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  1. Please Mask @2-D-Gori and @KhanterWinters for military, tank u!
  2. stares at Lamb

    1. Lamb


      This is an improvement, but you have a long way to go.

  3. Please mask @Talidania as TWPAF. Thanks!
  4. stares at Dave

    1. Lamb


      I am a follower of all of your statuses and I expect much more substantial and riveting posts from here on out.

    2. Altino


      Aye, sir, I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

  5. Lamb has all the answers!! also, military mask for @Leo Drakan and @Impedric please! Tank u
  6. Military mask for @Strat por favor y gracious.
  7. Great work on the latest missions :)

    I have a minor comment on the WFE shown in the Mission Reports ...  the use of the words "Huzzah! Huzzah!" reminds me of TBR usage of a similar/identical phrase :(  Not sure if I am being a bit touchy but maybe it's worth thinking about?

    1. Altino


      That's a good point! I'm a younger nation, you'll have to forgive some of these things that are before my time. With that in mind, I probably won't put that up on any raids that we do with TWPAF. But actually, I modified KoGB's normal tag template for our purposes and added some TWPAF stuff to it. That's just KoGB's normal tag. Huzzah, something about cookies, and bending a knee to the King. I wonder if he used to be in TBR? :o Idk. Lol. 


      Thanks for letting me know, Medio! I'll be more careful in the future. :) 

    2. Lamb


      I am a master WFE writer, so feel free to outsource that task to me at any time.

      And yeah, just don't say "Huzzah!" in general, not because of TBR necessarily, but because it's dumb. :P

  8. Please also Mask @WaRlorder and @The People's Premier for Military, thanks!
  9. @The Stormtrooper Corps needs military masking, please and thank you! And good job, Badger!
  10. It's Darkesia! Oh my word! gives handfuls of chocolate That would be a pretty cool military flag, it's so crisp. You should try to use the TWPAF flag as a base and make your own cool, custom flag, Storm. ^-^
  11. @Moreloth @Infinitya and @Cotltchol need military masking! And someone give Medio two gold stars for me for always checking in on the Military apps and saying hello! That's awesome.
  12. Can I please get @Chron and @Helios J Mears military masked? Thanks a billion! *gives cookies*
  13. @Petree, @Marilyn Manson Freaks, and @Gappy need military masking!
  14. Hey Chron! waves enthusiastically Welcome to TWP!