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  1. Darkesia

    New Theme Chatter

    In all seriousness, this is why the mere mention of Japanese culture is a bad thing on the internet. Even if it's done as a joke, things eventually deteriorate into exactly what just happened.
  2. Darkesia

    New Theme Chatter

    I have a crazy idea. *watches everyone roll their eyes* Flags: I love the dragon flag where the dragon is clinging to the back of the sun for the Regional WFE flag. I have always been partial to dragons and love them in all their literary and film adaptations. I also really like the stamp-like, trendy flag that was Kawaii's, I think. I like it because it looks like a stamp. If we added a relief of words (or a dragon?) in the top part of the sun, it could easily be used as an FA seal for treaties and dispatches. I dislike the first group of flags because they remind me too much of the Kaiser and WWI sensibilities. However, I have always wanted to rp-live in Imperial Russia. Which brings me to ... Titles: I dislike all of them and their forms of address. But not the idea of titles and some designations. I think we (the region) can do better if we drink some wine and argue about it one evening. I would like to ask that the Heir apparent designation be removed from the lists for a number of reasons we can argue about another time.
  3. Darkesia

    Hey TWP, Danlina here

    Welcome to NationStates and to The West Pacific!
  4. Darkesia

    I'm boring

    Hi, Boring. I'm Dark. Do you have any chocolate? Welcome to TWP!
  5. Darkesia

    New Theme Chatter

    Just a note: What ever you decide, Halo. ~for the love of all that is holy, I'm begging you; do not go with anime or kpop or any of that weeb stuff. I can happily adjust to almost anything but that. I can't bear the discord channels that have been consumed by it.~ But in reality, you are the Delegate. It's your choice. This sort of seeps into the other area of your changes. (The desire to add a Senate level to the off-site government structure) If you are waiting for complete consensus on something, it will never happen. So, if you think the peanut gallery is being difficult now, just wait until you try to tie legislation to arguments from two separate bodies full of strong, intelligent opinionated players. I am not passing judgement of right or wrong. I'm just reminding us all of the difference between expectations and reality.
  6. Darkesia

    New Theme Chatter

    There is an idea here somewhere. I can feel it starting to come together. I love the way TWP can just start rambling on and suddenly we all shout, "Yes!" as the perfect idea makes itself known. We're almost there. I'm seeing: Fun, strong but not militaristic (except the military, of course), elements of fantasy prevalent, titles that are practical and descriptive, keep the current colors. Also seeing... Pirates, yes! Pirates, no! Hmmm... Maybe this translates to: We want to retain the idea of being a bunch of rogue personalities gathered together and loyal to one another. It's just a guess on my part. But I know we are getting close. Keep arguing it out! This group never ceases to make me proud.
  7. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @Big Bad Badger or @Westwindcould you grab this for me, please? I don't expect free time until later this afternoon. Thx!
  8. Darkesia

    New Theme Chatter

    Anything that drives healthy activity is a good thing IMHO. I see nothing wrong with an attempt to give the region a cultural theme and I applaud the creative work being done by the region's residents. That said. Can we get an option for an in-game theme that doesn't involve memorizing new titles, please? Can the Delegate and Ministers still have titles that clearly state what they do? the one thing that really irks me about the themed regions is the crazy titles everyone has. I need a glossary to figure out who has what job in Osiris for example.
  9. Darkesia

    New Theme Chatter

    So? What do you think, TWPers? Let's hear it!
  10. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Try that out. I moved some things around and added an officer's mask. If I need to go to Minister level, give me a poke and I will fix it.
  11. Darkesia

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Done. But you didn't see me. I wasn't here.
  12. Darkesia

    Happy new year!

    Happy 2019 TWP!