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  1. @Overthinkers My brain thought you were talking about a college football game so I was really confused which universities RMB and RSU were

    1. Reçueçn


      I mean RSU's pretty small, but you don't know RMB? A lot of TEPers go there. I hear it's a real party school.

  2. See the latest issue here See the back issues here Welcome to the West Pacifican Feedback Thread! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, well wishes, or divine interventions, please let us know here! If you would like to send a letter to the editor, send a PM, TG, or Discord DM to Fujai. Snarky letters should be sent to Dilber for inclusion in Ask Dilber.
  3. Be Thankful, Not Entitled By Madeline Norfolk ( @Lady Madeline) Over my years in NationStates, I’ve come to realize that I have these phases in my time in regions that I put a lot of work in. I go from being gracious just to be given the opportunity to do what I like, and extremely humbled when recognized by folks that I’m doing a good job, to being frustrated that nobody appreciates my work and my time I’m putting in. Currently, I’m in a weird place where I’m not really gracious or frustrated—I guess that comes with more RL maturity. I’m in a place where I just want to do what I enjoy in NationStates and if that means cutting down how many regions I’m involved in, or taking a step away from a position or part of a region I really enjoy, then that’s what I’ll have to do. Through this journey of maturity and general peace in NationStates activity, there’s something we all should learn, we need to be thankful instead of entitled. What I mean is, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve worked in a position or a region, Be Thankful every time someone recognizes you for doing good! Don’t expect people to fall to your virtual feet and sing your name in praises every time you do whatever your job is. I certainly don’t play this game to stroke the ego of strangers on the internet, and you probably don’t either. If you’re getting frustrated because no one is praising you anymore or thanking you, then it may be time for you to take a step back or go in a different direction! It is amazing how much a term break or letting someone else take over with as little involvement from you as possible can be. Not only can it be rewarding to see your hard work continue in others, but it can also help you reassess why you’re doing this job. So why am I even talking about this? Too many of my friends and people I know in NationStates come to me or others frustrated that nobody cares what they’re doing or they’re feeling underappreciated because they got negative feedback. It isn’t fun and it really just stinks worse than leftovers from Thanksgiving that you left in the fridge for a month. As we enter this season of giving and receiving, remember that everyone here is human, and not only that, but most are not here to make you feel good about this game. You should find your feel good in things you accomplish, the surprises when you do get recognition, and most importantly in the friendships and communities you join. At the end, if this game were to shut down tomorrow, it isn’t like we’ll all just stop talking to one another, and frankly nobody cares if you’ve built 8 different proboards forums or written 4 Constitutions. So be thankful for your opportunities— Be thankful for the unexpected recognitions— Be thankful for the communities you have— And don’t feel entitled that you deserve things because you did a thing or anyone owes you things because you did a thing for them. Do things because you like doing them, not for whatever prizes you expect to get for doing them! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, be thankful, be gracious, be humble, be loving, be caring, be intentional. ✌
  4. The thing is we don't know if status updates have been used in this way, so including IRC, other forum uses, and Discord, this might be as late as RMB 5.0

  5. Happy birthday Sensor! Not to mention in the meantime it was @Reçueçn and @Aelitia's birthdays as well!

    1. Reçueçn


      Aww, thanks!

  6. I have a question, do you know which roles have access to the events subforum in Internal Affairs? Since we'll be using it for interregional events, I was wondering if it's possible to make that public access?
  7. I agree with Reçu that working with you has been an absolute treat, Bran. You have all the makings of a fantastic delegate, and I'm excited to see what you make of the big chair!
  8. I'll start it out by being out of the country with sporadic internet June 21-July 28, but I'll try to check in as often as I can.
  9. Since the old absence notification thread got archived a while back, here's a brand new one! If you're going to be gone for a couple days or a couple months, let everyone know here so we don't worry too much
  10. I most certainly am! You can send me a TG/PM/DM if you want to discuss something.
  11. I agree with Ele that Paypal and Patreon are probably the best options. The only thing is that with Paypal we keep all our money, whereas with Patreon, 5% goes to them, plus about 5% for transaction fees. Patreon's upside is that it makes recurring donations very easy (unless Paypal has a monthly payment option I don't know about).
  12. This seems like an interesting issue that I haven't seen often (though I'm not well versed in the WA). I don't really see a problem with repeals being used to police the quality of past resolutions, especially when they use weak words like "should" as an operator. I also really like the idea about language, because unless it's been addressed before, nowhere does it state that warnings, or anything for that matter, have to be in a language understood by the local populace. The cultural erasure that can stem from that is itself a huge issue. The only thing that could be metagamey to me is the joke on the title, but it's also amusing so it's worth it. Overall, I'm voting for.
  13. The Celestial Empire of The West Pacific A couple minutes late, but here's the most of it. Flags: I didn't separate out flags for TWP/TWPAF because they can be used for either or. Emblem: Wordmarks: WFE and Dispatch Style: Here is the Proposed WFE; I've tested it and made sure it fits. The exact wording is hinged on a complete overhaul of our regional dispatches. Most of the ones we use are written by half a dozen different people and can be difficult to find. There's no cohesive look and half of them aren't properly updated. It would fall to the Ministry of Education to create a nation to write TWP dispatches, keep a master dispatch, dispatch index, and all the dispatches a functioning region needs. Please see my earlier post for designs. I didn't have enough time to make new templates, but it would be the same or similar to those ones with the new emblem. Newspaper: I propose renaming "The West Pacifican" to "The Western Dragon," and revamping it with a new theme. Government Structure: Here is the more practical area of changes. The government would be reworked to be similar to the system of Three Departments and Six Ministries used many times in the history of Imperial China. The Delegate would be renamed the Emperor, and would keep executive authority, and the Three Departments would report to them. The Imperial Court would act as the peerage system, with no powers and assorted titles based on merit. The Hall of Nations would be renamed the Secretariat, headed by the Grand Secretary. The Guardians would be renamed the Chancellors, together making up the Chancellery and tentatively headed by a Grand Chancellor. The Ministries would be grouped under the Department of State Affairs, headed by the Grand Minister. The current ministries would be consolidated into four: Ministry of Interior - Ministries of Internal Affairs and World Assembly Affairs Ministry of Education - Ministries of Education and Recruitment and Citizenry Ministry of Diplomacy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of War - Ministry of Military Affairs (TWPAF renamed the Imperial Navy or something similar) This consolidation would help streamline the government and make it easier to organize. Each Ministry's activity would continue as usual, just under a different name. PS: There's probably a big image of the emblem at the end of this post. I didn't put it there and I can't get it off no matter how many times I delete it, so here we are.
  14. That's definitely a step in the right direction, though I have two questions about it. First, why not just do this in the first place and skip the part where we vote on three options? Kawaii, OT, and Ark could certainly head their own teams and if one of their themes was chosen then more power to them. That seems like a really good compromise between more community involvement and keeping it centralized to me, and could have avoided a lot of this drama. Second, if you had the beginning of this plan before voting started, why wasn't there more transparency? Again a lot of this drama could've been at least soothed by more fluid communication (not that I claim to be good at communication myself). Can you tell us what they are and how to get involved, should we desire? I've noticed it a lot in past and present Delegacies that changes and new programs are very much a "guardians and ministers only" club. Right now those two groups overlap a lot, which doesn't help the situation. We always complain to ourselves that the regional government isn't very active, and yet we have regional governments that aren't inclusive in the activity that's happening. People keep saying something we as a region need to think more about: if there's no ownership, then what incentive does the community have to interact with it? The answer is, of course: none. We can try to make incentives like the peerage and point systems, but if the community doesn't feel like something is genuinely theirs—like the're not intrinsically a part of something—then there's no reason to be involved. That's one reason some of us don't like the three themes presented. They don't feel like TWP—they don't feel like something the community can rally behind and say "this is who we are." There's a discussion to be had on whether a theme should do that. I argue that if a theme doesn't inspire long-term feelings of regional spirit and belonging, then what good is it? A real theme should be a tool to enhance regional identity, not just as a change of clothes to throw off every so often.
  15. We need change, not replacement. While I love me a good ol' fashioned revolution, an honest discussion about present (and past) governments not being very responsive to the people is going to get the region further than suggesting a second government. This topic doesn't need any more discussion; it will only create needless divisiveness. Bottom line: this is about activity, or rather the lack of it. The new theme is an attempt to inspire some new activity, and it's certainly a good idea, the execution is not as inclusive as it could be. Since the theme itself is trying to create activity, it makes sense to involve the community to actively shape it. While well-intentioned and functional on paper, the Manners, the Hall, and the Delegacy have not acquitted themselves well in fostering activity. in the past few months there've been a couple threads about change, and that's a good start, but there has to be more discussion how to change the way we do things so we can get out of this cycle of regional stagnation.
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