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  1. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @the chaos realm of lavoria Too!
  2. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @The New Syndicate @Minnolinia @Sokimenular and @Imudz all need TWPAF masking, thank you kindly.
  3. Have you ever sat back in the evenings, eyes closed and your favorite "lets be evil" hat on, and wished that you could only be given the opportunity to relentlessly barrage NationStates with nuclear missiles that left even the moderators shaken? Yeah. Me too. Gracefully, we were recently given such a chance! For NationStates' second Nuke Day, The West Pacific teamed up with Osiris, The East Pacific, and Karma to form a Superfaction. The designated server for the event reached nearly a hundred members and our faction had nearly 1,300 nations in it. Needless to say, we dominated. Onlookers watch in fear as Syberian Badgers with Caek ransack their nations with nukes SBC spent the entire first half of the game at the top of the leaderboard. The most common complaint from our team was from those making Shields - the world was too afraid of the massive arsenal of Nukes we were gathering to even shoot at us, and their jobs seemed boring because of it. We spent hours blowing other factions to smithereens and being begged for mercy. Here are just a few of the messages we received from enemy factions in their desperate attempts to end our waves of nukes: - Founder of The Peoples Red Army. We did not have mercy. They were destroyed. - Member of USSF. Hint: No. - Member UPPERCUT. We did accept this one! GCRs gotta stick together. - Member UDS. We didn't ally with them, but did cease fire and switch targets as good faith to UPPERCUT. - Member The Galactic Defense Force. Easy target, man, sorry! SBC finished off the event with alliances with UPPERCUT, Glitter Squad, Friendship and Explosives, and Collaborating Defensive Alliance. We remained on the Leaderboard until around 6am, when the leaders of SBC finally had to call it quits and go to sleep. We couldn't stay up forever! We awoke to find ourselves to have fallen all the way down to 26th place and though we fought valiantly, there wasn't enough time on the clock to make it back onto the Leaderboard. That's what we get for sleeping until an hour before the event ends... Still, SBC managed to dredge itself up from 26th place all the way to 15th place in the span of 30 minutes! A glorious victory, if I do say so myself. We even managed to absolutely cream the Mods' faction, DEAT From Above, and will forever be memorialized as aggressors to their faction and also the guys who ultimately blew the place up. Mods angrily grumble as SBC steals their caek and nukes their houses SBC ended the game with the 3rd most nations and 3rd most strikes (nukes that landed successfully) in the entire game, but with the most nuclear radiation in the game, with nearly 20,000 more radiation than the next closest faction - Jak Attack, who were the big faction to beat during our last Nuke Day in April. Despite being very obviously the key faction to attack, SBC managed to keep on the Top 20 and take the world by storm! Everyone did a very good job, and we can't wait to do that much better next year. Special thanks to @Chron for staying up until 5am with me to help keep us on the leaderboard, @Les Claypool for sneaking behind enemy lines and turning factions who were on our backs against each other, and @Maria Isaraider for being the best and most dedicated nuke sender in the faction! Please feel free to take this forum badge that @Bran Astor made for everyone in TWPAF who participated in the event! Once again, great job everyone!
  4. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    @Reretia @NeoAustrasia need military mask pls. ❤️
  5. Hello, I am wordsmithing today. This is my new past time. 

    1. Lamb


      Your training has begun.

    2. Darkesia


      pastime...  >.>

    3. Altino


      I'm sorry, Dark, I couldn't resist the opportunity to be a bad wordsmith in making that statement. I had to be in it for the laughs a little bit. :)

  6. Hello Hello

    Hey there, welcome to the West Pacific. Glad to have you!
  7. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Please military mask @Teajon and @VolumeTwo
  8. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Lol! We seem to have survived. Thank you!
  9. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Oh, welcome back!
  10. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Please Mask @2-D-Gori and @KhanterWinters for military, tank u!
  11. stares at Lamb

    1. Lamb


      This is an improvement, but you have a long way to go.

  12. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Please mask @Talidania as TWPAF. Thanks!
  13. stares at Dave

    1. Lamb


      I am a follower of all of your statuses and I expect much more substantial and riveting posts from here on out.

    2. Altino


      Aye, sir, I'm sorry to have disappointed you.

  14. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Lamb has all the answers!! also, military mask for @Leo Drakan and @Impedric please! Tank u
  15. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Military mask for @Strat por favor y gracious.