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  1. Being in the anthropology field, this subject is very near and dear to my heart, although there are some parts of this proposal that are cause for concern. (1a) The definition of artifact is incredibly broad and could cause some problems, namely in the sheer volume of artifacts that would require repatriation. Importantly, it does not specifically cover human remains, but definitely should. It also does not define who gets to decide if an object holds this "importance", so a powerful group could conceivably attempt to deny a culture their history if they're not able to define their own importance. (1b) My most significant grievance is that this doesn't seem to combat artifacts that are stolen but not moved internationally. That's a very big problem, especially considering artifacts from Indigenous Peoples. (5) It should be specified that "significant concerns" of preservation need to be arbitrated by WATCH, otherwise nations will try to pull a Parthenon Marbles scheme. (6), (10) All stolen artifacts must be returned to their rightful, regardless of when they were stolen, and allowing member nations to arbitrate the status of artifacts independently seems to me to endanger future repatriation. If a stolen artifact is arbitrated as legal, then would it not be possibly to repatriate it via future resolutions? Or does section 10 cover this (or am I just reading it wrong)? (7) It should be noted that creating an inventory of every cultural artifact could take massive amounts of time and money, something that not all nations have. These can prove exceptionally difficult, as in the past careful inventories were not kept, and provides no support, advisory or monetary, from WATCH in doing this (although WATCH could create their own policies related to this). Overall I would recommend voting against in favor of more revision and resubmission.
  2. Fujai

    [PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care

    While this is similar in nature to GA #279, that resolution doesn't specifically define emigration specifically to include travelling or medical tourism (although another resolution that I don't know of may do that). That being said, a nation could use this loophole to either prohibit people from travelling for the sake of health or to mandate that citizens must receive medical attention in their home nation. This proposal seems to close that loophole to me.
  3. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Just found how to search by group, here's a partial list of those who need mask removal: Adytus Alistia Andre Ark Arthur K. Vasentius (not Arthur Draig Kirkland Vasentius, I assume this is Art's original account?) Colonge Denizen Kane FedoraDan-Skymoot Fellos Frourraw Gregund Ghurka Granite Heights Imbergamostan Iron Harbinger the Faithless Iskapsia Jeekwigges Kade W. Vasentius Malvacka Marilyn Manson Freaks MaxSuchar Olgritch Polandonia2 Poterrae quietdad Royal Chaos Rylipphinesia Small Huts That Called the Vlagh The Garfieldites TunApocalypse Tyrranim tyty111 West Aton Secand Willinois Xerox Prime However, it appears that this is not a full list. I used the member search and filtered for the Hall of Nations group. The problem is it seems it lists people who are only in the Hall of Nations group, and when another group is added, it searches for "Hall of Nations" or "other group," not "Hall of Nations" and "other group," so I can't seem to get a full list. I'm not sure if the admin panel would have anything more complete or not? Of course I only realized this after I went through the whole thing, so I figured I'd leave out those that needed to get new masking for when we get a full list.
  4. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I don't know if or how many people are improperly masked as Hall of Nations, but only the people in this list should be masked.
  5. Fujai

    The Silence is deafening

    I for one use Discord for the daily running of R&C simply because it's the only place where I can have a discussion on whatever random topic with only the other ministers, assistants, and guardians. I agree that if there were a place to do that on the forum I would gladly use said place.
  6. Fujai


    Nice to see you around!
  7. Fujai

    Keeping up with the jones

    Meaningless posting is the best kind of posting! Try checking out the Clubhouse for some time wasting opportunities!
  8. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Thank you so much! You rock!
  9. Fujai

    Name change request

    I may be mistaken, but I think you can change your display name from your account settings.
  10. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Hello again! I was wondering if a subforum could be added under Recruitment and Citizenry called "Board of Questions"?
  11. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I think keeping it in the Cultural Center sounds fine for now. Thanks!!
  12. Fujai


    Welcome to The Best Pacific! Hope you stick around!
  13. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Can the Naturalization and Recruitment subforum be moved out of Internal Affairs and renamed "Ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry"?
  14. Fujai

    Economic Stalling

    Well, the only thing you can really do is wait for more issues surrounding the economy come up. The problem is that they usually involve boosting the economy and hurting the environment and vice versa. So if you want them both to be good, it will take some fiddling for a good while. Looking at your happenings, I'm not sure where free enterprise was outlawed, but with your issue responses geared towards capitalistic responses, eventually it should go back to the way it was, and you'll get whatever issue caused it to happen again at some point. You can also see more stats on what your responses are doing by going to your settings and clicking on "more stats" under the issues section if you haven't yet. If you still want to know more you can check it out the individual issues on nsindex.net.
  15. Fujai

    [PASSED] World Assembly Central Library Compact

    I see your point about location, but not the entire bureaucracy of the WA telecommutes via VR, there are plenty of real buildings owned and operated by WA staff that are perfectly open to the public, and this would be one of those. As for sharing your books, That's the entire purpose of this library. It will exist to preserve our books from the perils of small children gnawing them to oblivion so that you don't have to.