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  1. Nice Watchmen embellishment btw!
  2. Lovely bike, although a bit of a brute tbh
  3. What do we want ?- we're not sure When do we want it? -er........
  4. Could you remove TWP Military from my avatar please
  5. Hi there, I've been away for a while but I iunderstand that Llamas is no longer in favor? If this is the case could the Warlord honorific be removed from his profile and his access to the Military sub-forums rescinded? Many thanks
  6. Could all active members of the regions military please sign in to this thread as soon as possible Many thanks
  7. TBRs "success" has been the ability to maintain a high profile in public They have been very effective at appearing to be extremely active whilst not really doing much that has an enduring effect
  8. Cheers Winni, I didn't want to have to try to recreate this and get the colour/dimensions/layout all wrong Do you have a larger/svg version available or is this the biggest one?
  9. Digging the MacArthur vibe there Llamas! (get it "dig" and "Doug".............never mind) Well it will be May soon, and there's more than Seven Days In it
  10. Its not a complaint Arch its a request for information - if they were declared protectorates of TWP would they be recognised as such by our ally? No malice, no scheming just clarification Likewise if LKE laid claim to a region would TWP respect that claim, or does the treaty only relate to the "mother" regions? I wouldn't want to send TWPAF into a region and unknowingly step on LKE's toes
  11. We are not bound by the past, but we can weave the threads from our history into the fabric of our future
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