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  1. Do you recommend voting against because of the subject matter or because of the resolution's wording?
  2. Fujai

    [Killed] Ban On Capital Punishment

    Is there a resolution on human treatment of prisoners that would cover punishments that would replace the death penalty?
  3. Fujai

    I have an idea!

    I made a couple updates to the Darkipedia mockup with your suggestions. Emphasizing the FWA style factbook is a great idea to get people in the door. I removed the "required" language surrounding the header, footer, and sidebar text, and added a bit to make it more user friendly. I was also thinking that we could move the Darkipedia main page to a dedicated Darkipedia Index Foundation nation so it isn't tied to just one person and updating is easier, and so it's easier to recognize. Darkipedia-specific guides and more information could be posted there later as well, and it could be used as a repository for TWP role play, perhaps.
  4. Fujai

    I have an idea!

    Why You Hate Comic Sans The article fails to mention the one use of Comic Sans: that it is fairly legible to those with dyslexia, although other fonts like Dyslexie and OpenDyslexic are better designed and even more readable.
  5. Fujai

    I have an idea!

    For the most part, in Hall elections, the most capable candidate has been chosen. In many cases that candidate happened to also be the most popular. I feel like it would increase participation and interest, and it would be a fairly simple change overall, the most jarring part of it would be ideological. We already have a strong meritocracy, and there's no reason that electing the Delegate would change that. I agree that it isn't much used, but it also isn't much advertised. My real gripe with it is that one of the people your appeal is heard by is the one who ejected you. Selecting jurors ad hoc would limit the bias of potential appeals and trials. I'd argue that ones in the dispatch are in a similar design, but a different style. The design is good, it's the execution that I feel is problematic and counter to accepted flag design, mainly with the gradient. A lot of flags on NS aren't so much flags for a nation or region as banners for a personality, which isn't bad, but perhaps not appropriate for a region. I can get a map made up this weekend, I think. I like the style Bran did it in, but a larger scale would be better. I can make a thread for it over in RP if you're into it and make an announcement on the RMB and Discord to start taking requests. Medio is the caretaker for Darkipedia right now, so it'd be up to him, but I'm glad you're into a redesign! You're right that it's not too much to ask, but in some cases it's just too much for people to do. At that point I don't think there's much to do apart from making it as accessible as possible. The RMB Etiquette dispatch might be one page, but there's just a lot of information there and it's not very user friendly. A little formatting could go a long way on that one in particular, though you're right that we're doing better than a couple years ago. I didn't know that the WFE had a size limit, is that determined by the amount of code or the amount of text displayed? Those numbers sound right, and if so that's a lot of progress. The most prevalent loss of population is probably less on banjections and more on people just leaving for their multitude of reasons. Comic Sans is overused and badly designed. Far be it from me to outlaw your fun, but there are plenty of fonts out there that can be upbeat and warm while keeping good design standards. I suggest looking at Google Fonts for others that may be better designed.
  6. Fujai

    I have an idea!

    I love the spirit of this thread, and with that being said, here goes nothing! Government reforms - parliamentary system The delegate is elected by the Hall of Nations. This encourages participation in forum government, and keeps the delegate responsive to the people. The Hall would probably function as it does, although the Delegate could assume the Speaker's function. I don't have much thought on that at the moment. Ministers would continue to be elected or appointed as normal. Guardians would either stay as normal, or would have their positions assumed by the Ministers. Alternatively, a Minister of Security could be created that heads the Guardians. A vote of no confidence by the Hall can trigger a special election, with the victor serving until the end of the next term. No confidence votes can be used to either replace a single Minister or Delegate, or to remove and replace the whole Government. A better judicial system where people can appeal ejections and the like, where the people doing the ejecting don't sit on the jury. Have a functioning intelligence division. I've never seen or heard of any real activity in there, though perhaps they just do their jobs really well. Brainstorm ways to make the Hall actually matter outside of elections. Other assorted gripes The TWP flag could use an update. Since the last change, it's bothered me that the rays aren't symmetrical. Also gradients just aren't good for flags. An update should be something simple and instantly recognizable as TWP's flag. I have some variations that I've made over time here. Official dispatches should have a cohesive aesthetic. Everything looks so much better when there's a contiguous theme between dispatches. Think of us as an RL university. You would want the websites for the colleges and departments to follow the theme of the main university page so that people know they're on a university website. TWP colors would need to be solidified. I recommend #CC0000 for the red, #481C5E for the purple, and white. In dispatch terms, there should be a single header style, with a graphic and title that makes it obvious it's an official TWP dispatch. One menu below that would be for the main pages that should always be a click away. A second menu could be located either below that or to the side, that lists a table of contents or quick links specific to that dispatches needs. Here is an example of what I'm thinking of. A single body style would control the font and size used, as well as the way headings and subsections look and are divided. The footer style would be mainly aesthetic, containing a small section of quick links that includes the umbrella dispatch. @Neenee, how do you feel about these flag and theme ideas? We're really missing out on a vibrant part of a community by neglecting RP. We've kind of just accepted the fact that it isn't going to be popular in TWP, but it feels like we just need to collectively give it a shot. This can be in a ton of ways, there can be a lot more than just story RP and the like. It seems to me that there's a good possibility of using our nations for this, what with the map and factbook success we've had in the past. Edit: What I mean by "using our nations" is by encouraging things like the Teikei and the LoEA On that note, I'd be willing to put together a new map and keep it updated and try revamping Darkipedia, there's a whole lot of potential there. Here is a mockup for Darkipedia's main page. @Mediobogdum and @Davelands, I'm curious as to what you think of these. There are too many banjections for minor infractions. It'll take more effort to explain our rules to people, but it's certainly worth a shot. People don't like to read on the internet. Just tossing our rules at people and ejecting them when they don't read them isn't doing us any favors. That information should be offered in multiple places and different depths. There should be a very condensed form on the WFE, a more in depth form explained when people ignore what is on the WFE, and finally a dispatch with the whole list and explanations for after an RMB/telegram explanation. Newbies might be smelly at first but they tend to get better with age if we just give them a shot in the beginning, metaphorical or otherwise. Edit: Comic Sans and Papyrus should be outlawed in this region for crimes against humanity.
  7. Being in the anthropology field, this subject is very near and dear to my heart, although there are some parts of this proposal that are cause for concern. (1a) The definition of artifact is incredibly broad and could cause some problems, namely in the sheer volume of artifacts that would require repatriation. Importantly, it does not specifically cover human remains, but definitely should. It also does not define who gets to decide if an object holds this "importance", so a powerful group could conceivably attempt to deny a culture their history if they're not able to define their own importance. (1b) My most significant grievance is that this doesn't seem to combat artifacts that are stolen but not moved internationally. That's a very big problem, especially considering artifacts from Indigenous Peoples. (5) It should be specified that "significant concerns" of preservation need to be arbitrated by WATCH, otherwise nations will try to pull a Parthenon Marbles scheme. (6), (10) All stolen artifacts must be returned to their rightful, regardless of when they were stolen, and allowing member nations to arbitrate the status of artifacts independently seems to me to endanger future repatriation. If a stolen artifact is arbitrated as legal, then would it not be possibly to repatriate it via future resolutions? Or does section 10 cover this (or am I just reading it wrong)? (7) It should be noted that creating an inventory of every cultural artifact could take massive amounts of time and money, something that not all nations have. These can prove exceptionally difficult, as in the past careful inventories were not kept, and provides no support, advisory or monetary, from WATCH in doing this (although WATCH could create their own policies related to this). Overall I would recommend voting against in favor of more revision and resubmission.
  8. Fujai

    [PASSED] Freedom to Seek Medical Care

    While this is similar in nature to GA #279, that resolution doesn't specifically define emigration specifically to include travelling or medical tourism (although another resolution that I don't know of may do that). That being said, a nation could use this loophole to either prohibit people from travelling for the sake of health or to mandate that citizens must receive medical attention in their home nation. This proposal seems to close that loophole to me.
  9. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Just found how to search by group, here's a partial list of those who need mask removal: Adytus Alistia Andre Ark Arthur K. Vasentius (not Arthur Draig Kirkland Vasentius, I assume this is Art's original account?) Colonge Denizen Kane FedoraDan-Skymoot Fellos Frourraw Gregund Ghurka Granite Heights Imbergamostan Iron Harbinger the Faithless Iskapsia Jeekwigges Kade W. Vasentius Malvacka Marilyn Manson Freaks MaxSuchar Olgritch Polandonia2 Poterrae quietdad Royal Chaos Rylipphinesia Small Huts That Called the Vlagh The Garfieldites TunApocalypse Tyrranim tyty111 West Aton Secand Willinois Xerox Prime However, it appears that this is not a full list. I used the member search and filtered for the Hall of Nations group. The problem is it seems it lists people who are only in the Hall of Nations group, and when another group is added, it searches for "Hall of Nations" or "other group," not "Hall of Nations" and "other group," so I can't seem to get a full list. I'm not sure if the admin panel would have anything more complete or not? Of course I only realized this after I went through the whole thing, so I figured I'd leave out those that needed to get new masking for when we get a full list.
  10. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I don't know if or how many people are improperly masked as Hall of Nations, but only the people in this list should be masked.
  11. Fujai

    The Silence is deafening

    I for one use Discord for the daily running of R&C simply because it's the only place where I can have a discussion on whatever random topic with only the other ministers, assistants, and guardians. I agree that if there were a place to do that on the forum I would gladly use said place.
  12. Fujai


    Nice to see you around!
  13. Fujai

    Keeping up with the jones

    Meaningless posting is the best kind of posting! Try checking out the Clubhouse for some time wasting opportunities!
  14. Fujai

    Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Thank you so much! You rock!
  15. Fujai

    Name change request

    I may be mistaken, but I think you can change your display name from your account settings.