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  1. Stationmaster elections and the new Cabinet! As this month received a fresh start, so did the government and people of Grand Central. there were five candidates in the race for Statiomaster, the head of the government of the region, and they gave the voters good reasons to sit down and think who to vote for. The different candidates all gave their ideas and views, and brought different spectrums to the table which provided a variety of options. Citizens of Grand Central could choose to cast their vote to Brihimia, Camerom M. Romefeller, Festavo Vasentius, Aleiraq Walshsham, or Tungsten. However, the election would conclude with the independent candidate Festavo Vasentius as the winner and new Stationmaster, with 65% of the votes. Festavo would proceed to appoint Nordic Arbor as his Deputy, Panzer IV Vasentius as his Regent of Military Affairs, Cameron M. Romefeller as his Regent of Internal Affairs, and Plagentine Kleopold Vasentius as his Regent of Foreign Affairs. The new executive cabinet of Grand Central is hard at work to keep the previously established order and prosperity, and to conquer new heights of greatness. Some of this is seen in the revitalized Foreign Affairs Department, which was previously in a quite sorry state, but currently holds a few new embassies(such as the LKE, TCB, Equinox, etc) and a reorganized list of ambassadors. The cultural department of the region has also witnessed some changes and improvements, and is doing handsomely under the leadership of Cameron Romefeller. Stationmaster Festavo's Opening Address I would like to thank you all for electing me to the office of Stationmaster of this grand region. I hope that I do disappoint any of you and I hope that you will all join me in my mission of continuing the growth this region has been experiencing, increasing and maintaining activity and making Grand Central the best damn region around. It is about the future and we need to unite to make sure Grand Central reaches new heights and has a prosperous future. I believe I laid out a pretty good outline of my goals and stances during my campaign and I am not one to rehash the same old shit. I would like to refer you to read my campaign if you have not already to understand my goals and what I stand for. My campaign thread can be found here: http://s15.zetaboards.com/Grand_Central/topic/8373904/1/ I would like to set the goal of Grand Central reaching 500 nations by the end of my term. We currently rest at 349, but with the recent influx of DEN nations that may or may not stick I am wary of that number. Do not see this 500 nation goal as a limit, Centralites. This is merely a short term goal. If we reach 500 nations sooner than the end of my term (which is what I would really like), expect me to set a new goal. I would also like to set a goal of 10,000 total forum posts by the end of my term. That is 5,000 more posts than what we have right now, but it is certainly attainable. I want to see consistent activity in spam games, general discussion, strangers gallery, etc. If you like spamming, spam. If you like talking about things like politics or books or music or such, post about it. If you like posting legislative ideas, post them. I would like to see RMB activity as well if that is your thing. It is important to maintain onsite and offsite activity. Augustus Anumia elected as Conductor On April 3rd of this year, the Grand Council elected Augustus Anumia to the seat of Conductor of Grand Central. As the new Conductor, Augustus is given the privilege of holding the regional WA Delegate seat, but also the responsibility of passing important proposals. Since his appointment, Augustus has worked tirelessly making quality proposals that would improve the World Assembly and increase Grand Central's involvement in the activities of both the Security Council and the General Assembly. Augustus has also devoted a great amount of time in increasing regional activity in any way possible, and the benefits of that are truly showing. Conductur Augustus' Opening Adress Citizens of Grand Central, It is an honour to address you as your new Conductor. I would first like to pay tribute to the outgoing Conductor, Feux, and also to Lios. Feux stepped up to the plate to become the first Conductor of the New Era, and as such he is responsible for defining the role for each Conductor that follows him. That is quite the legacy to live up to! Feux have proved himself a steady hand at the helm of the ship of state, and if I can marshal the World Assembly members of Grand Central half as well has he has, I shall consider my term a success. Now onto what I intend to do this term: I aim to make Grand Central a key player in World Assembly affairs. We have risen rapidly in terms of regional population, but we have some way to go in making those raw recruits into productive World Assembly voters and regional citizens. This is not something that I can do alone, but I will pursue every avenue that I can, as well as helping the newly elected Stationmaster and his Cabinet. The Conductor has a uniquely prominent position in Grand Central, and I intend to use that to increase regional activity in any way possible. I will welcome new members on the GC RMB (which I believe has been unfairly neglected up until now) and also encourage them to either join our military or to get involved on our forums. We here in Grand Central have an amazing contingent of veteran players, but that doesn't mean we can rest on our laurels and not get freshmen integrated into the region. That is one of the biggest challenges that any region faces, and Grand Central has historically been excellent at meeting that challenge. It is my aspiration that Grand Central reclaims the crown as the most welcoming region in NationStates! This speech wouldn't be complete without addressing the events of recent days in DEN. Such a huge upheaval is always going to cause shockwaves in the raider community, and we here in Grand Central have felt it more than most. Working together with all the members of the Government, I am sure we can make Grand Central an attractive home, whether temporary or permanent, for all those who have chosen Grand Central as a safe haven in a crisis. I thank the Grand Council for the trust they have placed in me, and the people of Grand Central for endorsing me. Three cheers for Grand Central! Cameron Malcom Romefeller elected as Grand Councilor On April 16th of this year, the voting for the remaining empty Grand Council seat was concluded with Cameron M. Romefeller of the Liberal-Democratic party having the honor of filling the position, after gaining 10 out of the 19 votes that were cast during the voting period. Other candidates were Soames of the Liberal-Democratic Party with 3 votes, Lios of the Equality party with 4 votes, Gradea of The Ticket Collector's UnioN with one vote, unaffiliated Caligula with one vote, and unaffiliated Coraspia without any votes. Since his appointment, Cameron has been busy in discussions for new acts, and has contributed to the region greatly. Summary of recently passed acts On April 18th of this year, the Grand Council passed the Attorney General Act, which effectively established the position of Attorney General, which would represent the interests of the Executive Cabinet in all legal matters and would serve as the default prosecutor in all criminal cases. Under the new act, people would be appointed to the position by the Stationmaster and could be removed from office at any point in time. The Attorney General also can't be part of the Supreme Court, and must prosecute any potential criminals himself or authorize a temporary prosecutor to prosecute the case. On April 23rd of this year, the Grand Council and the Stationmaster have also amended the Constitution of Grand Central. The Amendment to the Constitution increases the number of seats on the Grand Council from three to five, which makes sense considering the growth in population and activity that the region has experienced so far. There is also a small change in semantics, which makes it possible for the number of seats on the Grand Council to be reduced according to the current circumstances. On April 24th of this year, the Grand Council has passed the Awards and Honors Act, which introduces the ability to create and hand out awards and honors to the Conductor of the region. Though it was debated whether to create a list of awards and honors and simply engrave those into the act, it was eventually decided that it would be for the best if the Conductor decided when an award or honor should be created and for what purpose. This will no doubt prove useful in the future, as the list of people who made significant contributions increases.
  2. Thank you very much. No worries about the delay, it happens
  3. I would like to request an embassy with TWP on behalf of Grand Central as their Regent of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Would it be possible to change my username to Plagentine? It's my new name since i got swept.
  5. How Well Do You Know Your Geography? You got 20 out of 30 right! Great work! You obviously really know your geography. Your prize is a smug feeling of superiority.
  6. Summit RPs are nice and easy-going, so i'm up for that.
  7. Some crazy option: "You're not seeing the real benefits here." says a mysterious man in a black trench coat approaching your seat "We could edit the structure of these vegetables and fruits, then export them to other nations. But what did we do the exported greens? Well, let's just say the nations we are exporting them to will be much easier to conquer." Parents: "They're poisoning our children!" screams spokesman of Pink Parents Petition, Natalie Westson "My little Timmy hasn't left the house for two straight months because he's afraid of the way people are going to treat him. These money-hungry business owners need to get cracked down on so that our children don't have to suffer the shame of having different colored skin! Obviously we should be given a taxt-cut as a form of an apology for the horrific treatment we've been given, and have the corporate fatcats arrested!"
  8. Yikes, i'm not too into NS statistics so i wouldn't know how to write the statistic changes. But what Hariko wrote as the issue legislation sentence was awesome
  9. "I have a dream that our children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the amount of money they spend on our products!" says well-groomed George Wallstreetson, CEO of Hard Cash Inc "So what if the food is making them blue or green? Hell, we can probably make them florescent pink and employ them in some of the clubs we own. And wait until you see the new product we have in the works: singing potatos! Who wouldn't want one, or seven hundred? And i'm sure that a little government support would let us put these out on the market faster, if you know what i mean. "
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