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  1. I started trying to figure out gimp--it's definitely powerful enough and has enough features for whatever you might need. In my case I found the learning curve a bit steep, but I didn't invest too much time into it, and usually I could find a youtube tutorial or a help page somewhere each time I got stumped. Paint.net is another free tool I've heard a lot about. I've never used it, but I would say just the amount of rpers I know who do stands as a recommendation of its own. If you want to work on a flag specifically, I would recommend inkscape (and in general). I switched from gimp to inkscape when I began to realize that it suited my needs better--the key difference is that it's a vector editing program (rather than raster editing, like gimp.) This means that rather than dealing with pixels, you're dealing with paths and nodes and objects. It was a bit of a mental switch at first, but I think once you understand the basic way it works you'll get the hang of it pretty quick. The nice thing about vector software is that whatever you create can scale without losing quality, which makes it good for making things like flags or logos (you wouldn't edit a photo in inkscape). Inkscape is also free, which for me is a biggie. And you'll find a bunch of twpers use it, so there's people to ask questions to (which can be more personalized and useful sometimes than trying to google answers). In fact, probably any logo or flag or graphic you've seen on either of our discord servers, or on TWP's in-game dispatches, or as the regional flag, are all probably done in inkscape.
  2. Welcome welcome! I think I met you during Z-day mostly
  3. Thank you to our old guard for their protection in this regard--TWP's OOC stance on forum destruction is one of the things I'm most proud of, but those of us who haven't been around as long don't know the names or who to look out for. Your service is invaluable.
  4. I'm happy that as Halo said in his discourse, he has been able to bestow the Delegacy on someone very qualified... working with Bran in IA has shown me exactly how much drive and passion he has. Congratulations!
  5. The main reason that map policy became a bit unclear was because of the summer lull in activity. Updates and maintenance are coming back. @Bran Astor or @Saint Mark will be better able to address the expansion system directly.
  6. I will be leaving tomorrow for a two week orientation for my new position working with an NGO in East Africa, and then moving there at the end of the month to train, learn the language, and begin work. I'm very excited for this, but also probably won't be on NS much until I settle down again. Even then, since I don't really have a concrete picture of what my internet access or my schedule will be like, I might not have quite as much time for the game, but we'll see.
  7. researching heraldry

  8. I remember the first objection IA lists here occurring to me as well. I'm probably in favor of a repeal.
  9. Such an interesting thread! I love having our own local historian here in TWP. Although most historians aren't also important historical figures...
  10. I thought the RMB discussion was really good, and I don't know if it's just me, or if it seems like our RMB is doing a bit better the last couple days. I think talking about this has made me personally more aware of how I interact with it and with the other people on it. Westwind's also definitely right in that it's important to include everyone in these sort of discussions, and it was nice that using the RMB allowed people even from different regions to weigh in. (I didn't mean to be exclusive when I started a topic in the Hall, my bad.) I don't feel, though, that just talking about it has really resolved the issue. I don't want to monopolize the conversation, or drag this on if people feel it's not worth their time, but I do want this dialogue to move forward and arrive somewhere. Just talking about it and saying "yeah we should do something" might make us individually a bit more mindful for a little bit, but that wears off awfully quickly. As Dali has said, legislation isn't the answer. We don't need more rules. But I think what's attractive about that is that if we voted on something, the symbolism of a collective agreement would make it more meaningful. So here's another idea from me before I just let this drop. What if we drafted a statement--not strict guidelines, not rules--just a declaration of the kind of behavior we'd like to see on our RMB. We'd talk about where we've come from as a region, what it is that makes TWP unique, and talk about the RMB culture that that's created and that we'd like it to create. We can put our values--order, respect, merit, snark, second chances--and say something about who we'd like to be. Then, to make it truly true-to-TWP love of game-side authority, as well as making it more inclusive and representative, we can put it in a dispatch, have a poll on the WFE, and have people sign it through the poll like you might a petition. The names of all the signatories can be added to the dispatch. This was just one idea I thought of while brainstorming last night. Thoughts?
  11. As I remember, one of the rules in the WA is that resolutions can't create a committee or organization as their only effect. The resolution needs to accomplish something concrete, and the institution created also needs to have precise goals and duties that require it to exist. I like where this is headed, maybe I can write some more suggestions later. (Is this inspired by the Ethiopian Airlines crash? Maybe a good specific thing the resolution could require is inspections on aircraft, and then give the aviation council power to set safety standards, ground planes when it seems necessary, etc.)
  12. I thought I was going to get around to creating a full theme entry, but at this point that's not going to happen. Instead, I'll just post what I do have now. I've attached three flags, all of which use lots of google images I pasted in: 1 for TWPAF and 2 for TWP. The TWPAF flag is alright I thought. (I think there's some untapped potential in putting a space in TWP AF like so.) The TWP flag with the dragon on the sun is pretty shoddy and I think I stole someone's idea even maybe? I forget. I wasn't going to post it if I'd had a complete theme submission, but here you are. The other, with the red stripe, I think looks pretty nice, with the blue meant to represent the pacific ocean and the red meant to represent our tradition (in both aesthetic and meritocracy). But I realize that this flag is a big departure from our look now. I also thought that maybe April 19 could be our regional holiday, "TWP Day," to celebrate when Max Barry first created the region that is now our home (according to Unibot's best guess in the NS history thread here). Edit: spoilered the flags
  13. There's a lot that's really interesting going on here, and it's really interesting to watch. It seems like Halo could have saved himself a lot of pain in this thread if he'd compromised by letting the theme change be a regional poll--I'm not criticizing you Halo, merely observing. The argument isn't really about what theme would be best any more and the shift in topic could have been avoided but at this point there's not really a compromise anymore because the discussion has really become one of regional political philosophy. (My own two cents are that I agree with WestWind that I think the in-game polls could have handled this better.) I'm actually only posting because at the close of voting, two themes were tied for second place, so I wanted to know how @Saint Mark chose which ones to send on to the run-off vote. (Here I'm less unbiased: I voted for Japan and it had just as many votes as China did!)
  14. I am! And welcome back to you too, sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. The whole region was thinking of you
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