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  1. Actually I think you can allow it to be anonymous or not, at the donnors desire.
  2. Indeed. That's what LOD advised for too
  3. From what I can gather from the Internet and Canadian sites... If the crowdsourced money is seen as gifts or donations, it shouldn't have Tax Implications. If you give something FOR the donations, it does, as it is considered a Sale. However, I'm sure Dark's research will give further details. I asked the NPO guys and they use Paypal donations. However, they are looking forward to use something different, they are particularly researching Patreon, as it allows for regular donations - say, if people wanted to give $1 a month, they could through Patreon automatically. However, that may change the tax implications as well, so they are also looking into it.
  4. I'm willing to contribute. I can probably compromise to $30 a year, at least. My economy down here is different than up north, but I think that sum is good. The bigger NPO organization also uses / receives donations one about once every 2 years. I can ask them what platform they use if desired.
  5. As far as I remember, the Del of TWP is free to decide it's vote any way he decides, with the population vote and the WA ministry being just non-mandatory guidelines. So there shouldn't be a problem at all.
  6. Let's drop the others and create this one?
  7. Dragon Pirates would be awesome!
  8. *joins The Sacred Order of the West Pacific* I wonder if we could summon others to the forum... Tuna... BM... Hmmmm
  9. I would feel honored to become the eight former delegate member of The Sacred Order. I think it was around there that I started to have contact with TWP significantly and I always admired The Sacred Order.
  10. I was feeling and thinking something similar. Perhaps not a full government, I was thinking more on the line of a Hall of Nations, separate from the existing off-site institutions, intended to bring people together and with no goals for the delegacy. Wanna chat about it? Recognizing when one's own creation has surpassed one or has become disappointing IS a form of Wisdom. I don't think this is a threat, it is a statement of intent. You live in TWP Ark, the ONE AND ONLY region in NS where you could see a group of disfranchised inhabitants come together, form a new institution of any sort, take advantage of the existing off site forums instead of creating new ones (and hence avoiding a whole can of worms of issues) and find their own way to build, live and enjoy community. If this threatens you, man, I think perhaps TWP is not the right place for you. This was the hardest part for me to learn. I don't disagree that we don't need a revolution. But the art of conversation between two opposing parties implies that both of them are willing to move towards a more center-position. You get close to me as I get close to you. The party in this situation that is not comfortable with the current proposal made a reach by requesting a simple middle-ground solution, and the other party didn't budged a millimeter. What conversation could be held?. The last time a new windows dressing was purchase at my house, my wife picked an option, may in-law picked an option (RIP), I picked an option, and then we discussed keeping the "Neither of the above" as a valid option. That won, and we went for a different approach. If this "theme" is as light as a Windows Dressing, why was it so hard for you to accept the possibility of a "neither of the above" and a more global selection process?? It seems to me you are down-playing now what you previously up-played... (damn made up words, damn them) Or, as it is happening in this case, the powers that be held themselves tight to their idea despite the fact that there are serious and rational doubts about it. Why wouldn't this happen later? For all we know, and the evidence present, your "Halo adjusts it" may not be a real thing, given that they weren't ready or willing to adjust the selection process - which is also the most adjustable part with less work. Anyway, as I say, I respect the delegate and his authority, that doesn't means I need to agree with any of what is done. Furthermore, I'm not even part of the Hall of Nations so I guess I shouldn't even have the right to mess with this, according to the way things have been handled so far... As WW says, my opinion doesn't matter.
  11. Bah. My phone fucked up my reply. I'll retype it tomorrow
  12. I want to echo each and all WW comments
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