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4th Rugby World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Aura or Polaris?





[Eiva]: Calm down you two! We're live already! *chuckle*

[Railo]: Oh crap! Anyways, hello everybody, we're back from that amaizing match between RYXTYLOPIA and ZORAN! Where our team to the joy of the locals defeated the other Auran team 31 to 25 on the score!

[Tixica]: What a match... i say what a match!

[Eiva]: Depending on who you ask it was either an unexpected win, or the team performed to their finest capacities, exploiting all the potential they could've exploited on that match.

[Tixica]: I think both played a bit of a part, i mean didn't Tivarra say to the cameras he wouldn't give his players a second of rest, and would make them train all day?

[Railo]: Yeah he did, but it seems to have worked out for the A.R.R, as they won what so far is their largest victory of this tournament. But we face a familiar opponent on Semi Finals, one we've already faced in the groups.

[Tixica]: We know, we know: United Adaikes, the nation that beat us on the last day of groups and made us drop to 3rd on the group, when we were originally 1rst place, before the match against Aftokratoria of course.

[Eiva]: Well United Adaikes, honestly i dont know if they'll be as tough as Zoran or tougher, they bearly edged over Overthinkers by ONE try, also we've already faced them but now its the Semi Finals, it would be prudent to treat this as a stair of difficulty, with each opponent being harder than the last.

[Tixica]: That's a good point, if United Adaikes wasn't good they wouldn't have knocked out Overthinkers and made it to semi finals, and may i add Overthinkers had a fantastic tournament they played really well and honestly i feel sad for them bearly missing out by only 1 point.

[Railo]: Its regrettable but apart from our attempted revenge against UA, there will be another match, and honestly i don't know which one will be more exciting to watch... Dalimbar vs Cambria

[Tixica]: Oh boy...

[Eiva]: That will be another good one...

[Tixica]: Also, Eiva you're taking too long, i wanna see my man Gaíves, hurry up!

[Eiva]: Oh yeah i forgot about that. *chuckle*

[Tixica]: You...

Eiva starts the call with Gaíves and the camera crew still at the stadium.



[Gaíves]: If you're willing to come here to Dalimbar we can still have a drink toogheter if you want.

[Tixica]: Im in, gotta start packing.

[Railo]: Oh come on, we'll have to get a supplement for you.

[Tixica]: Tough luck Railo!

[Eiva]: Anyways, Gaíves may you bring us to the players?

[Gaíves]: Of course, give me a minute.

Gaíves walks down a corridor, to the changing rooms, as he approached them, the door to the Ryxtylopian changing room was closed, but a lot of noise could be heard from inside.


Gaíves tries to open the door, but its locked, so he knocks on it only to be left outside for a few minutes.

[Gaíves]: Well uhh... this is akward.

[Gaíves]: Hello? HELLO?! TVNC you gotta tell the nation your feelings, hello?!

He continues pounding at the door with no success, but then it opens and a shower of water soon caught him offguard, as it hit both him and the cameraman.

[Gaíves]: Hel- AH-! What the...

[Andreís Guilbirto]: WE DID IT WE BEAT ZORAN WOOOOOoooooo-

[Pincalo]: Gaíves i think the camera got wet... mind cleaning the lense?

[Gaíves]: Oh yes, uh, sorry for the incovinience, viewers... and... there we go...

[Pincalo]: Alright thanks.

[Gaíves]: Excu-

Gaíves is interrupted by a wave of noise and celebration

[Gaíves]: Excuse-

Gaíves is interrupted by another wave of noise and celebration

[Gaíves]: TVNC, we ne-

[Tivarra]: Oh its you! Calm down, you don't need to ask for statements all the time, just show this to the cameras, i can take a break from my stress.

The camera points to the players jumping, opening bottles of water, and celebrating in the changing room.

[Tivarra]: Its a good day for Ryxtylopia, or i should say night... Well whatever, how about you join us?

[Gaíves]: Would be glad to! But may i at least get one statement?

[Tivarra]: Don't worry ill help you work towards a raise... This match was great, the result couldn't have gone any better, we accomplished more than the goals we originally set ourselves, and now we're the last team representing Aura, despite this i would like to announce my eternal respect for the zoranian team, definetley not a team to mess around with, both teams showed excellent sportsmanship and ability.

[Gaíves]: That's great, and what about the semi finals against UA?

[Tivarra]: While people on social media may already be painting this as revenge for the groups, i would like to add, UA is one of the best rugby teams in the world, and like Zoran, they'll prove a massive challange for our players, basically all the matches at this point of the tournament are challenging as you go up against the best rugby in this world has to offer, im also sure the trainers of the opposing teams are experienced, and so are their players, but if we beat Zoran we can best UA, all we need is good old practice, and im pretty sure my boys have learnt if not a lot at least enough from the zoranians to make this possible.

[Tivarra]: And finally a thanks to our fans, those who came all the way from all corners of Ryxtylopia, those who stayed in Ryxtylopia glued to their televisions, Ryxtylopians living abroad who still watched the match, and even people from other countries who showed support for our team, this debut has probably had the best result possible so far, and what we originally thought would be a debut where we would only reach the Round of 16 turned to a debut where we have the possibility to reach the finals, worse case scenario finishing 4th, so thanks for everything. Now you, come here and take a break from your job, lets PARTY!

[Gaíves]: Thanks, and thanks for having me TVNC, i can't really decline the offer presented, but it was still real nice being with you this evening. Tixica i hope to see ya soon in the warm land of Dalimbar!

[Gaíves]: Come on Pincalo, join us!

[Pincalo]: Alright!

The transmission suddenly cuts, and goes back to the studio.


[Railo]: Wow... that was really good, glad they're having a good time, they'll rest since i assure you, Tivarra wont let them rest tomorrow!

[Tixica]: Good one, well i should get going if i want to catch the earliest possible flight to Dalimbar!

[Eiva]: Are you really going?

[Tixica]: Yes! I can still participate in this show even from there, we live in the modern age remember?

[Eiva]: True, well i wish for you a safe flight and to have fun seeing Gaíves again!

[Tixica]: Thanks!

[Railo]: Me too and this is where our transmission will end for today, hope our team can replicate this success against UA, and we may keep the dream of reaching the finals alive, but anyways, this has been TVNC news, thanks for watching, and we will catch you on the next one!

The camera zooms out as the TVNC theme plays, and the screen slowly fades away to the next channel.


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Round of 16
Marinsky Stadium
United Adaikes v. Overthinkers
UAD 15-21 OVT
2nd half, 74th minute
OVT's 22-meter line

Tyrell Darwin, the Sharks' fly half, sees the opponent's goalpost with no Overthinkers players in front of him. He's just in between the far left and the middle horizontal-wise. He knows they can score again, but he can feel an Overthinkers player bothering him behind him.

Darwin felt it was his fault that the Overthinkers team scored in the 52nd minute for the Andolian team to get their first lead. He was hesitant to tackle the offloading player straight to the ground. What was the point of tackling hard if the ball was already off the hands of the one he tackled? 

What Darwin did not expect was an Overthinkers player going straight at him from the right. Upon contact, Darwin offloaded the ball to the next Adaikesian on his left, scrum half Ursella Bissette, to prevent a maul.

Bissette is close. She runs diagonally to the center. But she did not notice the Overthinkers player bothering Darwin earlier, getting tackled near the goal line. She buckles and prepares her knees when her body drops to the ground. However, upon grounding, she heard a loud pop in her right knee. For a quick instance, she did not feel any pain until she tried to turn around to cover the ball with her body, with the Overthinkers player trying to take the ball away. With a sharp and sudden pain in her right knee, she howls. Adaikesian players start to surround Bissette, calling for the medical team. The referee, arriving earlier and stops the Overthinkers player from retrieving the ball from the Adaikesian in pain, calls for the medical team and signals a brief stoppage due to the injury.

Coach Ferne Huxtable of the Sharks looked at Bissette's knee and shook her head. Even the fans think the Sharks' title hopes are over with about 5 minutes left.

Returning to the sidelines, Coach Huxtable called Rosie Ruiz, the backup scrum half on the bench. The head coach of the Sharks tapped the shoulder of the incoming player substituting the injured Bissette to tell her to do good before Ruiz ran towards the Andolian team's goal line.

"Crouch," the referee restarts play with a scrum, telling the forwards of both teams to prepare for the resumption of play.

"Bind" was what the forwards heard from the referee before the props, and the hookers of both teams were already shoulder-to-shoulder.

"Set," the referee tells Ruiz as Ruiz throws the ball to the ground below the ongoing scrum. However, Adaikesian Peregrine Norman hooked the ball backward with his left foot.

Albie Thompkins, the Shark's Number-8, was looking for the ball blindly, looking for the ball in the feet of his teammates in the scrum. Upon reaching the ball, Thompkins passed the ball immediately to Darwin, who in turn made a grubber toward the in-goal area. With the Overthinkers players not expecting the play, Adaikesian outside center Ozzie Matthewson dived for and to the ball, scoring a try and reducing the lead to 1, 20-21! (inspiration: https://giphy.com/gifs/try-rugby-smith-6SjdlWVipON0Y)

The Sharks near Matthewson also dived towards him! Coach Huxtable pounded her fist in the air!

With the try occurring near the goalpost, it will be easy for the place kick to score the try conversion and regain the lead!

After the Sharks regained their composure to continue the match, full-back Hernan Jacobson readied for the place kick with less than three minutes left. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before running to the ball. He kicks it.

The ball went through the middle of the goalpost! They retook the lead! 22-21! And the time was not enough for the Overthinkers team to counter!

The United Adaikes national rugby team proceeds to the Semi-Final for the third straight time!

The Sharks all raised their fists in the air. But they know it's not yet over. Coach Huxtable feels it. The team is beginning to become complacent. Or is it just that the teams they fought are strong? The results in the Knock-outs stage tell it all. Who knows the consequences if they cannot hold off the Hertfordians in the Round of 16 to 4 points? And tonight, it was just a one-point margin.

And they know that the team they expect to play in the Semi-Finals will bring their A-game. They have played with the Zoranians. Coach Huxtable knows it will be hard. Despite the Semi-Finals match happening on their group turf, the Central Donlas Stadium.

Three hours later...
At the banquet hall of the hotel the Sharks are staying in

While the Adaikesian national team is grateful to Dalimbar for setting up a large screen in the far wall opposite where they get their food to watch games of interest, they did not particularly like what they currently saw. No Shark was eating when the second half of the Zoran-Ryxtylopia match happened.

The Adaikesian team felt like this before. They were watching in their homes in United Adaikes when the first national team scored an upset win against then-defending champions Hertfordshire and Jammbo. The players and staff of the first national team then retired in international competitions after the tournament. Everyone was curious why nobody returned to the national team pool.

The younger former United Adaikes Rugby Academy players are watching how Ryxtylopia are taking the defending champions to school with their rugby.

It was a wake-up call for the Sharks. The Ryxtylopian team they defeated in the Group Stage is not the same team they see winning against the Zoranian team.

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Announcement from the Department of Agriculture

As the wine sector experienced undue hardship in the 1422 harvest season due to environmental effects, the FS Chiefdom of State Development's Department of Agriculture is pleased to announce the creation of the Wine Sector Support Program.

This program will provide up to ƒ166.2 million over 2 years (1423-24 to 1424-25) in short-term financial support to licenced Dalimbari wineries as they transition and adapt to ongoing and emerging challenges impacting the financial resilience and competitiveness of the wine industry.

The Wine Sector Support Program will provide non-repayable grant payments to licenced Dalimbari wineries based on their production of bulk wine fermented in Dalimbar from domestic primary agricultural products. Under the program:

Bulk wine may include:

  • grape wine
  • other fruit wine
  • other primary agriculture product-based wines

Primary agricultural products are raw materials, such as:

  • grapes
  • berries
  • other fruit
  • dandelions
  • sap

The payment rate will be calculated by determining the total litres of eligible wine produced in the relevant production year from information provided in applications, once the application intake period for the fiscal year has closed. The grant funding allocation for the fiscal year will then be divided by the total litres of eligible wine determined. The maximum amount an eligible recipient can receive is ƒ25 million in total per fiscal year.

Grant funding awarded to successful applicants is expected to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • licenced wineries in Dalimbar have access to financial support to adapt to economic impacts on their operations
  • net operating income remains stable for licenced wineries in Dalimbar
  • smaller licenced wineries in Dalimbar maintain their viability
  • the Dalimbari wine industry maintains its current contribution to Dalimbar's economy

For more information, please contact the Department of Agriculture Wine Sector Support Program office in Kaisah, District 7.

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The after the storm

Tivarra and the players were all in the training field again, practicing and getting ready for their next match, since they would face a familiar opponent they had faced during the group stage: United Adaikes. UA had made the semi finals after beating Overthinkers by 1 point on the quarterfinals, and on the final day of the groups "The Sharks" had beaten the A.R.R.

So with this in mind a lot of players had revenge in their minds, or at least to remind the Adaikesian team that they were a different team after the matches against Ostronia and Zoran, not to mention the fact that they were so close to finals, making it to the final in a debut would be pretty impressive, and there were still plenty of players that still had a lot of unexploited potential, while for other it seemed they couldn't get any better.

Tivarra, now seeing the sky as the limit after the victory against Zoran, thought that after beating Zoran his team would have the necessary skill and experience to come for the revenge against UA, but nevertheless earlier in the day he had taken them to the field again to train to make sure they didn't fall out of shape, placing them in randomly assigned teams to play against eachother, as he sat calmly on the bench drinking a bottle of water.

As he watched both teams he had assembled play against eachother, he decided to call Gavija, to tell him of his agenda for the match against UA, as he already was thinking of goals to set for his players:


Tivarra starts calling Gavija, who answers after 5 short seconds.

[Gavija]: Im pretty sure i already congratulated on you on your victory yesterday.

[Tivarra]: Yes i know sir, i just wanted to share with you that the team's currently doing great at training!

[Gavija]: Then they wont need you?

[Tivarra]: They're playing in teams so they'll be busy enough with that for me to be able to call you, as i wanted to share with you some of the goals ive set for them against UA.

[Gavija]: Oh yes, i watched the UA vs Overthinkers game, being brutally honest i wanted Overthinkers to win, but i guess you and your team will get a shot at revenge against UA, so dont let it pass, beacause if you do you may not get another one until the next world cup!

[Tivarra]: I wont, that's why their training right now, also the possibility of reaching the final in our debut is just too good to miss, it will solidify the message i hope we've already sent by making it this far into the tournament.

[Gavija]: I don't think ill interfiere too much with this, since you've already completed the goal of making it to the round of 16, for the next world cup, knowing that the level of our players is more advanced ill probably set up some more advanced goals.

[Tivarra]: But do you think we should try making it to the final.

[Gavija]: I say, do it, our team has become one of the favorites to win the tournament simply for being the underdogs in this situation, if you beat UA, your players will get the sweet, sweet revenge they've are probably looking towards after the groups, and it will basically secure the chances of you being in the top 2 teams of this tournament!

[Tivarra]: You're probably right...

[Gavija]: The worst case scenario here is, you loosing and then you would still go to the 3rd place match against either Cambria or Dalimbar, loosing that match aswell and ending in 4th. But the best case scenario ends with our team becomming the champions of this tournament on their debut.

[Tivarra]: Alright, so its set, we're going to win this, i think they've learnt enough from Zoran, but i want nobody to misunderstand me and think they can easily win this, UA will be as tough as an opponent as when we first faced them in the groups, but if we have the capacity to beat the reigning champions we can make it all the way to the finals.

[Gavija]: I like your enthusiasm, but aren't you stressed?

[Tivarra]: After the match with Zoran all that stress drained away, i completed the goals i set for myself and im starting to be able to handle it better now, since i can trust on the boys to play a good game no matter the opponent.

[Gavija]: You do you, im proud of both you and your team, i hope for the best in the upcomming match!

[Tivarra]: Alright, thanks boss! Goodbye.

[Gavija]: Goodbye.

Tivarra hangs up


Now having the a pretty straight forward goal Tivarra once again sits down and waits for both teams he had assembled to finish the training, this would help him determine the best players for the next match to put in the starting 15, once they finished he would call them to give them the instructions and re organize again.

And so Tivarra waited looking at the Dalimbari sky, it took a while for the time he had set to finish, but once it did he called everybody for a quick rest and adressed the team.

"Alright listen up everybody, this situation is very similar to the one we found ourselves 2 days prior, on this same pitch, just this time i think i got a way easier goal for all of you, if you don't disagree of course."

"We are going to win this, well maybe that's not easy but the goal is much more straight forward, we wanna reach the final."

"Now i know a lot of you now may be seeing this as a chance for revenge from the groups, but if you look at it that way, we'll loose, i want you to like, with the match against Zoran, look at it as a chance to keep imrpoving and impressing."

"Okay maybe impressing isn't the best option, we didn't come all the way here just to show off, we came here to play well, and that's exactly what i want you to do against UA! So give them your best, if we win we'll be secured secured the second place spot in this tournament at the very least!"

Ending with the speech Tivarra mixes up the teams again and sends them back to the pitch to continue practicing for the next match.

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Everybody man your posts!

As the sun set, the 24 hour countdown till the semi finals start, started, with Tivarra finishing that day's training with his boys, he ordered them back to their positions on their respective teams, with everybody taking up their place.

"And... GO!"

The game started as the 1º team to 25 points would win, Tivarra sat back and watched, his players were starting to get tired, but he wasn't worried, it would be their last excesice for today, and tomorrow was match day, so they would still be pretty prepared.

Tivarra watching the players crossed names off a list still finalizing his picks for the game tomorrow, as the sun started to set, but Tivarra was confident, his team had the capacity to take on UA.

But now with the tournament's end nearing ever and ever closer, Tivarra had to start thinking about his next career move, he was currently coach for Chacas Rugby Club, but he wanted to move to a better Club, since while he thought the performance at the RWC would boost the Ryxtylopian home league, change wouldn't be fast enough.

So he thought as the teams continued playing, sureley at least some of his players were also thinking about their next career move either in or out of Ryxtylopia, but he didn't know where to go after Chacas, and he feared becomming unemployed if nobody seeked him, so he started to draw up something for next game.

Meanwhile the players continued in the game:

"Wow, this is tough?"

"Tougher than Trichanancó?"

"Honestly, yes, i don't know a lot about leagues in other countries, but ive done pretty well in this tournament id say, so i wanna search for a new place?"

"Me too..."

"Ugh, stop talking and get back to the game!"

Whilst on the opposite team similar conversations took place:

"...You see Piaxica has been my club since i started playing Rugby as a kid, and they never get past quarters, we have this curse with Chacas, and whilst it would be sad to leave the club of my childhood, i want to search for better pay."

"Well Trichanancó's pay is alright, i think i may stay there, depends unless other clubs activley try to purchase me i dont think ill leave."

"Good for you i guess."

"I do think ill move, just leave Ryxtylopia entireley, Polaris looks like a nice place, you got good ol' competitivity, who knows ill probably end up in kicking up in Cambria or UA."

"Well good luck with that, if you plan to do a goodbye party let me know."

"I will, i will."

Meanwhile Tivarra had told his asistant to get him a large piece of carton at a nearby store to use as a sign, as he started to write with a marker he had on hand.

"Alright... For... Sale... in... June..."

"CALL... ME... +2... 58... 154... 4987... and there!"

"You know maybe i should change to a Polari number" He says jokingly as he holds up his sign in front of himself, hoping it would make good publicity during the match, he puts it down as everybody finishes the game 25-19.

"Alright everybody, we're done for the day, back to the bus!"

Tivarra picks up his sign and heads with the players to the bus, getting ready for tomorrow, and to plan what right now was an uncertain future.

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The Royal Museum of Cambrian Diplomacy Announces New 1423 Teacher Workshop

April 18, 1423

The Royal Museum of Cambrian Diplomacy, located at the Ministry of State in Saint-Josalyn, is pleased to announce its Summer 1423 Teacher Workshop. This five-day workshop, open to first-to-seventh-year teachers from Tavo Valley provinces, focuses on preparing students for civic life in diplomatic service.

Teachers who teach Social Studies, Cambrian History, Government, Modern World History, Language Arts, World Language, or related subjects are encouraged to attend. The workshop will be held from July 24-28, 1423, both online and at the Ministry of State Royal Museum of Cambrian Diplomacy.

During the workshop, participating educators will interact with Ministry subject matter experts and diplomats to discuss the skills and tools they use in their work at home and abroad. They will also participate in an RMCD Diplomacy Simulation and receive training to facilitate simulations with students. In addition, teachers will have the opportunity to explore RMCD exhibits, resources, and collections to enhance classroom instruction. They will also create plans to incorporate Cambrian diplomatic history and practice into their curriculum.

Overall, this workshop offers a valuable opportunity for teachers to deepen their knowledge of Cambrian diplomacy and enhance their teaching skills.

Special Envoy Kasper's Regional Travel

April 19, 1423

An interagency team, led by Anastassia Kasper, the Special Envoy for Northern Nur, will be traveling to Aukera, Fauthur, and Kalmach from May 10-19, 1423. During their trip, they will hold consultations and participate in a series of regional engagements aimed at coordinating approaches to a range of concerns surrounding the War in Garahun.

These concerns include the War's destabilizing activities in the region, as well as the possibility of a Joint Comprehensive Plan for Peace. By engaging in these discussions, the team hopes to establish effective strategies for addressing these issues and promoting peace in the region.

Overall, the team's efforts reflect a commitment to diplomacy and collaboration in resolving complex geopolitical challenges.

Special thanks to Fauthur, Kalmach, and Aukera for their input.

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Office of the Field Commander of Administrative Districts “Yugodalia”

Notice to FS Servicemen in “Yugodalia”:

We have received reports of a terrorist threat against Free State citizens residing in Management Unit 5-12. We suspect that the “Mountain Men” group, a rabidly anti-Dalimbari group, have been operating in that MU and potentially neighbouring MUs. 

On April 13 at 14:32 two individuals of hostile-class status were detained by FS Militsiya for failing to stop at a checkpoint. Through interrogation it was determined that they are members of this extremist group. It was further discovered that they had intended to commit arson attacks against Dalimbari-owned businesses. 

While information is light on this particular group, servicemen in the area may be required to provide assistance to the intelligence community or emergency response if and when needed. Be vigilant! Support your kin against this threat to the prosperity of all Yugodalia. 

Glory to Dalimbar!

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Old Toby (Vana Tobi), an Imperial Keigan porter, is widely considered a standout among dark beers. Praised for its superior quality and exceptional drinkability, this beer has earned a devoted following among beer enthusiasts.

One of the most striking aspects of Old Toby is its aroma. With notes of burnt sugar and sweet caramel, the beer offers a warm, inviting scent that hints at its rich, complex flavor profile.

Upon tasting, drinkers are met with a bold, smoky flavor that boasts hints of toffee and dark chocolate. These flavors are expertly balanced, creating a satisfying complexity that keeps the drinker coming back for more.

While Old Toby's flavor profile is undeniably rich, it's also incredibly smooth and drinkable. The beer's finish provides a slight alcoholic warmth, which is not surprising given its high alcohol content of 10.7% ABV.

At the center of Old Toby's success is its creator, a master brewer named Tobias Bergling, Old Toby himself. As one of the most respected brewers in northern Polaris, Tobias spent decades perfecting his craft and honing his skills. His dedication to quality and attention to detail are evident in every sip of his signature beer.

Overall, Old Toby is a testament to the art and science of brewing. With its rich flavor profile, smooth drinkability, and impressive alcohol content, it's no wonder that this Imperial Keigan porter has earned such a devoted following.

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Live Results Recap Show
One of the press rooms, Nadu Naval Stadium

"...And that's it for me tonight. You know who it is. It's your man, Shelton Blakeley. See you tomorrow!" was Blakeley's concluding line before the show ended.

Baker Solomon, Blakeley's floor director in Dalimbar, connected to the broadcast technical staff in United Adaikes, counts off from five to one and exclaims, "Cut!"

Isador Mitchell, the cameraman, gave Solomon a mandatory high-five after the live session.

"Wow, that was close, huh," Blakeley slouched after Mitchell turned off the on-camera light.

“The Ryxtylopia win over Zoran?” Solomon asked.

"No, our match against the Andolian team," Blakeley replied, "that scrum was a do-or-die.

"But, Ryxtylopia's pulling a United Adaikes from the 2nd Rugby World Cup."

"Oh, I remember that," Mitchell said, "a month after winning Bronze, the whole team decided to serve in the military for the mandatory conscription and were away for two (2) whole years."

"Did Zoran beat us in that Semi-Finals?" Solomon tried to remember.

"Yep," Blakeley smiled, knowing where the conversation was going.

"And Zoran became the eventual champions, right?" Mitchell was nodding, picking the topic up.

"Will our team beat Ryxtylopia and go on to win the championship?" Solomon raised the idea.

However, before Blakeley could answer, multiple hard knocks came from the door, making Mitchell, who was closest to the door packing their things, slightly jump.

Before Solomon could open the door, the door opened outwards, with the Adaikesians stepping back upon seeing five men in black suits with crew-cut hair, four wearing shades. 

"Mr. Blakeley," the tallest of the five and the one not wearing shades, started with a heavy Dalimbari accent in Common, extending his right hand towards the person he addressed, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Er, do I know you?" Blakeley asked but took the Dalimbari's hand and shook it.

"My name is not important this time, Mr. Blakeley," the tallest man replied, "but I've heard good things about you, and Dalimbar is grateful for how you describe our country to your countrymen." Blakeley gave a wary smile.

But Blakeley lost his smile when he heard the man say, "We would like to repay you with the best hospitality we can offer," urging his company to get inside. One man took the things Mitchell packed. Another urged Mitchell to the door, with another doing the same to Solomon. The talking Dalimbari urged Blakeley to get out of the room.

Blakeley was thinking fast. 'What will happen to us? But it's not like they're dragging and forcing us out.'

Blakeley noticed the fifth man, who did not enter, was leading the party towards the parking area. 'Oh, this is bad. Are we being kidnapped?' He thought.

Blakeley also noticed that the Dalimbari (well, he thinks the men in suits were all Dalimbari) were picking up the pace fast, though not quickly, as if they were already jogging.

But the fifth man opened a door and entered, which the party followed. Blakeley took a quick glance at the label at the top of the door: "VIP Parking"

When the fifth man opened another door, they were already in the parking area designated for VIPs. Blakeley, Solomon, and Mitchell looked at each other and shook their heads when they saw two (2) black vans flashing their hazard lights, apparently for them.

The fifth man walked towards the first van, the one in front. The door on the passenger side of the vans opened, and other men in black suits went out of the van, opened the sliding doors, and returned to the passenger side of their respective vans.

The non-shades-wearing Dalimbari also ushered Blakeley and the other man in suit dragging their equipment trolley to the van in front while Solomon, Mitchell, and their escorts moved towards the second van.

Blakeley took one last look at his compatriots. He was glad Solomon and Mitchell were not forcefully "assisted" to their van, then Blakeley entered the one assigned to him.

Right after the van moved, Blakeley asked anyone who would respond, "Where are you taking us?"

"Do not worry, Mr. Blakeley," the non-shades-wearing Dalimbari replied calmly, "however, you're not returning to Donlas tonight. We already made arrangements that you have already checked out at the hotel you were staying at. We have already moved your things to the Andreiskaya State Hotel."

"Hey, whoa," Blakeley responded, "you took our things?"

"We moved them to the Andreiskaya State Hotel," the Dalimbari repeated, still calmly.

"You went inside our rooms!" Blakeley realized.

"To move your things to the Andreiskaya State Hotel," the Dalimbari interjected, "Mr. Blakeley, you do not need to worry. As I told you, Dalimbar wants to repay you for the wonderful things you've done for our country."

"Wait," Blakeley thought, "are we talking about the Free State of Dalimbar, the government, or is it a specific person or group here in Dalimbar that is not from the government?"

"We can't tell you, Mr. Blakeley," the Dalimbari replied, "but we expect that you will kindly receive the gift we offer."

During the trip, Blakeley looked at the back of the van to see if the second van was following them. From every turn, from the ferry specifically used to their 3.5-hour transport from Nadu to the mainland Dalimbar, up to Andreiskaya State Hotel. The Dalimbari was not lying. Even entering the Andreiskaya State Hotel, they used a privileged entrance.

The two groups also used different elevators. However, the man carrying the equipment trolley joined the group accompanying Mitchell and Solomon.

Blakeley and the talking Dalimbari went up to the 17th floor and proceeded to room 1711. When the Dalimbari opened the door and the two entered the room, Blakeley opened his mouth in awe.

"You were not joking at all," Blakeley started, roaming the room.

"We are actually a warm and friendly people, Mr. Blakeley," the Dalimbari replied.

"Is this the part where you show me a gruesome picture of my dead compatriots and threaten me to share state secrets?" Blakeley is still not convinced.

"You've been watching too many anti-Dalimbari movies and shows, Mr. Blakeley," the Dalimbari replied, "but I cannot blame you. Your country is part of AU."

Blakeley was still thinking. He can't believe this is all happening to him right now.

"Call me Sasha," the Dalimbari continued, "and for the whole duration of your stay in Dalimbar, I will be with you wherever you go, along with my men accompanying your broadcast staff.

"You want to go somewhere? Just tell me, and we will bring you there safe and sound. Food service? Anything within the hotel? Call the telephone. Anything else? I will give you my number, and call me."

As Blakeley took Sasha's calling card, the telephone rang, to Blakeley's surprise.

"That will be your staff, Mr. Blakeley," Sasha explained, "my men briefed them as well. They are staying in 1531, two floors directly below you."

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A ticking timer

The Ryxtylopian players were on the hotel lobby, some at their rooms taking a quick nap, in less than an hour they would leave for Central Donlas Stadium, for the match against UA, the mood was pretty calm, they had just finished their last training session about an hour ago, some were on the lobby watching tv, while others chatted.

Tivarra was in his room, packing stuff he would take to the match, including that sign he had made the last day at training, he intended to show it at the first point the Ryxtylopians scored, if they scored any.

"Do you think they'll be ready?"

"Well, considering how we did against the reinging champions, they will probably expect us not to be a walk in the park, anything could go wrong at this point."

"I would really like getting to the finals, that would be fantastic."

"It would, and we'll try."

Tivarra after packing up took the elevator downstairs, and walked out passing by many players, as he headed to the bus.

"What are you watching?"

"Our first game against UA, of course."

"Oh, Tivarra didn't like that one, remember?"

"He did not and i don't know if he's still dissapointed about it."

Ignoring the conversations, he got on the bus and put his stuff in the seat next to where he usually sat, before getting off again, and heading back in, with his list in hand, then he said to himself:

"Alright let's see..."

He starts re asigning his older players to the bench with the intention to open the game with his younger players that had already participated in games and shown potential, while his older more experienced players would be brought in later in the game.




Pailo Darrias 1 25 M Loosehead Prop Tilipaca
Andreís Guilbirto 2 23 M Hooker Parta'ana
Mirta Palmiras 3 30 F Tighthead Prop Mynas
Crystivas Ticahca 20 21 F Number 4 Lock Tumbas
Guivina Divarra 5 22 F Number 5 Lock Progresso
Riberto Ca'aña 22 26 M Backside Flanker Ryxenia
Marco Xilta 7 25 M Openside Flanker Tilipaca
Quista Farris 8 26 F Number 8 Tripartí
Zincho Ampardia 17 28 M Scrum Half Vardis
Rinaco Zicha 10 22 M Fly Half Parta'ana
Angilina Nivas 21 24 F Left Wing Carraizal
Santigo Guivaldi 19 20 M Inside Centre Saltavachá
Rinaco Patochá 13 21 M Outside Centre Mytapixas
Avilita Mataña 14 20 F Right Wing Ryxenia
Ernysto Rivas 15 32 M Fullback Ranchas



Adila Quistra 16 31 F Lock Tsiltañí
Davina Xi'icha 9 33 F Half Pinilaca
Ernysto Fydó 18 22 M Hooker Va'anatí
Guilbirto Tivaña 12 23 M Centre Kixacata
Riberto Huichilca 4 27 M Lock Tipañas
Marco Va'ati 11 28 M Wing Parta'ana
Armando Mataña 6 29 M Flanker Ryxenia
Rinaco Dipartí 23 23 M Prop Tsalapaní


"Annd... there... Alright, im done for now."

He said as he got up and shouted:


Everybody started going up and lining up to the bus getting ready for what hopefully be a successful game against UA.

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Associate Minister Frisk's Travel to Ostronia and Sekiya

April 18, 1423

Associate Minister for Nuran Affairs, Leo Frisk, is set to embark on a diplomatic tour of Ostronia and Sekiya from April 19-22. During his visit to Ostronia, Frisk will hold high-level discussions with several key government officials, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Henrik Dauda and Minister for Trade Anton Adebayo. The primary agenda of these discussions will revolve around a new trade deal, whereby Cambria will import various agricultural products such as cotton, natural rubber, and coffee, among other goods, in exchange for wheat, machinery, cars, and small electronics like mobile phones.

Following his engagements in Ostronia, Associate Minister Frisk will then proceed to Sekiya, where he will meet with Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Karl Brandebourg, and Minister of Education and Apprenticeship Lanzo Stark. During these meetings, discussions will focus on the potential for future Cambrian investment in Sekiya's clean energy schemes, as well as the introduction of a student exchange program between the two countries.

This visit by Associate Minister Frisk underscores Cambria's ongoing commitment to strengthen its bilateral ties with these two key partners in Nur, with a view towards fostering greater economic cooperation and collaboration on the continent. As such, this visit is set to be a significant milestone in the ever-growing partnership between Cambria and both Ostronia and Sekiya.
Special thanks to Sekiya and Ostronia for their input.

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[Railo]: Is it connected?

[Eiva]: Yeah it is, we can start the broadcast now.

[Railo]: Alright, take a seat, and 3... 2... 1... good afternoon Ryxtylopia and the world! You're currently watching Televiza Natsinal di Cuiltura, or TVNC for short!  Im Tivan Railo and as usual ill be joined by my co-worker; Nixta Eiva, and we'll be starting our RWC broadcast for today as today's the day of the match between Ryxtylopia and the Sharks of United Adaikes!

[Eiva]: We have what will probably be an intense match comming up soon, since both team's have performed pretty well in this tournament, otherwise they wouldn't have made it this far.

[Railo]: Yes, its a shame Tixica couldn't join us today as he went to Dalimbar to see the match! But primarly be with his friend Gaíves of course, he actually went there, and we might see him once we call Gaíves.

[Eiva]: We also have another match that could define the course of this tournament today, Cambria vs Dalimbar.

[Railo]: Ill look out for the results of that one, everybody should start stockpiling supplies and getting their helmets on for this match.

[Eiva]: Oh don't be ridiculous! It sureley can be that bad?

[Railo]: Wanna bet?

[Eiva]: Oh its on! 10 Ryxes...

[Railo]: Ill place 15...

[Eiva]: Alright if the fallout of the Cambria Dalimbar match is enourmous you win, if its a calm reaction i win, do we have a deal?

[Railo]: We sure do...

Eiva and Railo shake hands.

[Railo]: Good, but back to our match, UA vs Ryxtylopia, two very close nations in terms of proximity, like most of you know UA already beat us in the group stage so i wonder if players will see this as a chance for revenge for that match.

[Eiva]: Fans of our team certainly will, and if Ryxtylopia wins they'll have their revenge, but UA can still do pretty well and snatch up the 3rd place, either way both teams would have performed well for this tournament.

[Railo]: Mhm, but for now we can wait for the results.

[Eiva]: Well how about we call Gaíves? The players should be arriving there about now.

[Railo]: Great idea!

[Eiva]: Alright! Ill start the call

Eiva starts calling Gaíves

[Tixica]: Railo! Eiva! Why didn't you come here, the sky's clearer in this side of the sea!

[Railo]: You...

[Gaíves]: Woah okay, excuse me Tixica... and Hello Ryxtylopia!

[Railo]: I see you have a companion.

[Tixica]: He does and its me!

[Eiva]: Oh dear this is going to go well...

[Gaíves]: He's already being himself, but im used to it, currently here at Central Donlas Stadium, and the players are about to go in, so how about we go get some scoops while we can?

[Railo]: Go ahead!

[Tixica]: Ill take the camera.

[Pincalo]: Oh screw off Tixica *laugh*

Gaíves and Tixica head with the cameraman to the players about to enter the stadium


[Gaíves]: Alright this way... there!

[Gaíves]: Afternoon, TVNC here, may we get a comment on the match you're about to play?

[Marco Xilta]: Oh well just like with Zoran, we'll give it our best, its the second time we see UA and it will be the last in this tournament, i really want to make the finals, but we have our plan and we'll be able to coordinate for this match.

[Tixica]: Great, how about you?

[Pailo Darrias]: Since its the second time we see "The Sharks" i want to even out the scores, so far its one nil in their favor, and we dont want that to become a two nil, nevertheless im excited, hope they didn't miss us too much we'll play and have a good game!

[Gaíves]: Great!

[Santigo Guivaldi]: Press, here!

[Gaíves]: Comments?

[Santigo Guivaldi]: Like i said with Zoran, the outpour of support after the Zoran match was inmense! Now we're one of the favorites to win this and i hope we can at least partially fufill that by reaching the finals! Last time i thanked everybody that supported us and ill do it again right now! Its been a nice journey!

[Tixica]: Oh you were the guy that was emotional last time weren't you?

[Santigo Guivaldi]: Hah, i guess.

[Gaíves]: Good to hear, Tixica lets go this way.

[Tixica]: How about you miss?

[Avilita Mataña]: Im excited, and nervous! If we loose our dreams of reaching the final will be set aside, but if we don't we'll have a decent enough change of winning this tournament in our debut! If we did it would be great, beacause teams usually win in their debut when well its the first tournament of a certain sport, basically when everybody is a debutant.

[Gaíves]: Understandable, well thanks!

[Tixica]: Isn't that the coach?

[Gaíves]: Oh yes, its Tivarra! Hurry up Tixica!

They run to Tivarra

[Gaíves]: TIVARRA! You better get me a comment right now...

[Tivarra]: Oh perfect, well ill give you one... Ill be for Hire in June, need a good coach for your Rugby team? CALL ME AT (+2)58 154 4987 !

[Gaíves]: I meant about the game...

[Tivarra]: Sorry sorry, can't pass up an opportunity for free advertisement.

[Tixica]: Don't worry i would do the same thing.

[Gaíves]: *chuckle* Tixica!

[Tivarra]: We'll play a good game, just like with Zoran, and we'll try to reach the finals, before everything starts, i want to make this clear, its not about revenge for the last game, there will be no unecessary agressiveness or tension, we'll play like we always do and hopefully get to the final, i belive in all my players and with support from our viewers we'll be able to push for the final.

[Gaíves]: Great to hear, and since the match is about to start, Tixica we should take a nice seat at the press area.

[Tixica]: And have a drink.

[Gaíves]: Yes... and have a drink i guess, well, thanks for having us Railo and Eiva, and we'll catch you on next time!

The video call ends.


[Railo]: I hated Tixica, him having fun there, and not being here with us?! Despicable!

[Eiva]: He was being himself for once, hopefully they get to see a good match, but we also gotta see it.

[Railo]: I got the popcorn.

[Eiva]: I got the soda.

[Railo]: Then we're ready?

[Eiva]: Well, once you finish this broadcast we are-

[Railo]: Oh that's right, hah- well to our viewers we hope you enjoy the match as much as we hope to enjoy it, to the Adaikesians: Good Luck! And we'll start rolling the Pre-Match ads, for now ill quickly go to the bathroom and catch ya on the next time, cya!

[Railo]: Hold the popcorn, and take them to the TV i need to use the bathroom!

[Eiva]: Ill see you in the employee room!

The camera zooms out as the TVNC theme plays, and the pre-match ads start playing with the counter till the match ticking down on the bottom right of the screen.

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Система аварийного оповещения / Emergency Alert System
Вещательный диапазон: 
Югодалия / Broadcast Range: Yugodalia

Внимание! / Attention!
Внимание! / Attention!
Внимание! / Attention!
Внимание! / Attention!

Управление единицей 5-12 находится под блокировкой / Management Unit 5-12 is under Lockdown.

Пожалуйста, оставайтесь в своих домах. Не выходите на улицу. / Please remain in your homes. Do not go outside.

Управление единицей 5-12 находится под блокировкой / Management Unit 5-12 is under Lockdown.

Пожалуйста, оставайтесь в своих домах. Не выходите на улицу. / Please remain in your homes. Do not go outside.

Взрыв произошел на электростанции Габсиково в 23:09. / An explosion occurred at the Gabsikovo Power Plant at 23:09. 

Неизвестно, каков источник взрыва. Анти-далимбарские боевики подозреваются в участии. / It is not known what is the source of the explosion. Anti-Dalimbari militants are suspected of involvement.

Не покидайте свой дом, пока не даст разрешение! / Do not leave your house until given clearance!

Слава Далимбар! / Glory to Dalimbar!

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Down but not Out!



[Railo]: Well that went, well enough.

[Eiva]: They tried also, the 3rd place spot is still up for grabs.

[Railo]: Yes, well get ready... 3... 2... 1... Good night Ryxtylopia and the world! You're currently watching Televiza Natsinal di Cuiltura, or TVNC for short!  Im Tivan Railo and as usual ill be joined by my co-worker; Nixta Eiva, and we'll be continueing our RWC broadcast for today with Ryxtylopia just having been knocked out from reaching the final by the Sharks of United Adaikes in a very close match ending in a 5-3, the dream of winning the RWC in our debut now over.

[Eiva]: Despite this, there's still a prize to be claimed in the 3rd place match that our team will play out against the Cambrians who lost to the hosts of Dalimbar 13-3.

[Railo]: Cambria looks like a tough opponent, so who knows if our team we'll be able to get 3rd place, but its still not out of the realm of possibilities, even with 4th place we'll still be the best debutant in this tournament.

[Eiva]: Don't know how hard Cambria will be for our team, i mean, we only lost to UA by 2 points, while Cambria had a much harder time with Dalimbar.

[Railo]: Good point, but they will have motivation to go for third place as well as we, match could go both ways, but apart from that UA and Dalimbar will have their showdown in the final, personally im rooting for Dalimbar, since ive think they did a pretty good job at hosting the world cup.

[Eiva]: Well, United Adaikes also had a pretty good game, so im not sure who i want to root for yet...

[Railo]: I mean, this will be one of our last WC broadcasts at least till the next edition of the tournament, so if you want to pick a team you better do it soon.

[Eiva]: Well, maybe i know someone who can help, Gaíves!

Eiva starts videocalling Gaíves...

[Tixica]: NOOOOOOO-

[Railo]: Oh boy

[Gaíves]: I... need... help... he's been crying like a 5 year old since we lost to UA, and its driving me crazy.

[Railo]: Im incredibly sorry that you have to go through this...

[Gaíves]: Thanks for the support by the way, doing nothing to convience him not to come here.

[Tixica]: Shut up, i know you like me!

[Eiva]: Well what about the players Gaíves?

[Gaíves]: Right, right, give me a minute... Come on Tixica lets go.


Tixica, Gaíves and the cameraman walk to see the players in the dressing room.

The mood in the dressing room was one of: "Oh we tried, as the players packed to get back on the bus"

[Gaíves]: Hmm, oh! Hello TVNC news, may we get a comment on the match you just played?

[Pailo Darrias]: Well we really want to get back to the hotel, it was pretty intense and we did pretty well up to the second half where the struggle began before the loss.

[Gaíves]: Mhm?

[Pailo Darrias]: We tried, but their team is probably still better than us, but despite this we are still going to try get 3rd place against Cambria, they are probably in a similar situation to us, maybe a bit more dissapointed since they lost to Dalimbar.

[Gaíves]: Understandable, well thanks for the comment!

[Tixica]: This way... Hey you, may we get a comment for the cameras?

[Avilita Mataña]: Well, the tournament is almost over, we lost against UA, but we can still get 3rd place, so we'll try to get 3rd place, hopefully we can perform better than we did right now, if not then i guess we'll have to be happy with our performance, i mean i really wanted to get to the finals, but i guess we weren't made for that, but just you wait everybody, NEXT TOURNAMENT we'll get to the finals!

[Gaíves]: Good of you to keep that enthusiasm.

[Tixica]: Tivarra is here!

[Gaíves]: Oh, hey sir, may i get a comment on the match you just played?

[Tivarra]: Well, it was just a back and forward, and a very intense one at that, the boys tried but we tried to outrun sharks in open ocean, it didn't end well, in the end i would say i am happier with this 5-3 result than our previous result against UA, and we still have the third place match for redemption.

[Gaíves]: You do, and what will you say to the people watching this?

[Tivarra]: Well... Im still for hire, if any rugby clubs need a good coach just give me a call! *he lifts the sign he was carrying earlier in the match*

[Gaíves]: Oh, uh i meant to the fans.

[Tivarra]: Yeah, i know *he lowers his sign* im sorry we couldn't secure the revenge a lot of you wanted, but take into account we're still not out of the tournament, we can still get out of this with a prize.

[Gaíves]: Alright thanks for your time sir!

[Tivarra]: No problem, well we should get going about now.

[Tixica]: You heard the man.

[Gaíves]: I did, alright lets go Tixica.

Gaíves and Tixica leave.

[Tixica]: Well the dream of winning our first RWC is over.

[Gaíves]: It is, but we still got one more match left in this, i can't belive im saying this but, wanna go for a drink.

[Tixica]: Oh yes please.

[Gaíves]: Alright, well there you go Railo and Eiva, always a pleasure to be on this show!

[Tixica]: Expect us to return in 2 days! If we even return haha!

The video call ends and the transmission goes back to Railo and Eiva in the studio.


[Railo]: One day im going to punch Tixica on show, i hate him so much... *he said laughing*

[Eiva]: You'll get your chance, but anyways, im tired, and i think we should start closing up.

[Railo]: Before that, what should we expect for the match against Cambria?

[Eiva]: Probably another intense match that will end either in celebration or... celebration i guess we made it pretty far.

[Railo]: But considering the level of play our team has showed at this point, i doubt fans would be very happy about going home with nothing, but then again, if someone told me Ryxtylopia would reach the semis and 3rd place match when we just lost to Fujai i would pass them up for being insane.

[Eiva]: That's my point.

[Railo]: Well im also tired, should i end this?

[Eiva]: Yeah, hopefully our team will be ready for Cambria.

[Railo]: They will do just fine, alright everybody this has been TVNC news, thanks for watching and we will catch ya on the next one cya!

[Railo]: Wheew, can't wait to see my bed...

[Eiva]: I know, well good night!

The camera zooms out as the TVNC theme plays, and the screen slowly fades away to the next channel.

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Prince Marcarius finished his cup of South Coast blend and put the documents he had been reading back into the burgundy leather folder stamped with his crest. The others were probably asleep in the main cabin by now. After dinner, they had had a game of Bridge in his suite. Lady Arlene had looked tired, unable to hide her disappointment in the rugby results. The elegant evening at the Oborin Palace had taken her mind off of it for a while. Lord Brock, on the other hand, looked pleased, and when he wasn't focused on the bidding, went over the Lions' best plays. They had done better than expected, after all. The prince and the archbishop were in even better spirits. The meeting with Marshall Briand and the state dinner had gone quite well. Saint Mark was to begin receiving trade in furs and rare earth materials from Dalimbar in exchange for cutting-edge chips. In addition, the church was going to be allowed to send missionaries to the disadvantaged people of Dalimbar's east.

He turned off his lamp, closed his eyes, and settled his head into the just-soft-enough pillow. He smiled. The trip had been a success, on and off the field.

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After Action Report: Defense of Pirate Attack off Bilyadi Coast

Report Prepared by: Captain Elias Saska, Commanding Officer of Cambrian Ship KALAMEES

Date: April 21, 1423

Location: Bilyadi Coast, Mille-Mer

At approximately 2057 on April 20, 2023, the Kalamees, an Enno-class frigate, was patrolling in the Malao Bay, when the radar operator detected multiple fast attack craft (FACs) closing in on our position. The crew immediately went to General Quarters (GQ) and prepared for an imminent pirate attack.

The crew, including UA and TL observers, remained on edge throughout the encounter, with their eyes glued to the screens in front of them, searching for any sign of movement. The pirates, identified as Bilyadi Marines, were known to use cunning tactics, so the crew was ready for any situation.

As the FACs approached, the crew on the Kalamees could hear the pirates communicating over the radio, barking orders to each other and laughing. However, the crew remained focused and ready to defend the ship.

The Kalamees was armed with Basric Naval Strike Missiles (NSM), a 5-inch gun, and multiple machine guns and autocannons. In addition, the frigate carried a RH-643 Kaost gunship in place of the standard antisubmarine helicopters.

The commanding officer, Captain Elias Saska, ordered the gunners to engage the enemy. Defensive fire spilled out of the guns, sending waves of explosive shells towards the pirate boats. The Kaost gunship followed suit, unleashing a hail of gunfire on the hapless pirates.

Despite the crew's excitement at repelling the attack, Captain Saska remained vigilant. The pirates were known to have connections with terrorist organizations and had previously threatened to use chemical weapons. Captain Saska ordered his crew to remain at battle stations until they were sure that the threat had been eliminated.

The attack lasted approximately 20 minutes, during which time the Kalamees successfully defended against the pirate swarm. No damage to the ship or crew was reported, and all FACs were successfully sunk.

In conclusion, the crew of the Kalamees successfully defended against a pirate attack on April 20, 1423, off the Bilyadi coast. The crew's quick thinking, training, and readiness were instrumental in the successful defense of the ship. The commanding officer commends the crew for their bravery and professionalism during the encounter.

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AFTER ACTION REPORT: Bilyadi Marine Chemical Attack on the KALAMEES
Classification: SECRET

Report Prepared by: Captain Elias Saska, Commanding Officer of Cambrian Ship KALAMEES

Time of Occurrence: 0330 hours, April 21, 1423

Location: Bilyadi Coast, Mille-Mer

Unit Involved: Kalamees (F33)

Narrative: At approximately 0330 hours, the Kalamees came under chemical attack from the Bilyadi Marines. The attack was carried out using a modified surface-to-surface missile that delivered a chemical agent identified as Soman. The missile was launched from a position on the coast of Bilyad and targeted the Kalamees while it was conducting operations off the coast.

Kalamees crewmembers reported an initial impact followed by the rapid onset of symptoms consistent with nerve agent exposure. The crew immediately initiated MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) Level 4 and started administering NAAK (Nerve Agent Antidote Kit) to affected personnel.

A total of seventeen personnel were affected by the chemical agent, including three fatalities. The remaining casualties were evacuated to Joint Base Echevarría Hospital in United Adaikes for further treatment. The Kalamees medical team was able to stabilize the remaining personnel and all are expected to make a full recovery.

In response to the attack, the Kalamees initiated a retaliatory strike against the Bilyadi position suspected of launching the missile. The ship's B-NSM missile system was employed, and all missiles impacted their targets, resulting in the destruction of the launch site and the death of all Bilyadi personnel present.

The attack is being investigated by a joint team from Task Force 417 in order to identify those responsible and any potential connections to known terrorist organizations. Kalamees will be relieved by Kohver (F39) and Morrowe (C47) has been dispatched to the area to provide additional support.

Conclusion: The Bilyadi Marines have demonstrated a willingness to employ chemical weapons in their attacks against coalition forces. While the Kalamees was able to successfully defend against the initial attack, this incident serves as a reminder of the potential for asymmetric threats in the maritime environment. The crew of the Kalamees performed admirably under challenging circumstances and were able to mitigate the impact of the attack. The Kohver will relieve Kalamees. The Morrowe has been tasked with providing additional support to the Kohver and conducting further operations against the Bilyadi Marines.

Edited by Bran Astor
You'd think I'd be able to spell my own warship names...
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State Dinner at Oborin Palace Finished

Saint Andreisburg, Dalimbar — The state dinner between the leaders of Dalimbar, Giovanniland and Saint Mark has finished, with the event taking several hours at the Oborin Palace of Saint Andreisburg, the Dalimbari capital city. Significant diplomatic progress was completed after discussion between Marshal Markus Briand and the rest of Stavka representing Dalimbar, His Serene Highness Prince Marcarius leading the Saint Markan delegation, and King Giovanni I and Prime Minister Elyse Anairyde Silva leading the Giovannilandian delegation. In addition, both invited nations' delegations also experienced Dalimbari culture and cuisine in the palace, which was built by Marshal Petrov Oborin and once was the residence for the Marshals of Dalimbar, now serving as host location for state and cultural events. 

Trade agreements were plentiful, with a new trade corridor between the three countries announced that connects Dalimbar to the southern Saint Markan coast, and from there reaches the major Giovannilandian port city of Uryde, one of the eight prefecture-level cities of Giovanniland and the largest city in the country's northern Lavender Island coast. Some of the Giovannilandian items to be provided for exports will be advanced consumer goods from the nation's industrial sector and primary sector products such as tropical fruits. In return, examples of Giovannilandian imports from Dalimbar will be rare earth minerals to aid the nation's thriving technology industry, and oil and natural gas to supplement its national production and needs as well as secondary sales for neighboring nations.

Beyond trade, the leaders of Giovanniland and Dalimbar have moved to establish closer diplomatic relations, with a Giovannilandian embassy to be built in Saint Andreisburg and a Dalimbari embassy to be built in Giovannia, the two nations' respective capital cities. Both the King and PM, as well as Minister of Foreign Affairs Tarquino Albayana and Minister of Trade Flavio d’Arlavonte, called the state dinner a success, noting the importance of achieving closer relations between three of the four largest economies in Esferos. We at the Nuntikarta Giovanniterrana will continue to watch the developments of these results and deliver live news to all our readers.

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The last day



[Railo]: Oh boy, our final broadcast for this Rugby World Cup, it has been quite the ride hasn't it Eiva?

[Eiva]: It has been fun, Tixica always got me a good laugh off camera.

[Railo]: Well, we'll see him and Gaíves soon enough, oh we're live?

[Eiva]: We are... *chuckle* i wanted to see how long it would take you to notice.

[Railo]: Oh crap! Uh... Good afternoon Ryxtylopia and the world! You're currently watching Televiza Natsinal di Cuiltura, or TVNC for short!  Im Tivan Railo and as usual ill be joined by my co-worker; Nixta Eiva, and we'll start our last broadcast covering the 4th Rugby World Cup in Dalimbar, where our team has carried out a succesful debut reaching the 3rd place match that they will shortly play against the 3rd place winner of last tournament: Cambria, who are looking to hold on to that 3rd place for this RWC after they were defeated by Dalimbar.

[Eiva]: Its been quite the ride, our team did pretty well for a debut, i hope they had a good time in Dalimbar.

[Railo]: Well but the tournament isn't over just yet, lets talk about the upcomming match between Cambria and Ryxtylopia.

[Eiva]: Cambria performed really well in their group and throught the tournament, while not as successful as Dalimbar and UA, making it to the third place match is no easy thing to pull off in a tournament of this level.

[Railo]: They have certainly had an easier time than our team, especially in the groups, where they came in 1rst place, they also have more experience than us from previous world cups, so again this game will be intense with their team probably having an edge over ours.

[Eiva]: I mean they have experience, but i think on avarage our players are younger than theirs, so we'll see if in this match the old get phased out by the young or if they keep their edge to snatch the bronze.

[Railo]: Good point, anyways now the final: Dalimbar vs United Adaikes.

[Eiva]: Both teams have shown their level by reaching the finals, the dalimbari side probably has more motivation to not let foreigners win the gold at their home turf, but this being a final both teams will want to push for the win.

[Railo]: They both came in 1rst of their groups, personally i think Dalimbar will get the title, that's not to say the Adaikesians lack skill, please don't take me wrong.

[Eiva]: Don't worry, that's just an opinion, and that's the base on which we build this broadcast on, TVNC is a space to debate to have opinions and to inform.

[Railo]: Yes, but back to our match, the players have shown performances ranging from great to mediocre, but i wouldn't say nobody has performed "bad" just not to the levels other teamates have done it.

[Eiva]: Also, sorry to deviate but a lot of the players are probably going for sale after this, many have made it clear they want to leave our league behind and advance their careers, and i mean good for them but its a shame our talent will just go to sunnier stadiums to say.

[Railo]: I hope one day that stereotype about our Rugby league will change, in comparison to Football or Baseball in our country, the rugby league is just a back and fourth between Chacas and Trichanancó.

[Eiva]: Mhm, but anyways, the match is nearing so i think we should get in contact with Gaíves and Tixica, you know before they leave Dalimbar.

[Railo]: Great idea! Go ahead.

[Eiva]: Alright...

Eiva starts the video call...

[Gaíves]: Hello Railo and Eiva!

[Eiva]: Hello!

[Railo]: Gaíves! its so good to see you, but i couldn't help but notice you're missing something, or i mean, someone...

[Gaíves]: Tixica? He's behind the cameraman waiting for a moment to interrupt me as i talk with y-

[Tixica]: AAAAAHHHH- I love you but i hate you, you ruined my plan to scare Railo.

[Railo]: Oh i see now.

[Eiva]: All this fun aside, where are the players? This will be the last match they play here in Dalimbar for this Rugby World Cup.

[Gaíves]: They're about to enter the stadium, let me go there.

Gaíves and Tixica head towards the players.


[Gaíves]: Alright, hey, good afternoon TVNC news, may i get a comment on the match you're about to play? This is the last match for the A.R.R in this RWC in Dalimbar.

[Pailo Darrias]: Im nervous, i know we performed well, but i feel like if we don't bring the bronze home, everybody will be dissapointed, considering our level of rugby has improved i feel like expectations have gone up with it and i dont want to arrive home empty handed.

[Gaíves]: You've reached pretty far, isn't that enough?

[Pailo Darrias]: Well first of all im glad i had the opportunity and dont take me wrong but like i said, when your perceived rugby level increases by a lot in not a lot of time expectations probably go up to, and i dont want to shatter those. Im still very happy with the result and with the support our team has gotten.

[Gaíves]: Alright, thanks for your time!

[Tixica]: Can i interview one Gaíves?

[Gaíves]: Well since its our last broadcast and you took the time to come here just to watch a defeat and a possible defeat, sure why not?

[Tixica]: Thanks, let's see... you, what's your opinion on the match you're about to play?

[Marco Xilta]: Oh, id say im ready for whatever the Cambrians bring, i did pretty well in this tournament if i do say so myself, and the team as a whole, also hopefully the Dalimbaris in the crowd will be on our side considering Cambria is right next to Dalimbar they might have more people at the stadium to cheer for them.

[Tixica]: I don't know how travell between Cambria and Dalimbar works, but it is a possibility.

[Marco Xilta]: Hopefully we can take bronze home as a reminder of what a good debut and a good team is! Ill never forget this tournament even if some nights were full of stress and the ambience was cold compared to our home, im proud for having served my country in the field of rugby.

[Tixica]: Alright, good luck on your match!

[Marco Xilta]: Thanks!

[Gaíves]: Alright, now where do we go?

[Tixica]: Usually at this point id tell you where Tivarra is...

[Gaíves]: What?

[Tixica]: Oh crap! Nothing...

[Gaíves]: Weird... Anyways, over there.

[Gaíves]: Afternoon, TVNC news, may we get a comment on the match you're about to play with Cambria for the third place?

[Avilita Mataña]: The journey's been pretty good, thankfully i was part of this team, and Tivarra did a really good job managing us, id recommend him to any team looking for a new coach!

[Gaíves]: He's still for hire?

[Avilita Mataña]: Mhm, trying to find a better job, and no he didn't tell me to say this im just recommending him, since i geniunly belive he's a great coach, but we'll do alright if not good against the Cambrians, top 4 isn't that bad!

[Gaíves]: Alright, thanks!

[Santigo Guivaldi]: Hey press! have a minute?

[Gaíves]: Go ahead!

[Santigo Guivaldi]: Its the third time im going to thank the audience, i really hope we can get 3rd place, i really want to get 3rd place, Cambria looks tough but we've been building up to this moment, our final match, ever since we came 3rd in groups, beat Ostronia, won against Zoran and just to the sour point where we lost the chance of going to the finals at the hands of the Sharks, i just want to win one last match.

[Gaíves]: You're the emotional guy? You never dissapoint thanks!

[Santigo Guvaldi]: Thank you for letting me have this.

[Tixica]: Oh Gaíves, Gaíves...

[Gaíves]: What?

[Tixica]: I got you a surprise, look over there.

Tixica points out to Tivarra, waiting outside the team's bus with a list.

[Gaíves]: Tivarra! Quick, there's no time to waste!

Tixica and Gaíves run towards Tivarra.

[Gaíves]: Tivarra, Tivarra! TVNC give us your story right now mister!

[Tivarra]: Oh, well what a pleasant surprise, we got our plan we got the players for said plan, and we are ready for our last tango in this world cup, Dalimbar has done a great job at hosting in my mind, i think i may be a little bit biased considering its my first RWC, like for all of us Ryxtylopians.

[Gaíves]: Any luck with finding a new team to manage?

[Tivarra]: Ive gotten a few calls, but im still open to searches!

[Gaíves]: Opinion on the Cambrians?

[Tivarra]: If they weren't a good team they would't be playing us, just like if WE weren't a good team we wouldn't be playing them, at least at this stage of the tournament that holds some truth, if their players play in a competitive rugby league i would like to ask a few questions...

[Gaíves]: And finally, your overall opinion on this RWC.

[Tivarra]: This RWC for us has had a result that could have gone better, but for a debut id say for our inexperienced team that plays in an incredibly uncompetitive league they've done pretty amaizing, its been a ride and me and the "Buccaneers" of the A.R.R have had a wonderful time sailing through the sea of different teams and matches to reach this point, where we will have our final battle between Ryxtylopia and Cambria, over all amaizing world cup hosted by Dalimbar and amaizing performance by our team.

[Gaíves]: Nice job! and that's where ill leave ya Railo and Eiva, me and Tixica will go take our seats to view this match!

[Tixica]: Wish you two were here.

[Gaíves]: Anyways, thanks for having us on today and ill see you back home!

[Gaíves]: Lets go Tixica.

The call with Gaíves ends as the screen goes back to the studio with Railo and Eiva.


[Railo]: Good to see Gaíves comming back home, tho i do wish Tixica would stay in Dalimbar... forever far from my sight.

[Eiva]: Oh you...

[Railo]: So, is there anything more we can add to that?

[Eiva]: I don't know, should i get the popcorn...

[Railo]: Hold on i know what we can do.

Railo gets his laptop, connecting it to the studio sound system before searching a familiar song to most Ryxtylopians to play in the background.


"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

It didn't take long for the entire team to catch up

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Die Nyrte a Sur, e diporte triunfirá, por a Ryxtylopia a musica reysonará!"

"Di Xarrvaís a Montís! Di Ñavis a Aziul, Ryxtylopia si prepara, parai diporte a vyncerá!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!"

"Adilienti Ryxtylopia... Adilienti a vyncér, e diporte la pasion, di noistra naxion quista di pie!" ...

[Railo]: There we go.

[Eiva]: Nice touch.

[Railo]: Thanks! Well i get the soda you get the popcorn.

[Eiva]: Alright.

[Railo]: And to our viewers, thanks for sticking with us for this broadcast, we're off to see the game as probably are you, so hope everybody has their snacks, a cozy couch and is ready to watch the games for this final day of the RWC, this has been Tivan Railo from TVNC, and ill catch you on later!

[Railo]: Boy i could really take a pee...

The camera zooms out as the TVNC theme plays, and the pre-match ads start playing with the counter till the match ticking down on the bottom right of the screen.



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A week before the Gold Medal Match...

Lev Toksin, Chair of the Dalimbar Department of Sports, received an email from World Rugby in Common:



First and foremost, we are forever grateful for the never-ending support of your Department of Sport and the whole of Dalimbar in hosting the 4th Rugby World Cup! Words cannot express how genuinely thankful we are for this never-before-seen experience.

With the culmination of the Knock-outs Stage in sight, we are honored to announce that the Rugby World Cup Organizers selected you as the Match Commissioner of the Gold Medal Match of the 4th Rugby World Cup!

Attached to this email are the duties and responsibilities of the Match Commissioner, the details of the Gold Medal Match, and the timeline of activities for days before up to an hour after the Gold Medal Match of the 4th Rugby World Cup in relation to your appointment as the Match Commissioner.

If you have any queries regarding this appointment, please reply to this email!

Thank you.

World Rugby

Toksin was not surprised, well, now, upon receiving the email. He was informed informally during one of the press conferences in the latter part of the Group Stage for media buildup of the Knock-outs stage.

The Chair of the Department of Sport of Dalimbar called his secretary to present the necessary contingencies during a significant weather event or natural disaster and the composition of a crisis committee to discuss whether the Gold Medal Match could proceed. Another contingency plan was created to cater to a hypothetical scenario where anti-Dalimbari militants can breach the capital of Dalimbar, where the Gold Medal Match will be held.

He quietly read the contents of the contingency plan, nodded on specific statements, and returned the documents to his secretary, giving his approval ten (10) minutes after reading them.

Toksin then picked up a paper protruding from the folder designated by his secretary as "RWC4 Gold Medal Match Updates":


4th Rugby World Cup
Gold Medal Match
Garrison Stadium (Saint Andreisburg, District 1, Dalimbar)
Natural Pitch
4:00 PM PMT

Pitch Conditions: Excellent
Dalimbar Union da Rugby Main Point of Contact: [REDACTED]
Garrison Stadium Main Point of Contact: [REDACTED]
Expectant Weather During Match: Excellent

Match Officials

Sreten Blizzakov (HEJ)
Match Referee

Marina Ekdahl (TCM)
Floriano Prasino-Lupes (GIO)
Assistant Match Referees

Two days before the Gold Medal Match…

Toksin has received the lineup of the two teams playing in the Gold Medal Match. He called his secretary to create copies of the submitted lineups to be distributed to the World Rugby, the Union da Rugby, and the local and international press.

Toksin also wanted to reproduce copies and inform the ones needing information on the time set for each team's Captain's Run tomorrow. A Captain's Run is a training session led by the team captain rather than a coach. The United Adaikes national team is advised to be in the Garrison Stadium by 8:30 AM, with the Captain's Run running from 9 to 10 AM. The media will be allowed inside the Garrison Stadium from 9:30 to 10:30 AM, with the last 30 minutes being an on-site interview with the team, leaving the stadium by 11:30 AM. The Dalimbar national team is advised to be in the Garrison Stadium by 2:30 PM, with the Captain's Run running from 3 to 4 PM. The media will be allowed inside the Garrison Stadium from 3:30 to 4:30 AM, with the last 30 minutes being an on-site interview with the team, leaving the stadium by 5:30 AM.

Toksin also wanted his secretary to coordinate with the Venue Manager to update him on the latest for the pitch painting and necessary touch-ups for the pitch. He also needed to know if the VIPs attending the Gold Medal Match were already designated seats in order of precedence. The Marshall and the President of the United Adaikes have also confirmed their attendance at the Gold Medal Match.

A day before the Gold Medal Match…

Toksin sent an email regarding the time and venue of the pre-match meeting for the Gold Medal Match. The meeting participants needed to be in Press Room 8 by 1:30 PM tomorrow are the Venue Manager, the Venue Security Manager, the Match Press Officer, the Ball Boy/Girl Manager, the Match Day Doctor, the PA Announcer/DJ, and the Broadcast Production Manager.

He also asked his secretary to update him on the status of the national anthems, the flags, the match balls, and the official Gold Medal Match bibs for all involved personnel. He also asked his secretary to coordinate with the Broadcast Production Manager, ensuring that the match footage of the Gold Medal Match should be ready to be disseminated to each team and the World Rugby an hour after the final whistle.

Toksin has already disseminated to all who needed the information that the Dalimbar national team will be on the left side of the pitch and the United Adaikes national team on the right side. This applies to technical zones, coaches seating, changing room allocation, warm-up area pre-match, position for anthems, flag flying, and any other decision requiring team positions. The medical room, the Anti-Doping Room, and the Match Officials' room are also already assigned.

The day of the Gold Medal Match
12:30 PM, four hours to kick-off
Garrison Stadium

Toksin had an early lunch and arrived an hour before the pre-match meeting. He ordered his secretary to release ten (10) match balls to the Ball Boy/Girl Manager. He visited the Broadcast Production Room and told the staff that he looked forward to an excellent broadcast of the Gold Medal Match of the 4th Rugby World Cup. He then went to the PA box and talked with the PA announcer for some casual talk, ensuring midway that the PA announcer already had the anthems of the two national teams.

Three hours to kick-off…

Everyone else was already in Press Room 8 when Toksin arrived for the pre-match meeting. After welcoming and introducing all participants in the meeting, he talked about the system of work during the Gold Medal Match, especially in the decision-making process and the procedure in the event of a match running over time.

The Venue Security Manager reported about the initial venue inspection of the Venue Security Team and the number and location of key security personnel.

The Broadcast Production Manager reported that by 3:00 PM, the live broadcast would start, showing everyone the location of all cameras in Garrison Stadium, including lipstick cameras in the change/dressing rooms of the teams. The Match Press Officer reported the number of accredited international media expected, with the presence and rights of non-licensed broadcasters, as well as the venue of the Media Center.

By the end of the report of the Broadcast Production Manager, Toksin was informed by his secretary that the Match Referee Sreten Blizzakov from Hertfordshire and Jammbo had arrived in the Match Officials' room.

The pre-match meeting ended by 2 PM, with Toksin, the Venue Manager, and the Match Press Officer conducting the final inspection of the Garrison Stadium.

Ninety minutes before kick-off…

Toksin met with Blizzakov, Ekdahl, and Prasino-Lupes. Blizzakov agreed with Toksin that the Dalimbari would be showing a double thumbs-up as a signal for the Hertfordian to start the match. Ekdahl and Prasino-Lupes have also acknowledged the standard pressure on the match balls to be used in the match. Lastly, Toksin invited the Match Officials to be in Press Room 3 40 minutes before kick-off for the live broadcast of the coin toss.

Sixty minutes before kick-off…

Toksin's secretary informed him that the United Adaikes national team had arrived at the Garrison Stadium. The Dalimbar national team arrived ten minutes later. Ten minutes after their arrival, the Match Officials checked the clothing and equipment of both teams.

Forty minutes before kick-off…

Adaikesian captain Peregrine Norman and Dalimbari captain Luka Ivika met at the door of Press Room 3 and gave each other a dap and a pound hug, but no words came from each other as they entered the Press Room. The floor director told Norman to move to the right side of the room behind the cameras. When Norman reached the right side of the room and converged toward the middle for the coin toss, the floor director spoke, "Okay, we're live."

The Match Officials, already in the room before the two captains arrived, shook their hands. Ivika and Norman shook hands formally in front of the cameras. Blizzakov started in Common, "Dalimbar is heads, United Adaikes is tails," before tossing the coin. The coin landed on the floor, showing heads, with the Match Officials looking at Ivika. Blizzakov then asked, "Kick or receive?" Ivika answered, "Receive."

The Match Officials shook the captains' hands again for the confirmation of the first play of the match, with Norman and Ivika giving each other a dap and a pound hug again before leaving the room and returning to the pitch.

Ten minutes before kick-off…

Blizzakov blew his whistle, signaling the end of the warm-ups and for the teams to return to their respective dressing rooms.

Seven minutes before kick-off…

The teams leave their dressing rooms to line up in the tunnel. Ivika and Norman are separated by a Dalimbari boy carrying the match ball.

Six minutes before kick-off…

The teams take the field and line up for the anthems. The United Adaikes national anthem played first, followed by the Dalimbar national anthem.

Fifteen seconds before kick-off…

Toksin gave Blizzakov a double thumbs-up as a signal to start the match.

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Result from the Semi-Final Match at Posadka Stadium: Dalimbar 13 - Cambria 03

In Dalimbari rugby, there is a tradition amongst rival teams where after the match, the captains share a drink. The match could have been a brutal grind or a complete roll-over, but both sides would send their captains after the match to shake hands and toast to their sides. 

Rugby has a following in Cambria, but for the Dalimbari squad, they did not know if that tradition was common with the Cambrians. Everything seemed... odd with that place. They can be so familiar yet so foreign at the same time. Although the Free State has often had difficult relations with their neighbour, as part of the various memoranda floating between the two around the hosting of the games and to prevent a boycott, Lev Toksin, the Chair of the Department of Sports made a note to Stavka that an... enhanced version of the tradition could take place.

The match between Dalimbar and Cambria as a textbook example of high quality rugby. The Cambrians were able to score an impressive 40m drop goal while the Dalimbari side made a penalty kick and two tries, both scored by Captain Luka Ivica. Noted as "the fastest legs in rugby", Captain Ivika directed his team to maximize flanking maneuvers along with speedy passing and reflexes. Yet, the Cambrians were a strong-and-stubborn wall. 

Post-match, while the Dalimbari squad were celebrating in their changing rooms, Captain Ivika received a buzz on his phone. It was his signal to start head upstairs to meet with the uppity-ups of the Free State, but first he had to go down to the basement for a quick minute.

The captain, still in his kit, managed to grab a case of premium Dalimbari Jewel vodka where wearing... a kilt and cleats, and seemingly nothing else. Square jaw. Some strange tattoo on the left side of his chest. This must be the Cambrian captain, Hadleigh Neal.

"Good match, Cambrian!" Ivika said first in Dalimbari, and then realizing that he was not understood, said again in a very accented Common.

"Good match. Congratulations." replied Neal. 

"Thank you! I bring you a gift, a bit of Dalimbari tradition I hope you enjoy!" Ivika said, grinning as he presented the crate of vodka to the Cambrian captain.

The Cambrian must have said something in his native tongue but presented a similar sized case of Old Toby beer. He motioned to open the crate and grabbed a bottle of beer. 

"Oh, good idea, Cambrian! We in Dalimbar usually finish a match with a drink, I'm glad to see you do as well!" 

The captains took several swigs of each others choice liquor, finally relaxing after a long game. Although, it was not over for both of them, for they both had their final matches coming up. However for both squads, this perhaps was the biggest match they've had in a while.


Press Statement by the Chiefdoms of External Affairs and Public Affairs

On behalf of Stavka we would like to report the following:

  • Field Command of the Administrative Districts "Yugodalia" reports that the incident involving the Gabsikovo Power Plant is under control and that residents are free to leave their places of residence. 25 hostile-class members has been detained and the power plant is at 75% output at this time.
  • We look forward to the match between the Free State against United Adaikes. Our Marshal and the President of United Adaikes will be watching the match together from the Marshal's box at Garrison.
  • We are pleased with the success of the state dinner between the Free State, the Kingdom of Giovanniland, and the Holy Principality of Saint Mark. The leaders had a pleasant discussion on the state of affairs of their countries, cultural similarities and differences, and discussed trade relations. We look forward to strengthening trade relations between these strong economies through export of raw materials (including rare earth minerals) from the Free State in exchange for consumer goods and other resources. Embassies between the Free State and the two monarchies are to be established to increase dialogue.
  • We remain concerned about the state of affairs in the Nur continent and will be monitoring the situation. 
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