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  1. So glad to see you stopping more!
  2. I really like what you have done Fujai! I especially love the fonts and flags!
  3. No when the mechanisms (the hall of Nations) of the government aren't utilized and when the nations of the region are excluded in major region defining decisions. It is generally a sign of governmental issues. Something is not working. Therefore, maybe it is time to discuss solutions.
  4. Yes, based on the traditions and culture of the community.
  5. This is exactly my point. If you want the theme to be successful there must be community buy in. The best way to achieve that is by giving the community ownership of the process. Instead we are told "trust us". And those of us who have wanted to discuss the process have been put down, discredited, and mocked for being afraid of change. This is exactly right as pointed out by Kawaii on discord: This is the exact approach to create community! Instead of creating the opposite...an us vs them environment. When there's absolutely nothing occurring in the Hall except elections, sure this discussion could have occurred in a healthy and meaningful way. Honestly this entire process has left a really bad taste in my mouth for the way our region is governed. Perhaps it is time to discuss a second forum government to give the residents a voice. As WW has pointed out, it has happened in the past.
  6. I think that this is a real positive idea that will help the chosen theme gain legitimacy in the region. I agree that it feels like we are rushing into this when legit discussion is/was still taking place. I am increasingly unsettled that the only people allowed to vote on the regional theme are Hall of Nations members. It doesn't seem representative of the region.
  7. BTW Westwind, I loved the historic graphics that you posted earlier. The "Illuminati" eye reminded me of @Kawaii
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