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  3. Although I already knew you before, thanks for the introduction!
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  5. even though you made war on my pets, welcome to the forum and thanks for the introduction!
  6. hello, TWP some probably already know me by this name for months but, i never actually introduce myself in this forum (since it's internet so, just jump in) because i don't know the buttons are, where the right link and, most thread is still oblivious to me so, i abandon it a bit. sorry for the rudeness. after a "divine intervention" or as i called it "contemplating my life" i decided to look up on this forum again and finally figure it out (well, half of it). ok, introduction.... hello, my nation is Surroosia [sur.ru.sia]. The first major event i have been in was a "Festival of Three Perfection" i won for Photography and Graphic Design in Art division . was part of the Resistance "Anti-Crabs" when TWP got crabs so, we dine some and the rest is trebuchet-ed. What else? oh, born and raised in TWP. that's all. If anything missed, simply ask. thanks for reading this daft introduction.
  7. Nomic has proven popular. We've attracted two non-TWPers now. @Reçueçn, once this game has ended, we absolutely ought to start on NSNomic.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Excited to have you join nomic. Congrats on vice secretary general by the way!
  9. Last week
  10. Hello TWP! Just saying hi, I'm here for Nomic.
  11. While I have only been in TWP for only about 2 weeks now but I am still grateful for a few people. I would like to thank @Arracrania for being one of the first people I can say I made friends on TWP. I would also like to thank @Reçueçn, @Giovanniland, @TUMS, @Mia, and @Dilber for making me feel welcome in the TWP community, you are all wonderful people who have really made this experience enjoyable and really made it clear that TWP is a family and have made it feel that way. I would again like to thank Dilber for helping me get into foreign affairs for TWP and checking in on me here and there and for making my first few weeks in TWP very interesting with the Crabbist coup and allowing me to take some part in it. I am thankful for all of TWP and those that I haven't mentioned who have taught me the ropes and for being amazing people during these times.
  12. Firstly, I thank @Saint Mark. I joined NS at the time of Halo's reign as Delegate. He showed me that there was a lot more of NS beyond issues, and encouraged me to become a citizen and join the Discord server and forums. Although the delegate change happened not much time after that, I still remember Halo's delegacy, and I thank him for helping me. I also thank @Ark for introducing me to Foreign Affairs, which was the first ministry I decided to join, and I thank @Bran Astor for being an amazing Delegate and helping me with the Speaker position after I was elected, such as giving me ideas on how to start the Regional Commendations. Furthermore, I also thank @Reçueçn, @Elegarth, @TUMS and @Mediobogdum for being Trading Cards players that constantly trade cards with me and help keep the TWP Card Channel in Discord active. From all these card farmers, I think I should especially thank @Reçueçn for also encouraging me when I was seeking the last cards for my TWP S1 collection, giving me ideas to contact the players who had these rare cards, and showing me some tools to make card farming faster and less boring. It is important to say, though, that those are all individual players. I thank the West Pacific as a whole for being a wonderful region! Without you all, TWP wouldn't be the same.
  13. I, Wymondhiam, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, or any laws made pursuant to it.
  14. If you're reading this, know that you just read this.

    1. Giovanniland


      Hmm... I can't say anything other than that I did indeed read it.

    2. Reçueçn
  15. @Bran Astor You've been one of my closest friends. This was the case before you were my boss. This will be the case after you're my boss. While you're my boss here, you've been one of the best people that I've served under. I like that you challenge me to think in new ways, and I like that you allow me to challenge you as well. I like that we can have very frank discussions and as much as I've be annoyed for a brief couple days, you're always ready for the next discussion that I bring up. You're a true comrade and friend.
  16. Here is some more. @Dalimbarwhile threatening to purge me is an amusing, steady snarky consistent resource and asset to the region. While he may threaten, he has the region's interests best at heart, infamous as almost "evil" Dilber in a sense, his hard working talent leads to the protection of our region. His humor, his participation keeps the region going, while he does quite a bit in the background, I appreciate his opinion, snark and general contribution to the region. People keep the community going, whether in obvious ways, behind the scene, whether in being a pillar of community. TWP would not be the same without trying to bedazzle Dali's banhammer. Dali is a significant and important member of this community that I am lucky to know (seriously). @Fujai is extremely hard working. He is always coming up with new ideas for culture, promoting activity within the region and with the newspaper. He has amazing skills and he is just a joy to watch work. He clearly knows what he is doing, and he is a remarkable individual. He is kind, good-hearted, humorous and full of snark.
  17. @Dilberis the most amazing boss that I have had the pleasure of working for in this game. He inspires me to do work without ending. He is my best friend, he is loyal as hell, he is always willing to give himself to a dedicated cause. He is truly one of the kindest and heart of gold people I have ever met.
  18. There are so many people I could thank here. TWP is filled to overflowing with good people. I really am blessed to have been "born" in this region. So one person .... hmmm ... I think I would like to thank @Big Bad Badger. When I was a noob, he was the TWPAF Commander and tried to teach me raiding. I stunk at that, but he saw potential in me in other ways and stuck with me, mentoring me when he became delegate and including me in his plans. In addition to helping me personally in NS, he has been a huge asset to the region. His reforms began our TWP renaissance. Even after his delegacy, he has continued to be active and supportive. Thanks, Badger!
  19. Do you really respect someone? Do you admire someone or their hard work? Then use this thread to thank them. Right now we live in uncertain times, the world we create is the one we make. We should spread as much gratitude as we can. Recognize someone in the thread below, list out why they mean something to the region, to you or to thank them for contributions.
  20. International Racing? That was me, I think that was the only place where I went by International Racing. Incidentally, I moved International Racing to The New Meritocracy.
  21. Heya Indy, Wasn't there a Senator in the Meritocracy that had a similarly themed nation name to yours back when??
  22. I don't care for that player much...
  23. Please mask @Rakesh_DesertFox and @Korea East as Hall of Nations members.
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