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TWP College Football [Sign-ups/OOC]

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Welcome to The West Pacific’s inaugural college football competition, hosted by WPCAA, the West Pacific Collegiate Athletic Association. Any resident of TWP may participate in this event, over the course of which you will be able to watch your teams play against your region-mates in pursuit of victory and glory! This thread is where you will sign up, and it will also serve to establish the rules, as well as provide a platform for any OOC (out of context) discussion or questions that may arise.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for TWP college football is easy! Just make a post in this thread saying you would like to sign up, and provide the name of your TWP nation, the name of the team you are entering, and the name of the school they represent! That’s it! If you prefer, you can fill out the application form below, which will allow you to provide a little more information. (One thing you might want to give me is a style modifier, a tool I use to simulate your team’s style of play.)


Nation: (What nation is your team from? Must be a TWP resident.)

Trigram: (three letter code used to identify your nation.)

School name: (What school does your team represent?)

Team name: (What do people call your team? You can provide an additional nickname if you would like.)

Style modifier: (A number from -5 to 5, up to three decimal places. This number describes your team’s style of play. A team with a style mod of negative five is a very defensive team, while a team with a style mod of five is a very aggressive team. Defensive teams, teams with lower style modifiers, will score fewer points, but also prevent opposing teams from scoring. Aggressive teams, teams with higher style modifiers, will score more points, yet also allow more points to be scored against them. A team with a style mod of 0 has a balanced play style. This number does not affect your likelihood of winning.)

Stadium: (Name and capacity.)


Rules & Info

Sign-ups will be open until around the end of the month. Exact date TBD depending on my schedule.

Only Residents of The West Pacific may enter.

Members of TWP’s Hall of Nations may enter 2 teams in the competition, all other nations may enter 1.

Results will be determined through the use of a ‘scorinator,’ a program used to randomly generate scores.

Contestants are encouraged to roleplay; any roleplay will gain for its author a bonus to boost their team’s chances of winning their next game. A roleplay thread will be posted when sign-ups close.

Roleplays, or RPs, can be about anything. They can be written specifically about the team and its past results, or anything else. Users with two teams can roleplay for both. I will split the bonus between the two teams as indicated or as seems appropriate.

A decaying cumulative RP bonus will be used. In other words, recent RPs will count for a larger bonus than older ones, but all RPs will grant at least some bonus. Not all RPs will receive the same bonus.

The teams of any contestant who endorses the guardian will be granted a small bonus.

Nations who do not provide a style modifier will be given a modifier of 0. Nations who don’t provide a trigram will also be given one.

Based on the number of teams who sign-up, the teams will be divided into conferences. Ideally, no player will play against themselves, and some vague correspondence to our TWP map will be maintained. The season schedule will include conference and inter-conference play, and will be determined based on the size and number of the conferences.

The winners of each conference will enter the post-season and have a chance to gain eternal fame by winning TWP’s first Dragon Bowl!

Currently, we hope to post results two or three times a week, according to my personal RL schedule and the conference schedule. The season will start sometime at the beginning of June.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask here!


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1. Cascadia A&M University Thunderbirds (TCM)

2. University of Ourican Blackfish (TCM)

3. AINPSI Neutrinos (PDM)

4. Bandar Sports Institute Green Bears (CRL)

5. Orca County Tech Sand Dollars (ARC)

6. Tamaric University of Clarendon Crusaders (NIU)

7. Basric National University Bucks (NIU)

8. Institut Privé de Genève Eagles (RCN)

9. Universität Zimmerich Climbers (RCN)

10. Eastern Military Grand School Scorpions (GDK)

11. Garnet A&T Shuckers (BBB)

12. Badgerroot State Skwalas (BBB)

13. Universitetet i Keiserholde Sólrúner (FJA)

14. Universitetet avf Sundet Fjolett (FJA)

15. National University of Aurum Golden Eagles (OVT)

16. Cangham University Wolfpack (OVT)

17. University of Ozorus Ocelots (CDS)


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Nation: Bran Astor (RP Nation = Tara Cambray)

Trigram: BAS (RP Trigram = TCM)

School name: Cascadia A&M University

Team name: Thunderbirds

Style modifier: -2

Stadium: McCloskey Stadium (cap. 60,000)



School name: University of Ourican

Team name: Blackfish

Style modifier: +5

Stadium: Blackfish Stadium (cap. 72,000)

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Nation: Podium

Trigram: PDM

School name: Advanced Institute for Nuclear Physics and Social Interaction (AINPSI)

Team name: Neutrinos

Style modifier: -3.141

Stadium: Havisham Household's Backyard (cap. 30)

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Nation: Nieubasria

Trigram: NIU


School name: Tamaric University of Clarendon

Team name: Crusaders 

Style modifier: +0.84

Stadium: King Owain III Pitch, capacity 11,000



School name: Basric National University

Team name: Bucks 

Style modifier: -3.47

Stadium: Aachen Memorial Arena, capacity 22,500

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Nation: Recuecn

Trigram: RCN

School name: Institut Privé de Genève

Team name: Eagles

Style modifier: 3.5

Stadium: Reformation Field (58,350)


School name: Universität Zimmerich

Team name: Climbers

Style modifier: 5

Stadium: Deutch & Pérol Stadium (36,215)

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3 minutes ago, Big Bad Badger said:

Nation:  Big Bad Badger

Trigram:  BBB

School name: Garnet A&T

Team name: Shuckers

Style modifier: -1.259

Stadium: N,P, & K Stadium (84,079) .   <----------fertilizer joke



School name: Badgerroot State

Team name: Skwalas

Style modifier: 1.379

Stadium: Wooley Bugger Stadium (86,215)


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Nation: Fujai

Trigram: FJA


School name: Universitetet i Keiserholde (colloquially: UKeiserholde)

Team name: Sólrúner

Style modifier: -3.2

Stadium:  Brugnedal Stadion (29,000; 16,000 seated) 


School name: Universitetet avf Sundet (colloquially: Sundet)

Team name: Fjolett

Style modifier: +2.1

Stadium: Tolasson Stadion (20,000; 13,000 seated)

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Nation: Overthinkers

Trigram: OVT


School name: National University of Aurum

Team name: Golden Eagles (formally), NUA Nerds (informally)

Style modifier: +2

Stadium: Wooten Stadium (37,420)


School name: Cangham University

Team name: Wolfpack

Style modifier: -4

Stadium: James Welch Stadium (82,300)

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