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  1. Leaving Nationstates

    Offshore Racing, Take care man, it has been a pleasure to get to know and work with you! Peace, B
  2. Here's A Challenge!

    In your case, I think that get a free trebuchet ride is more appropriate.
  3. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    All done! Great work on recruitment. Now get them trained and active!!!!
  4. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I will get it.
  5. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I got them masked. Emoji added!
  6. 'allo!

    Greetings! Glad to have you here. If you have any questions please let me know!
  7. Hewwo!

    Greetings Soppy! Glad to have you here!
  8. [PASSED] Convention on Internet Neutrality

  9. Treachery From The Kingdom of Great Britain

    I approve of the above message!
  10. [PASSED] Commend August

    I've gotten to know August a bit over the past year. He is really talented at region building and organization. He has maintained and trained a decent sized independent military on top of that. I think that he serves as an example of how UCR's should be constructed. FOR
  11. Hello From The Gryphonian Alliance

    Glad to have you back. Hope you stay a while this time!
  12. "I've seen All Good People"

    Glad to have you pop in! Thank you for the update. Godspeed to you and your daughter. Best of luck to you resolving your affairs. TWP will always be here for a respite for you when needed! Take care, B
  13. Treachery From The Kingdom of Great Britain

    I am quoting this from someone else: " That's basically Don's MO, if you haven't noticed. To ingratiate with women in a blurry IC/OOC way Don has that MO of getting close to girls and creating apologist, sychopants, etc that are blind to his flaws or willfully ignore them. and Men in a different way."
  14. Greetings TWP, Today I want to make the region aware of a situation that came up earlier this week after I had our treaty with the Kingdom of Great Britain repealed and our embassy withdrawn. The King and his Curia have threatened TWP and Osiris with war, intend to see our downfall. Furthermore, they have attempted to undermine Europeia. Several months ago it was discovered that the King Alexander, who otherwise goes by Don, is a pathological liar IC and OOC and an all around manipulative bastard. He lied about RL situations in order to gain sympathy and manipulate people in his region. This caused myself and others to leave the region and disassociate ourselves from KGB. However, we still had this treaty; which I was ok with provided more lies and deceit didn't surface. A few weeks ago it was discovered that Don was bringing back into KGB a nation known for harassing and bullying behavior who penned this apology letter: Knowing first hand what had occurred, I could not in good faith allow TWP to be associated with this individual or any region that harbors him. So after discussing this with the guardians, I decided to act quickly and dissolve our relationship with KGB. Earlier this week, one of our operatives sent me a long line of logs. The relevant ones can be found here: After laughing voraciously at their thinking that they could coup TWP, I informed our friends in Europeia, Vice Chancellor Brunhilde and director of intel NES of the potential security breech. They have made sure that Europeia is secure. The newly elected President, Cat has decided to step down for her part in this. When these logs became public a few hours ago, the king has decided to abdicate the throne and quit NS. Don being a manipulative liar, I am sure will resurface soon. When he does, I ask that you remember what he has said about TWP and the intentions of his council. None of these people: Don Mountbatten (former king Alexander), Victor Lancaster (the new king William Victor I), Charles Lancaster, Cephal (Cornelius Tallyrand), and John Mountbatten should be forgotten for their role in attempting to subvert TWP and our allies. We will not work with KGB or the above individuals in any fashion. I would ask our allies to do the same. They are not to be trusted! When I first began diplomacy with KGB last spring, I was pleasantly surprised by the terrific people in the region. Many of them have chosen to come to TWP over the past few months to see what we have going on here, even becoming actively involved in our TWP community. Several were actively involved in getting this information to me as they understood the King was making poor choices. Those of you who have come here from KGB, I hold no ill will towards any of you and ask TWP to do the same. However, the individuals with the King in the Curia; I do hold you responsible for your statements and actions. Hail TWP! Badger