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  1. cleans up quiet embassy Excuse the lack of activity, we have some updates coming soon.
  2. My family is not particularly caring about our geneology; I am roughly 1/3 Chinese and roughly 2/3 Indo/Malay/Pacific Islander. My mom is half Chinese/Indonesian, grandma being native Chinese and grandpa being native Indonesian. My father I have no real clue because I never got to know him, but he is mainly Indonesian. My nationality is Indonesian but most of my life I was raised in Michigan in the American Midwest in my childhood. Going into my teen years and up to now currently I've been in Texas. Does that make me American? By technicality then yes, by legally than no.
  3. Citizens, Guests, Buttery Nibblets All, I wish to announce that a festival starting next week for citizens of Albion as well as our visitors! Do you like scavenging, forging, and crafting? Do you like building structures and shaping your environment? Do you have a distaste for dirty dirty creepers? Then please join Bert and Freddie and the many citizens on Thursday the 23rd for Albion's latest, greatest, and most sensational undertaking! (Thank you Evanei for making this image) :flail: Schedule: Day 1 (23rd, Thursday): Welcome Day! We're going to focus on just making sure inter-regional guests have made it into the region, greet everybody, have some interaction threads, etc. Day 2 (24th): THE COMPETITION BEGINS! Day 1 will be the Crafting Competition! People will log on to our server during a set period of time and whoever can create the most different items will win! This one will be set in Survival Mode so you have to actually go get materials and find stuff. At the end of the time, or when you need to log off, please deposit all of your items in a chest or as many chests as you need with your name next to it and provide Bert with the coordinates. Day 3 (25th): THE HUNGER GAMES! Bert will have a preloaded arena map on the server filled with weapons! IT SHALL BE THE ULTIMATE BLOODSPORT. As in the actual Hunger Games, the last man standing will win! This will be in Adventure Mode. Day 3 (26th): Mini Games! Bert has a collection of mini-game competitions to inflict...um, experiment with...uh, challenge our competitors with! :evilgrin: :;;: Day 4 (27th): Mob Kills! During a set period of time, the person with the most mob kills will win! We will have a kill counter incorporated into the map. This will be Survival mode so you will need to craft/make your own weapons and whatnot. Day 5 (28th): Structures! Can you build the grandest, most creative structure in all Albion? This day will be in Creative mode so that people can really get out and shine! Also, all structures should be medieval or fantasy themed to match the region. Day 6: (29th) Closing and Awards! Can you become Competitions will start at 4 pm EST/9pm GMT each day as Bert and Freddie decided that was the most fair for our users in both the US and Europe. Events will be graded on points: 20 for 1st, 15 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, and 5 for participating. There will be event ribbons as well as a grand champion set! Each event will also have a bonus ribbon that will be announced that day as a surprise :;;: :;;: :;;: In addition to spam and general interaction, we have a creative writing opportunity. Freddie wants each competition to be framed by a Newscaster group! If you like writing, satire or just general creative writing, please sign up to be a journalist for the Freddie. We can have multiple and journalists can work together or do independent editorials. I'm looking forward to this part the best :;;: So please come join us at the Minecraft Tournament Festival! Below is Freddie's face :flail: The Server I.P. is, and it will be officially up on Wednesday 10PM GMT.
  4. You know, I never though I'd come to this region, but I haven't regretted it yet..! Hi, my name's Cadmus, and I thought I'd never come here because my path in NS would never take me here. Well due to the fact that I just recently became Esquire (Deputy Foreign Affairs) in Albion and we're seriously running short on emissaries, my job led me to here! First impression I thought was, "What a nice forum", and so far it's very nice and sleek to me, and I just simply have to drop off foreign news without going through applications! I hope you'll be gentle with me! :3 I don't know why I didn't really bother heading to TWP once before, because the West Pacific is where Japan is!
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