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I Summer Olympics Roleplay/IC

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16 June 1420

From an undisclosed location in Saint-Josalyn, a man sits in a hotel room watching the live feed of the Olympic events

I have been planning this theft for months, soon my time to strike will come. This will be my biggest theft yet...my fingers tingle with anticipation. I already have everything set up, all I have to do now is wait for the medal ceremony. I won't be able to steal from all of the athletes, but I will be able to steal from all the athletes of two countries...Hertfordshire and Zoran. I am CGZ, not the original CGZ from centuries ago but I am the latest incarnation of him. Soon the entire criminal underworld will know that the King of Thieves has risen again and that CGZ has returned. I have gone through intense training from my father and I have learned from the teachings compiled by all previous incarnations of CGZ to hone my skills. I started with petty thefts and small heists but this is my moment, this will be the time to show that CGZ is back.

Looks at his suitcase which contains the most modern and updated version of his family's infamous suit

Thankfully, the suit won’t leave any trace of my DNA and has a few gadgets that will help me in my escape should the Inquisitors of T&C come looking for me. It is made of multiple layers of graphene so it should grant me some decent protection against bullets and due to its flexible nature it shouldn’t restrict my movement. It also has some insulation to grant me some protection from IR should they use it, it isn’t much though because too much of it would reduce my maneuverability but it is just enough to buy me some time should something go wrong. My helmet mask has gas filters built into it that should block out any harmful gas they may use as well as night vision. Should I have to swim or hide underwater, I can switch the gas filters out for a rebreather. Modern technology has really allowed for me to be prepared should something go wrong but I know things won’t go wrong...nothing can stop CGZ.

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Brief Update

Most of Fuentana's small Olympic contingent have been in celebration mode. By day, they are roaming Tara and Cambray, taking in all the sights, sounds, and eats. By night, they're mostly meeting their caloric needs with the fine wines and brews of the host nation—along with a steady stream of meatballs. They continue to rub elbows alongside Baron Comte von Fontaine, the Monarch, who has happily introduced the athletes to various dignitaries and power players. Fuentana's medalists have proudly joined presentations, press conferences, and various tours to promote Olympic values and present a good face for Fuentana. 

But there's two teams who are still in the game: basketball (gold medal match) and baseball (third place game)—both against Hertfordia. The players and coaching staff are on press embargo, but sources tell us that the players are observing a strict and controlled regimen of practice and a diet of meatballs. The baseball players have even given up their day drinking. The intensity grows. 



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Tuesday 16th June 1420 - Preview of Day 9 of the Saint-Josalyn Summer Olympics | Přīvjü - Dei 9 av đi Seint-Deeušalin Šame Ęlimpiks



Let's face it, we all saw this one coming. The culprit of the attacks on our athletes and all the other suspicious events has been revealed. They were even linked in a weird way to the vandalising of our news lorry. This is the true identity of the hippy doctor, and literally no one is surprised.

Hello and yes, this will be the final day of the Olympics! Fittingly, this is the most late preview we have ever done. We totally did this on purpose! Anyway, there are only a few events on today, but there are plenty of team events, as everything starts to come to an end. Hertfordia can still win up to 9 medals, and to hell if we aren't going to try! So behold, the final day's schedule!

Events/Ívents Athletes/Àølīts
10m Air Rifle Shawn Menavski, Vladimir P. Vecumnieks
Gymnastics Team All-Around Finals (?) Kokichi Pencis, Draco Myronovych, Milan Balkanski, Vojislav Petrovskis
Tennis Singles Finals Charles Broxbourne, Rodrigo D. Brunkevičs
Baseball Finals Hertfordia Baseball
Basketball Finals Hertfordia Basketball
Volleyball Finals Hertfordia Volleyball Federation
Water Polo Finals Hertfordshire and Jammbo Water Polo Team

Every event is a final today, and Hertfordia will appear in most of them. As well as all-round powerhouse Menavski and Vecumnieks, literally the coolest middle-aged man..... in the world, we also potentially have the chance to win another medal in Gymnastics. The team version to be precise. As for the teams, well they will take centre stage. We have already won medals in two team sports, now we will have the chance to win gold in 3 more, as well as bronze in another. The Border Guards and The Police are up against Fuentana, in the Third Place Match and the Final respectively. The Blades will face Novasamita while Royal Navy shall do war with Nieubasria, the third time we have faced such an opponent in an Olympic final. There is so much to cover, we honestly cannot wait to bring you all the results!

Some say that MP's turned them down for the job of Speaker, and that their editor recently submitted a £20,000 expenses claim for some gravel... for his moat. All we know is, they are us. We bid thee farewell. (No really, our editor actually done that.)

Goodnight! Oh, and also, Slava Àenglie! Ģločiri Teđi Hîereus!

20200602_203620.thumb.png.300d81b0f8e4a98ec0d3d1271390e0bc.png                20200602_203726.thumb.png.d8ea667e68b049bfcbe894b329c80d17.png

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Luke, my man! Another Gold! You are now the most awarded Olympian in Saint Mark history.

Well, it is the first Olympic Games, of course, Your Royal Highness, but thank you, sir. I'm glad I could contribute to the glory of Saint Mark.

Indeed you have! I couldn't be happier with how these games have turned out. I shall speak with the organizers and offer my heartfelt appreciation for their efforts.

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Cheers erupt throughout the day and night as Nieubasrians congregate in pubs, social centers, and even schools to watch the final day's olympic events.

An impressive showing by all nations and athletes throughout the games has culminated in an unforgettable international experience. 

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16 June 1420

At the medal ceremony, CGZ is hiding off to the side outside of visible range.

The time has come, I am suited up, I am in the stadium, and it is time for my great appearance.

Takes out heavily encrypted cellular device that hacked into the city's power grid

Show time!

Presses button programmed on encrypted cellular device to shut down power grid

All the lights of the stadium suddenly shut off as the athletes, who are showing off their medals look, around in confusion. CGZ then pulls out three smoke grenades and throws them into the crowd of athletes. Soon a cloud of smoke covers the athletes preventing further visibility of others. CGZ then rushes out and runs as past as possible and begins stealing the medals off of the Zoranian and Herdfordian athletes and putting them in a backpack built into the suit. It took around two minutes, CGZ had to put down a few more smoke bombs to ensure he wasn't seen, to take all the medals from both the Zoranian and Herdfordian athletes. I then left the historical CGZ calling card, a purple card with a black crown on it with a cookie in the center of the crown.

The next part of his plan was his escape, which would be difficult as the authorities are already on the scene and he had to move quickly. Luckily he already planned out his escape and so he ran out of the smoke cloud and an officer tried to stop him but using the built in blast knuckles (stun gun mixed with brass knuckles) I was able to knock him out easily. I then went down the athletes only entrance and fought off a few more guards, knocking them out using either my blast knuckles or martial arts, before reaching a locker, which I dug into beforehand that had a hole that led to the sewers. I went down this tunnel I dug and entered the sewers and broke a support beam I had put in place to keep the tunnel ceiling up to block up where I came to prevent the police from following me. I then went down the sewers towards another place I tunneled through into an alleyway that is away from the stadium. From there I climbed up a ladder that brought me to a staff room in the hotel I am staying in and I snuck back into my hotel room from there. I closed the blinds(luckily I removed the hidden cameras when I first arrived here) and took off my helmet and dumped the medals onto the bed.

“Holy shit I did it. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever done! Yet why do I feel bad about doing this? I never felt bad about stealing anything before but this feels different. Maybe this should be an exception, it is the first Olympics after all. Should I return these? Maybe people will think I replaced the medals with fake ones, yeah I will keep my reputation that I gained from this while clearing my conscience. But I wanted to spend some time admiring my accomplishment first."

After two hours of admiring my accomplishment, I took the medals and snuck out of my hotel room and went to the hotel rooms of all the athletes I stole from and left their medals on their beds, but in order to make sure people think they are fake I put my calling card next to them with the statement "some have been replaced with fakes see if you can find the mistake". In reality they are still the same medal but it will cause a conspiracy theory among people which would further enhance my reputation. After I returned the medals, I snuck back into my hotel room, packed up my stuff, and I snuck aboard a cargo plane to Zoran escaping without leaving a trace. As I flew back to Zoran, I sat in the cargo hold smiling with pride knowing that I showed the world that CGZ is back and that the King of Thieves has returned.

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Edward returned from seeing the visitor to the door.

Mr. Gryphor from the Saint Mark Tourism Council was quite upset, sir,  that Ms. Blackcross' Bronze medal upset their plans for a new advertising slogan ... Saint Mark, Pure Gold.

Poor Hedwig. She wins a Bronze medal and is vilified. The worst of it is that she happens to be descended from The Knights of Blackcross. In the minds of the superstitious lower classes it will point to some sort of dark conspiracy for sure. 

Quite, sir. Only Rahl is considered more nefarious.

Yes, but also more glamorous, of course. There is nothing attractive about the history of the Blackcrosses.
Well, at least Her Holiness issued a statement pointing out how the lack of perfection in our medal tally is a sign that we are in proper relationship with The Lord. We are His humble servants, after all.
Let's push that narrative, Edward, and plan a huge celebration that treats the Blackcross girl as every bit as much a hero as our other athletes.

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Review - Day 9 of the Saint-Josalyn Summer Olympics | Rívjü - Dei 9 av đi Seint-Deeušalin Šame Ęlimpiks

This is the review of the final day of the Olympics. We really do not have much to say, as we wish to let the medal count and athlete ranking list speak for itself. So we shall.

Geuld: 2 Šilve: 4 Branz: 1

Part of us wished we had won more golds, but this tally is still enougy to see the Double-Headed Hawk finish 2nd in the main medal table, defeating Novasamita and Saint Mark, but finishing behind Nieubasria. In the total medal table, Hertfordia finished with a whopping 28 medals! This is only 1 behind Nieubasria and 2 behind total medal winners Tara & Cambray. It is perhaps natural that the land of the Sasquatch is top of this version of the table, seeing as they indeed are the hosts. Since we do not want to keep y'all waiting, we shall now present the final individual ranking.

This is where hard work, devotion to your country and self-confidence can get you


Rodrigo D. Brunkevičs - Finished 1st in the Tennis Singles. A man who you either love to hate, or hate to love. He, along with Charles, singlehandedly screwed over the Markian tourism board.



Charles Broxbourne - Finished 2nd in the Tennis Singles. The former king, he now plys trade as the official opposition in Great Parndon, a place which never seems to stick with one guy.



Kokichi Pencis/Draco Myronovych/Milan Balkanski/Vojislav Petrovskis - Finished 2nd in the Gymnastics Team All-Around. I have explained at least 3 of them and i am certainly not going to attempt to explain Kokichi, for fear of another hellish comment section.



Vladimir P. Vecumnieks - Finished 8th in the 10m Air Rifle Final.



Shawn Menavski - Finished 15th in the 10m Air Rifle.


And Now, The News...

Not much here either, just that the hippy health guru was actually the war criminal Radovan Artemovych in disguise and he had been trying to sabotage the team members from Hertmeran or Debenian descent, tracing back to his time as leader of the Debenian Herts, an ethnic minority with mixed Debenian and Hertfordian heritage. He had wishes at first of protecting his ethnic group from a nationalistic Jammbian assault, but soon turned to more ambitious goals of turning the Federation of Greater Hertfordia into a full blown Hertfordian Empire, just like back in the glory days of the former superpower. Radovan was even willing to slaughter innocents to achieve these goals. Mind you, when he was finally on the back foot, the Jammbians wasted no time in completely burning down all Hertfordian villages to make sure they never returned, even if they had been living there for centuries. 

That is actually why different parts of the nation can seem entirely different from eachother, as if they were completely seperate nations. To a Confederation like ours, this is just normal life.

We also noticed that poor Hedwig Blackcross has upset the Markian tourism board by winning a bronze, and is apparently now being villified. Well, we would just like to say if you want someone to blame, Mr. Gryphor, blame Hertfordia. We ruined your advertising slogan. Right now, an evil smile is spreading across our collective faces. We love the feeling of ruining things for other people.


Some say that he knows two facts about Reçueçn and both of them are wrong, and that his first name really is 'The'. All we know is, we aren't The Stig, but we are The Stig's least favourite newspaper! Goodnight!

20200602_203620.thumb.png.cef5f91835498bbe4d581be163591508.png                20200602_203726.thumb.png.1aada0de76d267e894282e0101688852.png

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Hertfordia, The New Shock Global Sporting Power? | Häřtferdie, Đi Njü Sak Ģleubl Şpočitin Paue?

Some in the nation claim we are now a certified SUPERPOWER of sport! Who'd have thought it? Probably a bit of a stretch though, sadly. We will waste no more time. We should not. We are at the end of an era. Here are the team sport rankings.



Fuentana 60-76 Hertfordia

Hertfordia finished 1st in the Basketball.



Hertfordia 2-3 Novasamita

Hertfordia finished 2nd in the Volleyball.



Nieubasria 11-8 Hertfordia

Hertfordia finished 2nd in the Water Polo.



Fuentana 2-6 Hertfordia

Hertfordia finished 3rd in the Baseball.


The end of the road. We shall post two more news articles, and then we will join the Double-Headed Hawk on the way back to Hertfordia. See you all then.

20200602_203620.thumb.png.d11975637ee0ce51369a6321e704e70e.png                20200602_203726.thumb.png.c3f37d214d0c00e585f0a7dfdbd599aa.png

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932165178_Screenshot2020-06-10at12_16_46AM.png.98d39bb23331778b20fcb8e09521a960.png719091918_Screenshot2020-06-08at12_30_54PM.png.cdfa10f270702b7998bcb139c4dbeb8c.png8 - 1 - 2

GRAND FINALE: Days 8 and 9


Jan Stebbelhaum live at the closing ceremony in Saint-Josalyn, here to give you a live broadcast of the ceremony and a summary of days 8 and 9! We were unable to broadcast the 8th day report due to a technical problem, so we apologize for the delay! Anyway, the past 2 days were fairly good for our delegation, and this closing ceremony is certainly a  for them and the Novasamitan fans here in Tara and Cambray! Here's a summary:
Day 8
- The 100 m run was not a very lucky event for Novasamita, with Viktor Sumaawalait failing to even qualify for the list. Kyle Senning was more successful, ending up 8th in the overall, and 10th in the final. Both are willing to compete next year, as they find the Olympics an event to enhance their skill.
- For the Tennis singles, Ruth NaOnwe did well in the first round, defeating Sania Ahmed of Larxia, but was later defeated by Hedwig Blackcross of St. Mark in the second round.
- The Novasamitan Roosters basketball team was defeated in the semifinals, against Hertfordia, by a slim 2 points. 74-72.
- The Rugby Sevens team experienced no luck either, defeated by 2 points as well by Fujai.
- The Volleyball team defeated Nieubasria in the semifinals, 105-97.
Day 9
- The Bronze Medal game for the basketball event wasn't very good for Novasamita, being defeated again by Nieubasria, 64-75. 
- Rugby sevens wasn't lucky either, with Giovanniland pounding our team, 31-7.
- The volleyball team grabbed gold from Hertfordia, 107-102.

That's about it for our final report on the Olympics! Now let's watch th-
lights cut off, followed by scream and smoke
[Cameraman] Oh sh*t, the lights are out!

[Jan] I know the lights are out!
[overlapping with Jan] Where's my medals?!
[from main studio, Ilirovia] Jan, you guys OK there?
[Jan] It seems that the lights went out and-there's smoke coming from the podium, folks! We-
broadcast cuts off, replaced by the following:

It seems we have had technical difficulties connecting with the crew. We will be back later for an update.

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Ladies and gentlemen, what a heart-pounding week this has been! At Saint-Josalyn, we have seen thrilling bursts of excitement, fast-paced events, close finishes, victory and defeat, and in the end, marble Mallorca departs with a grand total of 10 medals! (4 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze)! So, without further a do, I say we look at all the events and mishaps that happened during the fantastic week!


Day one will be reminded by its incredible opening ceremony, other than Mallorca's incredibly spheric ceremony, so many events are to be remembered I don't even have time to name them all, yet my personal favorites would be Prince Marcarius triumphant arrival, Zoran's opening ceremony, that one could call "explosive" and finally Novasamita's infamous release of chickens upon their arrival! However, an opening ceremony is but a fraction of what happened at the olympics, now on with the events! The games started off with the 4x200 medley swim, where the Mallorcan team, composed of Rapidly Savsped, Choc Choclatè, Wospy Midwisia and Kinnowin Or-An-Ger, successfully qualified for the final and, although, they might only have achieved 5th place, what truly was remembered there was the cooperation between two rival athletes of two rival states: Kinnowin and Rapidly. Though Hop Jujum only got 15th in Archery, he probably will be seeking for redemption in the Marblympics 1420, which, however, will not be the case of Blizzard Gligali, who had announced its retirement in 1418 but had come back only for the olympics. Alongside Blizzard, on the other hand, was Smoggy Hazeren, who we could call the biggest disappointment of the games, who arrived 33rd out or 34, in the 400 meter run. It does seem like running events was not our team's strongest fit as Spade Blaja also, failed to notice himself with his 15th place in the 1500 meter. One athlete, however, did gain attention after his 6th place in the Canoe Slalom, Mallard Greduci, who will be competing in the ML alongside the other Green Ducks members.Meanwhile in Badminton, Echo and Fearo Teplas cruised their way through the first two round of badminton doubles unopposed.


The second day of the olympics started with a sense of disappointment due to Rojodos Rojrol missing the high jump final by only one spot. This disappointment was further amplified when Bombay Greduci obtained the dreaded 4th spot in the one-person dinghy race. However, this culminating sense of "MAM isn't gonna win any medals" was washed away when Echo and Fearo stepped on the second step of the podium, thus gaining Mallorca their first medal of the game.


Day three and four was the start of a new turn for the Mallorcan team, with the arrival on the field of Mallorca's most competent athletes as well as, of course, the arrival of Mallorca's leader, Nico Unordille, in the fencing event. The fencing event also saw the first-round defeat of Mandarin Or-An-Ger by none other than Glen Woods, who appeared to be the most competent athlete in fencing (at would later gain silver) whereas Unordille won all three matches, propulsing him into the semi-finals, three rounds further than anyone expected for someone who's full-time job is sitting in a parliament and making speeches. Finally, the arrival of Roy Rasprec, winner of the 1419 Marblelympics, along with Taffy Jabreku, into the semifinals of Tennis doubles revived the hope of Mallorcans in their national team.


Day four is the day with the most medals gained, with 40% of the total medals earned at the halfway mark of the olympics. However, if the day had been the same as how it started, it probably wouldn't be the case. With the disappointing finishes of Yelley Meyella (3 meter springboard diving-13th), the unfortunate 5th place in the 4x100 relay and the double defeats of Spade Blaja and Quickly Savsped in the marathon, the medal count on day 4 was looking pretty dire. However, the whole situation shifted when the long jump started, with Cocoa Choclatè and Wospy Midwisia (ML 1418 winner) respectively gained silver and bronze, with Cocoa missing gold by only 0.02 m! (Bolty Thubol was also there but he got 16th so F). Mallorca's next surprise was in fencing, where underdog/head of state Nico Unordille gaining the first gold of the games in an action-packed final against none other than Glen Woods, who had notoriously defeated Mandarin the day before, after an incredible comeback in the fencing final (3-6 ---> 8-7)! Mallorca's 4th medal came in the colour of bronze after our beloved tennis double crushed T&C's tennis double in the game for third place. Also, despite not winning any medals, the performances of Clutter Baocao and Tangerin Or-An-Ger is truly one to be remembered.


When come to think of it, day five was quite similar to day four, if only you replace the head of state winning a medal by a criminal condemned to 12 years in prison winning one (we'll come to that later). Day five, just like the day before started in disappointments, with (another) defeat of Yelley Meyella as well as the 5th place of Shore Oceic in the 10m diving platform, losing at the gates of the podium. But the disappointment did not stop there, after the14th place of Choc Choclatè in the 10k swim, the second medaless top five of the Green Ducks in the Canoeing 2-person 1000m sprint and the 5th place of Foggy Hazeren in the hurdles, it seemed like to morale and fate rested on three of the top athletes in the country: Starry Tegal, the literal face of Marble Sports in Mallorca, had gained the most points in ML 1417 by 20pts and still is in the top 3 for points gained all ML combined, Wuspy Midwisia, part of the Midnight Wisps, who emerged victors of the ML 1418 after an unthinkable comeback and Razzy Rasprec, were now side by side in the hurdles starting bloc. When seeing them together is when I realised: Mallorca had not given up yet. If it wasn't for Will Nankov (HEJ), they would have won the top three slots in the heat, yet what truly was marking was Starry's sub-13 seconds performance, giving him, after he had only gotten fifth in the 4x100m relay, an uncontested gold.The final medalist on day 5 was not the one people expected, out of the dozens of athlete present in Saint-Josalyn, no one probably expected the orchestrer of the largest digital robbery in the West Pacific's history, yet this is what happened after Vespa Horne, who had single-handedly hacked the 5 largest banks in Marble Mallorca, and was sentenced to 12 years (abbreviated to 10) in 1409, to win bronze in the Javelin throw, just goes to show you anything can happen in the olympics...

Be reassured Vespa was kept under strict surveillance by police officers during her stay Reçueçn, and kept away from any digital devices, yet still managed to hack the Reçueçn government website with the help of the connected device that was used to release the marble during the opening ceremony, and was noticed right afterwards, no harm was done.


The sixth day of the olympics saw to medals be added to the Mallorcan collection, we could only mention these two, but we wouldn't be Mallorca's top news source if we didn't go over every single one of them. The day started off with Choc's (third) defeat in the 1500m freestyle swim followed by Choc's (fourth) defeat in the 200m backstroke swim, but that time at least, Wospy Midwisia (ML 1418 champion) and Kinnowin Or-An-Ger (ML 1417 champion, second most points won in the ML) made it to the final, where Wospy swam to second, only behind Selu Quidedaduya from Zoran, this was then followed with the performance of Mallorca's youngest athlete Cruch Turslid, who made it to the second phase of hammer throwing only at 18 years old! However, with only a handful of events remaining and "only" seven medals to their name, the Mallorcan team was starting to get desperate to achieve their goal of 10 medals and needed a gold to go up in the standings, and this time, help would come from where it was needed most: on their fourth attempt, and with the team finally assembled and complete, the Green Ducks boating team launched itself against the event that made its reputation: the Rowing coxless fours. After what one could call a hesitant start, the green ducks sailed to victory in rowing, by winning the third gold of the competitions!


Day seven, however was another day without a medal, and since we are getting very short on time to film this I will do this quickly. The 200m freestyle swim having Quacky Greduci and Hazzy Hazeren qualifying but failing to get a medal while Rapidly Savsped and-

Stops speaking

Looks at script

Looks at camera


Camera cuts

Ahem, please excuse me for my sudden burst. Anyways, moving on, we then had Ducky Greduci go up on the rowing single sculls, yet it appears it is only united that the Green Ducks reach their full potential as he ended up 19th. Finally, in the last two events for Mallorca that day, both fighting events, Tumult Baocao and Diego Indista sure did put up an excellent performance. However, only Diego managed to pass the the quarter finals.


In the olympics penultimate day, Yellup Meyella represented our national colours in the final water event, the incredibly complex 200m butterfly swim. Sadly, he missed the finals by only one spot and a mere 5 hundreds of a second. This was the final straw for the Mallorcan team, they were still missing one medal to achieve their goal and Vespa was still in custody due to het hacking of the governmental website. With only four disciplines left for them and only two were they really stood a chance, every athlete gathered to watch the most emblematic event of the olympics: the 100m. Mallorca had gone all in for the event and sent four athletes for the races: Greeneye Craceye, Smoggy Hazeren, Yellah Meyella and Quickly Savsped (ML 1416 champion). In heat 2, Greeneye got 3rd while Smoggy placed dead last, none of those were enouhgh to make it to the final. Meanwhile in heat 3, Yellah ended 5th. Quickly, however, dashed to the finish line, over taking Kyle Senning (NTA) and James Bolt (LXA) by one hundredth of a second each, placing him in second and giving him the seventh out of 10 qualifying spots. Now alone in the final, Quickly had to do the best running of his life to win a medal. During the race, him and Venuska Benesch (TLN) drifted in front of the other 8 runners (who all ended within a tenth of a second of each other). However, the gold medal was up in the air until the final five meters, where Quickly finally managed to over take Benesch and win Mallorca's tenth medal and fourth golds by 4 hundreds of a second! The games were pretty much over at this point, but some performances, such as Diego Indista's 4th place in Wrestling as well as our athletes in the single tennis event : Mintyflav Minma, Roy Rasprec and Taffy Jabreku and Leap Jujum in the 10m air shooting 

I would like to talk about the ML1420 coming tomorrow and how all our athletes are scrambling to get to Galactic city before it starts since approximately a third of athletes present in the ML were one continent away yesterday, sadly, my time is up for this news report, this was Rick O'Shea, for the Rollout news, until next time!  


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The Sovereign Estates of Nieubasria extends its unconditional and unending support to
our brother nation, the United Kingdom of Tara & Cambray following the acts of terrorism perpetrated in their capital.

The sanctity of international sportsmanship has been violated, and the Sovereign Estates of Nieubasria condemns
those responsible for the deaths and terror caused in Saint-Josalyn and beyond. 

In the name of Prince Owain V, all Basric Astorians stand ready to defend and protect our shared Tamaric values. 

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Official Announcement from the Confederacy of Zoran

After today's events, the Grand Security Council had to convene in an emergency meeting due to the nature of this event. CGZ has always been wanted in Zoran, ever since they first appeared in the year 1257. While CGZ has committed thefts in foreign countries before, this incarnation has not committed a theft but has committed terrorism against another nation. Bounty hunters, the military, and the police forces of Zoran have been hunting him down for years but after this event the Grand Security Council has decided that this is not a national issue any longer, this is a international issue. We offer to the United Kingdom of Tara and Cambray as well as Nieubasria limited searches in our country as long as they do not violate the rights of our own people. They may send investigators or troops into our country to investigate and find this criminal. We also offer our support and resources in order for this criminal to be caught. We offer our condolensces to those who were affected by this event and offer to cover any damages done in Tara and Cambray that would need to be repaired. 

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At the medal awarding/closing ceremony, this is what happened in the Hertfordian camp...

Clarkov Clarkson: Right, here is the deal. See those steps there? The highest step is for gold medal winners, the middle step is for silver medal winners and bronze medal winners are to go on the bottom step.

Mečislavs Deben: Will we be able to fit everyone on? We have 6 entire teams worth of people here aswell.

Clarkov Clarkson: Of course we will! Look at how wide that is!

Charles Broxbourne: Hey, your Majesty, I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to come after our incident back at home.

Mečislavs Deben: No sweat, ol' chap. And please, address me as Mečislavs.

Charles Broxbourne: *Gives a light smile, then clinks wine glasses with his gentlemanly counterpart*

Richard Hammond: Has anyone seen Clarkson and May? Oh no wait, we haven't, because they haven't won medals! Hahah!

Jeremy Clarkson: We can hear you, Hammond you blithering idiot!

Richard Hammond: Did you notice I have a gold medal? Something you two do not have.

James May: Well, don't gloat!

Klug Zeidmanis: You're one to talk!

Phil Yevhenovych: Yeah, I've seen you and your victory dance. I can show you how it is really done if you like.

Richard Hammond: NO! Nothing to do with Genesis!

Ringo Vītoliņš: Uh guys, why is there a car here?

Takumi Mihailov: Do you like my car?

Richard Hammond: Yes, it is very nice.

Rodrigo Brunkevičs: No, I prefer boats, for the many bodies of water in Hertfordia.

Mario Volodymyrovych: Nobody cares what you think, Duterte.

Will Nankov: How did a car get in the stadium anyway? I suspect suspicious activity...

Clarkov Clarkson: Will, don't go interrogating people again, I do not want an incident like with that war criminal.

Schezo Avramov: Away from this whole nonsense. Now shall we get onto those steps?

Sonic Dinev: No wait! I want to do a few laps of the circuit first.

Vojislav Petrovskis: Oh my God, not now!

Sonic Dinev: Ugh, fine.

Draco Myronovych: You could at least be more concerned about your presentation, Sonic. You look like something found in a pyramid.

Axel Teicāns: This is the Olympics Draco, not a beauty contest. Get your priorities straight.

Draco Myronovych: I'm just saying.

Matt Miķelsons: Is that another car I see in the background?

Charles Broxbourne: Another one?!

Clarkov Clarkson: This I have to see.

(The medal winners move at various paces to the car in the background. Benjamin Semenovych steps out the driver's door)

There will be more than one part, due to printing limitations.

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Part 2 of the Hertfordian camp's discussions...

Benjamin Semenovych: Apologies for the tardiness.

Mečislavs Deben: Don't worry about it. I do notice a bit of an elephant in the room though.

Clarkov Clarkson: It's a hearse! It's what you put dead people in!

Benjamin Semenovych: It's a pallbearer's hearse.

Richard Hammond: I don't bloody care if it's Prince Marcarius' hearse, it's still a hearse!!! What it says to the patient is "You're not gonna make it".

Benjamin Semenovych: Who said anything about patients?

(On command, six other pallbearers get out of the hearse and pick up the coffin)

Benjamin Semenovych: Hit the play button!

The Stig: ...........

(The Stig pressed the strange button with a triangle on it. A very familiar tune starts blaring out the car stereos)

Junya Liepiņš: Are you serious? Really, Benjamin?

Benjamin Semenovych: Why wouldn't we celebrate our brilliant campaign?!

Takumi Mihailov: Hang on, we should use my AE86 Trueno. It is superior to his hearse in every single way.

Miles Leontijovych: You are not a clown, you are the entire circus.

(Benjamin pauses the music and starts to sit impatiently)

Milan Balkanski: Can we at least try to act like we are world class athletes and not rural simpletons?

Arle Myroslavivna: I'm not going to abide by that, Balkan-skip.

Mečislavs Deben: Wow, what an un-mannered girl.

Ringo Vītoliņš: That's Arle for you.

Arle Myroslavivna: Exactly Ringo, you know how much I hate all that 'manners' stuff!

Xavier Boichev: Benjamin, quickly, play the stereo before Arle and the King get into a fight.

(Benjamin eagerly asks The Stig to press play from the beginning)

Dimentinov Alksnis: Wait a minute, I know this one! I've seen people talk about death while involving this.

(Astronomia finally sets into it's main part. Most on Hertfordia's team starts breaking into various dances to the catchy tune)

tenor.gif (Try to imagine this, but in an Olympic stadium)

Kokichi Pencis: I bet that while we're all dancing, some creature will come and steal our medals.

Bryce Iliev: Do you ever stop lying, Kokichi?

Kokichi Pencis: Maybe my answer will be a lie.

Bryce Iliev: If you carry on, then you might as well prepare to meet the freezing darkness.

Clarkov Clarkson: Never has there been a better time to utter those words.

(The power goes out, Astronomia is quickly paused by The Stig)

The Stig: ........................

Benjamin Semenovych: What's going on? Are you trying to trick us, Kokichi?

Kokichi Pencis: I'm just as confused as you are!

Richard Hammond: Well, whatever it is, I don't like it.

(REPEATED BANGS! Followed by a cloud of smoke and strained visibility.)

Phil Yevhenovych: Are these smoke grenades?!?!

Miles Leontijovych: Yes, I believe they are.

Klug Zeidmanis: Don't ask me, I cannot see anything right now.

(The sound of clanging metal can be heard)

Mečislavs Deben: What was that sound?! Reveal yourself fiend, the King demands it!

Xavier Boichev: Please keep yourself together, your Majesty, the smoke is clearing! Uuuuuuh, hang on just a second, is that who I think it is???

Arle Myroslavivna: Hey, let me have a closer lo.......

(Before Arle could finish her sentence, more smoke filled the air and completely shrouded the view)

The Stig: .................

Richard Hammond: I'm holding this shovel. Leave, or it's gonna go very black all of a sudden!

(Some time passes before the smoke fully retreats from the stadium. Disoriented, but unharmed, the team looks down to realize something is missing)

Richard Hammond: Who has taken the medals?! Where are they?

Charles Broxbourne: I can't find them anywhere. Has anyone seen them?

Xavier Boichev: Actually, I did catch a glimpse of what went on...

Bryce Iliev: Don't stall then, tell us everything that you witnessed, no detail left out!

Xavier Boichev: Alright. When the initial smoke cloud was clearing, I saw a faint siilhouette of a man in an odd high-tech suit grabbing items and stuffing them into a bag. I couldn't see anymore past that.

Mečislavs Deben: Thank you for your vital input. Now, where do we begin to dissect this?

???: We can start to help, perhaps...

Clarkov Clarkson: Huh? It's Mina! What are you doing here?

Mina Alexandrov: I was watching from the stands.

Takumi Mihailov: But how in the name of all that's drift-worthy did you pick us out??

Mina Alexandrov: A scientist always comes prepared.

(Mina proceeds to turn on headtorch, almost blinding a couple of athletes.)

Draco Myronovych: MY EYES!!!

James May: It gets better!

Richard Hammond: No, I think you mean worse.

James May: ..........Shut up, Hammond.

Miles Leontijovych: May I have your attention? Important evidence has been discovered on the grass below.

(The Stig picks up a card. It has a purple colour scheme with a black crown. The crown has a cookie in the middle)

Miles Leontijovych: With permission, I can use this as evidence when prosecuting the criminal scum that committed this act.

Matt Miķelsons: Clarkov, are you, erm, okay? You don't look too good...

Clarkov Clarkson: Well played............ CGZ............ (*whispering tone*)

Matt Miķelsons: Hmm?

Clarkov Clarkson: I hereby announce an early end to our medal presentation ceremony. A certain thief has made off with our medals. We shall reconvene at the 5 star Akti Palace hotel, which we named, to discuss the situation further! But first, who wants a celebratory dinner?

Almost Everyone: Yeah!!

The Stig: .........................

And so the Hertfordian delegation, confused but still in high spirits, departed for an all-you-can-eat buffet. They obviously treated the staff there in an exemplary way, we are the gentleman of the countryside after all, and 'twas such a night to remember with all the newfound partners and even friends along the way. Once the meal was over, they set off for an exploration of the town. The mystery surrounding the stolen medals currently remains unresolved...

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Giovannilandian Olympic Report - 9th and Last Day

Final Score: 1 Gold - 4 Silver - 2 Bronze

Time for the daily Giovannilandian Olympic Report! It's the last one, sadly... but this was an eventful day, so let's review it!  

Tennis Singles: Amanda Sousa had no luck on the quarterfinals, as they lost to Gaelle Sellier from Reçueçn.

Baseball: A tough game between the Giovannilandians and the Nieubasrians, we can say. For most of the time, it was a tense game, but sadly Nieubasria scored at the very end. We got a silver medal, though, which is nice for the first ever tournament our baseball team has played in!

Football: Unlike the baseball game, the football match against Nieubasria had a whopping 9 goals on total! Sadly, over the course of the match the Nieubasrians proved to be better, and the Giovannilandian team ended up losing 3-6.

Volleyball: Another match against Nieubasria didn't go well either, this time in a 3rd place match. It was a close match, but our team lost in the tie-break.

Water Polo: At last, some good news! Giovanniland won 7-6 over Teralyon and earned the bronze medal. A nice finish!

This is it for the sports, and we're sad that the event ended. We hope you liked our Olympic coverage, and our channel will be happy to report on any further regional events that may come in the future. Bye, see you all! 

*Attention: all television channels will now display an important announcement from our Government*

Hello all, thanks for watching this important announcement. I'm sure most of you know already about the tragic happenings in the Olympic host city of Saint-Josalyn, in Tara & Cambray. For short, an unknown identity, coming from Zoran, wreaked havoc in the aforementioned city. 

Firstly, we assure you that no Giovannilandian citizen died in this tragic event. Our athletes are safe, and returning to our country. Secondly, the Giovannilandian government strives to keep peace within the Polaris-Aura relations. We'll be helping the government of Tara & Cambray in the investigations by sending a team of detectives, and a sum of 10 million Golden Orbs. Thank you for hearing this, and may our country thrive. 

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The Closing Ceremony

Athletes and coaches comes out and celebrates

Alon Urus, a gold medal winner from Tennis Doubles : We did pretty great even though we're a small team. We got 11th with 2 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze!

Arsic Varrenis, a silver medal winner from Archery : We could have done better.

Becomes quiet for a few seconds

Calana Dezervin, who won a silver medal in 3m Springboard : Oh, come on Arsic, You always break the fun!

Valtre Janavier, an experienced player who won the silver medal in Shooting : I mean, Arsic is right, we could've done better, we were 6th few days ago, we dropped down a lot.

Jeremi Quolirt, a bronze medal winner : Guys come on, stop arguing, let's have fun!


"The athletes and coaches are celebrating and it looks like they're having fun!" says Ausrelian Ifanov

"True, but it seems that they are having an argum'nt." says Dzetre Lown 

Suddenly, the stadium turns dark

"What is happening?" says Ausrelian

Something gets thrown in the field

"Is that a smoke grenade?" says Ausrelian

The smoke fills the stadium

"Holy Cow! What's happenin'?" says Dzetre

Sounds of scream

"Wait, Au'relian, how did you figured out that it was a smoke bomb?" says Dzetre

"Don't ask." says Ausrelian

Meanwhile, the athletes...

Alon Urus : What is that?!

Jeremi Quolirt : I don't know!

Few minutes later

Calana Dezervin : What happened there?

Arsic Varrenis : The medals of Zoranian and Hertfordian athletes were stolen, somehow.

Calana Dezervin : Who stole them?!

Arsic Varrenis : There was a purple card with a black crown and a cookie in the center of the crown.

Calana Dezervin : So who?

Arsic Varrenis : CGZ.


"So, it seems that CGZ has returned and stole the medals of the athletes. Then, CGZ returned them into the athlete's hotel room." says Ausrelian

"Why the medals were returned? That's not what a normal thief does." says Dzetre

"True." says Ausrelian

"By the way, let me ask this question again Au'relian, how did you knew that the thing thrown in the field was a Smoke bomb?" asks Dzetre

"Uhhhhhhhhh, I like learning about guns and weapons." replied Ausrelian 

"Anyways, there was 1 Iradorian which was injured after falling down in the stairs in the stadium." says Ausrelian

"This is the end for today. See you soon!" says Ausrelian





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Commendations and Actions of the Monarch


On the occasion of a successful Summer Olympics, I, Baron Comte von Fontaine IV, hereby extend my deepest thanks to our host nation Tara and Cambray, and to all nations of the West that have brought glory to the entire region through their performance. 

On the eve of the Basketball Gold Medal Match and Baseball Bronze Medal Match—both against the friendly nation Hertfordia—I entered into a friendly wager with their leader Clarkov Clarkson. The terms of this wager:

If Fuentana wins the Gold, Hertfordia shall supply Fuentana with one shipment of 453.6 kilograms / 1,000 pounds of Hertfordia's finest meatballs. 
If Hertfordia prevails for the Gold, Fuentana shall donate the monetary equivalent  of the meatballs to a charity within Hertfordia.

I did not win the meatballs. 

Though my stomach grumbles and though the Fuentana arena suite now needs extensive repairs, I extend my congratulations to Clarkov Clarkson, the Hertfordia Olympic Basketball Team, and indeed the entire nation which basks in the glory of this gold.

I hereby announce that beginning tomorrow at 12:00 local time, I donate a total of 555,000 Fantas (250,000 Delta Pounds) to the Hospital of Great Parndon in Hertfordia.

By agreement with Mr. Clarkson, the donation shall cover the following:

  • 50% will support cancer research conducted by the renowned team housed in that Hospital
  • 25% will help fund immediate cancer services
  • 25% will sustain patient resource initiatives, support groups, and the like.

I have authorized Prime Minister Jérôme Montblanc to make this disbursement and complete all necessary paperwork.

By next week, I hope to announce the details of a trip to Hertfordia for a goodwill tour, including the formal presentation of the donation to the hospital and a visitation with the Government of Hertfordia. Also on the agenda is a new meatball trade deal. 

I am likewise overjoyed to announce that all athletes on this year's Olympic Squad have been inducted into the Order of the Fountain. They will receive their ceremonial platinum Fountain Pen on June 26. 

I look forward to more goodwill games and continued partnership with the many nations of the West.

After conferencing with the Monarch, I, Jérôme Montblanc, affirm the actions of the Monarch and endorse and sign this announcement.


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After a day or so of doing random things in and around Saint Josalyn, the Hertfordian medal winners decided to head back to the Akti Palace hotel where they would discuss the matter of the medal theft.

Clarkov Clarkson: Did you guys know about the nation's friendly wager with Fuentana?

Mečislavs Deben: Now that you mention it, I did recieve Δ250,000 for the nation's healthcare services, mainly for cancer treatment.

Matt Miķelsons: That really isn't a hefty sum of money. They should have given us something closer to Δ2,500,000.

Schezo Avramov: You aren't exactly in the best position to criticize the healthcare donations of another country.

Mečislavs Deben: I'm sorry, but he's right. If you don't want to be hired and then fired again, we suggest you pipe down.

Matt Miķelsons: (Leaves room in a huff after his terrible record of healthcare is exposed)

Junya Liepiņš: By the way, before we go, could you all give me some money? I promised the Hakurei Shrine that the COCH team members would give it some donations.

Clarkov Clarkson: *Rolls eyes*

Benjamin Semenovych: Right, back to the point at hand.

Milan Balkanski: Which is?

Miles Leontijovych: Well, for some reason, our medals have been placed upon the hotel room beds.

Junya Liepiņš: Is there a ridiculous purple and black card with a cookie like a face conflicted with severe acne?

Arle Myroslavivna: You're absolutely right! The designer couldn't tell a supermodel from a cowpat.

Rodrigo Brunkevičs: It is times like this when I realize just how much of a vulgar ass I can be.

Arle Myroslavivna: Why would you be a vulgar ass?

Richard Hammond: Let's move on!

Clarkov Clarkson: (Voiceover - At this point, Captain Interesting chimed in)

James May: Those medals have been checked, they are all the real thing.

Bryce Iliev: Why the hell would an international thief return the medals that they stole?

James May: Perhaps they felt bad about the theft?

Phil Yevhenovych: What in the world are you rambling on about?!

Richard Hammond: Keep in mind that this is the man who thinks that chickens are vegetables.

James May: But they are!

Mina Alexandrov: I'm the scientist here, and chickens are not vegetables.

Charles Broxbourne: So now that we know our medals have been returned, what the hell do we tell the public? They still think CGZ stole them.

Clarkov Clarkson: Let's just let them think that he still has them.

Xavier Boichev: I'm not a politician. But isn't that corruption?

Clarkov Clarkson: Yes it is. But we're one of the world's least corrupt countries, so no one will notice.

Mečislavs Deben: So that's our plan. Try out corruption for a day.

Richard Hammond: Hang on, where is Takumi?

Will Nankov: He is out drifting with Jeremy.

Vojislav Petrovskis: Speaking of which, who's room are we in?

Kokichi Pencis: Come see, everyone! It's a teeth whitening kit!

Draco Myronovych: We now know that this is Hammond's room.

Richard Hammond: Oh, very funny, ha ha ha.

Mečislavs Deben: Save the sarcasm for the train and boat home, please.

Mario Volodymyrovych: I guess that explains the hole in the door.

Richard Hammond: Wait what?!?!

Clarkov Clarkson: I wonder who could have done that....

Richard Hammond: CLAAAAARKSOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!

James May: Oh, he's such a spanner...

After they had a rant at Jeremy Clarkson for the incident, the crew decided that it would be best if they made a quick escape from the scene before those damned paparazzi turned up and ruined their day. After boarding the Greater Anglia, they set of on rail through the continent to a port in Cambria. This is the journey: Cambria -(boat)- Teralyon -(boat)- Dayadhvam -(boat)- Fuentana -(boat)- Giovanniland -(train)- Yorubrailia -(boat)- Arnic -(boat)- Hertfordia.

That, ladies and gentleman is the end of an era. There will be one more publication by the Olympic Committee that ranks every single individual athlete that ever competed within this grand event. So over 100 different people. It will be an absolutely massive read, so 3 posts in a row are likely. This is the Hertfordian Olympic Newspaper, signing off.

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Better Late Than Never, From The Gentleman Of The Countryside | Běte Leit Đan Ņeve, Fram Đi Ďeentlmen Av Đi Ķantrisaid

Remember when we said that there were going to be three sepreate posts? Well, there isn't, so erase that from your minds.

Basically a bunch of crazy and weird stuff and choices for contestants in a long list. A few contestants are actually picked up from that time when the country somehow fell into the sea.

We cannot explain some of the contestants at all. Pretend it's nuclear power gone wrong or something.

It's the results, after so long. So here goes. It is going to be extremely long, and this took many days to completely perfect, because we want the work we provide to be of the highest quality. It will not be perfect, but then again, perfection is an unobtainable fantasy.

Reminder: In the Gold Medal Table, Hertfordia finished in second behind Nieubasria. In the Total Medal Table, Hertfordia finished in third, just 1 behind Astor 1.0: Aelitia Version and 2 behind Astor 2.0: Bran Version.


  1st President_Rodrigo_Duterte.jpg.22824bd650fe4b09217363102786dcf5.jpg - Rodrigo Brunkevičs {M} (Gold)

  2nd Character_Arle_Puyo20thAnniversary.png.671d061022aab0dde1eea895537986a6.png - Arle Myroslavivna {F} (Gold)

  3rd 20200613_135422.jpg.58fd2236260f44eee8dfc2e717fee696.jpg - Clarkov Jammbonev {M} (Gold)

  4th 20200616_123647.thumb.jpg.94a4111b08fae71bb8fd92ad5f8ede85.jpg - Charles Broxbourne {M} (Silver)

  5th Richard_Hammond_at_Bonhams_Charity_Auction_in_2013_(cropped).thumb.jpg.e7b3888c621e2e77cdf11e9d690577b0.jpg - Richard Hammond {M} (Gold)

  6th 20200607_125137.thumb.png.ff6e36cd9358c78e22fb4ffaf3f09513.png - Hertfordia Basketball {N/A} (Gold)

  7th - Gouenji_Shuuya.png.7a2e83e49411408215920bd11dd203a5.png - Axel Teicāns {M} (Silver)

  8th White_Stig.jpg.1819a17bc88f2c9aaa1487e8f476922a.jpg - The Stig {?} (Silver)

  9th 20200608_214513.png.ce4344661ee245d6f72823183dbb6690.png - Hertfordia Handball Federation {N/A} (Gold)

 10th Schezo_Wegey.png.cba7a277520c59315239df84e30d1139.png - Schezo Avramov {M} (Silver)

 11th - Kiyama_Hiroto.png.cbf403fb46e32a96bdcaf1929725a9ce.png - Xavier Boichev {M} (Bronze)

 12th - 1_collins.jpg.350db016fba9f1f3fa033f2aeb9eb718.jpg - Phil Yevhenovych {M} (Bronze)

 13th - 20200606_212820.png.02b6ec836e41930de2434ee9e59b28a0.png - Hertfordia Volleyball Federation {N/A} (Silver)

 14th - will-smith-9542165-1-402.thumb.jpg.e7976af81975db8377f4c9f9e3d40353.jpg - Will Nankov {M} (Bronze)

 15th - 1932562345_Wolf_ODonnell.thumb.jpg.999dd29094b846f8699161241dbb7f41.jpg - Wolf Panasovych {M}

 16th - 20200609_150509.thumb.jpg.7300a7f5ad642bf425ab3c5a6a04e5d0.jpg - Mečislavs Deben {M} (Bronze)

 17th - images.jpeg.jpg.e31e265b97fddb4cae74442c285634eb.jpg - Mario Volodymyrovych {M} (Bronze)

 18th - 1887084_matthancock_474587.thumb.jpg.669247b44b4b350dd263d9547f37f23a.jpg - Matt Miķelsons {M} (Bronze)

 19th - 250px-SFZ-Falco_Lombardi.png.46522bbbcb96e1315e7890554d26c324.png - Falco Leontijovych {M}

 20th - 20200608_230234.png.c06eb22a1578902589aea51e43c46ac4.png - Hertfordia Lacrosse {N/A} (Silver)

 21st - 275px-ZUNPlayDoujin.jpg.7cda66c43e08483d50ff54034e537160.jpg - Junya Liepiņš {M} (Silver)

 22nd - 20200606_223137.thumb.png.f71f60055e355634da83dc04b643e852.png - Hertfordia Baseball {N/A} (Bronze)

 23rd - 20200607_125104.thumb.png.199f2e615fd19f82a096b802dc3ac218.png - Hertfordshire and Jammbo Water Polo Team {N/A} (Silver)

 24th - 220px-Peter_Griffin.png.4062bc7ca1c1da878907f670d4da33c7.png - Peter Venev {M}

 25thSuzuno_Fuusuke_(IE_81).PNG.png.0f460e0d6b6f0f5a8df861369cdbf481.png - Bryce Iliev {M} (Bronze)

 26th - 20200613_161223.thumb.png.f3daa8a4961dec218015ae93712b7b48.png - Dimentinov Alksnis {M} (Bronze)

 27th - 35789c4ff47688b8883d6eca672b62472d00ed99_00.jpg.504795d635653228b633615b08ab35c5.jpg - Mark Oleksijovych {M}

 28th - Ringo.png.9eb90d80f602be4f1c4259628b5782e5.png - Ringo Vītoliņš {F} (Bronze)

 29th - Edgyprof.png.c0c6a44e756a31aa39cca33f6b1add3a.png - Miles Leontijovych {M} (Bronze)

 30th - FVfgMhM-_400x400-1.jpg.83dbd395b5877490b7d2c8e12a93753a.jpg - Benjamin Semenovych {M} (Bronze)

 31st - TSR_Sonic.png.a100c0d30dddac04592d19d2ae193662.png - Sonic Dinev {M} (Bronze)

 32nd - 68c27f775a9ab1416829a89ac7048c02.jpg.c00e8dab11507ffad0a64245ad3c1b0c.jpg - Armando Todorov {M}

 33rdf19197f7ad7541648a1a88a2d564cb748bbe6aaev2_00.jpg.be2b42ccf6e7b99c8f1e6b2a782b9bfd.jpg - Sig Ivankov {M}

 34th - f1cef2cee02fcbe73ca359297e70099e.jpg.b85b90c7dd895b16a1f3ddd626f5172c.jpg - Takumi Mihailov {M} (Silver)

 35thKlug_won.png.80856c3568e2be924502e11f092c54cf.png - Klug Ziedmanis {M} (Bronze)

 36th - Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_Wally.thumb.png.489eeff704f0113e696413fef2effba0.png - Wally Zunda {M}

 37th - Fideo_Ardena.png.4f8e09f25c9910c7e00ef6be66174d46.png - Fideo Vitanov {M}

 38th - 20200614_151020.thumb.jpg.a31a18955a1eba70d15029d1f5da7841.jpg - Tommy Karavelov {M}

 39th - 20200609_115538.thumb.jpg.b7deb420142047afb54bc72ed0b8f287.jpg - Galeem Stefanovych {F}

 40th - Draco_won.png.f44a17ef50007cb2f9860b510a54a002.png - Draco Myronovych {F} (Gold/Silver)

 41st2120064426_Nicholas_II_by_Boissonnas__Eggler_c1909.thumb.jpg.c0ecccdde6ddf458e40c8c2d5e10ef7e.jpg - Nicholas Romanov {M}

 42nd - 2100459_460s.jpg.16e9fd65b584a835554e7d5ffc4832bc.jpg - Vojislav Petrovskis {M} (Silver/Silver)

 43rd - Paul-Farrer-circle(2).jpg.62861d32261119c4fca7a391225b4bab.jpg - Paul Georgiev {M}

 44thdownload.jpeg-1.jpg.bec6713e1ba08b9a23106afcec3bd902.jpg - Volodymyr Mykytovych {M}

 45th20200609_144431.thumb.png.e6b8c6b632bb542d23f1e4c47964e167.png - Zeus Illich {M}

 46th - Stephen_f_austin.thumb.jpg.ffb2da278179548f798e9c4b72579f0f.jpg - Stephen Romanovych {M}

 47thgeneral-douglas-macarthur.thumb.jpg.07e223cc6e6a22b3ecc868bb20068bca.jpg - Douglas Rudzītis {M}

 48th - MoarKrabsHD.thumb.png.84dee914cfd6cd433c8593b4448ea4d7.png - Eugene Siliņš {M}

 49th29376_normal.jpg.c33075d9daa71c84c32ac7de195271bd.jpg - Bobby Kazymyrovych {M}

 50th - 20200614_151408.thumb.jpg.9527c756036f3508d751b57a5b10262e.jpg - Jeremy Clarkson {M}

 51stLemres-0.png.fd18c969878f40397c47a62f06572ac5.png  - Lemres Feodosijovych {M}

 52nd - 20200609_110836.jpg.e1f096db351e2d289d988524690162ce.jpg - Milan Balkanski {M} (Gold/Silver)

 53rdZacian.thumb.png.cca941747ef9633f96e9baa88e1737d1.png - Zacian Ādamsons {F}

 54th - Pokemon_ORAS_Team_Magma_Boss_Maxie.thumb.png.785f389f2ee897a91403fcfef640e916.png - Maxie Valchev {M}

 55thSFZ-Andross_Body.png.bf864e1d51d1685d7047cce6273d9ec3.png - Andross Tonchev {M}

 56th - AC4_Edward_Thatch.thumb.png.1b19d594bbc7a236d60381d735311c99.png - Edward Kostyantynovych {M}

 57th - 20200616_124409.jpg.81840d9152cad8cf1086c16e58bfe3a6.jpg - Edvard Mucenieks {M}

 58th8d7a702931eb1d883a72b7fd6754dfe6.thumb.jpg.e67e768244ebb3fff9bd1d02809bbe8a.jpg - Kaiser Ruslanovych {M}

 59th - 20200614_151642.jpg.206f49d68d9ef0070adac73084198b70.jpg - Wolfgang Ganev {M}

 60th - TheDimitri.thumb.png.5a2472b1c445c9955f4a1deba497de0b.png - Dimitri Ločs {M}

 61st - 20200611_121422.thumb.gif.a12ac10e8efe29f043d0159175aecd32.gif - Isaac Veinbergs {M}

 62nd - Dr._Ivo_Robotnik.thumb.jpg.e0cb65e1c69de120c7d9e6c0f5b840bc.jpg - Ivo Ostrovskis {M}

 63rd - 4904.thumb.jpg.b0be0f42ee7745a89a2c4e2498175874.jpg - Jamie Dachev {M}

 64th - Kokichi_Oma_Sprite_Sidebar.thumb.png.255573667c853d2397146b885cb06f1e.png - Kokichi Pencis {M} (Silver)

 65thAran_Ryan.jpg.8ef5f8e3af86b84bd1e0d3f22dcbb58b.jpg - Aran Sīlis {M}

 66th - 20200610_085716.png.6db4375c91fb504f6c37ffe8b101d902.png - Keisuke Yakovych {M}

 67th - Prosecutorgaran.thumb.png.733e47eae36ae15dd3d15ccd8c3ba87f.png - Garan Botev {F}

 68th - Omega_Ruby_Alpha_Sapphire_Archie.thumb.png.c8176e22b80270f5871085fba5ad6a3d.png - Archie Serhijovych {M}

 69th - crop-185871369__.thumb.jpg.2c18d4c57be16283f972e1deee9606b7.jpg - James May {F} {M}

 70th - pete-burns-dead-or-alive-5ba50f9fbaeeecce.thumb.jpg.8130a52b96e5d9283bdca0e39d6c6a7b.jpg - Pete Zhelyaskov {M}

 71st - 20200617_151653.thumb.jpg.3b4b309b7dbce5e8c37b133873e86a69.jpg - Vladimir Vecumnieks {M}

 72nd - Whisker_0216_ok.thumb.png.b66e9dee3a694d2d3905bcb0406f5bf4.png - Whisker Nikolov {M}

 73rd20200511_104419.thumb.png.4de254066e0c8b26b2717aa111fe0ddf.png - Hertfordshire and Jammbo Football Federation {N/A}

 74th - 20200219_080700.thumb.png.e26a4fcc3d3241470d6cbc63c108cb7d.png - Hertfordshire and Jammbo Rugby Union {N/A}

 75th - Rantaro_Amami_Sprite_Sidebar.thumb.png.5bcd4e01836c3b9cc963e7c57a51ee8e.png - Rantaro Vinters {M}

 76th - 191434.jpg.1f5a0cbcb9ce2fa8be9b19ca3baeba70.jpg - Shawn Menavski {M}

 77th20200612_125857.png.9f6beb1b0001b0914940944167dbc881.png - Squidward Rozītis {M}

 78th - Satan.png.f167878d613c619240839f71188e225c.png - Satan Salmiņš {M}

 79th - Masthead_Kirby.17345b1513ac044897cfc243542899dce541e8dc.9afde10b.thumb.png.9aeb130907cc23ef627119428c0c7811.png - Kirby Blagoev {M}

 80th - Funspariment.thumb.jpg.11b6196d31bcf6835e7078f20ee6a3ec.jpg - Mina Alexandrov {F}

 81st - 20180707_wfp100.thumb.jpg.5835bd35e16db6b0009a0701cdaec811.jpg - Martin Varbanov {M}

 82nd - 3ad4eabe7fffc22dafb818d336c05e2d7afbb2da_00.jpg.a9748688ad89ca07dd4173928d560838.jpg - Amitie Ilev {F}

 83rd - Benjamin_Netanyahu_2018.thumb.jpg.35dca3bf6743dd36bf9ee9352832edc0.jpg - Benjamin Paskalev {M}

 84thGettyImages-1205302560.thumb.jpg.afee3beb1245ba630ba24f7c3fc775ef.jpg - Viktor Orbán {M}

 85thVolodymyr_Ostapchuk_Red_Carpet_Kyiv_2017.thumb.jpg.be85f1acbf37b96d8adbd265fb49fed4.jpg - Volodymyr Lukanov {M}

 86th - cr1.jpg.3879b218e4efd3015df5ccec434a2a93.jpg - Colin Hedanijovych {M}

 87th - d7311001c66a3dc5e0eb9c5cf66f8d7e.png.5a001c91f931d1a4d7bae7b13958df0f.png - Chihiro Adamovych {M}

 88th - 20200613_162946.thumb.png.a99e792201ed6c081ef0c3649e160129.png - Michael Tinchev {M}

 89th - NINTCHDBPICT000556322777.thumb.jpg.4589a1555c09c299092ef52cfd3e5849.jpg - Cain Tsankov {M}

 90th - 220px-William_wilberforce.jpg.d21969539beb85254e857e632d657f95.jpg - William Ilev {M}

 91st - 95ba1b2947f1e78a8b50a10499b32da8430defe8_hq.jpg.f09449c539f0f2e188b67ad355b02a4f.jpg - Davy Vladyslavovych {M}

 92nd - Aneurin_Bevan_(1943).thumb.jpg.ec2d9ee0f605d9f6131414f00dd7ae22.jpg - Aneurin Landmanis {M}

 93rd20200616_125128.thumb.png.9bb6094e206bb15cca1cae740a19649f.png - Nathan Eduardovych {M}

 94th - tumblr_pk46xe8JxJ1tosfja_1280.thumb.png.8503330c667b05433b36f9c93f3c65b1.png - Ongo Vidopliassova {M}

 95th - 20200612_131032.thumb.png.367c9124765beef3abd44e7280facddb.png - Junpei Lyubomyrovych {M}

 96th20200730_211109.jpg.3b42f861aedbb8a91dd9f0a649bbdf2c.jpg - Steven Bachev {M}

 97th - Soda_Popinski.jpg.d9db76bde78f24dd236114d9d3baa689.jpg - Soda Ihorovych {M}

 98th - 20200612_134556.thumb.png.a3f2426ce09dba0c8527d33c6f2b7476.png - Shuichi Bušs {M}

 99th - ab4409086179ad8879ec7efa562a6c7e.jpg.8e78f372c3761218ceef985b9846489d.jpg - Bello Radulov {M}

100th KevinMacleod.thumb.jpg.c4d46a8e77fa4600748688beea93bbed.jpg - Kevin Olehovych {M}

101st - 250px-RococoFFI.png.0bc8bf62d2a3df6b272318dba596a56f.png - Rococo Omelyanovych {M}

102nd - Sword_Shield_Chairman_Rose.png.1df0fd544f2eb7770b5f63b9c3e64029.png - Rose Rysinov {M}

103rd - Mendelssohn_Bartholdy.thumb.jpg.8645170400bd31f1a95489b069a04f66.jpg - Mendelssohn Stepanovych {M}

104th - 1_p4JUDVX5XfyFoxXFh_XTjQ.thumb.png.54fd4674761118b20bfece667c95cec1.png - Luigi Havrylovych {M}

105thphoto_verybig_202829.jpg.faac1b3a03335771b29ac3ca0ab56153.jpg - Rumen Radev {M}

106th20200616_125429.thumb.png.dc76f75613fb85ce94347f2758b2ecae.png - Gitanas Valters {M}

107th - 20200731_211411.png.1d16dd4fab1fed95e29271d7e7e76657.png - Radovan Artemovych War Criminal {M}

108thdownload.jpeg.jpg.340788065bd7a3d9b2a37fd28243b68b.jpg - Blumiere Zirnis {M}

109th - 8k4JnESfNmEnujuqgVFxvX-1200-80.thumb.jpg.9b22075702048b62c8289e2d3802d861.jpg - Phoenix Avramov {M}

110th - 10468181gl.thumb.jpg.f81a1f371714b9d11b78933dc516a8dc.jpg - Marine Adamov {F}

111th - download.png.b027adaaac6b95950b2b94575eac985d.png - Patrick Gribusts {M}

112th - franjo-tudman-medium.jpg.3201632c6d8c1028bc68662795a5941e.jpg - Franjo Širovs {M}

So, that was the final post from the HCOC. We hope to be back in business relatively soon, although we could well do with a rest until the next Olympics comes along. Hopefully they will be the Winter Olympics. After all, this nation is more suited to things in the cold, given the climate (scenic yet barren, temperatures usually range from -10°C to 20°C, most days of year are spent between 0-5°C).


P.S. - If there is a Winter Olympics held, Hertfordia would like to officially submit a bid to host them, either in the first or second one. But we won't. What, you expect us to host something? That can't end well for anyone, not even ourselves.

Some say that the meaning of Hertfordia is 'The land of the deer's ford', and that the Jammbo in H&J is either 'The origin of music' or 'The land of the winter farm'. All we know is, everything above is actually true.

20200602_203620.thumb.png.34da2db40ab5b55b8eb325de3ef2b780.png                20200602_203726.thumb.png.cef8d51a28fcecafd93176c2e1ff04da.png

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