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  1. Done... I think. Hopefully I didn't cause the collapse of civilization or something.
  2. Hey, Ivan! How the heck have you been? *steals a carrot and dips it in chocolate*
  3. Yes.
  4. That's helpful. Thanks.
  5. The Cathedral has been silent with minor exceptions for a long time. I believe that is indicative of a basic breakdown in the trust between the Guardians. The home meant for frank and honest discussion has gone unused. Hopefully in time it will repair itself. But that said, many regions function perfectly well without such a culture. It may just be time to change that dynamic. Either way, it is just a change that I noticed.
  6. Now forced into the role of collaborator... I do not envy you. I do hope some of the discussion comes to the forum though. I absolutely refuse to put that horrid app back on my phone. I don't know how people can use Discord. I suppose I'm old. lol
  7. and I am very disappointed. Perhaps the discussion is on Discord? That's possible. Like the old days... All the politics happens in the chat feature? I'm creeped out by the silence. Say something! lol
  8. New TWP Military Campaign Flag?
  9. Oh dear... That's outside my area of expertise. Once I open the page, I get stuck in an indefinite waiting to load loop. Do you have the graphics saved? It might be easier to delete the page and start over.
  10. Very little is secret here. This was a public convo when it happened and remains public. Though, it's pretty darned old at this point. So archiving might be appropriate. ... Now, if only I can manage it without exploding something.
  11. Changed the name. Not sure about linking it. You will have to ask someone more knowledgeable than I for that bit.
  12. Pleasure to meet you as well. Welcome to The West Pacific!
  13. Welcome to The West Pacific! Have some Welcome Chocolate.