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  1. Darkesia

    I have an idea!

    Bumping this because a little grave digging buried it and I think we were having a great discussion here before the interruption.
  2. Darkesia

    [Killed] Ban On Capital Punishment

    Darkesia has abolished the court system in favor of more efficient ~though often messier~ means of deterrent.
  3. Darkesia

    Hello from Europeia!

    You will do very well here.
  4. Darkesia

    Hello from Europeia!

    Hello and welcome! Do you have any chocolate?
  5. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done. Welcome, New Citizens!
  6. Darkesia

    The Confederacy of Sentristria

    Welcome! *offers box of chocolates emblazoned with the TWP flag*
  7. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Would you like to wear the Internal Affairs badge for ID purposes? That will determine in which order I place your masking.
  8. Darkesia

    I have an idea!

    Post your ideas here and let's talk about it. No matter how crazy or seemingly counter to TWP, let's hear it! No fear of being thought of as silly or dangerous (Keep ToS please.) All ideas are welcome!
  9. Darkesia


    *Offers Welcome Chocolates* You will never be out of chocolate as long as you are part of the Great West Pacific!
  10. Darkesia


    Welcome! Do you have any chocolate?
  11. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Pretty doubtful. If he is not, I will remove his status tomorrow. OK. He has been moved to member status.
  12. Darkesia

    NS reminisces

    Of all the contemporary software I used, I liked Sixguns' the best. But Winnie's Vortex was easily the best during it's time. It was easy to use, extremely practical and more timely than Six's had been. Sometimes I pine for the days when I was so deeply involved. But then I realize that what I pine for is the time I had to be that deeply involved. I wonder, if I had the time, would I use it the same way I had before?
  13. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Sorry. I thought the Former Delegate mask had access. Working on that right now. OK. Check now and let me know.
  14. Welcome to The West Pacific! Do you have any chocolate?
  15. Darkesia

    Greeting myself

    Another Cleveland Resident! OH...