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  1. +1 If I wanted to participate in such a system I'd become active in TSP
  2. The main question that needs to be asked is what problem is solved by agreeing a system of governance. Only by identifying and classifying the problem can we strive for a solution.
  3. Factional loyalties and nomenclature are irrelevant until the purpose of an organsational structure is established. There are a limited number of active participants in this venture, and rather than divide into competing enclaves, it may be more productive to identify what needs to be done and who among us is best positioned to accomplish the various tasks and objectives
  4. Lovely bike, although a bit of a brute tbh
  5. What do we want ?- we're not sure When do we want it? -er........
  6. Probably, I just wondered if they had somehow offended TWP......
  7. I notice our mew delegate is closing a lot of in game embassies of late - is there any particular logic behind this?
  8. Have you kept/do you have access to the TG's showing the date and time your puppets received such correspondence? If so you may want to pass copies onto the delegate/intelligence/foreign affairs departments for consideration. I'm not sure whether this would constitute any breach of our relationship with Europeia, it would probably be best to provide as much information as possible to our authorities to enable them to handle this through the proper channels.
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