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  1. [DEFEATED] National Sovereignty Act

    You are correct. I skipped over two little words in clause 3: nothing in
  2. [DEFEATED] National Sovereignty Act

    Stomped. No need for such a pro-Democracy resolution (what about the Dictatorships?) and for the same reason as Eli.
  3. Oook!

    Really?!? One post after Badger told you to watch it? Beautiful child! And only about 9 years until she gets her own NS account!
  4. [DEFEATED] Emergency Healthcare for International Travelers

    Spelling error in clause 2 Reaffirms that member nations are requiresd
  5. [PASSED] Condemn Reventus Koth

    Yeah, what he said... Anyone who read the RMB today knows that my vote is FOR.
  6. [DEFEATED] Repeal: "Reproductive Freedoms"

    Stomped on this one earlier today. It looks like common sense is prevailing with it being about 80/20 against.
  7. [DEFEATED] Commend Christian Democrats

  8. Howdy

    I've heard nothing but good things about you! Welcome to The Best Pacific!!!
  9. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Not what you are looking for but the mobile view on a phone is rather dark.
  10. kees and toes

  11. Stares at his toes

  12. The Silence is deafening

    *wipes the dripping sarcasm off his shirt* There was a time when the only thing you had was the RMB and TGs. Then regions started using forums. Then they got into IRC and Skype. Now Discord has supplanted (only) IRC and Skype. If you don't accept and embrace new ways of doing things (especially when everyone else is using those tools) you risk being left behind in the dustbin of history. Better?
  13. The Silence is deafening

    Look at those cars! My horse is quiet and reliable. Airplanes! Bah. If man were meant to fly he would have wings. Television! Who needs another box in the house when I can listen to music and the news just fine on my radio. Computers! All I need is a pad of paper, a pencil, and a good mailman. Discord! Skype is fine on occasion but nothing important should be done outside of Telegrams, the RMB, and the Forums.
  14. Gazes at Altino