Larxian team earned the second place."

The screen behind Vanessa and Carlos then showed the list of individual and team awards, and Vanessa started talking: "In summary, Nieubasria earned the gold medal, Larxia the silver medal and Tara & Cambray the bronze medal. Furthermore, despite not appearing on the podium, Nagaraningrad also put up a fight throughout the tournament and their fourth place is well deserved. Moving on to individual awards, Camdyn Cartwrighte from Nieubasria received the Golden Ball, Leo Messy from Larxia the Golden Boot, and Stefan Keller the Golden Glove. Congratulations!" She finished presenting the list of awards in the screen, and replaced it with some nice statistics about the Giovannilandiana Equipa.

Carlos then started talking: "Alright viewers, here is the second part of what we promised yesterdaysome statistics about our team! As you already know, Giovanniland had three draws, two defeats and one win. On the table below you can see all of our game results and who scored for our team in each match! There were five different scorers and six goals scored, with Gustavo Goethe Zapata scoring two of those and the other players one each. Coincidentally, all of our goals were scored in the first half of the matches. We also conceded eight goals, with six coming from our defeats against Larxia and Irador, and the other two from our draws against Fhaengshia and Libterraria."

Game Scorers
Giovanniland 1-1 Fhaengshia Jurandir Liangzhou (40')
Giovanniland 0-0 Pallandole none
Giovanniland 1-3 Larxia Gustavo Goethe Zapata (15')
Giovanniland 2-0 Dalimbar Clementine de Abreu-Floryn (7'), Augusto Uprines-Antenor (40')
Giovanniland 1-1 Libterraria Catia Schaefer-Taspein (22') 
Giovanniland 1-3 Irador Gustavo Goethe Zapata (10')

"Anyways, I hope you all liked the Giovannilandian Football Report! This is sadly our last edition for now, and tomorrow we'll go back to the normal Sports Report. Thank you all for viewing!" Carlos and Vanessa say in unison before saying goodbye and the report then ends... until the next World Cup.

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Häřtferdsierndeambeu Fűtbočil Fedȩreisn - Post-Tournament Report


Thank you all for reading our absolute final report on the HAJFF and the tournament as a whole. What, you thought we were gone? Hah! You'll never truly be rid of us! Even if a closing ceremony has occurred, we'll always be around to have our fill. It has been a fantastic ride as we make our way to overall 14th place in the World Cup of Football registering ourselves in the first matches of our history as a mid-table team. With our incredible variability and ruthless gegenpressing style we were able to make a strong start and quickly become the team to watch for exciting matches, such as the dominating 3-2 win over Italia. The Paradigm Compass also dominated the match against Arifiyyah until they pulled out a dramatic last minute comeback to ruin our fine day. After comfortably beating Reçueçn and being the only team to score against them at all in their run, we found ourselves on the end of what at the time was the Football World Cups biggest upset. A 5-1 defeat to Irador who were in the middle of a mini-renaissance of sorts, a scoreline that brought great shock to not only us, but to Irador themselves too. Considering our offensive style and their defensive style, this result was not expected. From there we kind of became boring, a 0-0 with the war-torn Zoran making us all fall asleep. Nevertheless we made it through to battle Larxia. After what must have been the most evenly matched game in the entire tournament, an 89th minute half-volley culminated all hopes of us bringing home the trophy. Larxia, who would eventually finish 2nd as well as have the top scorer (who failed to score against us), scraped through by the surface of their teeth. Thus came to an end our valiant efforts in the cup. Starting strong, collapsing in the middle, then coming back strong again only to suffer heartbreak at the very end.

Night of Fire - The Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Federation fans theme (Stolen borrowed from Night of Fire OOC)

Nightmare of the Paradigm Years - The Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Federation theme (Stolen borrowed from Nightmare of the School Years OOC)

The HAJFF actually has a few anthems to it. One for the Federation itself, another for the team and one submitted as an entry by the fans, for the fans.


In our last report, we said that we had something in the works. Unfortunately, our budget was pretty poor for it. But we still got it done, below is the link to the Hertfordshire and Jammbo analysis of the participants in the World Cup of Football. (WARNING: IRREGULARITIES ARE ALMOST CERTAIN)

The HAJ Low Budget Analysis of the Teams in the WCoF


As for us, here is a quick summary of the matches we had. Nothing too big, just a run-down.

Italia 2-3 Hertfordshire & Jammbo Roger Runcis, Yuuma Novak, Afuro Tytarenko
Hertfordshire & Jammbo 2-3 Arifiyyah Satoshi Melderis, Eiki Sproģe
Reçueçn 0-2 Hertfordshire & Jammbo  Galeem Gaisma, Sanae Kotenko
Hertfordshire & Jammbo 1-5 Irador Mettaton EXH
Zoran 0-0 Hertfordshire & Jammbo N/A
Larxia 1-0 Hertfordshire & Jammbo


We would now like to extend a glass of whatever drink we so happen to choose to the hosts United Adaikes, who performed a very fine job with hosting this tournament. As well, the HAJFF offers a belated congrats to the winners Nieubasria, runners-up Larxia and third place Tara & Cambray. We are admittedly quite dismayed that Polaris has yet again taken the most top spots, but at least Andolia finally made a name for itself. Too bad it wasn't us lot. The bitter taste of truth indeed.

The Bitter Taste of Truth

1645441912_HAJFFTeamlogo.png.b961912208f0adffd52365e1f999f5ab.png                 657799252_HAJFFFederationlogo.thumb.png.b97acf3a7c5543cc2f74e1b982181af4.png


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