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  1. I'm very glad to see that Equinox now has an embassy here in TWP! I hope this will bode well for Equilism-Equinox relations as TWP is one of our closest friends.
  2. *waves* All the cool kids hang out in TWP.
  3. What do you mean? It has a link to a dispatch with basically the same information I put in the embassy here, that explains the event. You click the link to the dispatch to read the announcement so I don't have to fill your RMB up with info lol.
  4. Thank you! Awesome! I hope we'll see many of you on our forum soon after this!
  5. Hello the West Pacific! My name is Isaris and I am the new WAD of Equilism. I've come here to post a quick announcement in our embassy. Do I need masking for that first? I wouldn't say I'm the "ambassador", it's just important that this update gets posted soon and I'm currently not busy.
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