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Inactive, But Not Extinct

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Hello folks. Small Huts AKA Cro Magnon here. You deserve an explanation so here it is:

Some time over a year ago as the UCR game was waning due to game wide rules and practices changes, I moved my WA membership to TWP, a Region which has been home to my Cro Magnon Nation for several years. My intention was, and still is, to be more active in this Region where I have always felt kinship despite the Raidery ways. ;)  I remain so determined, but also stymied by RL. My tale of woe is such that some 5 years ago I was separated from my special needs son's mother and stayed on as his primary caregiver in her home RL region of the country and far from my own including my friends and family. Last year my son's mother had a stroke and came through it quite well all things considered. My son's response was extremely stable so I decided it was time to return to my homeland, content in the belief that my child could handle being separated from one of us for extended periods and thus begin the travelling life of a person with two homes in distant lands. His mother saw fit to drop a Non-removal Order on him and I have been in legal Mediation, Council and Court for the last year to resolve the impasse. I have just spent 5 full days in court which ended last week and included a gruelling full day and a half on the witness stand in cross examination. What remains is for the lawyers representing both parties to submit written closing arguments and subsequent rebuttals which will take another two months. I expect the judge's ruling some time in April, but I hope this to become solidified by the end of this week. Needless to say I've been too distracted and occupied by events in the real world to commit to the level of participation in NS that I would like.

Thanks for your understanding everyone. You'll see more of me soon.

SH / CroMag

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