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Welcome Back Guardian BBD

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As one of my final acts as interim Delegate, I am pleased to be able to announce that the prior disagreements between Bhang Bhang Duc and the Guardians have been resolved.  A lengthy draft was begun to establish conditions and parameters for the re-integration of BBD into the ranks of the Guardians while ensuring the continued traditions and policies of The West Pacific.  After reviewing an awesome Preamble and pursuing the first four articles of the document (aka the "Peace Treaty"), the Guardians resorted to unlocking the liquor cabinet for the rest of the evening until they decided upon the final draft below:



The Guardianship Pledge


Acknowledging the pre-eminence of Snark, Chocolate, Evil, Karaoke, Rum and Anti-Marsupialism in The West Pacific, We the undersigned Guardians of The West Pacific pledge to accept and defend these principles, while respecting the individual opinions and beliefs of each Guardian.


P.S. Welcome back BBD



The Guardians



It's good to have things right in the TWP world again. :tiphat:

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Sorry have had granddaughters visiting the last few days, so my free time has been taken up with them.  It is good to don the robes of "Cardinal Guardian Most Evil" once again.


Rest assured my wit will be as acid as ever and my tongue sharp.  I will live up to my name in defence of The West Pacific.

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