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  1. How does this affect TWP? What purpose do you have in posting this here? I have very little patience for this sort of drama.
  2. Welcome back to citizenship, you old Dragon.
  3. More than a year later and there is still a shortage of glitter.
  4. I gave the Ambassador Mask, though I don't think it is intended for our Foreign Affairs Department. But no matter, the citizen mask covers it, I think. Let me know if it does not work as needed.
  5. I think we might be able to test setting up a voting thread in a password protected area. However, that just means the speaker will need to message all Hall of Nations members in good standing to give them the password. And they will still need to verify the votes. My opinion is that it's not worth the trouble. If the Speaker still have to verify, why be forced to do so twice? Plus, we are a bit pro transparency here. While I could set it up, I would much prefer not obscuring the view of the election process.
  6. Welcome to The West Pacific! We are happy to have you back among the NS Denizens.
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