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  1. Oook!

    That could help. THat perhaps would allow people to know you.
  2. Oook!

    You've not mastered snark here, there or anywhere. You just come up as crude, disrespectful, offensive and tooooo much of an ass.
  3. A Public Apology

    Aye. Same here.
  4. How's life, Winni? Haven't heard from you in a while. Greetings!

    1. Winnipeg


      Always busy...just spent the Weekend doing technical support for the Google for Education Summit that my district was hosting....WiFi for everyone...oh, you can't connect....yeah...too many people...let's see what I can do about that....

      *beats WiFi Access Points with a sledgehammer*

    2. Elegarth


      *clears throat* Did you tried turning it off then on again? xD

    3. Westwind


      You're cruel :P

  5. Something Looks Weird

    In other forums using this de, it is Set at around 900px so 950px sounds right.
  6. Trevekkia

    Good riddance! Don't let the door hit you on the back in your way out.
  7. Hi, Hello!

    This is amazing news
  8. Hi, Hello!

    So much lack of love for me
  9. Hi, Hello!

    Why not!? You being unfair and evil!!! I'll coup you!
  10. Hi, Hello!

    Can I change my name to Uber Sexy Alien Nazi Cheeto?
  11. Hi, Hello!

    Hi, hello... Name is Elegarth and I'm a n00b... or something xD
  12. And we're back!

    I totally feel you guys (WW and WInni). This latest upgrade / update of the software has been mainly suffering for me all around, from my admin tasks in other realms to my love of BB Code >_<
  13. [FAILED] Commend Benevolent Thomas

    Balder has requested our support against, and we are allied, hence against it is.
  14. [PASSED] Liberate Dank memes

    You guys should send a mass region TG about ir
  15. [PASSED] Quarantine Regulations

    Yeah, I like it