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  1. Seems like everyone is here except BBD >_> Anyway welcome back BBD! You helped me get to know NS and I was sad to see you go.
  2. I second the motion for an amendment that bans legislation. After much laughing off of my behind, I have come to believe that is our best course of action in these troubled times
  3. Hehehe, Perhaps BBD will be around to comment on sanity in TWP? In any case, congratz to Dark on the delegacy! It certainly took our lazy-arse WA members long enough
  4. Tweedy, what sort of mod-revenge have you suffered in the past? I always love hearing about these things...
  5. Welcome Wait, why/how were your RMB privileges revoked?
  6. Yes, TWP was strangely absent compared to other GCR's. Westy, I think our code of government is too reasonable. Be a bit more tyrannical, that ought to spice things up
  7. Having been forced to admit the existence of this profile feed, I now challenge the existence of OTHER profile feeds, as I have never read them and therefore cannot vouch for their existential integrity.

    1. Westwind


      Existence is futile, even for profile feeds. :P

    2. Darkesia
  8. Ahhhh right, I've heard all SORTS of nasty opinions about Capitalist Paradise. And that's a good point about the site supporter funds. I have no money of my own, so I can't really give any to NS, but the idea that the players of NS are basically paying Afforess for an otherwise free application is... distasteful.
  9. Yeah, I understand a loooooooot of people hate his guts. I'd love it if someone more knowledgeable about that particular subject than I could fill me in sometime on just WHY he has so many enemies...
  10. Huangshi

    WECA Sign up

    Aww, thanks ;P I prefer to think I have mostly clear thought, but my parents tell me otherwise...
  11. Huangshi

    WECA Sign up

    Speaking of Delegates who have what it takes to rule, I would like to question the logic in pushing Darkesia as the replacement delegate for BBD. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to elaborate. I DO think putting Dark in the delegate seat is a good idea. However, I would point out that Darkesia only has ~160 WA Endorsements, while AGP still has 210, which is only 6 less than BBD. Essentially, I think it would make more sense to try to get AGP back in the delegate seat if only to get a handle on the situation, after which point he could re-transfer the Delegacy to Dark. That seems like a safer and, most importantly, quicker solution to the unfortunate problem with the current Delegate. EDIT: I apologize for my n00bish underestimation of our great Guardians' tactical prowess It has come to my attention that my suggestion is redundant. If it is necessary, I will delete the entire post (?), but until notified I'll leave it so people can see that I'm smart too
  12. Huangshi

    WECA Sign up

    Agreed. Enough is enough... My patience has run out completely. Kiddy gloves are definitely removed now. It really saddens me, too. BBD was one of the first people in TWP to really welcome me into the community. Due to the comparative infrequence with which Eli and Dark posted in my first few months, I didn't really meet them (you?) until much later. But Westwind, Yy, and BBD were the first TWP veterans I got to know... and so it pains me to have to disavow allegiance to BBD yet AGAIN.
  13. I challenge the existence of a profile feed no-one will read...

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    2. Westwind


      Mythbusters ?

    3. Darkesia
    4. Huangshi


      Many curses be upon you, overly attentive members of my community!

  14. Huangshi

    Proud Dad

    I get the feeling I'm probably the youngest active resident of TWP... Though if he's writing essays Archsium might be close.
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