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  1. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    Terrific! We'd love to have you Wyvern! I'll DM you instructions.
  2. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    Sorry for the delay, I will contact you all with instructions. Welcome aboard!
  3. [PROPOSAL] Escort Education Act

    Hookers need love too!
  4. Daily News

    Yours! If you would like to find an underling or two to fill in, feel free.
  5. [WANTED] New Nation Greeting Squad

    Still looking for people!
  6. Daily News

    We are toying with the idea of creating a TWP Daily News. We are looking for someone who can create a TWP version of this The person organizing it would need to publish daily (or hire a replacement). They would need to post calendar items, link hotbed discussions on the RMB, GP forum, TWP forum, discord. Therefore the ideal candidate will have an understanding of relevant GP activities. As well as have working knowledge of dispatch creation.
  7. Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    Atlae, I feel like I can safely say what you are describing has happened to many of us. You are a quality player and I have enjoyed getting to know you. Best of luck. When you shake free, come and say hi! Peace! Badger
  8. Miscellaneous TWP Positions

    This thread will be for miscellaneous TWP job needs.
  9. I'm looking to start a new thing for TWP. I am looking for energetic people who would like to greet new nations. Either mentor them or guide them to veteran players who could help. Duties: Look over the RMB for new nations. TG them and create a relationship. Convincing them to stay in the region and become invested (WA, Citizenship, etc). To apply, respond to this thread or contact me on discord.
  10. Looking to help the ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry? Jobs will be placed here!
  11. Cultural Positions

    Interested in expanding culture in TWP. Check this forum for positions available listed by the Internal Affairs Minister!
  12. Ambassadorial Corps

    Foreign Affairs Minister will place ads in this forum. If you are interested reply to their threads.
  13. TWPAF Positions

    If you are interested in becoming a Pirate for TWPAF please see this forum: The Commander may place a want ad here if there is something particular they are looking for.
  14. Purpose

    This forum will have two purposes. It will give the editor of The West Pacifican an place to advertise positions needed and it will allow citizens and residents of TWP to express interest that they may have in working for the paper.