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  1. I saw your old posts

    nice :3

    1. Cadmus


      He needs to get post 1500 already!

  2. Consular

    I don't really have a title sorry

    I like it! Did Winnipeg put it together?
  3. I see the board has changed a bit. It looks very nice.
  4. Consular

    [PASSED] Promotion of Clean Energy

    I like Vancouvia Also I pretty much always vote for pro-environmental resolutions.
  5. Consular

    What is your ethnicity and nationality?

    Pretty much the definition of "New Zealander", because we don't feel self conscious enough as a nation to classify people as that. So we call them NZ Europeans. I suppose that could be seen as colour based given it's separate from Maori, but I see it more as a cultural thing. If we were going for skin colour we wouldn't give the other ethnic options like South African, German, etc
  6. Consular


    Damnit BBD. Why do you always forget to feed them.
  7. Consular

    What is your ethnicity and nationality?

    Our census data here definitely does not list people as white. It makes no attempt to categorise by skin colour actually.
  8. Consular

    What is your ethnicity and nationality?

    Never mind the fact that "white" isn't even an ethnicity. It's a skin colour...? What's the point of dividing people by skin colour? It's not indicative of culture or beliefs or practice or anything at all really. Why on earth would "white" include middle easterners anyway. They are neither white by skin colour nor "white" culturally.
  9. Consular

    What is your ethnicity and nationality?

    I think you have a very broad definition of "white".
  10. Consular

    [FAILED] Commend BearNation

    I'm very much against as BBD noted.
  11. Consular

    How Good Are You At Geography?

    Much gravedig. Also, ew, buzzfeed.
  12. Consular

    What is your ethnicity and nationality?

    I'm a dual citizen of New Zealand and Italy. That's both my ethnicity and nationality I guess.
  13. Consular

    NS World Fair 4

    omg that's so glorious
  14. Consular

    NS World Fair 4

    Lovely badge. Have we considered animating it? I know some regions use gifs. Maybe a bit much effort, idk.
  15. Consular

    [FAILED] Commend You

    I'm getting mildly annoyed at the lolzy SC resolutions lately.