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  1. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done. I left military masking on those that had it. Let me know if that needs to change as well.
  2. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Zevsterland is added. I was unable to find a member named Monza Isles or The Monza Isles. I will check again at work tomorrow. My laptop died and I could just be overlooking him on my phone. Edit: Found him under that other name. Both are now registered as members of the Hall of Nations.
  3. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Oh yeah! That should be a thing. I blame my lapse on the zombies and Elton. Done.
  4. Darkesia

    New Delegate Announcement!

    Thanks for everything, Neenee! And welcome to the hot seat, Halo!
  5. Darkesia

    Granducato Toscana

    I'm guessing that there will be a place to coordinate here in the forums, in the RMB and in Discord. The trick in a large region like this is organization and heavy handed leadership. Obey your orders. In past years we have logged in as early as possible and begun researching a cure. The Delegate will likely lock the borders. If those two things happen as close to the start of the game as possible, the region stands a chance of making it into the top of the rankings of uninfected survivors. We came very close to zero infection rate last year. Once you have begun researching a cure, you will soon develop the ability to fire cure missiles at your fellow region mates. There is a strategy to make this most effective. However, since our Admin group likes to add surprises each year, last year's strategy may not be the most effective. Watch your leadership group for direction and a list of targets. The most important thing is to research a cure and keep curing your neighbors. Do not research kill squads. Killing zombies cuts down on the number of survivors in the final count. You might find yourself kicked from the region, if you research tactical kill squads or embrace the hordes. If this happens, you will be welcome back to the region after the event. One last thing; The event is for fun and will have no lasting effect on your nation. So don't sweat it, if you can't participate or need to log out for long periods. As long as you are researching the cure you will help the region reduce infection rates even if you can't log in again.
  6. Darkesia

    Hey West Pacific!

    Welcome to The West Pacific! You will fit right in here.
  7. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done. Altino was already masked as a Citizen (secondary) and Military (primary.) If that needs adjusting, please let me know how you would like it to be done. Welcome to TWP citizenship!
  8. Darkesia

    Hey TWP I love you!

    We love you too! Thanks to you, I'm pretty fast at masking in this format. lol
  9. Darkesia

    "Don't Forget. You're Here Forever."

    Enjoy the break! We all need them occasionally. Good luck in RL and may your time away heal any wounds created by the pervasive anger sometimes found in the game. I hope you return after a healthy rest.
  10. Darkesia

    Granducato Toscana

    Welcome to The West Pacific!
  11. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done. FYI: I left Greyghost's masking for TWP Military intact. Let me know if it needs removed.
  12. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done. Welcome new Citizens!
  13. Darkesia

    I have an idea!

    No system is foolproof. I am evidence that a fool Delegate can choose the wrong successor and cause all kinds of difficulties. And that same fool Delegate can choose a great successor. But I believe that if the Guardians are used properly as an advisory board (internally, there is nothing worse for regional morale that open fighting in the ranks of leadership.) the chances of having a "rogue or coup" are greatly reduced. However, I have noticed a new trend with regard to the off-site forums. They are becoming quite integral to regional culture and leadership. I think this is a result of cash becoming necessary for a decent forum. I found out how much TNP spends on it's forum and it was a revelation to me. They almost have to run constant elections and legislative rp in order to justify that kind of money spent. And in order to defray the cost, they accept donations. How much more participation to they gain from those who pay money to participate? I am not in favor of running elections like TNP. I left there NSCenturies ago, for precisely that culture of bureaucracy. But I am in favor of a brainstorming session to bring more use out of our forum. And we need to find a way to alleviate the financial burden of Winnie. He has been footing the bill for years with very little help from a very few of us. I plan to speak to some of the Admin team in TNP to see how they handle their financial burden to try to adapt something for use here. Khanter has a death wish. :p
  14. Darkesia


    Welcome to The West Pacific! Do you have any chocolate?