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  1. I think we might be able to test setting up a voting thread in a password protected area. However, that just means the speaker will need to message all Hall of Nations members in good standing to give them the password. And they will still need to verify the votes. My opinion is that it's not worth the trouble. If the Speaker still have to verify, why be forced to do so twice? Plus, we are a bit pro transparency here. While I could set it up, I would much prefer not obscuring the view of the election process.
  2. Welcome to The West Pacific! We are happy to have you back among the NS Denizens.
  3. Status: Awesome!

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      Obviously :D

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      Fantastic! :twpflag:

  4. I recently received a telegram from their leader. Having seen my condemnation, they seem to think I am of like mind. I have not responded as I don't have time to decide if I should be offended or not. the Joke Condemnation is hee-fricken-larious!
  5. I think you might need to do that, Halo. Maybe a couple months? Drop me a PM, if you need details. Edit: also, my daughter told me there is a friends and family version when you use the app and the fees are greatly reduced (zero in the states and $1 for Canada). But I have not had a minute to check it out.
  6. @Winnipeg If you have not decided to put a link up for donations, it's coming to that time when one of us will need to cover the next couple months. Either way is fine, we just need to know so we can get it done
  7. I did some snooping and there are some things @Winnipeg can do to protect himself from an audit and be able to easily prove that he is not making a profit from any paypal or crowd sourcing transactions, which would be the main trigger for any tax implications. As long as there is no profit, it is below the threshold for being classified a hobby, so no tax. It is a matter of paperwork. It would be easiest, if he did not use the paypal account for anything except NS stuff. But as long as he keeps a detailed log of how much was donated and how much was spent, he will be fine (provided he doesn't find himself with extra at the end of the tax period.) Which brings us back to crowd sourcing applications. They provide detailed accounting and they can hold any extra funds without them counting as income. So, if someone was generous and donated a bunch, it could be held until needed as opposed to a paypal account that is attached to your bank account and therefore immediately counts as income. Another option is to donate to someone stateside who makes deposits to Winnie only as needed. What do you think Winnie? Do you have a preference or another idea outside the box?
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