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  1. Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    We’ll miss you, Atlae!
  2. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @State of Minnmar, @Willsta18, @Lambdasia, @Moingyong, @Kiger, @Havenka, @Lucifer, @Ark military masks please.
  3. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @Aynia @Chervil @Strat @Drannor @Red Military masks please.
  4. Do You Do Flags?

    Does anyone here make really good flags? TWPAF is hosting a Halloween Costume Contest in R/D this year (see: and we need some flags made for our tags. Our two teams arrr (sorry Peter) @Overthinkers and @Big Bad Badger. They can use whatever flags they want to, but I'd like to give them some options. Spooky flags would be best. We've already got a couple flags from Yy4u. I'm thinking like pirate themed or maybe even themed after the scary zombies that we all are before we've had our morning coffee would be good. Also, if any of you are brilliant either WFEs or dispatches, that would also be helpful. I can give you flags as inspiration for them... after we actually make sure we have flags I'd do it myself, but I don't feel like that's fair, as I'm organizing the event so I already know what a lot of other orgs/teams are doing We've got RSVPs from Balder, KGB, EPSA, TSH, Osiris, UDS, and TBH, so we've got a fair amount of competition on our hands. Thanks!
  5. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Military for @Asraelia please. Sorry for keeping you guys so busy, thank you. <3
  6. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @Ned Schneebly @Executordv @Buryasia Military mask, please.
  7. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Also mask @Palagrino, @Nowakbren1119, @Nova Sidessia as military. Sorry, that should be the last one for the day, I think. We had a lot of people join today.
  8. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @Texasn Federation @matism @Newgratia Republic @Equilibris Please also military mask these guys.
  9. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @Tallind, @Kelvin The Cat, @Orgafin, @Wampummariut, @The Austral Bears, @Bluenaira Can I get all of these guys masked as Military, please? Thank you!
  10. You guys check out this sick new emoji!! :TWPpiratewaveemote: TWPirate pride!!! 



    1. Mediobogdum


      I love it!!  Have already use it!!


  11. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Please also Mask @Lynxi as military. Also, can we get this as an emoji? Cain made it and I adore it.
  12. @Lynxi I see you :o


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    2. Lynxi


      lol I checked the box for military. Where's the app at?

    3. Lynxi


      Nvm. Found it. :P

    4. Altino


      Oh oops. I could have helped you with that if I hadn't 100% crashed. Lol. ❤️

  13. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Military mask for @JRJR_SLAYER ❤️