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  1. Congratulations, Neenee!

  2. Neenee

    Greetings TWP!

    If you don't have chocolate, I have some you can use to give to Dark. Anyways, hello there!
  3. Neenee

    Hello from Asendavia

    *provides tea and cookies*
  4. Neenee

    Hello from Matism

    Hello! Pleasure to have you here *provides cookies and assorted drinks*
  5. Neenee

    The Silence is deafening

    *provides carrots*
  6. Neenee

    The Silence is deafening

    I'm going to respectfully disagree. IRC was essentially the same as Discord, but without the bells and whistles (Skype is terrible, though). That being said, I used IRC, AIM, and MSN for years to communicate with others, across a wide variety of time zones, including the UK and Australia, and the eastern US for that matter. Being on the West Coast doesn't always make the timing right for me to have conversations with people in this country, but I managed on IRC, and now on Discord. The point, though, the chat systems are functional, and they can work. I do agree that the forums have helped in the past, I always advocated for forums. But, I disagree that Discord has killed forums, or anything like that. Forum usage had been down for a while. That's part of why I never came home to stay before. There wasn't consistent activity on the forum that I could see that would be easy to start participating in, maybe just some spam games, I was still logged into IRC but it was mostly not used, Skype was sort of used, and the RMB was difficult to break into, even for me, and sometimes what I saw was not what I remembered this region to be. But, anyways, I do think the forum and Discord can coexist, just the same way forum and IRC did for so long.
  7. Neenee


    *provides a cookie*
  8. Neenee

    [DRAFT] Condemn The Invaders

    This is lovely! And I agree with Badger about the inclusion of LWU as a classy raiding group, though I may be biased in their favor.
  9. Neenee

    Hello everyone

    ... >_> You're lucky I'm happy to see you.
  10. Neenee


    Hello! Wonderful of you to stop by! Don't forget to try the cookies while you're here, and there are plenty of drinks options as well. Have fun!
  11. Neenee

    Hello everyone

    BITE!!! *hugs, glitters excessively, and provides a cookie*