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  1. Congratulations, Neenee!

  2. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Now, you are both masked as Delegate. If it's ok, I will leave your mask until she officially overtakes you in endorsements.
  3. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done I'm slowly getting caught up with things. Thanks for being so patient.
  4. Darkesia

    Nuclear Apocalypse: What you need to know

    Gravedigging without comic intent is generally frowned upon. That being said, we are a mostly "hands-off" admin team, so I"m not locking the thread. Only pointing out that you are 15 months late with your response.
  5. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Added everyone except Dali, who was already in the Hall of Nations.
  6. Darkesia

    Hello there!

    I share generously with the good people of TWP. I hope you are going to stay with us. We like you!
  7. Darkesia

    Hello there!

    Hello! Welcome to TWP! Do you have any chocolate?
  8. Darkesia

    Long Term Inactivity

    Sad to see you go, Khanter. If command wishes to change your masking, have them reach out to me any time. Hope your activity returns soon!
  9. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Everyone in the above list has had their masking reduced to "member." Note, that includes some who had military masking (among some other things.) If you wish to add military masking back to anyone, just let me know. Also, there were two on the list that had no record. That means the names were never registered. Let me know if it's a misspelling or nickname and I will try to dig them up sometime. But at this point, those names do not exist.
  10. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    His Royal Highness is now a member of the Hall of Nations!
  11. Darkesia

    Greetings TWP!

    Hurray!! I admit, I was expecting that.
  12. Darkesia

    Greetings TWP!

    Hello! It's good to see you here! Do you have any chocolate?
  13. Darkesia

    Ask me anything

    6. Do I think that NS needs a region filled with loyal, enthusiastic citizen soldiers who would march into battle blindly for the sake of their finely crafted cultural obsession? Do I think NS needs regions who are not what they seem and powerful in ways most are unaware of? Yes and yes! Do I think that basing that culture on a crusade against the WA is the way to go? Not so much. I treasure my time with GV and my time collaborating with them, but I think the crusade against the WA might not be viable in the new NS. 7. I have been out of the game too long and no longer know what the R/D paradigm might be. From my perspective, the R/D paradigm is well entrenched and after the Predator scandal and subsequent Purge has a set of rules that make it an NS Institution. I am unsure if one event could change an institution. I am more inclined to think that change will come slowly as a more cultural shift, if it comes at all. One of these young upstarts will come up with a crazy idea that will catch fire and the game will be changed forever without anyone much noticing until after it's happened. 8. Yes. I met Karpathos there. That's about all I am going to say about that. Some things should not have the mystery peeled away.
  14. Darkesia

    Ask me anything

    My desire to rule NPO is directly involved with the way Moo and Ivan drove traffic to those other realms. Though that duality gave us Elegarth (whom I adore!), I still hold a bit of a grudge against Moo and Ivan for the decimation of the NPO by CN.