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2nd TWP Rugby World Cup [rosters, roleplays, results]

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Härtferdsierndeambeu Ragbi Junjen - Matchday 6 - Defeat

Eliminated from The West Pacific Rugby World Cup 2

Härtferdsierndeambeu Ragbi Junjen 16-22 United Adaikes Sharks

Tries: robert-e-lee.thumb.jpg.5e8135ac66ff8f9832b9a461c6516db3.jpgRobert Lee (52'), tumblr_pk46xe8JxJ1tosfja_1280.thumb.png.38921c12f10a47e7adfff2b14979abe1.pngOngo Vidopliassova (59')

Penalties: Clarkson-Millionaire.thumb.jpg.c278fd03555b88523e839b68825c6ce1.jpgJeremy Clarkson (7'), 1315027608_OIP(7).jpg.8b42977baf06dd738152d3008fa30d71.jpgDamian Mladenov (63')


Tonight: Nothing goes here, because we've been knocked out.


Matchday 6 Report - Preview: Hello and welcome to the final matchday review of the entire tournament for us. Yes, you heard that right. We were defeated by a small debutant team from bloody Polaris. That damn continent again?! How much have they dominated sporting in recent memory, we wonder. It would be funny if it weren't so humiliating. This report has come late due to us really not wanting to make it, but a job's a job. So here goes nothing.


Matchday 6 Report - First Half: Match begins, and the 7th minute sees us immediately take the deserved lead through a penalty by Jeremy Clarkson. Hammond & May weren't petty, but we did find a mysteriously smashed drumkit after the match. That was the limit of our scoring in the first half as the Sharks inexplicably raised their defensive performance and managed to shut out the HRJ's brutal attack power. Admittedly, we were missing 3 players, one of which was a front-line player, but that is no excuse for a team once utterly dominant on the field, only to see itself yanked off it's podium by force. Yadda yadda yadda, we don't want to make this so it is half-arsed, Adaikes scored in the 17th and 37th minutes with tries, the first of which had a conversion come with the deal. Half time arrives, the HRJ were down 3-12.


Matchday 6 Report - Second Half: Like we said just before, this is completely half-arsed with little effort put in. The second half saw the HRJ go back to steamrolling the Sharks, placing immense pressure on their lines. They were, of course, rewarded with a 52nd minute try by captain Robert Lee and a 59th minute try by Ongo Vidopliassova. Coincidentally, both of them were two of the HRJ's best players in the first TWPRWC. Day of the veterans, almost. Adaikes responded immediately with a dubious penalty, before the Remnants responded to that response with a penalty of their own, Damian Mladenov eager to mentally break down the opponent. With that 11 minute blitz, despite the clearly incorrectly given Adaikes penalty, the HRJ were now back into the lead and quickly reasserting themselves as the superior team. It was clear to United Adaikes just why the Remnants had won the inaugural Rugby World Cup, here they were in their full glory, ready to plunge any and all hopeful adversaries into the despair of defeat, more often than not a crushing defeat. Damian's cruel tactics worked, for about 6 minutes, but when United Adaikes earned themselves a third try with added conversion bonus out of quite literally nowhere the tide turned. The brief silence of the crowds on both ends said it all really. Were United Adaikes about to pull off the shock of the tournament? The HRJ wasn't going to let that happen easily, pummeling the Adaikesian defenses with everything they could muster, including the natural randomness it held. Seriously though, have you seen this team's make-up, it is slightly ridiculous. What kind of place is Hertfordshire and Jammbo anyway?! Right, now that we are done plagiarising old reports, back to the game. Full-time struck and with it the hopes of retaining the title were torn in half. The Remnants had been defeated much to the joy of many other participants, most notably Fujai and Dalimbar who came close to actually agreeing with each other. Yeah, people really didn't want us to win a second time. They got their wish, hope they're happy because we certainly aren't. This game proved a few things. 1: No one can stay on top forever. 2: The superior team doesn't always come out the victors, shocks can and do happen. 3: Dear Lord, that Adaikesian defense were immensely good, they had to be in order to limit the HRJ to 16 points. It could have easily been something like HAJ 37-22 UAD if it weren't for them. 4: United Adaikes were the dark horse of the tournament, at least until they weren't. Full time score, 16-22 to United Adaikes. Oh cock!


Next Time: Back to the land of the countryside for us. Do not expect the reports to end though. A special update consisting of all the themes of the players will be coming out in the near future. A fellow Andolian nation called New Velka asked all the other nations what their teams themes were. We aim to answer that question and then some. Based on margin of loss we have finished 7th in the tournament, at least we got the lucky number position. The Sharks on the other hand suffered a low scoring 9-5 defeat to, you guessed it, Dalimbar. That's not gone well. The landmine junta could be on the way to win it all if they can get past the refugee-wielding king of judo Zoran. Beware the Floridamen. They will most likely pull out all the stops from their seemingly bottomless pit of tactics. Considering that Zoran were handily defeated by us in this same tournament, and we made light work of the Dalimbari in the first Rugby World Cup, we think Dalimbar have what it takes to win the trophy and show the barbarians what for. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to vent our frustrations at some important details. Goodbye.


Elsewhere: Remind us why the hell BetterBy Pharma drugs were found in the pre-match refreshments!!! That's just wrong!


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rugby logo.png

Third-Place Game and Final


Third-Place Game
United Adaikes 14–0 Kurabis

2nd TWP Rugby World Cup Final
Dalimbar 6–10 Zoran


What a tournament! Congratulations to the champs, and commiserations to all those who didn't make it! That's a wrap here in Dilber, and we'll see you all... next time!

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Sharks showed best defense ever seen in the tournament, grabs 3rd place!!

In the penultimate game of the tournament, when everything matters for the two teams playing, the United Adaikes National Rugby Team showed their best defensive game when they did not let Kurabis score against them. A try with a successful conversion was scored by the Sharks in the 17th minute when they saw an opportunity from the Kurabis defense. In the second half, with their fresh legs, Kurabis tried to get as many opportunities as they can muster but they cannot even get their drop goals in. The Sharks increased their lead in the 68th minute with another try and another successful conversion.

What was only a previously unheard nation with a team that just wants to try the feeling of playing in the international rugby scene just clinched the 3rd place in the 2nd Rugby World Cup. Many pundits, fans, and observers (sports or not) alike, will take this chance to watch this nation and monitor what they can show more in the different opportunities where they can. The pressure is also in the shoulders of United Adaikes to ensure the same or get to a higher level, not only in playing their rugby, but also in the other events in TWP.

HT: United Adaikes 7-0 Kurabis
FT: United Adaikes 14-0 Kurabis

Reporter: Ms. Raquel Lamanilao

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Härtferdsierndeambeu Ragbi Junjen - Update


Hello and welcome to the final proper news section from the Hertfordshire and Jammbo Rugby Union for The West Pacific Rugby World Cup 2. This report is haphazardly put together because we have received word that Stratosfera Park, the home stadium of the HRJ, has commissioned a new Hall of Fame type thing to be built out of existing corridor. The working title is simply 'The West Pacific Rugby Union Trophy Cabinet' although the name 'Platinum West' named after the colour/metal most commonly utilized in national sporting awards is the frontrunner for the final name. Many others have been suggested. This new project will be designed to recognise the best of individuals and teams from across TWP. The first order of business is the specific area for teams as a whole. Exactly put, the teams that have been on the podium in this Rugby World Cup and the previous. Segments for 3rd placers Giovanniland & United Adaikes have already been finished as have segments for 2nd placers Fujai & Dalimbar. You'll be hard pressed to find these two near each other willingly, unless it is for trading insults and what not. In the wake of the Clan's victory in the current world cup, the segments for TWP Rugby World Cup winners Hertfordshire and Jammbo & Zoran has commenced construction. Expected completion time is a few weeks from now, give or take the occasional month. As stated previously, the final report will be on the individual and team themes as requested by fellow Andolian nation New Velka.



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Zoranian Times Live!

"Helloooooo Zoran! The finals have come and gone and we have emerged victorious! Against all odds our team managed to beat the blue shirts of Dalimbar! This is not just a victory for our nation but for all of Aura! Our team beat Dalimbar 6 to 10 in a match that can only be described as phenomenal! The Dalimbari used their infamous landmine tactic on the field but our coach had prepared for this...that is why the GDC sent some tanks with mine ploughs and mine flails to burst through the stadium wall and clear the field of landmines! This occurred mere minutes before the match started but this wasn't the only thing that led our team to victory. The Zoranian refugees, yes the same refugees that interfered with other matches, were furious at the Dalimbari for supplying landmines to the Corporate faction in the civil war and lashed out against the Dalimbari players, attacking a few Dalimbari players throughout the game! This caused some Dalimbari players to be injured during the match and it provided enough of a distraction for our team to score us a few points to take the victory in the match! We here at Zoranian Times hope this victory brings some joy to our fellow countrymen back home who are having to endure a most dreadful civil war. I am Quiyakaso and I am getting out of here before my bad luck takes effect!"
The camera then shows Quiyakaso running away towards a hotel but not before being tackled by Winotlisa Austenaco, who is still wearing a orange prison jumpsuit.

"I am the true reporter of Zoranian Times Live! Not you!" yelled Wintolisa. The two began fighting on the ground but none of the crew did anything and kept reporting the fight. Quiyakaso bit Wintolisa's hand but Wintolisa punched Quiyakaso in the face. They then rolled around on the ground for a bit and to be honest it isn't as interesting as you may think. But the fight ended when the security guards who were chasing Winotlisa for the entirety of the World Cup caught up and tackled Wintolisa onto the ground and off of Quiyakaso.


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Giovannilandian Rugby Report - Epilogue

Welcome to... the Giovannilandian Rugby Report? I'd bet you are surprised to see us here after Giovanniland was eliminated in group stage. But seeing as quite many things have happened, we decided to make one more report on the 2nd TWP Rugby World Cup. We'll comment about the semifinals, 3rd place match and the great final, as well as a retrospective about our Giovannilandiana Equipa!

Last report we talked about the semifinals—Dalimbar vs United Adaikes on one side, Kurabis vs Zoran on the others. Unfortunately for the Giovannilandians watching at home and the few still in Dilber, the Dalimbari were victorious against the Adaikesians with a score of 9-5. However, the other semifinal was nice to watch, because the only Auran nation left in the knockout stage, Zoran, triumphed against Kurabis and went on to the final! 

On the next day, the last games happened—the 3rd place match and the very awaited Final! On the former, United Adaikes scored a strong 14-0 win against Kurabis. On the latter, the winner was Zoran! It was a tough match for Zoranians and Dalimbari alike, but the report from Zoranian Times say their team had a little help from... refugees? Yes, you heard that right. Sometimes, weird things happen in rugby matches. What matters is that, in the end, an Auran nation had won the 2nd TWP Rugby World Cup! Congratulations to the Zoranian team.

Anyways, we now present you a nice retrospective about Giovanniland in this Rugby Cup. As you should know, we did not get past the group stages. We played four matches in Group 2, resulting in two wins and two losses. Coincidentally, our points for and points against were also equal! 34 points scored by our team and 34 by our opponents. Most of the points against came from The Mashers from Mediobogdum, who scored 16 against the Giovannilandians. The Minsuns, who were the other team to win against us, also scored a fair amount of points—twelve. Finally, the 6 other points against came from our match against Dalimbar. The Bobkians were the only team failing to score against the Giovannilandians.

From the 34 points scored by our team, 12 came from our win against Bobki, and 10 against Dalimbar. The remaining 12 points were scored throughout both our losses against Mediobogdum and Min-Su, 6 points on each match. Last but not least, we'll review which players of Giovanniland scored the most! Our tighthead prop Gustavo Borges scored 10 points from two tries, followed by Arabella Jacques with 7 points (a conversion and a try) and Rio Schmidt with 5 from another try. Finally, the players Ana Silvia Lee, Flavio Ruwibert, Lukas Jung and Thomas Khan all scored 3 points each, from drop goals.

That's it for this Rugby World Cup! We hope that you liked our reports, and we hope to give more reports about other sport competitions when Giovanniland takes part on them! 

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