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  1. I think when I built the forum, there were areas you, Halo, told me would be strictly for announcements. I may have built the restrictions into the forum rather than the masking, making it a complicated issue that I just have not had time to fiddle with. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for you, I am hosting my grandson this weekend and that means NS will receive very little attention from me.
  2. That's really not as easy as you might think. I will look at that when I look at the citizenship issues we discussed last night
  3. Heat Death of The Universe has such a nice ring.
  4. NovaBren has military officer masking. Should I leave it or remove?
  5. I prefer the hope of the future as opposed to sorrows of the past. I chose 2020.
  6. What an intelligent creature! I am so glad you came to us! Stalks off to find @Dilber
  7. I changed the name of the Minister of Internal Affairs to Minister of Cultural Affairs. However, there is no mask specific to those working for the ministry. If there is an access problem, I can mask them all as ministers, or I can work sometime in the future to make a new mask for them. I believe all internal affairs forums should be accessible to any member. If this is not correct or is something you wish to change, please name the forums which you wish to restrict access. Fixed Ark's masking too.
  8. I will see about renaming the masks and getting Ark's masking fixed at lunch today.
  9. There is stuff on my mind.

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