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  1. Naisaar


    Do you know something we don't?
  2. I just unlocked my capital city. What should I name it?

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    2. Kolmias
    3. Papercuts and Skittles
    4. Zogradia


      Personally, I like the sound/look of Pōhjaküla (your choice, though).

  3. Vote: Should I stop using RMB Restarter?

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    2. Little Sealand
    3. Hariko
    4. Zogradia


      Personally, I don't really think it's necessary to restart it.

  4. Naisaar

    admin change requests deux

    *is still waiting*
  5. Naisaar

    How Good Are You At Geography?

    You got 28 out of 30 right! Great work! You obviously really know your geography. Your prize is a smug feeling of superiorityI only missed the capitals of Morocco and New Zealand.
  6. Naisaar

    The Contest

    It's not.
  7. Hello! I thought your nation was in the middle east because of what your countryball was wearing, sort of like Qatar or Bahrain, as they are both island nations. Our nation is also an island nation, based on the small island of Naissaar near Estonia.
  8. Hi there! What was the nickname you were trying to use?
  9. Naisaar

    Hello West Pacificans!

    Why would I need this? Is it for less fortunate noobs?
  10. Naisaar

    Hello West Pacificans!

    Forld Factbook Entry?
  11. Hello! I am from the nation of Naisaar, which controls the island of Naissaar, just off the coast of modern-day Estonia. It split from the Russian Empire in December of 1917, but has stayed as an ally of the USSR and Russia ever since. We've read the Guide to NationStates, the FAQ, and the One-Stop Rules Shop, and we understand and comply with them. We've also read and complied with the regional laws and legislation. If you have anything else you want to tell me (especially about the forums), I would like to hear it. -The Armed Republic of Naisaar