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  1. Big Bad Badger

    Do we actually have a newspaper running right now?

    It has been done via dispatch. But I agree it should be here also.
  2. Big Bad Badger

    "Don't Forget. You're Here Forever."

    Atlae, you are a good player and we are better region because of your contributions! Come back when you get a chance!
  3. Big Bad Badger

    I have an idea!

    I have an TWP conundrum. I am not sure that the requirement to have people post at least once per month is an effective thing for the Hall of Nations. But we have a beautiful forum and need more activity here. What can we do to increase activity here?
  4. Big Bad Badger

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I went through the entire Hall of Nations list and culled non-members. Sent out reminders to others to post in the forum.
  5. Big Bad Badger

    Foreign Affairs Changes

  6. Big Bad Badger

    [AT VOTE] Commend Greater Dienstad

    I have spoken with Greater Dienstad on several occasions. I have found GD to be extremely helpful and friendly. I have gotten advice on starting/expanding rp in TWP and Equilism. They are willing to work hard to assist regions build rp. If they didn't know the answer, they found people who did. This person has been an active part of NS rp for a long time helping many. I fully endorse Commend Greater Dienstad!
  7. Big Bad Badger

    Greetings TWP!

  8. Big Bad Badger

    [PASSED] Commend Guy

    You can look in our discord discussion for my opinion on this, as it would not be fitting for polite company on this forum. But I must also add that any piece of legislation co-authored by McMasterdonia I would never approve. His recent level of admin abuse concerning Imki in TNP and the NSWF are worthy of outcasting him from any consideration.
  9. Big Bad Badger


    Hey there! Nice to have you pop by!
  10. Big Bad Badger

    [PASSED] Commend Knootoss

    I've never heard of the nation. I am generally suspect of IMperium Anglorum. Therefore it will take some considerable discussion to persuade me. No!
  11. Big Bad Badger

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done! Do you need Ministers masked?
  12. Big Bad Badger

    Hello from the South

    Greetings! Nice to have you here! Make yourself at home and if you have any questions ask @Kawaii!
  13. Big Bad Badger


    Nice to see you here!